Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Portrait of Extraterrestrial Medicine (Part 17)

Shamballa is quiet. It is 2 in the morning and I am still awake. Yal-hune underwent several tests today at the request of Thor. She is far more powerful a being than any this world has seen in a long while. Here at the base she has her own fan club. While everyone tries to act normal around her, their thoughts and actions reveal how much they are enamored with Yal-hune which is, of course, perfectly human and understandable. Pretty soon I half expect them to make a costume for her.

Yal-hune is immune to the ego-geared responses and adulation. She fully understands her position in the infinite universe and has a humility that is obvious to anyone who has shared mind with her. It has been interesting to watch our own "Encyclopedia Brown" - who works in the Research Division - complete with his photographic memory, discuss things with Yal-hune. He finally has met his match in Yal-hune, who is much older and been studying human history since before he was born. He is the only one who ever scored 100 percent on the PSYESP test issued by the agency and can also communicate with Yal-hune telepathically.

Everyone on Earth looks human, but the truth is there is a vast disparity in development concealed under the flesh bodies of humanity. Tech22, aka Encyclopedia Brown, was tormented as a child because he didn't fit in. He corrected his teachers, aced all his tests and alienated his classmates. You would think that the colleges would have been happy to have him, but Tech22's abilities only aggravated his professors and none explored his potential and most felt threatened by him. When he interviewed here, I immediately recognized his gifts and sent him to the Agency for full testing including the PSYESP battery of tests. Here, his mind is put to good use and no one resents his abilities. It's great to 'feel' how happy he is talking with Yal-hune.

"You see only one perspective of the picture." Yal-hune interjects, "While he has been poorly treated in this life, these experiences have their roots in other lives where he treated others poorly. All energy seeks equilibrium and the infinite universe knows far better what each soul truly needs than do the individuals themselves."

"Okay so he is receiving feedback."

"Yes, and it is making him a better person. By being on the receiving end of poor treatment, jealousy, ridicule, etcetera, he has seen how negative these are and it has increased his empathy which in previous lives was far less developed. You need to realize these things are going on around you all the time...and that what you perceive as bad or negative has really been a good thing."

"I know you are right. It's just my mind is conditioned to see things and bias them either good or bad. It's a bad habit I haven't yet been able to break."

"It hasn't been easy. With overshadowers planting biased thoughts and feeding the already existing biases, humanity swings between the emotional highs of elation and depression almost constantly. No one on your world would need to take 'anti-depressant' medication if they simply understood more about life. It is ignorance of this duality in all things that permits depression to exist in the first place."

"Yes, our human minds are quite undisciplined. Our emotions are fed by these biased thoughts and we roll from one emotional state to the next, without really understanding what is going on."

"Yes. This is one of the most important gifts your world needs - understanding. It is far more valuable than any other commodity or technology. If I could speak to each human and tell them that there is truly no such thing as evil, and that all things are good, purposeful and helpful - almost none would believe it is true. After all injury, death, accidents, pain, sadness and more can't be good in their eyes. They still isolate each event instead of seeing things with totality."

"We're human. That's what we do."

"Well, sentience learns. Humanity will learn - when it is ready. Forcing these truths and understandings on someone before they are yet prepared would be a great crime against them. Your world's great philosophers have come to these things on their own to some degree. The understanding that everything that happens in the universe is not evil, but good comes only after much inner turmoil and suffering. Self-pity, frustration and more are the daily rituals humans use to deal with these unnecessary biases they create with their thoughts. And then your pharmaceutical companies try to interfere with the chemical balance in the brain to "cure" depression. Like forcing a blockage of thought can cure anything! All they succeed in doing is putting off the day these depressed individuals finally address their own imbalances and erroneous way of viewing life. It only makes it tougher for these many and your worlds physicians are all...well...quacks is probably an appropriate term - who prescribe medicines and drugs that don't really cure anything. If the doctors of your world knew just a little bit more about energy and life they could do WONDERS for their patients health - both physical and mental."

"How do the doctors on your world heal?"

"Our world has devices that can balance almost any wave form of energy. All illness is caused by imbalance. Any sickness starts because some cell structure is no longer in balance with its encoded intelligence. Our doctors can spot any imbalance in another - with their minds - and depending upon the location and severity, can help the patient heal themselves - by thought. Yes, we have done away with many of the devices and machines used for healing. We still use them for incidents where the physical body is suddenly damaged severely, as in an accident, but for illnesses of the body the mind is the tool of choice."

"What if someone loses a limb in an accident? How is that treated."

"Our world records the physical energy structures of a being regularly. They become part of his/her records. Their cell structures, DNA, and atomic configurations are mapped and recorded. Should a limb be lost, machines are used to reproduce the missing limb."

"Do they operate and put it on?"

"No, it is actually beamed into existence, right where the person stands. The process is very quick and a limb can be reintegrated in about 5 seconds."

"That just doesn't seem possible!"

"Oh it is. Energy can be projected very intelligently. Naturally, these machines use enormous amounts of energy and transfer this energy from one place into the reintegrated limb, organ or whatever is necessary."

"Can whole beings be recreated that way? That sounds like technology which could be used for immortality and eternal youth. Die? Be reintegrated! Looking old? Beam your old face and body into place!"

"On our world no one uses the devices for such purposes. We understand that our energy bodies would be harmed by trying to defeat the natural cycles of evolution and regeneration. However, other worlds to which this technology has been either imported or developed do not necessarily restrain from such uses. Some worlds do bring back those who have died and also use it to keep at a fixed age. As you can imagine, much mischief can be caused by someone misusing this technology."

"Yes, everyone here on Earth would probably do anything to stay forever 16 or 18 or whatever."

"Not just that, but whenever this technology has been introduced some 'scientists' use it to create unnatural things. Mixing and matching limbs. Altering bodies to suit their owner's desires, etc. Even animals have been modified and new species developed for the entertainment of the masses. This, of course, creates a huge distortions in energy structures and these people, when they return, are often born again with birth defects and have much worse 'karma' as their energy structures now seek to balance these unnatural additions."

"Amazing. Wonderful technology - yet quite scary."

"Yes. We have no drugs. No primitive operations. Our healing technology is our minds and supplemented by machines of great ability when needed."

(End Part 17)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Extraterrestrial History Lessons (Part 16)

Before I know it, Yal-hune is standing in the doorway with a cassette recorder in hand.

"There is so much of Earth's history that is unknown. What is known currently constitutes less than 1 percent of Earth's history.

The Lemurian culture was founded by the Travelers from Planet Leh-Muh-Rhee-Ah and spanned a period of over 48,000 years from 70,000 BC to approximately 22,000 BC. This is a long stretch of time and you can see how much your culture has changed in the 3000 years of history your present culture has some record of. The early Lemurians were also very primitive and warlike and were educated for several thousand years while a dozen of the Travelers remained on Earth. The Travelers set up their own beacons - spires actually - which broadcast intellectual stimulation signals. These spires helped clear away any outside interference from other worlds and also incorporated a signal which spurred mental development.

These beacons were worshipped by the early peoples of Earth, and they felt better when they were near them. This started in motion human worship and congregation within structures and even now this primal memory of 'holy' structures somehow closer to god remains in many humans, regenerates. The church bells, choirs and organs are all descendants of these spires which would seem to sing when standing near them.

Yes, you remember now, don't you? The silver spire that sings and reverberates in one's mind as one approaches it. Many alive today who read these words lived in Lemuria while these beacons still stood. This is what protected Lemurians from over-shadowers with sensory viewers and protected their minds from other lower influences as well. These spires were indestructible and made out of an alloy unknown on your Earth. There were spires mathematically positioned around the planet to give complete coverage and these spires remained for many thousands of years and helped the aboriginal tribes evolve more quickly into a more refined culture. After several thousand years Lemuria had achieved a technocracy like none ever seen upon this world before or since. They had relationships with other worlds and had an endless supply of power as well as craft capable of travel throughout the solar system. Visitors from other worlds came to Lemuria and shared cultural expressions.

The Travelers knew how to protect the sentient species they nurtured. However, when the Travelers left, they removed the spires knowing that the species would have to walk on its own now. Like a child no longer being carried, the Travelers depart to let a sentient species take off and evolve in directions of its own.

Many on this world are attenuated to some of these things and this history, most of these are somewhat older souls and find themselves in this world at whatever time and they may seem out of place. Lemuria, like all civilizations, arose to a great height and then crashed down to oblivion, corrupted by those who no longer valued what the Lemurians had tried to teach."

I interrupt.

"So many worlds have the spires like the Travelers set up?"

"Yes, or something similar which act as a mental shield for the residents. This is why some worlds are not targeted by the overshadowers, because they know they can not breach the shields established.

6000 years after the fall of Lemuria would rise Atlantis, yet another technological culture in advance of present day - though not as advanced as Lemuria. Your Egyptian pyramids are poor relations of the metallic pyramids that dotted the plains of Atlantis and which broadcast power and information from a golden sphere at the apex."

I watch Yal-Hune switch off the tape recorder and she hands it to me to transcribe.

"That is enough for now. Too much information can be overwhelming and harmful as well."

I nod and begin the transcription process.

(End Part 16)

Extraterrestrial Science (Part 15)

"Any luck on locating one of the EMF craft?"

"Not yet. I'm beginning to wonder if any of them are left on Earth at all. Maybe you can talk to Yal-hune about sketching some schematics to build another."

"I don't think she wants to share that type of stuff. You know exactly what would happen. It will quickly be..."

"I know. I know...exploited and turned into a weapon that will bite us in the butt. You've explained that to me 100 times now. Can't you get some scientific stuff out of her? Even the smallest secret might put us hundreds of years ahead of where we might otherwise be. I tell you every time I go out into the parking lot and get into my car, I keep seeing the Fred Flintstone-mobile. When I turn the keys, I feel I might as well be flipping my feet back and forth. We're in the god damned dark ages and she holds the secrets to a new renaissance."

"Give it time. We have to earn it and better yet, figure it out ourselves. We're learning more about the universe and how it works every day with her around. She's put standard accepted cosmology on its head. Yal-hune showed me what I really want and it's not just advanced technology."

"Yeah, I bet she showed you what you really want. Heck, I bet we both want the same thing. I bet 99/100 men in this facility want the same thing!"

"C'mon..I expect a LOT better from you."

"I know. I'm sorry. That was a cheap shot. It's just I've spent the past few days pouring over the computer looking through miles of lists of contents in government storage facilities all over the world and getting more frustrated with each one searched for clues. My eyes are bloodshot from strain and I have an eye-strain headache. I feel I've wasted my time - and let you down at the same time."

"Don't sweat it. We'll make do without for now."

I watch Tech2 head towards his office. I know exactly how he feels. It is tempting to try and coax some technological secrets from Yal-hune. I also know it would backfire and be one of the worst things I could do. She explained it to me and made it perfectly clear why Earth needs to advance on its own."

"Yes. I'm glad you were paying attention."


"Yes. I was listening to your conversation. I understand his frustration, but know it is unnecessary."

"Well we are living in a Flintstone's type manner here. This whole political thing with Brazil back in the late 90s, led to Iraq and with global financiers exploiting the world, the entire economy has been dealt a serious blow. An extraterrestrial solution to the energy problem would be in the fantasies of a billion people."

"And the nightmares of another billion in the future. You don't need extraterrestrial technology. Your world doesn't even exploit its existing technology."

"What do you mean?"

"Water, electricity, power - all barely begun to be tapped. You know how to desalinate water, but how many desalinization plants have been built on US coasts hungry for fresh water? Your children are taught to conserve water. And this on a planet where no water can be lost - where all water used by man returns to the atmosphere and the oceans. This is logical? This is intelligent? Hardly. Your world creates artificial shortages of things it has in abundance - or could have if exploiters didn't profit from controlling and limiting such commodities. You could have more water than ever needed - water to turn your deserts into fertile plains. Enough to provide for all humanity, wherever they may be. Same is true with power. Artificial shortages increase costs for humanity and this leads to stagnation in certain venues. You could have more electricity and power than any city needs. You could have lightning collectors/magnets all over the nation, but particularly in areas with heavy thunderstorms. You could store this electricity and put it into a huge grid, much as electricity is stored now, and make it available to all those in need."

"You're right. We don't use what we have at our disposal. We deliberately shortchange ourselves."

"Yes, the sun, lightning and much more. Your world could be drowning in power and fresh water if it really wanted to be. But instead the powers that be push 'conservation' which translates into 'we want you to pay more for less' and is not a very intelligent approach for a society that wants to technologically progress. 'Conservation' is a tool used to exploit those whose intentions are good, but whose minds are still lacking in broad perspectives."

"I know. It changed somewhere along the way. The people got greedier and didn't care about the consequences of their actions. The companies themselves were corrupted by these new immoral employees and their own selfishness and greed."

"Yes. That is largely due to the overshadowers influences. They have tried to turn humanity into mindless materialists looking for the quick perks and profits. Once you fired your atomic bombs, that really frightened these worlds and so they pushed television on everyone, knowing they would incapacitate a large number of people who would otherwise be thinking and keeping progress growing. If your world had no television - by now you would likely already have your own emf craft and 'free energy' power plants."

"I know. I know."

"No, you really don't. You haven't seen other worlds and their technological renaissance. Once they hit atomic power, they perfect the process and do away with fission for more intelligent and efficient nuclear energy that taps the atom instead of destroying it. All that motion in the atom is pure energy and awaiting to be intelligently tapped. Most worlds figure this out only a few short decades after their first nuclear power plant is built. Your world has been effectively stagnated in regards to progress by television, VHS tapes, DVDs and now the internet. Your schools teach children to seek 'green' lifestyles which are all about denial and conservation instead of teaching them to be scientists and living a lifestyle that seeks enjoyment and abundance. Since 1960, despite the advances in entertainment electronics, your overall technological progress and direction has reversed."

"So you're saying..."

"...your world could have clean and ample nuclear power, abundant fresh water and craft that would take you from place to place in the blink of an eye. You would never have stopped with a jet, nor would you be content relying on rain and mountain ice for fresh water. Your power plants would have kept evolving and your nation would be overflowing with scientists making the world a better place - instead of children who want to play 'Guitar Hero' and worship 'celebrities' while trying to imitate and become one."

I make it back to my office, sit down at my McGuire desk and jot down a few notes about what Yal-hune mentioned as I listen to her speak in my mind. I realize she's so right, and that our nation should be overflowing with scientists. It's amazing that all these people own televisions and yet almost no one even knows who invented it - Philo Farnsworth. They use computers and all these other technologies, but have never consciously acknowledged those minds that brought them into existence or desired to be the ones to take something to the next level - to keep that progress rolling along.

I wonder just what sort of world we would be in had Philo Farnsworth been a radio listening addict. And, again, I am reminded how all scientific progress, no matter how seeming amazing and desirable, has an equally amazing and undesirable down side.

(End Part 15)

Friday, September 25, 2009

An Extraterrestrial at Lookout Point. (Part 14)

I am having brunch with Yal-hune at Lookout Point. The desert temperatures have dropped just enough and make an outdoor picnic feasible. 95 degrees is positively cool next to the 107 days of just a week ago.

"You're still distressed somewhat by your responsibilities and the conflicts with other Agencies?"

"Yes, I am. Things are unfolding so quickly and with this new information, much falls on my shoulders to get a planetary defense system up and running. I know you know all about me, but Yal-hune, what do you know about SDAI?"

"SDAI has been one of the best kept secrets in the nation. Founded by Ronald Reagan on the recommendations of George Bush (Sr.) in 1987 after Reagan started repeating the Russian phrase "Doveryai, no proveryai" which was a cold war Russian translation of "Trust, but verify." SDAI has been off the books, created and sculpted by Executive Orders and has been up until now the ace in the back pocket of Republican Presidents who knew of its existence and could use it. SDAI has always had the most cutting edge Earth technologies, could verify nuclear developments and was instrumental in bringing down the former Soviet Union. In 1946, the RAND corporation set the mold for a private sector think-tank that advises the government. Douglas Aircraft realized that the people who worked in government weren't always the swiftest and could use some Research ANd Development. SDAI which is an acronym for Strategic Development And Implementation, was a new type of think tank - a think tank that didn't just 'advise' but implemented its strategic developments. It was founded on the notion, 'why trust the government to do what the private sector can do - and do better, more cost effectively and without the high rate of government agency failure?' SDAI has facilities all over the world and has been used by 3 Presidents: Reagan, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr."

Wow. I couldn't have encapsulated that better myself. You do know almost everything about the Earth don't you?"

"I'm not finished yet. To keep SDAI secret from the enemies of the US, and often other components of the US government itself, has required a level of secrecy that could only be designed and maintained by private sector practices after learning from past mistakes. For one, no names are used. All employees are known as "Tech" with a numeric designation. The Director is Tech1, the Deputy Director is Tech2 and so forth. There is no record of its existence practically anywhere. Classified Executive Orders have made it legally and fiscally invisible. Free to act in the nations' best interests without encumbrance. No SDAI member has ever been dragged before Congress to testify. No political will could be used to subvert it or influence it. It was deemed that SDAI was exactly what a President needed in dealing with a world where "Doveryai, no proveryai" was not just a good idea, but meant national survival. A world where intelligence agencies were compromised and fed national secrets to your enemies faster than the US mail could deliver a letter."

"You actually know even more than I do about SDAI - don't you?"

"Yes. Although you have served as Tech1 for many years now, I have had access to the meetings, comments and discussions that were had prior to its formation which are lost to your planet's history. I know all the personalities who had a hand in shaping the organization, and also their motives and ulterior motives.

"Then you understand the weight I feel on my shoulders to act."

"Yes, perfectly. You feel like a parent. You feel obligated to sacrifice your own time and efforts for the needs of the nation - or the planet. As you can see, we landed precisely where we intended to. However, you need to realize that the world is not your responsibility. Shielding this world all of a sudden would not give the denizens of Earth the ability to discover and strengthen their own small voice. All evil has a good component as well. The overshadowing worlds, provide resistance which, when overcome, create souls whose love and compassion are strengthened and more developed. It can be like an inoculation, where the patient gets ill, but recovers now immune to what he has been exposed to."

I open a bottle of Perrier and pour her and myself a glass. Here at Lookout Point the view is spectacular. A nearby cliff face, breaks off into a flat and with a bit of hiking one can see the desert for many miles in all directions. It has been my sanctuary when things get rough and taking Yal-hune to this place seemed important.

"Yes, I have seen you here many times. I have projected light and love unto you when you were in most dire need of a new perspective."

"I could feel it. I could feel someone watching me and comforting me. I never imagined I would actually get to meet them."

"Everyone has their own 'guardian angel' to some degree or another. Just as the overshadowers negatively project unto your world other worlds project love and wisdom, and each soul has more than one unseen benefactor in their lives trying to assist them. Once the overshadowers started, other worlds made a conscious effort to add Earth into their projections."


"Yes, many advanced worlds regularly get together and project mental energy to other worlds in need. It is not pointed at any one person, but generally towards an entire sentient species. It does not interfere in the world's natural development, but it makes available positive energies for all those who can detect and use this energy."

"I have felt that too, at times. I would be driving down the highway and feel a sudden clarity - a mood shift and a very positive, expanded outlook."

"Yes. I remember."

"I keep forgetting that you remember my life, better than I do!"

"Yes, but you still get the benefit discussing these things with me. And I can add that balance and perspective you need to assist you in finding greater equilibrium in all these matters."

I lift my glass to Yal-hune, whose grace is beyond words, "To new perspectives!"

"Yes, to new perspectives."

We drink the Perrier and I set up my laptop's mini satellite dish to link with the web, from this desolate spot. Yal-hune opens the basket and makes our lunch with manners and etiquette, the likes of which I have never seen. Just watching her prepare the brunch is like watching an artist at work.

(End Part 14)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Extraterrestrial Lock Up in Area 51 (Part 13)

"Wake up."

"What? Who's there?"

"It's me, Yal-hune."

"Where are you?"

"I need to talk to you."

"What time is it?"

"It's 1:36 in the morning."

"Okay. Well let's talk then. What did you want to talk about?"

"You have been somewhat distant. Your mind has been far away. It started about three days ago and has grown. I have been around the facilities for the past two days and I hardly have seen you at all. I have concern about what caused the changes in your consciousness."

"Well, to be honest, I am a bit overwhelmed by it all. I have lots of pressures and others think my judgement regarding you is clouded by your beauty."

"So by keeping your distance you show them you are not infatuated with me?"

She laughs her delicious laugh and If it were anyone else it would hurt - with her its like salve.

"Something like that. You probably know that most of the Agency wants to put you in the Extraterrestrial lock up in Area 51. I have fought to keep you free."

"I appreciate your efforts. You are hesitant because you fear your attraction to me is what makes you choose to keep me here and that if I looked like some sort of monster you would be only too happy to send me to Area 51? Then you feel guilty that you are so shallow and that you don't deserve me. Does that about sum it up?"

"Yes. Something like that. I love you Yal-hune. And I realize when it comes to you I am not on balance."

"I know you do. I love you too. Don't ever feel I will judge you because you slip or act like a hormone-saddled adolescent. I've studied Earth for over a century. I know humanity quite well. I know the various escape mechanisms and other psychological manifestations of human thought processes. I know you. I've known you since you were a child. I've watched you grow up, I know all your dark 'secrets' and I still love you.

"That's what scares me."

"You fear you will let me down? You also fear blowing it with the one woman who knows you so well?"

"Yes. My track record, as you know, is to get close then bolt before it gets too serious."

"And I know that those actions are sponsored by the overshadowers. By keeping you alone, they have kept you imbalanced. You have been waging your own lifetime battle with these aliens - and most of the time you have been losing."

"I want to be with you Yal-hune. You can't know how much. I want to spend ALL my time with you and travel the Earth with you. I want to sit with you in the shadows of the Pyramids, I want to play with you in the clear waters off the sands of Aruba , sit in a French outdoor Cafe and then have you try on and purchase designer clothes. I want to sit with you in front of a roaring fire on a cold winter night and cuddle with you under a blanket. I want to sit with you under the stars and kiss you. I want to hold you in my arms and feel you. I want to feel your heart beating and I want to be beside you with each breath you take. I want to fall asleep beside you and wake up with you in my arms - and my mind. I'm completely gone. You've taken over my life Yal-hune. I want to create love with you."

"I know." She fills my mind with her love and it is so much more complex, multi-faceted and warm and soft in my mind. Her love envelops me and I find myself powerless to do anything but absorb as much of it as I can and rise up and return to her my own love. She travels to all the places I created with my thoughts and joins with me in each one of them. All at once I am holding her in my arms, feeling her heart beat and I am in Paris, Egypt, Aruba and snuggling by a roaring fire. With the power of her mind she has made each quite real.

I kiss her and thank her with my mind. As gentle and genuinely tender kiss as I am able to muster. "I couldn't bear to see you leave to live in Area 51. And I don't trust the aliens that are there - some are quite creepy and on two different visits, some were concealing their thoughts big time.

"Yes, we know all the non-humans kept in area 51. You need not fear that any of them could harm me. All of them are from worlds considerably less advanced than our world."

(End Part 13)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Do Extraterrestrials Dream of Alien Sheep? (Part 12)

Location: The southwestern desert.
Time 03:23 September 22, 2009.

The winds are howling. The desert has truly become my home now and I know these winds. They sing to me. They sing of vanished Indian settlements, Spanish Conquistadors, long abandoned ghost towns and empty mines. Dreams of getting rich, and the struggle to survive all are etched into the wind as it traverses and sculpts the desert.

I sit here in my Bentley gazing back up at the heavens through the astroroof. I needed to get away from it all and sit here and try to get some perspective.

Yal-hune has been given freedom to explore Shamballa and visit the various researchers working here on classified projects. I have extended unto her a facility-wide clearance. Tech2 is working on locating the EMF craft used by project MIMIR before it went off the grid in January. Finding a needle in a haystack would be easier. Whomever still has one of those craft in their possession will not likely give it up soon. My hopes is that one or more was mothballed, with other craft and devices, and can be located in one of the countless government warehouses which dot the nation.

For all intents this is more than I could ever wish for. I have more information than I ever dreamed I would have, knowledge of many secrets men have spent their lives searching for, and now I have someone who challenges me to expand and grow - to be far more than I am. Yal-hune is all any man could want and to be honest, I think she would be way too much for many men. She is too powerful, too all-knowing. It would crush an average guys ego in short order. I should be happy, I should be ecstatic - but I'm not. I'm restless. I'm agitated. It may be the overshadowers targeting me - I have to monitor my thoughts and feelings and discern the false ones. Yal-hune can't do this for me. I need to be able to weed my own garden. It's still hard to believe - or is it? I now know what those sensory-viewers look like. I know the reality of the situation and have been flipped off by a jeering blue-skinned being. It's all nightmarish and real, yet it's still hard for me to accept. Second guessing feelings seems counter-intuitive. I must. I simply must. I must fight!

The clouds overhead seem otherworldly. Even at this time of morning, they seem to glow as if somewhere the sun's light is hitting them from behind. Pinkish and bluish fringes make them surreal as the stars peek out from between them. The wind hurries them along and they morph as it does. Each instant the cloud is different. Like our lives, we are morphing from one moment to the next and are not the same person at any given time. We are like clouds, sculpted by the winds of our environment.

I know what I want. Yal-hune made that clear to me when she shielded my mind from external influence. I need to embrace that moment, and how free my mind felt during it, and keep working towards the goals I outlined. I figure the more I work towards those goals my true will shall become more dominant and the overshadowers small planted thoughts, ideas and feelings will stand out clearer for what they are - interference designed to cause me to fumble.

I start the motor, and prepare to get back onto the highway and drive back towards Shamballa. A car appears out of nowhere, joining me off the highway. I close the astroroof. And prepare for the worst. The Bentley is lightly armored but has no offensive weaponry.

It is a 1960 Chrysler Imperial all in black. I recognize the unique tail-fins. Big whitewall tires contrast with the shiny black paint. It pulls to a stop alongside. The driver gets out and opens up the door for the backseat passenger. A figure emerges wearing a dark wool trench coat and a Stetson style hat. Not exactly normal for the desert in mid-September. He walks up to my vehicle but stops a few yards away. I'm very curious as to just who this person is, but not curious enough to open the door and meet him. He grabs for something inside his trench coat. I am ready to floor the throttle and get out of here. It is a cell phone. I hear my phone start to ring.


"Greetings. My name is unimportant, but I represent a group of beings who would like to hire Yal-hune. Our world left us here almost a century ago - to banishment on this world. We have no means of communication with our home world and have never had the opportunity to be rescued. We would like to pay her to send a message to someone who can come and rescue us."

"That's very interesting. How did you get my number? How do you know about Yal-hune?"

"Some of our race are placed in positions to become privy to such knowledge. Do not be alarmed. We will not share it with anyone else."

"I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I'll tell Yal-hune about your offer and see if she can assist you. What planet are you from?"

"We are from Szipir. She will know where this is."

"Okay. I now have your cell phone number in my phone. I'll have her call you if she accepts your offer. I'm curious - what is the rate of payment you offer?"

"We offer 20 million dollars and anything she wants we will attempt to obtain. Most of all we would offer our thanks."

"Hmm. Okay. I imagine you have been able to secure quite a pile over 100 years."

"Yes, and it will serve us no good after we leave this world."

"What's with the car and the outfit?"

"The outfit protects me from the cold of this world. Even here in the desert the temperature is many degrees cooler than our world. As to the car - we bought the car new 49 years ago. Things we buy or use don't age or decay as quickly. The car is just a tool we have found useful in our interactions.

"Understandable. I must be going now. What is your name?"

"I'm Xiplan."

"Well Xiplan, good luck. I hope Yal-hune will call you an intergalactic cab or something like that."

"Thank you."

I close my cell phone and gently step on the throttle, I watch in my rear view mirror as the figure makes his way back to the car. I never would imagine that there are stranded aliens on Earth and all over 100 years old. But I long ago realized that truth is always far stranger than fiction.

The stars hover overhead and their distant light is the only light that illumines the pitch black highway. Yal-hune is probably fast asleep and dreaming. What - and who - does she dream about?

Which poses the question - Do Extraterrestrials Dream of Alien Sheep?

(End Part 12)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Extraterrestrial Secrets (Part 11)

I find myself in sub level 7, which houses a conference room for classified discussions. Shamballa is shielded from cell phone and other electronic interference. The walls emit fields which jam all chip based video and camera equipment, so nothing can be photographed with anything newer than a Polaroid instant camera.

Techs 2,5 and 8 are present and several formerly well-placed officials from the previous administration that now receive pension checks. The subject is naturally Yal-hune.

"Just how powerful is she?"

"I don't know." I reply honestly, "No one has tested her yet."

"Flying, force fields and attraction/repulsion make her currently the most powerful person on the planet." notes one of the Special Directors still linked to the Agency, "She could be a one woman army - we're talking Superman type stuff here."

"She's completely harmless. She would never intentionally harm someone."

"Do you know that? For sure? How can any of us really know?"

"I've shared mind with her - I know."

"You yourself noted how superior she is mentally to any human. She could be fooling you and concealing her real interests. For all we know she could be the point person for an alien invasion, obtaining information by befriending you..."

"Are you suggesting that..."

"Hey, don't get me wrong...My god - if she fell into my lap, with that body, I'd ride that rocket home too."

"I can't believe this."

In another time and place, for saying things like that about Yal-hune, I'd have gotten up and punched him across the jaw so hard it would be in traction. However, I am still on equilibrium. Yal-hune has rubbed off on me and such talk doesn't phase me. What's more I know he speaks for 9/10ths of the Agency and other organizations that are thinking just the same thing.

"No, really...think about it. An Alien ship lands next to your car, drives home with you and you just 'happen' to have some of the highest security clearance in the nation? Accident? I think not. You were targeted. You say her molecular structures were reformulated for Earth. So we don't even know what she really looks like. For all we know she may look like the blob and has had a molecular face lift to look like a 'perfect human woman', hotter than hell, which no human male - or even female - will be able to resist."

Tech2 chimes in, "C,mon..if she is as powerful as we think, why would she even mess around with the disguise? She could just fly down, break into any facility, steal our secrets and take over the world all by herself. If she wanted to take over the world she sure as hell wouldn't come down and start telling everyone to make sure their minds are their own, and to use their time more constructively."

Tech8 speaks up now too. "What's more is she already knows everything about Earth. I talked with her for twenty minutes and she knew everything I mentioned. She knows all about Earth geology - and far more than we know. She knows something about our planet's core, that I had never heard before. But it's not just scientific stuff or history, she even knew who won the last World Series and can even sing popular songs and knows who the latest groups and singers are. Christ, she knew more about this planet before she arrived here than anyone here on Earth knows about it."

"And you don't find that a bit distressing and dangerous?"

"No. Not really. I find it refreshing."

"We need to find where her allegiances lay. She came to the United States..."

"No she came to the Earth. She is here as an emissary to Earth, not just the United States," I interrupt.

"Okay, the Earth. So where does that leave us? The Agency is always compromised, you know that, and by this time next week - if not sooner - half the world will know about the level 7 plus extraterrestrial that arrived and is now here in the US. You think that we will not have to fend off twenty different nations and their intelligence agents? She will be a magnet. Everywhere she goes will become a shooting gallery. If they can't abduct her, they will want her dead."

"I've already planted the seeds of disbelief. No one at the Agency, that could compromise her, has ever seen her. Before long most nations will believe everything they hear about the beautiful female alien landing in the desert is just a fictional tale for entertainment. Besides, if she is as powerful as she is, no human weapons could breach her defenses, no one could sneak up on her from miles away and no one can approach her with negative intent without her knowing it. She's perfectly safe - wherever she is."

"Yes, but what about all those around her?"

"What are you getting at?"

"Area 51. We need to keep her out of circulation."

"No way. She came here to mingle and do her job. Not to sit in a fancy cell and chat once a day with a handful of geeks who themselves don't get enough sunlight. Area 51 is a poor man's Shamballa - and I wouldn't want to keep her shacked up in here either."

"You need to be practical."

"And what's practical? Keeping the most powerful being on Earth locked up like a canary in a cage? My God - she came here to help us shake off a real alien invasion. We need to assist her in any way we can!"

I get up from the leather upholstered bentwood chair and pour myself a glass of ice-cold water from a pitcher which sits on a polished silver tray on the 20 foot long dark honey-colored teak table. Everyone is fidgeting.

I empty the glass before I speak, "From what you tell me, Obama has been kept out of the loop. Project MIMIR, as we all know, is no longer officially active and has no jurisdictional authority. So this is a judgment call we get to make. I want her to be free. And what's more - she's indicated she can teleport at will - no devices necessary - and so she could leave any facility we set up. Let's not antagonize her, let's work alongside her. The fact that she did pick the United States to land is a good sign. We will benefit the most from her presence at first - so the Agency need not fear that other nations will get a jump on us. If anything, this is the greatest thing to happen to the United States since we lured Nikola Tesla to emigrate to America. This is a windfall. Let's not blow it."

"Well it's your call. I want to go on the record to say I think she should take residency in Area 51."

I realize he's saying that to cover his own posterior. If things go bad, he can point to his statement and exonerate himself. When one works for the Agency one becomes a master of fence-sitting and second guessing projects and missions. The truth is, he really is happy she will be kept away from Area 51. He was, himself, thinking just a few moments ago how poor the results are from research conducted there with extraterrestrials and that the place had out served its usefulness. I shouldn't have read his mind, but in this proximity his thoughts were so loud it was actually too hard for me to ignore them.

"Gentlemen. I thank you all for your input, but I think that we are pretty much finished here. Yal-hune will remain free and be assisted in integrating into our culture. This meeting is now adjourned."

I shake hands open the Fortezza encoded doorlock with a thumb imprint and walk out with Tech2 who whispers to me as we walk down the hall, "I'm worried. I know I shouldn't be, but I feel it in my gut - somethings not right. I just don't know what it is."

I see he really is worried. Which is an unusual state for him. He's normally Mr. Levity.

"What's not right? Yal-hune?"

"No, she's perfectly on the level. There's something else. Something else is going on somewhere."

"It might be the overshadowers. They can't be happy about any of this and will probably start working overtime to counter Yal-hune's message. They will plant disbelief, denial and fear in as many minds as they can."

"You may be right. I'm not normally filled with self-doubt and right now I wouldn't trust me with walking a 85 year old woman across the street."

"Well, if it's any consolation, I would trust you. And I would also trust you to find me the whereabouts of the other electromagnetic field craft that were used by Project MIMIR. Shayla took hers back to her home world which means there are still 4 stored or operational somewhere here on Earth. I want you to find out where they are. Use whatever resources are necessary, but keep it quiet."

"I've wondered about those craft myself for sometime now. It's about time we tracked them down. It shall be done. I'll get back to you as soon as I have something concrete."


Tech2 enters the elevator and I watch it close behind him. The truth is I am concerned about the whole affair as well. I know Yal-hune is safe from humans - but what about other extraterrestrials? I never did trust some of the beings currently residing in Area 51, and suspect more than ever that some are here for less than benevolent purposes. That's one of the reasons I didn't want her shacked up with them - I can't take the chance that they may be able to harm her somehow.

(End Part 11)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Behind the Extraterrestrial Curtain (Part 10)

"...Yes. I would go out with a human. I do not discriminate between planetary sentience. Each sentient species has that infinite spark within - that unlimited potential built-in to grow, learn and experience."

"Would you go out with a quasi-materialistic, oft-overshadowed, somewhat befuddled human that is trying his best to free his mind from extraterrestrial interference from other worlds?"

Yal-hune pulls me closer to her with her mind. She shields my consciousness from interference and all of a sudden I can very clearly see what I want. I want to start a planet-wide program of information dissemination. I want to learn and catalog the worlds she is aware of and possibly set up some form of communications with them. I want to find out more about the overshadowers world and, if possible, find a way to help SDAI or other research divisions, like DARPA, identify the cosmic ray, high-energy signals now bombarding the Earth. I want to know all about Yal-hune, from her birth and life up to this point and I want to know if we have shared any past lives together. I want to join with her, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Yal-hune opens up her mind to me. I see again what an enormous mind it is. Like walking into an enormous building and realizing the ceiling is so high above one, it is out of sight. Her past lives of which she is aware are now being processed by my mind. She has been all over the galaxy, one of the planet leaders on a world of beings that look humanoid, but possess larger heads and have an exo-skeleton in lieu of soft skin. Large eyes, a hardly visible nose and a small mouth. I see other lives on another world - where thin, very pale & almost white beings reside, extremely tall and with extraordinarily long limbs. They must reach twenty or thirty feet in height - possibly taller. The world is extremely beautiful and appears to be made of sculpted light. I cant make out structures or buildings clearly only that these beings already have superseded technology and manipulate energy with their minds. Another world Yal-hune now shares with me has enormous spires of radiant colors and the beings are 12 - 15 feet tall, quite human in appearance, but somehow more vivid and detailed than humanity, more definition is visible in their faces and physical appearance. They do look quite human and, in fact, they look like what humanity might evolve into if it were started on a progressive, evolutionary direction. They make humans appear like washed out facsimiles of what they are.

"These are the Travelers. They live on an enormous world very near the center of the galaxy. They are one of the most advanced material worlds and your genetic code is an offshoot of their own. Their planet is known as Leh-muh-rhee-ah. One of your now vanished cultures, Lemuria, was named after it."

"I have been to their flame room. Shayla has been to many worlds that had a flame room and she shared with me some of these images."

I share the images of what Shayla shared with me. Rooms of silver-gold material, alive to light, regenerating it and each with a simple dais, and upon it a flame keyed into the genetic markers of the sentience that the Travelers nurtured.

Yal-hune shares more of this world and the enormous structures that comprise it. The landscape is beautiful beyond words. The skies - magnificent! Jungles and plant life beyond anything here on Earth - all much more complex and developed. It makes our world appear like a flat, barren plain with plant life not much more developed than moss.

"This is a result of Leh-muh-rhee-ah's atomic complexity and the significant increase in diversity this complexity manifests with. This is planetary evolution. The galaxy offers up worlds of vastly varying development."

I realize just how plain-jane the Earth really is. The way we look at our rocky moon, and quickly yawn, is in the same position. Our world, for all it's diversity, is in the exact same boat when compared to the Travelers world. Yal-hune is in my mind and showing me the beauty of Earth. She focuses on the flowering blossoms, the cliff faces rugged charm and the forests, jungles and seas. She flies over the desolate beauty of the deserts and poles and then she transfers her love of humanity...and it is overwhelming. She loves humans more than humans can love each other. She now focuses on me and conveys to me that we have been together at one time on the Travelers world. We worked side by side in a council that oversaw some of the Travelers' galaxy seeding.

Suddenly it all makes sense. Why I am in the position I am, why Yal-hune is a planetary emissary from her world - and why we are here together, working for humanity and trying to help it throw off the yoke the overshadowing worlds have put upon it.

"Yes. My arrival here and selecting you was no accident. We have pasts together. You know me better than you think."

She shares another lifetime on yet another world. A world where everything seems to be reddish and orange. The landscape is gaseous and yet sentience exists within it. The beings are not humanoid but are intricate molecular configurations of plasma or gaseous type structures. Life is lived on this world in a much more cerebral state. All is thought and very little is physical - as we know it anyways - and yet the world is quite physical. We were joined on this world and were together for most of our lives there. The images leave me shocked, somewhat, as the consciousness is so disparate from what I know here on Earth and somewhat incompatible. But the love of Yal-hune and her very essence is magnified as I realize how completely familiar her essence is.

"Yes, sentience on this world took quite a different form and yet it is one dimension and direction yet explored by developing sentience."

It occurs to me as she shares this, that sentience is far, FAR more diverse than I yet ever imagined. And that indeed sentience takes an infinite number of forms and can develop in an infinite number of directions. Living Intelligence of types beyond our wildest imagination!

The love for Yal-hune that I feel is given shape and form. Her feelings and her essence are now keyed into my own mind. Her consciousness shares her travels to many worlds and the various beings she has gotten to know during her travels. She has many that are close to her and whom she has shared consciousness with in this same manner. I realize if I were not shielded I would feel jealous, but in this state I am happy for her and joyous. Sharing love and mind is a joyous thing. I see that only on Earth and other less developed worlds does jealousy exist. She shows me how jealousy can only exist with insecurity. And if one is secure, no jealousy can exist and does, in fact, seem counter-intuitive. She shows me how on Earth such primitive emotions have helped the emerging stability of family structures, up to a point, yet have also caused great unhappiness where no unhappiness need exist.

"So I take it the answer is yes?" I say with a knowing smile into her mind. I still am floating in the air and am amazed that she has been able to sustain me while all this other mental activity has been going on.

"Yes. I would go out with you...human." she responds with a wave of mental Love and laughter that is exquisite in all ways and leaves me in a mental euphoria unlike any I've ever experienced.

(End Part 10)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Behind the Extraterrestrial Curtain (Part 9)

"So these aliens use humanity sort of as their own second life?"

"Yes. What's more they have lotteries and compete for getting to overshadow 'famous' people or 'leaders' on Earth."


"Yes, for those who are the privileged on these worlds, are afforded opportunities to overshadow celebrities and those who have more wealth, affluence and power. The President of the United States, Royalty, Movie stars, Rock stars and such. These are perks for those who are successful in their overshadowing duties."


"Yes - duties. There is always a chance of failure with overshadowing, as a person's own mind constantly fights against it to some degree. So successful overshadowers are rewarded. This recent scenario, getting leaders in a capacity to send craft to probe this facility for example required careful manipulation of a number of minds. It's all very elaborate and calculated. They even have various personality types to match the various people targeted for overshadowing. Different overshadowers have varying rates of success with different personalities. On these worlds overshadowing is not just for recreation - it's also for control and to obtain a certain outcome on another world."

"So celebrities in Hollywood cruising around their Ferraris and Porsches are more likely than not being overshadowed?"


"Wow. That's quite a revelation. What about our media personalities and the tycoons that run the media empire?"

"All are overshadowed to some degree or another. It all depends on the strength of their own minds, almost all have 24/7 coverage. And when one breaks away with their own will and desire they are targeted even more and those around them are manipulated against them. It's all very diabolical. Family and friends can be used to encourage desired outcomes and achieve a certain goal. In your instance, your knowledge has been suppressed and your innate desires supplanted by the materialistic ones planted for you. Look at the hangar now filled with your material belongings - Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, Rolls Royces and more - you have lived a dual life, distracted from your true desires by these meaningless, materialistic objects. They have been successful in taking you out of commission somewhat. This world would be a far different place had you shared your knowledge over a decade ago. But don't feel bad about it. You didn't know what you were truly up against. They were successful in selling you 'justification' - they are experts at that."

"That's why I always felt guilty about the vehicle purchases? My own consciousness realized I did not really want them?"

"Yes. Your mind knows what it wants. Then overshadowers come in and stick in some other wants. Your mind rejects it, but they keep pounding the suggestions home until they get your own voice to submit. It's nothing less than mental rape."

"How can the other worlds sit by and do nothing as this occurs? Wouldn't some other world have taken this world out for their actions?"

"Why do you think they fear losing control? The worlds they overshadow, once awakened to the process and freed, are naturally quite angry. Keeping these worlds technology from advancing beyond a certain level and keeping their space program practically non-existent are two major priorities and ongoing tasks."

"That's why your presence here is an enormous threat to them."

"Yes. This is the largest step any world has taken in regards to waking up Earth. On your world satellites and resources are tasked for a mission. On these worlds, overshadowers and sensory-viewers are tasked."

"What if we are not successful? What if the world doesn't believe you or me? What happens to the Earth then?"

"The same thing that happens now - stagnation. Wars. Illiteracy. Selfishness at all time highs. Escape mechanisms pursued with abandon. Addictions of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gaming, surfing the internet and much more. A world of people seeking handouts while they grow ever more perverted in their outlooks and activities. Your world leaders programmed to reject space exploration and cut funding for manned space. They even managed to get your nation to 'lose' all the rocket design specifications from your Saturn boosters and the Apollo program! They have been wildly successful since 1972 in keeping humanity tied down on Earth. Elemental, non-space faring worlds are safe worlds to mentally exploit and control"

"Is there any way we can design and build shielding in this facility first? Use it as a prototype for future shielding?"

"The technology to shield the Earth is the same technology that, when rearranged, could be used for manipulation. If your world is not careful, it could get worse. Wars have been waged where sensory-viewers are employed as weapons to control others on other worlds and get them to destroy themselves by accidentally triggering a holocaust of some sort. Until the people of this world are more mentally and spiritually awakened such shielding, and the technology used to implement it, would probably backfire and create a holocaust here, destroying the Earth."

"So what are you saying?"

"I'm saying that humanity needs to use its mind first. It needs to become aware and fight to hear their own still small voice. Once the billions of your world start to do this and knowledge of this overshadowing is commonplace - the first true shield will be underway. Only after this is done can shielding be employed with less risk of being reverse-engineered and used for some equally horrifying devices on Earth. Our world has learned its lesson. We will not share technology with worlds that are not developed enough morally, mentally or spiritually. We do not place knives in the hands of babies."

"Too many will not believe this. At most it might attract the attention of a few. And the governments of this world would never, ever, acknowledge dispersal of this information. This would be top secret - crypto - eyes only stuff and so compartmentalized as to be useless to the world. Even Project Mimir never disclosed anything of this nature."

"Is that you talking or the 'skeptical' paid dissuaders that overshadow you talking?"

"You're right. I want to go full steam ahead on this, regardless of the outcome. Even if it saves a small number of souls from overshadowing, these then influence another number and on and on it goes."

"Yes. All humanity must wake up! The future humanity wants to live in, truly, can only be shaped by a world with many minds that are free. Otherwise Earth will remain a form of hell - or as we classify it, a shadow world."

I watch her hover there and speak for the micro-cassette recorder. I keep second guessing my internal monologue now...how much is me and how much is some blue skinned, hairless weirdo that get his kicks planting thoughts and suggestions in my mind all day long. I realize I want her to save me from all this. I want her to fulfill my fantasies of what a superior being should do. It's frustrating to know and understand that she will not give us technology to defend against this until we show our own effort.

If this were a movie or a sci-fi novel I would have a desk full of schematics, she would have fallen in love with me and she would be teaching me how to fly. As it is my desk is empty, my Hummer has been blown up, no schematics are on my desk or will be anytime soon, and she is flying there - well hovering anyway - in the middle of the room. She is asking for the toughest task of all - mental alertness and diligence. I realize just how flaccid my mind has become, especially since Shayla left, and I am lazy.

My focus on the material rewards of all this keeping popping in my head. The thought of power, riches and fame are clearly put before me so as to tempt me - with the notion that I somehow want these things and should adjust my actions to obtain them. I don't want them. Fame is a nightmare. Riches are a burden and exploiting power over others is more akin to suicide than glory. They lure the technology angle next. Who knows what wonderful technologies she could share and build? And her personal powers have to be the most tantalizing of all. Who wouldn't want to fly, repel or attract objects and be able to erect an impenetrable forcefield around one's body? Who wouldn't want her as a lover?

"Switch off the cassette recorder. Your mind is somewhere else."


I click off the recorder.

"Nothing to be sorry about. You are beginning to understand the difficulty of what it is I ask - and you see how your mind is constantly manipulated so as to keep you off balance. I don't want to shield you because you need to be able to recognize these things on your own. It will get clearer. It will get easier as your true voice transforms from the still small voice to the active big voice. Sex, money, power, fame all these are simply distractions from what you really want. You want to learn and expand and experience new things! You want to travel the universe!"

She smiles and hovers closer to me aligning her eyes with mine.

"And maybe...if you work hard to free yourself...I will teach you to fly."

She closes her eyes and I suddenly feel as though I am flying. I AM FLYING! She is lifting me with her mind and I am floating in the air! I feel no weight on any part of my body - similar to the weightless feel in space, but with more coordination and sensory input from the various muscles and all the rest. I move my legs to sit Indian style as she is doing. It is uncanny to rest and not feel the compression of the various muscles and limbs.

"You are cute when you're all excited. I haven't seen you like this since the first night I arrived and you were ogling me like a schoolboy whose hormones have just kicked into overdrive."

"Are you married back on your world?"

"We don't maintain those types of religious contracts. We are free to be with whomever we like for as long as we like. We realize we have more than just one match for us. We realize as we develop we continually broaden our scope and have more and more matches and are growing closer to many souls - not just one."

"So do you think you would ever go out with a human?"

"The answer is to that is..."

(End Part 9)

Behind The Extraterrestrial Curtain (Part 8)

I'm in the cavernous hangar looking at the cars brought back from my home along with a moving van filled with my belongings. My life seems somehow uprooted and disjointed. Everything here has been scoured for bugs and even passive transmission devices. As I look at the jumble of clothing and books haphazardly thrown into open boxes, I wonder if it's worth it - after all I can't even live in a home like normal people. I remember how I felt when I first saw Yal-hune appear in the desert outside her ship. I never imagined that this would turn my life completely inside out.

Yal-hune is suddenly in my mind. "You should ask me some more questions. The people of Earth are getting a lot out of your blog entries. They are reaching out towards my mind and I feel them. Some are fearful, others skeptical, all have many more questions and wish they would be addressed. They are all over the world. This is why I am here. If you want to start the process of protecting Earth, here is your chance to get the ball rolling."

"Okay, okay. Just let me grab this box full of underwear and socks."

I grab the box and carry it off the moving van. For a brief moment I entertain the visualization of the sweep team going through my belongings for bugs and sweeping these as well with a assuring, "No bugs in this pair!" before going on to the next. I smile and find something amusing about having ones privacy shot all to hades.

Yal-hune is waiting for me outside my quarters. Two of the researchers, women, who work here went out and bought her some fashionable clothes from a big and tall shop. She is dressed smartly in a flattering one piece dress with a floral pattern. The flowers somehow bring out the pink in her strongly pink tinted skin and, as always, she is incredibly beautiful. Her golden hair has been braided and crowns her head rising in the back, showing off her absolutely incredible neck and decolletage.

"Come on in Yal-hune, we'll get started just as soon as I set down this box and pick up the micro cassette recorder."

Yal-hune follows me in and sits in the air, Indian style - hovering over the floor. Seeing her actually fly freaks me out a bit. I shouldn't be freaked out by now but seeing it puts it all into perspective and I hustle and grab my recorder.

"It's Friday September 18th, 3:44 PM. I'm here in Shamballa with Yal-hune an extraterrestrial from a planet near the center of our galaxy. I'm going to ask her some more questions and I'm going to let her speak on whatever topic she cares to address. Hello Yal-hune."


"Earlier you said people were getting a lot out of these conversations and you could feel them reaching out to you. You want to elucidate a bit?"

"Yes. Thoughts are very powerful things. I am very sensitive to thoughts. On your world a dog can hear a very high pitched whistle that humans can not. It can hear the footfalls of someone outside a house, and start barking, long before anyone else knows someone is there. My mind hears thoughts in much the same manner. Since you posted the first of these conversations, to your blog, I have heard all manners of thoughts and from all over your world. People are curious. They intuitively sense the truth of the matter and yet they also realize it somehow must be impossible. This leaves them in somewhat a state of confusion and this confusion washes upon my consciousness like a wave. I hear them debate, reason and rationalize. Their hopes, fears and dreams all are very vivid things and race through time and space, drawn unto me via frequency relationship."

"Frequency relationship?"

"Yes. Because my words resonate in their consciousness they have a built in carrier wave that reverberates with me. As they read, they feel and think and these signals bounce back to me with my own words like a boomerang. It's very precise. If you send out a signal with your cell phone the return call also comes to your cell phone. Your cellphone broadcasts and receives at two different frequencies so you can talk and hear at the same time."


"The mind is an amazing and complex transmission and receiving device. You receive signals all the time and also transmit them. So when people read your blog entries they are transmitting all the while. And because they are reacting to my words these signals travel immediately to my own consciousness. Many who on your world seek the truth about extraterrestrial life have found these words - which of course is no accident."

"No accident?"

"Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall open."

"I didn't know you were versed in our world's religion."

"This is really about cause and effect as well as frequency relationship and energy. All these people seeking truth must eventually find it. Such is the nature of the universe. Unfortunately, for many, their quests have numbed them to truth. Along the way many have been targeted and they fail to discern the spurious signals and interference from their own inner voice."

"Yes, you were saying everyone on Earth is targeted to some degree or another?"

"Indeed. A dozen worlds with over a trillion inhabitants use sensory viewers. There are not enough humans to go around. They seek more growth on Earth so that each gets more time and greater diversity in their recreation - controlling and influencing an assigned human."

"That's rather scary. Is that what is freaking them out?"

"Yes. Many are convinced of the sanctity of their own mind and refuse to believe that they have been, and are being, influenced by beings from other worlds. The prospect is too horrifying."

"It is horrifying. I still don't like thinking about it."

"But don't you see? That is exactly the first wave of defense for those using the sensory viewers? 'It's impossible!' 'It's just a story!' 'Someone is pulling our leg!' and much more. No one wants to think of themselves as schizoid...but do humans even know what an non-interfered thought train looks and feels like? Do they know that on most worlds sentience does not argue with oneself in one's mind? That knowledge comes to the right decision instantaneously and that only on Earth and other targeted, defenseless, elemental worlds have then added voices debate something with your true voice and mind - trying to get you to change your initial course of action?"

"That is too annoying to think about. In fact my mind keeps trying to change the subject! I can't just focus on that! It's like some sort of mental hot potato!"

"Yes. Those are your overshadowers at work. They don't want to lose control. That's like someone on Earth threatening to shut down 'Second Life' a place where humans get to live vicariously through artificial beings. What would happen? These millions of addicts would rise up and resist - and seek destruction of those who threaten the loss of their recreation/addiction. So changing the topic is the first line of defense for them."

"Can you help humanity?"

"That is what we are doing right now. As they read these words they will be helped - and their overshadowers in the sensory-viewers will be quite unhappy. However their still small voice will rejoice in finding these words in your blog. It will finally understand what it has been up against and why life has been much harder than it needs to be - for everyone on Earth."

"Yes, I can start to think about it now. And the more that I do, the more free my thoughts seem to come in - without the internal bickering. It's quite a revelation!"

"Nothing is easy. Humanity will have to learn how to fight these uninvited guests in their minds and question their internal dialogues - just who exactly are they having that dialogue with? And how to identify who they really are!"

I look at Yal-hune, hovering over the floor...she smiles as she reads my thoughts. I was thinking that Yal-hune is going to free the Earth - by helping each person free themselves and find their own true potential.

(End Part 8)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Conversations With An Extraterrestrial (Part 7)

I wake up to the shrill sound of a siren. I get up from my daybed and turn on the base monitors built into my office wall behind the desk. The alert is sounding and I see troops scrambling out to the tarmac and elsewhere. The clock on the shelf says 1:51 AM. I depress the button on my comlink which sits on my desk.

"This is Tech1 what's going on?"

"Sir, three stealth bombers just breached Shamballa's airspace on our Eastern marker. We have scrambled 8 SDF-22s as a precautionary measure and the anti-aircraft missiles and electromagnetic pulse gun have been readied."

"Have you radioed them?"

"No reply sir. Nothing but static."

"Plane beacon identification?"

"They're from Peterson AFB in Colorado, sir."

Yal-hune is in my mind before I can tell the duty officer to offer a final warning before firing on the planes.

"They are not exactly attacking. They we're sent to test Shamballa's defenses and my abilities. They are willing to sacrifice these men for information. If you fire they will think you do not have your level 7 extraterrestrial kept here. If you don't they will know you do and they want to confirm that I am here."

"That's really callous. Can you follow the orders on that? Who is still playing games and why? I thought Shayla straightened this out."

"Hold on a second. Oh! I suppose this was to be expected."


"It's a hostile extraterrestrial overshadowing four people in Virginia,then manipulating three more in DC and two in Colorado, swaying their actions with 'suggestions' and fears. This world, which is the most active in exploiting humanity, was monitoring our conversation last night and decided to act on my revealing the sensory viewer information. They really don't want humanity on Earth to slip out from under their control and they will work effectively to use and target people to be put under their influence to try and stop my mission from succeeding."

"What should I do?"

"I can't tell you what to do, but if you are asking for advice I would NOT fire on the planes, or if you do fire on them and can miss intentionally - keeping them wondering if they just got lucky, or if I am here."

"Orders Sir?! the planes will be in missile range in just 20 seconds."

"Fire a warning missile near each plane, but don't hit them. Give orders to the SDF-22s to escort the stealth bombers out of our airspace."

"Yes sir."

Yal-hune has made it to my quarters and she tells me in my mind, "I'm just outside your door."

I get up and open up the door lock with the Fortezza key card and Yal-hune enters wearing a pair of standard issue pajamas and, on her, making them look like some of the most fashionable designer sleep wear.

"Yal-hune, just how much influence do these negative aliens have? Is everyone vulnerable? If we officially ask your world for assistance in shielding our world from these controlling rays would you help us build a shield?"

"It's somewhat complicated. Officially we can not interfere, even when asked to interfere. Unofficially, we can share information that helps you to build and design your own shield. If we obviously interfere we give these hostile worlds a chance to say that we violate our own non-interference laws and are just as guilty as them of influencing worlds as we see fit. Because Earth has been contaminated by multiple extraterrestrial interference, for many centuries, I was permitted to travel here. But this type of hands on presence will be portrayed by some worlds, protecting their interests, as great hypocrisy."

"How large an area can your consciousness effectively shield?"

"I have never tested my abilities in this regard on Earth. On other lower worlds I have visited, I have on occasion shielded an area that would translate here to about a few miles square."

"Can you shield our fighters and the three bombers now in our airspace from external influence? We don't want any accidents and they could certainly use their own minds in this crisis."

"I will try. However, each action comes with certain reactions and ramifications."

Tense minutes pass. Yal-hune is still completely at ease and her calm has a calming effect on me as well. I have this deep-down understanding that everything will work out and that even this scenario, which seems quite negative on the surface, can be used to positive ends - perhaps even by illustrating to others at the Agency just how much we need to get a R&D program going at DARPA in regards to a planetary shield.

"Sir. The Stealth Fighters have been radioed to leave this airspace and warning shots were fired. The SDF-22s are currently escorting them out of our airspace and we have picked up their radio transmissions - they have been ordered back to base."

"Good. Keep monitoring their milsat frequency until they have returned. And alternate two SDF-22s on patrol runs until dawn.

"Yes sir."

Yal-hune is probing. She is sharing with me the images of this hostile world and their viewer-sensory chambers which were employed to cause this particular crisis. There are a group of 12 viewer-sensory chambers working in concert together and an overseer monitors their activities and progress. I see a bald being about 5'4 with bluish hairless skin in a yellowish garment. He extends his middle finger up and laughs, in a manner worthy of a being considered human. He is developed enough to sense our mental presence or has a viewer monitoring us here in Shamaballa.

"Yal-hune how can someone who can be developed in such a manner be so evil?"

"As with all points in the evolutionary spectra, one can start backsliding at any time. This world was progressing for many millions of years and their sun started to falter. Future generations sought advanced technology from other worlds to counter the changing radiation levels hitting their planet. These devices that were shared with them, by certain worlds who had compassion for their plight, contained technology which could be used for more destructive things - like these viewer/ controllers. They are a textbook example of why worlds are wary of sharing any advanced technology with others - even when the world is dying. Advanced signal manipulation and generation technology can be very positive or very negative."

"Fascinating. No wonder no one wants to share any free-energy technologies with Earth. They know it would be turned into a great evil in short order."

"Yes. Mental/moral development is keyed into the development of technology. Your world actually is not even ready for atomic technology based upon your mental/moral development. The few scientists of your world who have been a bit more developed brought in things which were used by others destructively. And now your planet lives with fear that even more primitive individuals and cultures will possess atomic weaponry and threaten all that has been built."

I think about what she is saying and I realize that our world's history is the byproduct of our own ignorance and the negative intent of other worlds as well. I wonder just how much "human" progress has been interrupted by such interference.

"A staggering amount. Even now your world, including its leaders and corporate structures, are targeted, unbeknownst to themselves, to pursue more destructive choices and lead the masses into more mindless activities. The youth of this world are shaped by video games, television and internet imagery. Their animal instincts are exploited and their higher mental and spiritual qualities are intentionally retarded. Selfishness, materialistic desires and insecurity have become their graduation cap as they leave the educational systems of your world."

What amazes me as she says this into my mind is that as she says it, she is completely unemotional. There is no hair-pulling or "woe is us" sentimentality in her thoughts. And with this frank analysis is always an underlying understanding of its place in an infinite scheme - a balance. That even this predicament of our world can be the building block for a greater humanity, a more sensitive and enlightened humanity that learns from all this and becomes better for doing so.

I become aware of my body's exhaustion - physical and mental.

"I'm going to go back to bed Yal-hune....oh, by the way how much sleep do you need?"

"On many worlds sleep is always governed by the dual/polar nature of energy. Day and night, up & down or sleep & waken, we spend between 40 and 50 percent of our rotation in sleep. Here, I will need about the same amount of sleep humans need - About 8 to 10 hours."

I feel her in my mind and her warmth and goodness gives my mind the feeling that I am lying on a big goose down feather bed. It is very comforting. I am sure there is a scientific reason for it, but right now I just enjoy it immensely. I see her smile as my thoughts reach out to her. She closes her eyes and the feeling in my mind is magnified a hundred fold.

"Sleep well."

"You too Yal-hune."

(End Part 7)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Conversations with an Extraterrestrial (Part 6)

I sit across from Yal-hune who is lying on the soft leather couch in my office. It is late into the night and I sent a clean up crew to remove all the belongings from my home and bring them back to Shamballa. My 'neighbor' has left and his house is on the market, a Century 21 sign grew in the yard overnight. The Agency wastes no time with these things. I can't go back home. I can live here until the dust settles. I think about the events of the past 72 hours and it's all a bit overwhelming.

When she shields me from external influences with her consciousness I realize I enjoy life more. I fear in this short time I am already growing addicted to being in the presence of her mind. It's hard to live a normal life with her around. When she shields me I feel no lower emotions only love, joy and understanding, but when she does not I feel embarrassed somewhat - for my humanity. And then I feel guilty because I am assuming she views me and humanity by human standards - emotions - and I know she doesn't.

It's messed up.

In some ways I now really understand just how incompatible our two disparate worlds are. She lies there and even as I think these thoughts they reach out and hit her, just as if I was speaking aloud.

"Suck it up. You'll get used to it."

Her thought shocks me and interrupts my internal monologue. She laughs. It is a sublime laugh and it is genuine and kind.

"You will adjust. Just as you did with Shayla. You need to see me not as an extraterrestrial - but as a person. I'm not some precious prize to be locked up away from the world, I'm not your personal galactic Google or prophet. If you traveled to some primitive culture how would you like to be treated?"

I never really thought about it like that. I realize I have been conditioned to think of her as a sort of treasure - one that needs safekeeping. But she's right. I would not enjoy being treated different or reverentially. I would want to fit in and not have them act differently.

"Exactly. Treat me as you did Shayla or your comrades here at Shamballa."

"But it's different. With them I would interface on an emotional level. We flatter each other, complement each other's accomplishments and talk about meaningless things. Being human means constantly seeking affirmation. We live for praise and ego reinforcement and we base our decisions largely on these selfish needs. With you that's impossible. Flattering you is actually somewhat of an insult. Here you are - the most beautiful woman in the world and I feel guilty when I look at you that way. I know you can read my mind and you know most of all I want you to treat me as an equal - however, logically I know this is impossible. Even my desire for such is a sign of my human insecurity. Being human means our lives are one big endeavor to seek attention and affirmation. You know this. Look at our internet! We have billions of people sitting alone in their homes communicating via a screen - all of them there for one reason - affirmation!"

"Then you are already one step towards finding your TRUE self. Realizing life is far more than affirmation. If everyone in the world could stop and have everyone else in the world applaud them and give them that affirmation they seek they might realize that affirmation isn't really what they seek. They seek much more, they just don't realize yet. On this world the rich, famous and powerful start to realize these things do not make them happy and they still feel empty inside. Your world is human but your world has lost the real value of its own sentience."

She is smiling. She says all this with a smile and a warmth that defies description. I realize this is what I must do - interact with her from an intellectual level minus the ego. Here on Shamballa where the brightest minds have worked, intellectual capacity has been prized and rewarded. Sure there was camaraderie, but lurking in the shadows was always that desire for affirmation of one's abilities and accomplishments. There was the competition and intellectual accomplishment became a contest. I realize this was already instilled back in the college physics department, the battle to be better than the rest. We all had it, some worse than others. The joy of knowledge for knowledge sake was not enough.

"Yes. You are understanding it now. That's why I say I don't want you to treat me like a galactic Google. Half the time it's your desire to know something and the other half - it's your desire to know something that others do NOT know.

I have watched you grow up. I know you. I know you are very bright and I also know that you have it within you to master these impulses and hidden drives that interfere with your abilities. Yes, you limit yourself when you seek out knowledge for the wrong reasons. You poison your own well that way. It was no accident that you were chosen. You have been sliding backwards."

Suddenly, I feel it in the pit of my gut - an ache. She has hit a nerve and I know it is true. Anyone else and I would be lashing back, furiously. My shattered ego would demand it. With her - I simply can't. She is completely unemotional and calling her names or passing the blame somehow to her would be insane. She is beyond being hurt by emotional outbursts. Around her, I know what it feels like to be me - the real me. The me that doesn't use knowledge as a weapon, that doesn't care what people think about the car I drive or whether my clothes are fashionable.

Yal-hune gets up off the couch. All 6'4" of her. She looks into my eyes with hers and there is a spark there unlike any I have ever seen. It is bright, like a tiny star is burning inside each of her eyes.

"I am here on a mission. I am not human and no one on this world can relate to me on my level - you included. Once you get over yourself and your materialistic, affirmation seeking desires, we will be able to work together to do some real good for your world. You need to know what you really want. What do you want?"

It's all true. What do I want? I want to make love to her. Why? She's beyond beautiful. But what else? She's beyond smart. She's beyond lower emotions. Is it an animal instinct - reproduce with the best mother you could find? Perhaps. Perhaps humanity is more animal like than we even realize. All the entertainment shows, websites and all the rest catering to our animal instincts - procreate and, if you can, dominate others. But what else do I want? Would that really be enough? Even if I could make love to her for an eternity, I would need more. She would not be enough. She would only be a part of what I want.

"Yes, you're getting there now. ALL souls need more than just one 'soulmate' we need a whole infinite universe of souls! We are never content with the information we have, we need to find the information we DO NOT have! And this process never ends. We are infinite - you, I and everyone on your world. We have an infinite spark that can never be fulfilled merely with affirmation, sex, power or money. We need to learn and when we have learned something we need to learn something else. I volunteered for this mission because it was the most challenging one of all - be an emissary on Earth - one of the lowest, most primitive planets in the entire galaxy. It was not enough to live on my world and study worlds from afar. Like many on my world, I needed more than that."

She pulls me out of the chair and guides me to sit on the floor beside her.

"Do you know there are worlds with viewers that can see countless different worlds. The viewers are like Google maps on your world. They can show you how any planet looks. And unlike Google with its street view, these viewers allow you to observe inside buildings and pinpoint any individual. The decadent worlds use viewers unhealthily - like many on your world use the internet. They live others lives, feel their pains and emotions and spend many years of their long lives living as parasites off of other people on other worlds. Yes, it's horrifying. They experience others death, procreation and even birth - all from a sensory viewer. It becomes like a drug, living others lives and influencing their thoughts - using them like remote puppets."

In my mind, she is showing me a picture - I see rows of spheres with people inside them. They have no hair and a bluish cast to their skin. Their bodies are wired up to these signal transmission/receiving units.

"Yes, these beings live on one world that targets the Earth and other primitive worlds that have absolutely no defenses and no knowledge of what's going on. They are not the only world that spends their "recreation" time possessing and experiencing life through others - dozens of worlds do that and the viewers are one of the devices that advanced worlds consider contraband."

"That is why you are here, isn't it? You came here to warn the Earth and get us to develop our minds?"

"In part. The advanced worlds realize the Earth's progress has been largely delayed in part due to these external influences on the planet's population. On these worlds where violence is very controlled - these beings can live out their violent fantasies on Earth. They can enjoy unsafe procreation, suicidal smoking, binging, yelling and fighting, and all the things that are barred on their own worlds. These worlds have channeled their darkness to Earth and we find that quite unacceptable."

I probe her mind as best I can and I see she is telling me this because she has seen someone using me. Some alien has been getting their jollies exploiting me.

"Yes, you have been targeted. All those who know more than most here are targeted. They want to keep you from realizing your true potential and keep you from possibly changing the status quo. When enough bright people on Earth start building devices to record signals inside and outside the brain, these influences will be discovered and traced to these high energy signals bombarding your world from outside your solar system. Once Earth starts to scientifically recognize these malevolent signals and make it public knowledge, then will people start to fight and eventually your world will have it's own shield - like almost all advanced planets have. You will shield humanity from hostile worlds. For decades your world has feared an invasion from negative aliens - never realizing that the negative aliens were already here - in your minds and even sponsoring this fear."

"You have a lot of reasons for being here don't you?"

"Yes. While I don't feel sorry for Earth, and realizing everyone places themselves perfectly for what they need to learn, I have compassion for its plight and seek to put my own efforts towards a positive resolution."

She's shielding me again. I can feel it and all sorts of stray thoughts, fears and insecurities that normally would pop up are not present. I realize now that many of those thoughts are not mine at all, but are intruders that pose as me to get me diverted from what I really want and really feel.

(End Part 6)

"They would like the blog entries to stop." (Part 5)

I watch Yal-hune finish transcribing the conversation and I realize she is still wearing one of Shayla's outfits that had been left in my closet when she returned home. I think of what Cheney said and I wonder if he's made any progress on getting this matter settled. Extraterrestrial programs have always been the most classified and I remember how shocked I was when - what has it been now...three years ago - I met and worked with the Chief Scientist of Project MIMIR after making an extraordinary discovery in Iran. Having an extraterrestrial in charge of a project which dealt with and oversaw all alien related matters was quite a surprise. And if it were not for Shayla, and all she taught me about Earth and other worlds, I would probably never have met Yal-hune. When the administration changed, Project MIMIR officially went off the grid and I don't even know where half of the researchers, scientists and artifacts went. I still have a few, but there were thousands of artifacts that were moved from various facilities. I suspect that some of these folks have made their way back to the Agency and are itching to get their hands on a level 7 plus extraterrestrial.

"Everything will work out. I know what's going on and have listened in on much chatter. Your friends are even as we speak negotiating a truce between the various factions."

"I don't see how they will accept any offering without you dangling somewhere as part of the deal."

"No, someone else is also speaking on my behalf and they also don't want any more losses."

She smiles as if challenging me to try and read her thoughts and I try. It is another extraterrestrial. It is Shayla! She has made some sort of mind link with several high level PSYESPs at the Agency and is relating her world's displeasure. I should have known Shayla would be watching over me from her world, and I can feel her warm thoughts enter my mind. She is addressing both me and Yal-hune.

"Greetings! Yes, I have communicated successfully with those who sponsored the assault and they indicated they will not try again. They have agreed to pretend you don't exist so long as you do not reveal your presence and limit your exposure. They would also like the blog entries to stop."

"How are you Shayla? How I have missed you!" I embrace her mind and she returns with a very gentle embrace. It's only been a year or so since she left Earth, but it seems much longer.

"I have been busy. I have been put in charge of our planet's historical records division."

"That sounds like a big responsibility."

"It is. I am traveling to other worlds collecting more galactic history."

Having a three-way telepathic conversation is a new one for me. My mind feels like a tree with branches reaching out into more than one mind.

Yal-hune thinks, "Thank you Shayla for your efforts on my behalf. I have not visited your world, but when my work here is over I will make a point to stop by and express my thanks in person."

"As the former Chief of Project MIMIR, I still hold some sway with a number of the individuals now working for a new project that was designed to pick up where MIMIR left off. I can't say I particularly enjoy to see the changes. This new project is too closely linked to other less constructive efforts and individuals. But this too shall pass."

I breathe a sigh of relief. Yal-hune will be able to integrate into the culture, and complete her mission without interference. And as for the blog entries, we can always make them seem a bit fictitious so as to preserve that key element of plausible deniability, yet still permit Yal-hune a vehicle for information dissemination.

(End Part 5)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

"We want the Extraterrestrial!" (Part 4)

Yal-hune sits in one of my vintage Ekornes 'stressless' chairs made in Norway about 20 years ago with beautiful bentwood. Her pink hued skin contrasts and complements the honey colored wood. I switch off the tape recorder.

"I still have much more to share. Why don't you want to continue?"

"This will be enough to transcribe. I'm going to blog it. We're going public."

She reaches into my mind with hers and sees what I am planning. She delicately - gracefully even - pulls each thought train and reviews it.

"You know certain people at the agency will read your blog and you're contacting those within the agency that you can trust. And you feel the public exposure will put the rogue elements of the agency in an awkward position as you leak information to the world."

"Something like that...well exactly like that. I can't really hide it from you, now can I?"

"No, you can't. Why all the clandestine stuff? Why not just let me go to the UN Headquarters and request to address the General Assembly? Or visit your President Barack Obama at the White House? Surely he will not judge me because the color of my skin?"

"Use your abilities Yal-hune. Probe what chatter is going on about you. Probe the phones and the cell signals, the President, or a top flunky, is probably aware of your presence and I wouldn't be surprised if he has already signed off on an Executive Order authorizing extraction teams to assault Shamballa. I know the way this game is played. You and your abilities are the wild card they have to take into consideration. Our government has..."

"I know all about the agreements made with various extraterrestrial beings. Those worlds had no authority to attempt to browbeat the Earth governments into keeping man no further than low Earth orbit. We have intercepted many ships that emerge in your solar system with negative intent."

"Negative intent?"

"Yes. We have probes positioned throughout your solar system which track the coming and going of all spacecraft and the beings within. They are very advanced and can even scan the occupants consciousness for negative intent. Quarantined systems, such as yours, are protected in this manner. Only craft with legitimate scientific and positive intent are permitted to remain."

"Fascinating. So what about those grays? How did they get through?"

"Synthetic beings have no real consciousness. They are more machine than being and so they have no real emotions to scan. Some of these have gotten through, but our probes are becoming ever more sophisticated and many of these craft are turned back without incident."

"Okay let me transcribe and blog this stuff."

"Would you like me to?"

"You type?"

"Faster than you, don't forget I have watched you type on the viewer."

I probe her mind as best as I can. My own limited abilities permit me to clumsily review her thoughts. I see her standing before a giant view screen. She is on her world and watching me as a child. I keep forgetting she has seen me grow up on their viewing system and that she truly does know me better than almost anyone else. I feel her in my mind now. She is bringing to the surface a memory long since vanished - the first time I hit the keys on an old Underwood portable typewriter. I must be two years old. I can feel the keys fight my little fingers.

"Humans forget so much of their lives. It's as if after a few weeks they become new people, detached somewhat from what has come before."

"How much of your 798 years do you recall?"

"Almost all of it. Our brains are developed and we can tap all these memories quite easily."

"Even with so much time under your belt? 300 years ago seems like it would be an impossible thing to recall."

"It's all relative. When one lives as long as we do, one's mind views time quite differently."

She gets up from the chair and sits in front of my laptop. She starts keying in the transcript.

"Wait let me rewind the tape!"

"That is not necessary. I remember word for word what was said."

Before my eyes her fingers flash as though she is some super-secretary, gracefully depressing keys in a blur and the light clicking sound of the keys almost seems melodic as she hits them.

"Break it into several parts. Otherwise it might be a bit too overwhelming."

She is in my mind again and her mind is joining with mind and my ideas and hers are merging and taking greater form. She understands what I wanted to do and she has not once looked away from the screen as she types. I think of the shared oscillation and she gives me a mental peck on the cheek with her mind, all without slowing down a bit on the keys. It feels so real I can still feel my cheek tingle.

"It is real. As real as if I got up, walked over and kissed you."

"How can that be?"

"Your mind is you! If your mind does something - you do something! The power of the mind is very real. On our world, no one is really ever apart as they can interact even over the greatest distances, particularly when the parties know each the other well. Our minds are much more developed and we understand this and use them responsibly. The closer they know each other the easier it is for them to interact as if no space or time barriers existed between them. Humanity commits all sorts of 'evils' in their mind and feel they are absolved of responsibility because they did 'not really' do or say something - they 'only thought' it. This must and will change. Humanity will realize that thoughts will either build a stairway to the stars or dig a tunnel into the lower realms."

Yal-hune smiles. "When people read this they will be inspired and motivated. I am putting a little something extra in this blog, something they will be able to walk away with after they read it."


"Remember when I shared with you what our world looks like? Well impregnated into these posts are tiny subharmonic wave forms generated by my mind. After reading these words, the images will be encoded into the readers consciousness for them to decipher. Not just images and feelings, but also a little spark that will help them process this data and positively activate some of the unused portions of the brain."

"You know what you're doing with that? We don't want mobs of people shouting, 'We want the Extraterrrestrial!' appearing over the web. That might be too much."

She smiles. She reminds me in my mind that she accessed my blog without asking for the password or user id.

"You do know exactly what you are doing don't you? There's a bigger plan here isn't there? Something you are not telling me!"

She smiles again. And her lovely, absolutely beatific countenance is overwhelming me. Suddenly, everything is completely right with the world - even when its so obviously messed up. Her love is powerful and I wonder how the world will react to it...and her.

(End Part 4)