Sunday, December 28, 2008

Project Earth

The cold winds whip through the skies, hurrying clouds to no destination in particular, howling through the night. They dip the desert temperatures to the freezing point. But what's colder than these frigid winds - is my outlook. I see desperate people doing stupid things in greater quantity than ever before. I see the wasteland of today's youth and their dismal future in a world where technology perverts and jades them long before their time. Before mental competence, a sense of self worth and broad perspectives are at their disposal.

I see darkness winning on Earth and I find it all too easy too let the darkness influence my own perspectives and pull me down thought by thought. I do not like it and refortify my consciousness, realigning my mind to receive the infinite life giving positive energies. Like a tug of war between worlds of light and worlds of dark, Earth is between these two forces constantly and the world is filled with agents of both sides. The wars, murders, horror novels, fixation on sex and the hard materialism of a society which never encountered a moral they liked enough to sustain or embrace makes my job a lot harder.

As one steps up the ladder a bit one attends classes between lives on nameless worlds which serve varying levels of mental prospectus. After that one starts to put what one has learned into practice. Life must always be a give and take. If you receive you must also give, or you will no longer be able to receive. After enough classes and after attending the equivalent of roughly 1000 years of advanced schooling, you slowly work your way to an administrative capacity. You may oversee the positive growth on a small elemental world, a large system of worlds or eventually after tens of thousands of years administering worlds - a whole galaxy may be under your direct jurisdiction.

You will see the battle around you everywhere you look. You will see whole races of beings subverted by darkness and you will see others advance rapidly and you will meet and get to know millions of souls personally. As your consciousness expands eventually you will know and work with billions or trillions of souls. There is no limit to how expanded or intelligent a consciousness can become. I know beings that are now a force for good that is all pervasive and all encompassing - and those souls who have lost their way and are now their counterparts in the lower spectra - forces for darkness that ensnare billions within their reach.

Sometimes one has to return to these troublespot worlds in the flesh - incarnate as a being in a body and work within the culture itself because there are no minds sufficiently readied to convey certain information or act as a catalyst - an agent of change. People like Leonardo da Vinci or Nikola Tesla, whose personal lives were nothing to speak of because they were not truly of this world, have spent time here and helped push forward a stagnant culture. It is a lonely existence in many ways - but only if you lose touch with those on the other side of the material curtain. All who work in such capacity have soul mates and usually a whole family of polarities that they have known and grown close to for eons. They know how to project life giving mental energies into the minds of those who put on the monkey suit and climb into the cage. They never let their loved ones forget who they are or why they are there. They work together hand in glove to keep the positive energy flowing and assisting all they can.

With this expansive consciousness one realizes each soul is worth trying to assist, each soul has a *unique* potential infinite quality of merit and this is well worth trying to nurture into realization. Eventually each soul on this world will either be godlike in their expansive consciousness and interacting with countless souls constructively - or they will become a parasitic entity losing intelligence, feeding on others and slowly heading towards that point of absorption, where not enough remaining intelligence is coherent enough to remain as part of a single being. At this point, what they were is gone and their energy is recycled into the universe in other forms.

One can choose to incarnate *blindly* into this world without the big picture, and function intuitively, or one can come in with this knowledge and re-polarize it within your consciousness. The latter is both easier in some ways and tougher in others. Easier because it permits everything to make perfect sense, tougher in that it tends to make day to day living and embracing the environment around one much more difficult.

Tonight, some of these beings on these higher worlds of light are going to send a special projection of light, love and wisdom to this particular world. A rather large projection ceremony occurs wherein the collected minds of those who administer these worlds help to inspire the residents of Earth, in trillions of small and large ways. They do this to counter negative inspiration projected by the lower worlds - energies which manifest here as wars, murders and even Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series. Yes, darkness is stronger here on Earth because Earth is closer to these lower spectra. Negative inspiration is the *default* response here on Earth. Positive inspiration generally requires much more effort to receive and act upon. Each soul will have their own battles to overcome with darkness. Each soul has to expunge the darkness from themselves and commit themselves to the conscious decision to act of light, with light and to pursue wisdom with a ferocity that is quite uncommon and unflinching in its dedication.

So be aware. When you read this blog entry, the power of the positive projection will be just as current and happen for you whether you read this on the day it was written or hundreds of years from now. The projection occurs in a timeless and spaceless place where it remains accessible to folks here literally anytime. Yes, elements of this projection will be keyed to current events and beings now alive, but other components foresee and are designed for folks who are not yet even born and events that have yet to occur.

My role is both a very small one and large one in the infinite scheme of things. Many have set up to read these words - here on this blog - and to take from them the necessary knowledge to go on into their own introspection and further their own development. Many of you who read this asked to be reminded in some small way as you would live out your material lives - a contextual reminder of sorts, so that you would have the necessary positive fortification to work out drastic pasts and free oneself of the materialistic fears and insecurities that dominate life for most here.

I will close this entry now, for the projection is about to begin!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The world is your playground!

I don't intentionally teach people how to be peeping Toms, but when one can adjust fundamental frequencies, the entire universe is an open book. Secrets of the universe? Reading minds? Knowing the future? Walking through walls to see the cute girl in B5 taking a shower? All these and MUCH more are possible when you become a regular reader of SDAI-Tech1.

SDAI-Tech1 is a fully owned subsidiary of ELECTROGIRL International. SDAI-Tech1, SDAITASTIC and the SDAI-Tech1 logo are all Trademarks and the property of ELECTROGIRL International.

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Worst Christmas Ever (? or !)

This year it appears as though millions will have the worst Christmas ever. Millions will lose their homes over the next three weeks, millions more will lose their jobs and their life savings.

In 2008, the material dream is shattered. The rules are broken. Society says that if you go to school, go to college, get a degree and get a job and work from 9-5 for five days a week you will be prosperous, secure and be able to retire with a nice nest egg.


The rules have changed. There are no rules. Now the person who has played by "the rules" all their life, after forty years in the workforce can find themselves just as "penniless" as the kid who dropped out of high school last year and now works at the local fast food joint - and that kid may now have a better credit rating!

Is this fair? How can life be so apparently unfair? Where is the justice? And all this before Christmas? Is this some sort of global punishment dished out by a ticked off deity?

Well, I'm here to tell you that life is fair. Most folks know that all those that refinanced their houses were often irresponsible and greedy - they hungrily wanted that cash equity. And many of them burned through fifty or more thousand dollars like it was Monopoly money.

So the foreclosures are often (but not always) happening to the greediest. There is fairness in that - since greed attracts loss like poop attracts flies. That these greedy folks often now have sacrificed their families' well being and future through this greed is just one of life's very harsh lessons.

Then there are the job losses. How on earth can this be fair? That is a tougher one to reconcile. Are only the greedy people losing their jobs? Hardly - well, excepting the UAW and those same folks that burned through their home equity.

But now we need to look at a larger scale. Losses now may be offset by gains later. The non-greedy guy who loses his home and job now may find a much better home at a cheaper price and a better job just around the corner.

So one has to see currnet events in both past/future contexts and then one realizes that balance is always achieved. Everything is energy and it is constantly seeking balance. All the material events around you are just energy. All the news - energy. You, your family and neighbors - energy.

In such a context one realizes life is not unfair and this Christmas is just like any other and can't be labeled as the worst. It's just part of a larger equation of ceaseless balancing.

Try to stay on equilibrium as the waves of despair crash against you. I know it's tough. All too often I succumb to a choice bit of vitriol and vituperation for the verily vexing, vast, vapid environment known as Earth.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Judas By Any Other Name

Betrayals often seem like cool things. In movies and on television they are often dramatic and fascinating. Real life betrayals are often less so.

There are many kinds of betrayals. Big betrayals. Small betrayals. Breach of faith betrayals. Cheating, lying & stealing. All these are forms of betrayal. There are corporate betrayals, private betrayals and family betrayals.

All betrayals have at least two parties - the betrayer and the betrayed. There may be more parties involved - i.e. victims of the betrayal, accomplices and witnesses of the betrayal.

All betrayals involve issues of trust. Dishonesty, concealment and breaking ones word are clear examples of breaches of trust.

In this world, some folks betray others constantly. They lie, sometimes pathologically, cheat them and betray them. What's worse is that often they feel no remorse for their betrayal. They justify their betrayal and sometimes over time they even hypnotize themselves into fully believing their concocted justifications. This often leads to repeat offenses and sometimes the betrayer no longer is even aware of their actions.

Some betrayals are obvious and some are submerged so deeply as to reside next to the Mole Man in his subterranean lair. And like that pole wielding Mole Man they are averse to any light that is shined upon them.

Betrayal is often a sign of contempt or disrespect. If one does not like or respect someone it is so much easier to betray them.

Betrayals seldom have a happy ending. This is true in real life as well as on film. The betrayer is usually themselves betrayed, or their actions cost them something they valued dearly.

The most famous betrayal is that of Jesus by his disciple Judas for thirty pieces of silver. In some ways this betrayal is the classic betrayal. The betrayer knew Jesus and had been treated only kindly by him. Jesus did not hold this man in contempt, but instead only wished him to be aware of his predicament, actions and consequences. As classic and infamous as the Jesus portrayal is, it pales next to the worst betrayal of all - the betrayal of oneself by oneself.

How is it possible to betray oneself you ask? Self-betrayal is common. We all betray ourselves when we fail to use our own wisdom and intelligence. We betray ourselves when we ignore the still small voice within that knows right from wrong. Soon,we can become habitual self-betrayers if we do not look closely at every action in our lives. Yes, self-betrayal is the most important betrayal and the one which often goes unnoticed until its produced significant damage.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Great Decline / Happy Holidays

Watching the world crumble into a sea of profanity, violence and suffering is horrifying from one perspective. When one knows such conditions are brought about by ignorance of certain fundamental energy laws, it shifts from horrifying to a pathos of immense proportion.

The internet has markedly brought the common denominator down. Profanity is now normal in the workplace. The amazing inability to express oneself without using the f word or one if its brethren is epidemic. Civility, the last bastion of a civilized society is breaking down. The constant evidence of crippled vocabulary skills now surrounds one everywhere. The schools are cesspools of filth, the students are corrupted before they are 10 years old and exposed to the worst filthy words and with the internets assistance have already been exposed to copious amounts of pornography, violence and mentally disturbed imagery that used to only circulate among the lowest dregs of society.

I try not to bias all that I witness negatively, even when I see those around me succumb in the battle of mind over environment. It is tough. Very tough. One can't put the genie back in the bottle when one finds out it is an evil jinn. The youth don't get a "do over" on their childhood - and they must take all this baggage with them into adulthood.

The great driving force of man is insecurity. It is the driver for conformity, materialism and escape mechanisms of all varieties. It is the force that drives the media, the news, the corporate sector, politics and even the world's educational systems.

Insecurity is the byproduct of ignorance. It can only exist in an environment with imbalanced thoughts and expressions. Fear, jealousy, hatred, resentment, greed, envy, sadness and all the rest of the lower emotional spectra all emerge from the roots of insecurity.

So as ignorance increases a culture goes into decline. The masses and their very communication is degraded. In this case it first seems quite ironic that the vocabulary diminishes at the same time technology enables mass communication in almost every spot of the world. However this merely indicates how much ignorance the world possesses and how dilution occurs when the ignorant mix with the closeted bastions of wisdom. The west is now mostly overrun by the barbarians. The violent and the profane FAR outnumber the peaceful and well spoken.

Society is the byproduct of MINDS. One brilliant mind is like a hot faucet heating up those around it and elevating their temperature. One retrogressive mind is like a cold faucet that cools down all those around it.

So the internet is like a deep freezer. Youtube, chat rooms and all the rest degrade society in short order. These mediums have not yet been embraced by the thinkers and even those who do embrace it now must compete with content that will be much more readily accessible. The intelligent stuff on the web needs to be hunted down and sought out by a mind already desirous of doing so, while the unintelligent stuff brims over the rims of billions of monitors around the world by default.

The decline will continue until the brilliant minds regroup and design a new way of heating up society. It must be done gradually. It must take into account the laws of frequency relationship. One cannot force feed sirloin steak on a newborn and one can't expect an athlete to thrive on broth. Each has their own level and their own needs. Each will have only a narrow window of reciprocity and receptivity to various forms of wisdom.

History illustrates effectively that each corrupted generation spawns an even more corrupt one. From the crooked tree a crooked branch grows. There has always been profanity and perversion. This is nothing new. The only change has been the availability of the lowest of the low content to the best hope for the future - the youngest generations of the west.

When the web first appeared in the early 80s to computer owners as proffered up by, the largest provider, COMPUSERVE, it was advertised as a medium for news, weather, stock prices and for conducting travel arrangements. The reality of the web is that it the largest pornographer in the world and that usage of it outweighs all other usage by a figure of 100,000:1. Such a statistic is frightening and validated by search engines all over the world. After that entertainment and gratuitous violence are the top usages, allowing users to insult others behind the safety of a screen and create an elaborate persona, completely detached from reality. Again, human insecurity is the driving force of all this web interaction.

Do I have a solution? No. Because for me there is no problem. I view all these events impersonally. I take no personal stake in the current levels of the masses at any given time. If I were to give the masses such power over me, I would be unhappy and frustrated without end. Such is not an intelligent approach. We must create a clear distinction between our own mind and its activities and what is occurring around us which we cannot ever control.

You too cannot be depressed or dismayed at the changes technocracy has brought about unintentionally. You must merely strive within your own sphere of influence to insure that you, and your family and friends, are aware of your own standards of conduct, language and discourse. You can act as a hot water faucet within your own sphere of influence. If many of the "warm" and "hot" minds did this, the entire world would benefit. Even if you just do it - you benefit yourself and the rest of the world as well.

There are no efforts that are not infinitely interlinked.

Do not expect a word of thanks. More likely than not all you will get is disrespect in return. Even those you love the most will not necessarily appreciate all you do for them. Such is life on this level - applause is almost exclusively reserved for things and people which weaken their minds and not those people and things that strengthen them

Happy Holidays to all my readers. I hope this holiday season finds you a bit wiser which indeed always makes a man prosperous, even if his wallet is empty. Take care of your children - look out for them. Be aware of what the world is trying to shape them into - profane materialists hellbent on escape mechanisms. Spend time with them. TALK to them. Find out what's going on in their life. READ to them or with them. Play games together and make them games that trigger and use their minds. This holiday season will find circumstances quite dismal materially for most. Millions are losing their homes. Millions more are out of work or will be laid off shortly. I know scores who have been fired now, just days before Christmas. So use this opportunity to embrace the most important thing - your family. Lose the materialism and realize the greatest gift you can give anyone is to nurture their mind.

May each of you find some of this warmth this year and never again lose it,


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Transformation

It is a dark and cold night. It seems as if one is all alone and ones fears come crashing down around one with an intensity that is only possible late into the night.

Somehow it all seems hopeless. One wants to give up. The struggle to remain positive in the face of all the darkness seems futile. The darkness is accompanied by a stillness. The stillness is accompanied by a loneliness. The fears now whirl around the periphery of consciousness like a tornado and threaten to tear down ones consciousness.

But then something happens. In the very darkest moment, as one relinquishes ones mind to the fears that surround one, swarming one and enveloping one, one hears a small voice in the distance. It is very faint and is drowned out almost entirely by this raging sea of fears. But it is there. And one listens.

It is a completely calm voice. It is very quiet, but something about it makes it able to be heard above the chaotic moaning of the fears. It is a clear and pure. The voice transcends all.

But the fears suddenly howl louder. Suddenly one realizes they seem to have a mind of their own. Yes. That's exactly what one realizes. The whirling dervish of fears now demand to be heard. They scream louder and louder. There is a desperation in their howls. The fears have fears.

All at once one realizes the fears are not of one. The fears are intruders, with minds of their own that wish to control ones own mind. Suddenly the calm voice speaks.

"Yes. I realize the truth now. Those fears are not me. I am understanding and I fear nothing. I will not be beaten down. I am not alone. Darkness can not harm me.

I am the one.
I am eternal.
I am light."

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Addressing False Assumptions

Mark Steyn has a piece up, The Death of the American Idea, on National Review Online.

It's fine as far as it goes, but there are some false assumptions that need to be addressed.

First there is his horrible maligning of Scrooge McDuck. Scrooge McDuck may have all sorts of wealth stored in his money bin, but he is spreading the wealth at unprecedented levels. Last I heard, he had his money invested in every single major industry - from diamond mines, rubber factories, automotive factories, the hotel industry, farms & ranching, the service industry, from top to bottom, down to and including popcorn street vending. Scrooge would not be on the board of Halliburton - Halliburton would be just a tiny subsidiary of McDuck Enterprises.

There. That major fauxpas addressed we can now address some of the minor ones.

Steyn writes about the death of the American Idea. His assumption is that America was born around the rallying cry: "No taxation without representation" and this is another false assumption. America was born of dissatisfaction with a government that intruded unnecessarily heavily upon the lives of its citizens. The people living in the American colonies were uniformly fed up with their homelands, with England, the decadent French republic and the rest. It was this dissatisfaction and general sense of persecution that spurred them to leave. Today, such dissatisfaction, finds its contemporary counterpart in the masses leaving California and its oppressive, anti-business, collectivist mentality. Now, states like Arizona are the champions in growth while California, overrun by free-ride illegals and their spawn and mismanaged by collectivists, destroys its legendary wealth generation capability.

No, sadly, America has never been as sharp as Steyn paints it. Selfishness and greed have always been present in large quantities in the masses living here. What it did have was exceptionally smart individuals who could lead these masses intelligently - that is what America needs now. The founding fathers were not politicians. They were entrepreneurs and businessmen and had little desire to spend their lives in politics. Politics was descended into by these men out of necessity. Today, our politicians are nearly worthless. Steyn accurately points out McCain's leftist policies and the current bumper crop of GOP politicians who clearly have no real understanding of wealth generation or conservative administration of government.

Hoping for the greedy American masses to come to their senses and not live "on the dole" is not going to happen. The left in America is made up primarily of poor minorities, illegal aliens and their descendants and public school educated, city-dwelling women who never refused any liberal concocted gift horse or pandered government handout. Only the white male demographic voted for the "conservative" this year. All the rest voted handout. An IQ breakdown of those booming Obama demographics does not look very pretty - or promising for America. The change for 2008 is that America is now dumb and becoming dumber. Our public schools, saddled with the new burden of teaching English as a second language in the formerly cutting edge western states, is now failing it's students on a scale that can only be called gargantuan. Math, reading and history are at all time lows. The qualifications of teachers are abysmal. The political undercurrents and indoctrination in the classroom perpetrated by these low quality teachers on their young charges is off the charts. By undermining the potential of each next generation, our schools do far more damage to our national fabric than any terrorist attack ever could.

Steyn points out the future does not look bright for America. That assumption is right on the mark. Politicians will continue to fail us. Now, we must look outside of an already contaminated government for leadership. The bloggers of today are now put in the position of the founding fathers of 200 years ago. They are the ones with a bit more intelligence, a rallying cry and the energy to educate and assist their neighbors and fellow citizens in embracing a more intelligent course. They are the ones who are forming organizations to better this nation's mental prospectus and keep this nation moving forward constructively. They are the only ones left who can wage the revolution against the "nanny-state sirens."

Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Great Awakening Begins


Carol Marin of the Chicago-Sun Times appears to have at least somewhat of an epiphany about Obama's character:

If you hire a shark, does that make you a shark? If you send in an enforcer, are you, de facto, an enforcer, too? ...

...If you hire an enforcer, are you, de facto, an enforcer, too? Yes.

Take that a bit further. If Emanuel is slightly unhinged and the very first thing Obama does is hire him, does that make Obama slightly unhinged? Yes.

The pied piper has stopped playing and the gullible children, ever so hungry for "change" follow the skinny piper with the smoke-toned vocal chords to the cliff. Safely out of reach of the adults, the piper stops playing. This is the moment of truth. The choice of Emanuel has shocked the "warm fuzzies" right out of the electorate that followed him, adored him and even anointed him a higher being - a new type of politician. They now stand in a stupor. Where's the song? Where's the sweet grown up Gary Coleman we elected President? Why's he sound so different? Why did he pick a dead fish mailing psychopath who is perpetually compensating for his denigrated manhood to be the Chief of Staff of his White House? How is this humanly possible?

The smart children, or even those with simple street savvy, sense the imminent danger and turn 180 degrees and run as fast as they possibly can. The others, too gullible to know better, or too greedy for the free candy the piper promised, remain.

They remain and a few argue amongst themselves why the piper is acting so strange. Some children are defending the piper and claim he must have a reason for the sudden strange darkness that beams from his eyes as he grins with his new partner. The others are oblivious and simply wait the free candy to rain down from the skies and spring up all around them.

Good for Ms Marin. She is at least partially aware of the real nature of Barack Obama. The media, like children, are just awakening to the horrible reality the adults tried to warn them about - there is no free candy.

This electorate is not the first masses to feel that chill in the spot where their spines were, others before them have felt it as well. The masses who supported Lenin & his Bolsheviks, replaced Nicholas II (a hated, family man, & his family to Ekaterinburg and a firing squad) felt the same chill. Their "new" prosperity never appeared and, in fact, their poverty only increased while their freedoms completely vanished. Russia still has not recovered from that mistake made by an angry and greedy populace who listened to people making grand promises.

The people better now be on their guard. They better look closer at this new piper who has made the promises. They must dig up all the stories buried by a media filled with gullible & greedy children and prepare the masses for the slightly unhinged creature, created wholecloth by murky, Chicago gangster politics, that is Barack Obama...

...the next President of the United States.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Change - Already Redefined - AKA "Suckers!"

Sorry Suckers!

Not even an hour into his victory!

Obama ran on a pledge to give Americans who make less than $200,000 a year a tax cut, thus reaching 95 percent of taxpayers, and raise taxes on those making above $250,000 a year. With him and Democratic congressional leaders in charge, this pledge may be scaled back to give fewer people a tax cut and to include more people among those who would face higher taxes.

Obama has promised an orderly withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and a greater focus on the war in Afghanistan. Democrats will call on him to carry out his pledge, but the gains that have been made in Iraq in recent months may make it tempting for Obama to stop short of his pledge to pull out one combat brigade per month until they are all withdrawn.

Obama has said he would be willing to meet, without preconditions. with leaders of countries hostile to the United States, such as Iran, Cuba and Venezuela. Look for increased U.S. diplomatic activity with those countries with the aim of determining whether an Obama meeting with the leaders would be worthwhile.

Street translation for the middle class suckers who voted for him:

All the promises were BS. Get used to it.


Monday, November 03, 2008

The Dark Night Ahead

The thick fog of socialism is rolling in on this dark night. So many folks are confused, lost and yes, scared. The fog parts for a moment, broken up by the bright light...the signpost up ahead reads SDAI and you pull in, having found a sanctuary from the darkness and confusion now causing the masses to lose their way.

"Do you know the safest path to the future?"

"Sure. Here, let me show you the path on your map."

Yes, the world is in for a very dark night and only those who stop to insure they have clarity of mind and a powerful intellect will be able to go forth into the night unafraid and unhindered. For all things are relative and the darkness of ignorance is merely the flip side of the same coin which bears light and wisdom.

When you hold your consciousness far above the dross and dark political pathos and masses seeking salvation in socialist leaders who promise and pander to the frightened and self-focused masses, then you will find your path to the future as smooth riding and enjoyable as can be.

You will be able to share your insight and wisdom with your driving partner on the long, dark nights ahead and drive unhampered, your own headlights of wisdom cutting swathes of light in the miasma of darkness.

I'll be here when you need me. A place to stop, refresh and refuel your mind.

Oh, and if your girl breaks up with you after I make a pass at her while you use the facilities...that's your problem, not mine.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It is their moral code that is now being tested.

It is late in the day, the sun is setting through the cleft in the cliff and Dagny stands on the foyer as I sit and watch the latest riot footage from New York and California.

"Will you turn that thing off and come out here? The sunset is spectacular."

I click off the LCD flat screen and it retracts into the wall and turns into a digital picture frame. I turn and look at Dagny as she faces the sunset in a white sundress, cut low in the back, revealing her well toned shoulders and inviting neck. The sunlight caresses her like a lover. It frames her face with shafts of light from the fast setting sun.

"Why watch that stuff. I can't bear to see what's happening out there since the Equalization of Opportunity bill passed."

"I know. However centuries of plagues and disasters have been brought about by their moral code, and this one is no different in any sizable manner except for the fact that we have a ringside seat. It is their moral code that is now being put to the test. It is their belief that man must live to serve another man and that this code is just, is fair and is practical."

"How long will it take them to realize it possesses none of these traits? How long will the looters keep looting and how long will the riots continue?"

"As long as it takes I guess. There are already signs that some of the masses are turning their backs on the socialism that has impoverished them. Already some businesses and gangs are using free market principles in neighborhoods destroyed by socialism and where the government forces fear to enter."

Dagny turned to me and the purple hued skies descended over the receding golden aura. Soon the stars would be visible in force, each one sending some of its light to caress her.

"But all the state farms have been subsidized and the farms put out less food than ever. Some folks haven't had meat in a year since the Obama Equal Meat Directive bill was passed by Pelosi & Reid back in April 2009. And I don't even know where to begin with the Electricity Quorum Mandate passed in July when electric plants were Federalized. Did you know they run the power plants only a few hours a day now?"

"I know. It's become a 3rd world. I thank goodness we had the foresight to set up the new solar cell grid. In the future, after the socialist nightmare is over, a plant of a few square miles will put almost as much power as a coal burning plant. It will be almost pollution free in operation."

"Do you remember when you tried to warn them? Do you remember when you still went by the nom de plume SDAI-Tech1? I wonder where they are now, perhaps starving, without electricity, or perhaps rotting in one of Obama's Social Disobedience Detention facilities."

"I tried to warn them. Others did too, remember? They all scoffed and refused to listen. My god, do you remember how they laughed at the spectre of socialism - as if it were candy they couldn't wait to stuff into their mouths?"

"Yes, I remember it well. It was only a few short years ago. I remember how eager they were to tax the rich and socialize medicine. Now the sick are dying in the streets. There aren't even a 1/3 of the hospitals in operation that were in use in 2008. The military now has to force doctors and nurses to keep them from walking away from their posts, once they stopped receiving payment late last August. And the quality? My god, I saw better care in some Baja California hospitals back in the 1980's!"

A distinguished looking young man enters. He wears a white smock and a big grin.

"We got the first prototype electronic viral inhibitor finished. I thought you two might like to see it in action as it treats a case of the common cold. D'Anconia's daughter will be the first official patient."

I smile broadly. This will be the realization of a lifelong dream - specific viral cancellation in living tissue. That this electronic medical miracle happens while hundreds of millions suffer without even access to the drugs they took for granted under the free market of the Bush years. Now the sick beg in the streets and in front of the White House for the pharmaceutical companies to reopen, but most factory facilities were closed and shipped overseas to China. I think the one federalized factory is all that's left, asides from a few black market drugs from garage laboratories and Europpe, and that one factory is back ordered for years. Only the government employees, military and great society stormtroopers get the medicines these days.

"We'll be right there. Thanks."

Yes, we have the most modern hospital, the latest medicines, the brightest researchers and scientists from around the world. Our farms are ultra-productive and the solar plant is now producing enough electricity to power a town twenty times our size. When the world has learned its lesson - when the ignorance has been replaced by wisdom - we will be ready to sell them the miracles and salvation they sought to acquire by looting others back in the beginning of the dark ages - the Presidential election of 2008.

"A quarter for your thoughts?"

"Not just a penny?"

"No, I know what they are worth and I'm still getting a bargain."

"Oh, I was just thinking about the future. Someday, all those desperate, gullible masses now suffering because of their own ignorance will live again in a world of plenty. A world where the irrational is no longer paraded as noble. Where true morality returns and the sanctity of the individual over the collective is re-established. When the masses do not have the right to rob another man with more just because they are a collective mob. When such a farce is not paraded as noble or just but is realized as exactly what it is - plain robbery. When that lesson has been learned, they will have earned the technological wonders we enjoy here - they will understand that they must offer something in return. They will abandon the entitlement mentality that they embraced so completely and realize that no man owes another man anything or is compelled to serve that other man because some small minds say that is just.

Dagny looks at me and smiles.

"C'mon let's go. We are about to witness a miracle as great as the Wright brothers first flight at Kitty Hawk."

I hold the door open for Dagny and I look at the clouds in the majestic desert sky. I can't help but notice one is shaped as a smiling winky face - a clear portent that things really will get better for everyone.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Before you Vote...

...ask yourself just what sort of world you want to live in. You have two choices:

Poverty with big brother policing you
Poverty all by itself.

That's right. Voting for either party will not return prosperity. This election is all about handing over more power to the government. The government earns no money. It generates no wealth. Each time it expands it must consume some of the wealth of the private sector to do so. Each time it expands it impoverishes the people just a little bit more.

Sure - you're angry, frightened - desperate. The money is gone. The jobs are gone and you want someone to make it better - or just someone to blame. The world economy is tanking and some politicians must make it all better or must be to blame.

Sadly, it's just not true. Obama will be as impotent as President Bush to fix the economy. Obama, like McCain, haven't a clue as to what really has happened in the US to cause the decline, and even if they were to have an epiphany of intellectual genius they would realize, without a doubt, that the government is not best suited to save the masses. The masses must save themselves, foster education about capitalism and economics, teach the difference between accumulating cash and generating wealth.

I don't envy Obama or McCain. Either of them elected President will be the worst curse they ever brought upon themselves. Either will be hated from the get-go and the hate will only increase to astronomical levels as the economy unravels and the nation begins its rapid descent into a classic "Americas" socialist, poverty-stricken nation.

So if you hate either Obama or McCain and want to see them suffer and become the target of inestimable hate and loathing - vote for them.

If you want to change things in America and I mean REALLY change things around for the better, now is the emerging time for FOFOFU.

FOrm FOllows FUnction.

A little over two years ago I first introduced the concept. Dozens of readers have written to thank me or inform me it has change their lives since it was published. I'd like to think hundreds more are also benefiting from FOFOFU lifestyle.

Remake your life - and live as an example for all those around you. Free yourself from the robotized and lemming like existence of the masses. Once you pare down the extraneous stuff - life becomes much more fun, productive and honest. The days of stereotypes are over. How you want to live should follow your lifestyle and what you do. If you don't need a 4 bedroom house and are just as comfortable in a 2 bedroom or an apartment - why waste your time in upkeep, money and effort? If you need only 2 cars, instead of 3 - why not sell the 3rd and put that money towards things you really need or enjoy. Yes, ENJOY life more. FOFOFU is not about asceticism or living without - it is about intelligent living, spending money for things you really enjoy and need. Shifting your resources towards the life YOU live.

Spend more time with your kids, your friends and your loved ones. Spend time with the folks you really care about and drop the faux socializing for position or to conform. It is not intelligent to spend time with people who, just like you, would rather be elsewhere but are going through elaborately programmed rituals.

Freedom from waste is a huge freedom. Before long your life will be completely different. You will start to live more intelligently. You will cease to expect others to improve your life or the lives of others and will realize that anything else is death. Yes, death. Each time you pass the buck and blame others or wait for others to make your life better - you become one step more inert. We are seeing the result of global inertia in the masses. A sense of utter hopelessness with each person looking around them for salvation and assistance. With each such passive plea for "change" or "wealth redistribution" the masses become that much more inert and that much more incapable of saving themselves. And yet no one else can save others. I can't. You can't. Obama and McCain can't. Each person must save themselves or they will slowly devolve and become inhuman. They become like an inanimate object that must be moved from place to place by others, carried by others effort and will since their own is long gone.

And from my perspective, I see the cumulative results of such regenerating inertia. It's not pretty. Like a wasted body with withering muscles barely able to stand or move themselves - a wasted spirit is that much more horrifying.

Save yourself. When you vote, don't expect anything. Don't fall into the line of lemmings all with angry or fearful minds full of demands, desires or disasters you hope your vote will bring about or avert.

Yes. The founding fathers of the United States were self-sufficient men. They lived FOFOFU long before it became a clarified concept. They shrugged off one imposing government and tried their best to insure that government would never again control men's lives - or make men dependant upon the mercy of the government. Presidents were not messiahs, just men. No one expected a President to put food on their table or a roof over their heads. No one wanted to have to rely on the whims of politicians or others.

If you do this, if you expect NOTHING in return for your vote. You will be content. You will not be disappointed. You will have untied yourself from the ropes politicians drag unsuspecting men & women behind them as they subvert their own will and self-sufficient natures.

The future belongs to you. To the minds bright enough to escape the inertia of a declining culture, shaped by entertainment and mass media into billions of minds living amazingly robot-like lives. Most of them - filled with unnecessary unhappiness, self induced by selling their minds and thoughts to others. By placing conditions and goals on their happiness, each measuring their lives by comparing them to those of others around them.

My happiness is immeasurable. Contentedness is a constant unseen companion, though her grace and soft touch can't be ignored.

I will not weep bitter tears or shriek with joy because some politician or party secures or retains power. I hope for the rest of the world that they too will someday share my happiness and contentedness. I hope the yokes will be thrown of and men and women will become men and women again.

Monday, October 20, 2008

It was Late in the Day...

...and the sunshine poured in through the glass windshield of my new 600hp Bentley, prompting me to pull down a visor. Driving a Continental GT Speed as part of the proceeds of a fear driven "market adjustment" seems almost sinful, in fact the whole purchase process suffers when the money isn't so obviously earned by active effort of body and mind. Those who inherit wealth must feel like this all the time - guilty. No...not guilty, simply unsatisfied. Is one not entitled to earn money just by being faster and knowledgeable with one's earned resources? Of course. What would Dagny say?

I reach down and adjust the polished steel gear shifter. Suddenly, I see her beside me, her pale, slender but wonderfully curved legs glistening in the sunlight and sweating ever so daintily on the carefully cut and stretched cowhides. She wears a red silk dress with a white gardenia pinned to a trim white hat. Her auburn tinted blond rivulets of hair peeking out from underneath.

"If you hadn't profited on the rebound, someone else, someone bankrolling socialism would have."

Dagny looks at me and smiles.

"D'Anconia was right. The world deserves what it gets. You can fight the tide of decline only so long. I went through all sorts of agony trying to keep the Taggart line running. Good men were disappearing every day, men of mind. The government was working hand in glove with the looters and the moochers and the economy was socializing more with each passing day, further crippling the nation and setting the stage for a deep depression."

"And it's happening again Dagny. Both parties are now parasitic to the health of the nation. I can't explain it, but folks I thought I knew have turned and behaved like strangers. Their actions leave me completely nonplussed. They know better - but they do them anyway."

"Yes. Do you remember when you were little? Do you remember how it felt to wake up each day eager at what wonder it would bring? Do you remember the thrill of adventure that accompanied interfacing with nature?"

"Yes, I do."

"Well what happened? As the years past the eagerness left and the adventure passed. Replaced by the knowledge of man's ignorance and having to live in the shadow of this ignorance all over the world has robbed you of much of the joy of living, as it had myself. You awaken to see irrationality elevated to the highest form. Where vices are lauded, cherished and defended by the weak minds whose only steady character trait is to scream in defense of their failings. They seek to create a world in which stands on its head - a world of the irrational. Where spreading the wealth and taking it from those who earn to those who don't is considered the highest form of morality. A world where irrationality reigns supreme and the incompetent not merely ask, but demand to be carried by the labor and work of the competent."


"No! Charity is voluntary. This forced redistribution of wealth comes at the end of a gun. This has nothing to do with charity. This is about getting the guns of the government to rob the man of means and hand it out to the man of no means - and taking a cut for themselves at the same time. This is about subsidizing and entrenching irrationality and seeking to destroy those who are capable - and more importantly poison the system so that not only is capacity disdained, but eventually makes the self-sufficient man a freak of nature - an oddball in a world that scorns him and then robs him."

"But someone has to care for them, right?"

"Check your premises. No one has to do anything for another. Force poisons the whole concept of true charity. Each person is only responsible to and for themselves. Anything else is immorality posing as morality. Forced charity is simply robbery and nothing less. The robbers tell themselves they are moral and caring, when they are merely looters and moochers who enjoy telling themselves they are moral - when they are too weak minded to understand the obvious difference."

"But they will protest. A moral society..."

"What? Forces others to feed others? Forces the man with "too much" to give to the man with too little? Is that really what a moral society does? And who becomes the arbiter of what constitutes too much and too little? Who gets to force others to do their bidding? Force is the evil here. Anytime you force your will on another for their own good - you are robbing them and destroying yourself."

"Yes, isn't it ironic Dagny, those who say the US war is illegal and applying force on others unjustly, sees nothing wrong with force being used every hour, every day and every year on those that they feel should have force applied to their lives."

"Of course. They don't see it. They are most emotional about that which they live their lives by - seeking to force others to comply with their whims."

"So what should I do Dagny? This will be a dark depression under Obama. FDR started it, and it's plain either Obama or McCain will finish it."

"Do you remember my brother Jim? He married someone he thought was trashy, poor and cheap. He wanted her to worship him for his "charity" and his wealth. She all too soon realized he brought her to social functions to show off his "charity" and prove to others how enlightened he was. When his wife proved to have a brain and resent his actions, he turned on her and drove her to a nervous breakdown and suicide. He hates to compete in a world where virtues are rewarded as he has none. His love was supposed to be accepted as charity because she was unworthy and unable to earn it - and she was supposed to know this. As soon as she started working and learning, the less he loved her. Soon he hated her for her mind and her abilities. She was supposed to stay, dumb, poor, trashy and worthless - so that his "love" would be such a "noble sacrifice" for him. Well the way my brother looked at his wife, the sponsors of government charity look at the underclasses. They need them to stay poor and dumb. They need them to beg for handouts and solutions. If they had a group of self sufficient people - where would they be? They would be out of a job and actually have to earn a living. Men like Obama or McCain don't earn livings - they feed on the masses and play Robin Hood, while taking a big cut for themselves."

"Then this coming depression will be a paradise for them."

"Yes. They love it. They will want to sustain it. They now are "needed" and they carefully craft the preposterous notion that non-producers, the government, can somehow provide for the needs of all - when they know absolutely nothing about creating wealth! It's irrationality elevated to art. It's going to be a robber's paradise and immorality will be elevated to new highs."

"Is there still room in Galt's Gulch for men of mind?"

"Yes. You will be able to live according to your ability and skills. The community is now 100,000 strong and growing. Just drive and I will show you the way."

"Ok Dagny. Buckle up. Let's roll.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Everything is A-OK!

The bailout has crashed and burned. Good! Anyone remember Chrysler's bailout in 1979? Where is Chrysler today, almost 30 years later? That's right - they are still teetering on bankruptcy.

The lesson? Bailouts don't work. They set in amber the wrong people, wrong decisions and wrong business practices. They guarantee failure.

The stocks have dropped over 700 points on the news. We have become a society so entrenched in the safety net of socialism that we have let the disease corrupt the entire free market.

Merrill Lynch, Washington Mutual and all the rest weren't supposed to be run like the State Bank in Moscow circa 1975. Corruption, collusion, greed and incompetence is not rewarded in a free market.

And make no doubt about it banks morals are now the worst of all businesses. The endless parade of corruption reaches down to the small individual account holder who pays exorbitant overdraft fees and is made to feel unwelcome if they even walk in and use their bank instead of an automat.

If some banks fall and others rise - so be it. It couldn't have happened to a more corrupt industry - with the corruption stemming from the top down through the layers.

The best America is yet to come. Individualism will be back and the bad guys will be purged from the corruption plagued financial industry.

Stay calm and watch as the scale reaches equilibrium. This is only the end of the FDR era of socialistic interference in free markets.

It's the beginning of the TRUE free markets. Market values will be what they SHOULD be. House prices, car prices, gas prices, food prices all will come down to what their OBJECTIVE values are.

If a bailout IS passed - expect runaway inflation and the 7 dollar gallon of unleaded gas along with the 4 dollar cup of Diet soda at the local fast food place.

So celebrate - we dodged a bullet (and the decade long inflationary nightmare that would accompany it) thanks to the US House of Representatives.

Markets need balance. You can't prop a free market with socialism. That's the WAY corruption, laziness, incompetence can thrive in the first place!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Return of the INDIVIDUALIST!

It is a close shave. The beasts savage fangs almost make a meal of the raven haired beauty that accompanies me on my sojourn through the unforgiving jungle. I grab her with one arm and I feel my tendons strain as the beasts jaws lunge towards her. The vine in my hand is starting to give but it just has to hold out a little longer...


Okay folks, time to break the hypnotic spell of dependency the media has placed you in this election season. No, McCain will not save you nor will Obama save your best girl. You are on your own. And believe it or not that's a good thing. The media is raking in advertising dollars by the bushels as they have increased the size of the election season coverage. In the process, John & Jane Q. Public have been the victims. They have been presented with a classic false choice. Pick McCain or Obama to make everything better. Neither will do so. Neither CAN do so. The only one who can make your life and circumstances better is YOU.


Yes, YOU are the INDIVIDUALIST. You are the hero. You get to save yourself, your girl and have a happy ending so wonderful even the hardest heart will be tearing up. That's the reality the media and the politicians want you to forget. Like the con-man who asks you to play the shell game or pick a card, the media and the politicians are offering up a rigged deck that plays you as the sucker.

But now YOU are back!

Yes, now you have awakened to the truth. You are the one who makes things happen. You are the one who makes a better life for yourself and your family. You are the one who does not wait for some false saviour to solve your problems and make your life better.

In the first part of the last century men and women understood this. Their President was no more than a figure head. A leader of state in global affairs and a symbol of the nation in times of war. Then came the depression and folks wanted a saviour, a President who would fix everything. Franklin Delano Roosevelt came along and used the opportunity to strengthen the government. To socialize the economy and saddle it with a minimum wage and interfere in the Constitutionally protected right of setting your own wages. He imposed price fixes on goods and industry that lasted till after the war and stifled the economy till the dismantling of these laws was performed by Dwight Eisenhower. Then the economy took off like a rocket. Industry boomed as never in US history between 1952-1972. The US with the power of mass production and free industry built, expanded and created much of the modern world that is still in place today. The homes, cars, appliances, air conditioning & heating, television and much, much more all date to this time frame and still are in use in almost identical to the way they were then! Yes, this was the golden era for the American as an INDIVIDUALIST!

But Social Security, Wage controls and the rest of FDR's legacy is still with us and is now bankrupting the nation. Outsourcing and the hiring of illegals has only one cause - the minimum wage. The nation is now reeling from the time-delayed effect of FDR's blackmailing of the Supreme Court and trying to rewrite the wisdom of the Founding Fathers - INDIVIDUALISTS one and all.

The time has come to yank the yoke from our shoulders, deny the media the right to brainwash us and turn the masses into desperate jellyfish who seek a politician to act as their spine! Now is the time for LESS government, not more! Interference of the government is what has RUINED our economy, created this depression and before that created the husband/wife workforce, the leased, overpriced car and the insanely priced homes that exclude the majority of younger Americans from home ownership.

Yes, the GOVERNMENT is to blame. They are the con-artists who have ruined your life and then expect you to vote for them, and give them more power to make it all better!

"HA HA! Not this time!"

The INDIVIDUALIST laughs! The jaws of the media almost had him that time. He turned the TV off, he vowed never to waste more time on DKOS, Redstate, Salon or any other political sites. He was free. Free! Politicians save me? Never! The INDIVIDUALIST looked at his girl. He grabbed her and kissed her passionately, holding her tightly. He felt his spirit and strength return and knew that he would never relinquish his powers again!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Passing the Torch

The lightning crashes like the hand of doom, multi-armed streaks which are stronger than anything I've seen in this life. Everything they touched exploded, unable to channel the power fast enough into the ground. Car alarms are going off from the parking lot as each stroke sets up a wave of sound powerful enough to shake buildings to their foundations. The rain is pouring down and the desert is flooding, the hard ground unable to absorb the water quickly. Even the specially designed airfield is under 3 inches of water, grounding all flights and the storm shuts down all outside activities.

Our desert facility, removed from the heat island effect of the city, receives the full blows of the monsoon. I sit in my office and rearrange the shelves to accommodate the latest acquisitions of rare volumes. The first edition of Arizona Nights now is accompanied by other first editions by White, including Gold, Ranchero, The Leopard Woman and The Westerners. My laptop sits open on my desk, the latest statistical reports on the state of the world are open in a large .pdf file which had been received only two hours ago. Here, from the sanctity of Shamballa, all the statistics seem unreal and/or distant. Reading the files while listening to the thunder seemed most fitting. The danger within both emphasized quite dramatically and memorably.

The Fortezza door guard pulses silently with a light blue glow. A small lcd screen announces Tech7's ID and within moments the latch unlocks and the thick door opens effortlessly and smoothly, similar to the measured movements of a bank vault door.

"What's up?"

"You are." Tech7 replies, her brown hair luxuriously frames her soft skin and intelligent eyes.

"It's quite a storm, isn't it?"

"Yes, I thought you might like some company."

She knows me well enough to know I would be thinking about her during the storm. This time last year I was at her home during a fierce storm and we spent a memorable night gazing into a fire that was battling errant rain drops descending her chimney while lying on a large white flokati rug.

"Which company? General Electric? Microsoft? A pharmaceutical or two?"

She smiles. Even for a lame joke she smiles and it lights up the room. Her own personal brand of electric lightning flashes from her eyes which seem to grow bigger and deeper in an instant.

"Those companies can't offer you much you don't already have. Let's see...electricity, software and perhaps some aspirin. The company I represent offers you much, much more."

"Hmm. Naturally, I will have to review the portfolio."

"Of course. Companies are always changing. It is never wise to jump into something blindly."

I close my laptop, glance at the electronic message board to see if there is any messages for me and there are none. It is a slow night and only the research lab on sublevel 4 is still staffed and working on a new method of radiation reduction for the use in small reactors designed for future transportation. A large number of security sensors have been triggered by the lightning and rain which is annoying the security staff who are busily chatting in the facility message board and reporting false alarms.

I motion Tech7 to my small couch/daybed and she curls her legs under her.

"Did you read the report already?" she asks.

She knows I would. Just as I know she would read it all as soon as it was transmitted. The file represents the real state of the world and is sent out semi-annually to intelligence facilities from a black-op clearinghouse outside Langely.

"Yes. Paints quite a pretty picture doesn't it?"

"Not really."

"A nuclear third world, an overrun, economically emasculated USA, religious zealotry in every nation sans China - how can you be blind to such sublime beauty?"

She laughs and I sit down next to her. Her touch is gentle as she grabs my hand.

"Some things will never change." she says as she gazes deep into my eyes.

"I know. It's just..."

"You feel you still need to save the world from itself."

"Yes....and no. I'm learning to see the concealed beauty in destruction and rebirth...I just..."

"Want to control and guide it."

"Yes. Old trees don't bend easily. So much useless suffering and destruction."

"There is no such thing - you know that of all people! Everything has a cause and effect and each outcome has positives and negatives. Heck, you spent months helping me understanding this and you were right."

"You know the cobblers kids go barefoot."

She kisses me. It is more than a kiss. It is like resuscitation. She gives to me of herself so that I can take strength from her - and I do.

My cell phone is ringing. Why is it always these type of times! I break from her lips reluctantly and jump towards my desk where my cell phone sits next to a 35 year old Panasonic electric pencil sharpener that sharpens better than any sharpener made today.


"I thought you were never going to pick up."

The President's voice sounds relaxed. More relaxed than I've heard it in weeks.

"I was busy - but I'm here now - what's up?"

"Sarah Palin…do you like her?"

"Sure. What's not to like. She wasn't a fan of the USSR like Biden and I don't think she was doing white lines with Obama back in the eighties."

"They want to meet you."

"Me? Why?"

"I wants you two to talk. I set it up."

"Is this about funding?"

"No. that's secure. This is about briefing and disclosure."

"Both together?"

"No, just Palin. I want you to brief her. She needs to know just where the land lies."

"Does Cheney know about this?"

"Who do you think is en route to Shamballa on Air Force Two at this very moment?"

"We're having a heck of a storm here right now."

"You think that is going to dissuade Dick?"


"Tell her everything."


"Yes. She's the one."

"Ok. When's Dick scheduled to arrive?"

"Let's see....about twenty-two minutes from now."

"Well then I better get ready."

"I'll let you go. Have fun." The line clicks. Tech7 looks up at me and knows another mission is about to begin.

"We need to activate the emergency runway and prepare for Air Force Two"

"Air Force Two?"

"Yeah. I'm going to meet Palin and brief her."

"Brief her? About what?" Tech7 has risen to her feet in a mix of protest and confusion.


"She not VP yet. That would break about three dozen national security laws"

"She will be. And no, that's why Bush called. It's an Executive Order."

Tech7 walks up to me and gives me a kiss on the cheek. She turns and I know I can count on her to prepare for Air Force Two. "Good luck." she says.


Cheney sits across from me. His suit is Brooks Brothers and is blue. He doesn't wear a tie, but has on a light grey shirt. Air Force Two has taken off and we are en route to Minnesota.

"So Dick, how does it feel?"

"We accomplished a lot, didn't we?"

"Yeah. More than most folks will ever know."

"What's the plan for the economy?"

"I've got personal guarantees that they'll hold gas prices until the elections. They'll work with us to get decent legislation."

"What about nuclear?"

"You still want us to open up 10 super reactors?"

"Yes. Radiation reduction technology is almost ready. Less than two years from today we'll be ready to design clean reactors."

"We'll pave the way for them before we leave."


"While I'm asking, any other favors you'd like before we leave?"

"Hmmm. I'll think about it."

"Think fast. We're putting to bed a whole bunch of Executive Orders right now."

"I'll have my X-mas list sent to your office in two that fast enough?"

"Yeah that'll do."

Cheney looks at me. He's half smiling and half in thought.


"You still like me?"

I laugh.

"Sure I do. Do you want me to give you some more good press on my blog?"

"You know you're the only one in the 'media' who ever did?"


"Yeah, my press secretary did a Nielsen search and you're apparently the only one who likes me enough to write up a favorable article about my Vice-Presidency."

"So you wanted to make sure you didn't lose your one fan after these 4 years?"

"Something like that."

"No need to worry. You've done better than any VP in at least the last 75 years. You know it and I know it. If no one else knows it or appreciates it, that makes no difference...does it?"

I watch him look out the window, over the white clouds lit beneath by city lights miles below and he is still smiling. "No, it doesn't does it."

We walk out and I see a motorcade awaits us at the edge of the runway.

"The olympics are long over but this moment - right now - feels like the moment we are passing the real torch doesn't it?" Cheney says as we await the stairway to be fastened.

"Yes. This is it. Let's not blow it."

"Never." Cheney whispers under his breath, "Never."

Friday, August 29, 2008

My Decision: McCain/Palin

My support for a Presidential candidate this year was going to depend heavily on the vice-presidential candidates chosen. For those who are paying attention, illegal immigration is the lynch pin event that is destroying wages, the economy, healthcare and general quality of life all over the nation. And it is an exponential factor which, as devastating as its influence is now, will only increase phenomenally over the next ten years and throughout the rest of the 21st century.

John McCain's solution for this issue was the failed path to citizenship program - another failed amnesty by any other name. Obama has had no solution and has basically reinforced the idea that these "undocumented" invaders are de facto Americans anyway instead of citizens of a foreign nation stealing work and money.

So VP picks became crucial to helping me make up my mind because this issue will probably not be successfully addressed on the national level by either party. The statistics and demographics are such that no one wants to call an "undocumented worker" an illegal intruder from another country whose children will bury America.

Obama opened my eyes with his choice of Joseph Biden, the ultimate career politician.


Please repeat again, please?


How is picking the man who made it possible for credit card companies to extract the last few dollars from the hands of bankrupt and starving families a change? Much less a change for the better?

Obama showed his true colors.

Obama is the architect of the status quo. A pretender with no experience except to schmooze and preach like his spiritually bankrupt pastor of 20 years which he has now disowned. He offers no change at all. The Democratic platform this year reads like Ellsworth Toohey's collectivist blather that denounce the individual in favor of the collective. It appeals to the lowest common denominator and the "second handers" of the world who live as parasites on the rest. "Individualism is a recipe for failure" - what? Since when? We can't take a collectivist thought. We can't breathe a collectivist breath. A man doesn't feel collectivist pain. There is no such thing as a collectivist job. The second handers may like the rhetoric of being more than they are - but the Democratic platform wants to pin them to individual failure, forever. Then it bathes them in collectivist propaganda. Their wallets are just as empty and most of them can't quite figure out why collectivism never delivers in a meaningful way. They wonder why their attitude toward individual accomplishment has been poisoned - why they attack those who are successful and not those who keep them from being a success? That is the Democrats' secret. They poison their constituency and enslave them all while telling them they are great, they are caring, they hate the rich & successful, they want "change." Their message: a mass of untalented failures is better than a single successful talented man/woman and that the successful man/woman is evil and a threat to the collective. Yet what is the real goal? All collectives have always been poor, uneducated and individually powerless. Isn't that the antithesis of the American way? Isn't the goal a land filled with millions of individual success stories? A land where each individual matters? A land where individualism is not diminished, but championed? There is no such thing as a collective success. It is an illusion, a long-lived hoax far more sinister and damaging than those who fake Bigfoot.

For those who understand this, voting Democratic is like voting for the folks who want to club you over the head and put you in a push cart with other faceless slaves to a life of material and spiritual slavery.

So McCain's choice, Sarah Palin is also a telling one. Palin is the antithesis of the Washington insider. She is a breath of fresh air. She has all the pluses of Hillary Clinton, is assertive, female, an activist, a mother - and she is without any of the heavy baggage. She is old enough to see where the land lies and young enough to be an instrument of real reform.

Is McCain going after Hillary voters? Sure. The demographics of disintegrating America give one few large bloc choices: men, women, the poor, Mexican citizens living in America.

Obama gave up his claim on women voters when he failed to vet Hillary. He slapped them in the face, and shoved them to the floor. Sure, he has wife issues. But he should have left them behind when he became the Democratic candidate.

So my decision was made for me. Palin or Biden? That's an effortless decision.

My endorsement is, as usual, the lesser of two evils. I do not expect McCain/Palin to become a panacea for the nation's ills - only less of a burden on each American, and particularly the middle class, and EACH individual than the alternative: Obama/Biden.

Collectivism is the real enemy our nation faces, the diminishing of each individual component of "We the people."

Friday, August 22, 2008

Good & Evil aka + or - (---- doesn't just happen!)

Almost everyone in the world views life through two filters. These filters are good and evil or positive and negative. All events have these markers added to them. This is good, that is bad. Lifetimes are lived here by most with this outlook. The result is, unknowingly, they chain themselves to these biases and attract circumstances in their lives that will test them until they some day realize that it is they, themselves, that have been controlling their "destiny" or "fate" with these endless strings of biases!

If we bias food overly positive and look forward with positive anticipation to every meal, this imbalance will bring upon a down side. We may become overweight or have other health issues that surface as the result of this positive overbias. That is an obvious example but what we need to know is that what we like and view as only good is also negative. ALL experiences are EQUALLY good and bad. The ones we view bad will show their good side when viewed properly. Even such classic "horrible" events as health crisis', violence and even death need to be viewed in a positive light. I know, "Did he really just say 'death' needs to be viewed positively?" Yes. Take it from one who we view and handle our impending death is just as important as any other aspect of our lives. If we bias it negative, we will strengthen the experiences and in future lives have an even tougher ride. After one masters one's own consciousness and how it views events one can face a firing squad with a smile and not hate or even slightly negatively bias those who intend our deaths. At this point, we will no longer attract such a death and will be freed of future repeat performances as victim or victim-izer. (A quick example/lesson of this is the next time you deal with your boss, parents, siblings,classmates, neighbors, etc. is to deal with them without bias! See the results!) Yes, the hate and negative bias one feels in one life can easily swell up and cause one to become more destructive in another. The murderer feels justified in their actions and usually it is rooted in multiple past life experiences swinging across the divide repeatedly of victim/victimizer.

Eventually, we see that both roles are one and the same. Two sides of the same coin. There are no true victims ever - because each soul draws unto themselves experiences based upon what is stored in their energy body or "soul" and these determine EVERY single experience AND how it is viewed on the surface of consciousness.

This is a tough sell. No one wants to believe the baby born with AIDS somehow is responsible for their condition - but they are. No soul is a clean slate. Not even the newborn arrives without a HUGE set of pre-existing conditions, likes, dislikes and relationships that they have set up to compensate and balance. Each child is drawn unto their parents as surely as a magnet attracts iron filings. At this world and at this time the relationships and attractions are almost exclusively negative ones. They were drawn unto the AIDS bearing parents instead of some other child.

At this time folks still believe in "chance." A popular euphemism states "---- happens" and this is the catchall response for circumstances or events which are classified as bad or evil.

The truth is

None. There are only infinite sets of magnetics which can be changed by each individual based upon these BIASES. If we detest being lonely, poor or unpopular we need to realize that it is our biases which set these circumstances in motion and which continue to chain us to them. All circumstances are self-created. Yes, for us, the world actually does revolve around us! Every event, person we meet and moment of our lives is drawn unto us. Yes, this is hard to imagine and much harder to accept as true. The thieve who steal our iPods, the teachers who hated us from the get go, the parents who didn't understand us - all these people and circumstances come straight out of our own "souls" or to use more accurate terminology, our immortal stored quantized energy fields of intelligence.

We are immortal. Life to life we build up and tear down likes, dislikes, wisdom and ignorance. We are the byproduct of all our pasts and this is reflecting into our current life right now as YOU or ME.

So back to the biases. We can see that, in the distant future, highly educated folks will cease to view life through one filter of good or evil and will view ALL events in their lives through BOTH of these filters simultaneously. Abundance comes from an abundance of BALANCED waveforms in our energy bodies. Health, wisdom and finding ourselves in perfect balance with the environment comes ONLY with these stored experiences now viewed on EQUILIBRIUM.

Once we realize that all our misfortunes are of our own making we will also be armed and equipped with the knowledge that will cease to attract these same misfortunes. In the future...NO one feels sorry for themselves or describes themselves as a victim...or seeks sympathy. Why? Because they know that each person is responsible for weaving their own fate and destiny. If someone doesn't understand this (and currently 99.99999999% of the world doesn't) they will be more likely frustrated, sad, neurotic and seek out escape mechanism after escape mechanism to compensate for these "negative" circumstances and will still be chained to them.

Those of us who understand this free ourselves from our past and from the roller coaster of good and evil. All of us must weave our own destiny, free of the fates or such euphemisms as "---- happens!"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dawn of a New Cycle

The last twinkling stars of night have been outmatched at their own game and the rays of sunlight stretch across the sands of the desert bringing a new dawn.

The world is a new place this morn. It's new every morning but today there is a more tangible difference. A new cycle has begun and an old one has drawn to a close. The folks I work for, in the lighted room, have been busy orchestrating the rise of this next curtain. Very busy. I am privileged enough to be a small performer on this grand stage.

I could describe to you how each world is governed and managed but it would be hard to believe. I shall skip the details and just share the basics. This world, like all elemental worlds is maintained much like a classroom. It has teachers, pupils and all that is necessary for rudimentary learning.

This morning a new dawn has arrived and with it a whole range of opportunity for learning. This new cycle is a tougher one. It is the equivalent of a revised curriculum. The changes will see many fall by the wayside as others climb and reach new peaks of understanding, ability and expression.

Economically, the world will undergo another transition. The west and the east will achieve greater parity. The level of education will universally decrease and yet a new breed of exceptionally gifted will emerge, aided by the Internet and the gift of electrification Nikola Tesla created for the world a century ago. So with a dark ages will arrive the seeds for a new renaissance. With the disappearance of the middle class and a growing western poverty, the initial appearance of the world's state will seem bleak to the casual observer. They will lament the passing of the western wealth, education and morals that brought a standard of living to late 20th century dwellers that was the envy of most previous human history. They will be shocked at the emergence of the new city-states wherein the wealthy live out their lives behind electrified gates and armed watchtowers to ward off gangs of looters.

Yes, all this will come as a shock to some. They will get depressed and will not see that this is the nature of ALL civilizations: Rise, Fall and Rebirth.

Sometimes man needs darkness to appreciate light. They need to eat a bitter meal before they truly appreciate the bounty they have grown accustomed to. Western civilization has grown soft. It rears its children to idealize other cultures and to disdain its own. It has opened the gates to barbarians willingly and lets them shape the new laws and morality.

The world will recover.

New minds will grow up in this new darkness and they will learn of the past. They will wonder how it could be that their ancestors gave away their refined culture in some mass nihilistic movement. They will learn and will rebel against the barbarians as surely as the renaissance minds rebelled against the darkness of their own times. Their brilliance will shine like the sun as it rises above the horizon. Boys and girls of unparalleled wisdom will rebuild.

A new "western" culture will be rise from the ashes of the old. It may not emerge in America, Europe or where one might expect it. It may emerge in China, Russia or India. It will likely involve young minds from all these places and these folks will be the heroes of a new renaissance. They may die or be persecuted for their ideas and beliefs. They may have to fight against the most powerful totalitarian religious systems that make the previous inquisitions appear like a picnic in the park.

There will be new Leonardo Da Vincis and new Joan of Arcs to rally the spirit of those who have given up and to open eyes to ever new technologies. The Protestants may be outnumbered but new Protestant movements will emerge in all of the dominating religions, religions which force man on his knees to answer to the will and bidding of another.

Yes, it is a beautiful new dawn. It will be even more beautiful than the last one. More souls are at stake, the challenges and obstacles will be that much tougher and the heroic nature of these young women and men who will bring about this new dawn will outshine all previous efforts combined.

When the sun has lifted and the light of this new dawn illuminates the minds of even those who never look up, then shall we see a culture unparalleled which dwarfs the accomplishments of our present western civilization.

A hearty good morning to you all!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Going Green in Iran

Outside the air is dry and the heat is beyond oppressive. The Tes-Mil-X2's systems are working as designed to reflect external heat, condition the air and keep the cabin temperature 69 degrees - optimal thinking and decision making temperature.

Our SUV, a combat equipped Tes-Mil-X2, based on improved "Tesla" technology, has no need of fueling, and each body panel has been replaced top to bottom in a new type of panel which is actually an integrated solar cell, collecting and recharging the Tesla "Steinmetz" power-plant system. Operating out here in Iran, somewhere south of Kupal, it is getting the ultimate test. After a year's trial runs, on our whole Steinmetz vehicle line up, in the hottest and dustiest southwestern deserts, it has been deemed ready for service in theatre.

I'm fully aware of the irony of my unique position and knowing that if every vehicle in the US was made this way, we probably wouldn't be out here, preserving the Iranian oil fields from damage while preparing to take out the Iranian's nuclear arsenal and enrichment facilities. On the other hand, if every vehicle were made this way, every buyer would have to be prepared to fork over 6.7 million dollars to buy a car. If they last long enough, they might pay for themselves in gas & electricity savings but who has thousands of years to find out?

I guess I should share some of the technology of the solar cells so as to payback the Tesla engineers whose designs we "Steinmetz-ed" and then improved upon. Okay here goes...the secret to the ultimate solar cell is in the absorption and catalyst of specific wave frequencies. The emphasis on "specific frequencies" is important, because these measured and mapped solar frequencies with the proper catalyst produce a far greater electron release per cell, than current designs. I'm not going to give out the catalyst, but with trial and error and these hints & nudges, a bright engineer ought to be able to repeat the Tes-Mil X2 solar cell design within 20 years. A really intuitive engineer might do it in 5. A psychic engineer might have the designs mapped in the next hour. I wish you all good luck. Oh and don't forget to build it in Silicon Valley - they have a lot of unemployed engineers in need of work.

"Is now really the time to be making a log entry?" Tech5 asks with impatience, "We are almost at the rendezvous point."

"Hey, if Kirk had time to make log entries while fighting the Gorn, I certainly must have time enough while you drive."

"Yeah, but we aren't facing the Gorn. These guys are a hundred times more deadly and crazed than the Gorn ever was."

I activate our Planckor4 turret scanner and probe the hills ahead for any electronic activity and stray signals. Even a passive cell phone signal or an old style radio transmission unit that is originating anywhere within the scanners sensitive "ears."

تلك الكلاب من ابناء SDAI المتاخره.اولا ، ثم الروس والامريكان هذه. مع كل متبجح التكنولوجيا العسكرية لماذا لا تقوم بشراء الساعات السويسريه مثلها مثل بقية دول العالم يتعلمون ما هو الانتظام!

"Looks like someone is expecting us. 8.2 miles 12 degrees and closing fast."

Tess, is doing 95 plus over the desert sands and each violent undulation is absorbed and softened by a superbly designed floating frame/axle structure. Riding off-terrain has never been as comfortable and knowing that not a drop of gasoline is being consumed at these speeds is all the more satisfying.

As we approach, the rendezvous, satellite feeds guided by the stray signal already relay a visual overhead layout and principles in theater. A few armored personnel carriers, a mobile rocket launcher and at least 100 armed guerrillas await. A tent is fixed and the site shows signs of a quick mobile camp set up, probably less than twelve hours old. In the middle of this 3rd world military parade is what looks like a seventies vintage Mercedes 450sel - probably dating to the era of the Shah.

"No one expects a double cross, but with these types one can never be too careful. So eyes open out there." Tech6 transmits to the rest of the convoy.

Our Tes-Mil X2 is but one of five now converging on this location in a peripheral sweep and all are equipped with a battery of weapons that would make Gaddafi's arms dealer green with envy.

"That's why, I'm here. You dirt eaters go do what you do, I've got you covered."

The voice belongs to the pilot of America's finest, a Borealis stealth fighter/bomber, that is in theatre as back up in case things get nasty on a larger scale.

"Thanks fly boy. We will. Just don't get any flying carpets in your intake." replies Tech6.

Two of our Tes-Mil X2 SUVs pull right into the middle of the Guerrilla camp. We are immediately surrounded by about two dozen men toting automatic weapons. Only two or three of them appear to have them pointed threateningly at us, the rest hold them passively awaiting our exit. I step out of the vehicle and look for the leader who stands about twenty yards away shielded by his men. I walk towards him without hesitation and I smile and bow my head once up and down before speaking.

"هل انت على استعداد للاضطلاع بدور "دعنا ابرام صفقة؟"

This very roughly translates to "Are you ready to play Let's make a Deal?"

My Arabic is poor, but I've been brushing up.

"بالتأكيد ، ولكن آمل ان تكونوا جلبت يورو".

He tells me he is, but that I better have brought Euros. Great. A guerrilla comedian.

"Your vehicles look strange, even for American military vehicles. What's with the blue, shiny paint?"

"Haven't you heard? We're going Green."

(The rest of this transcript is actually rather sensitive. So that's all folks!)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

AlterNet's "Anti-Immigrant" Rhetoric

Using Google News is always educational. Their automatic filter always includes media outlets that are "progressive" into the top results. Today one of their links led me to AlterNet, a heavily "progressive news" outlet and an article titled Immigration Hard-Liners and John McCain: Strange Bedfellows or Forever Star-Crossed? by Jordan Michael Smith. I responded there, but the immigration issue is blog-worthy enough to warrant a cross-over entry here. The following is my response to the article:

Your article repeats incessantly the line "anti-immigrant" and never once uses those magic two words "illegal immigrants" which are the entire focus of people in the southwest. In the southwest, illegal immigrants are kicking in the doors of homeowners and robbing their houses. Illegal immigrants are the ones who flee from accidents they cause and travel by the millions uninsured on US roads. Pandering to the descendants of illegal immigrants is ok and par for the course for those who want their own fortunes to rise on the backs of the desperate, promising them things they can't deliver, but when you fall back on "anti-immigrant" propaganda word games it just makes it so obvious and amateurish. You should have thrown in at least one "illegal" in there and cut the "anti-immigrant" line down by about 95 percent. Then it wouldn't have been so obvious that it was poorly crafted propaganda for the looters and the recipients of said looting.

Pretending that John McCain is a conservative is like pretending Hillary has no ambition. Both pretenses are absurd to anyone who has paid even peripheral attention to their actions in office.

The GOP is more likely to sell out to the Hispanic bloc, because their sole other constituency is people middle class or above. When the lower classes outnumber these folks 3-1, other blocs are needed. Obama, if elected, is less likely to grant illegal immigrants citizenship because there are enough other poor folks to exploit for the DNC. The party of Lincoln lost the Black voter after Johnson signed the Civil Rights bill. They lost almost all the poorer folks and blue collar workers during the depression, only winning a few back during Eisenhower's terms after they realized socialism and state controls were impoverishing them.

When George Bush backed the McCain/Kennedy amnesty bill, he demonstrated that many in the GOP will sell out on that issue. If it wins the GOP Hispanic voters as LBJ secured the Black vote the GOP will survive as a party. If it doesn't, the income disparity alone will destroy the GOP. Poor people will always vote for the handout & loot the rich promises. As a result, we already have a DNC and GOP closer in policy than ever before in history. Both want to survive and will pander to whatever groups they can.

So, to sum up, your assumptions are all wrong, the word games are amateur (obviously demanded by editors because other articles read much the same)and the truth of the illegal immigration issue is nowhere to be found. America dances around the issue, while those who work in think-tanks, dealing with numbers, the events and consequences, realize the future of America already IS bleak and even the most robust conservative policies and politicians would not be able to stem the tide of mass poverty the illegal invasion has brought to America. Progressives are blissfully unaware that they have limited their own shelf-life and will be just as obsolete as Hillary Clinton after the demographics change even further under the non-stop, millions per year, illegal invasion. The DNC and GOP will, in less than 20 years, be replaced by an all Hispanic party, whose sole interest is their fortunes, and who will be elected into office by sheer weight of numbers. The US will rapidly fail and mimic Mexico in a constant state of socialist decline. So progressives, as they exist today, have, about 10 years of political power left after the GOP rides off into the sunset of statistical white noise.

Try to enjoy the few years of power before near universal poverty is reached. As Spock said, "After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true." Presiding over the destruction of the USA, with your powder-burned finger on the trigger, is not an enviable position to be in when your and other "progressives" epiphany arrives.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Preparing for Pandemonium

The onset of 4 and 5 dollar gasoline has transformed, almost overnight, the economic climate in America. We are seeing only the tip of the iceberg. In a week or two the first wave of inflationary price hikes will hit your local supermarket, restaurants and fast food places and even the local newspaper will probably get a hike as well as distribution costs shoot through the roof.

The fact that the DNC controlled congress has done little aside rubber stamp the "stimulus" package and that President Bush and his advisers seems unable to think up a substantial method to have a positive influence on the economy, shows that neither party has a clue on how to get us out of the coming depression which is racing at us forthwith like a 16 wheeler semi-truck with no brakes. That this happens during an election year is even more shocking and indicates that all those who believe the government can pull strings to manipulate these things, is basically all wet.

Yes, forget about the recession. We are past that point. If gas prices are not soon reversed we will be in a depression.

If we look at the runaway oil prices, we merely need to see who is bidding them up to find the source of America's depression. In the past I have tried to explain why Iraqi oil was so important to gas prices, but some folks didn't quite understand it. So I'll quote Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens to make it clearer, "We've got supply of 85 million barrels a day and demand of 87."

This is one of the reasons price can go up until demand is depressed to become the equal of supply.

A few years ago, here on my blog, I described in some detail the activities of a man named George Soros. He is a billionaire who made his billions by currency manipulation of the British Pound. He has, as his stated goal, the bringing down of America as the economic center of the world and the distribution of wealth overseas. His money powers many leftist political organizations in America whose members hate for President Bush blinded them to the fact they were being funded by a man who wanted to take their house, car, hike their gas prices and bring them down to the level of the third world.

Soros testified to the Senate last week to declare that "speculative excess" was rampant and was responsible for the costs. He should know. What he didn't say was that his Quantum hedge fund and it's concealed group of investors, was in great part responsible for the speculation and that as we speak their are investors with great capital assets who are trying to shift the wealth to Asia. They are throwing their lot with the masses of China and sitting in their Hong Kong skyscraper penthouses trying to break America's spine through it's weakest spot - OIL. Their idea is that America's century is over and now it is China's turn. It's easier to exploit and profit massively in China - which in their eyes is similar to the American frontier of 1900. The chain reaction of a US economic collapse would make all sorts of gains possible to folks with assets. Companies that are already on the market and struggling will be available for a song and a dance. Commodities and key markets can be manipulated and monopolized.

These are the guys the "neocons" have been trying to protect you from. PNAC (Project for a New American Century) was designed to perpetuate American strength and has been denigrated senselessly by folks who are only harming themselves and their families by their own manipulated ignorance. Thanks to the failure of Americans to be aware of, or understand, all this high finance manipulation, the "neocons" are powerless to stop the attack on America directly. And make no doubt about it - America is under a carefully designed and executed financial attack just as real as any terrorist attack. And unlike a terrorist attack, this directly influences each and every American. When America is hurt, the rest of the world is not far behind.

Right now, as I write this, the minds who work for America are busy working on countering the damage done ASAP. The solutions involve the introduction of new technologies, financial counter-attacks on the financial institutions leveraged against America and other things too complex to enter into in this short overview.

It's important you know what's going on. Opposition to US presence in Iraq, global warming and the rest of the anti-US propaganda you may have embraced only heartens and helps America's enemies. Panic will only spur more of the same. So stay cool and watch as an epic battle for the American people and the future of the world takes place. It should provide for an interesting ride.