Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lifting the Curtains on Arizona, Jan Brewer, Susan Bolton & The Cartels

As usual, here you get the real deal, a peek behind the curtain the media has covered over the ruling by Judge Susan Bolton.

The good news is that while the media has played up the temporary injunction for all it's worth on the most powerful provisions, she left intact perhaps the most important ones that will drive out illegal aliens. You need to read it from the official decision, because you just might think I'm pulling your leg after I tell you the huge impact of Judge Bolton's stealthy maneuver.

Take a look:

Aha! So any person driving with an illegal alien can have their car impounded if they have committed another infraction. That's a *HUGE* win for Arizona. Impounding a vehicle immediately is a gigantic economic blow and the provision also provides for criminal charges to be issued against the person driving an illegal. This naturally means any person driving day laborers piled in the back of a truck can be pulled over, cited and have his truck impounded. Also the coyotes with a van full of illegals can now be charged with a separate crime and their vehicle seized as well. Even families that knowingly drive illegal members of their family ( i.e. their parents and grandparents) can be cited and have their car seized.

That is the most powerful incentive for illegals to leave Arizona. The provision also makes it a crime to encourage or induce an unlawfully present alien to come to or live in Arizona. Even journalists with their pro-illegal rhetoric could be charged under this one. ;-)

Yes, before you crucify Judge Bolton as a typical judicial liberal activist, you have to see that she intentionally left the most powerful deterrents and policing mechanism in place - probably even more powerful than "forcing" each police officer to determine the legal status of their suspects, she has left the best parts - auto seizure and the ability to charge those in vehicles with illegals of a crime.

What's more Judge Bolton received pressure from all sides - the most dangerous side being the Mexican cartels and secondly Obama's puppet AG Eric Holder.

Her decision made the left feel they won - when they really didn't. It gave the Obama administration what they wanted - a propaganda piece to lure Hispanic votes and it appeased the cartels. For her, this was the choice most likely to ensure her personal safety.

Only those of you who read my blog and get see behind the scenes know the truth. Arizona won an enormous victory today which will go into effect at 12:01 on Thursday. The rest of the media will reluctantly catch on after my readers start spreading the good word...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Washington Post, Dana Priest and Intelligence.

The Washington Post and Intelligence put together seem to be the unlikeliest of combinations. After all, The Washington Post is, like most media outlets, a nesting ground for those who would love to have worked for Pravda back in the day, and are a cross section of disgruntled socialists, university programmed liberals, power-seeking narcissists and the odd avaricious capitalist thrown in to make their output quasi-marketable.

They have decided to run an expose on the intelligence community and have articles with such titles as "A hidden world, growing beyond control" and "Top Secret America". In these pieces they reveal the huge growth in the intelligence industry since 2001 and the 9/11 terrorist attacks. They take the tact that this is a BAD thing. Not ironically, The Washington Post was crying loudly about the failed intelligence prior to 9/11 as were the rest of the left-based media. Now the money has been spent, after thousands of lives were lost - and they are still unhappy. Why? Because security and a growing intelligence industry tends to lean conservative. The more people work in a tilted right workplace, the more those political views are likely to spread to the employees families, friends and the greater communities of America. The horror!


When seeking intelligence, redundancy is never a bad thing. The more compartmentalized groups seeking actionable intelligence the more data is produced. Will some of it overlap? Certainly. Will some folks not know that others are repeating their labor? Certainly. An intelligent end-user of intelligence seeks as much as he can accumulate from as many sources as possible. A good reporter, likewise would seek a balanced piece by seeing more sides of any topic. However the nation, much less The Washington Post, is not filled with good reporters - merely propagandists whose literary skills are used to support or tear down some political structure and affiliated ideosophies.

So what's the goal of this hit piece? To rally more oversight? To redirect spending? No, The Washington Post knows none of this will occur. This is simply another in the tired old socialist agenda which presents an anti-security hit piece. Like any anti-Bush Administration hit piece from 2001-2009 it's about pretending to be for the people while it's really about trying to program the people to view the world the way The Washington Post and its team of "journalists" do - and to then vote accordingly, so that their paper and worldview still receive some slice of the media pie money in a world that is quickly evolving past the proletariat grade propaganda.

And besides, for those of us who know the way the land lies and the value in having 100 views of a situation versus 2, we will not soon seek to limit our choices any more than Google News users will return to ABC, CBS and NBC to disseminate what's going on in the world for them when they can have 1000s of views and create a more balanced and informed opinion.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Why you should avoid Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Youtube & Google.

Today, I am going to lift another curtain. This curtain is one that most will fight tooth and nail not to be lifted and will resent when it is lifted. For all too many the truth is a fearsome thing and they are comfortable in their activities and try not to think about them too much.

Regardless, I'm lifting the curtain anyway. Just kick back and enjoy the ride.

Some of the most popular websites in the world are really some of the most dangerous. In Silicon Valley, where greed and the desires for a big IPO are at the heart of the millions who work and dream there, a small group of social misfits have unintentionally created the largest invasions of consumer and citizen privacy the world has ever seen.

And now anyone with a computer has access to all sorts of personal information of strangers that would have got them arrested 15 years ago. Kids are the primary target. Kids are exploited and their insecurity is the number one money maker for these sites. Every kid wants attention and in this world of working parents and illegal Ecuadoran nannies, kids reach out on the web for sorely needed affirmation.

These companies whose founders were only interested in a fast buck, have created a miasma of social devolution. The planet is getting more obese daily as these sites suck the life out of....well LIFE.

Yes, the hours spent on Facebook, Youtube & Twitter are not returned and their payoff is in turning obese children into morbidly obese twenty-somethings whose social skills are sorely lacking. Updating their "status" or "Tweeting" what they are up to compulsively seeking comments and affirmation has created a generation of socially retarded introverts. In some ways this mold was cast by the founders of these companies - whose dossiers all reveal varying degrees of social and mental handicaps.

Like some giant force field that paralyzes youth and young adults with the hollow reward of electronic affirmation, the progress of the world keeps getting more bleak. It's not surprising that as these internet or "innernet" ventures (where the masses are kept indoors and online) make more money, the real world is falling apart and the economy is crumbling.

The auto industry is devastated, the health care industry has been sold down the river, the housing industry is shattered and there's not a visionary to be found anywhere in site. Silicon Valley, for all it's ego and parasitic and narcissistic venture capital firms has not a true visionary anywhere among them. None are intelligent enough to see the damage the web is doing to human beings - young and old. There are no real geniuses in Silicon Valley, which, despite its reputation, is actually an intellectual wasteland.

Greed creates large blinders and cripples vision. In the late 90s the race to bring thousands of worthless start-ups to IPOs was frantic. Companies were created out of paper napkins and sold for millions only to go bankrupt after their founders and VCs cashed out with the help of crooked banks and stockbrokers. Silicon Valley is a sort of geeks Las Vegas where greed and whoring your soul is par for the course. Venture capitalists are a sleazy lot with personalities and morals elevated no higher than a bookie's or that of a loan shark.

Now the government has access to all this personal data made available freely. It is stored and sorted. A web browser called a Ripper instantly goes to work to save copies of all Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Youtube "channels" and more. It saves it to a master computers which store all this data and can cross reference it faster than Google can bring up search results. Which is not surprising as many of the engineers and programmers have been lured into public service.

So a readout can be printed out and a small book about your family can be printed in about two minutes. Your family members, addresses, ages, incomes, interests, political affiliations, the amount of time spent online and every site you've ever visited, your projected gender preference and "blackmailability" rating based upon perceived criminal or questionable activities and interests. Each family members friends and their addresses and affiliations are also listed and so much more.

Social networking sites are oxymoronic. There is no social activity going on just a bunch of people sitting alone with their computers. Facebook is to real socializing as masturbation is to real sex. (Go ahead and quote me on that line)

Then you've got Google - the oh-so-full of itself group of thugs going around photographing everything and everyone, then editing the files and presenting a sanitized version on the web. They've created a terrorists dream come true - a map that's more than a map and can be used to case any target location without even having to visit first! Now everyone can look up someones address and spy on their friends, acquaintances and relatives. They can peek into their backyards and see if they have a pool or not and what car is in the driveway. This information makes it so easy for car thieves to find their next mark. No one talks about it, but it is estimated Google maps is responsible for about between 100,000 and a half million residential car thefts since it went online. Porsche? Rolls? Mercedes? Pick and choose your target. "Do no Evil" my behind. The company is very evil and the Google Cars not only spy visually but eavesdrop on all open networks recording all this data as well. It's a sick, sick company and is a symptom of a sicker world.

Yes, the evil of these few are palpable and their greed sees no moral that can't be compromised in the name of millions (or billions) of dollars.

So do your children use Facebook? Do you? Do you tweet to the world every event in your life seeking some comment to make you feel better about yourself? Do you use Google Search for all your searches? Do you post videos of yourself on Youtube?

If the answer is yes to any of the above you may want to realize just how compromised you, and your family, really are. And make no doubt about it. There are those who will exploit this data you have provided and use it against you in one form or another sometime in your future.

Humanity has always had tremendous volumes of pure pathos, but now the pathos is visible for all to see - and record.

The world is going to seed and the personal networking sites are the pied pipers leading the children to a morbidly obese, dysfunctional and socially atrophied future. This is not the future intelligent minds have created, this is the bookies future and the loan sharks future world.

And you and your family, and the larger world, are being devoured and decimated.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

J.D. Hayworth or John McCain for Senate? The Answer is Simple.

J.D. Hayworth.

Not because he is a sterling example of human being or is not a typical politician. He is a perfect example of a politician. But when compared to John McCain, also known as Mr. Sell out, Mr. Fraud and Mr. Amnesty, Hayworth appears the more reliable politician as Arizona moves forward. McCain will return to amnesty like a pig returns to the mud. He's so comfortable nursing on the taxpayers teats he wouldn't know what to do with himself outside of politics.

McCain is the ultimate opportunist and he has a track record of selling out on *every single issue* that matters to conservatives. McCain is a snake first class while Hayworth is simply a typical used car salesman.

It's really that simple. While he tries to act as a harsh border defender, Arizona is in the mess that it is because of McCain - who has always favored amnesty and has had no skill in getting our borders protected.

Sometimes a used car salesman, despite all his flaws, is more reliable than a professional viper who slithers through both sides of the aisle in Congress under the label of "Maverick" which translates in real lingo into "Benedict Arnold".

McCain (expert lifelong politician) lost to Obama. To (done-nothing-ever) OBAMA!

That tells one all one needs to know about John McCain. It would be a shame for Arizonans to get sucker punched once again when he switches and pulls the Amnesty bill out of his back pocket and starts dealing with Obama.

McCain has done far more than enough. It's time for him to be put out to pasture.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Secrets of a Time Cruiser

Okay time for an entry for the few...and not the many.

In SDAI parlance, I'm known as a Time Cruiser. Time Cruisers can visit the future and the past and use knowledge from both to shape the present. All of my blog entries here have served that purpose. They are calculated to the nth degree in advance and each person who reads them has their life changed. Lucky you.

Theoretically, all events and interactions change our lives but Time Cruisers have the ability to pull from the past and the infinite number of possible futures (which change at any given nanosecond) and use this data to create new time streams. Time is sort of like a river. It flows smoothly and carries all things forward. Everything is energy and energy regenerates. However, like any species of fruit or vegetable while all are similar and share certain properties, each is also unique unto itself. No two apples are identical, even though many share red skin, seeds and a stem.

This same concept can be applied to time streams. Some futures all share certain elements and even though the future keeps morphing, sometimes certain parts are predictable and will be shared by all these futures. Earth's future is an apple by any other name and it shares many fixed properties that act as guideposts for Time Cruisers.

In the film NEXT, with Nicholas Cage, Cage plays a man who can see 2 minutes ahead into his own future. He uses this knowledge to reluctantly save the world and identify the location of a terrorist group's nuclear bomb. In real life, time travel doesn't quite work like that. Seeing one's own future is nearly impossible. It's blocked and for good reason. If one knew one's own future, one would not benefit from the events within it. Each new experience offers up a test - a test of balance.

This is the most important lesson you can take from this entry today. If embraced and used it will make you one of the most powerful and knowledgeable persons on the Earth. The lesson is this:

All things that happen to you are equally good and evil or positive and negative. Nothing that happens to you has any less or more of both these aspects as it regards your future.

Look at that line above and re-read it several times and try to understand it. It will be your salvation.

Yes, to be a Time Cruiser one must first understand time and space. One must understand that everything is energy and this energy exists in the now. Everything that has ever been and everything that will ever be are already accessible - in the now. They exist. Time possesses them in her stream and "the now" is the boat that cruises on this stream. All sorts of knowledge awaits to be brought from the future as the now cruises through it and thereby changing the future the moment it reflects into the now.

Mastering this balanced understanding of all events in your life will give you power over them. Emotion is the weak link. It leads to perpetual cycles of unhappiness/happiness and the roller coaster of self-pity.

Emotion is created by imbalance. Good and evil biases form ALL emotions. This is good and that is evil. In the distant future, this type of thinking simply doesn't exist. Emotional reactions are viewed much as we now view monkeys in a zoo - a reflection of limited sentience. Understanding that all events in your life have been both beneficial and detrimental is the first step to true happiness - which loiters around a constant state of both contentedness and curiosity.

Earth of the distant future has many humans and all still look much like humans of today. However their behavior and the world they create for their expanded minds is vastly different and has vastly different goals than the world around us now. Returning to this Earth from that future is like returning to the middle of a trench being shelled during WWI. The disparity is that great - perhaps greater. In the future, the kindness all intelligent people aspire to possess and act upon - is acted upon. All the violent emotions such as hate, anger, jealousy and more are almost non-existent. They can be defused instantly by the knowledge of balance which they live with. This is the future humanity has long sought. The paradise formed not from without - but within. And all because of a simple principle which you have learned here today.

Yes, if you begin to live with and use this knowledge now, you will literally be living as they do well over 1000 years from now (Perhaps sooner if this blog entry has the desired effect) and you will find joy and contentedness where before you had frustration and depression. You will be able to look at your life and will be forced to find the good in all that you now see as bad. And you will see the bad in all that view as only good.

Time Cruisers understand this. They understand that balance of your own mind is the only thing they can control and it is what moves you through this universe of space and time. In your life, you will discover this as well. While it may appear as though you are the master of your destiny - you are only master insomuch as you can balance all emotions that seek to form in your consciousness as a reflection of your past with the present.

I've walked and talked and interacted with people in these futures and it is not a Mr. Spock affair of suppressed emotions. Quite the opposite, these people are genuinely incapable of hating, fearing and loathing. They laugh and are light-hearted. They do not interface with each the other on emotional bridges. This is quite refreshing and it is light years from the world of today, in which emotions block and interfere with intelligent communication. The only emotion left to love.

That's all for now...

BP, The Spill, Abiotic Oil & The Cap

The BP engineers have finally got the well plugged for now. They are at last proceeding very cautiously with their next moves. This is a very good sign and shows that they realize the new territory they are encountering with this well tapping the earth's abiotic oil. All this experience will serve the world well in the future as more ocean wells are drilled to give humanity greater access to the Earth's plentiful abiotic oil.

As I mentioned in several entries now, oil is created by pressures in the mantle on carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and sulphur. This oil is created quickly in the heat and pressure cooker of the upper mantle and rises to the surface through the tectonic plates. California has a huge fault known as the San Andreas fault and not surprisingly oil was discovered very quickly in California and wells were quickly drilled. Before the lie of "fossil" based oil was propagated, oil engineers looked for hills and other geologic indications of tectonic plate movement. However the pressures encountered by drills increase exponentially and drills can only reach so far under the resistance and pressure they meet. So enter the ocean based well - which taps the crust under the seas so that they can access this abiotic oil deeper than a conventional land well. This is the future of the oil and energy industry. There are a TON of places all over the earth that are ripe for tapping the Earth's abiotic oil. Take a look at this undersea map:

These locations marked with an orange circle are existing or likely locations to easily tap the abiotic oil. It's very simple when one knows what geological markers to look for in the tectonic plate movement and upheaval. Where land masses have split apart due to relatively rapid shifts, one will likely find a pocket of oil that has surged up with it. Such is the case in Saudi Arabia and the new gulf well. A look at the map indicates there are plenty of spots where such oil might be looked for and tapped.

As you can see - the oil industry is going to get much larger and produce many more barrels of oil a day output than now. This is a good thing. 70 percent of the world lives in deplorable conditions and is in desperate need of industrialization, capitalism and modernization to bring up their quality of life, education and subsequent intelligence. This industrialization will make the world of the future a much richer place and the average inhabitant of Earth will be able to live as Americans do now - and better.

The media will slowly wrap up the oil spill coverage, Obama and his handlers will continue to pursue their offshore drilling ban - so as to suppress the possibilities and wealth that exists here. As much oil as leaked into the gulf is still just a drop in the bucket. Oil is abiotic and is a natural part of this planet's composition. It may be poisonous to life, but nature also uses this oil ingeniously to permit the release of pressure in the mantle and to allow for tectonic plate movement. Cartographer Mary Tharp is owed a great deal of gratitude for her groundbreaking work of mapping the ocean floors and permitting science to update their theories about how the planet has evolved and how the continents came into being. Continental drift, once thought preposterous (much as many present the notion of abiotic oil) was validated. The BP well and discovery has validated abiotic oil from deep with the planet's crust. And while the Russians and Chinese need no convincing, the west has been blindsided by a longstanding "fossil" fuel campaign which subsequently evolved into "peak oil" a shrill fraud created by a few corporations to control the future of a valued commodity.

The progress BP has made is good. When lots of money is at stake one sees that people can be motivated to find solutions and quickly build new devices to make things work. The white house, under Obama, could only point the finger, give speeches and then try and twist the event to serve their own purposes and their backers interests.

We live in a world where the few exploit the many. Exploitation is part of the life cycle here on Earth. Animals hunt and devour the weaker animals. Here, the media and propaganda are used to control your destiny, and that of your children - unless YOU educate yourself and demand changes. Yes, I can post these things and lift the curtain on many of the secrets of the world, but you must take this knowledge and use it to empower yourself and those around you.

Knowledge is power.

Repeat that several times. Why? Because it's very true. The more you know about this world and how it functions - you move up the food chain. Millions remain intellectual rabbits in the midst of a few thousand hungry wolves and lions. They are devoured by the media, the status quo and commercial exploitation. Their lives are predestined in a sense, all because they do not have the knowledge, combined with faith in their own person to rise up and move out of the food chain. The pursuit of knowledge is really the primary function of man - it is the evolutionary engine that keeps moving man forward and has created the world we now live in.

While many progressives are programmed to despise oil companies and even the average consumer who pays high pump prices now has a default negative opinion of them - it is wise to realize that oil is one of the most efficient penny to energy quotient of anything yet produced. Some wish to see only a few nations rise up and other nations evolve into slave labor nations, whose people are used for the lowest forms of labor. Such is what many politicians and corporate boards envision is the desired role for Mexico, China, India and Malaysia. They have theirs and preserving the status quo is the goal of their short perspectives, fears and puny satisfactions. Only the tiniest fraction of the Earth's wealth has been tapped. And on Earth, as everywhere, energy *regenerates* - and none is ever truly lost. We cannot lose or destroy the oil, water or minerals we recover - they just change form and location here on Earth.

So whenever someone tells you there is a "shortage" of something you will know they are either liars or ignorant of the truth. No water has been lost. Every drop of water that has ever been used to wash a car, water a lawn or gulped down to quench someones thirst - is returned to the Earth. There is no shortage of water and has never been one. There is no "peak" oil scenario. Oil will continue to be formed in the mantle and the oil that is burned up as gasoline will return to the Earth as well - in the form exhaust and its component molecules that settle on land and in the seas and the cycle starts all over again.

The masses have been sold a bill of goods with "conservation". Conservation is perhaps the most evil and destructive fraud presented to mankind - merely to thwart continued industrialization. The same folks who want to see some nations stay crowded, poor, slave labor zones are the ones who also promote conservation and speak about the evils of pollution, industrialization and birth control. This must change. And it will. The world, if it is to continue evolving must reach new technocratic heights and balance those with a compassionate concern for his fellow man.

Abiotic oil is just one of the riches that will help spur a worldwide industrial renaissance. There will be many more super cities, many more factories producing all sorts of goods. And man, growing ever more intelligent, will use these things more intelligently and the downsides of previous industrialization will be made obsolete.

So don't let the media, or the President, redirect your attention from the true significance of this event. This well and leak are not about pollution - they are about wealth. Wealth beyond the world's wildest dreams. And when money is involved many wolves will exploit you.

Now you are prepared to face them and to create your own future.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Obama Poll Numbers Dropping. Democratic Party = Illegal Immigrant Party

Obama's poll numbers are dropping fast among all demographic groups. The very latest analytics indicate the GOP will not only recapture the house, but will also capture the senate in November. What has happened to so dramatically change the fortunes of Democrats who were riding high and mighty?

For starters the Democrats have rammed through the most unpopular health care scam in history. A scheme that will force people to get insurance or pay fines. A tax increase for everyone disguised as a health care initiative. That action was the first sledgehammer in the face of the citizens. But as horrible as that legislation is, that alone is not reason enough for almost all Democrats to be unelectable this November. The shocking treason displayed by this President and White House is now visible to the citizens of the republic. They see that they are betrayed and that Obama and the Democrats have bet their entire future on "Hispanics" - which translated into plain speak is illegal Mexican immigrants and their offspring. The Democratic party has looked at the numbers and has thrown in their lot with Mexico and the illegal invasion of the United States.

This is political suicide. The legal citizens never pardon treason - especially when it is boldfaced and transparent as the Obama's lawsuit against Arizona.

The people can't wait for November to express their displeasure and Obama is now officially a lame duck, one term President. He's been revealed as a Manchurian candidate bought and paid for by George Soros and those whose financial interests and political interests include the destruction of the United States as a superpower. He's an enemy of the republic whose oath was false as the rest of him.

His victory was paid for by a campaign under the ambiguous word: change. And change he has brought - change for the worse. The nation can't afford his enormous failures and attempts to destroy the economy and the very social fabric of the United States. The Democratic party has committed suicide off a cliff and Obama doesn't care if the party is upset with him. He's bought and paid for and he answers only to Soros. Socialism, diluting the United States citizens with Mexican citizens is Soros idea of speedy path to complete socialism in the USA.

Can the damage be undone? Yes. When the GOP and Tea Party have control of Congress they can enact legislation that defends the borders, revokes the apocalyptic birthright citizenship which has fed Democrats with millions of new socialist voters for the past two decades. Reversing the health care bill and much of the other legislation will be a top priority and with a super majority will be able to be enacted despite Soros proxy veto through the empty suit of Obama.

The Democrats thought Obama was their savior. None wanted to look inside Soros' Trojan horse and now they are surprised to realize he cares not a whit about left or right or America but is an employee of George Soros first and foremost. If he disobeys Soros his re-election funds will be non-existent - or worse. When someone invests hundreds of millions in you, you probably tend to wonder what might happen if you disobey. So one can feel sorry for Obama, sort of. He's fearful. One sees that every time he speaks. He's afraid. He's used to dealing with gangland politicians and thugs and is comfortable among them, but knows his actions are now under close scrutiny from his employer. Soros might fund a replacement Manchurian candidate in 2012, or worse, if he disobeys.

2012 will be the final purge of any remaining traitors to the republic. Hopefully by this time the economy can be salvaged and laws enacted to protect the republic from such Manchurian candidates in the future.

Curing Diabetes, Cancer and the Other Incurable Diseases

We live in a very strange world. A world where compassion and honesty are often subverted for profit. In this world everyone wants their share and more. It's in the past been described as a rat race, which is a poor way of saying that everyone behaves somewhat like a rat.

Humanity has been around for many thousands of years and only painfully slowly has man learned about his body and what he is. And to this day, this knowledge is still totally incomplete. The medical and scientific community does not understand much of the way the body functions and is missing not just the details, but the larger picture of the human equation.

The world poisons itself daily. Nicotine, Alcohol, Sugar, Pharmaceuticals of a vast variety introduce toxins into the bodies of billions every single day. Not a second passes that millions are not being poisoned.

The saddest part about this poisoning is that it occurs in what is supposed to be a technologically advanced time period. The truth is man is not much better off now than he was twenty years ago, fifty years ago or even one hundred years ago. Only a few advances have taken place in the fighting of disease and illness. The discovery of germs and bacteria, the ability to vaccinate against illness and the surgical ability to remove and replace diseased organs is about the total of the major medical advances.

Refined sugar which poisons the body is in almost all foods sold. It is just as addictive as nicotine or alcohol and just as deadly over time. It is the sole source of tooth decay as the bacteria that rot teeth can only be formed in sugar. You don't hear about this from your dentist as much anymore. The don't eat candy and sweets campaign has fallen a bit by the wayside. Now it's just come in and get those cavities filled up. The anti-sugar message makes too many other companies uncomfortable. The fact that increased weight and sugar consumption eventually leads to Diabetes in many instances is as ignored as was the fact that smoking leads to lung, throat and other cancers.

We live in a world that is killing people for a profit.

That's pretty sick. But when one is detached from it, it is much easier for companies to sell and market poisons with little remorse. After all - this is a rat race and the rats compete for the small scraps to stay alive. In other worlds they kill to survive. In that sense man is still an animal of the jungle. His animal like qualities sustain him and daily compromise and sculpt his morality.

Curing the many incurable diseases would not be necessary if so many weren't ingesting poisons or in other ways harming their bodies. Sun worshippers tan regardless of the threat of skin cancer. Smokers smoke. Drinkers drink and the pharmaceutical industry is using the masses as a huge experimental drug test group. Daily thousands die of heart attacks, strokes or other complications from prescribed pharmaceuticals. The Hippocratic oath has been compromised somewhere along the way and the caduceus has been replace by a bank account book and a brain-tumor inducing cell phone.

We have all these organizations that claim they want money to cure the incurable diseases. They have existed, in some instances for over fifty years and have collected hundreds of millions of dollars and have nothing to show for their efforts. Charity is often a scam used by the lazy to obtain easy money. These organizations are largely scams and run by scammers. You can find pictures of victims alongside a can or plastic receptacle for donation. Muscular dystrophy, cancer, diabetes and many more have been singled out as diseases of choice for spurring donations. It's safe to say that if these illnesses were actually cured there would be no revenue and no charity anymore. They would be out of business.

It's hard to imagine any organization and charity could exist with no successes after decades of funding. The public would wise up and these scammers would be run out of town on a rail. But this is not the case. These organizations have instead used their longevity as a form of status and stature. They become the mouthpiece that supposedly represents the victims of these diseases. The more one thinks about this the more disturbing it is. It is much like a snake oil salesman proclaiming to speak for the sick, when in truth they profit from the sick.

The pharmaceutical industry is out of control. They are like a child with a new chemistry set, mixing chemicals and then feeding them to his dog to see what the reaction is. The child sees the dog run around after consuming some, if he were like a pharmaceutical company would give the new chemical a name - Energiaxia! He would proceed to market it to the neighborhood after securing a patent. The fact that the dog died two weeks later after consuming the toxin will be overlooked and listed as one of the "rare" side effects.

Yes, many charged with helping man battle disease are killing man and promoting disease. Either through callous disregard, abysmal ignorance or both.

The treatment for cancer which consists of massive doses of radiation is another way the medical industry kills the cancer victim. Millions die yearly from complications from radiation therapy - which kill the body's cells and intelligent cell function. And yet these doctors still choose radiation therapy over any other kind. Why? Because the radiation machines generate huge $$$$ every time they are used and the insurance companies pay these $$$$. The hospitals do this to compensate for the illegal aliens who don't pay and who must be treated by law. This is another reason the illegal invasion must be stopped - because it is spurring the unethical and corrupt treatment practices as hospitals and physicians feel their incomes threatened.

There's so much about the human body which materia medica is ignorant of. They don't understand the cell - its matching energy body and the quantum signal transmission maintained at all times between the two. They don't understand frequency relationship and how the body is simply a mass of wave forms oscillating at unfathomable frequencies and communicating and functioning solely via wave mechanics. Where they see a kidney or a bladder they have no idea of the field of energy transmitting signals to each cell in that kidney or bladder. Each signal which tells it what to do and how to function. They don't understand the quantum signal transmissions of the body and will not understand them for hundreds of years or more. They will keep trying to cause cell reactions to chemicals - regardless of the side effects, deaths and products released and approved by the FDA for billions of dollars in a quick, several year money grab - about the time it takes until the FDA *must* acknowledge the drug is a massive poison and people taking it are dying left and right.

Yes, you must look out for yourself and your own health. Your physician, hospital and any organization ultimately care most...about themselves. So stop smoking. Stop drinking. Re-evaluate your pharmaceutical intake, cut down dramatically your sugar intake, stay out of the sun and preserve your health with these actions and a positive mindset.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Spies, Boosting Alexa Rankings, Google Statistics & Popular Search Terms & You

Here's another curtain lifting educational excursion for my readers. Today I am going to talk about the Internet and how it works. Do you know that 99 percent of the population that use televisions daily do not understand how they work? Only a tiny fraction even know what a cathode ray tube is, much less the scientific process that enables it to turn signals into imagery.

This is a particularly sad state of affairs considering televisions have been around now for over 60 years. It's inexcusable. Right now the masses use the Internet almost as much or more as they use their televisions and they don't know how that works either. So today I am going to talk to you about the Internet and how it works. And even more than the technical aspects, I am going to tell you about the portals to the Internet: search engines.

In the old days when people simply called a friend, family member or business they simply dialed the number if they knew it or looked it up in a phonebook. The phonebook was a non-discriminatory search engine. It was alphabetical and you could locate precisely the party you wished to contact. Since the Internet is basically a glorified telephone system where multiple calls can be made at once, it has its equivalent of a phone book. They are called search engines and they are very different from the phone books of old.

The search engines don't give you an alphabetical listing to page through - nope they don't do that. You get "results". You input a word, a name or any combination and the search engine returns what it thinks you want. It's thought is not real of course and so a search engine's thought is simply a combination of computations linked to other sites and searches. Each result is ranked. What does that mean? It means that when you want to find something, you are really going to find what is highly ranked. Type in a word like Pizza or ANY word, product or item and most search engines will return paid advertisements from advertisers who have paid for that term alongside "weighted" results. How do they rank sites and weight them?


Web traffic and site visitor counts increases a website's rankings. Many companies are involved in keeping track this web traffic and the most famous is Alexa. Alexa rankings are the basis of many advertising prices. A website owner can negotiate better prices for a site with higher Alexa rankings. This is the Internets equivalent of TV industry Nielsen ratings. How many people watch this show? What is that network's market share between 8 and 9 pm, how much can that network charge for commercials with that share, etc.

Traffic comes easy when the people using the search engine know exactly what they are looking for. When a website has no outside world influence or connections it is very unlikely to get traffic. Hundreds of millions of websites get almost no traffic at all. Other sites get millions of hits per day. The Internet is a very imbalanced place.

I don't like that. Information shouldn't be parsed based upon popularity. That's the way society is retarded. If you look at the Google statistics for the most popular searches, it is mute testimony to how the masses are led lemming-like to focus on only a relatively few topics. Imagine a world where you can only visit a few hundred buildings - and that's it. That is what the world of the Internet is like for the average user. It is effectively a phonebook with only a few pages of listings. You're being ripped off.

A small fraction of sites get all the traffic. For a website to get traffic, better search engine placement and a place in that small Internet phonebook, requires a few things. One of those things is to be linked to by another "weighted" site. If a weighted site links to your site, your site now will not only receive the traffic, but it also receives a small portion of that weight. Somewhere, the first search engine designers believed that credible sites were linked to by other credible sites. So if a popular site linked to a site that just was created yesterday, that site could still outrank millions of websites that have been on the web for a decade or more. It's not fair, it's not particularly intelligent, but that's the way it works.

This stranglehold on the web creates a situation that is self perpetuating - popular sites stay popular and receive 99 percent plus of the traffic while hundreds of millions other sites one can't even find unless one actually knows the site address.

So the Internets true potential for information is locked by the search engines.

Google is one of the richest companies on the planet. It's billion dollar IPO was an example that it's owners were well educated in how to game the stock market and follow a hundred thousand other non "brick & mortar" companies that made billions with the help of banks and stockbrokers and at the expense of the stock buyers. Today, Google is spying on people with a fleet of vehicles that cruise around every neighborhood in the world (thank god for that billion dollar IPO!) equipped with cameras and also sophisticated wireless tracking systems.

If the CIA did this the world would be screaming and mobs would have stormed Langely and every other CIA facility from coast to coast. Google, however, has been largely immune from criticism. They continue to photograph people and have the largest database of visual data in the world - larger than the CIA's. They have taken it upon themselves to change their role from a simple search engine to an information gathering company. That's a bit creepy. At the CIA at least you know the employees are filtered by an extensive screening process. Who knows what types of employees are working at Google and has access to all sorts of information? Ever since the development of the Internet foreign powers targeted silicon valley and almost all the big companies have moles working for them that are truly working for other nations.

Google, being an information company, now is one of the tops on that list.

I don't want to depress you or frighten you. After all, there are no secrets in an infinite universe. All mass and energy has a wave form and a frequency. An alien world with a sophisticated mass frequency scanning device can do far better than Google Earth and scan any place and everything real time and pass through walls and solid objects as if they weren't even there. So one learns that privacy is one of the first things sacrificed as technocracy increases.

The odds are if you are reading this its because you received this link in a search engine response. In this instance I'm gaming the system, using my own weight and site standing to educate you - not to sell you something. This site has no ads or ad dollars depending upon your traffic and "page hit". And that's the saddest thing about the web. Some sites with really great content and intelligent information are for all intents and purposes forbidden to the masses. Perhaps eventually someone will make a search engine that works like a phonebook. Type in a subject, topic or name and get an alphabetical response. Not weighted. Not filtered. A response where you get to pick among millions of sites. Sure, it would take more time to find some things, but I'm no saying this should be the only type of search engine - merely another alternative so that the rest of the web is made accessible to the average web user, instead of the 1 percent they now functionally access.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

TRANSCRIPT: Obama & Soros "The Conversation"

November 15, 2004


Obama: "Hello?"

Soros: "Hello Barack. Here's the deal. I've had my eye on you since your speech in July. Kerry dropped the ball. He doesn't have what you have. He doesn't have the polish or charisma you've got. Did you know I spent 100 million dollars trying to get him elected?"

Obama: "No. I had heard you spent a sizable amount of your own money."

Soros: "Yes. A man doesn't spend that kind of money lightly. I expected to get a return on that investment. Do you think you will be able to go the distance for me in 2008?"

Obama: "I think I'm up to the task. What exactly are you offering me?"

Soros: "I will spend 100 million or more of my money to elect you President. Without the money you don't stand a chance in hell of getting elected President for another twenty years. But let's make it really clear, this isn't a gift. I don't throw 100 million dollars away just so you get to be President. I expect a return."

Obama: "Sure. But what exactly do you mean by a return? Do you expect me to pay the money back to you plus interest?"

Soros: "No. I can always make more money and break more currencies around the world. That's easy enough. I need someone in the Presidency who will enact my agenda. Let's make it real clear. If you want this, you have to abide by my conditions. Otherwise I'll find someone else. You still interested?"

Obama: "I'm listening. I didn't get to where I am by being inflexible and unable to negotiate. I'm a practical man. What are your conditions?"

Soros: "I have three major goals for the United States. The first, is I want the banks to be owned by the state. Second, I want to nationalize the car industry and the health care industry. And lastly I want to open the borders on the south to permit more Mexicans to populate the United States and amnesty for the ones already there illegally.

Obama: "How the heck do you expect me to be able to do all that? Even if I am President, the banks and the car industry will never roll over and be nationalized! Health care might be doable, but you saw the resistance it encountered when Hillary tried it. And as for the borders, that's easy enough, but why?"

Soros: "Trust me. When the time comes for each of these events, I will let you know what you need to do. My hedge fund controls most of the refined oil in the world and controls more every day. We've raised gas prices through the roof in the US and Europe for over half a decade now. The auto empires are failing. Sales are down. When their debt rises they will seek a bailout. And that is when you nationalize them. The auto industry and healthcare industry are responsible for a 1/3 of the jobs in the United states."

Obama: "And the banks? When exactly are they going to come to me for aid?"

Soros: "Leave that to me. There will be a bubble popped just as Bush leaves office. That's all you need to know."

Obama: "You never answered my question about the border. Why do I need to leave the southern border open?"

Soros: "Because, the United States will never willfully accept socialism with its current make up. Illegal Mexicans and their offspring will change the balance of power. They will finally tip the scale in favor of the Democratic party and there will be only one real party. Then the United States will cease to be a threat to the rest of the world. The US owes the world an apology. You will be that apology."

Obama: "Okay, let me get this straight. You will spend 100 million of your own money just so you can watch me destroy America for you?"

Soros: "I will have spent 200 million by the time of your inauguration. And I'm not going to destroy America...I'm going to "CHANGE" it."

Obama: "Change?"

Soros: "Yes. Change. It will change anyway. Most of the changes I will facilitate would probably happen anyway. I am merely speeding them up by a 100 years. Change is inevitable. The USA will not always be bossing around other nations and the US citizens should not live like kings while the rest of the world lives in squalor. Things must change. Come to think of it...I think that will be your running slogan: "Change", it has a great ring to it - and it will be true. You will be the harbinger of change.

So are you in? Yes or no. There is no 'maybe' or 'I'll think about it', I want someone decisive. Literally, a million other guys would kill for this opportunity. Are you in?"

Obama: "I'm in."

Soros: "Good. I'll have you over for brunch soon and we will work out the details."


The above transcript was obtained at great cost. Teleportation to a parallel universe, time travel and all the accoutrements generate unfathomable expenditures. ;-)

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Movie Review: Knight & Day - A Very Entertaining B+

Okay here we go. A brief review of the film Knight & Day starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. As you may or may not know it's opening weekend performance has been slammed by the major media and Tom Cruise shows he's still able to make some media types froth at the mouth. Regardless of what you may read, Knight and Day is an entertaining film - more entertaining than the depressathon Toy Story 3 (D+) or the dismal remake of The Karate Kid.

Yet both those movies did much larger box what's the deal? The deal is the trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry, which spends more advertising dollars with television, cable, internet and radio than any advertising Knight & Day will generate. That's the deal. Movie reviews are bought and paid for in advance. The tentacles of the sponsors found in films (You know the twenty second scene looking at a billboard of the Marlboro Man) are long and each film represents X number of advertising dollars from sponsors. The review comes out according to the vested financial interest. Toy Story 3 is a horrible movie and yet the over the top reviews were already bought and paid for long before any critic saw it. That's the way it goes in Hollywood. Capitalism isn't always pretty and sometimes one has to see behind the curtains to educate oneself. That way you become a better educated capitalist yourself.

I tend to dislike such imbalances and so I use this non-filtered, non bought off platform to lift the curtains and bring some measure of balance. While the companies that want to hook you and millions others on a plethora of drugs you take for the rest of your life are out to weaken the star and earning power of a financial threat to their industry, others are looking out for you and are trying to make you aware of the dangers of ALL drugs and drug addiction. While Cruise is a Scientologist and carries lots of baggage because of it - his anti-pharmaceutical interview is astoundingly sane and rational good advice that most doctors will never give you. While a tiny number of physicians and research scientists go into practice to answer a higher calling, 99 percent plus are in it for the money.

So Knight & Day is fighting a media that's bought off to destroy Cruise and anyone sharing a movie with him (in this case Cameron Diaz). So this is why I'm here plugging Knight & Day. I'm not a big fan of wasting time watching films or television. If you must watch something - I'd prefer it be something that entertains and makes you leave the theatre feeling upbeat.

Cameron Diaz does a great job in this film. Tom Cruise does well and he really steps back and lets Cameron shine. This is her film and she's great. Cameron Diaz has an internal sunshine that catapulted her to fame not long after her first modeling cover for Seventeen magazine back in the late eighties, and in this film it is really given a chance to bathe the viewer. She's far better in this than in There's Something About Mary or The Mask. For anyone wanting a real honest-to-goodness entertaining summer movie - perhaps to see with family/friends on the 4th of July - Knight and Day is the ticket.


The Abiotic BP Oil Spill - Tom Cruise, Drudge Report & More Secrets

Lifting the curtains is always educational. Curtains have been drawn to keep prying eyes out and here, where curtains are lifted regularly, readers get to see behind the facade of the material world they live in and discover the behind the scenes machinations.

The BP oil spill is perhaps the best example of the power of the media and of the corporations to control the flow of information - even if they can't manage to control the flow of oil.

What secret are they jealously guarding? What two words are verboten to be uttered together by CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and even industry tabloids like The Drudge Report?

Abiotic oil.

The information lockout and topic restrictions are still in place despite all the questions about this oil emerging from deeper within the Earth than any "fossil fuel" could possibly have formed. It's okay for the media to call BP a monster, to make fun of the CEO and to endlessly admonish them for incompetence. It's taboo to discuss the source of the oil itself. Abiotic oil is off limits to everyone.


The answer is money.

Actor Tom Cruise was very publicly destroyed for speaking out against the trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry, because the media receives more advertising dollars from the pharmaceutical industry than any other source. He was canned from Paramount pictures, had to start his own production company and even today his film, Knight & Day, with Cameron Diaz (Which is pretty good actually) receives less press and publicity and more pans simply because of this same pharmaceutical industry and its very long tentacles and long memory.

The trillion dollar oil industry also has very long tentacles and if you were to look at the board of directors of any large media chain you will find "plants" - no not the garden variety, but executives whose sole presence exists to control the flow of information. It is a very good investment to buy stock in media corporations and elect board members friendly to one's interests when one runs a global empire.

So this is why you wont see "Abiotic Oil!" in 24 pt headlines on the front page of your local paper or even a whisper of it in any article about the BP oil spill. In its stead misdirection is the name of the game and the focus on the "environment" is one the oil companies can deal with because it doesn't fundamentally alter the value or perceived value of the commodity they sell. So instead of thinking "Hey...wait a second...this mile deep enormous oil ocean is GOOD news and a nail in the coffin of the half century old 'fossil' fuel and 'peak oil'song and dance I've been hearing about for the past twenty years to justify high oil prices!" the reader is guided into thinking about "stopping the oil" and "protecting the environment" and supporting those who wish to ban offshore drilling.

As I've mentioned before, I'm a friend of the oil companies. I like them. They provide a useful service and have a major role to play in the global industrial cycle. Eventually the abiotic oil story will break into the major media - I'm just helping it a long a bit. Why? Well, in my position I see certain outcomes the oil companies don't. It's my job to crunch the numbers and predict just how far China and India will go to secure needed energy sources for their huge industrial sectors and increasingly better living populations. Could China be funding the Taliban? Are they supplying Iran nuclear assistance in exchange for oil? So many questions that lots of people need the answers to if they are to chart an intelligent course of action.

So how does abiotic oil figure into all of this? Well, money of course. By breaking the abiotic oil news now in lieu of ten or twenty years from now, the US gets an edge when dealing with oil companies. The Congress, instead of blindly following corporate lobbyist funding for their positions, can vote and propose legislation that is mutually profitable to the USA strategically and the oil companies. A win-win. Abiotic oil needs to be tapped in greater quantities and the gulf is a great place to do that. Oil companies need the USA's support and a good deal to insure they can still make high profits while providing more oil.

Markets can be deadly things to progress. When oil prices fall on weak demand the oil companies slow down output or compensate in some other way to drive prices back up. That's just ...well stupid. To generate demand you need a burgeoning industry. A great example is China. China is going to be the largest consumer of oil in just ten or twenty years. Oil companies want sweetheart deals to supply oil at high prices for a long time to come. Peak oil has been very useful propaganda to keep oil prices high. Abiotic oil is a fearful thing to many oil companies who fear it will create a meltdown in the price of oil.

That wont happen. The industry controls enough of the market mechanisms to keep the price healthy for the industry. When the abiotic oil story breaks something WILL happen though - increased demand and consumption. A starving man told he has a weeks worth of food left in his pantry will be frugal. A starving man told he has a full pantry will feast.

So the abiotic oil story needs to be broken now. The USA and the whole world is on a declining educational precipice. People are becoming heavier, they watch too much TV, they use too many pharmaceuticals and they are losing the drive of true Empire Builders. After WWII we had millions of Empire Builders living throughout the world - men and women who dreamed big dreams. New cities, space exploration and colonization, new technologies, longer life-spans and the curing of all disease. Factories sprung up every day, more were employed and wealth was generated via capitalism to raise EVERYONE's quality of life. The QOL index is going down. The poor are reproducing faster than jobs are generated. That leads to global depression and poverty. It leads to instability in governments, wars and it leads to a future for the Earth far worse than it needs to be.

All this because our children are taught to "conserve" and to fear shortages that don't exist: Water shortages, food shortages and yes 'oil' shortages. Industry holds back and yet the poor keep multiplying. This is why the abiotic oil news story needs to break now. We need another renaissance and the fuel to power it. It's a physics equation. Gasoline and oil provide the most power for the least expense. Abiotic oil will be the news story that helps trigger the next renaissance and dreams of the next generation of Empire Builders. We need to move away from thinking smaller and start to think big again. The BP oil spill was a form of providence. A global blessing and not a curse.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Barack Obama - The "Dial In" President

Reading the mainstream media reports of the President's actions one wonders how they do it. "Do what?" you ask? How they make it sound like he has a personality and cares about anything.

"Obama slams Arizona law as 'misguided'"

"Obama calls upon China"

"Obama attacks GOP"

"Obama urges"

All these adjectives for action, motivation and emotion emerge to try and give life to his Presidency and person. The reality apparent to anyone who cares to pay attention is that this President is detached. Completely detached.

We have a President that dials it in.

Actors who are not trying and don't care "dial in" their performance and collect their paycheck, frustrating fellow actors. On the national political stage, we have a President "dialing it in" during speeches and events. Teleprompters are this Presidents staple - everywhere. Barack Obama seems physically incapable of speaking without a teleprompter. The teleprompters go with him everywhere from elementary schools to universities.

While some speeches obviously need prompting, I find it strange and somewhat disturbing that a high school student can address a graduating class and speak more eloquently without a teleprompter than a President can with one and with a gaggle of the nations best speechwriters in tow. Why does this inexplicable situation exist?

He dials it in.

So this is why mainstream media copywriters describe one word "misguided" and describe it as a slam. Obama is physically and mentally unequipped to "slam" anything. It's not in his make up.


Because he doesn't care about anything enough to get that worked up about it.

He doesn't "slam", he doesn't "attack", he doesn't "support", he doesn't urge and he doesn't "call upon" anything.

He dials it in.

And people are beginning to notice.

The BP speech was a strategic gaffe. Prompted by his pollsters and re-election team to quell the growing concern about the BP oil spill, Obama dutifully took the task with the same measure of excitement he has about anything going on in the nation - aloof disinterest. He appears pained when he speaks. As though some aide has shoved the teleprompter in front of him and forced him to speak and read the words. He's above speeches. It's obvious why he voted "present" as a Senator - he couldn't care less about anything.

It's sort of creepy having a President of the US that is that detached from the well being of the nation and its many activities and industries. The consummate politician - he says as little as possible, speaks out of both sides of his mouth and only goes through the motions for those who hold his political fortunes in their hands. His BP speech, just like his immigration speech were dialed in - and people are getting irritated, both left and right.

The left realizes this man is not their champion and cares not a whit for their agenda. So long as they support him he will put himself out and pretend he cares - and that's as far as it goes. For the right - he can hardly be bothered to meet with any of them at all unless his pollsters tell him he must (such as Arizona Governor Jan Brewer for a photo-op) or else he further loses his ranking with some target demographic in the electorate. However his follow up is non-existent for both left and right, infuriating both the GOP which expect such and the Democrats which can't figure out why he is "dialing it in" and thereby threatening their own political fortunes.

The latest in-depth analysis of voters indicates a deep distrust of Obama on both sides of the political spectrum, a disgust of Congress that borders on loathing, frustration in excess of anything since the great depression. As a result, the November elections look to be a sort of archetypal political reversal we see occur in the nation every fifty or sixty years. Independents are solidly aligned against Obama and his party and even many in his party are completely disaffected and see nothing good emerging from the Obama "Dial In" Presidency.

The "Dial In" President, who cares about nothing and no one besides himself, has energized the nation like no other.

Albeit - unintentionally.