Wednesday, March 30, 2011

US Covert Action in Libya, Al Qaeda & Obama

I always get a kick out of these things. Well, usually I do. Obama has apparently signed off on covert action in Libya. This is rather fascinating to me, of course, because there already has been US covert action in Libya for months.

The real truth here is by publicly declaring the potential of covert action against Gaddafi, the people are supposed to rally around and give three cheers for the rebels and hope that Gaddafi gets the knife. However, I cant sign off and drink that Kool-Aid right now. We have active Al Qaeda in Libya and some of the very same terrorists and mercenaries there that are leading the Rebels. In essence, the rebels fighting to take over Libya are Al Qaeda and the government they would set up would not look like a democracy - quite the contrary - we would see Libya emerge as Afghanistan or Pakistan with all the billions of dollars yearly oil assets funneled to Al Qaeda.

This is serious folks. This is not a game. That oil money really represents future atomic bomb purchases. Al Qaeda must be denied and subsequently President Soros Obama must not be allowed to cede Gaddafi's Libya to Al Qaeda. The Rebels in Libya are not the mass uprising in Egypt. Same is true with half the other uprisings in the Sunni led nations which have been bought and paid for on Soros' dollar.

So don't buy into the rhetoric. Don't buy into the hype. This is one the US will win when Gaddafi stays in power. Otherwise we have to not only dispose of Gaddafi, but of the largest groups of the rebels when its all over - a bloodbath the likes no one wants to see. Arming Al Qaeda mercenaries is the most insane notion to come out of Obama's WH yet - which is saying quite a lot.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, this is Manchurian Candidate territory - for real. The future of the economy of the world depends largely on the free markets remaining free. It depends upon radical fundamentalists being denied oil wealth. Look at Iran - the first they do is start building reactors and trying to create weapons grade uranium by hiring the service and products of Russian and North Korean nuclear specialists. If you think the fallout from Japan is scary - just wait until a real nuke goes off in a major western city courtesy of Al Qaeda.

The rebels (Al Qaeda) are losing in Libya because covert forces *are* already active. So when you read newspaper reports of the rebels getting their rears kicked - its because Al Qaeda and the mercenaries hired by Soros and his associated are losing - just as they lost in Iraq. Gaddafi's government is repressive and tyrannical. But compared to Al Qaeda or a Taliban style government he is almost harmless as a fruit fly.

Don't let the media snow you. Don't be suckered into believing all these revolutions in the middle east are real or are about Democracy and freedom - far from it. Most of the revolutions underway are paid for by anti-western interests using the most illiterate expendable mercenaries, in an effort to depose governments that currently are pro-western in their outlook. The truth is, many of these nations need an iron fist ruling them because the residents are inherently savage and violent. Not everyone is ready for democracy - many are anathema to democracy and are simply not intelligent enough to earn the right to have an equal say in the welfare of others - because they don't care about others.

Government by the consent of the governed is fine when the people are somewhat caring regarding others welfare. When you have individuals who can blow up thousands or millions of civilians without a second thought and whom strap explosives on to children - you have a whole new class of violent people who must live subject to the rule of force - government by force. In the Middle East and Africa you have such conditions and democracy will not be effective in these regions anytime soon.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Träumerei oder Albtraum? More Radiation and Fallout From Japan.

The number 3 reactor of the Fukushima plant has a breach to the core and, as expected, has probably been seeping far more radiation than the "experts" and Japanese government have admitted. This whole scene is like something of a nightmare for those caught up in it and for the rest its sort of like a daydream, happening far away and something they think they can ignore.

In the United States, the radioactive particles are in the air over most of the continental US now and you probably have noticed other pollutants as well. More people are coughing, sneezing, experiencing lung irritation and watering eyes. I know - I've got my index finger on the pulse of the hospital admissions and complaints from states in the path of the fallout. While much has to do with a late-blooming allergy season - the truth of the matter is we are all being exposed to minute amounts of certain reactor coolant chemical particulates - not just radioactive Cesium, Strontium and Iodide. These are creating lung irritation.

Again, my previous guidelines for protecting yourself still are advisable. Until those reactors are sealed or completely contained the radiation and pollution is going to travel here. Unlike Chernobyl, where Europe suffered the most pollution and contamination, in this instance we (in the USA) are first in line for the particulate fallout. So stay indoors, as much as reasonably possible, until these things are no longer spewing contaminants. It's being played as 'business as usual' and it is a reminder that this administration is the absolute worst in recent history - worse even than the Clinton administration.

Obama is fighting the "good" (quotes ARE THERE for a reason) guys in Libya and supporting Al Qaeda and as I mentioned a few days ago, the self-same insurgents who were blowing up US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan!

Only Obama and Soros could create such a sick situation. Call your Congressman and Senator and demand a cessation to this unauthorized and completely, counter-productive action. Libyan rebels are Al Qaeda - we are fighting in Afghanistan to PREVENT these folks from ruling. Gaddafi appears like a saint next to these fundamentalist mercenaries who are the absolute worst people we would ever want ruling Libya and controlling Libyan oil!

Obama will be out shortly. His reign has been disastrous. While the average US IQ is dropping dramatically (and subsequently the knowledge of global affairs alongside them) those who still have these understandings have a responsibility to educate others and vote wisely in the next elections. There is no more margin for error for those who want their children to earn at least 25k a year after 2020. Yes, the salaries are going to be dropping, the unemployment ripple from the Tsunami will reach the US this summer - by July. The economic downturn is going to be disastrous and is precisely why Obama/Soros must be contained and politically/economically castrated to avert further damage to billions of people throughout the world.

If used properly, this disaster can be a new beginning. A fresh awakening for the West. Wisdom can be gained and those who will incur health problems or economic distress will demand changes to the status quo. Real progress can no longer be kept on hold - while millions play video games and waste their lives. Technology must move ahead or the video game players will wake up from their daydreams to a startling nightmare when the next nuclear disaster or attack takes away their electricity, their home and quite possibly their lives. Watching the confusion in a nation as organized as Japan reminds one just how nightmarish a US reaction to a nuclear disaster would look: "911 times 100...That's right 91,000."

Unfortunately, the world is already going to be reeling from this disaster. Which is why we must keep our eyes on Obama/Soros who will be looking for anyway to make it worse. The Manchurian Candidate is no longer fiction. We are living it out and even while I key in this post our brave military men and women have been tasked by this President to assist Al Qaeda! Others are risking their lives to defeat Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Can you imagine arming these Libyan rebels - so that our own guns can be turned on US in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere? Unfathomable!

We are a nation divided. The Executive Branch of the US government is now a poisonous snake and is undoing the good done by the other branches - because it's leader has been compromised by foreign interests working against the United States.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Balancing the Scales - Not.

The truth of the matter is civilization is guarded by a precious few individuals. The reason they are having such trouble in Japan is because the creators come in cycles and then cycle out again. The Renaissance, the Reformation, the American Revolution and so on and so forth. The creators create the fabric of life that the masses use, but often don't understand. The operators of nuclear plants designed decades ago are just that - operators. They don't have the intuitive engineering skill and mindset the creators who designed the first reactors had - the ones who conceived the first fission reaction are light years different from those who study the reaction in schools or learn nuclear physics today. This is the problem with the West right now - 300 million people in America and a handful of creators for the lot.

The users and operators play video games, watch TV, update their Facebook status and await Friday movie releases in some repetitive ritual. They work and toil and earn a living and then throw themselves to escape mechanisms in their "off" hours. They drink, smoke and do drugs, both legal pharmaceuticals and illegal ones and limit their mental potential and capacity that much further. They burden their body in excess weight and limit the way they can interface with the world.

The problem with all this escape is that it lowers the number of real thinkers each year. Humans react - they don't often think. Someone reads this post and reacts to the content. People react to the news, they react to visual stimulation, programmed emotional responses to everything from television to movies and video games. Place them in isolation - completely out of contact with external input and they just stop. Most human brains are wired for reaction - not creation. Schools "teach" and what they teach is wrote responses to given stimuli - from math to history they have a "right" way you are supposed to respond and this is considered education! This pre-processed education does nothing for civilization and creates merely multitudes that seek more and more input to guide them. Sitting passively in front of a screen, be it TV, computer or phone they await input to respond to. These things create a sort of serious mental defect which is all-pervasive and corrosive to society.

Culture declines. Making people think - not just respond to something - is an almost impossible task. Civilization and history follows these inescapable cycles of creation and growth and then dissolution and decay. The last fifty years have seen screen addictions destroy whole generations - and if you count films it goes back almost a century since this addiction to passive observation was initiated. The portion of the masses life not spent working or sleeping is now almost entirely consumed by screens and a passive mental state. The thinker of 1750 had no such distractions. Books which required active mental interpretation and comprehension were the sole purveyors of knowledge. The result were more men of thought - philosophers and scientists who wanted to stretch the boundaries of existing knowledge and life. Who today thinks like that anymore?

We've gutted our space program, are slowly making books, bookstores and newspapers extinct and elevated the dissolute to an altar of mass worship. Those who entertain the masses are the new deities and their images are promulgated everywhere and particularly towards the young. It doesn't matter how retarded or debased they are - and, in fact, the masses enjoy seeing those more pathetic than themselves as a bizarre form of self-affirmation.

This depressing state of affairs is when I kick back, look at the reports that reach my desk and face my own personal test. You see, I'm not supposed to bias any of this negative. I'm supposed to be able to watch Nero fiddling and neither find it repulsive or attractive. I'm here to eliminate biases that have been created and so I chose to be born when I did so I could watch this decline. I orchestrated this life taking into account every bit of minutia, making certain I would have a real tough time.

My impulses are to balance the scale - interfere with the decline - use new technologies to preserve the offspring who find themselves in the last gasps of a dying western world, surrounded on all sides by influences that seek their complete destruction. I would use my position to orchestrate counter-moves and actions to offset the increasing lowest common denominator world that is emerging in every city, town anywhere on Earth.

I'm not going to this time. I'm going to remain impersonal. I'm going to use every bit of wisdom Yal-hune, Shayla and all the rest have taught me. Even my visit with Meritaten - who knew her and her parents terrible fate - tried to teach me how to embrace all things as good and see them more infinitely.

If the west is nuked by the spread of advanced western technology in the hands of the simple-minded and violent or if George Soros succeeds in crashing the western economy and bringing about a new dark ages - none of this will bother me even one iota.

I am beyond bias. I am beyond the finite perspective. Any outcome here on Earth is merely a learning experience for those involved - neither good or evil.

I am now free.

I am finally going to pass this test!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Middle East Primer 101: Libya Soros Obama Iran Brazil Oil, etc.

Today is going to present a slightly different sort of blog entry. People come here for views outside the box, inside the box and between the molecules that make up the box. This particular entry will give you the questions YOU should be asking right about now and the answers to those same questions.

QUESTION 1) Who are the Libyan Rebels?

This is an important question to ask yourself as we spend BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars shooting missiles into Libya in an attempt to kill Gaddafi. It's assumed, naturally that these Libyan rebels will then be elevated to power and control Libya. There are lots of sub-questions that need to be asked under this main banner question, "Who are they?"

What are their goals?
Who is financing and arming them?
What are their religious affiliations?
What are their plans for Libyan oil?

The answers to all those questions isn't forthcoming from the media or from the White House - mainly because most don't know and the one's that do, don't want YOU to know.

The Libyan rebels are the same folks who were paid mercenaries fighting US forces in Iraq. They are Shi-ite Muslims with a fanatical bent and will travel wherever a revolution or insurgency is needed - for the right price. Some are Al Qaeda plants - others answer to Iran. None of them are leader material unless the leader you are looking for is a paid fundamentalist mercenary.

Question 2) Why Libya & Not Somalia, Sudan or _______ (Insert Mass Murdering Nation Here)?

The answer of course is oil. Oil is up. And that's the bottom line for this Operation Odyssey Dawn. The Odyssey, as my educated readers surely know, is the tale about Odysseus on his return from the fall of Troy as told by Homer. Odysseus' name means trouble and that's what this mission is - a total boondoggle for the US and not worth our time or our military's effort and exposure. Odysseus conducted pirate raids, slept with sorceresses and lost all his men. He was the worst captain in history and only cared about his own survival, sacrificing his people left and right. As you can see, someone has a sick sense of humor in DC or wherever the orders came for this dangerous farce.

Question 3) Who Gains from an Attack on Libya?

The answer is simple. George Soros does. His hedge funds all amazingly will do very well. But hey, profit isn't illegal and is certainly not a crime - unless of course you have to murder all sorts of Libyan people to make that profit. If you take a look at the various Soros family of hedge funds and keep track of their timely purchases and sales it reads like a road map of what Obama is going to be doing next week, next month and next year. Buying a President certainly isn't cheap ($300 million), but one quickly makes back all one spends - and more!

Sure, others gain too. All those Arab nations saying they support the attack on Libya have only one thing on their mind - oil prices. If they can hurt Libya, get a Shi-ite government in there that will sell only to China and other human rights violators and not to the US - they win. Their oil becomes that much more valuable and the US comes begging to OPEC to notch up production. Libya has been selling oil peacefully to the US for decades now, but Obama and the "spontaneous insurgency" in Libya has changed all that.

Question 4) Is George Soros Psychic?

George Soros has gone on record saying that the bloodiest revolution will be in Iran. Predicting bloody revolutions and profiting from them seems to be his calling card. But anyone paying attention realize Soros doesn't play odds, he makes his fortune cookies come true by spending a percentage of his capital, manipulating those around him and by buying Presidents and other useful tools.

So when is the Iran uprising going to begin? Chaos is a revolutionaries best friend and a mercenaries mask, so I guess we should expect it pretty soon. It will emerge "spontaneously" of course! Of course Libya is a road map and a learning curve. Gaddafi was not going to give up without a fight either, so lessons learned in Libya will be put to use in Iran.

Then again, since he really seems to be supporting Shi-ite domination of the middle eastern bloc, his Iran rhetoric just might be another diversion. Look instead at the key hedge fund purchases and their interests and you will have a more intuitive road map of the Poppist agenda of liberating the noble savages from the evil Western world. Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain and the other Sunni led oil nations are likelier targets of a Soros funded insurgency. Look at the companies dumped and what nations they do business with and you will have your own Soros/Obama Magic Eight Ball to consult for predicting the next invasion or bizarre policy position.

Question 5) Why Leave Japan Hanging?

The unpardonable and shameful US response to the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis is something for the record books. Millions are in jeopardy, millions of men, women and children have low food supplies and are in danger of starvation or malnourishment and our government is holding back? Why?

It's that wonderful "humanitarian" Obama again. This week was scheduled for missile strikes on Libyan cities and he hasn't yet received any orders to assist Japan. After all Japan is part of the West, even if it is in the East and the West is evil and must fall. So this isn't even about murdering Japanese people through callousness - it's about destroying Japan economically - and by stalling aid, Obama and his communist educated boss has done that superbly.

There are more questions you should be asking, but for now this is more than enough. 21st century history is performance art and right now the overpowering crescendo is called "The Unraveling of the West" - the composer is an ex-communist party man from Hungary and the conductor is a formerly unknown small-time corrupt Chicago politician.

The good news is neither will succeed. The critics are rather unforgiving of the poor performance and the curtain on this one is not going up, but coming down.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Obama Doctrine - Libya, Brazil, Oil ,George Soros and Religion.

Okay, time for some more curtain lifting. Today, I am going to discuss the Obama Doctrine, which is really the Soros Doctrine and quite eye-opening and bizarre.

So far, President Obama has followed several motivations in all his actions as President. While basically he coasts through the years with not much focus upon anything or anyone, the one steady thing is his support of high oil prices. Whether it be blocking off-shore drilling permits tapping our own abiotic oil offshore or trying to destabilize the Middle East using the US military and other assets - though only nations with major oil fields - Obama has shown consistency.

The Soros Doctrine is simple in its bottom line: The west must be weakened. The 3rd world must acquire more wealth. Soros' hedge funds and organizations buy and have bought up large quantities of crude oil, merely to keep them out of circulation. He does this so that the price of available oil remains high as nations like China, Japan and the US compete for available quantities.

Obama's election was bought and paid for by Soros' money. Soros has wanted a puppet US President he could put into office for over a decade. He tried with John Kerry, but failed. Obama, who spoke eloquently at Kerry's convention impressed Soros as an even more hungry and pliable personality who could go the distance and do his bidding. So Soros via his "Move on" organization spent 300 million dollars to get Barack Obama elected - and this time it worked.

So at this very moment Obama is down in Brazil securing agreements for Oil to temporarily replace the ones we were buying from Libya who now will not sell to us because of our attack on Gaddafi - which is quite understandable. Yet all this plays right into Soros hands. Whether he secures the sale or not - oil prices stay elevated, the US economy continues its devastating decline and the west is weakened all the more.

All Presidents are beholden to certain groups. However, this President is the first we have ever had who is almost solely beholden to one individual and the expenditure of a sizable portion of his fortune that made him President - George Soros.

And that man has made it overwhelmingly clear he is working against the people of the United States and Europe and has a deluded Karl Popper derived sense of how the world should look.

There is no reason to enthrone ignorance just because there is so much of it. Throughout the world, the ignorant reproduce faster than the intelligent. This has been a maxim through all of recorded history. The governments established by the mass-reproducers have been the most repressive, most violent and provide the least freedoms. The mass-reproducers live under the greatest poverty, violence and suffering. The Soros Doctrine is quite misguided in that it embraces equality where none exists. A murderer is not equal to a law abiding citizen. Enthroning the mass producers and declaring the violent noble savage a creation equal to that of the humanity produced and sculpted by the Enlightenment, the Reformation and the Renaissance is absurd on the face of it.

History is recorded with the struggle of the intelligent, peace-loving, low reproducing peoples to sustain their cultures and homes against invasions of violent, unintelligent high-reproducers. We are seeing this war being waged now in the west. And what remains of the west? Catholicism, Mormonism and the old barbaric paganism are the only ones churning out bodies and so the intelligent west is no longer quite as intelligent - paving the way for a return to the old barbaric pasts.

Will and Ariel Durant predicted the decline of the west and the rise of the religions by the year 2000. And their predictions are right on the money. We have in the US Catholicism on the upswing despite all the child molestations, rapes, murders and perversion endorsed by the Catholic church. Ignorant people can't think their way outside of religion - they don't have the brain power to do so. So excuses are made for all these "sins" and they comfort themselves that Jesus or some god can wash away their sins or forgive them. That false doctrine is what perpetuates the molesting priests and any of the faithfuls most hideous sins - from murder to rape.

So the west is compromised as was Rome after the passing of Marcus Aurelius and the last of the philosopher-leaders. We have a leader of the US, bought and paid for with ill gotten blood money of a guilt-ridden, neurotic George Soros. The last remaining intelligent masses in any nation are being watered down by the hordes of high-reproducing non-intelligent folks from all over the world who demand food, shelter and resources and who are not able to provide for themselves and so must loot other peoples, races or nations for their sustenance.

Such is the world of 2011. The poor, religious hordes - incapable of sustaining themselves must invade the west for their wealth, technology and developments. Yes, the creators of the capital of civilization are dwindling and the dependents are multiplying.

History loves a good laugh and the cycle repeats again and again. Death, pestilence and war now come to the high-reproducers to dwindle them down once again. The progress gained over the last thousand years vanishes almost overnight as western thought is first diminished and demeaned in the schools, among the very children who are supposed to carry its torch! Self-hatred is taught in the corrupt educational institutions infested by those who can't produce capital and rape the minds of the children of those who do. The schools and universities once corrupted weaken the minds of those who attend them - and the education they give is of the self-damning kind, dooming their graduates to a world of 'educated' ignorance.

And so what is the Obama Doctrine? Truth be told, he's not nearly intelligent enough to have one. He merely follows orders from the man who placed him in office. This President is more concerned about basketball than world affairs, more about playing golf than of millions of suffering Japanese or the dangers of nuclear fallout. He's ticked off Democrats and Republicans alike because his agenda is Soros agenda and not that of either party. And Soros agenda is to destroy America, Europe and Western Civilization - and Soros has made great strides in achieving this goal.

Everyone gets what they deserve. A weakened West, tainted by immorality, promiscuity, effeteness, draws unto it the fate of Greece, Rome and England. Ripe for invasion, outnumbered by those who loot its wealth and technology. If someone as idiotic and neurotic as George soros can topple the West - it doesn't really deserve to stand, does it? If the ignorant masses and the Matt Damon's of the world could be stupid enough to buy into Soros' slogan "Change" and be naive enough to believe it meant change for the better - they deserve the President they voted for.

If the ignorant keep clinging to religion to comfort them in a world they can't handle or comprehend - like some simple minded goat-herders of 2000 years ago who first believed it - they deserve their religions and the shackles it puts upon their intellect and reasoning skills. If they can't comprehend the evil of religion and of a god who punishes randomly most of the time and vindictively the rest of the time, they deserve that god and nothing better. If their lives are lived in a form of self-delusion that is their choice and they only have themselves to blame.

History is unfolding and the storm of global poverty, disease and war is a spectre upon the horizon now. Indeed evil does exist. It exists as a relative state of ignorance.


So religions, governments and peoples are evil in the direct proportion to their ignorance. The modern Catholic pats themselves on the back and can look down their nose at the "fanatic" Islamic suicide bombers, hardly taking a moment to recall their faith is the one that invented the inquisition, the witch and heretic burnings. They can worship a Pope that perpetuates human misery and ignorance among the ever more primitive, ever more poor Catholic hordes by keeping birth control a sin.

Yes, ignorance is all around us. You folks, my readers get to have the curtain lifted on all this ignorance - in the hopes you can sculpt your own little corner of the world a bit more intelligently.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Worst Case Scenarios, Advanced Power Generation, Floating Cities & Eternal Youth

The news out of Japan just keeps getting worse because it is not getting much better and I find myself frustrated. I fear this situation is going to cost many lives before it's over and I feel helpless to change that.

150 men have remained where the radiation is too high and have for all intents already given their lives trying to keep the spent fuel rods and other fuel rods from completely melting down. Their sacrifice is a noble one and they have literally embraced the concept, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one."

I know that a horrible series of events from out of the long distant past is regenerating at this time. I know that Yal-hune left to save me from an even more negative future. I wish I could have talked to her about it. My guess is this time-stream averts nuclear Armageddon because they learn anew the horrors of radiation and human suffering. That this event changes the future and in the long run saves hundreds of millions of lives. At least that is my working hypothesis.

I've been frustrated at the lack of intel regarding the state of the reactors, our satellite feeds can only reveal so much and I suspect TEPCO itself isn't really aware of the state of these reactors - not fully anyways. I have been reviewing some of the options the teams I assigned have been generating based upon the limited data emerging. The Chernobyl solution of 1986 was inelegant and crude - burying the blown out reactor in cement poured by helicopter after helicopter over the melted down reactor. 26 years later and technology hasn't progressed much at all. The only difference is this reactors proximity to the ocean makes it a candidate for getting those spent fuel cores somehow out into the ocean before they create a heavy metal release - which poses it's own particular problems. Is burying them on land better than out at sea? It's a toss up. Contaminating the oceans is no goal either, yet for years the Russians dumped nuclear waste into the seas (and may still be doing so.) The spent fuel rods at one reactor or more seem to have a cracked floor and water is draining from the pools almost as quickly as it is poured in. This will probably not be able to be repaired. The good news is they have laid down some power cable and tried to restore electrical water pumping. The bad news is this is still not a permanent solution and will produce a steady release of radioactive steam.

The US has 450 nuclear specialists standing by. I suspect most will suggest simply burying the leaking reactors in cement. This is the quickest and cheapest solution. It will mean the permanent evacuation of the area around Fukushima and Japan will be just a bit more cramped than it was before. The contamination of the food supply is a serious concern - all over the world. When any region of the Earth is saturated in Strontium-90 or Cesium-137 particles, the food supply is contaminated and the soil which feeds many animals, from fish to livestock can become unsafe to consume. Milk is known to become a magnet for these radioactive nuclei's which can poison and irradiate those who unknowingly consume them - even from a sizable distance from the point of contamination where the consumer doesn't even think about where the food has come from. Our global food supply comes from all over the world and products are used in all sorts of food preparation.


Just as after Chernobyl, farmers must acquire sensitive Geiger counters and try to be aware of the level of fallout on their farms and feed. Milk should be tested and any animals that are contaminated should be put down and taken out of the food supply chain.

As I mentioned before, every community should know the normal background radiation count of their area. It is extremely important that farmers should be provided this data as well. Sure, there will be resistance from the nuclear community and already its paid shills are busy covering up and minimizing the public fallout of...well, fallout. I've been a proponent of nuclear in the lack of better technologies and I realize we will have many nuclear reactors for years to come. I am, however, now more determined than ever to see future reactors designed significantly more intelligently, radiation reduction technologies embraced and a solution to the proper removal of spent fuel rods from reactor ponds which are literally drowning in them - way over the original capacity they were designed to store.

And no, burying it all in Nevada is not the answer either - still way too close to a major fault line and populated areas. The solution is super high technology on-site treatment facilities which treat the spent fuel rods and manipulate the half-lives of their component atoms. It will be very expensive technology, requiring retrofitting or adjoining facilities alongside those reactors drowning in spent fuel, but if successful will turn spent fuel rods into more easily transported and disposed of nuclear waste. The technology will involve coaxing an atom into a state of balance more quickly, via bombardment of specific energy and accompanying frequencies, shortening decades long half-lives into hours of intensified releases of radiation. But this is still decades away, though the longer reactors are used the more spent fuel rods will need to be eventually treated - or left in shut down reactors for centuries posing a hazard all the while.


Eventually, nuclear power will not be fission based. It will be far cleaner energy and with no radioactive waste products. It will be about atomic harmonics - tapping energy released by atomic bonding forces as well as the excitation of other specific atoms to release energy in the form of photons, beta energy and other energy with a sizable net gain over the energy used for excitation. Just like science discovered that freezing temperatures creates a superconducting property to certain atoms, so will science discover that there are certain "sweet" spots in certain atomic configurations and arrangements that create controllable energy releases. When this occurs, the fission reactors will be obsolete as early twentieth century coal-driven plants.

Tapping the Earth's electromagnetic field for energy is another clean, limitless power supply. A simple power-generator that works on oscillation principles can use the planet's field frequencies and polarity to generate endless power. Via harmonic resonance - a small percentage of the entire Earth's electromagnetic field could be converted to electrical energy at any given time. One plant could provide enough energy for an entire nation. A large enough plant could provide energy for the entire world.

Yes, the technologies in use now are archaic. Man should have already evolved past fission after the first few decades of atomic experimentation. Advanced minds should have already understood the Earth's EMF could be tapped after IGY (International Geophysical Year)1958, when the first studies were made of our Earth's immediate field environment. We receive a constant charge from the sun and our planet's molten iron core produces an enormous electromagnetic field ripe for tapping energy from. I've seen the "future" technologies and they are amazing. Limitless power on demand for accomplishing amazing feats. These include floating homes, cities, space travel between planets or points on one planet at incomprehensible speeds and the curing electronically of all ailments and disease. A pristine environment unmarred by pollution, air that is fresher than you've ever inhaled and living environments shielded from all harmful forms of radiation. Life-spans increased into the multi-century mark by simply restoring lost DNA field signals - effectively restoring or providing youth.

The future is marvelous. And everyone will see it in future lifetimes. One must always focus on progress. Today, the users outnumber the creators nearly a million to one. Education spreads but is constantly diluted by the high-reproduction of the simple. The technological revolution has just begun - the time wasting personal entertainment aspect is a dead end and only serves a purpose to pacify the simple and keep them satiating their violent desires artificially. Its practically criminal that people live in homes almost a century old or drive vehicles whose fundamental motive principles date back 120 years. It would have been unfathomable to Karl Benz or Frank Lloyd Wright that things have barely evolved at all since their passing. It's a crime when we shut down the Concorde or Space Shuttle and don't have better replacements - these are examples of human retrogression. The education system is an "epic fail" - the universities only turn out copycat minds that are best suited, not for original thought, but conforming to teachers' worldviews and limited perspectives.

This too shall pass...I know.

I have seen the future, not just once, but on numerous occasions.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Solution to the Radiation Leakage and Fallout threat in Japan

The SDAI teams have been busy coming up with solutions to cool down the reactor cores in the damaged Fukushima reactors. They have come up with a last ditch effort that if seawater can continue being pumped into the fuel rod area, can also be disposed of more intelligently. Presently, sea water is being pumped in and boiled off at a rapid rate to cool the reactors fuel rods.

Skip to bold type below for the quick fix-solution to save millions from inhalation of radioactive plumes.

The fuel rods contain atoms which are in a state of extreme imbalance caused by the fission process which fractures the atomic equilibrium and releases atomic energy from the nucleus in the form of intense radiation - high energy particles. The sea water quickly boils and is turned into steam as it is hit by this radiation. You can imagine it somewhat as a supersize hyperactive microwave oven and the fuel rods are like a microwave's magnetron tube which generates microwaves. Unfortunately, the steam becomes radioactive and is dangerous to life.

While the reactor was switched off, these fuel rods can never be turned off. They are trying to seek balance. That is the issue most scientists don't quite understand and seldom address. The fuel rod is a group of bonded atoms that have basically been ripped open and they channel energy from their supporting spectra. Whether it is Uranium-235 or Plutonium-239 these atoms nuclei have been imbalanced by the addition of a neutron - which can really be seen as a quantity of energy.

To shut off the flow of radiation one needs to bring balance to these atoms. That is the tricky part, because these atoms have been bombarded by an endless neutron dance which has disrupted their natural orbiting proton/electron balance. This is the "nuclear chain reaction" that occurs in a fission reactor, as more and more atoms are disrupted by particles and release more energy from an imbalanced nucleus in the form of neutron "energy bullets" which hit adjoining atoms.

You see...the protons and electrons are merely the positive/negative charges in a field of energy. The nucleus is held in place and forms its relationships with other atoms based upon these orbiting charges. When the charges are no longer balanced with the nuclei - energy from the nucleus escapes as the atom tries to attain equilibrium. The half-life of an element is the time it takes to achieve some measure of equilibrium and this can vary from fractions of a second to millions of years.

Certain elements such as uranium and plutonium have a high atomic number, and represent a greater quantity of energy once disrupted. Putting the genie back in the bottle and balancing these atoms has been for 60 years out of the scientific repertoire of the atomic physicist and industry.

It's time to change that.

Treatment of spent fuel rods can be achieved. Not by cooling them down with water or reactor coolant - but by addressing the radiation itself and the helping the fuel rods atoms' nuclei re-achieve balance or equilibrium - shortening their half-lives.

How is this done? Well that's the trillion dollar question isn't it? If scientists knew how, the reactors we have would be almost 100 percent safe and there would be almost no nuclear waste to dispose of. Reactors would not be drowning in spent fuel rods.


That secret is safely tucked away here in the sub-levels and can't be managed in existing reactors, so for the short-term solution to this crisis other intelligent techniques must be applied to the radioactive fuel elements and control rods:

1) Channel the gases into the sea.

The radioactive steam can be channeled into the ocean. Airborne it is a hazard to human health - if immediately redirected and put into surrounding seawater the threat to people is minimized. How to do this? Huge flexible funnel could be placed over the reactor and channel the steam to coast over the ocean. The waves could be agitated to merge with the steam and the radiation would merge with the seawater. The tube can be held in place and airlifted over the reactor. It can be held aloft by helium balloons weighted to stay in place. The tube can be partial submerged along a length of the ocean so that the sea scrubs the steam and it is released further away from the Japanese coastline. The tube material should be durable enough to last and resist tearing.

Not an ideal solution, but infinitely more desirable than steam being released into the atmosphere and breathed in by residents.

Japanese Meltdown

"Do they know what they are doing?"

"I don't think they do. They let a seawater pump run out of gasoline and they didn't catch it for two and a half hours, exposing the fuel rods to air and causing the 3rd explosion."

"My god! Millions of lives are at stake and they let a pump run out of gasoline?"

"Yes. It's child's play to cool those GE reactors and they're botching the job."

"Do we have a team we can send there?"

"Don't you think I already thought of that? Heck, I would go over there and personally oversee the reactor cooling process myself if I could. The Japanese government has asked for assistance, but we have never been more spread thin - a dozen active missions in the East and Middle East underway and worst of all we have a State Department that is making such assistance difficult - if not impossible. It's almost like this administration wants the reactors to meltdown - it's absolutely crazy. If I want to send a team in, they would be completely unauthorized."

"Tell me about it. We are seeing an agenda that is seeking total destruction of the west here. I seem to spend a day every week reassuring various national leaders that the US will be back to normal in a few short years and to pay no heed to the rhetoric and actions that are completely antagonistic to our allies. Damn it! I got another urgent call. I've got to go but I'll be calling back later tonight."

"Okay. Take care."

I put my phone down and sit back in my chair and kick my feet up on my McGuire desk, the inlaid writing surface is nearly indestructible so my Moscoloni leather shoes don't do any damage. I have taken two teams off their assigned tasks - which was designing new reduced radiation reactors - and reassigned them so that they now do nothing besides run simulations and solutions to possible outcomes with the Japanese reactor crisis.

I have a bad feeling about all this. I know this must all have been part of the future which Yal-hune must have foreseen and orchestrated for the least possible destructive outcome. The thought scares me, because if this is the least destructive, I wonder just how horrible the most destructive time stream would have unfolded. Part of me wishes she were here so I could talk to her. I miss her - I miss her so much. her absence has left me with this gaping hole in my life.

You would think Skuuinja or Yaylu would stop by - just pop in to comfort me or give me advice, but they are obviously preoccupied. I suspect Skuuinja is making amends for other past overshadowing misdeeds and I can't begin to guess where Yaylu is. Perhaps they are staying away due to my attentions to a woman who works 10 hour days in one of the sub-levels. Maybe it's all for the best.

But listen to me whine!

Others are in much more perilous predicaments and suffered far greater losses than I have recently. I have to keep my eye on the ball and focus on the game. Our teams need not just competent leadership but the upbeat and optimistic motivation and worldview that make such stressful and demanding work worthwhile and more rewarding.

I'm going to go and see what the teams have worked up as possible solutions to the Japanese crisis. It's time to put the gargantuan collective mind-power here to timely and productive use.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Prepare for Radioactive Fallout From Japanese Reactors

Unfortunately, radioactive fallout from the reactor leaks is going to hit the United States and Canada. Alaska, Hawaii and the west coast of the United States should prepare themselves for the invisible hazard that can rain down upon them within days or over the next weeks and months.

The wind paths will likely take the fallout to Alaska and Canada and the Northwestern coast of the United States first, but I expect we will see fallout in some small measure over most of the United States.

What to do:

1)Stay indoors as much as possible. No joke. Don't schedule any outdoor events, picnics etc. The radioactive fallout will be light but you want to expose yourself to as few radioactive particulates as possible. Turn off unnecessary air-conditioning systems to keep fallout out.

2) Buy a Geiger counter This is your own personal insurance device. You can test your environment at anytime for radiation levels above natural background radiation. The old pen sized clip-on dosimeters and readers designed for the CIVIL DEFENSE are still available from some sources but are not necessarily reliable after all these years.

3) Keep informed. Officials will be monitoring the fallout plumes as best they can. Unfortunately the government is not experienced in this and we disbanded the important CIVIL DEFENSE networks and centers across our nation. Now we see that they are necessary again. Planes, satellites and testing stations will be trying to track the plume. Unfortunately radiation is invisible and winds are extremely variable and can change speed and direction quite fast.

4) Don't panic. The radiation levels should be low. But to be quite honest, corporate officials always underplay the levels released from these things and because these are damaged reactors we don't exactly know what levels will be released over the next days, weeks and months. Hindsight is always 20/20. No one informed the crew of the USS Ronald Reagan that they were going to pass through a radioactive plume on their way to Japan. People make mistakes.

5) If you think you have been exposed. Take off your clothes and throw them away, wash yourself thoroughly and get checked by a hospital for contamination and any needed treatment.

Most of the radiation plumes will eventually disperse to levels not much more intense than background radiation. The difference between background radiation and fallout is that background radiation comes mostly from cosmic and gamma radiation - high energy particles that pass through ones body so fast that they don't linger in the body. Fallout from reactor steam often includes radioactive particulates that can be inhaled or imbibed into the body, linger longer and so are best avoided.

I really don't want to contribute to panic or exploit people's fears, but preparedness in this instance is a very good thing. Awareness is key. For the next few weeks or months make a point to be aware of the time you spend outdoors, keep well informed and if you can afford one a Geiger counter is a useful tool and educational as well. I've learned never to rely on the government for your protection or that of your family. And when it comes to atomic radiation there is just way too much ignorance about the topic and we live in a world that has barely scratched the surface in monitoring solar, cosmic or even background radiation levels. All events have silver linings and this disaster will prepare the world better for fallout, hopefully revive the CIVIL DEFENSE agency in the US and start the all-important mass education program the world needs regarding radiation.

UPDATE: 3/18/2011

Some radiation has reached the west coast of the United State. The lack of transparency is shameful from this administration. A foreign diplomat with CTBTO data was the first to announce the radiation spike. A private network of radiation stations can be accessed with very limited data as well:
Our data indicates the radiation, in small quantities, has been flowing over the west coast US for 24 hours already.

Again, no need to panic. The fallout, so far, as expected is very light. Most Americans have been living in the shadow of a nuclear reactor all of their lives and there has been some measure of radioactive releases into the atmosphere every time a nuclear weapon has been tested. Greater fallout was falling down on California and the entire US during the fifties, sixties and seventies. When testing above ground and underground still took place regularly on US soil.

Some believe ignorance is bliss. Sometimes it is. Fear isn't helpful to any situation, but the survival instinct from which people's fears spawn is quite natural and human. At the same time, I have a problem with keeping 100s of millions Americans in the dark, just because you fear what they might do if you tell them the truth. One can only imagine the discussions that have been had regarding evacuations if necessary. The line of thinking basically goes like this: "Mass panic and evacuation of the west coast would cause hundreds of deaths quickly and fallout might cause thousands of deaths much more slowly - often years or decades later and no one will know the real tally or be able to point the finger at us. So clamp down on the data, keep quiet and pray."

We need more radiation monitoring stations across the globe. They should be as common as thermometers - for they are an integral part of our weather and environment. The truth is, the US is woefully unprepared for this type of disaster, just as it was for Katrina. Our professionals have been kept out of the loop from interfacing with Japan, partly due to the Japanese culture of secrecy and honor and partly due to this administrations lack of an enthusiastic response.

It adds a whole new element to life - a constant knowledge of your radiation exposure. Suddenly places that have elevated rad exposure would see property values decline and those with the lowest radiation exposure would see an increase. People would soon know if their reactors were being maintained and run properly or if small radiation releases occur without public knowledge. Demand changes. Demand to know the background radiation of your community alongside the registered temperature and humidity in your local paper.

Information is power. It saves lives, creates jobs and perpetuates progress.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Peek Inside the Box

My phone has been ringing non-stop for almost two days now. The East is still reeling from the 8.9 earthquake and accompanying tsunami off the coast of northern Japan.

Thor is on a conference video line with Balder and myself.

"As our assets go to work, the picture is becoming quite clear. The fact of the matter is our ally Japan has been attacked. A major attack and for a very specific reason."

"What is the reason?"

"Japan's nuclear program had to be scaled down and thrown into chaos."


"Japan's nuclear program had been making preparations and modifications to provide needed materials for a nuclear weapons program should North Korea conduct more nuclear tests."

"So this was a way of disabling Japan's nuclear weaponns program?"

"Yes, and doing it in such a way that the people themselves will shy away from nuclear technologies. It is almost diabolical in its cunning. Not only does it throw the Japanese nuclear program into disarray, damage their economy and weaken their military preparedness, but it carries an enormous psychological and propaganda warfare payload as well. The worst part is, they will largely get away with it."

"How badly damaged is the fault?"

"We have a team studying it now and already have several remote submersibles in theatre and are collecting data. Bottom line - preliminary indications show this fault will be active with after shocks for at least probably several years."

"And what about the timing?"

"Well our satellite shows the North Koreans have been digging tunnels for another underground nuclear test of considerable more yield. We expected it in April or May, but knew they could fire it off at anytime. With what's going on in Libya and Saudi Arabia, I think they figured this was the perfect time for maximum distraction. Our radiation monitors and satellites have detected unusual radiation at both the North Korean borders and over parts of North Korea for the past two weeks. Now we are detecting the radiation released from the damaged facilities, which will mask some of the radiation which would be found in the waters off the coast if they actually managed an undersea nuclear detonation."

"Those little bastards are learning aren't they?"

"I don't think even they knew just how successful it was going to be. I think they are smiling now, but mainly because it takes Japan out of the threat equation for long enough to get their nuclear missile program completed."

"Do we have enough proof to go public with any of this?"


"Damn it! What about China, do we have any trails?"

"Even while we speak several teams are following leads and investigating several shipments received by North Korea from China. Kim il Jung isn't long for this world anymore and his son's a loose cannon. China is using North Korea the way a neighborhood drug dealer uses a pit bull - as a distraction from their own indolence, corruption and keeping the neighbors off balance. Everybody watches the pit bull act psychotic and brain dead and they pay less attention to its owner while he conducts his profitable criminal pursuits."

"What's the status of Project Xanadu?"

"I don't want to discuss that on a conference call, even a scrambled one. I'll talk about that the next time we meet face-to-face."

"Understood. Have we gotten Libyan oil fields back under Ghaddafi's control yet?"

"Yes. But it's been a dicey game. S via his puppet show at the WH and the State Department has been putting pressure on the Saudis to arm the rebels. It's insane. S wants those oil fields badly and wants to have jacked up oil rates in the US forever."

"It's crazy when you find yourself working for the Ghaddafi's of the world isn't it? S is even gunning for Iran's oil fields too. Has he bought any more rebels?"

"His fingers are in the pie, even as we speak. We've traced his purchases through many subsidiaries and fronts he's been using many of the same channels he used to pay insurgents in Iraq. We expect that he will activate them as soon as Libya is determined one way or the other."

"If we keep the Libyan fields will he postpone Iran?"

"He'll activate them either way. S isn't getting any younger either. This is his swan song."

"Can we utilize this knowledge to our advantage?"

"Oh, we'll find ways to use it, just not very effectively with Iran."

"Obama is very silent. Is S keeping him under lock and key while all this is going on."

"Pretty much. But we are using that to our advantage as well. The State Department is a total mess right now. Our allies are angry and feel we are selling them out."

Do you think that S is working with North Korea? The timing is totally fortuitous for his agenda."

"Anything is possible. But after his prediction of a bloody revolution in Iran, home of North Korea's biggest customer, I would think even they would be careful of getting into bed with that snake."

"Keep me informed of any major developments or if I can be of assistance. The Shadow President has been planning to stop by your neighborhood again soon and I may even drop by before the summer heat arrives."

"I look forward to it."

He laughs.

"Oh yes....I'm sure you do! I know you'd much rather be playing ESP with your favorite ETs than acting as the pool lifeguard for a bunch of delinquents and reprobates!"

"We all make sacrifices in this line of work don't we?"

"Yes, we do."

The conference feed disconnects, faces vanish and the monitors return to live feeds from the submersibles.

Japan Quake, Secrets and Consequences

The 8.9 earthquake that created the tsunami that has caused so much destruction and loss of life is quite horrible, but the underlying secret that it covers is even more horrible.

This earthquake was not an accident.

Yes, you heard me correctly. This Earthquake was sponsored by the ongoing North Korean nuclear test projects that have been disrupting the fault lines in the region for the past five years, with devastating results for Japan. The most recent underground tests in their development of a fusion bomb have been playing havoc with the faults and this Earthquake and ones to follow will be the result of these pressures applied to the tectonic plates which are administered during an underground atomic blast.

Did they intentionally do this? No, I don't believe they did. Ignorance is again the culprit as it is in so many human ventures. California for years suffered more common Earthquakes while underground tests were being performed in Nevada. The reports that linked the quakes to testing have remained unpublished for fear of a host of lawsuits or worse.

Man doesn't realize yet that all things seek balance. When the energy of a nuclear blast is absorbed by the tectonic plates, it is released elsewhere - channeled off a nearby fault to re-establish balance. The Russians were working on a project that used this type of "natural" warfare that could pass as a natural disaster and South Korea has in just the past month recognized increased radiation emerging from their northern border. Whether North Korea inherited or acquired some of these Russian white papers via China is unknown.

As usual, here you get the story behind the story. Lifting the curtains on this particular human tragedy is painful, but it is more painful when I here this being identified as a "natural" disaster - when the truth is very twisted, power hungry minds are quite culpable.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

In the World - but not of It.

The universe is a very interesting place. While we live in our bodies, our brain oscillates with our quantized field at all time. Between the two flows a constant stream of information and intelligence. From one perspective you could say everything we do and think is spawned from this flow of intelligence as it interfaces with the rest of the world.

In ancient Greece, the people believed the Fates determined one's destiny and wove a life with their threads. Actually, there is a shred of truth to this myth, however the strings are streams of data flowing between a quantized field of energy and our cerebral cortex, not from the Fates.

Every action and experience has its roots in the past - our past lives, and our past in this present life. All things are energy. We are energy. Our bodies are energy. An experience is energy. A thought is energy.

All this energy never can be destroyed. It regenerates. It re-expresses itself in a new way constantly. This is evolution. Evolution is simply energy changing and reflecting the interactions it has had with other energy.

Your life, my life and everyone's life is a sum of energy that is constantly morphing and changing. Even as you read these words you are changing and are not the same person you were before you started. All events regenerate. Your reading this blog entry will create a CYCLE of energy. This event will reoccur in a new way. Each cycle can grow or diminish. In this instance the pursuit of knowledge will give you an edge on many others, as you learn what you really are and how you really work. Your body is just a vehicle for your consciousness. It lasts so long and then the data gets booted up to the quantized field at so-called death. Yes, the people who see their lives passing before their eyes are experiencing the "boot-up" data flow - a quantized burst of energy as who and what you are in this lifetime is added to your quantized field, or soul if you will, which contains not just one lifetime worth of data and experience, but many lifetimes.

We live in a world that fears death because the world does not possess the scientific understanding of what a human really is or the nature of the infinite, eternal universe we live in. Ignorance causes fear - the fear of the unknown. Once the masses know of these things, mankind takes on a vastly altered appearance. Much of the violence and sadness in the world is the result of short-term outlooks. Finite perspectives that create lower emotional responses. Desperation, loneliness, anger, hate, jealously - all are born of this finite viewpoint.

Yes, we all live our lives regenerating or replaying past experiences in a new, updated manner. Our relationships with all those around us evolve. Our fields contain trillions upon trillions of biases. These biases, both positive and negative as seen through the context of our pasts, define our likes and dislikes and influence how we respond to any given situation or experience. We are complex algorithms and our consciousness is a unique reflection of who and what we are.

A billion people can be in the same room and all may share human bodies but none will see the room in the same manner and all will "feel" differently in the room. In a planet of 7 billion people, each has a unique take on life and experience it differently. All who read this blog post will take something different away from it and will react differently. This is how infinite diversity works. It is wonderful. It is the magic that keeps time continuing for eternity and a multiverse that can't ever be contained or fully explored.

This sort of data is mainly for those who are in the world, but not of it. For those whose bodies are no longer their master and whose minds define them, guide them and now take an active part in their evolution. Yes, that is what happens - evolutions no longer happens by accident or carelessly, but with intelligent guidance. Suddenly, a whole new universe opens up and huge gains can be made in reshaping who one is, to become who one wants to be. All journeys begin with the first step and the first true step is made when one achieves a slightly elevated form of sentience - that self awareness of who one is and how one functions. That awareness of continuity and infinite regeneration helps one to become more balanced and streamlined as one passes through life with less of the emotional roller-coaster of strong biases and lower emotions. Eventually one graduates from this classroom known as Earth and moves on to new classrooms with challenges suitable for our new development.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Test - Experiencing Perfection.

Today was an unusual day. I had a visit from the lovely and magnificent lady from The Room, whom as you may or may not know is one of my "bosses".

She gave me a gift unlike any other, the gift of complete equilibrium. I saw the world as she sees it - complete perfection. She's impersonal and because she has almost no biases, the infinite universe of information and experience is open to her mind. And while I held this same state - mine as well. Feeling a part of everything and being aware of all these things is beyond anything I've quite experienced - even when Yal-hune shielded my consciousness from overshadowers and all the rest.

It's great to have a boss like that. I was able to access almost all knowledge for fifteen minutes. Quite an uncanny experience. To know what is going on in the world with just a thought. To be able to access details and to see into the future and the past - as my boss can and as Yal-hune did as well.

This was a test of sorts. She wanted to see how I handle such consciousness and what I do with the access. I am pleased to say I passed. I didn't have a single selfish motivation the entire time and I focused primarily on assisting others I knew were in distress.

Yes, I was surprised somewhat too.

Experiencing that state of mind is indescribable. One realizes everything is absolutely perfect and one knows why at the same time. One does not bias anything, nor does one have any emotions outside of love, joy, curiosity and concern for the rest of the infinite. No fear, no sadness, no anger, no hate, no embarrassment. All the lower emotions are completely foreign to such state of mind.

I saw all the mistakes I've made in this life to date - countless numbers of them - and yet there was no bias, no recrimination, no embarrassment or insecurity. I was able to see myself as she sees me - a work in progress.

I was surprised to feel my body being rejuvenated at the same time. Like drinking a glass of pure water from the fountain of youth, while in this state of mind I could feel time going backwards and my DNA gaining new intelligence instead of losing it. Yet, even this I did not bias or emotionalize as it occurred. It was simply an event like any other and the science behind it was made clear to me as I thought about it. In fact, many fascinating possibilities about how fifth and four dimensional worlds can interface and the energy in both can be manipulated to achieve inconceivable things.

I know many of my readers will someday experience similar consciousness in their future. My boss is a real angel and she actually would outrank even the angels. Her mind is so peaceful, joyous and loving that the words simply aren't sufficient to convey what she is. While she may look like a blond haired, blue-eyed delectable delight sculpted by the Gods themselves when she appears in the flesh, her mind, her soul, is so much more delectable and delightful. Her soul is one of the most beautiful things in the multiverse that I am aware of.

Sustaining such a level of consciousness here on Earth seems like it would be very difficult - almost impossible. Yet, I know Yal-hune was constantly operating in a similar spectra while she was here and I have that much more respect for her, considering all we went through while she was here. Not biasing, remaining completely impersonal and becoming one with the multiverse and its complete perfection.

I hope I can retain as much of that equilibrium as possible, because it truly is a game-changer and completely alters the way one interfaces with the world.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Johnson & Johnson, deadly drugs and the FDA

Topamax & Birth Defects

If you've been a reader of my blog for any period of time you know I'm rather vehemently opposed to the pharmaceutical industry and their cohorts at the FDA. The corruption for cash culture at the FDA has been in place for decades and gets more blatant with each passing year.

Drugs that never should have been approved are approved by a corrupt FDA that farms employees to pharmaceutical company boards for big payoffs after they green light their deadly drugs for mass consumption. The latest revelation is "Topamax" an epilepsy and migraine drug that causes birth defects in newborns and has been linked with many other deadly side effects. The drug industry plays a deadly game with the FDA - let us have a few years running time with a drug, then reveal its dangers after we get to make our initial billions of dollars. So each drug approved finds its faults revealed, or is pulled altogether a few years later, after the body count is high.

Criminal negligence, fraud and the doctoring of data is done with almost *ALL* drugs that have been approved or are waiting approval at this moment. The drug industry is a *TRILLION* dollar industry. The media lives in fear of them because they are the single largest advertising revenue ALL media outlets receive. That means an angry pharmaceutical industry will withhold advertising dollars and their long tentacles will go out of their way to damage careers, ruin companies and generally act like the classic psychotic unprincipled bad guys in any film.

The scientists employed in big pharm are, unfortunately, idiots. The proof is in the pudding. The drugs on the market simply don't work, don't work as advertised or work with deadly side effects that are worse than the original condition. The scientists know nothing of quantum wave interaction between the molecules of the drug they have concocted and the DNA of the cells they interface. They study only "chemical" reactions which is like studying the foundation of a house by looking at it from a Google overhead map view - completely inefficient and hopelessly incomplete.

When Topamax interfaces with human DNA the wave forms start distorting the genome and these distortions damage adult cells but particularly any fetus imbibing this toxic brew in the mother's blood finds itself with birth defects and in this instance predominantly distortions of the cleft plate, lip and nose. Why was this drug approved? Who signed off on its approval? Why did Johnson and Johnson submit such a hazardous drug? If they claim they didn't know - how incompetent are their research procedures not to test the drugs on pregnant women? Instead all pregnant women who are prescribed the drug by their doctors get to find out the drug was dangerous after they give birth to deformed babies who will live their whole lives with the mark of big greedy pharm on their cleft?

Of course J&J knew about the birth defects, just as they know about the breathing difficulties, seizures, interference with the nervous system function and all the rest. But in a trillion dollar industry, where every new drug represents BILLIONS of dollars - life, hey - it's simply not that important. Like I said, the classic bad guys straight out of a B movie - the ones with no ethics who try to cover up their misdeeds only to meet some cruel justice in the end.

We have a medical industry that is driven off of pharmaceuticals. Heck, doctors practically jump at the chance to offer pharmaceuticals as if they are each patients private drug dealer. Doctors now have become, basically, glorified prescription givers. You tell them what's wrong, or they tell you what's wrong and then they throw a prescription at you. That's the "cure" and treatment today.

Sure, it's a broad brush I'm painting with here today, but it's necessary.

I've seen the future. I've experienced the quantum wave treatment machines that can eliminate any disease - even cure cancer - in a single treatment. The future of medicine is not chemical - its electronic, because the human cell, nervous system and brain is really electronic. Epilepsy doesn't get intelligently treated with Topamax or any other pharmaceutical. Epilepsy is caused by the discharge of electrical energy from the quantized field through the cerebral cortex and into the brain. This discharge is not caused due to a chemical imbalance, it's caused because the individual has in the past experienced a violent shock and this shock now manifests with this burst of energy and the subsequent effects of a discharge into the brain. Loss of bodily functions, coherent thought and all the rest. Intelligent treatment involves isolating the original shock -in this lifetime or previous ones and working on balancing whatever extreme biases exist with this shock. Epilepsy is a mental illness spawned by previous experiences. It's not a biological defect and any biological markers of the disease are merely the byproduct of this traumatic shock.

If, for example, someone is shot in the head, or suffers blows to the head that result in their death, this surcharge of energy is recorded and carried with them. When they find themselves reborn, the forming fetus already shares a field with all this previously recorded data. The new body receives quantized signals from this indestructible quantized field of energy - timeless and for all intents space less. So the person is born epileptic and they relive these traumatic happenings with these surges of electrical energy. They get to relive their death - or quite often - others deaths they have caused, which also create serious field imbalance and feedback.

In the future, machines isolate these past experience and can even portray it on a screen like an ipad. The patient gets to actually view their past - beyond their birth and into previous lives, because these signals are recorded and accessible in their own quantized field. All events are so recorded and accessible and the doctors of the future work with patients to treat the originating causes of their conditions - not just the symptoms. Once the patient understands the cause of their seizures, they already diminish in intensity and duration. With more analysis and balancing of lingering past biases and emotions, their epilepsy is often completely cured without any needed physical alterations. Once the quantized field is more balanced, these discharges stop.

It hurts to travel from the future back into the past. Visiting a "modern" hospital is like traveling back in time to watch a bloodletting. Not a soul inside any hospital in the world of 2011 knows what a quantized field is, that each person has one and its relationship with the human body through the cerebral cortex. No doctor or surgeon inside takes into account the past lives the patient is reliving and which are manifesting in the present. They don't know that the first thing to do is to get the patient on equilibrium and to positively engage their minds, generating positive waveforms that start to balance that stored, imbalanced quantized field experience. I know all this and much more and seeing the suffering hurts. I feel almost guilty knowing all this, like a man with a truck full of antibiotics visiting a village decimated by bubonic plague.

Modern pharmaceuticals are throwbacks to the potion peddlers of the middle ages. Caveat emptor indeed.

I lift the curtains on all these things here. One of the planet's few (and I'd like to think uniquely creative) windows into the future. I provide the reader with plausible deniability because absolute proofs of these things could be quite damaging for those who aren't ready. "He's crazy!" Is kept readily available for those who will have need of it. For those who don't - the world and their future become much more interesting indeed. So much information. An evolutionary trajectory can be altered almost overnight.

The sad truth is that most can't follow or comprehend these things and its like I am speaking Latin - backwards. A quantized field of energy which stores all our experiences is to modern science a hypothetical construct at best. They can't see it. They don't have the equipment to detect it or measure the signals it broadcasts, so therefore it doesn't exist.

These machines will exist and, these posts I make here on this blog actually speed up the day when they do. I often wonder does the chicken or the egg come first? Do quantized field or "soul" viewers as they will be called and the quantized treatment of disease, come into existence because I posted these in the "past" or do they exist no matter what and these posts merely hasten the day, by opening a few bright minds to a whole new universe of possibility they didn't even realize was just over the horizon?

Whatever the case, pay close heed those of you who read this post - because your reading it is no accident. Everything is frequency relationship. If you read this its because experiences in your quantized field are compatible with this information. So don't pass up what's proffered here - a window to the future. A means to solve all your own illnesses, understand the sickness process and get a 500-1000 year head start on the future of medicine. I've held my tongue in the past and paid the price. I have to be here in the past to make up for my own transgressions. I get to live in the dark ages of 2011, where the cultural highlights are "lady gaga", "Justin Bieber" and "reality television".

Yes, I'm in hell. I look around at the emotions, the barbarism, the lack of knowledge and what passes for human pursuits and I have my own great test - trying not to bias all this negative. Believe you's tough. And some of the toughest moments can be found looking at pictures of the deformed babies caused by human ignorance and greed and knowing how unnecessary it is.

Then I remember it is necessary. This world has to go through its dark ages. Good can only emerge from evil so that it has a point of reference. No evil - no good. The universe and its relativistic framework makes even a hell world, a paradise from a certain perspective. So the pharmaceutical companies will keep churning out drugs and doctors will keep prescribing them. They will think they are doing good and from an even more primitive age, it can be viewed as good. But billions will die over the next century, many will die early the from side effects of pharmaceuticals, damaging radiation therapy and medical malpractice. The doctors Hippocratic oath will be turned on its head and centuries may pass before the first quantized field signal receiver is developed. Until then the masses will believe in one life, various archaic religions and the soul will still exist in the unfathomable position of being merely "hypothetical".

Friday, March 04, 2011


I return from my unscheduled trip with a bit more hope for the future than I had just 16 hours ago. Orchestrating a new symphony is never easy, and as Director of SDAI sometimes I feel like the conductor.

Yaylu is somewhere in China again. She's been gone for some time now. I have my suspicions about where she exactly returns to - secret facilities or possibly even remnants of the first Shamballa. She told me she has lots of friends, yet I have not met one of them. Skuuinja is living in Europe and she sent a postcard from Monte Carlo which had written in beautiful penmanship: "Not a TPD in sight." - a private joke only I would understand, but which would assure me that she was the sender of the postcard. I miss them both and Yal-hune as well.

It's just as well, perhaps. Though, I was so used to Skuuinja reading my thoughts all the time, that I've become that much more analytical and aware of those dips in consciousness. Having actual privacy of mind is hard to get used to.

All of the things I have experienced now, have made me somewhat numb to high weirdness. The most difficult thing has been to try and adjust to humanity. Ever since the enhancement which permits my brain to function more efficiently, I have found it more difficult to interrelate with others. I have become more withdrawn, less outgoing and I spend more time inside my own mind. I was never a social fraternizer, but still the difference is significant and I don't like it. I still bias others' lives and actions and if they don't live up to my own standards, then I pretty much shut them out of my life. I have no time for the pursuit of mindless, obsession sponsored time-wasters and thoughts. When Yal-hune was here, her presence alone seemed to keep me more bias-free. No that she is gone, I find the old ways returning. The judgments, subtle and not so subtle critical thoughts that infect my mind when I interact with the masses. I dislike it tremendously and need to redouble my efforts to abstain from these patterns of thought.

I keep wondering what futures Yal-hune had seen. She left just before the revolutions in Egypt, Libya and throughout the Middle East. Apparently the nuclear Armageddon was triggered in a chain that started with these events. She never told me anything - never even hinted she knew something until Shayla appeared to try and protect me from a nuclear future that was particularly unkind to me. As these events play out, I know she has orchestrated a time stream which averts all this and preserves me from something so bad they couldn't even tell me precisely what it was.

The films coming out, Limitless and Adjustment Bureau are not so subtle reminders that my life is fodder for overshadowers inspiring the entertainment industry and for over a year now every day I wake up knowing that my life is a reality show broadcast to dozens of worlds throughout the galaxy - and that I have absolutely no privacy whatsoever. I push it out of my head, yet I remember it at inconvenient times and then I remember that no one has any privacy - really. Every thought action and deed is recorded and accessible by those with the technology - or minds - to access it.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Powers That Be.

I sneak up behind her and kiss her on the nape of her neck. My nose picks up her scent, the smell of her shampoo and the fragrance she wears. I reach around and hold her arms, letting my hands caress her until they reach her hands. I take her hands in mine and I feel that magical something that happens whenever we hold hands.

"You know I need to work on this..."

"Yes, but I can't help myself. When it comes to you I can't stay away."

"You think it's easy for me?"

She pulls up her arms and wraps our arms around her. She sighs an audible sigh and even her exhalation inspires me. She feels so good in my arms, I don't ever want to let her go.

I rest my head on her shoulder and her left hand goes up to caress my cheek.

"You need to let me work. We've had a breakthrough. If things keep falling our way, this is going to change everything."

I let her go reluctantly and I know she is working on something that will save lives, and change the future of medicine. Her co-workers,don't show it, but are relieved to see me go and don't enjoy that such personal attention might be brought upon their work. Their thoughts are too noisy in this antiseptic sub-level.

My hand print opens up the biometric door and I make my way back to my office. I barely have time to make myself a cup of decaf and the phone rings. It's Thor.

"We need to meet. I can't make it to Shamballa so I would appreciate if you would take a plane and head up here."


"The sooner the better."

"Okay. I'll be local in your area in about two hours."

I call the airfield and have one of the SDAI Gulfstream jets prepared for a flight and I grab my briefcase, open it and throw in my laptop and some gear. One never quite knows what one is getting into with Thor and so its better to err on the side of over-preparedness.

Before I know it, I'm in the air, wondering what this is all about. Thor's health has been an issue and he doesn't get around as much but, despite this, he still manages to conduct more important national business than the State Department does on any given week.

I pull my handheld Geiger counter out of my briefcase to get a feel of the radiation dosage. I've made a crusade to reduce radiation exposure for all SDAI workers. I've had the plane's passenger compartments fitted with internal radiation shielding - sandwiched lead in a charged membrane. It works well and cuts back typical radiation dosage by thirty to forty percent over unshielded commercial flights. It was developed in Shamballa alongside the improved Rolls-Royce engines, hull design which give this Gulfstream speed in capabilities in excess of mach 1.4 - enough speed to lose most hostile pursuers and get one to where one wants to go fairly quickly. Like a smaller Concorde, it comes in quite handy.

Before long, the pilot informs me we are about to land. She is quite exceptional at her job, and I admit I enjoy flying more when she is doing the flying. It's probably sexist of me to say so, but go ahead castigate me, it's simply the truth.

SDAI keeps a satellite facility with vehicles, planes and what-have-you nearby most major world airports and this one is no exception. A quirky looking armored Mercedes S550 in jet black with a dove grey leather interior greets me. I put my titanium briefcase in the trunk and as I start the car, I realize this car hasn't even been broken in yet - less than 1000 miles on the odometer. I pull out my scrambled cell and place the call.

"Hello Thor, this is Tech1. I'm local. Where do you want to meet?"

"Meet me at the park."

"No problem. Be there in ten minutes."

The park is not a park, but a parking garage in the downtown area. Parking garages are convenient because they conceal vehicles from peeping overhead satellites and the acoustics and environment afford one a greater level of privacy than many locales. We used this one once before as a meeting place sometime back in 2005.

I arrive and head to the 3rd level, halfway to the top. I see Thor's slightly stretched and armored SUV and his driver and security team is the same he's had for five years now, former special ops and quite capable of handling Thor's security. I get out of the car and an over sized door to the SUV slides open. I'm surprised to see, not just Thor, but three others I haven't seen in the same place since December 2008. I look around and just by the cars parked nearby I can see that these others also came here by car. Since some of these folks are under constant surveillance, I can assume this meeting will not last much longer than an hour or two - if that.

"What's up?"

"Glad you could join us. We're discussing the future of the Middle East and the United States."

"Good. It's about time."