Sunday, July 31, 2005

The 10th Planet (Xena, no...Juno)

The tenth planet has been discovered, called Xena by it's TV influenced discoverers. There is a question as to whether this is a planet or a very large asteroid/Kuiper belt object. Since Pluto recently went through the same debate and emerged as a planet, this object will likely merit equal classification.

So welcome planet Xena and let's push to give it a better name. With planets named after Roman gods it seems a tasteless break with tradition to name one after a TV character, mostly males and a few females liked to watch.

So from now I will refer to it as Planet Juno. Juno was the queen of the gods and was often found far from Jupiter who seemed to go gallivanting around without her. She was considered somewhat cold, so this planet's great distance from Jupiter would fit with the myths. NASA is proposing a mission to Jupiter by the same name but that won't detract from its being appropriate for this new planet.

I suspect the push for Juno might go nowhere fast, but Xena is simply ridiculous. I suspect the name selection will even discount the scientists credibility as they push for planet recognition.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Prosperity in China & Mexico

China has removed the lock with the US dollar.

It will be interesting to see how this changes the face of the world's economy. Chinese prosperity has been a double-edged sword. By embracing capitalism and wealth we see how a communist nation slowly opens up the door to western ideology. For direct contrast we can look at North Korea and how universal poverty, except for the very top ruling body, keeps western ideology at bay and the hostile rhetoric at a maximum.

China and India will be competing for technological industries seeking cheap labor. The 2.2% raise will even the playing field a bit.

The idea occurred to me of establishing uniformly devalued currency for struggling nations for a period of several years at a time. For China, such a policy has poured unprecedented wealth and spurred industrial growth and modernization in the nation. How about Mexico? For decades now millions of Mexicans illegally cross into the US. President Vincente Fox has even put out a manual on how to successfully illegally enter the US! They have a holiday for illegal crossing! Why? Why this absurd and humiliating behavior which makes Mexico the bad joke of the western world?

Poverty & Corruption.

Mexico needs to develop industrial base. It needs to be capable of employing its Catholic hordes whose only success is in creating large families which suffer under the yoke of poverty.

Mexico is destroying the US with its organized and endorsed invasion. It is time to put an end to it. Sure, we can build walls, increase patrols and establish checkpoints, but these are stopgap measures that don't address the most fundamental reason why the hordes are sneaking, crawling and dying to get into America.

Increase Mexican wealth exponentially, destroy the opportunities for corruption while creating legitimate employment and the Mexico nightmare will once and for all be solved. How do we start such a industrial movement? How can we turn Mexico into the new China?

Fix its currency for fifteen years.

Could it really be that simple? Could all the headaches, crime, poverty and death be stopped by such a simple act? Could America be saved? Could Mexicans eventually stay and work in their own country proudly and profitably?

In a word:


Spread the idea around. Discuss it with your friends and encourage the Mexican and world's governments to embrace the idea. This one is important. If the US takes the lead in accepting such a fixed value, the industries will come running to Mexico. Exports will soar after ten years or so and current unemployment levels should be reduced by 50% or more.

This same policy can then be applied to other poor problem-nations for a similar 15 year period. The effect is one of encouraging investment, modernization and employment. Some times the answers to difficult problems are presented in unusual ways. Spreading the wealth can only be done when NEW wealth is created. Taxes never create new wealth. New wealth and prosperity comes from industrialization and production.

Desired Goods + needed labor = wealth for the whole world.

Till later...


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

US-India relations

The Directorate has some interesting comments on the Rove affair and India. It's apparent that full-press diplomacy is going on to help strengthen the US strategic outlook.

I don't know if China is the real goal of this strengthening effort as The Directorate suggests, or whether we simply want to support a non-Muslim nation in the region. A friendly India facilitates strategic significance between the militants taking arms up in Malaysia and the Middle East. China only envies Taiwan her factories and wealth. As China grows wealthier off of its exports and builds more modern factories, Taiwan retains only symbolic importance to the Chinese agenda. In ten years, I suspect we will be having more problems with well-equipped fundamentalists in Malaysia and all over the east. A strong US-India relationship seems mandatory.

Imagine a modern India, complete with air force, navy and nuclear missiles with US guidance systems. They are a natural to become our allies in the region. Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations have always tempered their support, due to the Israel issue. Even the new Iraq which is getting cozy with Iran cannot be counted on as a long-term ally of the US. Religion gets in the way again.

Friday, July 15, 2005

New Scrolls found

Scrolls discovered

The question still remains as to whether they are legitimate or forgeries.

The Essenes shared many beliefs with Jesus and it's believed by some that Jesus before his appearance as a grown man, spent time with the Essenes forming his own beliefs away from mainstream Judaism.

There are still many discoveries waiting to be found. Like today, folks who can read have kept books (or scrolls) in their homes. Caves and other places that are buried remain likely sources of untapped reading material.

And what's more, when the Babylonian beliefs are compared and which predate both the Old Testament and the Koran, we can slowly deconstruct the hypnotic pull religion has on fearful, huddling humanity.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Let There be Light..and a Bright Blog Background

The darkness has once again been vanquished and the light reigns supreme! I've been blogging from behind the curtains for over a year and I have it on good authority (and a healthy number of e-mail messages) that this blog has made a difference in people's lives. To celebrate the belated anniversary we are going to fulfill one of the oft-requested compilations of past artwork and SDAI-Tech1 Blog covers. Each image links to a full size image. So here you go:







And lastly, the poster contest winning entry________

As you can see it's been quite a fun year! I'd like to thank the fellow bloggers who have given me their support and sent folks this way early on. Andrew Sullivan deserves mention too, as he helped send huge amounts of traffic during the "Andrew Sullivan's Hamlet" entry back in September. This helped establish a base of regular readers.

I'm the first to admit blog entries here don't come on anything resembling a regular timetable. For those who visit regularly only to be disappointed with material they've already read, I can only offer my thanks for your patience. Things probably wont change anytime in the near future. The safest bet is to expect new entries roughly once a week, but sometimes more often during a heavy news cycle.

Till next time the curtain rises...I remain,


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Unseen World

The television, radio and cell phone signals are invisible and bounce around and through you at the speed of light. These signals carry data, intelligence and information.

Environmentalists talk about smog and greenhouse gases. I have never once heard one talk about the smog created by human thought.

What? What's he talking about now?

Human thought creates a layer of smog, just as real as any created by a sooty factory or a smoking automobile. It contains the residue of past thoughts in any particular location. The conservation of energy principle tells us that no energy can be created or destroyed, but that it merely can change form.

Thought may originate in your consciousness, brain and body, and their associated fields, but it does not remain there. Thought emits just like a cell phone signal. It is a form of radiation.

This radiation is lasting. It lasts as long as radioactive gamma radiation, sometimes longer. The signals embed themselves in material artifacts. Just the same way radioactive particles contaminate a region after a nuclear detonation. A house and its furnishings carry this thought-form byproduct and to those who have the necessary development, these signals can be extracted and identified. Every fight, fit of laughter and sad moment that happened in the vicinity of this couch is recorded. I wouldn't fill my house with antiques on a bet. All these old pieces of furniture emit their own smog and without discernment a happy home can be made unhappy in short order. Any of you that have a bit of sensitivity may have visited an antique mall or an old home/hotel and experienced a very discomforting feeling. That feeling is your consciousness interacting with thought-form waste residue from all these objects and places. Yes some places are cleaner and others are sewers of inequity.

Your home, who has lived there before you and how you furnish it will determine the signals, nature and extent of the smog you live with daily.

Where folks are happy and enjoy themselves, this radiation creates an atmosphere of more positive thought-forms. Where sadness, unhappiness or violence has taken place - you will find a negative, detrimental smog. Indeed, old tenants are never fully moved out.

Yes, the shadow layer of human smog is quite real. It is not often discussed in polite circles unless the speaker wishes to have his/her sanity questioned. The physical universe still holds many surprises for all of us. Einstein discussed 4 dimensions, but many theorists are putting forth many more than just 4 when describing the totality of the infinite universe. Indeed infinite numbers of dimensions may be more apt.

Religious thoughts obsess many. In the middle east the region has its own smog layer of hate. And in the financial districts a smog of greed is quite palpable. The red light districts are polluted with sexual obsessions and perversions. How much these things influence you depends upon your own mind and sensitivity. If you are the type who walks into a room where two individuals are fighting and you join the fray, then you need to watch out.

All is attenuation. Your consciousness is a receiver. It can't be turned off and it picks up signals from the words you read, the pictures you see, the shows you watch and your immediate environment.

Mankind has known this sort of influence exists subconsciously and likes to tear down places when the smog of human misery overwhelms a region. In China, Feng Shui was a decorating and building philosophy used to adapt objects and people to their environment. It's primitive and lacking complete knowledge of all these signals, but its a start.

Just reading this blog, for even the short time that it takes to read this entry has radiated knowledge into your mind. If you don't buy it, that's to be expected. But you'll be on the alert from now on and you will be looking for it.

Some things, such as generational hatred in the middle east, will make just a bit more sense. Same with suicidal children who had everything to live for but choose to follow in another loved one's suicidal footsteps "inexplicably".

Yes, this shadow layer is dealt with by some folks unintentionally. They choke on the waste products of human thought. Other folks are environmentalists of a sort - and work on mitigating the effects of this smog on the health of humanity.

That's environmentalist dealing with far more consequential types of pollution.


Thursday, July 07, 2005

Terror in London

The terrorist bombing of the London subways and buses is another attack against humanity by religion. If Islamic fundamentalists are indeed behind the bombings we have further proof that religion in the 21st century is not just mentally destructive to its practitioners, but is a danger to society in general.

No one wants to take on such a provocative topic. It's not just Al Qaida or Islamic fundamentalists that pose a threat to society, but rather the doctrines that supersede law and order in society. Many cults claim they serve a more powerful master or force. Religions and the gods they serve fall largely in the same category, even when they preach sweetness and light in the name of some higher power.

To say that mankind likes to delude itself is rather obvious. If it gives folks comfort to have various faiths, that's all swell and fine. Unfortunately, most faiths at one time another demand their followers cross a line and come at odds with the government or common sense. It is at this point when the faithful become the fanatics and the world must be on its guard.

Religion is a disease. A disease of the mind - a byproduct of ignorance. The less you know about science and life, the more likely you are to believe in mystical beings without any basis in reality. It is no coincidence that the most violent faiths have the most number of illiterates in their ranks. These folks must take the words of their leaders on face value. They can't read the Koran or the Bible and have developed a system of beliefs which is uniquely their own. They may claim their violent acts are done in the name of Allah or the Lord, but they are still just their acts - done by them.

A materialist society which fosters the pursuit of wealth and the material objects wealth provides is a breeding ground for religious fanatics. The ones who can't compete, have no resources or money feel completely excluded from the game. They want to lash out at those who do have more. They cling to religion as a grand escape mechanism - the same way in which a mental patient may cling to the belief that he is Napoleon or Jesus.

The fear of death plagues materialists. They have something to lose. The poor and blighted have less fear of death and if they are surrounded by folks who tell them tales about being rewarded in death then they can actually look forward to it.

Again the disparity of wealth creates these conflicts. Hot and cold water create steam when they mix. The extremely poor and the extremely wealthy, where they come together, create an equal display of force. The solution is not to force equality on all or redistribute wealth, but rather to realize the source of these conflicts and minimize them so they cease to be such a danger to society.

I know what many of you are thinking. "Yes, but MY religion isn't violent. We are exactly the opposite we do good for others and help society."

This is all swell and good. However if your priest/pastor/religious leader were to suddenly change his/her tune and demand that you spill blood of the enemies of your god to earn a spot in heaven, what would you do? Abandon your faith? Agree to disagree and hold your own counsel?

Its easier to disagree and change faith in a civilized culture and nation. In a nation where your community is more polarized and your disobedience marks you as a heretic or infidel such disagreement is less likely and far more dangerous a course to pursue.

This is the danger of ALL religions. When the Puritans set up shop their communities were polarized. The Quakers and all the various sects of Christianity when they dominated a region exerted undue influence on the residents of the region and could coerce these same residents to do their bidding. The Catholic church is a poster-religion for intolerance and a trail of human suffering and coercion and yet amazingly are not only still in business with adherents only to eager to buy the rhetoric and ritual lock, stock and barrel, but are larger than ever thanks to an increasing global population.

The intelligent/educated represent a diminishing percentage of the population. Even in western nations education has diminished and as time marches on the ignorant and the religious will increase in number and polarize the regions in which they set up shop.

The wars of the past were largely religious wars. This trend shows no sign of diminishing. The present wars and conflicts between west and east are religious as well.

I have no delusions. Religions will probable NEVER disappear from the earth. As long as science fails to answer fundamental questions comprehensively - faith and make-believe act as ready substitutes for knowledge. All I can hope for is that governments and people realize the danger religions present to humanity and the welfare of mankind, keeping religions in check and separate from governments in all nations. Only by realizing the proper place of religion can we avoid massacres and lives lost needlessly to the insecurities and escape mechanisms of scared, angry people.