Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Deep Throat & Professional Liars

Mark Felt has been revealed by his family and the Washington Post as "Deep Throat" the informant who revealed privileged information to newsmen. He has lied for years in his denial of the truth and now expects to be thought of as a patriot because he tattled on Nixon's lies. Not Ironically Felt has been lying for far longer than Watergate lasted or Nixon's few months of misstatements to the media. He's now a genuine professional liar who has lied for decades.

How fitting!

Nixon was ousted because he lied about some political trickery - trickery which has gone on since politics began. It was blown all out of proportion and we had to experience massive liars in office, like Bill Clinton, to realize just how minor Nixon's "find out what the Dems are doing" fiasco was in the scheme of things. Even Democrats whose mantra is "Bush lied, people died" would find the Nixon impeachment and his subsequent resignation laughable.

Only the media really seems to care about Deep Throat and Watergate. It is part of their aging legacy and one of their proudest leftist accomplishments. Only Nixon was decent enough to resign to spare the nation further time-wasting. Sadly, for them, Nixon was still consulted by future Presidents and his advice was sought out by Democrats and Republicans alike.

Reading the media articles as they relish forgotten leftist accomplishments is fun. After the failed Dan Rathergate lies and frauds pushed off on the public by the media they need to rehash 30 year old victories and savor them, despite the fact that with the passing of time they only appear more pathetic and feeble each time they do so.

Felt is a professional liar. A man who hid from responsibility or putting his name on the line when it mattered. He wanted to punish a President he felt passed him up for promotion to J. Edgar Hoover's position as head of the FBI. He is a coward both professionally and personally.

He's no patriot. No hero. He's now just a vision of pure pathos paving the way for his kids to cash in on books. Books only old, bitter leftists will read - or pretend to have read.

I would normally feel compassion for him. But his actions and 3 decades of lying have only earned disgust and contempt.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

He Was Grrrrrreat!

Thurl Ravenscroft has passed on. Most folks know him as the voice of "Tony the Tiger", but he was a family friend and a true gentleman from the old school. His voice commanded attention, could not be confused for anyone elses, and made him his living.

But his kindness and class will only be known to those who had the pleasure of meeting him.

Thurl worked for Disney and Kelloggs, but most who have known him realize he gave some of his greatest performances for the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach, CA. He was a class act and will be missed.

Thanks for the memories Thurl, I'm sure you and June are both somewhere where it is Grrrrrrrrrrreattt!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

On aging, cancer and sunlight

Recently, a new study has been released which promotes sunshine as a panacea to cancer.

I don't know anyone who can avoid the sun completely. We all realize sunshine is responsible for life on earth, just as essential as water is to life. Statistical science is right up there with global warming science in terms of accuracy.

Cancer is caused by cells that go awry. Living cells go awry when a sufficiently high number of their molecules and atoms have been stripped of neutrons and moderating particles by high frequency ionizing radiation (or some other chemical source) This creates an imbalance and the electrons and protons which are normally balanced often fall into an imbalance relationship.

As a result these cells lose their intelligence and try to achieve balance anyway they can - assaulting the cells around them for atomic material. In living tissue this is called cancer. This creates a chain reaction of imbalance and the cancer spreads.

Vitamins such as D, C etcetera play certain roles in the feeding of cells and helping them maintain a certain chemical equilibrium. Like global warming one has to observe far more than just one factor when it comes to the results. What other influences did these groups share? What were the types of cancer and were any of these folks in anything resembling a "control group?" Or did they just look at the almanac and base their paper on generic statistics?

Advocating more sunshine in places like Scandinavia is fine. Advocating more sunshine to Americans, especially anyone living outside of the pacific northwest and its constant cloud cover, is foolhardy at best and "Coco-Chanel level" stupid at worst.

All sunshine is not equal.

In places like the desert where cloud cover is almost nonexistent and water molecules in the air don't filter sunlight--such extra-exposure to higher frequency sunlight radiation equals premature aging, grey hair and cancer. Higher frequency radiation rapidly destroys the epidermis, reducing skin's ability to flex and wrinkles are the result. The hair follicles are ionized and lose the ability to transfer pigment into the growing hair shaft and growing coarse thicker strands or wispy strands. All due to imbalance.

The aging process is completely moderated. When our cells become more imbalanced...we age. Aging after maturity is determined by cellular equilibrium. As we grow cells multiply rapidly according to certain cyclic patterns encoded within the DNA. After maturity, the DNA acts a regulator of our aging. When the DNA is damaged in any particular cell it transfers incomplete data to its progeny, thus resulting in an imperfect reproduction of oneself as the cells regenerate.

Aging is the result of many generations of DNA data destruction.

In essence, a 90 year old's anatomy is an inferior replication of their same body at 25. It's the best the DNA data left can muster.

Out here I've been able to make some keen observations as to the weathering of skin, the graying of hair and other symptoms of excessive ionizing radiation exposure. Its fair to say that due to sun exposure alone one can age oneself an extra 20 years if one does not avoid the sun. At 30 one can look 50. At 50 one can look 70 and so on. The epidermis never fully recovers from cumulative ionizing radiation exposure and the DNA replicates with less data.

I've given any geneticists out there a treasure trove of material in this post. Namely how to prevent aging..or even to the creatively minded how to restore youth. In the future, the DNA of all newborns will be recorded and encoded. As they age they will get periodic "DNA treatments" which reconfigure data in their cells and patch or remove cells carrying damaged DNA strings. Unfortunately after a few thousand years this creates other problems...but that is a tale for another entry.

(note: This post is duplicated in part at another BBS location)

Monday, May 09, 2005

National Treasure & The Illuminati

A lot of folks come here because this blog isn't like other blogs. All blogs are unique reflections of the authors who key them. However most folks use them as a diary or as a reflection of popular topics. This blog is a unique dispenser of information.

Today we are going to discuss National Treasure. Most of you have probably seen the film now that it has been released on DVD and video. If you haven't seen it, there will be some references that might spoil the film, so you may want to stop here, rent it, watch it, and come back later to read the rest.

In National Treasure we have treasure hunt for treasure which supposedly was obtained by our founding fathers and hidden away by groups such as the Illuminati, the Freemasons and the Knights Templar. These organizations have long held certain folks imagination and the belief that treasures have been hidden around the world. You may expect me to pooh-poo such notions, but that's not what I'm going to do. There indeed are many treasures lost throughout the earth today. Not just one - but millions of treasures, large and small have been lost and await discovery.

The Dead Sea Scrolls were accidentally found and their discovery shed new light on Jesus and the Essenic orders who held his beliefs long before he was born. Some of the greatest treasures are not jade statues or gold sarcophagus', but are the secrets and wisdom mankind had acquired and then subsequently lost. These treasures are passed on from generation to generation via books and each generation has the opportunity to rediscover these riches for themselves.

Today, I shall share some of these treasures with you. It will cost me nothing, in fact my net worth shall only grow as the result of this dispensation.

In the film, Nicholas Cage discovers the time needed to observe a cast shadow from the back of a hundred dollar bill. This particular bill with Independence Hall on the back was designed in 1928. It would have been pretty hard for Benjamin Franklin to leave clues to the treasure on the clock-face.

But, believe it or not, Benjamin Franklin did leave clues to our collective treasure. And some are indeed now portrayed in our currency. Benjamin Franklin designed the great seal for the Continental Congress and he was a very clever chap with very unconventional beliefs. Let's take a look at the seal:

Most folks are familiar with "In God We trust", but that first appeared in 1862 and only after 1955 became the national motto as Ike distanced the US from the atheistic USSR. In God We Trust was not Franklin's motto. Far from it.

The conventional understanding of the seal goes like this: The pyramid is unfinished because our nation is unfinished. The eye is the eye of god and he approves of this undertaking--a new order. The western side of the pyramid is dark because the west was largely unexplored.

That's the conventional one. The real meaning is a bit more complex and was left by Benjamin Franklin for every American who would learn it's significance.

The pyramid with the eye is the symbol of the Illuminati and the Freemasons. George Washington, Goethe, Franklin and countless others were members of Freemason Lodges. It has a distinct meaning you must be aware of it is the value of the spiritual over the material. The pyramid represents the material path we build,stone by stone, throughout our lives. As we build our lives we reach a point where we have... illumination! Yes, this is why the Illuminati used this symbol. This eye which is often interpreted as the eye of god - is not god at all! It is your eye. When you reach illumination your eye is opened. This eye is known as the third eye - the all seeing spiritual eye. The spiritual eye is not connected to the pyramid because your spiritual self is detached from your material one. The "new order" referred to was not just the United States, but rather the type of men who had achieved illumination and brought the United States into being in 1776.

Yes, the illumination is each American's most priceless national treasure. Material wealth, is meaningless and it is not a little ironic that this seal would be placed upon currency--in essence reminding each American that the money they hold in their hands is truly worthless!

In the film the brick is removed from the wall and a pair of spectacles are recovered. The writers were well versed in Freemason folklore. A woman, Elizabeth Doneraile, had removed a brick and observed a Freemason Lodge meeting going on inside her fathers home. Upon being discovered she was initiated into the Lodge, one of the earliest women to be so initiated. So the "spectacles" or instruments to "see" being tied in with the "removal of a brick", were well researched nuances that give the film its hints of realism and inside jokes to any Freemasons watching.

The Freemasons believe in the value of the spiritual over the material. They do not share any one god or deity, but rather are all just aware that there is something greater than the material life. While there are many variations of Freemason thought, this element is universal to nearly all of them.

Our founding fathers lived and held these principles dear. They sought illumination and inspiration throughout their lives. Where they could--they shared this wisdom with those who were ready. And for those who were not, they left many symbolic messages to be discovered and understood when their own illumination would arrive.

E Pluribus Unum.

Of Many, One.

This was also a coded message and was far more significant than the latter-day "In God We Trust" which actually contradicts it somewhat. Of many, One has several meanings you should be aware of. The first is the significance of the individual, in this case--YOU. The Illuminati realized that the power of many was solely dependent upon each individual realizing their own potential and achieving their own "point of illumination." That's why the eye is in a pointed triangle to symbolize this point of illumination. The other meaning is also very important. This is that God is made up of many. God is the byproduct of everyone combined. This was another little secret encoded into the seal awaiting understanding by the generations of Americans who would see it. In God We Trust which came much later would really mean we trust in ourselves when we take E Pluribus Unum into account.

Illumination awaits each American.

For you, my readers, today is that day. Your national treasure has been revealed to you. You will never be able to hold money in your hands again and not be reminded of its lack of true value. You will also realize that even as you build your material life you must start to prepare for your spiritual life which shall eventually supplant it.

Benjamin Franklin knew this. His self-written epitaph written when he was just 22 years old clarified his true beliefs.

B. Franklin, Printer
(Like the Cover of an Old Book
Its Contents torn Out
And Stript of its Lettering and Gilding)
Lies Here, Food for Worms.
But the Work shall not be Lost;
For it will (as he Believ'd) Appear once More
In a New and More Elegant Edition
Revised and Corrected
By the Author

Word has it he's indeed returned and may even have a blog of his own. But there are still more than a few secrets left out there for you to uncover without my assistance.


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Power of Wealth.

What is the real power of wealth? Is being rich an end in itself? Billions on the face of the planet work to earn money to survive and then to live in increasingly more elaborate manners than their neighbors or the masses in other parts of the world. Today you will learn the true power of wealth--the only one that matters.

Societies all over the globe are tiered. We have classes. The American societal structure is three-tiered. You have the upper class, the middle class and the lower class. These classes are determined primarily by financial wherewithal but also by education and birthright. It's entirely possible to be a millionaire and a member of the lower class based upon limited education and lower class birth. Likewise one can be a member of the upper class even penniless, because one has a comprehensive education and comes from upper class gentry stock.

In Europe you have much the same tri-tiered structure with extra emphasis on birth parentage and lineage, less so much on education. In a region where the fiction of royalty and noble birth still exist it's not uncommon to be moronic and a member of the upper noble class. With some of these families centuries old intermarriage practices it actually makes such a scenario more of a statistical probability than an exception.

In India you have the Hindu caste system still largely at work and the tiered structures that reaches from Brahman down to the untouchables. Purity is an essential element in this tiered structure. The most pure are the highest and the least pure are the lowest. Again money and education here play only a small role while birthright and heritage along with an added one proper behavior, determines one's social standing. While in some urban regions this practice is diminishing, it is largely a staple of daily life for hundreds of millions of people.

In Russia and other Slavic countries the tri-tiered structure is also present, however it is top heavy based upon financial assets followed by education with birthright holding only the smallest consideration.

So money can buy things. A home. A car. Clothes and furnishings. It can buy larger and more homes and more expensive cars, clothes and furnishings. But the pursuit of such trivial material objects means little to the educated rich. The educated rich wears the trappings of wealth only dutifully and with less satisfaction than his less educated fellow plutocrats. The educated rich has a new goal--legacy. They seek to make a mark that outlives them. Andrew Carnegie donated millions, set up libraries and hoped charity and education would be his legacy. Bill Gates has done much the same thing. By spending a portion of their assets on charity or assistance programs, the wealthy can work on this legacy. Depending upon their religious beliefs, this charity may have the added psychological motivation of salvation or redemption.

Having the latest Lamborghini in the garage next to the latest Rolls and Maybach gets boring real quick. One must understand something about the educated wealthy--displays of wealth are only satisfying among members of their same class. It is not satisfying to take the Rolls down to K-Mart and flash the Titanium American Express card in front of a bunch of minimum wage slaves. In fact such an activity could be quite hazardous. Such activity is only for the most freshly minted nouveau rich, lotto winners and such.

Upper class society has created a whole bunch of invitation only social get togethers where they get to enjoy showing off what their money can buy for them. The wealthy do not feel safe among the masses and generally limit their social interactions with these same masses. The noble causes, gallery openings and other functions provide the needed outlet for this human desire to show off a bit and compete within one's own social class in a safe, regulated environment.

But what about the real power of wealth? What lies far in advance of the outmoded and childlike concept of leaving a legacy?

Here on this blog all classes are almost equal (if you're urban and wealthy enough to have internet access at any rate) and I shall share here the most important power of wealth...acquiring information.

The internet make all wealthier than they were before because of this educational aspect and information resource. Google almost single-handedly raises the lower class into the lower middle class based upon the information it provides them which they were unable to associate with before.

But not everything is on the web. Acquiring books and building one's library is still a mandatory part of the life of the educated wealthy upper class. Reading is a pastime replaces television watching and only compares in this age with the time spent on the web.

Knowledge is power. Wealth is only powerful inasmuch as it can provide knowledge. The material possessions, whatever their value and use, hardly rate a flickering spark next to the all-consuming inferno that drives the mind to seek new wisdom and attain ever higher plateaus of perception and perspective.

With all this wisdom comes one more thing...love. The love of humanity. The love of the struggle and path all must follow to escape the confines of the box. Yes, love is the gift understanding leaves in its wake. One cannot have true love without understanding. The deeper the understanding-the deeper and more meaningful the love.

You can't buy love. But you can buy books and the knowledge of the ages contained therein. If you apply yourself to the acquisition of knowledge, true love will eventually be yours.

Now you'll have to excuse me. The detailer has this week off and I'm going to try my hand at waxing the H2 myself. I'm going to have to check Google to see whether Meguiars carnauba wax or Zymol is safest for a clearcoat finish.