Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I'll let you in on a little secret...

...those speeders make me nauseous at higher speeds and the illustration shows us banking at almost a 70 degree tilt over the cityscape. I don't think we ever tilt much more than 45 degrees, as no one on the team wants to go splat on the vulcanized pavement below. That poster came from a recruiting office in the Earth of 2123 and that time period romanticizes Earth circa 2050, hence the obvious mid-century art style and old-fashioned buildings when colored concrete was all the rage.

"The future lies ahead of us!" said Governor Goodwin Knight in the twentieth century. He was ridiculed for that slogan. "Where else does it lie?" was a common response that generated a few hearty guffaws. That was long before folks knew or even had a rudimentary understanding of time in relationship to matter. It would have been unseemly for Goodwin to go around saying, "The future lies behind us!" or the even more non-plussing, "The past lies ahead of us!" regardless of its accuracy in the larger scheme of things.

Time is a puzzle. You've read these words and contemplated their meaning before you read this blog entry. In a sense this is a re-run. How is that possible? Wasn't your decision to stop by here completely random and controlled by your own fingers working the mouse and keyboard? Well sort of. You see, you already made the decision to read this on another level. A timeless level. The dimension where mass and matter occupy no space and where time is measured only in comparing two different movements of energy.

Your life passes by in an instant on this level. Birth to death and all the experiences in-between are choreographed based upon actions you take on this higher dimension. As a matter of fact the entire physical universe is like a slow motion replay of things that have already occurred.

Here is where relativity comes in to the game. When one is here, on Earth, your consciousness is pinpointed to a particular interface with a physical anatomy. It travels like the needle on a record (or a laser on a cd) and reads the data already stored even though from this perspective the rest of the record/cd is unknown and apparently random--even though it has in actuality already been recorded at another level.

This is why you have had deja-vu. You knew these things from a certain perspective. You still get benefit/harm out of the experiences and interactions because of this consciousness interface. You see...it's not what happens that is so very important, but rather how you react to it! The reactions feed a signal back to this record/cd and have the ability to store data which will change future records/cds which you orchestrate and perform.

Your thoughts are you! Not your body which will disintegrate as your DNA loses its integrity over many multiple signal transfers and regeneration. Your body is but a shell. You have had many of them! They are magnificent tools which you learn to use and can build your true self--your mind.

Reading this blog entry was something you set up to do. This sort of data is only available from a limited number of sources and so this blog was the most convenient one. (Yes, it's hard to believe & yes, I pity you too!)

Nothing I'm saying here is new to you. I'm just an echo. An echo of your own mind. I'm a signal repeater that is carried on down between spectra to provide undiluted information to those who seek it out and are at that point where they have already learned these things in other spectra and simply need to re-format their physical consciousness with the data.

Yes, you are your mind. Each thought forms and shapes you. Each reaction to your family, friends and loved ones is the real you. The material worlds are shadow worlds, filled with people who are slowly learning what you already know. They fear death, when death is really new life by any other name. They fight and shout, raising their voices to be heard above the cacophony of ignorance and fear--notice me! I'm special! I'm me! The realization that everyone is special comes later. The realization that they need not raise their voices or prove their worth to their peers comes later still.

But you, lucky you, already know these things to some degree or else you couldn't be here. It may seem disconcerting at first to think your life has already been laid out like a script, but you must always remember--it's your performance that counts. Each experience and event provides an opportunity for you to build your constructive thought base and strengthen your mind. You will learn that love is the only emotion you will retain in these higher spectra. Hate, fear, lust, envy and a host of other human emotions simply don't exist in these spectra--they can't. As expressions of energy have a certain bandwidth, lower emotion can only occur in an environment with a sympathetic bandwidth. Trying to hate someone on a higher spectra is like trying to light a match underwater. But when you try to hate something in one of these spectra you eject yourself from it in the process. You resonate with a lower spectra when one does so and you'll find yourself in the lower material spectra where such a thought or emotion resides.

This can get very frustrating, as one realizes one hasn't mastered one's mind yet. It's still storing too many imbalanced signals and life purely in these higher planes is impossible until these thought structures are balanced. So back one goes! You promised to do better, to try harder and to balance those things you still cling to which generate great emotion. This life is the byproduct of your plan. A script you wrote yourself so as to get the most out of it.

I'm just a very small supporting actor in your script, but I've got a live earpiece to the offstage crew and can help you remember what this play is all about.

My line delivery is often flat, irritating and unbelievable, but hey...nobody else tried out for this part.



Friday, June 03, 2005

Fodor's Guide to Elemental Worlds (Newly revised for 2005!)



As you know, every atom in the universe is unique. Each has a unique nucleus, particles and has component waveforms oscillating and acting as a conduit for any energy which enters into the atom's quantum field.

It's the reason no two grains of sand are alike, snowflakes or, on the opposite end of the size spectrum, why no two parallel universes are alike.

Energy is always in motion. Unique motion creates unique environments. No two spots anywhere in the multiverse are alike and no two people will ever be able to share identical views of this multiverse.

After you learn your way around this energy, its form and function, you can learn to manipulate it. Nuclear power is just the tip of the energy manipulation iceberg on earth. One can manipulate mass in regards to time, teleport between any place or dimension instantaneously and explore the multiverse at ones leisure.

One can travel to down to elemental worlds, catch glimpses of hell-worlds or spend as much time as one can in the more advanced worlds all by manipulating energy. Each presents certain risks and rewards as one learns more about the infinite fabric of the multiverse. The barrier to such travel is that of one's own structure's fundamental frequency range. The most high dimensions become invisible to one as they oscillate outside one's perception and resonation range. Fortunately, the lowest ones disappear from view and reach as well. At any given time you will have mapped a number of worlds within your personal reach, some a bit higher and others lower in their development.

Earth is an elemental world - much like a 'kindergarten' classroom. It's a place where souls can develop their intellect and master their emotional responses to various scenarios, further removing themselves from the animal kingdom. With a rudimentary consciousness man can develop his reasoning faculties, develop a moral fabric and begin to fathom the concept of positive/negative ramifications in regards to thought and action.


When traveling the multiverse, elementary worlds hold hidden dangers. They can snare one-- and by interfacing with any lower energy it creates a mirror image within your own structures. If any of this energy is imbalanced to any great extent --it binds you to that world and place it was originally recorded until it is put in a state of equilibrium--via experience. This can often take several lifetimes to do and with each incarnation you have to go about re-polarizing all this intelligence which one loses to a physical body by entering a world via the womb.

For all intents and purposes, what was planned as a brief 'weekend' trip can easily become a several 'year' tour. This is the danger of elemental worlds. What's worse is you will find yourself without your peers and friends (unless they traveled with you-which why it is very important to bring at least 3 to accompany you when you explore!) and this makes the trip longer, more dangerous and more 'insufferable' than it would otherwise be with suitable companions who can assist in extricating/stabilizing each other.

As you are well aware, energy of significantly disparate levels does not interface well. You must demodulate yourself to varying degrees to achieve successful interaction with the inhabitants of an elemental world. If you do not you will antagonize these residents. Like a high-pitched hum, your words and very presence will irritate. A natural reaction will be attack from the native residents of an elemental world. If this creates resentment within yourself you will further enmesh yourself in such a place! Always maintain equilibrium--even when attacked. A good case study can be made by witnessing what happened to 'Jesus' on his elemental vacation to the world called earth. He maintained equilibrium even as they crucified him and couched it for their own benefit when he said "Forgive them father, for they no not what they do." Naturally his time spent there was brief and he eliminated the possibility of an extended stay.

To what degree you must demodulate yourself will depend on the world and its present evolutionary development. You need not sacrifice who you are, nor need you compromise your understandings-- you simply must limit your interaction to those expressions which are within the parameters of most native dwellers.

When you manage to balance whatever energies you stored with imbalanced signals, you will be free again and will have learned new data--not the least of these bits of wisdom is that elemental worlds are best avoided unless one has a specific mission and has properly prepared for rapid extraction/minimized interfacing.

So take my advice and plan ahead. Trust me...

...spending 400 years in the elemental worlds, contriving ever more elaborate scenarios wherein your knowledge is piece by piece reintegrated within an elemental environment, all the while pretending to be an elemental and being careful not to interfere with young souls evolutionary development, is considerably more difficult to negotiate than it might appear.