Monday, May 02, 2011

Thor, Loki, Heimdall, Sif, Odin, The Rainbow Bridge, Einstein-Rosen Bridges & Wormholes

Movies are interesting mediums of entertainment. Each, like all things in this infinite multiverse, provide varying degrees of value or meaning. The film Thor, which has just been released throughout most of the world and which will be released in the US this Friday, is on the surface a rather CGI-heavy interpretation of a second string Marvel comic book character, which itself was appropriated from Norse mythology.

Having watched two films this week, Atlas Shrugged and Thor, the theme would seem to be incredibly strong mythological characters. However, while watching Thor, I experienced a long deja-vu. For me this is a cue to take note of what is transpiring because it has important ramifications.

A deja-vu is an inter dimensional link - a Rainbow Bridge if you will and mine occurred just as the Rainbow Bridge in the film is destroyed.

You see, for those who set up their lifetimes in advance, deja-vu is like a marker, a link, which conveys a bit of needed data from one spectra to another. In the film Natalie Portman as Jane Foster is looking for Einstein-Rosen bridge, this strays from the comic book in which Jane Foster was a nurse. But this change served a definite purpose. In fact, this entire film had a message that will pass largely unrecognized. The message is each has this bridge within them.

Thor promises Jane he will tell her about the bridge she seeks. Then there is Heimdall, who oversees this bridge, and whom sees all and knows all that is transpiring. Each of us possess this ability to varying degrees, though at this time on Earth it goes entirely unrecognized and completely undeveloped. Everything in the multiverse is interlinked and one merely needs to develop the tools that link one bit of energy with another.

A telescope magnifies waves of light to bring one thing closer. In the future, telescopes will go much further than mere magnification of light waves. There will exist devices which can parse this light for subharmonic wave structures and actually recreate images of what it has been exposed to. Imagine what you could see if you were a ray of light passing through the universe. Well, someday, each wave of light will tell a story from galaxies and places no one can even begin to imagine.

Sure, I hear your thoughts. Fantasy. Speculation. Wishful thinking. The truth is I've seen these scopes and already used them. Because time is not linear in the truest sense.

Time is already a constant.

The past and future exist as infinitely diverse energy configurations.

Therefore, every possible future is already manifest. For a world such as Earth, being born in 1850 or 1950 or 2050 or any other time is quite easy to do when not chained to a physical body yet. One merely aligns a portion of one's component quantized field structures to the unique configurations of Earth at any of these points. One can live a lifetime in 3100 AD and return to be born again and live here in 2011 or 750 BC or whatever time period will afford the necessary lessons and growth one seeks out. Everyone on Earth is a time traveler. You are one too.

Heimdall may see all that occurs in the 9 realms, but there is truly no limit to such infinite sight. We are only limited by our own ability to interface with these things. A portion of the multiverse will always be invisible to us - for awhile anyways - and we will continue to increase this sight. So everyone is Heimdall and everyone can create their own Rainbow Bridges.

In our bodies, this time-space bridge is traversed by consciousness. The electrical signals in our brains oscillate with light speed - providing a connection between spectra and linking our indestructible energy fields with our temporary physical bodies.

If you have stumbled upon this posting it is because you are in some way compatible with what is found here. You may not think you are, but because you read these words - the harmonic compatibility had to exist with a portion of your consciousness.

My deja-vu happened for a reason - it prompted me to write this rather unusual entry so that others may increase their own true sight and recognize their own bridges that connect them with the rest of the infinite multiverse.

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