Sunday, January 30, 2005


It's been a week since I last had a fresh entry and the treatise on prayer has sufficiently alienated enough readers around the world to insure I am not invited to the Vatican or any other holy man's residence anytime soon. So be it.

I have been watching world events pass the last week with a bit of a disconnect, even with a ringside seat. The inauguration of President Bush was somewhat like the day after Christmas - full of pomp and ceremony that must soon be replaced by the work of bringing down the ornaments and cleaning up after a plethora of relatives. Since this piece is entitled musings, I will share a few of the thoughts that have been generated as feedback to light waves and sound waves which have been recorded the past week.

Condoleezza Rice's Secretary of State confirmation hearings: The media missed a historic opportunity to illustrate the advancement of women and of blacks in politics. CNN's poor rankings are mute testimony to the changing American political median and the dissatisfaction with accentuating the negative. The Democrats are burning bridges while they are standing on the wrong side of the bank, insuring any future victories are even fewer and harder to acquire.

Barbara Boxer: This woman's grandstanding was amusing to watch. Her comments made one realize just how many Democratic politicians think at this moment. She is at this moment an archetype of all that is wrong with Democratic party positions and the far-left constituency they now represent. RIP Democratic party.

George Bush: A long road exists ahead of you. You can now safely ignore Karl Rove's input and finish some of the projects you set out to accomplish.

Laura Bush: White becomes you. It's time for you to take that dress (and others like it) and do the fifteen nation tour bit and help boost US popularity around the world, while promoting the American agenda in a softer, more palatable package.

Prince Harry: Go easier on the alcohol and your judgment calls will be less impaired. Don't make your father's conformist mistakes either.

Prince Charles: Camilla? Worth 20 million pounds? Next time...don't marry someone you don't love and you wont have to make the woman you do love look like a high paid call-girl. Ah, but you were young and ill-advised you poor, poor bloke. Where's Queen Victoria when you need her?

Yes, I know. Not exactly paradigm shattering information in these musings. Have no fear! A veritable cornucopia of information will be unleashed wherein the astute readers can advance their evolutionary position thousands of years in a few minutes.

All these world events are not really new. They stem from past cycles and past happenings and follow somewhat predictable courses. We can expect today's events to become tomorrow's news. As a matter of fact certain mathematical ratios of regeneration can be applied to events. At any point, a new cycle will go through various regeneration and more and more time will elapse between these regeneration.

Let's call up the animation department and get some useful diagrams here!

This would be a very useful diagram for you to memorize and study! For example, if you wanted to become a grand pianist you would have to study. Each time you did so would regenerate. The amount of time you spend will regenerate as well, even though the space between these times also increases. If you want to be a good person, the amount of time you spend in good actions must be larger than the amount you spend in negative actions. It's quite simple. No deity can change these laws of energy, they can only share them with others so that they too can master the mechanics of the universe and understand that their actions have far-reaching consequences.

The diagram shows events that regenerate and an example of a mathematical scale to the regeneration. It's obviously more complex than that, but this is a good introduction to the concept. Each event can also die out and cease to regenerate at a certain point. This would be a demodulating vortex instead of an expanding vortex of energy. Let's take a look:

If not enough positive bias exists in a signal, the signal will degenerate. For example if you hate your piano lessons and don't enjoy them, eventually you will stop studying and lose what knowledge you learned. Again, a simplistic illustration, but valuable in explaining the concept. All energy in this universe is undergoing both contraction and expansion. For every signal expanding in this universe and adding data and intelligence there exists another contracting and losing data and intelligence. Learning of the mechanics of the universe can keep you on a more even keel. No need for the fear of purgatory to keep you expressing good in your life. When one understands that negative energy is absorbed back into the universe, one realizes that a destructive life will lead to eventual absorption - a fate far worse than any purgatory. Selfishness, leads to this eventual destruction. If you intend or desire immortality, the first thing one learns is that being infinite is a selfless proposition - not a selfish one.

To evolve into an angel or adept means one must slowly put these positive biases into all your daily actions and they will regenerate and expand and your mental depth and scope will likewise become that much more expansive. Mundane material events will soon only have a limited value in your consciousness. You will cease to be governed by the petty emotionalism which fill your daily life. In place of these will come knowledge and understanding of all mankind and slowly of all things you encounter as you progressively expand your bandwidth to cover ever new ideas, places and expressions of energy.

With this wisdom at your disposal you will eventually become the master of your own destiny. You will realize that the events of your life unfold with mathematical precision. That you and you alone are responsible for your destiny! No deities, friends or family can save you or help you achieve any desired goal. Your own effort will pave the roads you travel in the future. When you understand that each hate-filled thought leads you on a path through various hells until you eventually absorb back into the infinite energy streams, you will suddenly put a greater import in monitoring your thoughts and your reactions to various happenings. Likewise when you start to become more positive in your daily thoughts and actions this will take you to ever higher unimaginable realms of wonder which you will encounter on your travels.

There is no point at which you are safe or immune from the laws of energy. If at any point in your future you should cease your overall positive bias and direction, than the same fate of absorption awaits. Angels, Adepts and any other advanced beings by whatever name one chooses to call them, beings who no longer tread the material worlds, are all well aware of this. This is the true battle of Armageddon. It is the battle between the positive and negative bias of energy. All those who wish continued growth, expansion and development must always have this cumulative positive bias.

If I hated Barbara Boxer, or put a negative bias upon her, I diminish my own developed structures when doing so. Even those we dislike or feel are acting unintelligently must have our compassion and well wishes. We can never hold grudges or hate those who hate us. To do so is sure suicide. All those that rant on about Bush and fuel their hatred, even if they justify it because they disagree with his beliefs, only harm themselves.

This is the great test. Each day as we expand and grow we will encounter new challenges which test our mettle. To increase strength a weight-lifter increases resistance. The universe increases resistance automatically as you progress. Angels and Adepts have it much harder than you think. They fight proportionately negative forces that are equal and opposite counterparts of their own development. At the same time they understand how these negative forces developed and cannot hate them. They realize that if they hate evil they become evil.

Yes, the future holds many wonders for you, dear readers. If your life is hard and getting harder, this is not a sign of failure in life - indeed not! It is part and parcel of life and the ongoing process of regenerative evolution. If you can follow Rudyard Kipling's advice, you will be well on your way to immortality:


If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream-and not make dreams your master;
If you can think-and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!"

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings-nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Infinite and everything that's in it,
And what's more... you'll be a Man, my son!

And on that note, I shall take my leave for today.


Saturday, January 22, 2005


I promised's time to deliver.

It is impossible to ignore the influence religion has in our world. Billions of people believe in one religion or another and many of these religions incorporate the pagan ritual of prayer in their practices.

Prayer is one of those things which people commonly accept as noble and good. The supplication to a higher power, any higher power, especially when done for apparently unselfish reasons is considered a very moral act and has been imitated since the first jungle savage kneeled in abeyance to any of his fancied gods.

The reality is that prayer becomes destructive beyond a certain point. As one learns of this infinite universe and its impersonal nature, one realizes that to progress one must learn and embrace, not pagan rituals of appeasement, but rather these scientific principles of energy. Good and evil are not determined by any deities but rather the universe and progressive evolution follow very specific energy principles or laws.

An incoherent signal does not propagate. It dies off and is absorbed into the background. Immortality is really just signal propagation and to achieve such propagation equilibrium of the signal content is all-important. All the answers man seeks and has employed religion to answer can be answered more precisely by observing our universe.

No "angel", "adept", "initiate", "master" or "avatar" would like to see you on your knees in supplication or prayer. They achieved their own elevated positions by discarding any practice which passed responsibility or action away from their own constructive efforts. The act of prayer even when it seems to be unselfish - is always selfish. This is because it projects your own relative understanding of any event unto some deity who with the supposed proper supplication will grant your prayer. The infinite universe is impersonal. It does not answer prayers. No advanced beings answer prayers either for they understand the destructive nature of prayer and would rather see you channel that effort into real and constructive action. Wishes, even when they are for the welfare of others, are still just wishes and are selfish acts. Intelligence demands action - not wishes. Prayer is the equivalent of passing the buck. It slowly removes personal integrity and responsibility and fosters inaction and stagnation. Prayer is fit only for those who have not yet evolved advanced moral understandings and still cannot discern the destructive nuances of wishing and prayer.

Often prayer is supposed to address things that seem "too large" or impossible for a man to influence. This, again, is a misleading and destructive thought pattern that turns an individual away from growth and development and into this useless, stagnant and fearful slave of pagan habit. For there is no thing that is beyond man's influence and reach. He merely is unaware of his own abilities and uses prayer as an excuse, an escape mechanism, whereby the failure of any desired goal or wish can then be laid upon the feet of some deity and he can wash his hands of it.

This is why prayer becomes destructive. It seems moral and yet actual subverts true morality by using a god as an escape mechanism. All goals must be worked toward. If you want to keep the rain away from your parade, don't pray to some god to change it for you - learn how to control the weather. If you want to save some child from cancer, donate your time, efforts and money towards a cure. Prayer is, at its best, a waste of time and at its worse it completely destroys the initiative and action of a large portion of the planet's inhabitants and leads them, not towards immortality, but instead towards assured destruction.

Progressive evolution and immortality of your soul require your own personal growth and development. Stagnation is not an option. Your signal must propagate and to do so it must be capable of traveling through any and all dimensions. To do this, it must learn and acquire new intelligence and new signals. Prayer is only fit for those who are unaware of the universe and its functions and still live using pagan rituals and employing useless pagan supplications for their survival and well-being.

Yes, any angel would wish you climbed up off your knees and turn that prayer into useful, positive action. Any god would be sorely disappointed in the "pass the buck" mentality of so many of his creations - creations who invented a means of denying their own infinite nature and who failed to observe the obvious scientific nature of the universe around them, and that many who, after recognizing it, still resorted to such pagan rituals instead of being scientifically minded about their progressive evolution.

Immortality is possible for those who continue to progress and expand their understanding. Those who cling to prayer and false idolatry have much bleaker prospects and will need to abandon these limiting and destructive habits and develop their mind and ability to employ constructive action in the place of wishes and prayer. Every moment spent in prayer could be a moment used in constructive action. As this time spent regenerates, this crippling habit is akin to taking all your income to play the lottery instead of investing your money and hoping to be rewarded. Both seem to be working towards the same goal but one is secretly insuring your poverty.

Prayer is secretly insuring your misery. Your prayers will go unanswered, as all prayers do until you take your wishes and desires and act on them intelligently. To become godlike requires this 100% devotion to your own progressive evolution and your own efforts to achieve it. It cannot be gifted to you and no quantity of prayer, supplication or appeasement to any god will further this goal - your own personal, progressive evolution.

The next time you kneel in prayer to some deity, listen closely to those who surround you and who are truly desirous of helping you help yourself. Let them lift you up off your knees and help inspire you to act on your desires and focus your mind to ever more progressive, compassionate and lofty goals. You will finally be freed and one step closer to these angels because you will have learned a secret they learned eons ago - wishes and prayer are selfish and destructive to the cause of true immortality.

Sunday, January 16, 2005


New images have been released of Saturn's moon Titan. Huygens, a probe from the European Space Agency has given us our first close up. Definitely worth a look.

Stay tuned. Even as science tries to further man's understanding of the universe, billions still live in the mental dark a treatise on prayer is coming up.

Friday, January 14, 2005

The Power of The Mind

I have certain obligations to share certain information. I haven't signed any contracts or made any signed-in-blood-pacts, but the obligation remains. It's all about balance. Knowledge is never a one way street. The parent who was once a child must now assume the role of dispenser of knowledge. All this data transfers hands to be recycled again.

The human mind is magnificent. It is the zenith of intelligence among the animal kingdom and the point of demarcation between the lower orders of animals and humanity. Our minds can assimilate data and process it, recombine it and create new forms with it. However, the most important aspects of our consciousness are completely ignored by present day science textbooks. Our minds are receivers and transceivers. We receive and transmit data with our environment. What is also unknown is that your thoughts are electromagnetic emissions of energy and attract and repel other signals. A chap by the name of Norman Vincent Peale put out a book over half a century ago about the power of positive thinking. Unfortunately, there was no science behind the author's philosophical musing and materialist motivations presented therein, making the volume mostly worthless.

Positive thinking must have it's roots in understanding. It does one no good to say, "Well..I've lost my job and my car's a wreck, my wife left me but...oh boy! Do I feel good about it!" Pollyanna attitudes and glossing over misfortune does not resolve things. If you are on the receiving end of a negatively biased signal it is part of the learning process. Your consciousness is, ideally, raising its signal strength and reaching new and higher fundamental frequencies. Much like a video game with multiple levels, each new level comes with its own challenges to master and overcome. When one meets an obstacle one can't master, one is forced to repeat the conflict again and again. For humanity, life is all about emotional and mental development. Nature has provided us with the tools to learn and assimilate these new ideas. The family, the city, the county, state and nation all represent groups to which we interface with and reciprocate. We learn the laws of our nation, the values of our community and the morals our families try to maintain. We receive and give from our community. Our minds orchestrate this score. Until something the majority find better comes along, we will see our offspring and the next generations repeat this pattern following molds laid many years before they, or we, were born.

Each person, each community, each state and nation have a mean - a fundamental average to which each resonates and resides. This mean will dictate and influence all within the region, but it will not prevent all crimes or keep all at the same moral and intellectual bar. There is no barrier the mind cannot overcome in achieving balance with its own internal structures, thoughts and actions which have formed a rudimentary matrix of intelligence and understanding.

The infinite universe exists and can be reached in the comfort of the chair you sit in. As all is energy and energy is all around us and of what we are composed, there comes a point when the scientific mind realizes that all this energy is just signals. Data. Bits of intelligence streaming back and forth in a cosmic dance. The higher dimensions are linked to the lower and can transmit intelligence via these demodulated signals. Like a cosmic ray cutting through our atmosphere and going completely unrecognized without the proper equipment, your home or workplace in which you read this, or wherever you may find yourself - is always being broadcast to by these higher spectra or dimensions. This intelligence and wisdom that far surpasses human development is there awaiting our recognition and discovery. Our machines have helped us to become aware of dimensions that had gone unnoticed and yet still at this moment no one knows what goes on fifty miles beneath your feet, much less at the center of the earth.

Our technocracy must be accompanied by a fundamental growth in the mean intelligence of man. One only need observe the militant murderers blowing up people and shooting them in the name of Islam to see how technocracy passed on to those who could not themselves invent something becomes quite dangerous. Whether it be nuclear power in the hands of the North Koreans or Iranians or the pyrotechnic products of chemists, these technologies become harmful in the hands of the less intelligent. Indeed, history has borne out this maxim and yet we still do not see these nations rushing to educate their masses or increase their morality, we only witness the same old grab for weaponry and the perceived power these who grab at it believe it represents.

True power is the awareness of the workings of the universe and realizing that there are no limitations to growth and development. Too many fear death and believe all their efforts must be manipulated to provide the maximum enjoyment and satisfaction they can out of X number of years. This shortsighted perspective only leads to further insecurity, less satisfaction with life and a cyclic pattern which, when it regenerates, will lead to further discontent and unhappiness. Fear betrays the purpose of the mind. It subverts it and corrupts it. One cannot fear death and not realize that this fear will translate into a fear of life. One must live not merely for the moment, but for the long-haul. One makes no decisions which one can solely justify by the temporal limitations on human life, such as is done by those who mistreat their body with the built in line "Hey! We're all gonna die sometime!"

All these actions regenerate. Smoking, drinking to excess, overindulgence in food or any other material escape mechanism will not just have to dealt with in this body, but in future ones. Much as a nations laws and culture is formed by the previous residents, so are your future lives shaped by the actions you take now. When one really comes to accept this, suicidal actions not only can no longer be justified, but their damaging long-term influences will soon be understood.

However as bad as drugs, smoking or alcohol are, the negative and hateful thought is even more destructive and has equally long-lasting repercussions. The target of your contempt and hatred will be harmonically drawn unto you in future times until you discard these practices and balance old thought signals with new wisdom.

Your children, your family, your friends...all those that surround you now in a positive manner have not necessarily always been so. Many times they are your dire enemies drawn unto you. The divorce rate, murder rate and abortion rate all serve as mute testimony to how individuals are drawn unto us by negative attractions as often as by positive ones.

Realizing these things does not mean one has to reinforce them or justify the various negative emotions. Rather these concepts should ideally make it easier to work out and balance these past disparities and replace hate with friendship and even love.

The power of the mind is the power that will serve you well if you use it properly. No, it will not provide you a Maybach and three homes, but it will provide you with much more important things and is the key to man's ever sought after desire - true immortality. Once you realize that your body is the outward expression of your mind, you will find it easier to catch over-indulgence, prejudice, hatred, jealousy, etcetera and simultaneously strengthen those aspects of yourself you most wish to comprise; virtue, strength, wisdom and perhaps.... even wit.

But this blog entry already omits too much of that last valued commodity and is drier than the Arizona desert in August. So for now....

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Parallel Universes

Sure, the new blog photo mentions a travel guide, but by now you know not to judge a magazine, or blog, by its cover. Parallel universes are often thought of as the domain of science fiction, but I am here to assure you that they are quite real. As usual, I will try to explain some of the physics behind these parallel universes.

Technically, everything falls under the umbrella of the word "universe", including parallel ones. So our universe can be seen to contain "parallel spectra" which sandwich our own. The atomic spectra is made manifest by fourth dimensional energy which quantum physicists describe as strings. However, these fourth dimensional spectra spawn an infinite number of third dimensional strings, each unique as is every grain of sand or every snowflake. As this may be helped by a Disney style illustration let's call our friends in the animation department:

As you can see, each universe has an infinite number of sub-vortices, as well as an infinite number of vortices that are connected by a greater vortice which it comprises. Fourth dimensional energy can be seen as a bigger vortex which has its own infinite number of component sub-vortices which demodulate from this energy.

Doesn't that picture make it easy or what? Infinite energy which cannot be created and cannot be destroyed must travel in these infinite fractal shaped forms. Our galaxy is but one tiny facet of an inter-connected chain of energy. You and I are both parts of this energy as well and are learning to manipulate and navigate through ever larger parts of it.

So we have parallel universes to our own. An infinite number of SDAI-Tech1 type folks exist out there, each with some different and unique number of disparities. Energy can manifest an infinite number of similar forms and yet each must always be unique. That is the wonder of the infinite universe.

Now what about that travel guide? Many, many of my parallel quasi-twins are writing and sharing information to their world's residents via their blogs and as I write these words, their educational power is magnified a million-fold because of this collective consciousness which lies behind them. Some have no doubt illustrated this concept better than I, however this particular world and this universe will just have to make do with me.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Media Compassion Agenda & Real Compassion

150,000 dead. This is a significant figure, but no less than the million folks displaced in Sudan by Janjaweed militias and the tens of thousands slaughtered by human hands in stead of an impersonal wave of water. Some events the media love to publicize and profit from, while other equally significant human tragedies collect dust in the news agencies "in" box.

Wretchard, over at the Belmont Club, is discussing the place torture has in the war on terror. The objections to torture and all human suffering have human compassion at their root. But what is true compassion? The gunmen who shoot and execute Iraqi election officials in the street and the child whose corpse is floating in the Indian ocean are equally horrific tragedies. However, the news media have picked up upon the latter as the "more significant" news story and have indulged in an orgy of media coverage. The general slant has been that the western, imperialist nations have not done enough to save all these folks. Nothing sells in the leftist, "old mainstream" media like a story which bashes the west. The journalists would like nothing better than to collect barrels of money from advertisers while pinning the blame for the tragedy at George Bush's feet. Like the farce of a film The Day After Tomorrow, the media would love to blame the US VP Dick Cheney and western induced "global warming" for the cause of the earthquakes. The left live in this state of hypocrisy and guilt. Being hard-core materialists they seek to balance this with what they perceive as human "compassion." The result is a group of individuals, journalists, who pursue a Jeckyll & Hyde lifestyle which alternates from daily excess and indulgence and then presents a quick on-screen "tear-in-the-eye" for the suffering of the world.

These folks don't donate their own personal wealth to causes, but rather feel their efforts as "journalists" spotlighting various folks' misfortunes is more than enough.

I know. It seems like this is about castigation of the mainstream media, and in truth part of it is, but it is more about trying to understand the way the world works and various tragedies are assigned various levels of significance. We are repeatedly told that we are not doing enough to cure and combat AIDS and yet other more competent killers, such as cancer and heart disease, are less glamorous and don't garner special ribbons to be worn by celebrities at their various annual self-glorification ceremonies.

The ignorance of it all is just astounding. Mark Twain used to rail on about the "moral sense" that humans were supposed to possess over animals. He would satire this sense, lampoon it, ridicule it and finally crucify it using as nails the sharp, cruel pages of human history. This "moral sense" is not dead, despite all his efforts to destroy the facade. It is alive and well among the leftists of the world who are the self-proclaimed virtuous members of the human race and who still bear the shield embellished with the "moral sense" crest. That their compassion is amazingly selective is not lost on those of us who make no claims to great morality or can turn on the faucets at will to produce a river of tears for the cause of the day. The revelation of the media and it's agenda-driven compassion here should be nothing new. They have, for well over a hundred years, enjoyed the power of trying to control others and shape their thinking. Whether on the printed page, radio, television or now the internet, the efforts continue unabated. The bloggers of the world now just add a bit of sacred "diversity" to the mix.

Tsunami victims are worthy of concern, but so are many others who are not on the media compassion agenda.

True compassion is found when one can care for all humanity equally and not just participate in the age-old mass "victimization" of various special-interest groups.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

More From the "Tell us Something We Don't Already Know" Department

Ok. The earthquakes. The tsunami. The planets. The sun. All these things are tied together via field actions. The earthquakes we experienced here were mirrored in other ways on other planets. Mercury experienced a large upheaval south of it's equator and Venus also experienced scattered earthquakes only moments before our quake.

Yeah, yeah. I know. How the heck does he know that? Being privy to behind the curtains knowledge means knowing the "unknowable." For now you'll just have to take my word for it - or not. All the inner planets received a bit of a shake, courtesy of the sun. I am going to illustrate the physics behind the planetary perturbations, because words alone will simply not do the job. What you are going to be exposed to here is a bit of fourth dimensional physics - the sort that they won't have here on Earth for another couple of hundred years, give or take my own meddling with history.

Now take a long look at those field lines. Those lines transfer data from the sun to the earth (and all the other planets) and vice-versa the earth add its input along that field line back to the sun! All the planet's cores are carefully balanced and the planet's formed because of these same field mechanics. A charge travels through a particular line of force and it regenerates. This point of equilibrium on the field is where this charge will set up its own sub field. These sub-fields atomically manifest as planets. Let's look a bit closer:

The solar input and charge created and collated the most simple atomic structures, hydrogen atoms. These charges formed the planets at various points in our solar system. This charge also keeps our planetary core alive. At the same time new inputs along these lines of force can cause disturbances. The earthquakes are not just our planet's crust making adjustments, but rather our planet's core making adjustments alongside a steady stream of new solar field input. Now this same solar input has new "earth" information added unto it as it returns to the sun. It is in this manner that the sun is influenced by the earth, albeit extremely minutely.

When the earth held a greater charge, the moons were formed and grew along side the earth. Because the same subfield actions were at work. This is also why Jupiter has so many moons, because of greater field actions.

Now when the Earth lost it's field intensity/capacity the moon's core also went cold. The volcanic moons of Jupiter will do the same thing when Jupiter loses it's field intensity.

Now, when one understands this field action one realizes that all the solar system (indeed all the galaxies and universe) are interconnected and are the manifestations of energy with polarity. The push and pulls of the universe are caused by simple field equations. It is also then not much of a surprise to find that Earth received its disturbance at the same time several other planets also received a jolt from their own lines of force with the sun.

All this is about balance. The sun receives its own jolts from "galaxy scale" field inputs and it passes these unto its own subfields - our solar system. Yes infinity can be seen and understood as an infinite number of fields and sub-fields all interconnected to infinitely diverse degrees. Can you see it yet? Can you see that humanity and the animal kingdom are really just sub fields manifested by the Earth?
That is why we are compatible with the earth. That is why we have our particular structure balanced with the earth. We are the byproduct of the fields of this world. As this world changes, so do we.

So the earthquakes and tsunami and the destruction are not random. They are not unnecessary either as these disruptions are all part of this universal balancing act. Some PC folks might look at this and say that this balance seems particularly unjust and targeting the poor of the world. The earth is impersonal. It does not target the poor or the rich or distinguish between nationalities. It distributes energy in a scientific manner - following the paths of least resistance.

Till later. There is enough meat here for a full course dinner and with a bit of extrapolation the astute readers will be able to see how galaxies formed, stars, planets and how these things are sustained. They will understand the continual expansion of the universe in defiance of Newtonian physics.

It even can explain how the secrets of the universe can seep into levels where one least would expect to find it.