Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Donald Trump Dilemma

I'm sitting at the head of a long conference desk, made of a solid piece of teak, here in Sub-level 18. This room is one of the world's most secure. Joining me here are folks who shall remain nameless, but are part of the powers that be. Billionaires, industrialists of some merit and some unofficial and official representatives from certain allied nations of the United States - both free and otherwise.

We are discussing the future, particularly the potential candidacy of Donald Trump for President. Everyone wants something. Tax breaks, loopholes, foreign aid, preferential treatment of one kind or another and much, much more. Everyone wants to know how the land will really lay.

Pointed questions are asked of me. I sit back and listen.

"Is Trump electable as President?"

"I think over the past quarter century we have proven that almost anyone is capable of being elected to that particular office."

"Would you make him privy to SDAI assets as was Bush and other Republican Presidents?"

"Of course."

"What about his skeletons? I don't want to invest and then have it all go to hell!"

"I'm sure he has some. Lord knows, Obama does and all the previous residents have had them. The key is, as it has always been, in suppressing them. Our researchers found a huge surge in people who are willing to try out someone like Trump. He is electable and with a little help can easily defeat Obama and his backer Soros."

"What about that Fox interview? Is he really going to put tariffs on Chinese goods? And is he going to militarize the border with Mexico?"

"I can't speak for Trump, but I'm sure he will explore those ideas. I'm sure he will receive lots of discouragement. Though, for the record, both ideas are doable - if handled properly and with the right people - such as yourselves - backing him up. Our data shows the decline is exponentially accelerating in all industries and the long term setbacks Japan now faces will only empower China more quickly. Confucius has a saying that is most important to remember: 'Balance is the perfect state of still water. Let that be our model. It remains quiet within and is not disturbed on the surface.' We do not have balance with China right now - or with Mexico and we need to find that balance quickly before the tempest destroys our nation."

I look at the various faces as I speak. Impassive, pugnacious, determined, resistant, pretentious, disinterested and rabid.

"You promised releasing a new power source. Will it threaten the oil industry?"

"Not in the immediate future. Oil will be needed for a long time to come and since your industry has perfected price manipulation regardless of circumstances, I am certain a new technology, even after its introduction, will not dent oil prices further than what they were...say... in 2003. This should still be more than enough for you to keep making trillions of dollars. And this technology will still be marketed and sold. It will not be a gift and most of the world will still run on oil for many decades to come. Your great-grandchildren will still all be richer than Midas from oil revenues."

I laugh to take the tension out of the room. Materialists here are all overshadowed to a greater degree and I have the advantage of seeing these spectres as they try to manipulate their hosts. Achieving a favorable outcome for the United States is of paramount importance. Trumps oft-quoted line about the US becoming a 3rd world country is not a joke. From population composition, to education, to infrastructure expenditures the US has been flushed down the toilet over the past twenty-five years. QOL has been going down in the US since 1989-90, not ironically, at the same time the Berlin Wall fell and corporate interests started bailing out on the US for other fortunes to be made around the world, particularly with the fall of communism.

"What's the downside?"

"If this were even 6 years ago, I would tell you about potential instability, global unrest and such - but the truth is, right now, there is no downside. We are already experiencing it. It's the fourth quarter and the ball is at our 10 yard line. We have to make a Hail Mary pass, because in 15 years - or less - the game's over. Not just for the USA either - for USA, Mexico, all of North & South America actually, most of Europe and, believe it or not Asia and China will be struggling too. The data points to a total collapse of industry, development and the outbreak of a small world war three by 2020, primarily financed by resource seeking nations and A-bomb wielding theocracies, if the US, Europe and western interests keep on their downward paths. We will no longer be able to protect our allies as we have done for over half a century."

I let that line sink in, because the bottom line is we are protecting the Saudi royal family, Europe and more. Once the US pulls out - as evidenced by the Libyan fiasco, the world just twiddles it's thumbs and those with the largest arms will rule.

The meeting adjourns after some other unimportant discussions. Most of the various individuals are escorted back to their jets, leaving me alone with Thor, Tech2 and a few others. Thor turns to me.

"What the hell do you REALLY think?"

"You don't want to know what I really think."

"Have you even met Trump?"


"We're screwed aren't we?"

"It was irreversible after that bastard Paulson from Goldman Sachs bent Bush's ear, and before that when they decided to manipulate real estate prices to make up for China making all our goods. We should have let the banks fail."

"But China would've swept in."

"That would be fine. This just crippled the economy further. China still holds the debt, but the people are poorer and the banks - they're still liquid on the taxpayers dime and they're now investing those same dollars overseas! It was total BS. Bush's worst decision was listening to Paulson and not consulting us."

"The banks wouldn't let him not do it. They painted the horror story of total collapse."

"Yes, but it would have been THEIR total it's America's"

"I know...goddamn it. Jesus, I hope Trump can perform miracles."

"Me too."

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