Monday, May 23, 2011

Cutters, Cutting, Depression, Suicide and Other Manifestations of Darkness Parasites

At last! Another metaphysical entry for those so inclined!

Today's topic? Cutting and cutters, darkness parasites and a curtain lift into another unseen spectral plane. Before we go on this small journey I place into your hands a small wand. This wand is crystalline in nature and looks completely transparent. This wand is a light wand and when confronted with anything dark, can summon the corresponding light force to counteract it. Yes, virtual light wands are free here and work with the power of your own mind combined with the infinite light forces that exist in this universe.

In the world today, there is a quiet epidemic sweeping the youth of the world. It is called cutting and is a form of self-abuse and is a way depressed youth try to deal with the pain of their lives. They hear about others cutting and the 'emo' generation now has a reputation for being prone to participating in this form of self-abuse.

But what is it that really causes someone to abuse themselves? The self-preservation instinct is the strongest one humans possess. What powerful forces can interfere with that instinct and make someone actually harm themselves?

The truth is, the world we are in sandwiched in the portion of a spectra. This planet and everything and everyone upon it exist as a set of fields of energy. This energy has intelligence.

In our material world we have parasites. Mosquitoes, flies, worms and all sorts of things that feed off of other things. In some ways everything on Earth is parasitic. All animals consume other animals and the nature around them and the trees and plants consume the nature around them as well. Some things however are detrimental parasites which destroy their host. Trees, animals and people succumb to these parasites all the time.

But there are more parasites in these unseen spectra around us that few know about and even fewer know how to guard themselves from.

Cutting is the result of a specific parasite. It was spawned originally by souls who committed suicide by slashing their wrists and these lost souls have drawn unto them and spawned other energy parasites that now feed off of this specific action and fear, depression and suicidal thoughts. These thoughts generate emotion - which by any other definition is just another form of energy. It's specific, just like a mosquito feeds specifically on animal blood and not dirt or milk, this specific parasite feeds on the emotions generated and associated with cutting, blood, etc.

Like a swarm of flies or mosquitoes, the cutting obsessions now have grown and multiplied and as a result their influence is greater and more people are infected. Every mind they get to contemplate suicide or to engage in cutting themselves is a feeding session for them. In these spectra, sustenance is not provided by eating a hamburger and fries. The only thing they can absorb is emotional energy. These obsessions seek it out and are drawn to it, the way a shark smells blood in the water.

So any depressed person, depending upon their own quantized fields of energy can attract one of these cutting obsessions. They will plant thoughts in the mind of their unwitting victim and strengthen the imbalances within their consciousness.

So what is the cure?


When one is aware of these invisible parasites one can guard against them. One's mind is a juicy morsel to some of these things that exist and they always seek to extract energy from it in some manner. All the human vices and emotions provide breeding grounds for these spectral parasites and some of the most tragic events in human history can be blamed, in part, to the influence of these parasites on the minds of some individual or group of individuals.

If one lives in an area infested with mosquitoes one screens ones house. Well, living on Earth one must screen one's consciousness. All thoughts that appear upon the surface of your consciousness are not your own. Some are vagrant thoughts that wash up upon the shore of your mind and they are poisonous and destructive to your well being. Hate, jealousy, fear, depression all these thoughts people think - radiate out from them and exist as very real signals.

A book one reads is really a signal - a string of data. It is absorbed upon the surface of our consciousness and we take from it the signals that are compatible with our own field structures.

If you walk into a room where two people are fighting, screaming and in the midst of emotional upheaval - these signals bombard your consciousness as well and if they find any compatible structures, you can easily be snared into this fight and a state of emotional turmoil. These imbalanced thoughts are fed upon by hordes of these things that exist in unseen spectra. They need to spur fights, trigger wars, incite jealousy, generate fear and more to survive.

So by screening your consciousness and being aware of these things you can guard your mind and you can protect yourself from these cutting parasites that have been multiplying and preying on those minds less guarded.

Parts of our world have been created and sculpted by these parasites and their influence on humans. The horror industry, films, movies, websites and books is one of the purest manifestations of parasite influence. These things were created by infected minds solely to feed these spectral planes. Like zombies without a mind of their own, writers like Stephen King, Stephanie Meyer and many, many others have fed these spectral parasites. Of course, they are not self aware of what they have done and don't understand the way the universe works, but they reap the feedback nevertheless. They will learn to more carefully guard their minds and not propagate these things that are designed to imbalance minds and generate fear, depression or any negative emotional state.

Everything regenerates. All energy does. Each act we partake of generates a reaction and if our actions are destructive, destructive forces will return to confront us. That's why it becomes so very important to always stand up for positive things, good, love, light, truth, joy, happiness and constructive development. These are the secrets to becoming ever more infinite and will always keep you traveling an infinite path of development, expansion and evolution instead of unraveling your soul into a state of complete dissolution.

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    You mean "parasite" symbolically, right? Right?


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