Saturday, February 28, 2009

1917 and 2009

The efforts being offered as "solutions" to our economic crisis are nothing of the kind. They are the failed socialist policies of the former USSR, China, France and North Korea. You don't think of big banks when you think of these nations and for a good reason - socialist nations have completely ineffective wealth production. Unless the nation is sitting on a huge pool of oil, like Sweden or have a non-existent population in the frigid wastelands, like Canada - socialism as a "solution" just doesn't solve anything. It only makes things worse.

By now it is obvious that Obama knows nothing about economics. He knows nothing about capitalism. His childhood experiences in southeast Asia have glamorized for him the concepts of socialism and the needs of the very poor. This is all swell and fine but one glance overseas tells us that the only rich folks are practitioners and beneficiaries of capitalism. Only the useless government employees feeding on the taxes of the hard workers get rich or live comfortable & secure all their lives thanks to socialism and the politics of taxing the wealthy into extinction.

Generating wealth is the solution.

Read that above line fifteen or twenty times if necessary Mr. President. Let it sink in. Generating wealth is the solution. Not taxing wealth and redistributing it. That does nothing except promote universal poverty. You don't kill all your chickens because some of your kids are hungry. You BREED them, so you will have more eggs and chickens to go around.

To breed wealth, you do not drop trillion dollar stimulus packages on a few pork barrel projects Representatives and Senators dole out to their biggest contributors. You don't nationalize banks with taxpayer dollars and in debt them further.

You either believe in the free market or you don't. A Free market always finds balance. If the free market is not permitted to function because someone is cheating in the name of the "privileged" companies who donate lots to politicians, the people and the market are cheated - robbed.

The power of the gun (which only the government legally can manipulate) is used to loot the citizens of their wealth to preserve some private companies. With these packages we are seeing the unprecedented takeover of the private sector by government. We are witnessing a nation-changing failure in the making. These failing companies now can keep losing money - and keep getting bailed out. The government is committed to propping them up with taxpayer's hard earned money.

It doesn't matter if it the largest bank in the world or the largest car maker. Free markets must be allowed to dispose of the unprofitable businesses. They must be permitted to realign the order of power and move employees with skills into other profitable companies that can use them and pay them well. Markets must be free to establish REAL prices for real estate and goods. Inserting a "fix" into the market breaks it. It ceases to produce and generate wealth effectively.

In 1917, the bloodthirsty and ruthless Russian revolutionaries executed all who opposed them. Their treacherous techniques in government takeover of private industry are now legendary. The "bread" crisis was the excuse for the largest and longest failed socialist experiment in history. It took them 70 years to recover from the socialism they embraced. And those were 70 miserable years of massive suffering for hundreds of millions of people.

Now we have a President who is embracing the same old failed corruption of the free market. A President who has no experience in generating wealth at all. A President who is young and largely clueless - who is desperate to appear to be doing something for all the clamoring voices across the nation.

Let's hope our new President gets some good advice and let's hope he reads Atlas Shrugged in the White House family quarters each evening.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Choice

I have been summoned to "the Room" again. My boss, the angel of infinitely exquisite beauty and virtue awaits my arrival. Upon seeing her, all earthly desires vanish.

"Welcome. I called for you because you needed extra strength and fortification to handle the events now unfolding on the world you oversee. There are a number of possible futures unfolding and each decision and choice you make will have enormous ramifications. Behold!"

She extends an arm in a gesture of infinite grace, her golden hair frames a face of purity and unimaginable kindness, with eyes of luminous blue that pierce my being and are a link to wisdom unimaginable. The bright white floors and walls transform, as if all part of a giant screen and I see the Earth in space. It draws closer and focuses on the sunlit side, and starts to magnify the North American continent. The United States is vivid as I have never seen it.

"Your nation is in great turmoil. The people are frightened and insecure. They are angry, resentful and focused largely on material security. Millions are regenerating these negative biases and strengthening the difficulties they now are experiencing. Very few can look into the face of adversity and the opposites of ones desires - and view these happenings with infinite intelligence which would permit them to balance and alleviate these difficulties in record pace."

In the blink of an eye the lives and emotions of millions are revealed to me and here in the room the emotions are two dimensional, like shadows unable to naturally exist in this room with its tremendously high level of fundamental vibrations. Even those nearest to me are revealed and their struggles and choices evidence the difficulty they have had in maintaining equilibrium while encountering these many and various cycles.

My boss approaches me and her piercing eyes radiate into my soul as I return her steadfast gaze. I feel her mind in mine, her goodness so incredible it casts the universe in a million times more wonderful light than I normally behold it. Her consciousness fully reaches me and I catch brief glimpses of the millions of lives she has had in all sorts of worlds, in all sorts of spectra, and even her existence as a causal force - a being who helps shape part of the universe and adds to its infinite diversity.

"You must make a choice. The masses need your efforts, perhaps more than ever. You must find a way to counter the natural degenerate tendencies and the unbridled materialism that is growing in strength with each passing instant. You are my representative. I have taught you much and in your love for all things I see my own love reflected back. You have learned what love truly is - not a physical act of using the reproductive organs - but so much more."

I look at her and any man on Earth would see the most beautiful woman they have ever beheld - or hope to ever behold. Her every component more refined and exquisite than the human form can begin to express. Her face, her limbs and torso would be the vision to inspire a million works of art - and indeed over the many centuries they have. She has served as a model for all those who could glimpse her in her travels and sought out a way to remind themselves of her radiance and beauty.

And yet what is it that shapes her body? What is it that molds her every feature? In The Room, no genetics are at work at all. Her form is created by her mind. Each and every thought. Her eyes, nose, lips, arms and legs and everything I see are merely transpositions of thought - refined and elevated thought.

That is what being an angel is all about, refined thought. That is what makes one woman attractive and another more unattractive - thoughts. Each negative thought, each uncaring thought, each lower and base thought will find shape in the body. Purity of mind translates to purity of the body. People are attracted to people who are "good looking" - and yet what exactly is it that makes someone good looking? Beauty is nebulous. Dimensions and curves are only part of the picture. No set measurements define beauty. Beauty is the sum of a person's essence, a combination of who they are, their values, past experiences and self-esteem. Beautiful thoughts shape beautiful bodies.

I have been in love with my boss for over millions of years. She knows this and she loves me even more than I love her. She has an intense and pure love for me that I cant even fathom yet, and I strive to better myself and refine myself so that I may be more able to return this infinite love. We have developed a very strong polarity relationship and I reside among her 333 closest polarities. While 333
may seem like a very large number, but when one takes millions of lifetimes and billions upon billions of souls met and encountered, this means I have had many, many positive lifetimes with her and we share much the same wisdom, love, interests, goals and experiences.

"Yes, you must now make tough choices. You must redouble your efforts to interject positive energy into this world of darkness. You must carry my love, which is the love of infinity, to each and every single person you meet. You, and those around you, are undergoing a great trial here and you will either master it or let it master you. I hope this brief visit to "The Room" here with me is enough to strengthen your various character traits and mental attributes, and that you can then go forth and use these to speed your personal evolution by functioning as an active component of infinite intelligence. Your biocentric is among these 332 others and she is as perfectly suited to you as you are to her. She wanted me to speak to you first, but she awaits in the adjoining antechamber to speak with you."

Chills run through my being - even here. I have not spoken to my biocentric since before being born into the Earth. We had agreed that she would remain "upstairs" while I descended and be born into the Earth world. My boss steps closer and kisses me.

Words are too inadequate.

When in an energy body, as one is must express in while in the room, such an action literally realigns my cell structures here and my physical body back on Earth. Each cell is energized with a new intelligence, a new love and more wisdom. The cells become more health and function more perfectly. New data is actually encoded into the DNA strands to replace lost data. Far more powerful than any Earthly physical contact, far more powerful than any reproductive release or earthly orgasm is this small, simple gesture. My thoughts become clearer, each breath seems to be easier and I feel my countenance expanding and becoming more refined.

I walk into the antechamber and behold my biocentric. The woman who is closer to me than any other in all things. Our minds are almost as one and she has just returned from her laboratory where she invents new and wonderful things to assist sentient beings in many various worlds. Inventions, which will be brought in via inspiration and shown to visitors who arrive while they are sleeping.

She looks at me and at once I am at peace. Her hair frames her benevolent features and her smile, to me, seems to be the smile of life itself. She lifts her hand to touch me and I meet her thought simultaneously with my own. Our hands touch exactly halfway between us, our hands seamlessly join as if guided by invisible strings. No awkward motions, bumps or misses. Each finger instantly held its counterpart and even each cell and nerve seems to work in unfathomable harmony. This is far beyond "heaven" and with even the slightest thought together we experience more pleasure and happiness than could be had in a million wanton orgies on Earth.

Our minds are a perfect fit. Our goals are in perfect harmony. We share the same development and the phrase "match made in heaven" seems wholly insufficient to even begin to explain how incomprehensibly wonderful it feels. If I could pity humanity from this level I would - but pity does not exist here. Only understanding. If others knew of their biocentric, they would never settle for anything less. They could not hurt their counterpart by poisoning themselves with mere material lusts. They could never be satisfied with someone who did not share their understandings knowing that true and complete oneness would never be theirs.

"My beloved. It has been a long time since we last met this way and yet it seems as if it was just a moment ago. I have been alongside you every minute of every day and I have tried to help you as you overcame your pasts and completed this important mission."

Then she smiles and I realize I will soon be awake on Earth.

"Choices" she whispers. "Make the right ones."

"I will. I promise." are on my lips as I awaken.

Monday, February 09, 2009

What Would Ayn Rand Say?

A Kiss

The directives out of Washington were coming fast and furious. Emergency measures were to be enacted. The Constitution was outmoded. No longer was Washington only permitted to regulate commerce with foreign nations, between states and with the Indian tribes, but was fully immersed in interfering with all commerce in the nation. New wage laws were enacted. The good of the masses was the only important goal and the use of fear in every statement uttered publicly by officials was like a paralyzing menthol to the minds of the masses.

Dagny had long since stopped reading the papers with their apocalypse mongering and corruption cajoling. This morning she stood and sipped her coffee in a stark white dress that just covered her breasts, revealing her white shoulders. On her, the color white looked noble. Not the false conferring of nobility that some would seek to embrace in the purity of white, but its starkness allowed the essence of her features to dominate. Her eyes shone with purpose and character and it was these that then colored her garment.

As she savored the smell of strong coffee wafting beneath her nose , she remembered her childhood and the unquestioning faith she had in the wisdom of all adults. It seemed so long ago and she could not help but wonder how she could ever have been so naive. Now she was daily being battered by those, who as a child, she would never have perceived as evil. Each day was lived almost as if in perdition - a punishment for her previous lack of perception.

Running a railroad, providing metal to the factories that bring progress and prosperity was now a battle. Each day brought some new directive, some bit of legislation that interfered and dictated how she could run her railroad. The "crisis" was growing and Washington was entertaining taking over her railroad entirely and nationalizing it - for the public good. That no one in DC knew anything about running a railroad did not concern the collectivists who were shrill in their demands for state control of all major industries.

The people she met in the streets looked helpless. They wore depression like a heavy yoke around their necks, the scent of fear pungently perfumed the air of the streets around them. When she met eyes with some passersby, she recognized underneath, still suppressed, a sense of hysteria - a disconcerting madness that she couldn't quite put her finger on. She was certain it was this hysteria which was used to manipulate the masses. Their desperation was a blank check for politicians to fill with any amount they wanted. Like a snake oil salesman pitching a woman with an ill child, reason was no longer part of the thinking process. Desperation closed the sale before it began.

Those who recognized what was happening were slowly being persecuted. It was small at first. Their motives were being questioned. They were being called selfish and uncaring. They were publicly ridiculed in papers and on the radio by faceless voices and words. The masses were being taught to hate those who objected to the new directives. They were being trained to believe these people were the ones responsible for the current crisis, and to overlook the mountain of evidence to the contrary.

Dagny set down her empty cup and looked out the window of her office. It was raining and the panes were streaked with rivulets of water buffeted by a strong wind. She touched the pane and it was cold. She enjoyed the contrast and yet there was something more. She realized it was what it represented. Men had built this skyscraper. They had shaped the glass and the structure to shield her from the elements. It was an accomplishment of mind over environment. As she rested her hand against the cold pane she realized it was man's triumph, man's industrious nature that she was celebrating.

It was this industriousness which she strove to defend and would not relent. Industrious men needed her railroad - and needed her to keep it running. The looters, moochers and collectivists could not be permitted to interfere in commerce and sacrifice progress - only to create a false sense of self-importance and quiet the many gnawing insecurities that followed them around like persistent spectres without precise shape but a constant disquieting presence.

Eddie Willers walked in to her office without knocking.

"Dagny...what are we going to do?"

"About what?"

"Didn't you read the special edition today?"


"A new directive has been passed. All banks, railroads, shippers and airlines are now state owned. Tomorrow a directive is being voted on which will take over farms, refineries and markets. Yesterday they nationalized all newspapers and radio stations."

Dagny was still and stunned. The weight of the news struck her like a physical blow. She realized her hand was now completely cold and she removed it from the pane. She was incredulous and yet simultaneously knew exactly how men could conspire to harm themselves - ignorance.

She didn't know when she had started sobbing only felt Eddie Willers arms around her, supporting her, lending his strength to her own. She realized too this was natural. Eddie Willers had always been there for her and was one of the few who understood the things she understood.

She stopped crying and gave Eddie a kiss. It was pure, like the white of her gown, and it said "thank you for always being here" better than any words she could have mustered or composed. Eddie held her for another moment and released her. Their eyes locked for a brief moment, but a brief moment was all that was necessary. Understanding was their reward.

She knew, as Eddie knew, she would fight this directive tooth and nail and join with others who would also be ready to fight for mankind.

Watch out! The Collectivists are coming!

Watch out!

It's happening as you read these words. Your rights, your freedoms are being diminished in the name of the "good" of all. The fear of poverty is being exploited and the chosen few have taken it upon themselves to reshape the world to their liking.

It's the same old collectivist song reaching a shrill crescendo. The evil (uncooperative) rich must be looted, while the good (cooperative & heavy on political contributions) rich are rewarded with truckloads of the people's tax money.

Never before since the bad ol' days of Franklin D. Roosevelt has the nation faced such peril. Banks crashing should not frighten anyone. A bank is a bank is a bank. Failing banks are a part of a free market. The failed banks holdings go to creditors and new banks rise in size and stature to replace them. To throw money at banks or corporations whose officers and policies are failures is a form of insanity - like flushing money down the toilet.

The government has no right to spend the people's money on bailouts. The Congress and the Executive Branch are now simply illustrating to what extent they are prostituted. Yes Congress and the President are prostitutes for corporate lobbyists. They have taken their money to get elected and now they are getting the big payout. Bush, Obama left or right makes little difference - they are all bought and paid for.

You can try to make your voice heard, but don't expect them to listen to you unless you have a one million dollar donation to their re-election (and personal lifestyle) fund.

We are now living in an Ayn Rand novel. The collectivists are coming and now have taken over the government and are looting the small guys to reward their corrupt brethren. "Emergency measures" must be taken! The US Constitution (which has been specially printed on toilet paper for Congress' personal use) is ignored and conveniently forgotten. The Constitution grants Congress the right to regulate commerce with foreign nations, between the states and with the Indian tribes. It does not grant them interfering in commerce in general other than to levy taxes.

The minimum wage was unconstitutional. Quotas and quorums are unconstitutional and, yes quite obviously, bailouts are unconstitutional. The road FDR paved - breaking the US Constitution - is what has put us in this predicament. It is what caused the outsourcing of factories and labor and impoverished this nation to the level we are now inhabiting. It is GOVERNMENT that is the problem. When government messes with commerce nothing good comes of it. The nation has reached the nadir of the founding fathers intentions. Now the government of King George appears downright benevolent and entrepreneur friendly next to our own corrupt government with its obscene trillion dollar payouts to lobbied interests.

Twenty years of unchecked illegal immigration, the outsourcing of factories to China and labor to Mexico, India and elsewhere, the interference in government with commerce and wages, the permission of collusion and price fixing in gas prices has led our nation to the brink of economic collapse.

Get rid of the corrupt politicians and the illegal laws that have been added to our national burden. The land of the free is now no longer worthy of the title. We are now a nation of encumbered individuals, saddled with debt, slaves to credit ratings and participating in an economy that is no longer free or offering opportunities to each equally.

The corrupt are being rewarded with money from the honest and hardworking. We need to clean the Congress of all those who support the bailouts and the unprecedented looting of the already impoverished masses. Each bailout dollar is a dollar taken from the people. An analogy would be the teacher taking the lunch money from the kids and giving it all to the class bully who say he "lost" his lunch money. Do you blame the bully? No the bully is expected to be an idiot and a looter. It's the teacher who is to blame and who needs to be removed. Same is true with our politicians. If they weren't corrupt all the lobbyists in the world could not corrupt them. But they are corrupt. The sad, ever-declining state of our economy is the evidence of generations of corruption in Congress.