Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Radiation Problem - Poisoning Us All.

The radiation problem is still with us and the lid of suppression is being used to keep most of the public in the dark. The milk being produced in the west coast, particularly the Pacific-Northwest is already irradiated with I-131.

In the last entry you read the exclusive on how I-131 is influencing the weather and acting as a tornado seeder.

It's doing all sorts of things, but no one is paying too close attention. Once in the food chain as milk it enters into cheeses, yogurt, whip cream all other dairy products and then into things like TV dinners and frozen entrees which use cheese. We detected radiation from whipped cream that was about twice the level of normal background radiation and releasing lots of beta particles.

The truth is, the farmers can't separate the radioactive particles from the milk. How could they unless they had an elaborate and costly scanning process in place, So samples are tested and as long as they don't exceed the FDA's limits - are shipped out and put into the human food chain. The government is pretending, and a portion of the scientific community is going along, that all this I-131 is mostly harmless and are not taking hardly any measures to protect the public.

The EPA has monitoring stations up and a website where one can obtain the latest background radiation readings. Unfortunately, if you check the dates - much of the collection data is for periods before the radiation arrived and in places like Hawaii, the Beta particle count has been offline and is not "fixed" yet. Which is, of course, to suppress fear from extremely spiked rates. In Hawaii Cesium 134 (half life about 2 years) and Cesium 137 (half life 30 years) have ALSO been detected in the milk samples tested. None of this should be allowed to be consumed by humans or permitted in the food chain. Many of these particle become imbedded in bone cells and if you live in Hawaii, you should definitely scan your food with a Geiger counter before consuming.

Officials are not suggesting anyone scan their food for radioactivity with Geiger counters or take ANY protective measures at all. That's... well, stupid. The ignorance is bliss approach will lead to new cancer cases, particularly in areas of the west coast and Hawaii most saturated with the I-131. If it lands on the grass that cows eat, it is also inhaled by the masses living in a region. It is in the water you bathe with and drink and it is in the milk and the food chain. All this radiation in addition to the normal background radiation means in some areas of the United States they are going to be receiving a significant spike in beta particle exposure. Eye irritation and lung irritation seem to be a common complaint among many at this time - and this is natural. If a particle of I-131 is inhaled into the lung or lands in the eye - it is going to cause irritation as its beta particle release bombards surrounding tissue. The body's defense mechanisms will kick in and coughing, sneezing, eye-watering will result.

You hear a lot about the 8 day half life. That I-131 loses half its potency in 8 days. This is true - but still that is only half its potency. And the real problem is the event is ongoing - fresh I-131 evaporating out of the containment chamber is constantly arriving. So we are being cumulatively poisoned with I-131 with no end yet in sight. Our suggestion to cover the reactors and redirect this I-131 into the seas was rebuffed, which of course is yet another stupid decision and the US should take a strong stand and insist our suggestion is put into place- because the winds are blowing all this I-131 straight towards the US every single day. We receive more than many nearby nations surrounding Japan - simply because the wind blows it across the Pacific to us.

The danger of course is highest for the smallest and youngest among us - the children. They also consume the most milk and can't protect themselves from anything.

Demand action. Demand that food irradiated be kept from the foods infants consume. Demand that the Japanese cover the reactor and redirect the I-131 into the ocean. Demand that more food products be checked for radiation contamination. You should invest in a Geiger counter, regularly check your meals for contamination. As the rain of I-131 keeps falling down on our crops and being inhaled into our lungs and ingested as we eat and drink, the radiation levels will increase exponentially.

Help spread the word. The threat is very real and will get worse in the weeks and months ahead if the reactors aren't covered.

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