Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Science of Cycles - A Path to Mastery

Here we go! A nice, brain tingling journey into the science of what happens here on Earth and how energy regenerates using cycles.

A cycle is a revolution. We have a minor revolution going on in Iran right now and it is part of a cycle too. Historic events, violent uprisings all are the result of certain cyclic flows of energy. Energy regenerates. It regenerates all that it is in new manners. It interfaces with other energy and incorporates this contact to change. But even though each moment is unique, one can easily identify underlying and repetitive patterns in the tapestry of time.

Your life is governed to some degree by these cycles. Each day you wake up. Each day you sleep. Each day you eat and drink. These cycles are universal for all mankind and much of the animal kingdom has similar cycles they obey.

But what about anger and emotions? Yes, these too follow cycles and if we could see them in totality, we would see that even our mood swings are following the tracks of well established and complex cycles. Days, weeks, months, years and more of established cycles creating for you the emotional being you are at this moment.

The understanding of cycles, simply being aware of their existence, can already be of great use to you. You can know look at your life and adjust or slowly manipulate these cycles to achieve desired results or goals. Self-mastery is that much closer when one addresses these cycles intelligently.

Say you curse too much, or drink, or smoke, or gamble...or are depressed too much. Any of these things can be changed, and changed easily when one understands they are part of a cycle of energy.

Make a chart. Use some graph paper and list the things you want to change about yourself. It may look something like this:





Fear of rejection

On this paper in the other direction, mark a month's worth of days:


June 21st 2009

June 22nd 2009

Start it with tomorrow's date (whenever you read this) and continue for 30 days.

Now you should be able to list many things you want to change, list all these things in the order you think of them. Starting tomorrow you will take out this sheet of paper and mark in the grid a number. That number will correlate to the activity you want to curtail or change. If you are depressed you can write a number from 1-10 the intensity or time you spent in such a state. If you smoke you can number the amount of cigarettes you had. And so on with all these various cycles.

The next day you will return to this sheet at the end of the day. You will again take a tally. It will take no longer than ten or twenty minutes, but it will be the most constructive 20 minutes you could spend. By making this chart - you are setting in motion a corrective cycle, a cycle that will also regenerate and focus you on the path to balance in all these various matters.

In one months time - you will already see your attitude change. Your vices will develop stop check mechanisms. Each time you light up, or overeat, or get depressed will now be more closely attended to by YOUR consciousness, and you will catch yourself more and more till these things become second nature to you.

You can see how such an approach helps to shape your mind and actions into more constructive venues. Saving money, writing a novel - whatever it is that you would really like to do becomes that much more feasible when one understands the cycles in all things.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

River of Light - Faryl Smith

I don't follow all the talent shows on the tube these days, but this girl was brought to my attention. I rarely promote this type of stuff, but the song River of Light is so clearly inspired, both the lyrics and her delivery of them, that I will gladly make an exception. This is the sort of music that doesn't receive nearly enough attention while the more negatively inspired stuff receives the lion's share.

I would embed the video, but it has been disabled. Even positive inspiration has commercial limitations and constraints - but that's ok. Good needs to be compensated too. So here is a link on youtube:

Faryl Smith - River of Light

The lyrics and sentiment are beautiful and true. Faryl, if you happen to read this, keep choosing the high road. Keep working from inspiration and you will provide everyone who hears you sing with a path to access their own river of light.

And this river of light, inside everyone, will eventually be the guiding force in everyone's daily actions and this sense of positive light and love can grow in strength in one's mind.

Every time, I feel the entertainment industry is completely locked up by the lower elements, something like this comes along to show that it is possible for the medium to still uplift and inspire the very best in each person. Congratulations is also due to Universal Music for recognizing the power of promoting the positive.

Again, Ms. Smith - congratulations. Don't let the dark side of the industry get you down, focus on your abilities and what good they can do. If you keep putting out music that is positively inspired, I will do my bit to promote it.

Oh...and Ms. Faryl Smith is just 13 years old. Yet clearly she has been training on these higher planes to a sizable degree. There are no 'gifts' - each earns their abilites through effort in both this world and this life and many others.

Go ahead and click the link and enjoy.

And afterwords, go ahead and buy the cd and support her as she competes with other elements who are not quite so positively inspired.