Friday, September 09, 2011

He's Not Here.

"I want answers! The Director of Shamballa just can't disappear."

"This one has."

"Where did he go?"

"He left without a trace. His fundamental frequency scan turns up nothing. So our working hypothesis is he's off-world."

"With that Yal-hune woman?"

"Unknown. In his capacity he had connections with a lot of aliens, almost any of which could take him off-world. We tried to access his computers but even our best guys know these drives are completely clean, the moment our access cards were detected on the base."

"Goddamn it! Is there anything left of value?"

"Everything that could be moved, has been moved. This is just the framework of an installation now, with the raw infrastructure. All the things that were here and the projects that were being worked on are gone. This place is so clean, it's actually scary. This wasn't cleaned by humans. Humans make messes, scrape walls moving furniture and heavy objects and leave telltales. This makes our best cleaning crew look like a bunch of pigs in a pigsty."

"You know, I knew this day would come. We should have taken over this installation 2 years ago! We have nothing. NOTHING. I goddamn HATE aliens! All of them!"

"What do you want us to do, sir?"

"Just set up sensors, beacons and all the rest. I want to know the moment even a fly enters this facility!"


"What is it now, Nelson?"

"Do you think he will ever return?"

"I don't know. I haven't a clue. But if he does, we will be waiting for him."

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sam Harris, Drugs and "Consciousness Altering"

Some bloggers are pretty nauseating. Sure, it comes with the territory, but today I stumbled across a piece by Sam Harris that glorified "altering consciousness" as a valuable experience. I sent him a nice letter. Well it wasn't that nice, but it's hard to be too nice to an ex-druggie turned pied piper trying to whitewash his past addiction in a sea of prose and flowery words like "altering consciousness".

Mental impairment is never desirable. Any chemicals that alter brain function are damaging it. Death is caused as cells lose intelligence and reproduce with less data. Drug use destroys brain cells. I've watched bright students go from near-genius to stuttering dolt in two years time after smoking weed and abusing pharmaceuticals. It's horribly sad to watch someone ruin their life and their future before it's even begun.

And then there are the ex-druggies out there still pushing the lifestyle, in an effort to purge themselves of their stigmata. Unfortunately, for Sam Harris, the stigmata is still evident. The brain cells he damaged in his twenties are gone and have not been replaced, leaving him with a hopelessly predictable position on drug usage and its wonderful "consciousness altering" properties.

Sam Harris' site is big with the 18-24 year old male drug using crowd. Throw in a few female drug users as well. Basically, if you're a pothead - you probably read his blog and find comfort in his words. We see these new pariahs turned pied pipers appear, profiting on the young addicts. It's nauseating.

Now the ex-druggies and current druggies can post to the web about their own drugs of choice. They can talk about their trips and give recipes for impairment to the young and impressionable. We have sites that promote death imagery and gore and a lot of sick people find these things redeeming as well. The social outcasts, pariahs and miscreants all find the web a place to preach their own poison. The deviants find comfort in numbers and as they descend into oblivion, quickly or slowly, they grab at nearby souls. Parasitic to the bitter end.

The things that possess drug users, the entities that exploit and encourage there usage, are completely unknown to them. They have no clue about where they will find themselves after they die and what they have done to themselves by compromising their minds.

The drug producers, dealers, and users all prey upon each the other. It's a parasitic chain that constantly needs more blood, more users to feed upon to replace others that fill up morgues around the world every single day. And as Sam Harris has so ably demonstrated, the damage never goes away. And try as they might to drown out what's left of their conscience, they never quite succeed and so live in a purgatory of their own making.

So don't do drugs. Don't start. Don't experiment. Don't.

You don't experiment with cutting.
You don't experiment with Russian roulette.
You don't experiment jumping off of high buildings.

Every brain cell is sacred. It has to conduct signals of a certain frequency range, just like the cilia in your ears are each corresponding to a certain sound/frequency range and when they are damaged you loose the ability to hear those sounds. Once those brain cells go - a portion of your total intelligence goes with it. Don't let lines like "altering consciousness" seduce you into what is really going on - the drugs are killing you and destroying your brain with every single "trip" you take. Each cell has a fundamental frequency its supposed to maintain which is regulated by the DNA. Any modulation compromises your brain function, damaging those cells which never fully recover as chemical residue clings to synapses and deteriorates these delicate cell structures.

If you've started, stop - while you are still intelligent enough to realize the need to do so.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

How to Make a Sexy Hit Youtube يوتيوب Video Enrique Iglesias, Katy Perry ET, McFly Party Girl T. Swift, Etc.

The appeal of sex in a video is probably the strongest of all three of the video elements we've discussed:


I received a number of e-mails inquiring what makes a video sexy and for clarification. So this entry we will take a look at some recent sexy music videos and see what it is that makes them sexy.

Here (above) Enrique Iglesias performs Tonight I'm Loving You. This video has sex, a classic car (not a convertible though, but a vintage Cadillac so it scores just about as many cool points) and only misses out on Choreography. As a substitute, here in 2011 we now have the "strip club" element where girls are dancing as if in a strip club. Sure that's more cheap than sexy, but in a short video they will use whatever gimmick holds the shorter attention span of today's jaded video viewers.

Here (above) we see McFly performing in Party Girl and the strip club element is combined with yet another theme sadomasochism and death/sex imagery which is what the video makers feel is appealing to a sub segment of more degenerate web surfers who spend their time looking at gore and other brain-killing stuff and can't get aroused normally anymore. McFly's fans remember a totally different group when they emerged and many have rebelled against the new "sellout" approach which, basically, insults them as a bunch of degenerates addicted to Twilight or something.

And that's one of the things these new videos significantly differ from old school sex usage in videos. Since MTV began SEX was used primarily to appeal to males. The videos above were designed for females.

The story-telling video has always been a grab at the female market and on youtube, unlike MTV or early cable video - females make up an increasing share of the viewership. So if we look at these two videos there are almost as many male bodies as female bodies with screen time and the story gimmick tries to arouse the female imagination which can fill in the blanks not supplied. What's really going on in that house and whats the background story with all of Enrique's interludes?

Enrique's video should've ended at the stairwell climb and left it at that. It lost a lot of sex appeal turning it into some sort of lesbian orgy at the end. And McFly's video was just too disjointed to really deliver the goods and I'm sure the record label is unhappy with its performance.

This one's scored a lot of views - not that it includes any real talent. Katy Perry's Extraterrestrial. The video is not a good example of a good video because it violates the video cardinal rule and only uses sex as the appeal (No convertibles, no choreography and no raw talent) and this video people either like or they hate. More designed with shock value in mind, it's more disturbing than sexy. But that's what videomakers feel is a new target group created by the internet - those who enjoy disturbing imagery.

I include it here merely as an example, certainly not as an endorsement of the video approach used. Katy Perry and Kanye West basically are perfectly matched here in the no-talent zone. Crude lyrics and double entendre's will only go so far and are pandering to an even less-imaginative group than McFly's Party Girl is designed to appeal to - which is saying a lot. That's why they mish-mash Katy with Kanye - because each is designed to hit a different market. The "Rap" interludes randomly appearing in a song will be looked back as the pop-40 meets ghetto approach of the 2007-2011 period. It gets old real quick and the gimmick has already worn out its welcome with most viewers and listeners. People who like rap will like rap and people who like pop will like pop - unlike an SUV merging with a minivan in music there is no such thing as "Crossover" musical tastes. And since I've given Kanye air-time on this blog it seems only appropriate to include something from Taylor Swift that uses sex to sell the video:

This Back to December is all about sex, but it's entirely designed for a female audience therefore there is almost no skin shown and it's all about the female viewers imagination. A romance gone bad, a boy with a broken heart, a lonely girl - and a possible happy ending. If your market is females, this approach will work. (though it would have worked better with the guy driving a classic convertible!)

There you have it. Just another look at how to make a sexy youtube video and climb the charts.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Tornado in Massachusetts? Another Fallout Tornado!

The tornado in Massachusetts was another radioactive fallout induced tornado. As explained before the fallout from the Fukushima reactors is supercooling the upper atmosphere when I-131 condense surrounding water molecules with added energy/radiation release. This supercooling is *Not Normal* for this time of year and so the warmer ground temperatures create these conditions for tornadoes.

No major media has yet broken this story. Which surprises me because it is so important that places not prepared for tornadoes realize they can happen almost *anywhere* when you have enough fallout in the atmosphere. Here is the diagram posted last time which shows what's happening:

Tornadoes anywhere are possible right now. New York? Washington DC? The concentration of the I-131 is a constant problem until the Japanese get that reactor covered and to stop dumping seven tons per hour of irradiated gases into the atmosphere headed for the United States.

Monday, May 23, 2011

How to Become a Real Superhero!

Millions of people have secret fantasies they entertain within their consciousness. One recurring one, since the advent of the comic book in the late thirties is to be a superhero. Well, for all who have ever wished this, today is your lucky day. Today I am going to discuss how you can become a very real superhero.

What is a superhero? Let's take a moment to define the traits they possess:

1) Superheroes are good.
2) Superheroes are often stronger than normal people.
3) Superheroes help others.
4) Superheroes have special powers.
5) Superheroes always win in the end.
6) Superheroes fight evil.

These are the most common traits superheroes possess. Surprisingly all these traits are quite accessible to everyone, even if they don't think they are. Let's lay out a game plan by which YOU or anyone so inclined can become a superhero.

Superheroes are good.
Becoming a good person isn't that hard. You are what you think and understand. Becoming a good person requires two things, understanding more and more of the universe around you and acting constructively using all your wisdom in everything that you do.

You've heard the phrase "you are what you eat," but the truth of the matter is you are what you think. What you put your mind upon will determine how good you are. All energy regenerates and recreates itself. One moment leads to the next and builds on what has come before. To become supremely good, you must do good things and you must understand why they are good. You must learn the ability to take darkness and twist it inside out into light. How does one do this? It's actually pretty simple. You simply must find the positive attributes and ramifications of any and all actions, events and happenings in your life.

Wouldn't that be Pollyanna-ish? No, because you are not seeing these events solely as good, rather you are seeing both sides, the good and the bad, and in so doing you prevent these from regenerating imbalanced in your own mind. This balanced information is more intelligent than imbalanced stored knowledge and thoughts. After enough time, you will become ever more immune to depression, self-doubt, fear, hatred, sloth, resentment, disdain and all the rest of the lower emotions a really good superhero should ideally not possess.

Superheroes are often stronger than normal people.
Superheroes help others.
While this often manifests as physical strength. The most important strength is strength of mind and strength of character. With these two, you can supplant the need for super physical strength because your mind will do the heavy lifting for you. Your wisdom will shelter the weak, give comfort to, and help heal, the ill and be able to be used to fight evil in all its many forms.

Superheroes have special powers.
Many special powers are available to those who seek to develop them. Mind projection, thought reading, seeing the future or into the past, mastery of light, manipulation of energy and mass and much, much more. Truth be told, the comic book superheroes only touch upon what developments can be had and all of these powers are solely the byproduct of your own mental development. Likewise, to develop these abilities you must acquire great wisdom and knowledge of the universe around you and how it works. No knowledge - no powers.

Superheroes always win in the end.
When you learn about energy and the way the universe functions you will always win in the end as well. Every bad event in your life can be balanced and mastered. Every negative experience will be a building block to an even more positive outcome. Every new thing that comes to you at first unbalanced will be able to be balanced, understood and give you even greater powers.

Superheroes fight evil.
This actually happens by default when you strive for the good. You don't need to seek evil out and conquer it. As you grow and become ever more positive, evil will be drawn unto you in corresponding measure. In a sense evil will provide your growth as you learn to defeat it through wisdom and understanding. The universe is in a constant state of balance. Left has right, evil has good, down has up and so on and so forth. As good as you become - there will always be a greater evil for you to overcome. And there will always be a greater good for you to develop and achieve. So you, and everyone, will be fighting evil in some form or another forever. And this will be good.

So there you have it, your own personal road map to becoming a superhero. No, magic rings, lanterns, invisible planes or utility belts are required. Just your mind and an insatiable hunger for growth and personal development.

Cutters, Cutting, Depression, Suicide and Other Manifestations of Darkness Parasites

At last! Another metaphysical entry for those so inclined!

Today's topic? Cutting and cutters, darkness parasites and a curtain lift into another unseen spectral plane. Before we go on this small journey I place into your hands a small wand. This wand is crystalline in nature and looks completely transparent. This wand is a light wand and when confronted with anything dark, can summon the corresponding light force to counteract it. Yes, virtual light wands are free here and work with the power of your own mind combined with the infinite light forces that exist in this universe.

In the world today, there is a quiet epidemic sweeping the youth of the world. It is called cutting and is a form of self-abuse and is a way depressed youth try to deal with the pain of their lives. They hear about others cutting and the 'emo' generation now has a reputation for being prone to participating in this form of self-abuse.

But what is it that really causes someone to abuse themselves? The self-preservation instinct is the strongest one humans possess. What powerful forces can interfere with that instinct and make someone actually harm themselves?

The truth is, the world we are in sandwiched in the portion of a spectra. This planet and everything and everyone upon it exist as a set of fields of energy. This energy has intelligence.

In our material world we have parasites. Mosquitoes, flies, worms and all sorts of things that feed off of other things. In some ways everything on Earth is parasitic. All animals consume other animals and the nature around them and the trees and plants consume the nature around them as well. Some things however are detrimental parasites which destroy their host. Trees, animals and people succumb to these parasites all the time.

But there are more parasites in these unseen spectra around us that few know about and even fewer know how to guard themselves from.

Cutting is the result of a specific parasite. It was spawned originally by souls who committed suicide by slashing their wrists and these lost souls have drawn unto them and spawned other energy parasites that now feed off of this specific action and fear, depression and suicidal thoughts. These thoughts generate emotion - which by any other definition is just another form of energy. It's specific, just like a mosquito feeds specifically on animal blood and not dirt or milk, this specific parasite feeds on the emotions generated and associated with cutting, blood, etc.

Like a swarm of flies or mosquitoes, the cutting obsessions now have grown and multiplied and as a result their influence is greater and more people are infected. Every mind they get to contemplate suicide or to engage in cutting themselves is a feeding session for them. In these spectra, sustenance is not provided by eating a hamburger and fries. The only thing they can absorb is emotional energy. These obsessions seek it out and are drawn to it, the way a shark smells blood in the water.

So any depressed person, depending upon their own quantized fields of energy can attract one of these cutting obsessions. They will plant thoughts in the mind of their unwitting victim and strengthen the imbalances within their consciousness.

So what is the cure?


When one is aware of these invisible parasites one can guard against them. One's mind is a juicy morsel to some of these things that exist and they always seek to extract energy from it in some manner. All the human vices and emotions provide breeding grounds for these spectral parasites and some of the most tragic events in human history can be blamed, in part, to the influence of these parasites on the minds of some individual or group of individuals.

If one lives in an area infested with mosquitoes one screens ones house. Well, living on Earth one must screen one's consciousness. All thoughts that appear upon the surface of your consciousness are not your own. Some are vagrant thoughts that wash up upon the shore of your mind and they are poisonous and destructive to your well being. Hate, jealousy, fear, depression all these thoughts people think - radiate out from them and exist as very real signals.

A book one reads is really a signal - a string of data. It is absorbed upon the surface of our consciousness and we take from it the signals that are compatible with our own field structures.

If you walk into a room where two people are fighting, screaming and in the midst of emotional upheaval - these signals bombard your consciousness as well and if they find any compatible structures, you can easily be snared into this fight and a state of emotional turmoil. These imbalanced thoughts are fed upon by hordes of these things that exist in unseen spectra. They need to spur fights, trigger wars, incite jealousy, generate fear and more to survive.

So by screening your consciousness and being aware of these things you can guard your mind and you can protect yourself from these cutting parasites that have been multiplying and preying on those minds less guarded.

Parts of our world have been created and sculpted by these parasites and their influence on humans. The horror industry, films, movies, websites and books is one of the purest manifestations of parasite influence. These things were created by infected minds solely to feed these spectral planes. Like zombies without a mind of their own, writers like Stephen King, Stephanie Meyer and many, many others have fed these spectral parasites. Of course, they are not self aware of what they have done and don't understand the way the universe works, but they reap the feedback nevertheless. They will learn to more carefully guard their minds and not propagate these things that are designed to imbalance minds and generate fear, depression or any negative emotional state.

Everything regenerates. All energy does. Each act we partake of generates a reaction and if our actions are destructive, destructive forces will return to confront us. That's why it becomes so very important to always stand up for positive things, good, love, light, truth, joy, happiness and constructive development. These are the secrets to becoming ever more infinite and will always keep you traveling an infinite path of development, expansion and evolution instead of unraveling your soul into a state of complete dissolution.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

How to Make a Hit Youtube يوتوب Video w/o Sex (Part 3) - Raw Talent (Featuring Jewel, Karen Carpenter & Suzanne Vega)

Here we have part 3 of our series in creating a hit Youtube video. In our previous segments we covered the three essentials for music videos: sex, classic convertibles and choreography. Today, we are going to talk about raw talent. On Youtube there are millions of people trying to get their videos seen. Justin Bieber and Vanessa Black are examples of the power of mass media. How did music stars get discovered before Youtube came along? Well many played in small clubs and were discovered by scouts working for record labels seeking new talent. Others simply grew in popularity locally until sheer mass required record labels sign them up. Music history is filled with lots of interesting tales.

Raw talent is a rare commodity these days when auto-tuning, lip syncing and other gimmicks act as a poor substitute. The ballad singer is the ultimate test of talent. For they must play, perform and usually do so in a live arena without studio-tweaking to make them sound good.

Let's take a look at some crooners who achieved fame on their vocal talents and not much else. Let's go back, back, back to the early seventies where Karen Carpenter hit the big time with her voice and little else, here playing Close to You:

Suzanne Vega came on the scene in 1986 with her vocal talents, here with Luka:

She was not a creation of synthetics, did not need to rely on sex, convertibles or choreography. Sure she was packaged for mass consumption after her rise to stardom, but she can still perform today live and churn out her work and sound good.

Here we see Jewel, in 1997, who rose in this period to musical stardom based on pure talent:

Recently, the proliferation of award and talent shows has brought back raw talent in some quarters. Names like Faryl Smith, Paul Potts and Jackie Evancho are now well known and not for anything besides pure talent and successful promotion skills.

So, while it's clearly not prevalent that talent is always rewarded, and more often than not gimmicks replace talent throughout much of the music industry, it is possible for talent to prevail. It usually just takes longer. The agents and record labels all are in this business to make money and they want to be sure they have a marketable commodity. Rebecca Black is a marketable commodity because almost 200 million people have clicked on her video to see how bad it is. Marketing and packaging have created many stars who can't play an instrument or carry a tune.

As the internet hooks up more people to it and as sites like Youtube keep expanding it becomes harder and harder to get exposure - even though it seems the reverse should be true. The news industry and now the music industry are largely driven by internet traffic patterns. As I've mentioned before, web sites aren't rated on quality (imagine if they were!) or even time they have been around, they are completely weighted by web traffic, and the link traffic they receive. So the inertia for a new artist is incredible.

So what is the solution? How do you get to the top? Well, one has to get exposure and these days, that means web exposure. On youtube people regularly "respond" to popular videos with one of their own and in this way can tap some of the traffic and generate more hits. Eventually a youtube video will achieve critical mass and get enough links from other weighted sources to lift it up to public consciousness. What exact number of hits that is varies, but it is a sizable amount.

I started a new category here on the blog, it's called NEW TALENT and you will find a new pick every month, someone whom I feel has great talent but is not receiving the exposure they deserve. You will find Tech1's NEW TALENT of the Month in the sidebar. For this month of May 2011, the artist is Alexandra and she writes and composes her own songs. I think she is quite gifted and I hope she can break through the inertia and achieve her dreams. Here is another one of her original songs titled Myths About Forever:

Nothing is impossible. If you have talent and perseverance you can prevail. Before you do pursue such a destiny, make sure you really want it. Sometimes fame, wealth and all that goes with it, is a curse and not a blessing.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fashion Spring 2011 - Picks & Misses Giorgio Armani, Jean Paul Galtier, Chanel, Etc.

Fashion doesn't seem like a very important thing, until one remembers we all wear clothes (well most of us do) and those clothes serve both functional and symbolic purposes. What are SDAI-Tech1's picks and misses for Spring 2011? As one of the world's great arbiters of taste, I'm sure you're all on the edge of your seats in anticipation awaiting my verdicts. Well, without further ado...let's take a look!


This design from Bottega Veneta's Spring 2011 collection, looks, to me, like a modified hospital gown. The lines, the collar cut look generic and unflattering. Definitely a Tech1 miss.


Here we have something from the Valentino Spring Couture Collection that is far more flattering and will not make the woman wearing it look like a refugee from a maternity ward. The lined bottom, the long sleeves, the clean collar make this a classy and flattering outfit choice for women. This one is definitely a Tech1 Pick.


Is this Chanel? Yes it is. This 2011 Spring Chanel Couture collection selection looks shiny but dumpy. The lines are unflattering making even this super skinny model look somehow overweight and tired. Just imagine how bad it would look on a normal weight woman. The whole look just doesn't work - at all. Lose it. This contraption is a Tech1 miss.


Yal-hune once wore something very similar to this trim offering from Giorgio Armani's Spring 2011 Collection, so perhaps I am a bit biased. I think it looks great and flatters a trim figure. The contrast of shiny pants with the matte jacket work and give it just a bit of showmanship that will catch male eyes and make them look twice (or simply stare!) Even the headgear is not objectionable and if a woman is daring enough, she can pull the whole package off without having to dilute it much. This one is a Tech1 pick.


The gloves are about the only thing I like here. This outfit from the Christian Dior Couture for Spring 2011 is too bulky and doesn't succeed in capturing the fifties glamour I believe they were shooting for. It's lines are just not right. If it were tighter in the bottom, it might provide a better contrast and give some needed definition, but as it is, it will not flatter. This one's a Tech1 miss.


Giving Christian Dior another chance here...this outfit from the same Spring Couture collection is much better and one of the few offerings that didn't hang like an overfilled plastic trash sack. The neck line is great and many women could wear this quite flatteringly with a big or small bosom. I'm not overly thrilled about the folds on the bottom but they are passable and frame the legs attractively enough. This one is a Tech1 pick.

Finally, we arrive at the last pick/miss for today:


Lose the distracting Mohawk and this outfit becomes a viable and interesting alternative. By Jean Paul Galtier for the Spring 2011 collection, it is daring but not so outrageous that it is at home only on a runway or under a circus tent, like so many over-the-top poor designs. The gloves are unnecessary and most women wouldn't wear them anyway. Which is good because visible hands would tie back into the skin shown on the shoulders. This outfit has a good cut on top and makes it viable. This is a Tech1 pick.

So there you have it!

All images: Imaxtree

Monday, May 09, 2011

How to Make a Hit Youtube Music Video - Part 2 - Choreography Featuring Paula Abdul, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Katy Perry & West Side Story

Here we go with part two of my curtain lift on making successful videos. Today we will talk about the importance of choreography. Ever since entertainers have been entertaining, groups have learned to use motion in unison, to catch the audiences attention. In live shows, this can be seen early with the Rockettes:

In my previous segment you saw how both Simply Irresistible and Rough Stuff featured choreographed dancers. Along with sex and vintage convertibles, choreography is the third most powerful tool in a video makers arsenal. Let's go back again to the golden age of video, 1982, and see early examples of this choreography:

At 3:52 when at last the choreography finally kicks in the video starts to exert its appeal. This video made Michael Jackson a star and his moves and videos all were about choreography. This video was really just a remake of Westside Story's elaborate opening scene gang choreography which made Westside Story a classic coming of age story for youth growing up in the early 1960s:

The choreography also doesn't come on til about 1:50. This made for more memorable scenes. Let's flash forward to the late 80s when Paula Abdul went from being a choreographer for the Los Angeles Lakers cheerleaders to a pop star:

Here, Paula Abdul's 1988 hit The Way That you Love Me was ALL about choreography and it ended up carrying her less than stellar singing talent all the way to the bank. The videos she created were visually crammed with lots of synchronous movement. Oh, yes, a few cars were thrown in for good measure.

Let's continue forward to the turn of the century, a young pop sensation named Britney Spears reaches the top of the charts with what else: sex and choreography. A great example can be found in the 1999 smash hit Oops! I Did it Again, which keeps the viewer entertained with synchronous movement:

Paula Abdul had better choreography, than Britney's video, and so this video relies a bit more on the whole Mars/Spaceman elaborate stage set for a bit more visual impact. The red jumpsuit is a great detail, as red and yellow wave-lengths of light (or in this case red & orange) when combined attract the human eye faster than any other color combination. So putting your lead singer in red is not a bad idea, if you can incorporate it easily into your video.

The backgrounds are really all just window dressing and unnecessary for a hit video. As you can see, choreography is a key element in successful music videos. Generally, mixing and matching elements we have covered so far is a sure-fire road to video success. Sex, Classic Convertibles & Choreography.

Katy Perry takes the convertible/sex combination route to success here with Teenage Dream:

Cheap as heck to film, since this one required no choreography needed at all. Almost anyone could make this video on a shoestring budget.

Seriously folks, this is the gospel truth to video stardom. It's not rocket science.

Let's review.

Here are your elements again:

1) SEX

Let's think up an example video:

A)Your lead singer, cruises around the (desert, beach, city nightlife) in a convertible.

B) He/she exits and arrives somewhere where there are lots of pretty women/men dancing around in synchronous movements.

That's it! You're done! Hit video-making was never easier. When in doubt, always add more than one element! Most videomakers try to mix and match at least two from the elements above. Do you see now how incredibly easy it is? Before you know it, you will be making music videos with the best of them. Many hit videos were filmed in a day or two on several thousand dollars expense. A convertible rental, some models/dancers hired for a day's worth of shooting and then it was all finessed back at a sound studio for packaging and public consumption. With today's video technology and editing, it's easier than ever to make a video that will climb the charts.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

How to Make a Hit Music Video Hint: Sex More Sex & Rock & Roll (Robert Palmer, Adam Ant, Mister Mister)

How do you make a successful music video? Since the dawn of the MTV or music television era, there has been one steady standby that works decade after decade. It's called SEX. Sex sells. Simply hire the most attractive models you can afford and have a choreographer come up with a few moves for them to perform in sync with your music. It's really simple and it works. Let's take a look at purist examples of this technique from the golden age

Here in 1988 Robert Palmer wasn't taking any chances there are enough women here to keep the eyes busy with Simply Irresistible. It spawned many imitations and while it was well received by males, it was considered a somewhat sexist and misogynist bit of video-making by the culture police.

Flash forward a few years later to 1990. Adam Ant, a familiar name from the early-80's British invasion, is trying to make a comeback. Following in the 'hire-the-sexiest models you can find' format he released Rough Stuff:

It was never as popular as Palmer's hit, but it is memorable for taking the style approach and just pushing the envelope. The full version which focuses on a lot of fit female pelvic motion was cut and considered too racy for 1990 music videos.

This basic approach to music video making is pretty inexpensive. A studio, some models, a make-up artist, and your talent are all that's needed to produce this style video and it almost always will capture a lot of the video viewing audience.

What's the second most popular gimmick in music video making? The classic convertible is the fall back for low-budget yet memorable video making. Tons of videos feature the artists cruising in a vintage convertible. Let's look at an example or two:

Here's 1985 and Mister Mister's hit Broken Wings:

That's now a timeless classic and inspired a whole ad campaign from Taco Bell a few years later which featured lots of classic convertibles, celebrities and tacos. That campaign revitalized the stale Taco Bell brand boosting sales all the way into the early 90s - here a 1994 commercial, even going so far as to imitating the convertible break down seen in Broken Wings:

This is in one way the triple hit: Sex, Cars and Food. Attractive young people in a convertible is a sure fire success tip for music video making. don't believe me? C'mon do I have to prove it to you? Yep...I guess I do:

Yes, Rebecca Black's now infamous video, Friday, features the reliable convertible stand-by to video success. Had they used professional models instead of her friends who knows how popular it would have been?

There are literally thousands of other videos which feature these elements. I just wanted to show some of the purist examples.

Is any of this a substitute for raw talent? Heck no. This little curtain lift is just to reveal the time-worn gimmicks that hold people's attention and play on the human desire for love, affection and security which in their lowest common denominator forms manifest as SEX and POPULARITY.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Wikileaks' Julian Assange: Facebook: 'appalling spy machine'

Julian Assange on Facebook

I revealed this some time ago. Recently, I have received a few email inquiries about why I can now be found on Facebook when I have so often railed against its use. The truth of the matter is this - I use Facebook quite differently than most do. My anonymity is still maintained and for all intents the SDAI-Tech1 presence on Facebook is a placeholder -just another means of distribution of data.

If you're on Facebook, you're on the grid. Your phone is tracking you and at any time someone can find you, wherever you are, in less than about 30 seconds, should someone want or need to find you.

The real shock of this is - you probably don't mind. You've already submitted to a total lack of privacy in regards to your life. The latest generations spend a lot of time INCREASING their exposure on social networks like Facebook and Twitter! They want perfect strangers to know when they are seeing a movie, or going to the bathroom, or what-have-you! They crave attention and electronic affirmation. So Facebook, like their cell phones, are like a second head and a third arm, respectively.

Millions don't care if their every action is recorded and known about and are happy someone is watching. This new generation practically begs for voyeurs and cyber-stalkers. They crave this affirmation of their very existence. So the pathos has reached a new crescendo and Facebook, Google and the government have very friendly relationships.

The overlapping of private and public sector creeps me out. The government has used Google and Facebook to do things it would never be permitted to do - to collect data they would never be able to collect - and certainly not so effortlessly.

It's too late. Most people are addicted to social networking and there is an incredible amount of peer pressure to place your life on line for all to see.

The real laugh is that Facebook even has privacy settings. Once that data is uploaded, it ceases to be private. What you read, what you watch and every little detail you choose to provide gives the government more than enough data for threat assessment and whether to probe even deeper into your life.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Death Picture of Osama Bin Laden, Drudge Report, Fox News & Donald Rumsfeld

This issue has me nonplussed. What do people want to see the photos of a dead person for? Seriously? No matter what would be released, there are many who would say it's fabricated or photoshopped and they would be right.

We live in a very sick world. The Bin Ladens of the world were sick monsters because they did not value human life. In an eager race to see a corpse, those Americans and others who relish in his death find themselves one step closer to Bin Laden's sick mind set than they would ever care to admit. Yes, the world is a messed up place where people regularly visit sites that feature horrible imagery. Sites like Drudge Report make millions off of aggregating news and appealing to the lowest common denominator. Then we have Hannity on Fox News making some big deal about the photos and espousing the eye for an eye barbarism. What? After ten years you would think that the lesson of operation infinite justice, which begain in November of 2001, would have been learned.

We regularly get the Alexa reports to see what various nations are doing what and to keep a pulse on web traffic and basically, one can't go through those reams of data and not get depressed. It would be easy for me to point to the web itself as a medium for lowering the moral standards of the nation, but the truth is it's more complex than that. The web itself is an aggregate of cultural elements from video games to youtube videos. The emphasis on 'common' now really has been added to the lowest common denominator and this is what is now influencing larger and larger groups that before would have been isolated from these things.

Bin Laden is dead. No need to celebrate it. No need to embrace revenge - like the Koran itself does. An eye for an eye isn't what this was about, despite all the rhetoric to the contrary. This was about "asymmetrical threat elimination" as former Defense Secretary Rumsfeld might call it. When we took out Saddam, we did it for the same reason. It wasn't about revenge.

Revenge is stupid. It is. Why that person killed some people - let's kill him! That's not justice. That mindset fosters a society that slowly slides into the killer mindset. The video games, comic books, sick websites and all the rest pave the way for the west's next generations to become what they abhor - sick individuals who revel in violence and are numb to the worst forms of depravity.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Thor, Loki, Heimdall, Sif, Odin, The Rainbow Bridge, Einstein-Rosen Bridges & Wormholes

Movies are interesting mediums of entertainment. Each, like all things in this infinite multiverse, provide varying degrees of value or meaning. The film Thor, which has just been released throughout most of the world and which will be released in the US this Friday, is on the surface a rather CGI-heavy interpretation of a second string Marvel comic book character, which itself was appropriated from Norse mythology.

Having watched two films this week, Atlas Shrugged and Thor, the theme would seem to be incredibly strong mythological characters. However, while watching Thor, I experienced a long deja-vu. For me this is a cue to take note of what is transpiring because it has important ramifications.

A deja-vu is an inter dimensional link - a Rainbow Bridge if you will and mine occurred just as the Rainbow Bridge in the film is destroyed.

You see, for those who set up their lifetimes in advance, deja-vu is like a marker, a link, which conveys a bit of needed data from one spectra to another. In the film Natalie Portman as Jane Foster is looking for Einstein-Rosen bridge, this strays from the comic book in which Jane Foster was a nurse. But this change served a definite purpose. In fact, this entire film had a message that will pass largely unrecognized. The message is each has this bridge within them.

Thor promises Jane he will tell her about the bridge she seeks. Then there is Heimdall, who oversees this bridge, and whom sees all and knows all that is transpiring. Each of us possess this ability to varying degrees, though at this time on Earth it goes entirely unrecognized and completely undeveloped. Everything in the multiverse is interlinked and one merely needs to develop the tools that link one bit of energy with another.

A telescope magnifies waves of light to bring one thing closer. In the future, telescopes will go much further than mere magnification of light waves. There will exist devices which can parse this light for subharmonic wave structures and actually recreate images of what it has been exposed to. Imagine what you could see if you were a ray of light passing through the universe. Well, someday, each wave of light will tell a story from galaxies and places no one can even begin to imagine.

Sure, I hear your thoughts. Fantasy. Speculation. Wishful thinking. The truth is I've seen these scopes and already used them. Because time is not linear in the truest sense.

Time is already a constant.

The past and future exist as infinitely diverse energy configurations.

Therefore, every possible future is already manifest. For a world such as Earth, being born in 1850 or 1950 or 2050 or any other time is quite easy to do when not chained to a physical body yet. One merely aligns a portion of one's component quantized field structures to the unique configurations of Earth at any of these points. One can live a lifetime in 3100 AD and return to be born again and live here in 2011 or 750 BC or whatever time period will afford the necessary lessons and growth one seeks out. Everyone on Earth is a time traveler. You are one too.

Heimdall may see all that occurs in the 9 realms, but there is truly no limit to such infinite sight. We are only limited by our own ability to interface with these things. A portion of the multiverse will always be invisible to us - for awhile anyways - and we will continue to increase this sight. So everyone is Heimdall and everyone can create their own Rainbow Bridges.

In our bodies, this time-space bridge is traversed by consciousness. The electrical signals in our brains oscillate with light speed - providing a connection between spectra and linking our indestructible energy fields with our temporary physical bodies.

If you have stumbled upon this posting it is because you are in some way compatible with what is found here. You may not think you are, but because you read these words - the harmonic compatibility had to exist with a portion of your consciousness.

My deja-vu happened for a reason - it prompted me to write this rather unusual entry so that others may increase their own true sight and recognize their own bridges that connect them with the rest of the infinite multiverse.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Last Stand of Osama Bin Laden

The President has released the news and the world now knows Osama Bin Laden is dead.

"We've got a GREEN code. We're going to get Bin Laden - inside Pakistan."

I look at what teams and men we have available for such an important mission and I pull one from Kabul, Afghanistan.

A 60 man team, usually reserved for large assaults on small targets, is suitable for an ambush on a surface structure. I review aerial footage of Rawalpindi from two camera carrying drones which reveal the compound Osama is supposed to be residing in. The Gunjmadi police station is holding some drug pushers - one of which narked Bin Laden's current location as exchange for his release. It appears most of the drug pushers know exactly where he is, probably because these sorts also smuggle medical supplies.

I review the building from all angles and decide that arrival by three modified Super Stallion MH-53E helicopters is the ticket. The structure can be surrounded quickly and Bin Laden will not have time to escape. The craft are in theatre.

A night time assault is the ticket and will give cover to our helicopters and we have a huge advantage in night fighting with our latest nightvision capabilities.

Operation Final Assault is a go. The helicopters make their way over the Pakistan Afghan border and feed from their cameras is arriving at Shamballa. The three Stallions are doing in excess of 220mph and are loaded with troops and weapons.

The choppers arrive simultaneously and surround the compound. Automatic weapons fire from Bin Laden's look outs is directed carelessly at one of the choppers. Return fire cuts him down instantly. The troops descend from the choppers under cover of strafing fire from the choppers themselves. Small arms fire is being returned by several windows and the familiar sound of AK-47s is heard in the distance.

The teams shoot in canisters of gas to provide additional cover and start moving forward, taking out a dozen or so jihadists that streamed out of the compound to fire on the troops.

They are so overpowered and overwhelmed that our troops enter in less than a minute. I see camera feeds of troops busting down doors and running up a flight of stairs. In less than two minutes, Osama is found in a room with several followers wielding AK-47's the followers and Osama are killed in an exchange of gunfire.

Osama Bin Laden - mastermind of multiple attacks on US interests is dead.

Note: The previous description is not guaranteed to be accurate as the exact circumstances, individuals and equipment used in the mission are classified above top secret and can't be officially (or unofficially) divulged. ;-)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Radiation Fallout Tornadoes, The Royal Wedding, Youtube Sensation Alexandra & Top 40 Billboard Music

Lots going on in the world today! While we've been busy increasing public awareness about the I-131 induced tornadoes appearing all over the United States during the past month, the world has been focused on the Royal Wedding. I'm not much of an Anglophile and for me pomp and circumstance is fine in small doses, so I watched very little of the coverage. I'll probably watch some more later.

As I mentioned in a previous posting, I am very excited about a young woman with an amazing amount of talent, currently going mostly unobserved and unrecognized, named Alexandra. She is going to become a Youtube sensation, very soon hopefully, and her music will be heard alongside other TOP 40 billboard pop artists.

She is the first in the blogs NEW TALENT of the month category which will now be appearing in the sidebar. This is an effort to bring positive attention to those whose efforts inspire and and uplift society in whatever field of endeavor, from song-writing to poetry to what-have-you!

I know this blog is certainly not the blog one first comes to when one thinks about popular culture! Things change! ;-) I will be doing my best to promote those whose work, talent and inspiration deserve recognition. So here is another video from Alexandra:

I'm "Crazy" about her song and talent. I think she has wonderful abilities and I hope you all check out her video and will join me in trying to get her the attention she deserves. On Youtube, fistfights erupting in fast food restaurants can get hundreds of thousands of hits as the lowest common denominator gravitates towards the low end of the cultural "entertainment" spectra. From now on, mixed with the philosophy, futurism, science and politics - I will be promoting those whose efforts inspire and sit on the other side of that spectra and uplift and inspire viewers. So share this with others if you feel so inspired, never underestimate the power of a single individual action.

It's all frequency relationship, all cause and effect. We all make a difference and we all, literally, create the type of planet we want to live on by our words and deeds.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Be Prepared for Radioactive Fallout Induced Tornadoes - Almost Anywhere in the the US

The tornadoes are continuing to wreak havoc with the United States and more people are dying because people are not aware of the reason WHY these tornadoes are forming and why they are more intense than what has been experienced before.

The tornadoes are caused by I-131 now flooding the upper atmosphere over the United States. This radioactive waste adds energy to nearby water molecules in the upper atmosphere, increasing their mass/weight and causing condensation. This forms ice crystals and sets off tornadoes that are vicious, more powerful and longer lasting.

What's more this I-131 is causing tornadoes where weather conditions usually do not permit such formation. Places like California received tornadoes at the same time the I-131 arrived over the jetstream from the reactors.

Again - BE AWARE. Even places like Arizona are receiving the high winds caused by the passage of these upper atmospheric I-131 supercooled clouds. Given the right combination and intensity - a tornado can result in places where such is unheard of. This is what makes this so dangerous - a lack of preparedness. People need to be aware. The media hasn't been much helpful in publicizing the cause of these tornadoes. We're not sure why - possibly they are afraid some folks will sue TEPCO for damages? Whatever the reason, it's time for people to know the cause and BE PREPARED. Preparation will save lives. This will continue for sometime until the reactors are covered or the I-131 isn't pouring into the atmosphere at the rate of 7 tons per hour and being blown straight to the United States.

Spread the word. Share this via the social networks. The media has dropped the ball on this one and it's going to cost more lives before this is resolved.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Top 40 Youtube Video Pop Music: Alexandra, The Anti- Rebecca Black, Friday & Record Contracts, Epic Winning!

Okay, this is going to be a totally different entry than anything I've ever done before. In this world lots of things happen for a reason and today I stumbled across a music video on Youtube from a young woman named Alexandra. She has a song called There's a Taylor Swift Song for That which she wrote, composed and performs all by herself.

I think it's terrific. What's more, I think it sounds better than most of what I hear on the radio. Well, when I watched it today she only had 46 people view this song. That's a crime.

Rebecca Black currently has 121,837,339 views for her video Friday, which is famous mainly because, well, the singing isn't that great, is auto-tuned and now is an example of how anything and anyone can get a record contract if enough people see it. In other words popularity, is a substitute for raw talent.

I don't believe that's true and I'm asking everyone who stumbles upon this page to check out Alexandra's video:

I want to emphasize I don't know this girl at all, she's no relation to me whatsoever and I don't know what her political views are or anything else about her. But good music is something I think the whole world can rally behind and I want to do my part to get this talented young woman the exposure she deserves.

So please, if you watch it and enjoy it (which I think you will!!!) send the link to your friends, pass it along as often as you can. Post it on your Facebook pages, tweet about it on Twitter and let's see if we can't get Alexandra many more views and a record contract to go with them.

I want to tune into to my local radio station and hear Alexandra singing on the radio. I think you will too after you hear her song.

You can make a difference and you'll feel good knowing that your voice and efforts do count.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lawrence O'Donnell Serves Rush Limbaugh -Why? Religion!

The Achilles heal of conservatism is the religious segment. Limbaugh's Easter Broadcast about Jesus was turned back on him by Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC, you can watch the video here on RCP.

This is a great example of why religion and politics don't mix. Watching Rush bluster about Jesus and then watching O'Donnell's almost sardonic joy in plastering him with their own book is a classic example of religious conservatism backfiring.

The truth is, the bible and conservatism don't mix. The bible is an almost entirely fictional book put together originally by two Greek scholars from the tales of an illiterate former Roman soldier who suffered from heat exhaustion added to tracts from the old Babylonian religion and its god named Jahweh, now renamed Jehovah.

Just as fundamentalist Islam creates a nightmare of ignorance in the Middle East, so do religious conservatives and their belief provide an equal growing nightmare in the United States. We've already had government by Christianity - it was called the dark ages and had a Holy See instead of a Supreme Court and had inquisitions instead of trials. There was no President only a Pope. It was a failure of the grandest scale and caused more murder, torture, suffering and poverty than anything seen before or since, excepting perhaps Stalin's pogroms.

Here we see the well educated O'Donnell relish in turning religion back at Rush. And why? Because Jesus was anti-materialism, what's more he was anti-church and was vehemently opposed to those who prayed in synagogues and temples. Jesus would be disgusted by every church-going Christian for not listening to his words. The scary thing is those who have actually read the bible from cover to cover know this. Churchgoers by their very actions illustrate they haven't read their own bible.

So when the religious right contaminate conservative politics with their mumbo-jumbo, it backfires. And before the religious right get all irate or call me godless, I know far more about true spirituality, the soul, heaven and hell than is contained in the bible. I know true morality and don't limit my list of sins to what Moses scrawled down on two rocks to impress followers and then proceed to pour molten gold down their throats when he catches them worshipping other gods than his own creation.

No, the bible is a book filled with violence, perversion, rape, molestation and murder - a classic image of the time it was written. It's various authors over the centuries failed to realize that the combining of these two tracts - the Babylonian Old Testament detailing the murderous, cruel exploits of Jahweh and the New Testament describing Jesus and his loving, merciful God didn't quite fit together - in fact such a merger is an epic fail of the grandest proportions and has been used to enslave the minds of billions of people over the past two thousand years.

And now MSNBC's O'Donnell can use the bible to justify taxing capital producers through the roof - because indeed, Jesus was against material possessions. Jesus was also against forcing people to do anything...but O'Donnell conveniently ignores that point.

If we all lived like Jesus wanted us to, there would be no government, no churches and we would voluntarily give our money and wealth to those in need.

I don't see that happening anytime soon. The liberals and socialists want their government and the power it gives them to loot and the religionists want the churches and the power it gives over the uneducated and well intentioned who misconstrue and reinterpret Jesus' words every single day in every church in the world.

It's time for conservatives to reclaim their agenda and distance the religious zealots and fanatics whose agenda is a disastrous one for the United States.

The Problem with Roger Simon's Pajamasmedia, Erickson's Redstate and Redneck Conservatism Media Outlets

Here at Shamballa, I am forced to make many decisions that are unpleasant. One gets used to it, but it never gets any easier. I debated awhile on this one, but it's time for another curtain lift.

As a matter of professional courtesy, I usually have refrained from lifting curtains on the conservative side of the political aisle. Today, however, I will lift the curtains on a disturbing trend in conservative media.

I started blogging back in 2004 when President Bush was up for a close re-election battle. Knowing the money and agenda that was backing Kerry, and the dystopian reality that same money and agenda has now brought us with President Obama, I used my voice to help re-elect President Bush. Along the way, I posted on numerous websites, both liberal and conservative. Most of these sites were rather disappointing places where the conversation was always inflammatory and those who ran the sites were not However, clashes of wills and verbal tug-of-wars were par for the course in 2004 and these sites drew vast numbers of the lowest common denominator (LCD) from both parties who enjoyed nothing more that a shout-fest and a mudslinging session.

Here we are in 2011 and these sites have evolved somewhat and a number of conservative bloggers have grouped under Roger Simon's Pajamasmedia to preach to the choir and generate revenue simultaneously. Blogging isn't a high revenue occupation and so the concept of corralling talent and bringing them under one roof isn't unusual. Syndicates do it all the time. Of course it also creates a coherent message - an agenda, if you will.

However, as a conservative, I've watched the Republican Party slowly poisoned by the influence of what I'll call backwater burgs, whose grasp of conservative politics is centered on bible tales taught to these folks as children. This element is loud and vocal and the issue of abortion is a the epicenter of their conservative ideology and the politicians they support must pass this litmus test - a religious one.

Well, religionists and intellectuals have the tiniest of crossover. It's hard to be really smart and religious. It's hard simply to be well read and religious. So, by default, the folks being put up for office by these backwater political machines are religious rubes who are clueless about economics, world affairs, history, objective reasoning...and the list goes on and on. They turn off, not just liberals, but many conservatives too, from California to New York.

This is the problem with Pajamasmedia and the Redstate type political jawflapping machines and as time passes they have been largely responsible for furthering candidates who were not intelligent, unelectable and merely religionists entering politics.

The conservative movement has suffered as a result. Obama was able to be elected because no good conservatives, without a lot of religious baggage, could be found and McCain, who is the epitome of whats wrong with career politicians, was doomed to lose.

Flash forward to 2011. Pajamasmedia and the rest of the slicker backwater political machines are already taking potshots at Donald Trump. Why?

It's real simple Trump isn't backwater enough for them. He's certainly not a bible
thumper and is a city-dweller.

Sakes alive! With all those pretty wimmen around him...he might even secretly have paid for an abortion!

So let's make it clear now. A choice between socialist "liberal" politicians who don't understand capital generation and who pander to the poor and uneducated and the religious, "conservative" politician who is solely beholden to the religionists that made it possible for him to run - is no choice at all. Both are Epic fail.

So if you read junk attacking Trump already, you'll know why. If you wonder why the last batch of conservative Presidential candidates was a bust, you'll know why.

Religious conservatives are conservative only as pertaining to their religion of choice. Keeping church and state separate is imperative and these organizations have poisoned the conservative well and keep throwing their hat in with losers that meet that one criterion - anti-abortion. Fanaticism is a scary thing and even though I myself am opposed to abortion - I would much rather see someone like Trump in office, who has some measure of experience with generating capital, even if I found out he had stock in a health clinic that performed abortions.

These bible belt media outlets have outlived their usefulness. They are now keeping qualified candidates from office and are anathema to conservatives who want to see America led by someone with a real, working brain.

It's time for intelligent Americans to elect someone who has the intelligence to restore America - not just someone who will tell his fellow pew-warmers that he will repeal Roe vs. Wade.

They say a conservative is unelectable without being sold to the hordes of religious southerners that are the largest block of conservatives. If such is the case our nation is doomed. Forever. Game over. If Roger Simon's Pajamasmedia, Erick Erickson's Redstate and other religious-centric conservative propaganda outlets are permitted to torpedo Trump, or some other electable candidate in favor of their theocratically screened selections - we are doomed to four more years of Soros/Obama and a third world America.

I don't want to see that and neither do you.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sneak Preview of the Future

Here you get a sneak preview of the future. Not just in the way humans think, or the understandings that make their life that much more complete, but also in the technological future that is to come about in the next 50, 100 and even 1000 years.

Today, I am going to give you a big peek. The world needs this now, when the economies of the world are failing and the masses are disillusioned. So today, you all will get a sneak peek at Project Atlas:

What is Project Atlas? It is only the most revolutionary event in the history of the world in the past 15,000 years (give or take a few). Project Atlas details a map for near limitless clean power generation - with no radiation, pollution or harmful byproducts. The world will make a new gargantuan leap forward that will make the atomic/rocket age appear laughable. Children two hundred years from now will look back on this time as a technological dark ages. No clean power, no electronic medicine and no scientific understanding of the human soul - when man didn't even know what he was!

Yes, while I know many of you would just like to hear the juicy technological details, my job and my position requires this new knowledge be tempered with wisdom and intelligence. Nuclear power when understood was quickly perverted into a weapon. Most new technologies find themselves used in such capacities by those who wish to wield power over their fellow man.

Balance. All life is balance. Every day of our lives we are constantly trying to attain balance. We sleep when we are tired. Eat when we are hungry. Earn income when we need money. Heal when we are injured. So an introduction of this sort of immense power and drastic change requires an equally big improvement in human understanding. In other words, humanity can't handle Project Atlas if it does not make a measurable movement upwards. What good is more power if it only is used to wage more wars or enslave others? What good is introducing new technologies only for them to become a great burden on man - not a blessing. Since 1945 the world has lived in fear of atomic bomb warfare. This fear still lingers and the threat of some unhinged individual, group or nation using these weapons to mass murder other humans is very real and has actually increased over the past 20 years, as portions of the world that are not as developed or educated have access to these technologies.

That is why the activism we see in the world today is a good thing. I see people, young and old who are hungrily waiting this change in the world. You see, they set up to incarnate at this time in history to be a part of this. There is no fate, no chance - all events are cause and effect and when seen in the naked light of truth - simply energy motions following specific principles of energy.

Everyone needs to understand what their soul really is - a field of infinite, indestructible energy. They need to understand that everything they think they know about the way life works is wrong. We are not simply biological organisms, we are regenerating fields of energy so complex and with literally an infinite amount of subharmonic wave form structures. We live in an infinite universe and even the sub-components of an infinite universe ARE infinite. You, yes you reading this, right now - you are eternal. You are immortal. You are energy which has recorded within its structures infinitely complex algorithms which determine the way you think, behave and feel. Once this knowledge becomes commonplace, the world will change.


Because most of humanity act out of fear. They fear death. They fear poverty. They fear loneliness. They fear being unloved. These fears are based in ignorance. There is no death. Each soul that has died and will die on this world will come back on this world and many others - because a soul is a field of energy and it, through field principles will be drawn back to a fetus to continue and re manifest all that it is.

Yes, for some this will all be metaphysical mumbo jumbo. The nuances of field mechanics of all atomic structures is not taught in the schools or universities, nor is anyone taught that their life is all about manipulating fields of energy.

Now you know. You can think about it. You can ask that small voice within - and ask it... "What the heck is he talking about!?" It will answer you very quietly. It will tell you that yes...your soul is indeed a field of energy and it is constantly finding balance with it environment - and its past recorded data will seek balance as well. So let's say two people die in a fire in their past lives *yes, we all have past lives too) and one of these individuals becomes a fireman and the other a smoker and both are finding unique ways to try and balance positively the wave forms stored with a negative bias. These experiences are fields too and so they are drawn magnetically to the imbalanced field of experience.

Think about your life. What do you desire? If you analyze it this desire is proportionate to a corresponding imbalance. If you desire love it is because you feel unloved and these negative waveforms seek balance. If you feel friendless you will seek out friends for the same reason. If someone wants to change the world - its because they have, in their pasts, sat back and couldn't care less about it. So now all these impulses are driven by waveforms of imbalanced energy. Life here for most people is day after day of acting on these impulses trying to find balance. However, because they are unaware of the science behind it they often mess up - and make things worse. The smoker gets sick and dies again. Instead of balancing that past life of dying in the fire of smoke inhalation - he has simply found a way to repeat it and ends up creating even more of an imbalanced field.

Finding positive in all we do is the secret to a constructive life.

This is what mankind needs to know and start to live with daily, the knowledge that can turn unhappiness into happiness - without requiring a single outside change in the world about them. Self-development is why we are here. I'm just a field of energy here chatting to you all. Oh, I have a body - but it's just a shell. My fields are directing it and transmitting this data into this blog for you to read. My own pasts drive me to find positive ways to use technology and to help sentience evolve. So this is my own way of finding balance and that is why I am going on and on about this before getting into the rest.

If you have been patient this long and have absorbed even a small portion of what I was trying to convey here, and how important it is to your future, then your future is already altered - in a very good way.

Atlas carries the heavens on his shoulders. He was a Titan and after losing a battle with the Olympians found himself so burdened. Project Atlas utilizes the heavens to provide power for the Earth. This power is obtained by using the Earth's enormous, constantly regenerating electromagnetic field for power:

Our planet has a molten iron core. When hit by the sun's radiation it takes on a charge and generates a field of energy - an electromagnetic field. This field is fed twenty-four hours a day by incoming solar radiation. Tapping this electromagnetic field for power is what Project Atlas is all about. By converting a portion of the electromagnetic field into electrical energy, the planet will have enough power to do almost anything. This is the long awaited "Star Trek" level of technology. This is when you actually can create force fields and phasers and all the rest. The reason those shows seem so real and struck such a nerve is because those technologies do exist in the future.

When this project began, I joked with some of the engineers that it might be called project Pandora if misused. And like Pandora, the world would curse the day the endless energy box was opened. Walt Disney depicted atomic power as a great genie that could do good or evil. This new power has the same awesome potential.

Spread the word - the future of Earth, your future, is brighter and more wonderful than even your most fantastic dreams.

I know because...I've seen it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Radiation Problem - Poisoning Us All.

The radiation problem is still with us and the lid of suppression is being used to keep most of the public in the dark. The milk being produced in the west coast, particularly the Pacific-Northwest is already irradiated with I-131.

In the last entry you read the exclusive on how I-131 is influencing the weather and acting as a tornado seeder.

It's doing all sorts of things, but no one is paying too close attention. Once in the food chain as milk it enters into cheeses, yogurt, whip cream all other dairy products and then into things like TV dinners and frozen entrees which use cheese. We detected radiation from whipped cream that was about twice the level of normal background radiation and releasing lots of beta particles.

The truth is, the farmers can't separate the radioactive particles from the milk. How could they unless they had an elaborate and costly scanning process in place, So samples are tested and as long as they don't exceed the FDA's limits - are shipped out and put into the human food chain. The government is pretending, and a portion of the scientific community is going along, that all this I-131 is mostly harmless and are not taking hardly any measures to protect the public.

The EPA has monitoring stations up and a website where one can obtain the latest background radiation readings. Unfortunately, if you check the dates - much of the collection data is for periods before the radiation arrived and in places like Hawaii, the Beta particle count has been offline and is not "fixed" yet. Which is, of course, to suppress fear from extremely spiked rates. In Hawaii Cesium 134 (half life about 2 years) and Cesium 137 (half life 30 years) have ALSO been detected in the milk samples tested. None of this should be allowed to be consumed by humans or permitted in the food chain. Many of these particle become imbedded in bone cells and if you live in Hawaii, you should definitely scan your food with a Geiger counter before consuming.

Officials are not suggesting anyone scan their food for radioactivity with Geiger counters or take ANY protective measures at all. That's... well, stupid. The ignorance is bliss approach will lead to new cancer cases, particularly in areas of the west coast and Hawaii most saturated with the I-131. If it lands on the grass that cows eat, it is also inhaled by the masses living in a region. It is in the water you bathe with and drink and it is in the milk and the food chain. All this radiation in addition to the normal background radiation means in some areas of the United States they are going to be receiving a significant spike in beta particle exposure. Eye irritation and lung irritation seem to be a common complaint among many at this time - and this is natural. If a particle of I-131 is inhaled into the lung or lands in the eye - it is going to cause irritation as its beta particle release bombards surrounding tissue. The body's defense mechanisms will kick in and coughing, sneezing, eye-watering will result.

You hear a lot about the 8 day half life. That I-131 loses half its potency in 8 days. This is true - but still that is only half its potency. And the real problem is the event is ongoing - fresh I-131 evaporating out of the containment chamber is constantly arriving. So we are being cumulatively poisoned with I-131 with no end yet in sight. Our suggestion to cover the reactors and redirect this I-131 into the seas was rebuffed, which of course is yet another stupid decision and the US should take a strong stand and insist our suggestion is put into place- because the winds are blowing all this I-131 straight towards the US every single day. We receive more than many nearby nations surrounding Japan - simply because the wind blows it across the Pacific to us.

The danger of course is highest for the smallest and youngest among us - the children. They also consume the most milk and can't protect themselves from anything.

Demand action. Demand that food irradiated be kept from the foods infants consume. Demand that the Japanese cover the reactor and redirect the I-131 into the ocean. Demand that more food products be checked for radiation contamination. You should invest in a Geiger counter, regularly check your meals for contamination. As the rain of I-131 keeps falling down on our crops and being inhaled into our lungs and ingested as we eat and drink, the radiation levels will increase exponentially.

Help spread the word. The threat is very real and will get worse in the weeks and months ahead if the reactors aren't covered.

Monday, April 18, 2011

241 Tornados in 72 Hours - The Real Cause: Radioactive Fallout

Okay, here is the place the world comes to for the curtains to be lifted and today we will lift them. We have seen 241 tornadoes in 72 hours over the United States - a new record.

Why? Why are their so many and why are they so potent? The answer has to do with the nuclear fallout in the planet's atmosphere from the Fukushima reactor complex meltdown. The radioactive iodine 131 (I-131) is, for all intents, acting as a tornado cloud seeder. Starting in the 1950s silver iodide was used to seed clouds and generate rain. The silver iodide promoted condensation and super cooling of water nuclei from the vapor phase and turning them into heavier water droplets and, higher up, ice crystals.

What we are seeing over the US is extremely polarized weather induced by these radioactive particles which are interfering with the Earth's natural climate system. The I-131 is emitting radiation that condenses these water gases by adding energy to the nearby water molecules. This energy transfer adds weight to these water molecules. When this happens in the upper atmosphere the water condenses into ice crystals and the polarity of these condensed (cold) positively charged nuclei collide with lower atmospheric negatively expanded (warm) charged nuclei and induce an energy vortex - a tornado.

Tornadoes are vortices of energy created when atmospheric conditions of two opposing polar energy masses collide (+ and -). Like the pull of a magnet, these two suddenly generate a great force. Here on earth, we get to see these tornadoes manifest when hot and cold air collide. Polarization now induces a high frequency flow of energy,creating an energy vortex. It is the same reason we freeze superconducting rings to absolute zero so they produce almost no resistance for electricity. The I-131 is supercooling parts of the upper atmosphere and some of the planet's atmospheric energy (a byproduct of sunlight and our planet's electromagnetic field) is now released as tornadoes. It sounds complex, but it is actually very simple:

Radiation always speeds things up. Radiation is energy. A radioactive particle has a potent quotient of energy it releases. When enough of them gather in the atmosphere, it promotes condensation. This is why California was hit with a big storm just as the radiation from the reactor reached the west coast. This is why this tornado season is the worst in history and why tornadoes are appearing in places they usually do not.

Be on your guard. This will not be a normal weather season. All over the Earth more extreme weather conditions will be spawned by the radiation release into the atmosphere. It is hard to imagine that particles so tiny, they cannot be seen with the naked eye, can cause so much devastation and damage - but they can.

Here at SDAI, we had done some post nuclear attack simulations and analysis that took into account these weather altering fallout ramifications. If more fallout is released from the reactors, things will only get worse. This is why those reactors need to be covered and the radiation redirected into the seas ASAP. 7 tons of water per hour is being poured in to cool the spent fuel containment chamber. This water is irradiated and the result is a blend of steam with these radioactive particles entering the Earth's atmosphere - at a rate of several tons an hour! The responsibility to protect the masses from things not understood falls upon the scientific community. Personally, I have been very disappointed with the results. I am disappointed in TEPCO, who must now realize their company is effectively already bankrupt. I am disappointed in the Japanese government for not taking charge. I am disappointed more folks are not using their minds to protect and serve humanity.

So, that's the scientific explanation regarding the massive quantity of tornadoes.

Push for more knowledge. Knowledge is power. Knowledge gives you power to protect yourself and protect humanity from the unknown. Demand background radiation readings in your local paper, right alongside the temperature, around your neighborhood - whether you have nearby reactors or not. Push for more science in schools. Right now we have never been so backward in our goals. We need a healthy manned space program - we need more scientific research. We need electronic medicine to replace outdated chemical treatment techniques. We need power generation technologies that use the global capital of human genius.

Stagnation is retrogression.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged Film Released Today.

Atlas Shrugged is one of the most important films released in the past quarter century. The anti-socialism message is so important to a world needing to generate enough capital to offer everyone a measure of wealth.

It's getting a small release and will be crucified by liberal reviewers whose parasitic worldview will be threatened, but that's par for the course. If you haven't read Atlas Shrugged, go ahead and do it. You will not regret it. Even if you don't agree with the philosophy expressed entirely, it is one of the few books that really open up the eyes and demonstrate how the handout is actually immoral when compared to the creation of capital and how those who rail against selfishness are the most selfish of all because they want to keep a portion of humanity dependent upon others.

I, naturally, see beyond even this view and understand the past-life circumstances that bring about negative circumstances, but Rand's message isn't really selfishness it is self-development. Had she chosen this word she could have easily avoided the stigma that has been associated with "selfishness" and people would have more clearly understood her true message - which is everyone is here to develop themselves and become as skilled and intelligent as they can be, and that no person has the right to demand another care for them or provide for them, much less have a third party demand that someone else provide for another.

In more advanced worlds, the people all understand this self-development and how it truly is the secret to infinite abundance.

So...see and support the film. Read the book, if you have not and see it in the context of bettering the human race and the entire planet - making each person the best that they can be and taking responsibility for their own circumstances.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Here we go! This ought to be fun! Today, we're going to pretend like this is a normal blog. I'm just going to chat about some banal stuff and fill up my Japanese Syndicate's weird contractual requirements! (Shhhh. Pretend I didn't just say that!)

Okay...hmmm...what is CISCO Systems thinking about giving the Flip the axe? Or did they give the Flip the Flip? I don't know. I do find it funny that I purchased one of these things and now it is being discontinued. It actually isn't half bad, so I don't know what the problem is? Sales not that good? Unlike almost all of CISCO Systems products the Flip was the only one that didn't smell like burnt Chinese plastic when I opened the box.

Dancing with the Stars! I never thought I would be discussing any of these shows, but here goes nothing. So...who are you rooting for? Ralph Macchio? Kirstie Alley? My gosh but it's going to be an exciting thing to watch.

GLEE! I've never seen an episode, but supposedly it's about a glee club in HS that sings lots of old songs worse than the way they were originally sung and yet they compete with other schools or something. I don't know what to say. This must be captivating entertainment! I don't think my high school even had a glee club. Maybe they did? Maybe they competed? Maybe they ripped off 1/4 century old songs and sung them to elevator music? I just don't know.

Okay...I think I've covered my contractual obligations. But I better throw in some more of this before I wrap up.

Anyone seen Chuck? A show where some guy gets the CIA database stuck in his head from an email sent to him. Sure it's insanely impossible. But is it entertaining? I watched two or three episodes from the 1st season some years ago which were tolerable (some blonde Australian actress named Yvonne [????] plays a CIA agent) and now one episode from the this latest season and it's...well it's now really awful. The writers must've changed somewhere along the way.

Let's see...popular culture...popular culture...

Netflix? Showtime? Vevo or Viva? Oh...I got it! FRIDAY FRIDAY! Rebecca Black!
I watched the video. Some girl is singing a song about Friday. Woohoo! Definitely the highlight of human popular culture for 2011. Warhol was right. 15 minutes for everyone. Maybe now it's down to 5 minutes.


That's it.

I'm out of here!

Normal SDAI blog operations will be back with the next post.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Donald Trump Dilemma

I'm sitting at the head of a long conference desk, made of a solid piece of teak, here in Sub-level 18. This room is one of the world's most secure. Joining me here are folks who shall remain nameless, but are part of the powers that be. Billionaires, industrialists of some merit and some unofficial and official representatives from certain allied nations of the United States - both free and otherwise.

We are discussing the future, particularly the potential candidacy of Donald Trump for President. Everyone wants something. Tax breaks, loopholes, foreign aid, preferential treatment of one kind or another and much, much more. Everyone wants to know how the land will really lay.

Pointed questions are asked of me. I sit back and listen.

"Is Trump electable as President?"

"I think over the past quarter century we have proven that almost anyone is capable of being elected to that particular office."

"Would you make him privy to SDAI assets as was Bush and other Republican Presidents?"

"Of course."

"What about his skeletons? I don't want to invest and then have it all go to hell!"

"I'm sure he has some. Lord knows, Obama does and all the previous residents have had them. The key is, as it has always been, in suppressing them. Our researchers found a huge surge in people who are willing to try out someone like Trump. He is electable and with a little help can easily defeat Obama and his backer Soros."

"What about that Fox interview? Is he really going to put tariffs on Chinese goods? And is he going to militarize the border with Mexico?"

"I can't speak for Trump, but I'm sure he will explore those ideas. I'm sure he will receive lots of discouragement. Though, for the record, both ideas are doable - if handled properly and with the right people - such as yourselves - backing him up. Our data shows the decline is exponentially accelerating in all industries and the long term setbacks Japan now faces will only empower China more quickly. Confucius has a saying that is most important to remember: 'Balance is the perfect state of still water. Let that be our model. It remains quiet within and is not disturbed on the surface.' We do not have balance with China right now - or with Mexico and we need to find that balance quickly before the tempest destroys our nation."

I look at the various faces as I speak. Impassive, pugnacious, determined, resistant, pretentious, disinterested and rabid.

"You promised releasing a new power source. Will it threaten the oil industry?"

"Not in the immediate future. Oil will be needed for a long time to come and since your industry has perfected price manipulation regardless of circumstances, I am certain a new technology, even after its introduction, will not dent oil prices further than what they were...say... in 2003. This should still be more than enough for you to keep making trillions of dollars. And this technology will still be marketed and sold. It will not be a gift and most of the world will still run on oil for many decades to come. Your great-grandchildren will still all be richer than Midas from oil revenues."

I laugh to take the tension out of the room. Materialists here are all overshadowed to a greater degree and I have the advantage of seeing these spectres as they try to manipulate their hosts. Achieving a favorable outcome for the United States is of paramount importance. Trumps oft-quoted line about the US becoming a 3rd world country is not a joke. From population composition, to education, to infrastructure expenditures the US has been flushed down the toilet over the past twenty-five years. QOL has been going down in the US since 1989-90, not ironically, at the same time the Berlin Wall fell and corporate interests started bailing out on the US for other fortunes to be made around the world, particularly with the fall of communism.

"What's the downside?"

"If this were even 6 years ago, I would tell you about potential instability, global unrest and such - but the truth is, right now, there is no downside. We are already experiencing it. It's the fourth quarter and the ball is at our 10 yard line. We have to make a Hail Mary pass, because in 15 years - or less - the game's over. Not just for the USA either - for USA, Mexico, all of North & South America actually, most of Europe and, believe it or not Asia and China will be struggling too. The data points to a total collapse of industry, development and the outbreak of a small world war three by 2020, primarily financed by resource seeking nations and A-bomb wielding theocracies, if the US, Europe and western interests keep on their downward paths. We will no longer be able to protect our allies as we have done for over half a century."

I let that line sink in, because the bottom line is we are protecting the Saudi royal family, Europe and more. Once the US pulls out - as evidenced by the Libyan fiasco, the world just twiddles it's thumbs and those with the largest arms will rule.

The meeting adjourns after some other unimportant discussions. Most of the various individuals are escorted back to their jets, leaving me alone with Thor, Tech2 and a few others. Thor turns to me.

"What the hell do you REALLY think?"

"You don't want to know what I really think."

"Have you even met Trump?"


"We're screwed aren't we?"

"It was irreversible after that bastard Paulson from Goldman Sachs bent Bush's ear, and before that when they decided to manipulate real estate prices to make up for China making all our goods. We should have let the banks fail."

"But China would've swept in."

"That would be fine. This just crippled the economy further. China still holds the debt, but the people are poorer and the banks - they're still liquid on the taxpayers dime and they're now investing those same dollars overseas! It was total BS. Bush's worst decision was listening to Paulson and not consulting us."

"The banks wouldn't let him not do it. They painted the horror story of total collapse."

"Yes, but it would have been THEIR total it's America's"

"I know...goddamn it. Jesus, I hope Trump can perform miracles."

"Me too."