Monday, May 23, 2011

How to Become a Real Superhero!

Millions of people have secret fantasies they entertain within their consciousness. One recurring one, since the advent of the comic book in the late thirties is to be a superhero. Well, for all who have ever wished this, today is your lucky day. Today I am going to discuss how you can become a very real superhero.

What is a superhero? Let's take a moment to define the traits they possess:

1) Superheroes are good.
2) Superheroes are often stronger than normal people.
3) Superheroes help others.
4) Superheroes have special powers.
5) Superheroes always win in the end.
6) Superheroes fight evil.

These are the most common traits superheroes possess. Surprisingly all these traits are quite accessible to everyone, even if they don't think they are. Let's lay out a game plan by which YOU or anyone so inclined can become a superhero.

Superheroes are good.
Becoming a good person isn't that hard. You are what you think and understand. Becoming a good person requires two things, understanding more and more of the universe around you and acting constructively using all your wisdom in everything that you do.

You've heard the phrase "you are what you eat," but the truth of the matter is you are what you think. What you put your mind upon will determine how good you are. All energy regenerates and recreates itself. One moment leads to the next and builds on what has come before. To become supremely good, you must do good things and you must understand why they are good. You must learn the ability to take darkness and twist it inside out into light. How does one do this? It's actually pretty simple. You simply must find the positive attributes and ramifications of any and all actions, events and happenings in your life.

Wouldn't that be Pollyanna-ish? No, because you are not seeing these events solely as good, rather you are seeing both sides, the good and the bad, and in so doing you prevent these from regenerating imbalanced in your own mind. This balanced information is more intelligent than imbalanced stored knowledge and thoughts. After enough time, you will become ever more immune to depression, self-doubt, fear, hatred, sloth, resentment, disdain and all the rest of the lower emotions a really good superhero should ideally not possess.

Superheroes are often stronger than normal people.
Superheroes help others.
While this often manifests as physical strength. The most important strength is strength of mind and strength of character. With these two, you can supplant the need for super physical strength because your mind will do the heavy lifting for you. Your wisdom will shelter the weak, give comfort to, and help heal, the ill and be able to be used to fight evil in all its many forms.

Superheroes have special powers.
Many special powers are available to those who seek to develop them. Mind projection, thought reading, seeing the future or into the past, mastery of light, manipulation of energy and mass and much, much more. Truth be told, the comic book superheroes only touch upon what developments can be had and all of these powers are solely the byproduct of your own mental development. Likewise, to develop these abilities you must acquire great wisdom and knowledge of the universe around you and how it works. No knowledge - no powers.

Superheroes always win in the end.
When you learn about energy and the way the universe functions you will always win in the end as well. Every bad event in your life can be balanced and mastered. Every negative experience will be a building block to an even more positive outcome. Every new thing that comes to you at first unbalanced will be able to be balanced, understood and give you even greater powers.

Superheroes fight evil.
This actually happens by default when you strive for the good. You don't need to seek evil out and conquer it. As you grow and become ever more positive, evil will be drawn unto you in corresponding measure. In a sense evil will provide your growth as you learn to defeat it through wisdom and understanding. The universe is in a constant state of balance. Left has right, evil has good, down has up and so on and so forth. As good as you become - there will always be a greater evil for you to overcome. And there will always be a greater good for you to develop and achieve. So you, and everyone, will be fighting evil in some form or another forever. And this will be good.

So there you have it, your own personal road map to becoming a superhero. No, magic rings, lanterns, invisible planes or utility belts are required. Just your mind and an insatiable hunger for growth and personal development.

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