Friday, April 29, 2011

Radiation Fallout Tornadoes, The Royal Wedding, Youtube Sensation Alexandra & Top 40 Billboard Music

Lots going on in the world today! While we've been busy increasing public awareness about the I-131 induced tornadoes appearing all over the United States during the past month, the world has been focused on the Royal Wedding. I'm not much of an Anglophile and for me pomp and circumstance is fine in small doses, so I watched very little of the coverage. I'll probably watch some more later.

As I mentioned in a previous posting, I am very excited about a young woman with an amazing amount of talent, currently going mostly unobserved and unrecognized, named Alexandra. She is going to become a Youtube sensation, very soon hopefully, and her music will be heard alongside other TOP 40 billboard pop artists.

She is the first in the blogs NEW TALENT of the month category which will now be appearing in the sidebar. This is an effort to bring positive attention to those whose efforts inspire and and uplift society in whatever field of endeavor, from song-writing to poetry to what-have-you!

I know this blog is certainly not the blog one first comes to when one thinks about popular culture! Things change! ;-) I will be doing my best to promote those whose work, talent and inspiration deserve recognition. So here is another video from Alexandra:

I'm "Crazy" about her song and talent. I think she has wonderful abilities and I hope you all check out her video and will join me in trying to get her the attention she deserves. On Youtube, fistfights erupting in fast food restaurants can get hundreds of thousands of hits as the lowest common denominator gravitates towards the low end of the cultural "entertainment" spectra. From now on, mixed with the philosophy, futurism, science and politics - I will be promoting those whose efforts inspire and sit on the other side of that spectra and uplift and inspire viewers. So share this with others if you feel so inspired, never underestimate the power of a single individual action.

It's all frequency relationship, all cause and effect. We all make a difference and we all, literally, create the type of planet we want to live on by our words and deeds.

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