Monday, April 18, 2011

241 Tornados in 72 Hours - The Real Cause: Radioactive Fallout

Okay, here is the place the world comes to for the curtains to be lifted and today we will lift them. We have seen 241 tornadoes in 72 hours over the United States - a new record.

Why? Why are their so many and why are they so potent? The answer has to do with the nuclear fallout in the planet's atmosphere from the Fukushima reactor complex meltdown. The radioactive iodine 131 (I-131) is, for all intents, acting as a tornado cloud seeder. Starting in the 1950s silver iodide was used to seed clouds and generate rain. The silver iodide promoted condensation and super cooling of water nuclei from the vapor phase and turning them into heavier water droplets and, higher up, ice crystals.

What we are seeing over the US is extremely polarized weather induced by these radioactive particles which are interfering with the Earth's natural climate system. The I-131 is emitting radiation that condenses these water gases by adding energy to the nearby water molecules. This energy transfer adds weight to these water molecules. When this happens in the upper atmosphere the water condenses into ice crystals and the polarity of these condensed (cold) positively charged nuclei collide with lower atmospheric negatively expanded (warm) charged nuclei and induce an energy vortex - a tornado.

Tornadoes are vortices of energy created when atmospheric conditions of two opposing polar energy masses collide (+ and -). Like the pull of a magnet, these two suddenly generate a great force. Here on earth, we get to see these tornadoes manifest when hot and cold air collide. Polarization now induces a high frequency flow of energy,creating an energy vortex. It is the same reason we freeze superconducting rings to absolute zero so they produce almost no resistance for electricity. The I-131 is supercooling parts of the upper atmosphere and some of the planet's atmospheric energy (a byproduct of sunlight and our planet's electromagnetic field) is now released as tornadoes. It sounds complex, but it is actually very simple:

Radiation always speeds things up. Radiation is energy. A radioactive particle has a potent quotient of energy it releases. When enough of them gather in the atmosphere, it promotes condensation. This is why California was hit with a big storm just as the radiation from the reactor reached the west coast. This is why this tornado season is the worst in history and why tornadoes are appearing in places they usually do not.

Be on your guard. This will not be a normal weather season. All over the Earth more extreme weather conditions will be spawned by the radiation release into the atmosphere. It is hard to imagine that particles so tiny, they cannot be seen with the naked eye, can cause so much devastation and damage - but they can.

Here at SDAI, we had done some post nuclear attack simulations and analysis that took into account these weather altering fallout ramifications. If more fallout is released from the reactors, things will only get worse. This is why those reactors need to be covered and the radiation redirected into the seas ASAP. 7 tons of water per hour is being poured in to cool the spent fuel containment chamber. This water is irradiated and the result is a blend of steam with these radioactive particles entering the Earth's atmosphere - at a rate of several tons an hour! The responsibility to protect the masses from things not understood falls upon the scientific community. Personally, I have been very disappointed with the results. I am disappointed in TEPCO, who must now realize their company is effectively already bankrupt. I am disappointed in the Japanese government for not taking charge. I am disappointed more folks are not using their minds to protect and serve humanity.

So, that's the scientific explanation regarding the massive quantity of tornadoes.

Push for more knowledge. Knowledge is power. Knowledge gives you power to protect yourself and protect humanity from the unknown. Demand background radiation readings in your local paper, right alongside the temperature, around your neighborhood - whether you have nearby reactors or not. Push for more science in schools. Right now we have never been so backward in our goals. We need a healthy manned space program - we need more scientific research. We need electronic medicine to replace outdated chemical treatment techniques. We need power generation technologies that use the global capital of human genius.

Stagnation is retrogression.

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  1. Jackie Hennick12:28 PM

    I had a feeling all of these massive tornadoes had something to do with radioactive particles floating over from Japan to the united states.


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