Sunday, November 04, 2007

Life After Death Dissertation

In keeping with a trip to the ROOM, It is probably a good time to review what happens after one dies.

Some folks believe in various Gods and others believe there is no hereafter. Whether passing off responsibility for one's future on some "God" or by resolutely denying there is any possible future one can effectively just coast through life awaiting one's death.

Billions will shout "Jesus save me" as they expire and millions will make no plans for any hereafter and ask only that their dust be splashed in an ocean, planted in the garden or some other absurd pure materialist viewpoint.

Both serve as escape mechanisms and both groups are horribly unprepared for what happens when they die.

The lost souls number in the billions and they loiter any of an infinite number of astral dimension that are frequency-related to their previous fundamental frequency.

If all they knew in life was food, sex, smokes and television they will find themselves trying to fulfill these same regenerated thought forms.

All anyone truly is, is thought.

Each thought is eternal because it is composed of energy and radiates as a wave form with a specific shape, frequency, length, subharmonic relationships, etcetera.

The thoughts of an individual from birth to death compose a very tightly knit field of energy. For lack of a better term this is one's mind. These thoughts keep reverberating and regenerating they are you.

When your body dies - your heart stops beating and when to all the material world you are "dead". You are not dead at all. Your fields of consciousness have simply lost the hook up with your brain and the various synaptic centers which were oscillating with electrical impulses and feeding data back and forth between this field.

Yes, the brain is not capable of producing thought. It is merely an electrical relay that collects data from the nervous system and transmits it to this field of energy and likewise relays data from this field into the body. At the moment of conception - this same field created a relationship with the forming fetus and as the fetus grew, the field regenerated and anchored within this forming brain a strong harmonic relationship.

At any time the fundamental field relationship is severed that person is no longer living in the flesh. Many folks with severe brain damage may still have a body that is alive and yet the person is no longer there. In fact, many of these folks effectively experience "soul transference". The brain now oscillating at a different frequency becomes more compatible with one of the many wandering souls in these astral realms. Effectively the body is "possessed". A complete change in personality, body movements, temperament, interests and intellect is the result. This is because the brain does not store thought - brain cells are like tiny cell phones that can call up thought stored in these quantized fields of energy.

So when the body dies this field is released. The field sustains a link with the body and uses it for sensoral data. Without this link, folks can't perceive via the five senses and now must perceive through the field alone.

This seems hard, but physical sight, hearing, touch are wave-based inputs. A developed soul realizes his true body is his field and each of his thoughts develop a sensitivity to other wave forms. A new sight, hearing, touching replaces the old one. The waves that used to be transferred by the human nervous system now must be detected straight from this field, composed of countless thoughts.

So when the newly deceased person thinks of eating, their thoughts now oscillate and detect similar wave frequencies which match that particular thought They may perceive someone is eating and they will oscillate with that person. They will nourish themselves off of this energy.

The younger souls keep trying to do things they did in the physical. It's all they know. Their thoughts which compose their field are all they have to work with and so they will "travel" in a somewhat uncontrolled manner bouncing between these physical desires. Some will hop from bedroom to bedroom possessing and influencing other folks engaged in sexual activity, others will pass from smoker to smoker getting drawing with each of them, others will loiter around refrigerators, and places where food resides and inspire the passersbys to eat even if they weren't even thinking of food.

Yes, the dead become somewhat parasitic if they do not know of what I speak here today. They bounce around and eventually as they influence/oscillate with some fornicating couple - bam - they find themselves in the flesh again, crying as they emerge from the womb. These folks have no control over the process of reincarnation and bounce around from place to place never the wiser when they are reborn.

The older souls have already done this. They picked up wisdom along the way of life and they know the way the land lies and can control their movements when out of the body. They can travel and soon discover there are many worlds and dimensions outside the physical ones. In fact, they realize that there exists a huge spectra and that the physical portions are relatively low and vastly more primitive when compared to the rest. They may attend classes which teach them more of how this universe works. They will learn of energy, frequency relationship, harmonics, regeneration and an infinite number of other principles which govern the universe.

They will be able to pick their parents before returning. They will be able to clearly monitor the lives of whomever they choose and they may even set up specific events so as to further the development of their field and cancel out any distortions in the same.

Yes, they will do this thousands of times. They will direct and orchestrate lifetimes to facilitate their growth. They have seen these other worlds and they know higher worlds are barred to them based upon their fundamental frequency. Yes, these higher worlds and dimensions do not discriminate - but they function as all energy does, from frequency relationship. If one's mind simply shares no compatible wave forms - these places for all intents and purposes are invisible and off limits.

So the young soul may glimpse these higher planes but cannot live within them. They must return to Earth or one of trillions upon trillions of physical worlds that match up with their particular thought field and build up their field with more experience, wisdom, light, love, etcetera.

As their fields grow so do their abilities between lives.

They go from bouncing around like a parasite between emotions and feelings to becoming a dimensional traveler who has homes in many worlds and in many planes of existence. They may at first set up a home like they had on Earth or some other world. They will build it of energy and thought in some new plane. They will manipulate this energy just as the physical man manipulates wood, mortar, glass and metal. Here they can entertain others, live and learn in a similar manner to how they did when living in a physical atomic world.

These planes have elements too. However these elements are not the ones we are familiar with. They are composed of energy oscillating at a vastly different rate and make physical atoms appear as if moving in slow motion. Everywhere one travels in the universe is governed by these scientific principles. There is no place in the universe where magic, mysticism or some other belief governs.

Eventually one's field is balanced in favor of higher forms, experiences and thoughts and one spends proportionately more "time" within these higher planes and the return trips to the physical worlds are less and less. These physical worlds no longer offer the type of learning experiences which foster growth - and, in fact, would now serve to lower and diminish your field.

The Earth and the many other physical worlds you will have called home and spent many lifetimes learning within become distant memories - like recalling your kindergarten class and lessons. You will look up and see that ever brighter, wiser and more infinite worlds still are out of reach.

You may go to "school" and listen to a lesson from some being who would be mistaken for a "God" or "Goddess" were they to appear on the Earth. They will address you directly via your mind and will share kernels of wisdom and useful tools by which you can continue on your never-ending journey to higher planes of existence. Their love and beauty will blind one, and they will come and go in brilliant flashes like the sudden appearance or disappearance of a star on the horizon.

I've sat at the feet of many of these masters and listened to their minds. They have shared with countless others of their experience, wisdom and knowledge that is the only reason why I can share these kernels of knowledge, which are not compatible with physical worlds, here when in the flesh. I promised them I would do so and my promise is now fulfilled.


Whether anything contained herein aids you or not will be up to you.