Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Room

The room is bright. Lighter than human eyes are designed to tolerate. The light seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. The high-rise is the tallest in the worlds and is where my employers maintain their offices.

I enter the room and walk towards my employers. The decor is modern ethereal: lots of white furniture, integrated fixtures and all wrapped up with a supreme sense of purpose and efficiency.

I acknowledge, with a smile and a nod, a few co-workers I haven't seen in awhile. They do deep undercover work and sometimes it's months and even years--or longer--between assignments.

At the end of the room are four chairs. All white. Deco or post-moderne don't begin to describe them and I really don't know where to start to try, so I wont.

The Board of Directors is composed of two men and two women. All quite brilliant-- brilliant to the point of intimidating even, if it weren't for their demeanor which discarded even the hint of aloofness or superiority.

A very tall gentlemen arises from the second chair from the left. "Ah, SDAI-Tech1, its nice of you to meet us like this on such short notice."

"It was no problem. Teleportation always sharpens the senses."

"Yes. Well, we called you here for a performance evaluation. Your file here indicates you've broken a few protocols. Were you aware of this?"

"Yes. Ahem...there were a few instances when I made judgment calls in the field that were not as well thought out as they could have been, I had meant to discuss them earlier."

A golden blond woman on the far right turns to me and speaks, "Your record here is starting to show a pattern of unconventional and erratic decisions. I think we should review these individually and see if we can clarify what you were thinking when you made these choices."

"That's fine with me."

"Good. Why don't you have a seat."

A white seat that wasn't there emerges out of the floor. No trap panels or anything - it has either been teleported to the position behind me or had been morphed out of the existing molecules of the air--I can't tell which occurred. I sit and the seat feels as if it has molded to my shape. Extremely comfortable.

"So tell us...when did you decide to start a blog?"

"Ahem. Well I believe it was April of 2004. I felt it might be a useful tool to disperse data. I had intended to filter entries here first, but didn't want to waste anyone's time reading what was mostly going to be material-centric stuff of little concern with a few tidbits thrown in for good measure."

"Let's see in your last entry you disparage Earth's 1.1 billion Roman Catholics-don't you think that's unnecessary and unorthodox?"

"I might've overdone the ignorance bit."

"You think? That entry alone breaks a half dozen specific protocols for the dissemination of data. Your blog is chock-full of small and large violations of company policy."

I suddenly realize that my activities have been thoroughly investigated. And as I think about it I really expected no less.

"You influenced the election with your blog?"

"Well...somewhat. I played a small role."

The blond woman pushes the point home. "You knew exactly how history was going to unfold and you influenced it deliberately. You targeted Ohio as the pivot point and swayed hundreds of thousands of voters with a series of key blog entries based on post-election voter survey issues you knew were of concern to the region. What was the basis of your reasoning for this decision?"

"I didn't like Kerry."

"You took it upon yourself to weave a whole new timestream. Have you any idea what repercussions your actions will have? And what about the readers of your blog? Are you going to individually assist each that you force-evolutionary-accelerate? And what of those who are traumatized by such relevations? Do you have a plan for balancing these individuals course?"

"They think it's all a joke. Most don't believe a word I say. I can't believe any are traumatized by anything I have written."

A gentleman who has been silent the whole while turns and stares at me with great concern and he speaks, "You'd be quite wrong. Let's take a look shall we?"

A holograph of the Earth appears just above my lap. About a foot in diameter, it sparkles an iridescent blue so real I reach out and touch it just to be certain it isn't solid.

"Take a look at the people who now are in a state of intellectual and spiritual turmoil due to your blog entries."

Little red dots appear and light up one by one, mostly in the US and Europe, and only after a minute or two does it subside the last light being added in Norway. The globe disappears as silently as it appeared.

"That's 51,246 people. Their lives directly influence another 34,785,237 and those lives influence the entire population of the Earth. Your 'blog' is a problem of epic proportions. I have a hard time believing you were unaware of these repercussions when you initiated your blog."

I stare at the unemotional faces. There is not a hint of anger, exasperation or frustration upon their countenance. I realize I have no alternative but to accept their determinations.

"Ok. I made a mistake or two with the what do I do?"

The blond woman, who is stunningly attractive by the way, turns and smiles, "You will have to oversee that certain fluctuations in this new timestream you have generated stabilize till they are within acceptable parameters. You will have to balance the evolutionary needs of these 51,246 individuals and orchestrate assistance for each one. We'll handle the auxiliary influences of your decisions. Do you have any idea how you are going to do this most expeditiously?"

I smile and get up from the chair.

"Of course. The blog got me into this mess - I'll blog my way to a solution."

The chair has vanished. In a moment so have I.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Why Idolatry & Ignorance Still Rule Mankind

The happenings of the past several weeks are further evidence that primitive man's favored pastimes of idolatry and ignorance still find favor with billions of people alive on the earth today.

The human animal is a fearful one. He fears for his survival over all other things and this subconscious and conscious fear motivates him to do some very strange things.

The recent passing of the Pope and the election of his successor perhaps illustrate this pageant of human idolatry better than anything else. The control the Roman Catholic religion has had over billions of pliable and undeveloped minds is frightening. The new Pope says he prayed not to be elected. He was. What does this say about his ability to sway his god with his prayers? Its farcical. Yet millions will cry when they touch his hand and will pray for him and do all sorts of other ridiculous things because they have not the discernment, intelligence or strength to break free of their idolatrous behavior.

Mankind's fear has manifested in idolatrous tendencies. He has always sought something larger than himself to comfort him. He needs a man to play dress up and make-believe and to wave a jeweled staff around. This gives him comfort. The promises of an afterlife of ease if he maintains this ridiculous behavior allay his worst fears in the wee hours when he begins to think of his mortality.

The Roman-Catholic religion insures their survival among the religions of the world with its position against birth control. Poor families with many children are their target market. Mexico, the Philippines, South America - wherever poverty, suffering and ignorance are most in evidence so will you find the Roman Catholic religion walking hand in hand with these folks keeping them ignorant, fearful and poor.

Fear makes people do strange things. The emperor of organized religion has been going around naked for centuries and yet few have pointed this out to their neighbor for fear they would be laughed at, ostracized or stoned to death as blasphemers.

I see all this pagan ritual and the submission of so many minds to a standard bearer of ignorance and it saddens me. I know how much these folks will have to unlearn before they can truly make any headway. Billions are destined to repeat and regenerate these idolatrous actions and each time they do so they weaken their own mentality, their own ability to discern right from wrong. They will incarnate again and again in this pit of clay and will follow false leaders who pick their pockets and worst of all--empty their minds.

It should be patently obvious that the new Pope is no closer to any god than the old one was. In fact, it is clear he's a throwback to the 19th century--a Pope who is even less enlightened spiritually than his predecessor and will more forcefully suppress enlightenment, keep the masses in the dark and maintain a 19th century outlook of the world.

More poverty and more suffering shall be his legacy--as is part and parcel the legacy of every Pope.

It's nothing to be outraged about. It's nothing to protest. It's merely the state of the world today. The Protestants are dwindling in number because they were just a bit too enlightened. When it comes to religion--the most ignorant, controlling and idolatrous ones shall prosper.

True spirituality lies is not dispensed by organized religion. True spirituality must be sought out by each individual on the basis of their own introspection and self-analysis.

The "spiritual" worlds are more properly simply worlds in an advanced spectra relative to our own. The beings that live in this spectra can't be evil or mean simply because such expressions resonate on a lower bandwidth. Prejudice, hatred, selfishness and fear are human traits and do not exist in these advanced worlds. The beings that do live in these worlds have long ago outgrown the elemental beginnings of sentience and have evolved to a point where they are functioning more infinitely--in tune with the infinite cosmogony.

There are no gods. There are no controllers of the universe. There are only an infinite number of beings at infinitely varying levels of development. As the masses here learn a bit & see the fruits of their religious leaders actions, they will outgrow their old faiths and slowly supplant idolatry with logic and reason. They will not seek comfort in fitting in with the beliefs of the majority of their community but will seek out their destiny and future on their own terms--unrestrained by the pagan ignorance which leaves so many living in poverty of body and mind.

Friday, April 08, 2005

"Keep goin', Mister. He was fallin' for it!"


The great seated, brooding figure of Lincoln is at the far
end of the impressive main hall. A few tourists are moving
about the place.


They are in the south hall, on the wall of which is inscribed
the Gettysburg Address. They stand silently, side by side,
reading the inscription.

Featuring the last part of the Address. It reads: "--and
that government of the people, by the people, for the people,
shall not perish from the earth."


Those are great words.
He must have been a great man.



That's the kind of man I'd like to
talk to.

Bobby looks up at him in bewilderment. After a moment Klaatu
speaks slowly, thoughtfully.

Bobby -- who's the greatest man in
America today?

(puzzling it over)
Gee -- I don't know... The space
man, I guess.

(secretly amused)
I was speaking of earth men. I meant
the greatest philosopher -- the
greatest thinker.

You mean the smartest man in the
whole world?

Yes -- that would do nicely.

(after a moments
Well -- Professor Barnhardt, I guess.
He's the greatest scientist in the

(he pauses
thoughtfully, speaks
slowly, as he recalls
the newspaper story
he read)
He lives here in Washington, doesn't

Sure. Right near where my mother

Where is that?

Department of Commerce. She's a
(Klaatu nods)
They have a man they call the
Secretary, but he isn't at all. My
mother's a real secretary.
(after a moment;
Mr. Carpenter -- now can we go see
the space ship?

Sure, Bobby.


A crew of Army engineers is in process of erecting a temporary
structure such as a large Quonset hut or B29 hanger to enclose
the space ship and Gort. The walls are partially up and
already have concealed part of the ship. The area is roped
off and there are Army guards to keep the sightseers back.
There is a crowd of people behind the ropes, watching. CAMERA
MOVES IN to reveal the backs of Bobby and Klaatu.


Bobby is studying the ship and Gort eagerly, his imagination
thoroughly aroused. Klaatu is watching the men at work with
mild, quiet amusement.


from Bobby's viewpoint.


Bobby's eyes are wide with awe as he watches the giant robot.

Boy, I'll bet he's strong. I bet he
could knock down a whole building.

(with a quizzical
I shouldn't be at all surprised.

Bobby's attention shifts to the ship.


From Bobby's viewpoint.


(excitedly, indicating
the ship)
Gee, I'd like to get inside and see
how it works. What do you think makes
it go?

(quietly, after a
glance around)
Well -- atomic power, I would imagine.

(looking at Klaatu
I thought that was only for bombs.

No. It's for a lot of other things,

You think it can go faster than an F-

Yes -- I think so.


shooting from a side angle to include a couple of men who
are listening to Klaatu's conversation. They are nudging
each other, amused at the way this man is pretending to
explain things to the little boy.

About a thousand miles an hour?

Klaatu has noticed the two men, who have edged a little closer
to listen. He is not perturbed by them, but he lowers his
voice a bit.

Maybe four thousand miles an hour.
And outside the Earth's atmosphere a
good deal faster.

Gee! How could they make a landing?

Well -- there are several ways to
reduce landing speed. You see, the

Klaatu interrupts himself as he realizes that he may be going
too far. The two men have moved closer, listening and
grinning. One of them whispers to the other behind the back
of his hand. Then the man realizes that Klaatu has stopped
speaking and is looking at him.

Keep goin', Mister. He was fallin'
for it!

The two men burst out laughing and move off together. Bobby,
who has missed the point of this by-play, looks at Klaatu,
then after the men. As they move out of scene they laugh
loudly at the little boy's confusion. Klaatu takes Bobby's
hand to lead him away from the roped-off area.


Curiousity & Incomprehension

Five decades and four years have past since this film was made and yet much of the world right now is still either like Bobby, with naive and eager curiousity, or the two ignorant men laughing at Klaatu's knowledge thinking it is some sort of snow job, since they couldn't follow a word he said.

The sad truth of 2005 is that you could share the secrets of the universe with the people of earth and almost all would fail to grasp any of them, much less ferret out their significance. Even some of our world's finest minds are still mired in indoctrinated ignorance and would make even the fifty year old image of Professor Barnhardt a role model of rationality and open-mindedness.

Over five decades later and the earth is still mostly standing still--stagnant in its understanding of life, death and the infinite cosmos. The invisible world still frightens them and they sit, blank-faced and mesmerized, in front of their televisions and LCD monitors and yet most could not tell begin to tell you how they work. They await their death and fill their days with appeasing their base desires.

The fragile human ego cannot tolerate looking dumb and so they prefer to avoid asking questions, falling back on ridicule, much like the two spectators mocking Klaatu's comments. Fear of the unknown is still all-pervasive, even though it is masked by the day-to-day hustle and bustle of modern civilization, the internet, television and tivo.

Fear and ignorance lead to personal destruction. There are folks upon this world who will not continue forward in a progressive evolution. They will peak at a certain level of intelligence and then they will devolute--losing all they had learned until they are again absorbed into the fabric of the infinite No gods will mourn their passing. No savior will be able to save them from their own destructive course.

Here is my message today to all:


Forgive me if I speak bluntly.

Your time grows smaller every day --
and your actions and knowledge will
be the sole determiner of your future
beyond the grave.

Immortality is not granted by any of
your pagan deities. Your survival is
solely dependant upon you and your
efforts to learn about yourself, your
mind and how to develop it positively.
Irresponsibly squandering your time
while here will, eventually, lead to
absorption -- the permanent death of
your soul.

You must learn about energy and how
the sum of what you are functions
and regenerates this energy. If you
do not, you will be hard pressed to
maintain an upwards trajectory.

(with straightforward

I came here to give you the facts.
It is no concern of mine if you decide
to ignore this message -- but if you
do, your future will probably not be bright.
Sadness, depression and a lack of fulfillment
will fill your lifetimes until you become
desperate and awaken to a greater need, a
greater purpose. Upon the day of this
awakening all these messages will take on
new import and significance. Your mind
will no longer be satiated by television
and its fictional violence or mere carnal
desires. You will begin to see past the
facade of materialism and you will
earn your immortality by building your
consciousness so that it can resonate
with these higher spectra and make them
your new home.

Some time in your future, you too, will
return to the Earth with an open hand and
you will share infinite wisdom to assist those
you left behind. Many will ridicule or fear
you, but you will not mind, because you will
understand this and will rejoice in those
ones who benefit from your efforts.

I look forward to that day.


Monday, April 04, 2005

What the world needs now...

The world is in transition. We have some 7 billion people living on the earth. Most of these folks are very poor. Many can't read. Many live their life in "survival" mode. The educated and rich hold positions of influence and the fate of many lies in the hands of the few.

Your community. Take a look around. You have local leaders, regional leaders and national leaders. Some of you, depending upon what nation you are reading this blog from, have a say in the affairs of your nation. Some don't.

The world has many crisis' ahead. Many of which lie completely unrecognized by the powers that be. The think tanks try and role model various problems but many are so inconceivable that even active imaginations can't conjure them up.

Many men still have not learned to see past their base carnal desires and superstitious learnings. As a result man will always be violent in his early stages of evolution. He will be selfish. He will pose a danger to himself and those around him. He will fear the unknown. He will ridicule that which he does not understand. He will live from emotion to emotion without being disturbed by rational thought. He will be pliable by others who use his lack of refinement/education to his own detriment.

This will not change in ten years or twenty thousand years. Mankind, left unattended and uneducated, forms primitive and violent communities. Education can change each individuals life. However universal compulsory education does not exist on this world, at this time.

Some believe that fostering education in some regions will pose a greater threat to other regions. Some cynical souls believe fostering homosexuality in certain cultures is an effective form of population control. Survival of the fittest has not and will not be replaced by any more civilized notions anytime soon. The result is each man and woman compete for their very survival. Jobs, salaries, food, shelter and medicine are what folks are competing for these days. Carnal drives are exploited and each man seeks survival from what he can squeeze out of the system.

The uneducated or unmotivated fall by the wayside in this rat-race, leaving the most competitive and ferocious predators controlling the wealth and power.

So what does the world need now? Does it need more schools? More farms? What is the panacea to the conflict and suffering the masses endure?

The answer is quite simple...they must get internet access and read this blog regularly.


Friday, April 01, 2005

The Poster Contest Winner is...

...Kathy..whose last name is held by request.

Naturally, it must be hard to go around with such a last name. Can you imagine signing checks Ms. Kathy Held By Request? Yep, that must be pretty tedious. Seriously... congratulations Kathy. Your poster submission was very sweet. I'm sure Laura Bush may want to ask you about the content in those dreams of you and GWB.

There were some other good entries and all who entered are to be thanked for their efforts and time spent. Incidentally, for those who wrote in to Electrogirl International to keep the blog going...thanks. It was never being pulled, merely an early April Fools joke, but sometimes my humor is lost in translation.

Terri Schiavo. The Pope. There are many transitions going on in the world. Naturally there is no real death, no end to anything -- only change is constant.

In the spirit of Kathy's poster I've decided to quote a little modified Twain. This is based on one of several Mysterious Stranger manuscripts.

"And you are not you -- you have no body, no blood, no bones, you are but a thought. I myself have no corporeal existence; I am but a shadow -- in your dream, a creature of your imagination to be interpreted as your mind sees fit. In a moment you will have realized this, and in time you will banish me from your visions and I shall lose the place which you have given me...

"Our material life is perishing already -- we are failing -- we are passing away. In a little while you and I will be alone in shoreless space, to wander its limitless solitudes with friends and comrades forever -- yet we will remain thought, only pure thought, and by our nature inextinguishable, indestructible. But I, your poor servant, have revealed you to yourself and set you free.

Now my friend...dream other dreams, and better!"