Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lefse, Snowflakes & Resolutions.

The funny thing about being in intelligence, is no matter what one knows, one gets to a point where one realizes the Socratic truth - one knows nothing. The past 72 hours have been more than eye-opening and I'm thinking Yal-hune knew exactly what she was doing when she left me with Yaylu. Because Yaylu is exactly what I needed at this point in time.

The New Year Intelligence Briefing (NYIB) is sitting on my desk and is over 500 pages of summarized threats, changes and problems - many the byproduct of the global economic realities. Not exactly light reading or entertaining reading, but I dutifully trudge through it and put post-it notes on pages and threats I feel are most important for SDAI to address.

Yaylu has taken Yal-hune's place at our house. She doesn't interface with humanity like Yal-hune did. She is too clearly alien and has no desire to undergo any transformations to blend in. I asked her how she managed for 65 years and she told me that she has alien friends here on Earth and does not socialize with humans. When I told her that must have been lonely she just looked at me and smiled. I don't think she was lonely at all and I did not realize just how many friends she has here.

Now Yaylu has taken me under her wing, so to speak, and she is giving me in-depth lessons in all sorts of galactic physics. She lived in northern China for the past 10 years and before that lived in Norway near Sogndal for 40 years. She says the North Sea when it is at its worst is the closest thing to the oceans of her world and her clothes and style are clearly Nordic. I wonder how many other aliens are in the region and considering her abilities and I'm not surprised she was able to go undetected for so long.

After spending 8 hours off and on with the NYIB, I leave my office, head up to the surface and drive home. The rains and winds are fierce. I feel my car being pulled by the winds and I compensate. The rain gets worse and I realize I'm caught in a flash flood. Visibility is zero. I slow down to a crawl, turn on my fog lamps, activate my radar threat detection system console and the radio's LCD screen transforms. Distant cars appear as blips and I can see those vehicles approaching from behind. As bad as the weather is, I still have to smile about it when I think about what other parts of the nation endure this time of year.

I take the extra time to think about some of the new research directors at Shamballa, who were briefed today and officially begin in the new year. One who will oversee work in the cryptography division is a woman of native American descent - Tohono O'odham, I believe. Something about her caught my eye and I will continue to keep an eye on her. She has a spark and when we were introduced I found myself thinking of the inspired Chief, and his family in the cliffs, with whom I spent time.

At last I arrive home and I pull the car into the garage, slide my nextgen fortezza style card through the security system and enter the house. Yaylu is watching television and has cooked dinner. She looks so dressy and conservative in her white turtleneck and black skirt with black stockings. She's clearly not from around Arizona and her Nordic style is a breath of fresh air. The food smells absolutely wonderful and I realize she is an expert chef and can cook anything anyone could imagine.

"Honey, I'm home!" I laugh to myself as I say it, but it feels right with her there and the table waiting so beautifully with dinner on it. She has even lit a few candles and placed them around. I'm really liking this.

"How was your day dear?" She says and smiles broadly, playing my game as she switches off the wall/LCD display system and rises. She looks fantastic and she gives me a gentle kiss on the cheek.

"It was tedious, boring but had a few bright moments...and yours?"

"Oh, I managed to bring my stuff over and get all settled. I met Skuuinja briefly as well when she stopped by. She's very protective of you. I'm not sure she likes me."

"Skuuinja is very protective of me. I'm sure she will get used to the arrangement. She just managed to make peace with Yal-hune, but she is very sweet once you get to know her."

"I'm sure she is. Now let's have dinner before it gets cold."

We walk over to the table and she has prepared an inspired meal of lefse with what appears to be goulash or perhaps meatballs with a light gravy delicately poured on top. It smells delicious and is prepared with the culinary flare of a five star restaurant.

"You really didn't have to do this Yaylu."

"I wanted to. It is no problem at all. Let's eat!"

We sit down and dig in. It is delicious. As I look up from my meal and meet Yaylu's large bluish-grey eyes, I find myself amazed again at just how quickly changes appear in my life. If the way to man's heart is via his stomach, Yaylu has already paved a perfectly smooth path, but when she pulls some of her own custom cookie recipe from the oven for dessert, the smells are intoxicating and I know she is already almost there. I take a bite of a cookie she offers me and it is still warm and melts in my mouth like some heavenly food of the gods. It is filled with something of a slight pudding consistency, sweet but not too sweet it is rich and filling but not too filling.

I think I'm in love.

She smiles as my eyes light up and her eyes light up as well. Suddenly, I realize just how blessed I am again and what sacrifices and efforts the people around me make for me. I know that one of the ways I can pay them back is by making a resolution to iron out the wrinkles in my pasts and lose the negative biases, fears and other negative baggage.

I extend my hand towards Yaylu. Yaylu grabs my hand with her long slender hand, her silver-blue fingers caress my skin and the candlelight flickers nearby.

"Let's go out back."

We walk outside, lean back on a large deck chair and with a remote control I activate the heaters which are cylinders which emerge from the cement around the pool and the courtyard and radiate heat.

"Look up."

She points up and I see an amazing sight!

"It's snowing!" I'm amazed and I realize it is her - she is able to influence the weather. "You really ARE the spirit of winter aren't you?"

Her silvery blue eyes sparkle and I swear I can see snow flakes glistening in her eyes. She sighs and she looks at me so wonderfully with a deep gaze that causes me to shiver and her hand reaches out to my face and her fingers delicately stroke my cheek. Her lips are rich, full and glisten in the light. Her white hair shimmers as though it were woven of silk and cast of pure moon-beams on a starlit night. Her silver blue skin looks so soft and gentle.

Snowflakes suddenly fall all around us - the first time in this low desert region in hundreds of years. Like some fairytale come to life I swing to my side, wrap my right arm around her and I pull her closer towards me. She has wakened in me that best part of myself - the part that I am and wish I could be all the time. None of this was an accident. All this was part of some plan much greater than just me or her.

Snowflakes land on her nose and lips. I kiss each spot where they land and I feel them melt between our lips and skin. She does something with her eyes - I can't explain it, but it is something quite incredible. I feel her eyes literally caress me. Some special nerve or organ in her large eyes can emit some sort of energy.

"I really hope you didn't think the cookies were dessert."

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yaylu teaches me a lesson.

I'm in the middle of a deep depressathon. I didn't go home last night and slept in the daybed in my office. Yal-hune's forced departure to save me and the Earth from a nuclear future repeats the same pattern I have had with every woman I have ever loved and cared for deeply. Like some curse that hangs over me, every woman who loves me is forced to leave me or I leave them after what usually seems anywhere from a few months to a few years. At 3am last night I started moping in my office and thinking about this turn of events - and began to get angry about it. I was angry with the universe.

Sure, I know it's all energy flows and I know these flows regenerate again and again, but I thought I had made enough headway to actually break the short-lived relationship cycle. I was wrong. Yal-hune's gone and I'm frustrated. I never got a chance to meet Tech7 over the holidays and she has gone back to DC.

A bright ball of light appears in my office and at the center of it is Yaylu. Her white hair and silver-blue skin, as mentioned previously, remind me of the spirit of winter - a Japanese Manga artist's dream come to life in a real living and breathing 7 foot tall glorious vision of a woman.

"Class is in session. Sit down."

I sit at my desk with a warm cup of decaf and I wonder just what this beautiful alien is going to teach me.

"I've lived here 65 years on the Earth. I've had to limit my interaction with humans so as not to interfere with their natural development and growth. I've often wanted to tell them what I am going to tell you. You've already been interfaced by Yal-hune, Shayla and others so I am free to let loose - because you certainly need it!"

"Go ahead - give me both barrels. I'm ready."

I laugh a bit, but she's just looking at me with her large intense eyes.

"You need to really understand ENERGY. You think you do, but you don't understand it well enough to avoid getting caught up in self-pity, self-doubt and the path of dissolution and selfishness."

She waves her hand in front of me and leaves a white vortex made of light in the air.

"This is you - a vortex of energy. You are growing and regenerating all that you are with each passing moment. You recognize that this vortex is infinite in nature and can keep spiralling around itself forever. The direction of this vortex is influenced by your biases. All that you are is in here and it is a field of flowing energy."

I watch as the vortex comes to life as her mind animates it. The core vortex springs off branches, smaller vortices that branch off the main logarithmic spiral.

"Yes, you recognize this as the same way any plant grows - the branches sprout at precise intervals. In this instance, your experiences regenerate and as you go through them - new experiences are added to them. These experiences emerge at points that have a frequency relationship with a certain part of your own personal infinite vortex. So at any point various parts of you are receiving more energy and development and others are receiving less. Your consciousness and your pasts determine and guide these flows."

I watch as the vortex pulses like a living thing and the branches grow at varying rates, some faster and some slower. The flow of energy into each not fixed, but variable.

"Your experiences with women in many lifetimes has created a pattern - a cycle - that regenerates and reappears in your life with great frequency. You have created this cycle yourself and have fed it. It becomes a dominant element in your lifetimes - and because you keep feeding it energy - in the form of NEGATIVELY biased energy - it keeps growing and starts to dominate, sculpting and shaping the way yo keep living out your lifetimes.

The vortex floating in front of me pulses and one arm continues to grow faster than the rest and dominates the other vortices.

"As you return to the physical, you now have to deal with this same vortex again and again - and you need to feed the other arms more energy to diminish this imbalance. By viewing Yal-hune or Tech7's departure as negative - you only strengthen this cycle and torture yourself more.If you view these things POSITIVELY and see the GOOD in them, then you will tame this runaway set of experiences and put it back into a proper relationship with the rest of your being. Do you understand?"

I watch as the red vortex slows its growth and the rest of the vortices grow faster, creating a balance again.

"Once you do this, you will no longer live lifetime after lifetime with this central theme of intense love then break up and loneliness. So you must learn to see the good in the apartness, the loneliness and the entire situation. Once you do, this cycle of energy will diminish and just become a minor element of your life. You understand that there is not just one "soul mate" for you, and that as you become more infinite you will develop intense developed positive relationships with many beings."

Yaylu looks at me and smiles. She approaches me closely and bends down and gets right in my face with her lovely face and big eyes.

"For me...I would never have gotten to meet you in this life if not for Yal-hune's departure. Your imbalanced past has opened the doorway for me to enter your life. And make no doubt about it - the kid gloves are off. When you behave in an imbalanced manner and fail to see the good, I will be here to remind you - even if I have to kiss you every time you think a positive thought - just to reinforce it and keep you on the right path.

She smiles and I test her. I think about all the good that this has brought about, about me understanding more of myself and the way life works because of Yal-hune's departure.

Sure enough, she kisses me with her silver-blue lips and it is a kiss unlike any other I have ever felt - electrical and powerful beyond words. I am suddenly floating in free space and all that is around me is her - her lips connect with mine and the flow of energy between us is intense and indescribable. It is a kiss powered not just by her body or by lust, but by her mind and soul. It is a kiss that has a keen intelligence. It is directed and it is designed to spur my mind and feed my soul - and it works!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I'm sitting at my McGuire desk formulating a plan to make amends to Tech7 while she is in town visiting family and friends. Yal-hune appears in my office and she is smiling.

She always seems to be smiling so this isn't that strange, but today she is smiling a bit more broadly and I can guess the reason.

"I found a solution."

"A solution that breaks the loop of nuclear futures?"


"Does it require any special effort on our part?"

"Actually, it does. You and I have a very important mission to accomplish. To break out of this loop seemed nearly impossible and I had to view more and more possible futures based upon our actions. After reviewing literally hundreds of thousands of futures and possibilities, I stumbled across a course of action that is integral to breaking the loop and throwing the Earth into another cycle, one that is much more constructive than the alternative - and also drastically alters your futures for the better again as well."

"Sounds great! What do we need to do?"

"We are going to be traveling. Prepare yourself."

I stand up and just close my eyes, and let Yal-hune do the heavy lifting. I feel my body being changed into energy and carried through time and space and feel it solidify again.

Before I even open my eyes, I know we are in the White House. I recognize the smell of the cleaning fluid used daily on the hardwood floors. The decor may change, but that cleaning fluid has been in use since at least 1990.

As I open my eyes, I see we are in the antechamber to the Oval Office. The President's computer sits there, running silently. Yal-hune sits herself down at the desk and starts typing. I know there are at least three different cameras pointed towards this spot, but Yal-hune isn't seemingly concerned about them.

"What are you doing?"

"We're going to be sending out some Presidential e-mails."

"Is that it?"

"No, this is just one stop. We have more before the evening is over."

I watch over her shoulder and she has all the passwords and manages to enter Obama's e-mail. Her fingers move so quickly it is hard to fathom she almost never works keyboards.

I'm wondering where in the heck the Secret Service is. This room is on a 24 hour feed to one of several command centers underneath the White House.

"The monitors don't show our presence. None of the sensors are detecting anything other than an empty room."

I have long since learned Yal-hune can do pretty much anything she wants to. The only thing I wonder is why she even bothers to come here physically to do this. She addresses my question as her fingers dance over the keyboard.

"It's complex. In this instance, to get the benefit - we had to be here physically."

I remember she has these things mapped out to the nth degree. When you see so many possible futures you learn the consequences of each action and the details become all-important.

"So who are you sending emails to from Obama?"

"Just a few world leaders."

"What does the email say?"

"It's a riddle."

"A riddle?"

"I'll explain later."

She keeps on typing and I look around the Oval Office and take a seat behind the desk. I wouldn't have dreamed of doing this when President Bush was in office, but things change. I like my desk and chair better at Shamballa, both are more comfortable. The new decor is pretty bad and the furniture looks like something bought at a furniture mall. In fact, you almost feel like you are looking at a display set and all you want to see is the price tag stuck to one of the coffee colored chairs.

"You keep biasing things - nonstop"

"I know, I'm sorry."

"You only hurt yourself - not me."

"Are you almost done? I know Obama is in Hawaii by now, but someone might come in anyway."

Yal-hune looks over and smiles at me. She knows exactly where everyone is and what's going on. All my instincts and clandestine training are put completely to waste with her on a mission. Her skills and sensory awareness make them obsolete. I use my mind like Yal-hune uses hers and I see the guards patrolling and the staff enjoying Christmas eve as best they can.

"Okay. We're done here. You ready for our next stop."

I get up from the desk and walk towards Yal-hune.

"As ready as I'll ever be...activate the transporter anytime!"

I leave my eyes open. It's getting fun watching one environment morph into another in an instant. I watch the oval office and the hideous coffee table disappear and are replaced by a sterile looking room with walls of what appear to be steel and many small lock boxes.

"Where are we?"

"We are in the vault of the International Fidelity Commerce Bank in Geneva, Switzerland. We are about to make an unauthorized access."


"Not exactly. You see, the box is wired to a sensor. When it opens it transmits a signal to a certain party."

"Who? What is in the box?"

Yal-hune walks over to the box and merely taps it with her finger. She slides the box out. I see what appears to be a small black book, several million dollars in diamonds and cash and a very unusual wrist watch. Yal-hune merely touches the watch with her finger and then she slides the box back in its place in the wall.

"That's it? Touch a wrist watch in a lock box?"

"That was not a wrist watch. That was an advanced genetic scanner and is not of this Earth. The owner of this box is not of Earth."

"I'm confused. First e-mails from Obama and then an alien genetic scanner? These things break the loop?"

"Yes. But we're not done yet. Prepare yourself."

"I'm ready."

The bank vault disappears. We reappear on the Great Wall in China. It is night and the stars are visible.

"Why are we here?"

"We are going to meet someone."

I barely have time to process her words and a being appears. Clearly not human. A female form about 7 feet tall. Very beautiful. White hair, silvery skin. She looks almost like the spirit of winter come to life.


I sense something amiss, but I don't quite know what it is. The female alien looks over at me and smiles. I get a deja-vu of this whole scene and it is linked to something really important, I just don't know what.

Yal-hune turns and smiles and then disappears.

The white haired woman walks over to me and speaks in my mind.


"Um....hi...where did Yal-hune go?"

"She has left the Earth. My name is Yaylu. I'm a friend of Yal-hune's and she asked me to take you back to Shamballa."

"I don't get it. Is our mission done? Why didn't Yal-hune tell me about this?"

"The mission is complete the loop has been broken. You will not see Yal-hune for some time. She asked me to look out for you."

I look over this striking (and very tall) female now that she is standing in front of me - looking down at me. Her silvery skin doesn't look metallic, but almost a very soft pale blue/silver. Her white hair and white eyebrows frame a face that is almost human looking. Her eyes are at least 1/3 again as large as human eyes and her jaw is unlike any I have ever encountered - the bones are sculpted differently. She does look very beautiful and her smile and eyes are quite attractive. She has that spark and I wonder just how developed she is and what world she calls home.

"We will get a chance to know each other much better. Yal-hune has left the Earth because her departure was one of the parameters that were necessary to break the loop."

As she speaks in my mind she seems very familiar. I keep getting the feeling that I know her. I know I would be sad about Yal-hune's departure if I were not being shielded somehow from overshadowers. In stead I am left with understanding - and an awareness that Yaylu has the ability to shield me and teleport like Yal-hune.

"I am another emissary. My world is not a member of the Confederation. I have lived on Earth for 65 years now - since the first atomic explosions."

"You look all of 28?"

"I am 393 Earth years old. The average lifespan of my race is about 700 years"

For a 393 year old woman she is a knock out. I realize that cycles of energy control the DNA and the cells and that these other worlds simply possess different cycles which keep cells youthful longer.

"Do you know Yal-hune personally? Had you met before?"

"Yes. Yal-hune was familiar and in contact with all the aliens living on Earth."

"That's interesting. I did not know that."

As I converse in her mind, I see she has a very different personality and feel than Yal-hune. It's hard to convey or describe, but she is...well..playful or less serious or something. Her thoughts are not as orderly, she has almost a whimsical mind - now as I think about it, her mind instantly becomes almost as cool as her silver/white appearance. The disparity is unnerving and I put up mental markers to shield my thoughts and I don't intend to let them down anytime soon.

She puts her hands together and a white ball appears around them. It gets larger and larger and envelopes us both. I feel time and space altering and I see she has her own method of teleporting. We are back in my office at Shamballa. The clock says 12:33 AM. It is now Christmas.

Yaylu looks down at me.

"Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas to you too."

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The navigation room of Shayla's space craft is imposing in its grandeur. A catwalk extends into a room that is filled with imagery of the galaxy as broadcast by Confederation satellites and other worlds real time mapping. Almost every inhabited solar system is mapped and only about 10 percent of the galaxy is not accessible by her ships navigation instrumentation. The walls of the enormous room show a solar system, and simultaneously images of the inhabited worlds appear nearby with any and all dominant sentient life. Cities of unfathomable form and colors appear and one realizes just how diverse sentience is, after just a few moments of gazing at these displays.

I realize the worlds being shown are keyed into my mental activity somehow.

"Yes, the navigation display can detect those worlds which you have lived upon and extract this data from the signals still embedded in the fields of your consciousness and recorded past actions. At this time it is scanning both of our fields for this data and presenting worlds that we both have lived upon or traveled to in the past."

"Fascinating. Can it be attenuated to find ones that one has had the most positive lifetimes upon?"

"Yes. Just by thinking about it, you have already adjusted the parameters."

The worlds I see are getting more beautiful - some are so breathtaking as to leave me in awe, simply trying to absorb the beauty and majesty. My human consciousness, I realize, can only perceive a fraction of some of these worlds' beauty and my enhanced senses are needed to perceive some of what I am seeing. Colors unknown to worlds in our solar system, because the light is that much richer in spectra and complexity as generated by stars that dwarf our own. Fields of such massive intensity and beauty that even the images of them cause my consciousness to strive for new levels, to perceive more.

As the display of worlds continues, signals resonate with parts of me I knew not existed and I realize that my human consciousness is just a fragment of a greater field that has experienced so much more. Just seeing these images and these various forms of sentient life is broadening and awakening my own sentience. A thought tries to form, that I want to envy Shayla and other travelers of the galaxy, who get to use these ships, but in this state envy can't exist. My consciousness has been re-integrated and any and all lower emotions simply can't be sustained in this spectra.

"Yes, you are yourself again. Welcome back."

"It's good to be back. Thank you."

"No need to thank me - your own consciousness has again asserted itself. On Earth your consciousness is compromised, as is all human consciousness."

"I wish I could share this with the world."

"When the world is ready, they will experience these things for themselves. At this time only a very small percentage of Earth's population has frequency compatibility with these things - perhaps one thousand out of every billion people."

And I know she is right. There is a time and place for all things and I know how much pre-conditioning I needed to get to this point where I can stand here and attempt to absorb all this data.

"One world has now been focused upon longer than any other. Why?"

"That is the world where you and I have had the most positive lifetimes. We lived there as a joined couple, more than once, thousands of years ago."

As she speaks, I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the world. It glows an enormous reddish-orange and just by looking at it I feel more relaxed - and if this is possible - mentally alert. The images of the cities and the sentient beings that reside here are astoundingly beautiful and I find myself infatuated with this form of sentience - it is more appealing and more developed than what I have yet encountered. The anatomies are far more graceful and elegant, the faces all seem to convey a sublime peace and kindness that instantly can be felt and now - images and submerged memories are pouring in of life lived here.


Before I can even ask, Shayla is in my mind with the answer.

"This world is near the center of the galaxy. It is not compatible with either of our anatomies at this time and has limited facilities for hosting other forms of sentience. There is also a time-disparity and though we could arrive there in a matter of days, a year or more would elapse on Earth."

"I understand."

The truth is, just being here with Shayla and viewing these worlds has been as wonderful a vacation as I have had - ever. She takes my hand in hers and begins to oscillate with me. I feel our fields grow and then merge. Her mind in mine, mine in hers. I see us clearly as we were on this world! We were quite a couple and lived there so happily together. This world has served for many souls to further develop pure compassion, love and understanding and refine it to new stratospheric heights. It is one of the most positive worlds that still exists in the atomic spectra portion of our galaxy.

Before I know what has happened I realize I am standing with Shayla on the surface of this world in materialized energy bodies. We are in an enormous parkland and the ground glows a soft coral hue. Trees, or their equivalent, in brilliant fiery reds with jewel-like crystalline leaves tower over a cliff-face which overlooks what appears to be a pink ocean with many white and red breakers. The ocean moves in ways I've never seen, pulsing and undulating in flows like a living thing. The skies are yellowish and so beautiful! In fact, everything seems to convey this beauty - and something else. Yes, more than one sentient life form exists here! Invisible to the eye, yet not to the consciousness, other benevolent beings reside here already in non-corporeal forms. Like wisps of wind or breezes, these beings share this world with the other beings. They greet Shayla and myself with the warmest of greetings.

Truly incredible.

And once again we are back in the navigation room. Sustaining that type of materialized energy body can only be done so long and I realize that Shayla really extended herself to give us both a vacation I will never...ever...ever...forget.

"Thank you Shayla."

When I see Shayla smile at me and feel the love within her, I realize angels need no wings - just a pair of gorgeous spira-mirabilis patterned corneas to dive into and lose oneself within.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Finding Balance

Shayla looks at me and I remember when I first saw her in her silver flight suit. She was Chief Scientist for Project MIMIR and reported to Odin and oversaw the alien activity working with the Earth, specifically the US Government. She singlehandedly helped develop my telepathic abilities and brought my consciousness to a whole new level. When we traveled to the Iranian desert to secure the flame room the Travelers left behind, after less than 24 hours I was certain she was the one I would be spending out my days with. But within 8 months she was recalled to her world and I flopped around like a fish out of water for the first few weeks and then I threw myself back into my work and accepted that my pasts constantly involve break-ups and lots of loneliness.

I don't know what I expected, I found out she and I had some pasts together where we were very close and I guess I would have liked to go with her when she returned. But she never asked me to join her and she was always surrounded by other guys from her world who made me look like the village idiot. I hated that. You'd think after all I had been through I would be used to that, but still somewhere deep down it really bothered me. Earth and humanity has never presented any serious development, intellectually, and I realized I was just another mentally lazy byproduct of the Earth environment. I could never change that. I was always playing catch-up. Now that I've been with Yal-hune, interacting with her level of development, intellect and ability and even have had my consciousness and portions of my human brain "activated", by Confederation technology, parts which generally remain dormant - I am finally comfortable with my development around Shayla. I know she never biased it - but I did. Somewhere the gnawing insecurity (and more than a few eager overshadowers) were whispering that she returned to her world because I wasn't really good enough for her.

After a few months, I told myself it was good that she left. That she was taking up too much of my valuable time. That the Earth didn't need any aliens and that we were more than capable of handling our own affairs. Yet our relationship had left a very real barrier that now stood between me and every human woman I've ever loved. Tech7 was the first to feel my new distance and aloofness. I know my distance hurt her just as much as Shayla's hurt me - and I still have yet to make it up to her.

Seeing these parallel universes, future lives and the beings I have been or will be with has left me a mess. I feel like a creature in a zoo - the only one of its kind. I don't quite fit with humans and I don't quite fit with aliens. I don't fit in 2010, nor the past or the future. I'm in that netherworld and that is the price I pay for seeing what I see and knowing what I know. With great knowledge comes great responsibility, awareness - and in my own case - a roller coaster ride of equal parts ecstatic love and bitter loneliness.

I don't know why I'm thinking about this all right now...or perhaps I do. I guess seeing my daughters face disappear sort of snapped something inside me.

Do me a favor. For those of you reading this who have children - don't take them for granted. Give them as much love as you can - and more. Enjoy every moment you have with them. Don't be stingy with the kisses - because some day you'll face a day in your life when you realize you will never see them again.

Life is about finding balance. And right now I am ready to try and find some solace for my soul.

"Shayla...I would really like to take a vacation. How about you and I go visit some other world some place far away."

Shayla has been listening to my mental rant and the tears are still in her eyes. She grabs my head in her soft hands and pulls my face towards hers. She kisses tenderly. And with this kiss I know she understands and feels everything I have been thinking about.

"Let's go to the navigation room and see if we can schedule our vacation."


I'm driving between Del Mar and La Jolla, California on a stretch of Pacific Coast Highway that extends between the two and overlooks the ocean. The salt air wafts over the Torrey Pines dotting the roadside and is cool but not cold. The car phone in my convertible rests on the transmission hump. I glance at it because the phone is ringing.

I pick up the white handset.


"Is this..."

"Yes, who is calling please?"

"I've got NSA Director Faurer on the line. Is the Robin's egg blue?"

"The Robin's egg is red and white."

The operator connects the line and I find myself dodging surfers in wetsuits jaywalking across PCH while discussing President Reagan's new foreign policy initiative and a personal invitation to head to DC for an important meeting.

The surfers look really cold and I realize the wind is starting to pick up a bit. I look at my Seiko and see it's a quarter to five and if I don't get moving, I will get stuck in traffic. My vintage convertible does not like to get stuck and starts to overheat just idling through the drive-thru of a slow moving fast food restaurant. So I get ready to turn east, so I can hit the 405 before it starts to get all clogged up.

The state of the art Alpine am/fm cassette radio is playing "Ain't this the life" by Oingo Boingo. Edgy stuff and a bit anti-social. The hip local radio station, 91x, specializes in edgy new wave rock and they play Oingo Boingo, Depeche Mode and other stuff guaranteed to alienate the previous generation quite a bit.

A cute girl in a red BMW 3 series convertible pulls alongside.

"Nice car. What year is it?"

"It's a 1965 Pontiac."

"I love the whitewall tires!"

"Thanks. That's a nice car you got there yourself."

"Oh this? Thanks. Hey, would you like to get a bite to eat sometime?"

" me." I pull out a personal card from my wallet. I put the car in park and hop out and hand it to the blond with a winning smile and a beautiful bikini...among other appealing attributes. She writes down her number on a small piece of paper and the light has already turned green. Someone in a Mercedes Benz 500sel is honking. I take the paper, smile and hop back into my car. I turn right at Via De La Valle and watch as she continues north.

The adrenaline is pumping a bit. I don't usually do the number exchange bit and its always a bit interesting to be pursued, rather than being the pursuer.

As I merge with the freeway traffic, something feels amiss. The wind buffets my hair and a semi rig is barreling down the second lane like a bat from hell. No one wants to let me in. Fine. I punch the Pontiac and 400 horsepower from the 421 tri-carb engine quickly take me to 80mph and I easily blow past the semi.

But there is that feeling again. It's like a deja vu but in reverse. Something is wrong. What is it? This is my life, but at the same time it feels like it isn't? Like I've forgotten something? Traffic is starting to congest at the freeway juncture and I can't shake this feeling that something is amiss.

I look at my watch. I try to remember when I bought it? Was it a gift? I can't remember it. Suddenly, something about the car seems off as well. Didn't my car have a 389 with a 4 barrrel instead of the 421 tri-carb when I bought it a few months earlier? I pull over and pop the latch on the hood and lift it. It's a 421 tri-carb with 3 shiny small chrome air cleaners in a row. But it shouldn't be. I remember the 389 with the four barrel.

It's making me crazy. I look around and everything seems right, yet somehow off at the same time. I look through my wallet. I see pictures. Lot's of pictures My God! I'm married to a beautiful woman and have two adorable daughters! How could I have forgotten them? Why on Earth did I accept that girls number? What sort of husband am I? When I see their picture in my wallet I know it's true, but why does it simultaneously seem wrong?

What the hell is going on? As I look up at the corner gas station even it seems wrong. This station should be a Texaco station. It's a Shell. But I know this corner had the Texaco station - I joked about the white glove restroom inspection with the clerk a few weeks ago...or did I? It seems sort of blurry now.

I just want to get back to my wife and kids. That will clear things up. But where do I live? I had a big place in La Jolla on Mt. Soledad with an ocean view, but my wife and I live in University City with our daughters, near the mall in a four bedroom tract home. Why do I remember two different houses? I close the hood, put my wallet back in my pants and start driving towards my University City home.

I stop and pull out my wallet again. I look at my California Driver's License and the name printed on it. It's all wrong.

That's not my name.

Is this what it feels like to lose one's mind? Did I hit my head and not realize it? What the hell is going on here with me?

I pull up into the driveway. My wife's white Volkswagen Jetta is in the driveway. I get to the door and my two beautiful daughters race up and each grab one of my legs.

"Daddy! You're home early! Yay!" says the oldest.

The television is on and the screen goes blank for a test of the emergency broadcasting system. A buzzing sound starts. I pick up my youngest daughter and I reach down to turn the TV off. Just as I reach the switch, my wife turns the corner and I see her.

She is lovely beyond words. Her smile resuscitates me. I give her a kiss and its like a zephyr breeze flows through my soul. She now kisses me and it is a passionate kiss, filled with her love. Her taste is on my lips and it is delicious and sweet.

I am so happy.

"A plane ticket arrived today by special courier for a flight to Washington DC. Do you have to go?"

"I'm supposed to go." I look around at my wife and daughters and I get this feeling - I don't want to leave them alone. "But, I think I will make some excuse and miss it. They can easily get along without me."

"That's wonderful."

My wife kisses me again and I wonder how I could ever have forgotten this woman. She is so wonderful...her every touch is filled with her warmth, kindness and love. But something is still out of place. I still see the other house in my mind and the enormous picture window. Whose house was that if not mine?

I hear a voice in my head. "It's time for you to go now." I crumple up the piece of paper, with the phone number in my pants and throw it in the trash. I suddenly realize I am about to leave and even as I kiss my daughter on the cheek, I feel myself slipping away.

I look up at Shayla, whose tears in the corner of her eyes reveals how hard this was for her to have to watch as well.

I try to hold back my own tears as I realize I will never see my wife or kids again, "That was the alternate universe you spoke of - the one where I am much happier. Was all that real?"

"Yes. As real as you and I standing here."

For once, I am speechless. I don't know what to say. My feelings, desires, dreams and obligations all dart inside my head at the speed of light. Part of me can't, or perhaps does not want to, keep up and so I just drift off and try to think about something else.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

"She's working on it"



"Earth is in a loop where nuclear wars are now in almost every near future."

"What? What do you mean?"

"Starting a week ago...every single possible future of the Earth now features a prominent nuclear war which creates a chain reaction of consequences for humanity."

"What changed? What caused this? Something must've caused this, right?"

"I explained this to you. New worlds are having a negative influence on Earth's population. The events in North Korea, the Wikileaks affair, an approaching full blown US depression all lead to new international instability and confrontations."

"There must be a way to change the future now. Have you consulted with Yal-hune?"

"It's complicated. Many now believe Yal-hune's presence here crystallized this set of futures and our world's government is also of this view."

"That's ridiculous! Yal-hune is not to blame."

"No one believes she wanted this to happen. It just did happen - because her set of fields are simply too substantial not to create and attract a counter set of fields. When you see the bigger picture, every action has an equal and opposite reaction."

"I don't want to leave this world to its fates. If everything I've worked for is about to be flushed away, then I want to be here with a mop to try and at least keep it as orderly as possible. I'm curious as why you just didn't extend an invitation to your world if you don't want to see me suffer here? Why the elaborate parallel universe-time travel solution?"

"You know you couldn't remain on my world for any extended period and your anatomy is keyed into Earth, any life you live is best suited on Earth. But if you would like to visit - we would be glad to have you. Or if you really want to remain on our world, we could look into anatomical modifications or consciousness transfer into a compatible anatomy."

That's the first time Shayla has ever invited me for a long term stay on her world, so I know she is deadly serious about all this. I feel Yal-hune enter my consciousness and open a private area to communicate with her.

"Is this true Yal-hune? Are you aware of these things Shayla has related?"

"I am aware of the present future loop which seem to indicate an inescapable element to all of Earth's futures. However, I have seen such loops before and know they can be eliminated. No futures are ever inflexible. I have been working on resolutions and possibilities. I am aware, also, of Shayla's strong feelings for you and I know what she has seen which caused her to act. Shayla loves you, as I do, and some of these futures seem particularly unkind to you - personally."

"That doesn't sound good. Do I want details?"

"No. It is enough to know that you would be a focal point of some of these negative events."

Shayla turns to me - "Is that Yal-hune?"

"Yes. She and I are conversing. She doesn't think the loop is irreversible."

"Yes, but time is running out. Has she identified any temporal solutions?"

"She's working on it."

It is somewhat distressing to wonder just what awaits me in this present loop of unsavory outcomes and I wonder just what pasts I am now replaying that have elements of this type of catastrophic outcome. If I can identify and mitigate these imbalances in my fields which relate to and were formed by my own pasts, perhaps I can help break the present loop of negative possible futures.

"Good. I hope we are wrong and that Htra-deg and Yal-hune can find some other solution. We have crossed that threshold now where other worlds are now controlling the outcome of the Earth's future to a greater degree than humanity. This is not a good position for the Earth - or more importantly, humanity."

Friday, December 17, 2010


"What have you seen, Shayla? What happens that is going to make life here so horrible?"

"It's a combination of things. Nuclear attacks on US soil, a depression from which the US and the world never recovers, pestilence and new less than 20 years time the America you know will be completely unrecognizable - gone. And with it will go the type of life you have lived up until now."

"And the parallel universe you want us to reappear in is so much better?"

"Yes. Your life without SDAI is much happier. You are not as frustrated, lonely or bitter and you make just as much of a difference - perhaps more so. In this time stream all you have worked for will be washed away - is being washed away - even as we speak. Your life will soon have little meaning here. The world will be in no position to absorb that which you wish to share and SDAI will soon cease to exist."

"What about Yal-hune? Surely she would tell me of these things and may even have a plan of her own to avoid them. Every moment she is aware of the changing futures of Earth based upon her actions. She would not let the Earth be flushed away!"

"Perhaps. Perhaps not. She is not emotionally attached to either you or the Earth. And she will be the first to tell you if everything goes to hell - it's really a good thing."

Shayla is right there. Yal-hune would tell me any future catastrophe is really good. The futures we visited were already dystopian and she said that these dystopias were already based on my past actions and not just future events. She would say that if this is what the Earth must go through - then that is what it must do and that everyone here gets a chance to face adversity and turn it into an opportunity for great strength and character building.

"Does Yal-hune know you are here with me...does she know of your plan?"

"I'm sure she is aware of it, and probably does not approve. That's why I wanted to get you here on my ship, where you are safely able to make your own decision without interference."

"C'mon Shayla...tell me the REAL story. What is it that you see that is so horrible. It's got to be more than what you are telling me."

"I can't tell you."

"It's ME Shayla! Please...please tell me."

"Okay,I will. Earth..."

Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Excuse me...what?"

Before I can blink, I feel myself disappearing and reappearing aboard Shayla's ship. I stand before and enormous hologram of the galaxy and the worlds that all presently project signals at Earth, using humanity and humans as a source for sensory amusement and entertainment. The distances covered seem impossible to fathom, however I remind myself that time and space no longer represent the same barrier to these worlds as they do for us. I know all this because Shayla is beside me and is explaining to me the predicament the Earth finds itself in and the new worlds that have taken an active interest in exploiting humans and their technological impotence.

"As you can see over fifteen new worlds have actually interfered with human development and affairs in the past 3 years alone. While the vast majority of signals are mitigated and canceled out, we are concerned with a few worlds that actually project spirit bodies to do the overshadowing. These signals can't be blocked because they exist outside the range for mechanical interference."

"Why? What's so exciting about overshadowing some humans?"

"It's complex. Some of the new overshadowers are doing this not because of Earth - or humanity - but simply because they want to harm the Confederation and because the Confederation now actively defends the Earth, it has in many ways become more of a target. The Confederation is in a classic "catch 22" and if it stops protecting the Earth, any of a number of horrible scenarios could occur and if they continue to protect, these same horrible scenarios still can occur. That's why a growing movement in the Confederation simply want to wash their hands of the Earth and let it take its chances by itself."

"Is this what your world wants?"

"No. And that is why I am here - this is a wholly unauthorized mission."

I see the thoughts and the situations which occurred on her world in quick glimpses. She is jeopardizing her entire career by being here. She spent time on one of her worlds' 'future viewers' looking at several other worlds and she committed herself to altering Earth's present trajectory. Yal-hune once told me only those beings with enough development could actually alter human history successfully. She was one of these beings, and every move she makes was constantly changing the Earth's evolutionary course. Shayla is another with such development and she has more emotional ties to the Earth.

"Yes, I do. That's why I am here and that's why I have orchestrated this mission."

"So what is the point in history that will alter Earth's history? And when we return, wont we really return to a parallel stream? Will the other universe still actually continue on - simply without us? Yal-hune explained it as an infinite number of parallel streams. I guess, I just wonder...are we really saving the rest of humanity...or are you really doing this...well...for me."

Shayla turns to me and momentarily shuts me out of her mind.

She speaks aloud, "Confederation science is filled with theoretics regarding these things. The bottom line is, no one - from this spectra - really knows if the other stream continues on or not. No communication between two parallel universe streams has ever successfully been performed, although beings from non-physical spectra indicate that these streams often do continue in some form. What is known is that it effectively creates a universe with a new trajectory and with new infinite parameters to which those who partake in such time travel return."

" when, where and what? What are you effectively trying to do?"

"We need to go back to 1985 and the formation of SDAI."

"What do you plan to do?"

"We're are going to make sure President Reagan does NOT sign the executive orders initiating SDAI."

"What? Why?"

"The creation of SDAI is the one event that brings down the Soviet Union. While appearing like a win - this victory actually is the one that spins the Earth into a new dark ages. By altering this one event, the Soviet Union remains integrated for another seventy years, slowly evolving into a more democratic union, but also keeping the balance of power, and nuclear weaponry, away from the more destructive and less intelligent masses of the 3rd world who in your current time stream end up annihilating the west and all that western progress, achieved."

"What will happen to the past decades of my life? What will happen to my memories of all that has occurred?"

"I've seen this future...YOUR future...and your life is much richer, happier and fulfilling. SDAI has kept you from living the way you would have. You'll have to trust me."

"But it was because of SDAI that I met YOU...our meeting will never have happened? When I return are you saying I wont know you..or Yal-hune or Skuuinja or any of the others I've known?"

"Yes. You will forget all these things. The world you return to will not have experienced any of these contact events. Even Project MIMIR and my life will change. I will never travel to the Earth."

"And this is better for YOU and Yal-hune and all the rest are the greatest things to ever happen to me! I can't begin to imagine my life without this knowledge and experience!"

"Yes, from this perspective all this seems wonderful to you. But your world will experience great catastrophe on its present course and all these wonderful things will soon be largely forgotten by you as you deal with a dying world and incredible suffering and frustration - I'm catching your life at the precipice - offering you a better future. I saw all the nitty-gritty details - spent days in the future viewer observing your life - and I emerged determined to carve you a better future. I felt you deserve one after many lifetimes of this repeating downward spiral."

"Excuse me...what? You're doing this all for me? I seriously need to think about this for awhile - it goes against all my intuitive impulses."

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Traveling Through Time...Yet Again.

I'm sitting reviewing after action reports on SDAI covert activities near the North Korean peninsula. Several effective punitive actions now have been performed with great success.

I sense some presence and I look up to see Shayla nonchalantly teleporting into my secure office 100s of feet below the surface and supposedly impregnable. I move away from the hand-finished McGuire desk and move over to greet her.

"To what do I owe this honor!?!!!"

I hug her and plant a kiss on each cheek.

She is not shocked and was already in my mind before I moved to kiss her, so she knew they were coming. She even picked up my thought about hesitating to kiss her and a few other overshadower generated insecurity based thoughts that were tacked on about our previous relationship, etc.

Sneaking a kiss on the cheek of an advanced extraterrestrial telepath is basically impossible.

"Yes, it is, but don't's YOUR thought that counts and yours was quite noble and sweet. The overshadower stuff is merely static - white noise I can easily parse and dispense with. As to my reason for being here that will be quite clear very soon."

I look at her and she looks delectable. Her eyes, hair and face are all as wonderful as I remember. The spira-mirabalis pattern in her eyes, unique to her race, is contracting and pulsing as her eyes adjust to Earth and its sources of artificial light. In my current state, I'm particularly attenuated to developed female fields of energy and I feel my fields reach out and engage hers automatically. She is aware of these things and understands them - and far better than I do, so I need not worry she will get freaked out. If these field actions were translated into physical actions, it would be like having jumped upon her as soon as she appeared in my office.

"Yes, I am well aware of your current state and of the pasts you are currently in phase with. You are oscillating with quite a few powerful and significant pasts at this time, as they pertain to the shaping of your own personality. And I've yet to not enjoy oscillating with don't sweat it."

She smiles, that delicious smile of hers I remember so well, and hits me with a whammy of a jolt from her powerful consciousness. Like getting kissed so powerfully that your whole body feels like its received an electric shock - of the most pleasant variety. For a moment I forget where I am and how I got here with Shayla - all I can think about is her.

" its time for serious matters. You have been working on the planetary defense system and shielding from overshadowing signals that influence human behavior on Earth. As you know, we are one of the Confederation worlds assigned to deal with the threats that Earth is confronted with and of mitigating the more blatant and outright attacks on Earth. Unfortunately, the Earth has been targeted by more non-confederation worlds than just a few Earth years ago when I was still living here and working as the Director of Project MIMIR. Earth is at a serious crossroads in its development. All that was gained in the past 1000 years of human development is in danger of being wiped out."

"You have my attention. What do you want me to do? What can I do?"

"We're going to travel back in time and undo a key event. If we are successful, the time stream will be altered and everyone alive here will not recognize or remember the difference."

" far back are we going and what exactly are we going to undo?"

"I can't tell you now. We're going to beam aboard my craft..."

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Desert Moods...and More

The desert night is cold and clear. The winds are light, and there is not a single cloud in the sky anywhere to obscure the stars. It is very quiet and I don't know why, but I decided to drive to the spot where I first met Yal-hune and her brother, Tho-rey, a little over a year and a half ago. I remember how hard I fell for Yal-hune and how absolutely incredible she looked in that floating green gown.

I look up and a shooting star streaks across the desert. So vivid and so bright it appears as if it is only a few hundred yards away instead of hundreds of miles. I make a wish.

Yal-hune appears beside me.

"You don't need to wish for me, I already felt your thoughts in my direction fifteen minutes ago."

She is wearing the same gown she wore on that night and she looks not a day older. It's almost as if I have traveled back in time to that night, even though I am not in the Bentley. Seeing her like this brings back all the feelings and more. Her body is flawless and her alien torso demonstrates superior architecture, curves, arcs and angles in each line, while still looking, for the most part, human in appearance. I remember how good it feels to be in her presence. It's a palpable change that manifests almost instantaneously. Her fields saturate my own and they are so coherent they start aligning mine - polarizing them and making them more coherent as well. She is more than human and as I gaze into her eyes, her soul reaches out to me and embraces mine. My whole body starts to shake as if I've been stricken with palsy. The energy is so intense, my cells and nervous system can't process it all and some energy is dissipated in this motion.

I have received so many gifts from her, I can't ever pay her back in this life - I can only try to be the best person I can be. In this year and a half, we've been through so much and I *love* her as infinitely and as completely as I am able.

"You don't see yourself in perspective. You're not the only one who has benefited from this relationship. I have watched you grow and stretch to try and break out of the small human box of material living and biases. Fighting powerful obsessive forces, constant overshadowing and your own imbalanced pasts which remanifest in some form every single day. Many would give up or succumb to emotionalism endlessly - you, you fight tooth and nail for your equilibrium. Your small voice constantly tries to assert itself and keep things in some measure of equanimity. And your love is more powerful than you yet fully realize. You've let these external forces try and define you - and they will never let you see your true infinite potential."

She places her hand in mine ever so gracefully and when she does she transfers or acts as a channel for yet more energy. She matches my fundamental frequency and creates a common harmonic between our two anatomies - and all of a sudden I feel EVERYTHING she is feeling. Every breath, every thought, every sensory input. It is too amazing and wonderful for words!!!!!!! It is as though I am her and she is me or we both are occupying both of these physical bodies. The scope of her consciousness is surreal, the people she is in contact with, even now as she is here with me, I am suddenly aware of. The vitality of her body is incredible, every part so alive and working together so flawlessly. She is giving me yet another gift - the ability to feel exactly what she feels, to share consciousness in such as a way that I have never yet experienced so fully. Her female polarity energy and my male polarity oscillate and the experience becomes unfathomably delightful.

I see from her thoughts that this is what couples do on her world when they are very close. Her oscillating with me in this manner is a great measure of her love for me and I can't help but feel honored and privileged in a way I can't even find ways to adequately describe. For the first time I truly see she does understand just how much I love her and she knows I now realize the measure of her love for me.

Another shooting star streaks overhead and catches my eye. It's as if the heavens themselves are smiling and these meteors are like subtle winks - for us to observe.

In a moment the oscillation fades and I find myself again limited to my own body, but I feel better than I have in my entire life. My body, my mind and my spirit are elevated as they have never been. The lingering essence of Yal-hune remains and I can sense again that my cells have been strengthened and many new signals have been embedded into the quantized fields that comprise my DNA. Every organ is working more efficiently and every breath I take feels amazing!

She smiles at me, a heavenly smile and I realize she has been invigorated and strengthened too. For the first time I truly see us as we are - equals - and do not bias the disparity between our physical and mental development.

The desert winds pick up and a light howl can be heard from inside the car as the winds find crevasses to slip through. Countless stars shine their light not just to the worlds that orbit in their solar systems, but send their light here to Earth as well, each a unique signature of light and intelligence. The world is a wonderful place - the universe is a wonderful place and everything is unfolding as it should.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Shutting down Paypal/Ebay/Mastercard/Visa and the WWW.

The game is afoot. The hackers have been let loose and the "evil, soulless, corporate giants" are finding they are no match for even the various minor league hackers that prowl the netherworld of the web.

I can't help but smile. I have no sympathy whatsoever for Wikileaks or its founder, Julian Assange - but it is an interesting display of power from a tiny group of individuals over the corporate, bureaucratic infrastructures whose business practices have well earned them the loss of revenue and won them no friends,even among those they supposedly serve.

We have often been placed in the position of sponsoring or mitigating cyber-attacks for the security of the nation and have long since identified and shielded the 12 fatal flaws of the world wide web as it exists. Events such as these put the volunteer hackers on one side and the paid hackers working for Ebay/Paypal and Mastercard/Visa to a minor test of skills.

Someday the corporates will tick off someone in a position to actually pull the plug on them permanently, accessing all financials and destroying data, including poisoning the web and archives to make rebooting these sites impossible. Such is the dangers of doing business on the web and a world infatuated by the laziness/ease of computer transactions and data which are inherently fragile and corruptible. Even now inside of companies as greedy and decadent as Ebay/Paypal or Mastercard/Visa or Google - many moles await "activation" to proceed and destroy these structures and their multiple back up data archives from within. No company is safe.

Nothing on the web has any security. No company that conducts financial transactions on the web is secure. The world wide web is as fragile as an egg held by a string over a block of granite.

Nothing is secure.

So think twice before entrusting your money or credit to these companies, because they are incredibly vulnerable and your wealth and data are extremely exposed. Dispersing your assets and using low profile financial institutions may yet save you a bundle as the 21st century plays out.

This minor Wikileaks attack is a warm-up for the day when these companies are completely wiped out and their records, financial assets in banks all over the world and YOUR money are all washed away by the actions of a REAL attack on these entities.
And if you think these companies or the government will cover your losses, or process your claims - think again. They'll wait in line for a bail out and like all the banks who received taxpayer dollars - they will keep it. You wont see a penny.

Where will the real attack come from when it comes? We've been asked this many times and there is no one culprit. However, there is one source with the motive and capabilities and manpower in place to pull it off:


When China decides to break America's economic spine once and for all, these companies and many others will likely be destroyed in an attack that makes 9/11 look like a picnic in terms of economic distress and resultant ramifications.

Someday, the web will be shut down by a hostile and a new web will emerge in its place - serving only those who took down the old one. Like one spiderweb been torn asunder and a new web woven instantly to replace it, this will wreak havoc with the world and its growing dependency on the internet - a dependency that amounts to an unhealthy addiction.

Freedom will go with it. So these Wikileaks hackers are doing the West a favor - a wake up call to prepare secure alternatives to these companies existing business models and perhaps more importantly an overdue revival of capitalist ethics - namely customer service and generation of goodwill that will make them more sympathetic figures when their plugs eventually are pulled and they stand hat in hand at the governments feet looking for a handout from The People.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Depressed in a Diablo.

I am moping around in a particularly low consciousness after hearing some pretty disappointing news about the future of the United States (and western civilization for that matter) I need to get out of here, leave Shamballa and the endless stream of data. I stop by the vehicle garage to pick up something different from a fleet of vehicles they have been preparing for agents working out of the newly built SDAI directorate facilities in India.

I look around and my eye falls on assorted Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bugattis and a plethora of SUVs and sedans. A jet black roadster catches my eye sandwiched between two white SUVs. I walk towards it and see it is a vintage 1994 Lamborghini Diablo roadster, complete with the tail fin.

I check out the vehicle, grab the keys, get debriefed quickly by Tech143 about the mods which this vehicle has been given and then hit the tarmac. I burn some rubber as soon as I hit the highway. The wind buffets me and I push the vehicle quickly to 130 on the private road that leads Shamballa to a remote highway and then bring it back down, having gotten the need for speed out of my system. I activate the remote hardtop and am startled that the engineers designed such a seamless and effortless power operated hardtop into the body and chassis. Soon the wind noise and buffeting stops and I can actually enjoy the music the stereo is pumping out.

Trying to forget what one has heard in a fast car isn't really mature or sensible. I reflect on my apparent immaturity as I downshift. Sometimes I realize I'm still very immature and I don't know exactly what the heck I am doing. For years I've worked for truth, justice and the American way. My life has been mute testimony to the application of intelligent knowledge guided by the highest moral compass for the greatest good. I've seen so much. Too much perhaps, as it's made it hard to interface with the rest of the world in a "normal" manner. How does one walk around with all these secrets and incredible knowledge and not feel simultaneously almost god-like and a complete prisoner? Every day there are some 21,000+ separate national security laws which I must abide by and for the most part I do so without a problem.

That said, every time I drive past a hospital I feel guilty. I know stuff that makes these places look like medieval blood-letting shops. I've seen the disease free futures and the electronic healing machines that make operations, drugs and all the rest obsolete. But that's not the worst of it. The worst is living in a world where everyone thinks this is it - this is their one life and they claw and struggle and suffer every little event in it. ANd what's worse they don't know how to make their lives easier.

That's the worst. Holding this knowledge amongst those who live temporally is so fundamentally incompatible it makes life sometimes very difficult. My entire paradigm is geared towards the long haul - not some x number of decades. Even at Shamballa, those that know of reincarnation and fundamental frequencies and all the rest are only 2 percent of the active personnel. And most of those work on compartmentalized projects in one of the sub-levels - I almost never see them.

Yeah, yeah, cry me a river. Its an uncustomary bout of self-pity and I'm sure if Yal-hune was here she would show me the parasitic entity that is, even now, feeding on my consciousness and lower emotions.

I guess that's why I blog some of these things - my own way of leaking out secrets for those who can relate to them and make some use of them. Sometimes I wonder what becomes of these things. How many out of some 7 billion get to have that "Galaxy Quest" epiphany:

"It's all real."
"Oh my God! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!"

Then I have to worry what they will do with this information. Will it harm them or help them?


Yal-hune appears in the seat beside me. This is a first. She's never teleported in or out of a moving car before, much less a cramped Lamborghini buzzing along at 80 mph. I hit the brakes and pull over to the side of the highway.

"You really are out of it today...your self-pity rant is being broadcast all over the worlds...why?"

Suddenly, I recall that I'm an unpaid star in a galactic reality show and that everything I do, say is being broadcast to 100's of worlds and trillions of people. I keep trying to forget that. It's impossible to go around thinking that you live in a fishbowl.

"I'm sorry Yal-hune. I don't know. I guess it is some sort of human weakness. I see the world and can't help but feel all my best efforts have been in vain. I'm put it nicely.

"You can't save anyone - save yourself. And right now you're not even doing a good job of that. You need to realize what it is that obsessed you and brought down your consciousness. realize it now don't you? You see the difference? Weed it out! Extract it and recapture your equilibrium."

She is right - as always. I realize I had had a conversation with someone who was down and depressed about two hours ago. Their obsessions latched on to me. I must now try to extract them with a counterfield generated by my true mind - one uninfluenced by such things as self-pity or lower emotions.

"Good. You wanted to know more about that woman you've fallen in love with?"

"Well....yes....but I didn't want to involve you in that."

"It's my pleasure to assist you in small ways when it will serve us both well. This woman is one you have known in numerous lifetimes. She is a polarity and a more positive one. Though you have had some negative pasts with her as well, so you should be aware that the attraction is not ALL positive."

"Any detail about which pasts?"

"Egypt. Greece. A lifetime in Mesopotamia. One in China in the 11th century. Another in Europe during the reformation."

"Any details? Do you have any of your good advice?"

"No details. It's best you recognize these things yourself, you will get much more benefit that way. And as for advice - try to stay on equilibrium."

"Easier said than done. I just hope I can ease her into some portion of the information stream with out it creating a shock."

"You must remember, we have different relationships with different people and on different levels. I interact with you on one level and with others at other levels - sometimes one has to share with others different parts of oneself."

"Is this your nice way of saying she's not going to be ready for any of this stuff?"

"No. What I'm saying is you need to value each person in a unique manner. Each soul has that infinite spark and you tend to prioritize certain aspects and then judge others against your own weighted rubric. Do you remember the deformed girl from the future? She tried to tell you this as well. You really should analyze closely the processes and ways by which you interface with others."

She's right. She's always right. I hurt others this way and I can't help it. I've distanced myself from thousands of people in this life alone because they did not quite live up to my standards of proper living. They didn't make the grade to stay in my inner circle and so my inner circle keeps dwindling. If it dwindles much more being Tech1 will have a whole new meaning.



"Do you get bored of Earth? Of me? I mean here you are and this has to be Dealing with humans must be like dealing with animals almost. The consciousness disparity is so great, I know if I find it hard it must be incredibly taxing for you."

"I explained this to you before and showed you how I feel as I let you enter my mind that first day we met. Nothing has changed. You still bias - I do not. That's why you're miserable and I'm constantly positively motivated."

"When I see others in hurts and I bias that negative. I can't yet find the strength to see clearly the good side of this pain. I guess I'm too retarded to see and extract the good. All I seem able to recognize and latch onto is the negative. Even this pending relationship has me perplexed and frustrated. I second guess my every instinct, feeling and desire. I then bias my own frustration and the loop just goes around compounding itself exponentially until everything in my life seems like a big pile of manure and I'm knee deep in it."

"Seeing the good is not always easy. Finding equanimity with all that surrounds you is a sign of true mastery. True masters don't find themselves born on Earth, they've long since evolved past this learning ground. So don't feel bad - you are here for a reason - to develop this mastery. And these terrible dilemmas are the tests you yourself set up before you were born in order to pass. This is YOUR class schedule - you wanted this. You just don't remember from this 3rd dimensional frame of reference and consciousness."

That last bit hits me hard. I realize she's hit the nail on the head. I set up this life...down to many little details. Each event, each moment a test I set up to try and pass. I'm failing pretty miserably...but I will redouble my efforts.

"That's the can master this stuff. You will learn to see the good just as quickly as you see the bad. In death you will see life, in pain you will see growth and development. In all of those around you, you will cease to let their states emotionalize you or set off a chain of biases. You will achieve mastery over these 3rd dimensional streams of energy which are your life and when you do, you will move on to the next level and need not return.

"I love you Yal-hune..."

"I know...that's why you are able to hear this from me...because we have a strong set of balanced waves in common."

"Love conquers all."


She disappears from the Diablo. I pull back on the road and shortly thereafter I feel a the most gentle mental kiss on my right cheek.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Wikileaks & Mr. Julian Assange

I hear you. After about fifteen different emails asking what I think about Wikileaks and Julian Assange, I’ve decided to make a short curtain lifting entry on the matter.

First of all, there is no such thing as a spontaneous leak of data or intelligence. If someone is leaking data, someone sponsored that leak of data. Much more damaging information exists out there… what Wikileaks has posted is pretty tame. Mr. Assange wouldn’t last a week if he were not acting in the interests of a qualified party. The question you should be asking yourself is - who benefits? Which nation(s) benefit when it is revealed Saudi Arabia wants us to take out Iran’s nuclear capabilities and facilities? Which nation(s) benefit when Argentina’s leaders psychological stability is questioned? Mr. Assange is now wanted on rape charges in Sweden and is allegedly hiding out in in the UK. Anyway you slice it, Julian Assange is not in an enviable position. He is the visible point, a useful tool, and is being used to further an agenda. When his utility is expended, he becomes expendable. Whether that means living out the rest of his life in a jail somewhere or simply being on the run or worse- none of these are great futures.

The embarrassing documents leaked about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan further one agenda, and other documents leaked seem to further other agendas. Some leaks seem designed to mask the agendas of the sponsors. Misdirection is always a useful and effective tool.

The world, as a whole, cares amazingly little about affairs of state - or anything else that does not directly deal with their own self-interests. These leaks are targeted leaks and Wikileaks becomes much like any corporate media outlet, serving the agendas of its owners. Mr. Assange is, in this sense, the equivalent of a media news mouthpiece of any particular interests, whether they be a Larry King, Matt Drudge or Bill O’Reilly. He’s not operating of his own interests and has a sponsor.

What you really want to know is, who is Julian Assange's sponsor? And that is a question I don't intend to answer.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wait a're not supposed to be reading this.

That's right...I'm talking to YOU. Your fundamental frequency isn't quite ready for this yet, how did you find this site anyways? Search engine? Blind link?

Click out of here....NOW.

Do not read further. Do not check out the search function. Do not inquire about the all-female Japanese Syndicate or my living arrangements with 3 alien women. Do not pass go, do not collect $200....just get the heck out of here while you still can.

Remember, if you DON'T - I will not be responsible if your evolutionary trajectory takes a dive or, alternatively, you get too high too fast and jeopardize your steady, stable growth. I will not set up special lifetimes just to compensate for what you read here on this blog - when you shouldn't have been directed here at all and were given plenty of fair warning.

The rest of you, don't pay any attention to this placeholder post. Curtain lifting will continue to commence at the regular show times.

- SDAI-Tech1

Thursday, November 25, 2010

"We Get to take out North Korea!"

It's Thanksgiving. But not for me. 6 hours ago I was called up by the Shadow President telling me that SDAI was going to be needed. Hey, it goes with the job description. I'm not big on turkey anyways and family get-togethers are not all they're often cracked up to be, so no big loss.

I tell Yal-hune what's up with a thought and she acknowledges - from light years away and in real time. Yal-hune is on her home world and has been cleaning up after the Lal-atha incident. For the first time, the most advanced worlds of the Confederation are blockading his world and filtering all electromagnetic traffic. I'm not too certain about the details but something about Lal-atha trying to start WW III here on Earth and using, his favorite over-shadowed puppet, Kim il Jung to try to start it pushed them to act.

I jump into an armored Cadillac and take off for Shamballa. The satellite array hums to life shortly after I hit the freeway and Tech2's face appears in the in-dash monitor.

"We get to take out North Korea!"

"What are you talking about?"

"It's true. We've received clearance for a ULTRA4 Strike."

"Since when?"

"About five minutes ago."

Despite Tech2's eagerness, an ULTRA4 Strike is not exactly what I would have chosen as a response to the North Korean attack. While the details must remain classified, such a strike is, as can be imagined, very inclusive and full of significant targets.

"What's the rationale?"

"China and Russia ditched the dollar, they've been looting our economy, with our help, and now China let Kim il Jung off his leash. Obama isn't up to the task and the Shadow President is using the US forces at his disposal to initiate a response. Naturally, that's where we come in."

"Initiate all assets of the SD4 Array, and get them triangulated on North Korea and China."

"You got it. Will we get to use any of MIMIRs assets?"

"I don't think that's a good idea."

"But it would make things incredibly easy."

"This type of thing should never be easy. Yal-hune is already working on the problem on her end and I sure as heck know that she will not approve of this type of action, much less using any MIMIR assets."

"Hey, it's our world...we're free to do and use what we've got. Don't let your goo-goo eyes for Yal-hune interfere with this pal, this is serious stuff."

"You don't get it, once we use teleportation, emf craft and advanced technology in a negative manner we will reap feedback of the same kind. It's a Pandora's box you don't want to start. You just know that some world out there will justify striking us once we demonstrate violent usage of EMF technology."

"You don't know that for certain."

"Do you want to take that chance? Kim il jung and the cesspool of poverty and decay that is North Korea's isn't even close to worth that sort of gambit."

I pull up to the gates, flash my idea and am waived through. The vehicles transponder completes the process and sends the right code to the various gates, which open and allow me to pull through. I tell Tech2 to meet me in the briefing room. In a matter of minutes I am descending in a whisper quiet elevator and joining the rest in the briefing room. Techs 5, 7 and 9 are present in addition to 2.

The Shadow President is on the large screen and looks pensive, as pensive as I've seen him in years.

"Glad you could make it Tech1. I wanted to discuss with you the various options I am perusing and I would like your honest appraisal as to the success and outcome of each."


Monday, November 22, 2010

A Forced Trip Through Time.

I sit in my secure underground office, seven stories below the desert sands at Shamballa and. Suddenly, without warning, I feel the now-familiar sensation of time displacement. This is not Yal-hune's doing or my own - this is some sort of other external force and it is non-participatory, meaning I am being transported without my consent. This concerns me greatly and I wonder if it is the action of some hostile world that has breached the Earth's defenses.

I arrive in what appears to be a futuristic cafe. Around me, are circular booths, silver metallic walls lined with something that resembles or imitates mother-of-pearl and an embedded visual screen in the center of the table before me that uses some sort of holographic projection unit. A female voice, monotone and probably electronically generated is reading news,

"The United Latin Republic has been completely devastated by a surprise nuclear attack from the Chinese Empire. Major cities lay in ruins tonight from Los Angeles, Mexico City to New York and all the major population centers in-between. Castro City lays in ruins and the capitol of the ULR has been completely blown off the face of the Earth in a multiple warhead strike that breached the ULR missile shield. Billions are assumed dead.

The United European Union strongly protested the action and the Indian National Alliance has not responded, as yet, to the action but is expected to counter strike Chinese targets due to the violation of the now ancient, but never disbandoned nuclear pollution treaty of 2130, to which the Chinese Empire was a signatory. The Indian National Alliance has been delivered a serious economic blow by the attacks, as most of their labor force emerges from the ULR. The Chinese Empire issued a six word statement following the attack that has been broadcast around the world, "Retaliation will be met with annihilation."

I sit stunned in fascinated, yet horrified, awe as the holographic projector displays satellite generated imagery of the destroyed ULR cities. Like Hiroshima, only a thousand times worse, the blackened and scoured surfaces are desolate of even the slightest standing structures and the ground has been torn up into cavernous pits. This was not a nuclear attack - this was something designed to obliterate all life and render the North American continent completely irradiated for centuries.

Where am I? What year is this? The booths around me are empty. I get up and look around for a human - any human - and see none.

"Hello? Is anyone here?"

A holographic waiter appears and displaces the news display.

"Salutations. How may I serve you today sir?"

"Where are the people?"

"I do not understand sir?"

"People? Humans? Are there any living people here?"

"At this time, yours is the only biometric anatomy present."

"What year is this? Where am I?"

"The date is November 22, 2284. You are at the Cafe' Ambiance."

"What nation is this?"

"You are in the ULR, English Speaking Sub-Sector, Alaskan Territory"

I look at my wrist to see if my radiation detecting watch is still on. It is. The built in Geiger counter reads .5 millirems per hour. Either the background radiation has increased over the past centuries or this area is experiencing fallout.

"Are you capable of contacting others?"


"Do you have a phone?"

"You desire to see a tele-phone? May we suggest a visit to the Museum of Technological History in Juno."

"That's fine. I need nothing further."

The holographic waiter disappears.

I get up and look around. The place is clean and well lit by some sort of electroluminescent paneling built into the floors, ceilings and walls. A door in the distance catches my eye and I make my way towards it. A thick pane of glass permits me to see out. I am in some sort of small city in Alaska, I am presuming. Snow covers the ground outside and yet inside there are no indications of the cold weather whatsoever. Perfect climate control at 73 degrees.

I look for a door handle. The door is closed and does not open.


The holographic waiter reappears.

"How may I be of assistance, sir?"

"How do I open this door?"

"The door is not able to be opened at this time. This facility is in secure lock down. The outside radiation levels are not safe and our filtration system is attempting to compensate. May we recommend a nice side order or a drink while you wait?"

The image would be comical, were it not so serious. I look at my watch and see the dosage is increasing.

"Is there a basement in this facility?"

"No sir."

"Have your food and water supplies been contaminated with radiation?"

"Not at this time?"

I look around for another door. A likely prospect catches my eye and I head towards it. I suddenly remember to reach out mentally for Yal-hune, perhaps she can reach me and retrieve me from this time and place before the radiation gets worse.

Her mind is hard to reach. I try others. Skuuinja, Shay-la or some of the others who might be in a position to assist through time and space and put me back where I belong.


"Had enough?"

"Who is this?"

"I am disappointed. Have you forgotten me this quickly?"

The voice in my head is externally generated by some sort of personal frequency tapping device and is almost painful.

"Who are you?"

"You mean to tell me you can forget your betters that quickly? Typical human."

It's Lal-atha. Somehow he was able to force-teleport me through time.

"Aren't you interested in your world's dismal future? Do you see now that all you have done here is condemn Earth and its future inhabitants to lives of serfdom and misery. I'm not done with you yet, I'm going to throw you ahead another 100 years so you can see the mutants spawned by an Earth bathed in nuclear radiation. And it's all your fault. YOUR FAULT!"

He laughs his psychotic laugh and I realize I'm in big trouble. I'm going to have to try and recall all the principles I can and use them all - total equilibrium. Total equanimity to all that I confront and now experience. If I am to return to my own time I need to be in complete mastery of my consciousness and see if I can't catch Lal-atha and his machines off-guard.

Before I finish, I feel the force teleport grab hold of me and thrust me through time once again. As my eyes regain their ability to focus, I can smell a stench that is incredibly bad and air that is horribly impure. I am in some sort of village with thatched hut type structures and nothing industrial or technocratic in sight. Grotesque caricatures of humanity are everywhere I look. Multiple heads, limbs, missing limbs, deformed limbs and torsos. They stare at me like I am some sort of anomaly - a freak. Apparently standard human DNA code is now completely lost.

I struggle not to bias as I see a small girl with a small deformed head on an oversized chest torso which is connected to a very small lower torso, approach me using her one leg and one arm as a pair of legs.

"Yumere daferant hombran"

It sounds sort of like broken English but so garbled it's hard to make out what she says. I breach my personal rule and read her mind using telepathy. I read her thoughts - and pick up quickly the remnants of English and Spanish merged which she speaks.

She had pointed out that I looked so different from everyone else.

"Haias minoras gonlandover frahnd"

I tell her that I am just a new friend from a faraway place. She looks at me and her mind is working overtime. Her thoughts are fast and I try to keep up with her cortex activity. She has some sort of brain mutation and she is actually quite intellectual. She is empathic as well and is aware of my presence in her mind.

"Inlosan yoremahn toremaraychin sinrehjib purinderaymo"

She's is now in my mind. She used my own thoughts as a bridge and she is reading my thoughts. I set up an area to converse in and I will not underestimate these people despite their apparent deformities. This girl, all of 12 years of age, is already more intellectually developed than most thirty-somethings in my time and in these years she has developed her mind to be a far greater tool to use in her day-to-day existence in this future world.

"You are from the past. That is very interesting. I had dreams that I would meet you though and as soon as I saw you materialize I knew who you were."

"Yes, I am from the past - the year 2010 to be precise. The world was far different then and the wars and radiation which changed things had not yet taken place."

"You put too much value on mind powers. Now that I am in your mind it reminds me of all too many others who prize some one thing and spend their lives obsessing about it. My mind is the way it is and it is not better or worse - just different. Just as my body is different. Someday you will learn that there is no better or worse - only different."

I look around and I see this is the message and wisdom of this era - everyone is different, no better and no worse than anyone else. I know it's true from one point of view yet I see how the unintelligent created this future of pain and suffering and try as I might, I can't see all futures as equally good/evil.

I bend down to my knees so I can look into this girl's eyes at her own level. I wish there was some way I could assist her here, but I don't know that I would know how or in which way would assist her. She is genuinely happy, perhaps much happier than most 12 year olds from my time and I find this unnerving and nonplussing.

Lal-atha wanted me to become depressed, but I see that even through these events which most would consider the worst of all possible futures - equal goodness and virtue have emerged in direct opposition to it. This girl could not exist were it not for those evils that shaped her and this future Earth.

"Yes. You are learning. Just like in my dream."

"In your dream what happens next?"

"You ask me that question and i give you this answer. You will disappear soon. A very tall woman will take you away and she will smile at me, before she does. You start to cry after I tell you this and you give me a hug."

As if on cue, I start crying and I reach out to embrace her.

"You are very special, as everyone is - but you are particularly special to ME. Thank you for your insights. I will not soon forget you and I will make sure the world of the past is exposed to some of your wisdom as well."

"Yes, you will write about me in your blog. My dream ends when I see you back in your time. You try to think about me and you reach my mind. You wonder how this is possible and then I wake up. Your tall friend is about to arrive."

I turn intuitively and I can already feel Yal-hune's presence in my mind before she appears.

"We don't have time. We must leave now." she turns and smiles at the girl and I truly wonder just what sort of being I have encountered here this day. She's not quite human yet more than human at the same time.

I wave good bye just as I feel Yal-hune teleport us back to 2010.

"Is Lal-atha contained again?"

"Yes. His machines have been disintegrated."

"Who was that girl? I've never met such a mind in such a deformed body."

"She had you pegged, even now you still just value her for her mind."

"Yes, I know. I disappoint myself. But again, who was she?"

"It's best I not tell you. You should figure these things out yourself."

I get to my computer and start keying in this entry. I reach out to her mind and I know I will reach her because she told me I would.


"Hello yourself. Have you figured it out yet?"

"Figured what out?"

"Who I am?"

"No, I haven't."

All of a sudden it hits me.

I know.