Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Top 40 Youtube Video Pop Music: Alexandra, The Anti- Rebecca Black, Friday & Record Contracts, Epic Winning!

Okay, this is going to be a totally different entry than anything I've ever done before. In this world lots of things happen for a reason and today I stumbled across a music video on Youtube from a young woman named Alexandra. She has a song called There's a Taylor Swift Song for That which she wrote, composed and performs all by herself.

I think it's terrific. What's more, I think it sounds better than most of what I hear on the radio. Well, when I watched it today she only had 46 people view this song. That's a crime.

Rebecca Black currently has 121,837,339 views for her video Friday, which is famous mainly because, well, the singing isn't that great, is auto-tuned and now is an example of how anything and anyone can get a record contract if enough people see it. In other words popularity, is a substitute for raw talent.

I don't believe that's true and I'm asking everyone who stumbles upon this page to check out Alexandra's video:

I want to emphasize I don't know this girl at all, she's no relation to me whatsoever and I don't know what her political views are or anything else about her. But good music is something I think the whole world can rally behind and I want to do my part to get this talented young woman the exposure she deserves.

So please, if you watch it and enjoy it (which I think you will!!!) send the link to your friends, pass it along as often as you can. Post it on your Facebook pages, tweet about it on Twitter and let's see if we can't get Alexandra many more views and a record contract to go with them.

I want to tune into to my local radio station and hear Alexandra singing on the radio. I think you will too after you hear her song.

You can make a difference and you'll feel good knowing that your voice and efforts do count.

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