Thursday, October 29, 2009

Non-disclosure (Part 35)

"So you see, that this is the breakthrough of a lifetime for the entire planet. We have to go public with some of this."

Isis is in my office. As usual she's done the impossible and cracked the Atlantean script. As far as I know, she did not ask for any assistance from Yal-hune, and I don't think Yal-hune would assist in such matters. Regardless, Isis has been reading many of the Atlantean texts and has only slept 6 out of the last 34 hours because she could not get herself to stop reading the many Atlantean texts once she could translate it.

"Why do we have to go public? Make your case."

"These books contain the history of the past 1,000,000 years on Earth. This is human history here and everyone on Earth has a right to know it!"

"A right?"

"Well...they deserve to know it!"

"Who does? The people preparing fake tombstones on their lawns to scare the neighborhood little kids? Are those the sterling ones who are interested in the past million years of human history? Or is it the college professors busy teaching history as they want it to be viewed? Are those fossilized, left-leaning, crooked and inflexible trees the ones who deserve to know the real history of the planet? Or could it be the kids who are, right this moment, getting the answers for their homework by asking strangers on the web to do it for them on Yahoo Answers? Or playing on their Wii? Or playing Vice City for hour number 2,356? No. The world deserves what it has. They don't deserve this. Try again."

"God, you can be a son-of-a-bitch at times! Okay. Okay. Let's put it in reverse - can you tell me NO one out there deserves to know the million year history of Earth we have just uncovered?"

"Yes, I can. The world's not ready for this. Not now. The leaders of this world are Grade A idiots - each and every single one. The governments are jokes. Our government is a joke. The masses are not capable of using any of this knowledge constructively. It would BURDEN them. They don't care about what happened 50 years ago - much less 1 million! Teachers can't manage to cover even the several hundred years of fairly well known human history they are charged with disseminating to their pupils. It's just way too much. And when they know we have these books - what do you think they are going to want? You think they give a rat's tush about history? No way. They will want to know how this stuff can serve them - make them richer, live longer or have power over others. If it doesn't make their life 'better' knowledge is worthless."

"Someone out there cares. You know they do. Some children, some teachers, some parents, some people. Not everyone deserves to be demonized by you, you self-righteous SOB!"

"Make your case. WHO? WHY? Who NEEDS to know this and why? You know they are getting along swimmingly without it, right now. You KNOW that all this information and history will be just as useless as history of the Byzantine empire is to the average 5th grader."

Isis is in tears. I hate to play the devil's advocate, but for now these things need to be kept under wraps.

"Your heart is in the right place, but you know that the world is not ready, does not care and - to be brutally honest - does not deserve this information. Don't cry. Get some sleep. We'll talk about it more later. None of these things are running away."

Isis lifts her head, "Underneath your nice guy exterior, lurks a man who is really heartless."

"You may think so. I used to think like you do, Isis. I really did. I was naive and believed people were basically good and caring. Time passed and a learned more about people. It's this knowledge that you still lack. You're still young. Wait another decade or two and we'll see if you don't see things quite differently. But, like I said - get some sleep. You're exhausted."

"I cracked the script...I have a right."

"You have the right to get some sleep. You seriously need some sleep."

"What happened to you? You really hate humanity don't you?"

Something in her words strikes a chord. Even though I have been working for humanity for decades now, her words sting with an unrecognized truth.

"I don't hate humanity. I understand it."

"I don't think you do. You look down on everyone. You judge them -often mercilessly. What happened to you? When did it change? Who hurt you so bad that you can't see the good in humanity any more?"

"Nice try. The personal attack technique won't work either. The data stays here."

"...because you hate humanity. You might as well complete the sentence."

"If you want to believe that, that is fine with me."

"I'm, surprised I never saw this in you before today. Sure, bits and pieces have emerged but now I see the big picture. Go ahead keep those texts on your shelf. Have them classified eyes only and keep it out of all the grubby human fingers that don't live up to your standards."

"That's enough. You may return to your quarters."

"Fine. I don't think I enjoy looking at you right now anyways."

Isis walks out and I'm surprised at her fury and even more surprised at her personal attack on me, which bordered on insubordination. I think of what Yal-hune had told me about my pasts and how I did hate humanity when living on other worlds. Is it possible, even now, that I have harbored this hatred of humanity, unrecognized? Is there really someone out there who could use this knowledge constructively? Are there any kids who would really care? Do they need to care? Am I creating some arbitrary litmus test of worthiness, because I really don't care about humanity?

I'm tired too. I half keep expecting Yal-hune to chime in my head and take sides with Isis but, fortunately, I think she is asleep.

However, I realize I need to analyze my thoughts and attitude a bit closer.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Wonder of Life (Part 34)

The winds are howling across sterile rock outcroppings and dust. The lonely old Saguaros feel the wind pass through their many prickly fingers. An owl hoots somewhere in the distance, knowing the night is his daytime. Stars, far more than I could ever care to count, are my companions overhead - a meteor streaks across the firmament descending in the northeast and far brighter and larger than any meteorite I have ever seen. It feels like a portent.

I slipped out of the security of Shamballa to stargaze. I needed to get away, all by myself - and think.

So much has happened over the past two months. My life, in so many ways, is more than I ever could have asked for, yet I am restless. I am expectant as well. I don't know of what, but it is something significant. I have this great big hole in my personality that used to be filled up with a desire to save the world. Now I don't know what I want. Sure, I want Yal-hune, but I know we can never be equals and such relationships never work out. At the same time, it's hard to imagine myself settling down with 'just' an Earth woman after having experienced oscillation with Yal-hune. She's given me the greatest gifts any human has ever received and here I am, alone, complaining to the stars. And knowing that some of the worlds orbiting some of those stars are actually able to hear my thoughts is yet another disconcerting tidbit to round out my consciousness.

What do I want?

I don't know. All the material pursuits are meaningless. Money? For what? I've got a real 'UFO' type spaceship at my disposal, have traveled through time to the future and even seen Earth with the naked eye from out in space - things all the money in the world can't buy. Buying new things from today, after seeing the MIMIR artifacts, seems like visiting the antique store. I suppose one part of me wants to leave Earth and explore the galaxy. Sure, it might be fun living out Star Trek for real - exploring strange new worlds and seeking out new life. However, with my luck, I'd probably get upset or express some low emotion and the ship would explode. Besides, I know I was born here on Earth for a reason and it wasn't to wait around until I could take the quickest space craft to leave again. And already a part of me knows that even the most glorious worlds I might arrive at, would still leave me hungry for something more. Lasting satisfaction and contentment are not for humanity. We are given brief moments and then must start a new quest all over again.

It was so much easier when I wanted to save the world. That is a quest one can never achieve and so one is always happy and can always find something to do with such a goal. Yal-hune has taken that away from me. Well, actually she has helped me take it away from myself. It's all part of this balance thing. With new highs come new lows - if one is not careful. Because of my positive over bias of Yal-hune and all the rest I have been privileged to experience, I now transpose myself into the dark abyss. In many ways Yal-hune is a dream come true. Probably more than a dream come true, as I could never have dreamed all the things she can do and has done for me. Recalibrating my life, with a foot in Yal-hune's universe and the rest of me on Earth, is its own form of perdition. I can't fully live in either and so I am in a nether-world of sorts. Enjoying momentary highs beyond all reason and then returning to a mundane world that seems more and more like Heck, with each passing day.

Maybe that's how she really sees this world - a sort of hell, where everyone personifies lower mental expression: selfishness, insecurity, hate, fear and sadness. Even this funk I am in is part of this miasma of darkness that cloaks the Earth.

"I can't permit you to continue. You are off-equilibrium again! How many times must I teach you the secret to true, lasting happiness and contentment? Equilibrium. Balance. Equanimity. These things are your doorway out of your funk. And make no mistake about it - your funk was orchestrated in large part by one of those worlds orbiting the stars above you. When you let them steer you into a self-pity-a-thon, you give them the keys to your consciousness and let them drive you straight off a cliff! Those depressed thoughts are not you! Discern. Discern. DISCERN! You are a happy soul, even now you are bubbling up on the inside when you hear my voice, understand my words and you are filled with love - not just for me - but for your life. Everyone on Earth is - they just don't listen closely enough to their true thoughts!"

"I picked up an overshadower somewhere along the way. I can feel it now."

"Yes, you will be targeted. Constantly. Don't forget the time differential! They need only spend 1 minute out of each hour in their overshadowing pursuits and the result is 24/7 coverage here on Earth! They have plenty of time to steer you towards negative interests, try and get you depressed - or more accurately - get you to agree with a train of thought they have written and orchestrated!"

"And what could be more hellish than such a predicament."

"Yes. But YOU wanted to be here on Earth, so that you could experience such overshadowing - and master it. If you can find your true voice while living here on Earth, amongst a sea of overshadowers playing humanity like a fiddle, then you will make another step towards mastery of these material worlds. Yes, our galaxy is just the beginning. Here's another tidbit never before revealed to a human: planets are like atoms. Each atom has an isotope - and each planet have the equivalent - worlds that are related, but stepped up and more complex. Physical worlds give way to energy worlds of ever greater refinement."

"I Love you Yal-hune."

"And I love you too...infinitely. Haven't you figured it out yet? Each soul has the opportunity to grow infinitely closer to all others. As they become more developed, they spend more time with more souls - and do this on up through infinity. You love millions of souls - billions. And you will have an infinite amount of time to get to know and grow closer to each and every one."

"You already love each human here more than they could comprehend, don't you?"

"Yes. And everyone on this world will someday be in the exact same position, if they keep progressing positively and seeking out constructive pursuits."

I know every word she has spoken is true. She has revealed the Wonder of Life to me, when I most needed such a revelation.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

ET Coverage on CNN, Fox and Google News (Part 33)

All the MIMIR artifacts arrived safely. The appearance of Ketta-nu-ma is impossible to leave out of the official transcripts and logs and already some private communiques in my inbox, from positioned people in the Agency, want to see more "anti-extraterrestrial" weaponry as a result. Fear is the worst possible of all motivations. Enough people witnessed his appearance, that the tales will grow taller over time as the details of Operation Sleipnir get re-imagined.

Good news travels fast, my position and prestige within the Agency got a huge shot in the arm with the acquisition of the MIMIR artifacts and craft. THOR responded to my secure E-mail and is en route for a visit. He wants to meet Yal-hune and see some of these artifacts first hand. While THOR holds no current positions, he still has sufficient active clearance levels and connections with the Agency to make things happen. Many folks are more loyal to him, even out of office, than anyone in the new administration. This new administration, almost 10 months in, is still, largely, out of the intelligence loop. When folks see the Agency as an enemy, or a sacrificial lamb for the public altar, instead of a very useful tool, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The fiascos in Iran and Afghanistan are a huge distraction, when the world really has much larger issues to confront. I wonder just how much influence the Norchans and others have over the nuclear crazed madmen like Kim Jung Il or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It seems a natural that nuclear proliferation is a primary goal - how easier to get the world to revert than to trigger a nuclear holocaust? And the lower the synaptic fundamental frequency - the easier these folks are to control. It's a scary thought that some leaders on Earth may be walking/talking puppets for 'evil' extraterrestrials. One wonders just who is really behind Obama's decision to abandon Europe and the missile shield? Suddenly, Earth politics has taken on a whole new nightmarish dimension. It seems more fitting for some bad science fiction film and should be impossible in real life.

I have had some of the Atlantean books brought to my office as well as a few pieces of art that captured my eye. My 102 year old 1st edition of Arizona Nights, complete with art by N.C. Wyeth, now has some really old company on the shelves. Isis and Encyclopedia Brown are working with a team whose job is to start to translate some of these many texts recovered and see what history, technology, medicine and other invaluable data can be obtained. Metallurgists are working on the many new alloys obtained and seeing if they can be recreated, or a useful facsimile, with our existing elements and technology.

"We need to speak"

Yal-hune is in my mind with a sense of urgency that is unmistakable.

"Sure. Come on in to my office."

She appears. Teleports 3 feet in front of me and startles me.

"Whew! Scared me there! What is it? What's wrong?"

"I thought you should know that two new executive orders emerged 5 minutes ago, after the transcripts of Operation Sleipnir were briefed to the President. The first permits the capture and, if necessary, elimination of all discovered extraterrestrials and the second initiates a McCarthy era interrogation of all intelligence agents for data that might lead to the identification of any aliens currently working within the government. Your simple email has already created serious ramifications."

"It's nothing to worry about. The government has had orders like that on the books (and off) for some time now."

"Yes, but now they have a new urgency. Ketta-nu-ma's appearance has changed the entire casual attitude many in the government have had towards alien life. No longer is it a matter of 'disclosure' or greys that mutilate cattle, now the enemy is tall, humanoid and impervious to earth weaponry. Gort, Darth Vader and Emperor Ming have now all come to life in the person of Ketta-nu-ma and the Norchans. Fear is spreading and that is never a good thing.

"What did you want me to do...lie about his appearance? With as many troops saw him, there would be no way to keep his appearance completely secret. It would have come out anyway and then my honesty would be compromised and I'd have a big blot on my integrity and trustworthiness."

"No, I just needed to tell you so you knew how seriously others are taking this development. Some are trying to get authorization to get me apprehended again."

"What? You are the one who saved us from the Norchan!"

"Yes...and they are intent on retaliating by manipulating human affairs."

"What should I do?"

"You must make your own decisions. Humans really are unable to discern their own thoughts from ones placed in their living room of consciousness. This is why the Norchans and others have such success. Just as now, where a paranoid anti-alien reaction can be the very result the 'bad' aliens orchestrate to serve their own ends."

"Do you want to meet the President? Do you think that would have a positive effect? I'm not anywhere near as connected with this administration, as I was with the previous administration, and probably am viewed only slightly more favorably than Fox News, but I bet I can still get you 5 minutes."

"I don't think that would be beneficial. Actually, meeting an alien, in such a setting would suggest making a public acknowledgement no one in the government wishes to make. As it stands, my general anonymity is an advantage. As long as many believe I am more rumor than reality - that works to my advantage."

"I keep forgetting that this is not just speculation on your part - is it? You can see the outcomes of such decisions, can't you?"

"Yes. In futures where my presence and alien life is acknowledged, the world undergoes a dramatic shift because the Norchans, and others, unleash their full controls over humanity and create all sorts of havoc. Cults emerge which compete with traditional religions, many world governments start persecuting suspected 'aliens' or those who know something and a paranoia and fear in the masses which is unprecedented as new stories and fears are propagated and concocted. Murders of suspected 'aliens' replace the old southern lynch mobs. Literally, millions suffer extremely or die over the next several decades who would not have otherwise died."

"That's awful. All because of confirmed extraterrestrial sentience?"

"Yes. That's why the desire to go slow. Show a microbe or two and prepare the masses for benign, harmless and inferior alien life. Let's face it, if video footage of the 7 foot plus Ketta-nu-ma made ET coverage on CNN, Fox and Google News, the world would be terrified silly. Here the best covert ops in the world are being told to stand down because their weapons are useless. Overnight, the horror of nuclear Armageddon, which the world lived with for fifty years, would be replaced by an even greater horror of aliens that are vastly superior to humans in stature and technology."

"But if they saw you, that fear would surely be tempered and greatly reduced. Especially if they knew even more superior aliens were looking out for us."

"Yes, but it's even more complex. If I make a public appearance and acknowledge alien life, the quarantine of Earth will effectively be violated. Other alien races, other worlds, will race to Earth and start their own programs of exploitation. In a few short years, Earth would be crawling with aliens - most of which would have negative intent for being here. deniability is still Earth's defense against an onslaught of aliens. Humanity would be completely subverted and eventually consumed - like letting lions enter the cage the zebras live in. The Confederation Quarantine is the only reason Earth and humanity has made it this far. You don't realize this. You take for granted the security humanity has here. Humanity is like a goldfish in an aquarium full of pirahnas. Once the quarantine is violated, humanity is in serious jeopardy."

"I never thought about it like that. For years, I've looked forward to the confirmation of alien life. When I found out Shayla was an alien and working for the government, I was stunned and pleased. Yet, I still wondered why she or the government didn't go public. Amazingly, I never discussed it with her, as we were too busy. Now, I see those charged with such are protecting humanity - not intentionally trying to deceive it. They know most everyone understands the universe has sentient life out there, and if not officially acknowledging it keeps humanity safer - it's a pittance to pay for such safety."

"Yes. Your life also turns upside down, even more than it already has, if my presence is public. You can't go around in public, you have stalkers, multiple foreign governments seek to kidnap you to get to me - and more. Each future time-stream, which includes such public knowledge, has many rather distasteful outcomes. The Earth's destiny is, quite literally, drastically altered and humanity forever lives in the service of other aliens - sort of like the many slaves, which exist even now, on your world."

"Wouldn't your world protect us?"

"No. Our non-interference directives and beliefs are too powerful. We know that interference would lead to interference on our own world. The only worlds that would offer to protect the Earth - would, not ironically, be the same worlds Earth would need protection from."

"So I guess the message is 'be careful what you wish for?'"


"I will try to back pedal a bit on the Ketta-nu-ma thing. The troops are already ordered not to divulge what they did or saw to anyone and my initial report can be unclear. For all I know it was a 7 foot tall Colombian with a thick accent who appeared during a dust storm - that was living in the warehouse and shouting at us foreigners. And whenever I mentioned alien - I really just meant foreign national."

"Deception comes so easy to you. You seem to have a lot of experience at deceiving others and twisting the truth. I'm not sure I should be hanging around with you. Do you know any honest, decent humans I can hang around with?"

"Well, there's always Encyclopedia Brown - I'm pretty sure he will hang with you."

"Don't look now, but your human insecurity is showing..."

"Is it? How careless of me. But anyways - back to the subject at hand - I'll do what I can to muddle the matter."

"That's probably a good idea. I'll keep monitoring the fallout of all this and let you know if there's anything else you can do."

(End Part 33)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Extraterrestrial Lessons (Part 32)

Yal-hune walks me through the controls of the craft. It is much as I remember it. Since Shayla left I had not seen one of these. Knowing they are capable of inter-galaxy travel is a bit overwhelming. I keep thinking of Uncle Ben Parker's message to his nephew Peter, "With great power comes great responsibility." The possibilities are endless. The world would go nuts if they knew what I now have at my disposal.

"Are you planning on traveling to other worlds in this craft?"

"I don't know, yet. For now, I think it's probably best to familiarize myself with using it here on Earth."

"That's probably a good idea. This craft is not a toy and its potential for improper usage and relative harm is extremely high in this environment. Many of the materials used in this craft clearly were brought in from outside your solar system. However, the designers are to be congratulated for they chose elements that would be stable in your sun's solar system and which would not pose a radiation hazard to human biology."

"I think Shayla designed these crafts herself with several others from her world. She is not one to overlook the details. It's strange how my pasts place me alongside female extraterrestrials. What exactly did I do in the past that spurred such a cycle?"

"You have amnesia of your pasts. You have gotten around quite a bit and many worlds where you have lived - still have your personal frequency on file. Since there isn't a whole lot of transfer between worlds with this capacity and the planet Earth, you drew quite a bit of attention to yourself as soon as your were born here. Many worlds were wondering just what was going on when your frequency popped up here. Naturally, some worlds were suspicious and have monitored you since a few days after your birth. The Norchans were particularly suspicious and have actively tried to thwart much of your technological work."

"Did we know each other in the past? Have I lived on your world?"

"I don't think you are ready to know everything yet. One step at a time. Now let's return to Shamballa. Watch me carefully as I engage the craft."

I watch her stand by a small console of pure white. She motions her arm in two directions.

"As you know, this craft raises your atomic structures to higher isotopes as you board. The navigation can be conducted by thought or by a combination of thought and computer navigation. This craft has been designed primarily for alien usage on Earth. It's clear Shayla did not intend for it to be used by humans, because it has intentionally been designed without a manual interface. The navigator must be capable of conversing with the computer system by thought. And because of the isotopic changes, this craft can not be used by anyone in a negative or lower emotional state. Such emotion will be incompatible with the navigation systems and other systems and the ship will not work."

"Like an alien Lojack. It keeps any of those pesky humans, Norchans or whomever from stealing the ship."

"Not by design. All advanced EMF crafts have this particular element built in. Lower emotions are signals. This ship transforms its occupants into signals capable of being transported along the magnetic fields at tremendous speeds faster than light. So, naturally, as a safety mechanism the ship does not operate when it detects low signals. In the earliest designs, when crews have lost equilibrium and became violently emotional, the ships themselves exploded. So future designs filter for consciousness and synaptic frequencies. You are barely transportable."


"Nothing to take personally. If you work on your consciousness and maintain greater equilibrium, you will put some distance between yourself and that lower marker threshold. However, you can see that this ship will not be for most humans. If you expected to be able to use it on missions, you will have to abandon those notions. By the way, we've already arrived in Hangar C. Do you feel that? That's your atomic structures being stepped down again."

"I didn't feel anything?"

"Well, you're not sensitive enough yet. Eventually, you will feel a very light itching sensation all over your body momentarily. Some crafts are better than others in this regards, this one is actually pretty good considering all the limitations built into it for human usage."



"Can you teach me more?"


"More about the worlds in the galaxy, the history of our galaxy, the time differentials of various worlds, the dangers of other planets and of leaving our solar system...what life is like on more worlds, a map of sentient planets, that sort of stuff."


"I want to know more. I feel as though many galactic eyes are peering down upon me and yet I know less than nothing about the various worlds out there doing the peering. I want to learn. My education on Earth can only teach me so much. If I'm going to be interacting with beings trying to rip thoughts out of my mind, I need to develop my sentience. I've felt your mind and its cavernous depths, and I realized just how animal like we appear to others when Ketta-Nu-Ma invaded my mind. I suddenly saw my knowledge as others do, and realize how deficient my knowledge base is."

"Okay. So long as I sense the need is not based upon lower emotions I will share more with you. Remember, you are a human, your brain has certain parameters and limits which - "

"We are viewed as animals aren't we? Just as we might view a whale or a porpoise, other worlds look at humanity and group us in with the animal kingdom?"

"Those worlds that view humanity as more animal than sentient are themselves not that developed and their discernment is impaired. The lower one goes in the sentient spectra the more harshly they judge those nearest them. The Norchans are only few hundred thousand years in advance of your world technologically and mentally. They, like the humans they judge, are still burdened by many lower emotions. Do not take Ketta-Nu-Ma's thoughts personally. If you do this you merely empower his negative intent. He also knows you are not really human, in the truest sense, and took the opportunity to kick you while you are down, so to speak. Your paths have crossed before, as can be expected, and not in the most pleasant circumstances."

"Yes, I imagine I did him some harm in some past. A burden he carries with him."

"Your thoughts serve you well. Yes, you made a number of enemies when you were on other worlds. Your righteousness and stubbornness has long been a source of discord throughout your many lifetimes. You will need to work on this."

"Here is how to open the exit."

Yal-hune makes another arm motion. Some sort of sensor array detects the sophisticated series of movements and obeys. A stairway emerges and folds into existence from compressed sheet metal of some unknown alloy.

"Thanks Yal-hune...for everything. I'll really try my best to follow that balanced path...I promise."

"I know you will."

"I imagine you do...don't you?"

Yal-hune smiles, beatifically.

(End Part 32)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Timely Discussion (Part 31)

Yal-hune flies the craft and, true to her word, the warehouse is empty of all remaining contents within 10 minutes. I placed Techs 9 and 13 in charge of both A & B Teams and the flights back, as I intend to travel with Yal-hune in SDAI's latest transportation acquisition. Position and power does have its perks. As I look up at the silvery craft, suddenly, I realize I don't miss my Hummer at all.

I grab my laptop and satellite link-up and set it up in a corner of the now empty warehouse. I brief THOR on some of the events that have transpired and my largest concern - that elements within our government are actively working against human evolution and development. I think about how humanity seems to be retrogressing. Tattoos, piercings and ear 'gauges' make 2009 city-dwellers and their children closer in appearance and intellect to the aborigines living in straw huts found all over the Earth 3000 years ago.

Coincidence or by design?

The entire push towards classically 'degenerate' activities has crystallized in my mind and I can thank Ketta-Nu-Ma for that. As he forcibly entered my mind to extract information, he left some clear impressions that only now I can decipher and understand. Each young generation over the past sixty years, since the 1st atomic bomb blasts, has been particularly targeted by the Norchans. The internet has been a goldmine for them. Like a virus, degeneracy has become an epidemic throughout the world, but particularly in the United States - because it has been the technological leader for the past 60 years. The internet has the potential to educate each human to levels of great intellectual development, so they have instead turned it into a tool for wasting time, proliferating profanity, pornography and personal insecurity. Apps like Facebook, Myspace, Youtube and the rest are, by design, tools used to foster the most shallow, superficial outlook and interpretations of life. Training youth to judge their happiness based upon their popularity - and conformity. So the internet, like television before it, has been turned into a tool to degrade the human intellect en masse. The Norchans have been amazingly successful.

Well - until today.

Today represents a new turn for humanity - a new chance. We need to develop a new plan that can counter the human slide - and I will ask for Yal-hune's help.

Yal-hune is in my mind.

"You are biasing something fierce. Remember ALL events are good and evil. What you perceive as a slide into aboriginal appearance and behavior is not necessarily evil. All cultures have cycles - this is inevitable. The beginning is violent and primitive then it rises to a peak which is non-violent and sophisticated and then it descends again back to violence and primitive perspectives. It does this and then it regenerates to start the cycle anew. You are trying to defy the nature of energy when you think you can force others to become more intelligent."

"So I should just let the Norchans win? Let them and all the rest wait until the tattoo covered, disfigured generations of a backsliding humanity are eagerly embracing thatched huts and human sacrifice while pounding jungle drums and don't know what an atom is?"



"Yes. Your mission is not to save the US or the World. You know you can't. The people incarnating into this world at this time are themselves compatible with these things. Those who are not compatible, will not pursue them. When society and culture descends low enough it will trigger another upsurge - you wont have to do anything and, in fact, your efforts to 'save' humanity will only embolden the Norchans to push harder - and believe me, they will have far more success in controlling the youth of today and shaping the world of tomorrow than you can ever imagine."

"I just can't let it go. I want a nation that keeps progressing. I want a world that keeps evolving - constructively. Is that too much to ask? If another world was actively working to turn YOUR planet's inhabitants into mindless sheep - what would you do THEN?"

"We went through our primitive periods of up and down. Millions of years worth. Earth has to go through it too, the 'degeneracy' you decry is only degenerate from your point of view. For others it will be a valuable learning lesson. If America must fall on its face in a depression with future generations that can't think their way out of a mouse maze - so be it. The point of progress will eventually resurface - no matter what the Norchans do - because the way all energy functions demands this behavior!"

"Can't I prolong the cycle? Can't I keep America on top for another 1000 years?"

"Energy is very specific and you can't alter the laws of physics. If it is America's turn to decline - there is no possible way to alter that cycle. You merely have to not bias it negatively."

I turn back to the laptop and my e-mail to THOR. I feel frustrated and sad all at the same time. I know she is right. She has science on her side. Everything inside me though wishes I could avert the dystopian future heading towards the world like a runaway train.

"This is the danger all who know a bit more encounter - they begin to think that they are smart enough to alter the laws of physics. That somehow they can be the exception and change the universe to their liking. In the process, of trying to 'save' others, they destroy themselves. On your world, your culture has developed a strong hero worship. It builds up those who 'save' others as heroes worthy of adoration and emulation. Fictional characters such as Superman have influenced millions of humans into a false construct. No one can truly save another - ever. The person falling off of a building has that experience because of an energy pattern in their field structures. A person can catch them or pull them back, but that energy will STILL exist and will return again - unbalanced. All of life is filled with balancing actions. This conversation is one. Superman is actually harming people - because he blocks their own internal balancing mechanisms. If such a Superman existed he would attract unto himself others who would interfere with his life completely - because that is what he is really doing with others - interfering."

"So no one should push a baby carriage out of traffic?"

"No. That is not what I am saying. Everyone with a developed consciousness tries to preserve others from harm. But one must realize that you are not really saving that child from harm, that this cycle of energy will loop around again so that the child can confront this cycle and balance it. Once you understand energy, you look differently at all things. No longer can you view things as only positive or negative. In this more complete perspective you find a balanced path and your actions become more intelligent. A Superman with this knowledge would cease his activities at once and redirect his efforts towards balancing his own imbalances - because this is the only way he truly assists the infinite universe, by himself becoming a very balanced and developed expression of energy. This way all around him will interact with this balanced energy and it will offer them an opportunity to balance their own worst imbalances."

"Sort of what you are doing here with me?"

"Yes. If my equilibrium is used by you to create your own, then I have helped you help yourself. This is the secret humans have long sought and few have found, the secret of life and equilibrium. They scramble left and right, filled with desires and goals and do not realize these things are all about their own quest for balance. The stronger you have a drive to 'save the world' or 'save America' the easier it is to see you are imbalanced on this topic. You will have to look within and realize that your desires are often compensatory things to make up for imbalanced pasts. The doctors of today were often the butchers of yesterday. They are often drawn to healing because of unbalanced guilt. The policeman was often a criminal. The artist a vandal. All these things go completely unrecognized in your world."

"So you are saying I have destroyed worlds and nations?"

"Have you so quickly forgotten your pasts? Yes, you have contributed to the decline of nations and worlds. This is why you are here, in this position, with a desire to save people - people who have absolutely no interest in being saved by you. Like then, you feel you know better what they need then they do themselves. This erroneous view has led you down destructive paths and you have often become a 'benevolent tyrant' of some sort. And why? Simply because you failed to understand the physics of life and its component energy structures!"

I hate this. I really do. She has taken all the joy out of my goals and plans in two minutes of conversation. She makes it impossible to get satisfaction out of these things we are recovering and even my job now seems pointless. If I can't save anyone - what am I doing this for? Why does SDAI even exist if it can't really avert the downslide of the United States? What I really hate is that I know she is telling the truth. I realize my progress depends now upon me giving up all my lifelong cherished ideals and notions. I have to turn my life upside down and stop trying to save others, realizing such efforts are misguided and motivated by guilt.

Oh god! Suddenly, I realize that my strong attraction to her has to be based upon the same imbalances. My urge to protect her has to emerge from pasts where I have harmed her. Please let it not be so, I don't think I could bear that.

"You are having your epiphany, and it is painful, I know. You need not have harmed me, only others like me to find me so attractive. But it is true. You have been much like Ketta-Nu-Ma. In fact, his attitudes seem tame to ones you held about 'lower worlds and beings' at one time. And while you have evolved much since then, you still have much to balance in this regard. Your desire to save Earth is born out of your guilt at having harmed it, or elementary worlds like it. You have been the one whose thumb has kept some worlds stagnant and retrogressive. And you felt as completely righteous and full of yourself as Ketta-Nu-Ma."

Each line she delivers is like a blow. My entire life is shattering like a wrecking ball is pounding against it. If she doesn't stop soon, there will be nothing left.

"No, you can take it. You've dished out far worse. Even as you try to speed up others evolution, you have drawn unto you someone like me, who does the same thing to you."

Its hard to believe just a moment ago I was with her in heaven and now it seems like she has taken me to hell. But I know why - it's that balance thing. I could only partake of such ethereal and wonderful beyond words moments with her if I also experienced the reverse. Balance. That's the secret. She has given me more to think about than I really wanted.

"And you have done the same for me in times past. Yes, you have lived many wonderful and constructive lives alongside the destructive ones. You aided me numerous times - and now I am here for you, on this world, when no one else on Earth could tell you these things. Balance is not torture - it is wonderful. You will find that as you live, think and act with greater balance in your life that you can handle absolutely anything the universe can throw at you. And the universe will throw larger and bigger challenges at you! Much larger. Some beings hold the fate of whole galaxies in their hands as they use equilibrium in ever greater challenges with ever greater stakes. Such beings make these things you and I deal with seem mere trifles. But they are not, because in our position they are equally important."

I walk over to Yal-hune and she looks at me with great compassion. While one part of my life is shattered, another part of me still stands to replace it with something better.

"Thank you Yal-hune. I know I needed to hear this, even if i did not enjoy hearing this. I hope I can retain it. I know by default I will return to my old ways of thinking."

"Of course - but I'll be here to keep you in line."

She laughs her adorable laugh inside my mind. I realize I love her even more, if that is possible. She is truly an angel. She knew I needed to hear this - and right now - when the MIMIR technologies were recovered. She is trying to help me avoid repeating past mistakes. I think she has been successful. I have lost almost all interest in saving the world - or America. Everyone has to save themselves. I fully understand that now. My actions, trying to implement more advanced technologies, would only interfere and backfire, harming those I intended to help.

So much to think about. Even now, as I prepare to fly back to Shamballa with Yal-hune in an EMF craft I was desperately trying to find, that over-positive bias of the craft has completely disappeared.

(End Part 31)

The Best is Yet to Come (Part 30)

“The first truck load is ready to be hauled back to the planes..”

“Okay. Get that stuff out of here and on the planes! Hustle! Drive carefully!”

There’s more priceless treasures here than in the end of the film National Treasure. I try to remain on equilibrium but I am seeing stuff that boggles the mind. Not only is there only 1 working EMF craft, but there are two, much smaller, one-man crafts that function the same way. Art! There is art here beyond one’s wildest dreams. Art that pulsates, scintillates and comes alive - with a glance or a thought. Intelligent art that can perceive these things and react. Yal-hune says this style of art was popular in Atlantis - art that changed and reacted to its environment. There are devices, machines, clothing and even some things that look promising as age maintainers - cell rejuvenators. It’s hard to think of these things as evil - especially when we live in a world that worships at the alter of youth. Because the world does not understand the complete cycle of regeneration, the quest to look and be young is endless.

Each treasure tops the last. Books that come alive as you turn the pages, books that transfer the words straight into your mind. Yal-hune has been sharing with me the contents and the purposes of many objects, inside my mind. as the men load them up. The men know this stuff is special, but they are disciplined and they watch each other as they catalog them and pack them out. The chatter about Ketta-Nu-Ma is kept to a bare minimum as they focus on the task at hand - saving the speculation for the trip back.

Yal-hune is preparing the large EMF craft for travel. Apparently there are things that need to be checked and calibrated, much like a car or airplane. The sun is fully up and this city is coming to life. I hope to have all these items loaded and out of the country, long before noon.

“The craft is ready. Incidentally it alone would have been capable of transporting all these items in a fraction of the time it will take to fly these things out.”

“It’s not big enough.”

“No, it isn’t big enough for everything at once but when the trip takes 5 seconds from here to Shamballa, and the cargo can be transported to a storage facility in another 5 seconds - it saves lots of labor and time.”

“So, as for the rest of this stuff, you are saying you could haul it back to Shamballa in a matter of minutes?”

“Yes. About ten minutes.”

“Okay. Do it That’s fine with me! A Team stop loading. Return to command vehicle, head back to airport, unload what you have and board the planes!”

I turn to Yal-hune, “You’re softening up. Next thing you know you will be penciling out diagrams of the devices and crafts being recovered.”

“No, this is just saving you some time doing mundane labor - nothing more.”

“Sure, sure…whatever you say.”

I smile at her and tease her. I don’t think she can be teased, exactly. But she probably appreciates the sentiment behind it.

“You keep thinking these ‘audience’ type thoughts - who exactly are you talking to? On our world those thoughts are common in multi-person thought transfers, but as far as I know - you are only in communication with me.”

“Those thoughts are for posterity. And maybe I‘m in communication with another Planetary Emissary on another world…who is planning on coming down to Earth, simply because I am here.”

Yal-hune laughs. It’s not a mean laugh, but rather that delicious laugh that reaches right into your mind and makes you happy when you hear it.

“Okay. Say hello to your imaginary Emissary for me!”

“Wouldn’t you be surprised if it was true? Maybe she can’t wait to be assigned to Earth…and before long the southwestern desert will be a bustling place for extraterrestrials all eager to share technologies and recipes for extraterrestrial goulash.”

“Extraterrestrial goulash?”

“Sure. It’s probably yummy and she makes it better than anyone back in the old world, excepting her mother!”

“Well, invite her down here.”

“She says she’s all booked up till 2012.”

“I see.”

“Okay. Have I made a sufficient posterior out of myself yet? It’s a human thing. You having all the aces makes it hard to have something you want.”

“Come here.”

I walk over to Yal-hune who is looking simply ravishing in her white workman overalls. Her pinkish skin looks like some velvety dream and her lips make luscious seem like a wholly inadequate word. Her auburn-gold hair is falling down upon her white clothed shoulders and the contrast is heavenly and unearthly. Her eyes are so powerful and yet so gentle. Her mind has sculpted this body and it is like a Faberge egg - a treasure of incredible intricacy, care and design. Falling in love with an extraterrestrial is heaven - and hell. Knowing these thoughts only reveal my preoccupation with the physical and not the mental, make it all the more frustrating. Any human woman would love to be complemented and adored. For Yal-hune such things are merely demonstrations of my mental immaturity and Pavlovian responses - and worst of all, I know it too.

“I owe you this.”

Yal-hune wraps her arms around me. She stares into my eyes and is simultaneously in my mind. She tilts her head slightly so that her forehead touches mine. What happens next is too hard to describe. A kiss that reaches out and encompasses my soul, that makes every kiss I’ve ever had seem like a handshake. A kiss that is mental and reaches out and kisses every part of my consciousness. A kiss that raises my consciousness to a whole new level and makes me aware of a new kind of sentience - that I could never imagine existed. She oscillates with me and each cell in my body rejoices. I have that renewed sense of purpose, of perspective and of life itself. I'm suddenly aware that sentience is infinite and have had a taste of her broadened sentience.

She speaks inside my mind ever so gently, like a soft zephyr breeze over a flowery meadow:

"The best is yet to come."

Sunday, October 18, 2009

MIMIR'S Treasures (Part 29)

I stand in the door way with Yal-hune. All sorts of crates are able to be seen. Some items too big to be crated, sit with large white tarps over them. In the distance I see what looks like one of the EMF craft I rode with Shayla in - the shape even under an enormous tarp is unmistakable.

Yal-hune motions me to pause.

"What's the matter?"

There's a time displacement field set up in this facility. Another few steps and we would have entered it. Your world has alarms and vaults, other worlds use time displacement fields.

"B Team hold your position. The facility is booby-trapped. Repeat. Hold your position. Do not enter."

I turn to Yal-hune.

"Time displacement fields?"

"Yes. You enter them and you come out in a different time - into a world much older. This has the tendency of making theft very undesirable. Who wants to leave the world they know behind only to enter a new one, with no friends, family or acquaintances?"

"So anyone who walks in here...and steps a few more steps towards these crates would leave our time?"

"Yes. Based on the vibration of the field this is set for twenty years per minute. Anyone stays here for even ten minutes to take a crate out and they emerge 200 years into the future."

"Is that even possible?"

"Yes. It is."

"How do they know that the building will remain 200 years in this location?"

"Because the field acts to protect this structure, or at least that part influenced by the field - by changing its rate of molecular vibration. Once the field is shut down, the contents are subject to normal destruction, age and whatever else time does to matter."

"So this structure exists almost infinitely as long as this field is up?"

"Well if the planet were destroyed, the device which enables the field would cease to get power. So if the planet is destroyed the plug is pulled. Though this rooms contents would be one of the very last things to go."

"You knew all about these things didn't you? The Norchan, the time field - and whatever happens next, don't you?"

Yal-hune smiles at me and with her finger brushes it under my chin playfully.

"I thought you, Mr. Von Doom, didn't want to know everything?"

"Okay, I know it is impossible to know everything. I take it all back let me know if you think I can handle it."

"Okay. Yes, I did know about this potential future. The appearance of the Norchan figured prominently in many futures with this MIMIR property. Some were far worse futures where your teams get killed by the Norchan or lost in time. Several had YOU getting lost in time and emerging a thousand years in the future totally out of place with your life."

"Can you deactivate the field?"

"I'm not certain yet. This was designed to halt all those who can't control their own fields and even those who can to some degree. It is Norchanian technology and would halt a Norchan - or a Human. But it was not designed for those who carry their own altered fields with them and can cancel incoming signals, as I can. The device is positioned on the Northeastern wall. In a worse case scenario, even if I am time displaced I can return to this time with hardly any effort. Wish me luck!"

I give her a sudden passionate kiss. I didn't even know I was going to - it just happened so quickly I think it even caught Yal-hune off guard. I suddenly feel closer to her, than I ever have. Maybe its the proximity to this time field, or maybe its watching her handle the Norchan with an attitude, with almost no emotion.
I love her so much it hurts.

"Behave yourself...we are on a mission...remember?"

"She's right. Here we are facing who only knows what and I'm acting like a teen with a crush."

"I'm going in."

"Good luck!"

Yal-hune walks forward her green field up - and both her and her field shimmer - then vanish.

"Yal-hune! Yal-hune!"

I am freaking out. Did she intend to vanish or was this time displacement field too powerful for her? Will she be able to disable it?


I see someone walk out from behind a row of crates 50 yards in the distance, it is Yal-hune - thank goodness!

"I disabled the field generator."

"Any other surprises in here? I still don't quite get it - why did the Norchans want to keep this stuff out of human hands?"

"There are artifacts here which can quickly alter the technological balance when researched and reverse-engineered. The history of the galaxy is filled with horrible wars that begin when a world with lower sentience inherits advanced technology. The Norchans have a covert program which is designed to insure such worlds stay comparatively primitive."

"How kind of them."

"A team and B team commence removal of warehouse contents."

The teams move in rapidly and start to load stuff into the trucks.

Yal-hune gazes around the warehouse and I know she can catalogue the contents of these crates without even opening them up and looking inside. The men start removing tarps from some of the items and one item immediately catches my eye - a silver spire.

"It isn't..."

"Yes. It is. One of the original Lemurian silver spires that broadcast signals which quickened the intellect of the masses. MIMIR unearthed it in Africa. The alloy is almost indestructible in Earth's field environment."

I walk over towards the spire and Yal-hune accompanies me. The spire is beautiful - gorgeous beyond words. It has a texture that defies description - but which moves as one looks at it as light plays through its molecules.

"Can this be put back into operation?"

"The spires were a system. One alone does not function. All are needed to function. They play off each other and their location also needs to be correct. Each spire was built for a specific portion of the planet and when the entire group were in place their harmonics complemented each other."

"Sort of like a wind chime - where each metal tube is a different length so that a different notes can be played simultaneously?"

"A crude definition, but fairly accurate."

I realize this is going to be a real treasure. Humanity can't begin to know what has been found here and what it means to our evolution as a sentient species. I begin to wonder what MIMIR was doing with all these things. So many things Shayla never told me.

"She did what she felt was best. She knew your future - and your pasts. Our little trip into the future should have illustrated why she kept many of MIMIR'S finds secret from you. Even now you can't help but view all this stuff here positively. You are not on equilibrium. I look around here and see neither good nor evil. I see things that by themselves have no bias. However, I understand their infinite capacity for both good and evil if handled by those who do not possess the same equilibrium."

"I understand."

"You think you do. You will eventually."

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sunrise in Colombia (Part 28)

The trucks are rolling and we leave behind a ten man team to protect the two planes, though there shouldn't be any problems. This airport is very small. A runway and a few hangars. A C-17 Globemaster is also en route here and should arrive within two hours - a gift from Thor, who wants to make sure we have plenty of space if the two C-130s aren't enough.The C-17 can haul 170,000 pounds of cargo and added to the two C-130s brings our carrying capacity to about 250,000 pounds. If there is anywhere near that much stuff from MIMIR to haul, it will be like finding the lost city of Cibola and hauling back galleons full of treasure.

We have the latest GPS location trackers which should give us directions straight to the warehouse. It is almost dawn and traffic is extremely light. The warehouse is in downtown Leticia. A few minutes from the border of Brazil. We are driving down Avenida Internacional, which has trees planted in the center divider which are just starting to catch sunlight from the East. In less than a minute we come to a stop.

"Team A is in position and ready to approach."

"Here we are. Remember we don't know if this place is guarded or has a security system in place. Approach with extreme caution. Team B will approach from the south. Team A will approach from the north. Unless you meet armed resistance, I only want the disruptors used - understood?"


Disruptors are a trade name for the stun guns used by the Agency for non-lethal combat. Light years in advance of tasers, they use proprietary technologies to incapacitate combatants without permanent harm.

I turn to Yal-hune, "Is anyone in there?"

"No. The warehouse is unoccupied. There are signal transmitters on the doors. Anyone who opens them triggers a signal beacon."

"Where does that signal go to?"

"You're not going to like this."

"What? Why? Where does it go?"

"It goes two places - but only one of them is here on Earth."


"Yes. One of the receivers for this signal is a spacecraft. The other is an alien living in Brazil, in the rain forest region. He is a teleporter and could be here instantly. As a matter of fact, he is aware of my probing. Prepare yourself! He comes!"

"A Team and B team return to the vehicles!"

The men scramble back quickly and B-team jumps back into the Pepsi truck with me and Yal-hune.

A whirling dervish appears out of nowhere. Dust and debris are flying and suddenly in the center of it a being materializes. He is tall. 7 feet or so, maybe 7'3". He is imposing and he doesn't look happy - which concerns me. Aliens that share lower human emotions are certainly not like Yal-hune.

"I am Ketta-nu-ma. This property is under my protection. You may not take it."

I look at Yal-hune. She is in my mind.

"He is a Norchan from planet Kettiley. A troublesome world that violates other worlds that are still in their infancy."

"What are his powers? Can he hurt you? Who sent him to protect this warehouse?"

"He is powerful. But he is not as developed mentally or spiritually as my world. He is armed with his world's technology. Your weaponry would be completely useless against his clothing and equipment. Someone inside MIMIR was the equivalent of an interplanetary spy. When MIMIR folded they were the ones who redirected these materials to Colombia, with the intent of keeping them out of human hands."

I sense him trying to violate my mind and it is painful. My mental shielding is not enough to keep him from ripping information from my mind! Aaaaaghhhhhhhhhh.

"Get out! Get out of my mind!"

My mind asserts itself forcibly and locks down. Yal-hune suddenly erects a green field around both vehicles and suddenly my mind can relax. But my thoughts come painfully like someone punched my consciousness in the breadbasket and it is recovering.

"You humans are such pathetic beings! Galactic basket-cases so needy, your 'best' military forces need a female protector from a weak world of hypocrites to protect them!"

He adjusts his weapon which looks like a small polished brass baton and for the first time I am scared. Not scared for myself, but for Yal-hune. I realize if anything happens to her, because of this mission - it is my fault. I authorized it. I pursued the MIMIR artifacts and technologies.

"Sir we've got clear shots! Can we engage?"

"No. Your weapons will be useless against him! Hold your fire!"

"Useless. Yes. Just like this whole planet. A useless ball in space filled with hardly sentient garbage!"

Yal-hune speaks.

"Ketta-nu-ma, you are in violation of galactic accord. Earth is a quarantined world and your interference with the government of this world reflects upon your world and if you do not leave will incur serious consequences. Even as I communicate here with you this entire scene, since your arrival is being broadcast to my home world, the confederation council worlds - and yours. As I speak to you your Planet Leader has denied any authorization for your presence here. You are here illegally and must leave."

"Ooh! Serious consequences! I don't know what is more pathetic. These drooling humans or you - an intergalactic Jane Goodall whose life is so worthless she is wasting it among the animals. Yes, I will leave. You've shown the galaxy just how much you value your non-interference ideals! The consequences will be serious - for Earth and all animal worlds like it!"

Ketta-nu-ma starts to vanish. The whirling dervish that seemed to surround him dissipates into nothing.

I turn to look at Yal-hune and she looks somewhat distressed. I start worrying that I've blown it for her. That because she interfered to protect us, she has violated her world's own non-interference policies. I sense she is communicating with her world and her world's space fleet. She allows me into her mind, just inside the doorway so I can observe what is transpiring. She is communicating with her brother about the rogue Norchan spacecraft that is in orbit around the Earth. Apparently there are confederation spacecraft in our solar system ready to intercept and forcibly teleport their ship if they do not leave voluntarily. The sheer technological power of these things suddenly is made full clear. Our atomic bombs and technology are like stone arrowheads and bearskins. Our spacecraft are like log rafts next to an oceanliner.

In a moment it is clear her communication is complete. I suddenly realize the time differential. The Norchan leader could respond to the situation because even 30 seconds here is almost a week on some of these other worlds. She can have hour long discussions in a fraction of the time. I realize her thought processing speed is much like a computer processor. While we can entertain a few hundred thoughts a minute. She is capable of 100 or more times amount when interfaced with someone of her own level.

The green field dissipates.

"You may proceed."

"Is everything OK? Will you get into trouble?"

"No. My interference was permitted when dealing with another alien. Their world has technology far in excess of their mental and spiritual development. When you see Ketta-nu-ma, you see the future of Earth if given technologies while still functioning primarily from lower emotions."

"B Team approach and open the warehouse doors."

Yal-hune and I approach with B Team and one of the Techs blasts the hinges and locks with a refrigerant. Another Tech takes a sledge hammer and shatters the lock and hinges. The lock and handle shatter and the door falls open after two more blows.

Yal-hune and I enter first...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Operation Sleipnir (Part 27)

Yal-hune looks great in a flight suit. A modern day recruiting poster in action. The teams onboard are ogling her mercilessly, but being the best of the best are also professional and silent. No cracks, smirks or anything besides unabashed gawking. Most of the combat personnel stationed at Shamballa haven't met Yal-hune. I wonder if Yal-hune can manage to keep their thoughts out of her mind. These teams don't know of Yal-hune's abilities, though they are aware of her being an alien. About five of these guys have worked alongside aliens before when MIMIR was still active. Working alongside aliens in a combat mission is a very rare thing. Until a few years ago, I knew of none that had. Sure, I heard rumors and stories, but that was all they were. No one ever had corroboration.

I strap myself in and Tech2 is already jockeying the plane to the runway. Yal-hune is sitting by herself towards the back of the temporary bolt down seating. I know she already knows what is out there, but I haven't asked her. I don't know exactly why I haven't asked. There is something a bit disturbing about knowing too much. If she knows the future, our future, as well as I think she does, then even her interaction with me is known to her. That has got to be a bit unsettling for her. Do all folks on her world know their own futures? Or do they shield themselves from knowing everything. Again, I haven't asked. I guess I don't want to know my own future. Not that I'm fearful of what's in it, rather I think I prefer more surprises in life. That may be an emotional need - I don't know. Perhaps when one evolves beyond lower emotions such knowledge is nothing but useful?

The men are talking about small matters of little import. Chatter en route on missions is notoriously banal. A sense of normalcy can be sustained when guys talk about what a sleazebag David Letterman is, or what they would do to the kidnapper of Jaycee Dugard. Yal-hune doesn't bias such things, regardless of how they bring to life humanity's more base responses.

Time passes and I realize we are already entering Colombian airspace. I turn behind me and look at the two trucks fastened securely, which will be used for collecting artifacts and left behind if space does not permit their inclusion on the return flight. One truck is plastered and disguised as a Colombian pest control company truck and the other truck is disguised like a Pepsi truck. The Agency prefers Pepsi over Coke in these matters. The trucks are filled with munitions and other typical equipment. Everything is supposed to go smoothly. But in a plane full of boy scouts, everyone is prepared and ready for anything.

We start to make our descent. We are arriving at the Alfredo Vásquez Cobo International Airport. In the region of Leticia, we had forward observational posts trying to spot drug traffickers here about twenty years ago. The entire area is corrupt and narcotics are one of the primary industries. Several kingpins live in the region, with great influence over the municipal and regional law enforcement and military. Fortunately, none of them are too interested in extraterrestrial life.

The plane hits the runway with barely a jolt. I love it when a pilot makes a good landing in a plane of this size. It's all the more impressive when the runway is a bit on the short side.

I turn to look at Yal-hune and she seems distant and preoccupied. She is concealing her thoughts very well and what she is thinking of at this time is will remain known only to her. The men are getting into their white workman coverall disguises and are unfastening the trucks in a display of utter competency. In six minutes the trucks are packed with personnel and rolling down the cargo ramp. Yal-hune is standing and watching, but still saying nothing. Her silence is beginning to get unnerving and I have to speak to her.

"So what's on your mind Yal-hune?"

"I've been thinking."

"About what?"


"Care to elucidate a bit?"

"Not really."

If I didn't know better, any other woman, with those responses, I would assume was ticked off at me. It seems out of place with her personality.

She turns to me and smiles, "You are paranoid. It's charming on you. I've been processing a lot of eventualities, outcomes and futures. You said you didn't want to know the future, so I'm going to keep mum from now on."

"I knew you were listening in on my thoughts!"

"When you start Victor Von Doom-ing, with the whole internal monologue thing, it's hard not to hear you think. Your thoughts were far louder than the conversing troops."

"Don't keep mum. I want to know things, just not everything."

"Let's go into the Pepsi truck. I don't want to ride in the pest control one."

"Any particular reason?"

"I like the colors."

I sense she is just fooling around with me. She knows something, the future most likely, and is influencing it - possibly controlling it by her decisions. I have a deja-vu, which indicates my assumption is probably right on the money.

We walk down the ramp and enter the idling Pepsi truck with B team. Our wireless headsets operate in frequencies well above easy listening and intercept with 100ghz+ EHF signals. These EHF signals are perfect for short distance communication. They are not good at all for long distance communication or for missions in adverse weather or terrain.

I speak authoritatively as befits the occasion, "Teams A and B Go!"

Our truck starts rolling.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Politics (Part 26)

The daily briefing takes place at 0700 and I sit through fifteen minutes of hearing about the world's tensions, disasters and conflicts. Since Yal-hunes arrival I finally have come to accept that I can't save the world, and that my efforts in that direction are misguided. The world is perfect. Everything I have heard today is good. It serves a valid purpose in furthering human evolution. I used to feel like the white knight, a modern day Lancelot, ready to ride off to some corner of the world where a fearful dragon needed to be slain. Yal-hune has tempered those desires and now with each crisis I realize it's actually a good event.

Everyone has noticed this change in my demeanor and my apparent lack of concern, when compared to my past reactions. It's hard to explain that Yal-hune has lifted my perspective so that I understand that all things and both polarities are necessary and good for growth and development.

I have the plans on my desk for Operation Sleipnir. I begin to second guess the wisdom of retrieving the MIMIR objects and craft. However, I know that if someone else obtains them, they would be more likely to be put to negative usage.

"Yes, Operation Sleipnir is a go. Tech0 and I will meet you and the teams on the runway in 40 minutes."

Yal-hunes handle is Tech0 for all references here at SDAI. I know she will be able to handle the ship, if it's there, if I cannot.

In the past, I would be much more anxious before a mission. With Yal-hune around I feel safer. It's strange, because I am the last person who wants to have to depend upon another or see them as some form of salvation. However, having seen her in action it is easy to suddenly feel safer in adverse situations. Retrieval from one of the Agency's warehouses in a foreign nation, not particularly noted for its law and order, clearly qualifies as a potentially adverse situation. But I am calm. The peace of mind that comes from not already biasing the situation as good/bad is a major difference for me. I realize how much I have come to bias by default.

The C130s are already prepped for hauling a small warehouse of goods. Our specialists and science teams are already itching to get some of MIMIRs finds and equipment to study. The excitement is tangible and this electric excitement lurks just outside my consciousness. Flying in a plane seems so slow and backwards now. It is hardest on those who must live with a foot in both worlds.

The politics of Yal-hune's presence keeps rearing its ugly head and, believe it or not, I have received two memos from the Agency's internal equivalents of the CDC and EPA requesting data about her affect on the environment and whether or not she poses a disease risk to humans and other biological organisms on Earth. No one cares that she represents the distant future of humanity, Yal-hune is something to fear, exploit or worship. Her mission here, to share certain wisdom, when asked, interests few. And amazingly few, even here, are interested in her as a person, as much as they are in her as a unique species of sentience. Perhaps most of this is because her personality has fewer of the lower human emotions that can be related to. People like to see people with some flaws and weaknesses. Superman had Kryptonite. What is Yal-hune's weakness? I'm sure her enemies, and the other agencies on Earth aware of her presence, are already trying to find one.

That's already understood here. Here we test for abilities, but what they don't say is that these tests are really designed to pinpoint weaknesses as well.

What no one here that all these tests pinpoint our weaknesses.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dreams (Part 25)

"Prepare yourself."

I don't tell Yal-hune that I don't really know how to prepare myself for time travel and molecular realignment with the space-time continuum. But I close my eyes, figuring that such an action qualifies as preparedness.

I feel that now familiar sense of time displacement. A drowsy, dozing feel, and then it is gone. I know we are back.

"Yes. We are back. How do you feel? Stand still, let me look at you for a second."

Yal-hune peers at me intensely as though she is looking for something.

"I'm scanning for atomic and molecular abnormalities that might have been engendered by the trip through time. Sometimes little distortions can cause problems as cells don't age properly because they are not in alignment with the energy anatomy and the constant stream of data it projects into each cell."

Yal-hune lifts her hand to the back of my neck. Her touch is ever so gentle as she brushes her palm across it. I feel a warm sensation and some other things that are hard to describe. But I do feel much better as a result.

"What are you doing?"

"You had a group of cells in your cerebral cortex that were oscillating out of synchronicity and I adjusted their fields. Nothing major, but it would keep you from being 100 percent."

"Thank you. You are a healer too, aren't you?"

"Every Planetary Emissary that goes out is very qualified and must be able to do all sorts of things. If our average citizens have X percent of skills, we have to have X plus another 35 percent. So time travel, advanced energy manipulation, healing and all the rest are within the Planetary Emissary's standard training."

"Anything else need any fixing? I'd much rather take my chances with you than any doctor on Earth."

"Well, let's look."

She peers at me again and then she closes her eyes.

"Give me it straight doc..."

"You are fine. A few minor imbalances that you need to address yourself."

"Ok. Thanks, Yal-hune. I know that ever since you disembarked from the craft my body has been helped. I can feel it."

"Yes, your cells are all oscillating at a slightly higher fundamental frequency, leaving you feeling a bit more clear, energized and refreshed."

"Thank you for the trip. I will take your advice and try to be more balanced about regarding technology, and I will do my best to try and undo whatever damage I've already done to the future. I've been wondering about some things, and now seems as good a time as any to ask them."

"Go ahead."

"Do you dream? You know, like humans do? Bad dreams, nightmares and that sort of thing?"

"Yes. I dream. My field resists obsessional influence and so I don't have the nightmares and bad dreams normal humans do. All my dreams are informative and educational. Dreams permit the subconscious to flush some of the things it stores and let them be reviewed while one sleeps in a new and fresh way. Upon awakening one can review the dreams and see if there are thoughts, actions ore emotions that need to be addressed."

"I know. I find my dreams are very educational when looked at closely."

The intercom buzzes. For the first time my mind acknowledges the fact that I have been gone - or have I? I look at the clock on the wall and realize no time has elapsed. The entire journey took almost no time at all.

"Tech1 here, what's up?"

"Maybe nothing, maybe something. The sensor arrays really went all crazy for a moment. Like every sensor suddenly detected something and then nothing. So far no one reports anything, but I thought I'd let you know."

"I think I know what it is. And I think the sensors will be fine. Run diagnostic tests if it happens again."

"Okay sir, will do."

I remove my hand from the intercom and look at Yal-hune.

"It was a temporal flux. When we left, a small wave of time displacement was created which expanded. Like a ring formed by a drop of water."

"Is that bad?"

"No, temporal rings occur all the time...pardon the pun. One ring interferes with another and for a period while the rings interface time is distorted. The sense of time during these things then is changed. The day that last forever and the day that races past - all these things are the results of time rings and influence consciousness."

"How do they influence consciousness?"

"Because your consciousness is the one thing that can identify the difference. Consciousness recognizes that the clock is moving slower even though the second hand seems to tick like before. It realizes that it is getting more or less thought and 'consciousness time' in each minute."

"So time isn't really fixed?"

"No it isn't. Time is a subharmonic common denominator to space and atomic matter. When the galaxy rotates, solar systems pass through constantly new and changing subharmonics. These energies are completely unknown in this time. However they influence every single thing. You, me, the planet, its lifeforms and the sun too. The entire galaxy as it hurls through space is also constantly changing. These new and unknown subharmonics add a constant new input into each galaxy. I know its hard to imagine and conceive."

"You're right. It is."

She smiles. She's in my mind - sharing her understanding with me one thought at a time. I see it all so clearly now - of course. Like gears in a watch and yet the gears all can move at varying speeds when they interlink with other gears.

I can't help myself and give her a mental kiss on the cheek. It's all I can do to keep myself from holding her in my arms and kissing her passionately. I can't begin to describe how my body knows just how much it wants her. Each cell is screaming its attraction to her. My cells aren't dumb - they know she is a prize. The hormones are pumping and the glands are all hyperactive when she is near. Every time she enters my mind, it strengthens it. Like my brain is now reprogrammed to desire her more and more. And ever since she showed me what oscillation is, my body has acquired new tastes - and desires her mind. I can't help thinking about all she can do, and its all too easy to see her as a goddess from another world. Her mind is beyond sexy, it is a fundamental desire and attraction beyond mere reproductive urges - my mind realizes she is healthy for it and it craves interaction with her.

"You really need to see me on equilibrium too. If you bias me over-positive, you will be drawn to circumstances which show you that knowing me is not all positive."

"I already know that...I have already suffered since you arrived. To know that someone is so out of one's league, and yet to be so pathetic as not to care and still make a constant ass out of oneself. I see others do it around you, and yet I do it too. It's torture to be in constant confessional and be reminded all one's goals might really have been completely foolish and destructive.

I hate being needy around you. I hate that I hate anything, especially when I know my life has been absolutely wonderful since you entered into it. I want you all for myself and yet I know you are here for the world. Even as I say these words I think of Lois Lane talking to Superman in the film Superman II. I remember how I thought she was acting stupid and she should easily have known that. But now I see how she felt. Even when I transcribe events for my blog, I am jealous that my readers get to know you too. Yes, it's crazy. Completely crazy. But it's a real feeling. What's sad is I think part of me would have liked to remain in 2059 with you - I would have enjoyed living the life of Gabriel and Maricruz Vasquez in a future dystopian ghetto worse than any of Ayn Rands worst nightmares, if it permitted me to be alone with you as husband and wife."

"I know. It is hard for me too. Because of my development, most will react to me in similar ways. I try to be there for each in a unique way. Remember - it's all good, even the frustrations, deflation and unquenched desires."

"Logically, I know this. Emotionally I am in total denial."

She gives me a return mental kiss on the cheek and, with it, some perspective in my mind for me to review.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Consequences (Part 24)

We fly down towards Washington DC. It looks decrepit and different. We land on the White House Lawn.

"Why hasn't anyone reacted? Where are the Secret Service? Do people land on the White House lawn often in 2059?"

"We are invisible. The field renders our presence undetectable. Let's walk over to the Oval Office."

I've been to the White House hundreds of times, yet I've never seen it look so awful. The White Paint is in need of a coat and the lawn and plants look less cared for and half dead. In 2009, the army of gardeners and maintenance crews would have been fired for sure.

"Look at this."

Yal-hune shows me something that looks like a fire hydrant sticking out of the ground.

"What is it?"

"It's a mind blanking device."

"Mind blanking?"

"Yes. Some of your technology white papers were used to develop 'mind blankers' - devices which broadcast on recognized synaptic frequencies and interfere with natural thought processes."

"What for? Why is it here?"

"A person coming within 30 feet of this device is rendered temporarily mindless. They freeze up and collapse. It is used as a security device all over the world wherever they want to keep people away. It works. The after-effects are diminished mental capacity. It's earned a reputation as a mind-wrecker."

"Why isn't it influencing us?"

"I'm shielding us from the signals with my field."

"And they have these placed all around the White House? What about the President and all the rest? They have to be very careful where they walk, don't they?"

"Yes, they place them in specifically mapped areas. The White House interior is shielded somewhat - look."

I see large clear Plexiglas type constructs bolted to the walls, which I had not noticed before.

"What are those things?"

"They are harmonic dampers. Very expensive and they block a wide spectra of high and low frequencies using a resonant obstruction method."

"Never heard of that one."

"The crystalline composition detects a signal, matches it via reverberation and then blocks it by cancellation. It's not perfect, but it is the basis for all sorts of soundproofing and signal blocking used all over the Earth in 2059."

"So the mind blankers augment or replace the Secret Service and keep people away. The dampers protect the President from stray signals. It seems that someone wearing the damping technology would be immune to the blankers?"

"At this time the dampers need to be huge crystalline structures weighing upwards of 800 pounds. The technology has not yet been developed to make it wearable."

" my papers were misused to create stuff that interferes with people's minds. What should I do - destroy those papers?"

"All I am trying to do is show you that all efforts to educate or share advanced information come with downsides and consequences. By showing you some of the consequences, hopefully when we return, you will see things a bit more balanced and have less of a drive to get me to assist you in revolutionizing the Earth's technological level."

"You've got to understand, Yal-hune - I was born into an era which promised the moon, space travel, longevity, Utopian type cities and more. After awhile I realized they weren't going to deliver - ever - unless I got the ball rolling myself."

"I know your motivations. Let me show you something else."

We take off again - effortlessly. Jeez, I could get used to this type of travel! The White House fast shrinks and is unidentifiable. We head west and arrive in Colorado, near what I recognize as the old NORAD center and command bunkers. We pass through the mountain walls as if they are not even there and we are in some sort of storage facility.

"What are these things? Warheads?"

"You remember the fascination with neutron bombs in the 1970s? It thrilled certain folks that they might be able to kill off humans but leave the structures intact for re-habitation?"

"Yes. I do."

"Well the mind blanking technology was turned into a 'deliverable' weapon and now wars and attacks are waged in which the victims have their minds destroyed, which most often kills the body too. Its proponents favorite euphemism is 'clean warfare' and it too is the result of one of your technology contracts and the accompanying white papers for the military."

It's horrible beyond words. Nothing good came from the cutting edge science shared - only weaponry, suffering and unimaginable cruelty to other humans.

"I think I've seen enough. This is just one possible future right? By showing me this - it should probably change it, right?"

"Not necessarily. Some of the data you have shared was already being weaponized back in 2009. These things have evolved from actions you already committed - not ones you still have not yet made!"

"So how can I go about changing this dismal future for humanity and Earth? Sharing advanced technology and understandings seems to backfire."

"You will have to figure that out for yourself. Balance! Balance is the key and should be your watchword. If you apply balance to your life and actions, it should make a difference. And not just for you, but for humanity and future generations. Humanity needs to change its goals and understand inherent immortality. Once this is understood, when they are ready, then can technology be shared without it being horribly subverted by selfish, small-minded, destructive humans to try and control others and place themselves on top."

(End Part 24)

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Flying with an Extraterrestrial (Part 23)

"Our tests were completely off the mark. You're not like any alien we have ever encountered. We shouldn't have tested what you can do, because our imagination is only so broad. We should have asked you, 'Is there anything you CAN'T do.' "

"Energy manipulation is a stage sentient life eventually enters. On my world even children can manipulate energy with their minds. It is a very natural development. What seems like magic or super-normal to you and humanity, is simply a physics equation in action. Flight, force fields, teleportation and even time travel all are developments which sentience learns to master."

"Can you walk through walls?"

"Yes. How do you think I exited my ship? That materialization you perceived as more 'graceful' was performed by my mind. That is why it seemed more graceful. Machines are less graceful and are always inferior to what the mind can do. The most technocratic worlds have no material technology! Everything is controlled and manipulated by the minds of the beings who reside there."

"I want to thank you Yal-hune. I don't know how anyone could ask for more from life. You make everything so wonderful. I know it sounds sappy, like a Hallmark greeting card, but it's true."

"Flying with you is pretty nifty too."


"Be happy I only draw back slang from that period into my conversational lexicon, I could use phrases like 23 Skiddoo - for me, anyways, they are not that 'old' at all."

"Where are we going?"

"How would you like to see the Earth?"

"I am seeing's amazing."

"No, I mean from out in space."

"Out in space?"

"Without a spaceship."

"You can do that? And block out the radiation, provide us with air to breathe and not get distracted and have us die horribly in space?"

"Yes. Are you game?"

"I'm game. I trust you."

Suddenly she heads up and I see the green field around us expand to an area the size of a big SUV. We are getting higher and higher and we have reached a point where the blue of the sky is vanishing and it is becoming light dark the blackness of space is around us and the entire sphere of the world can be seen. Part of it lies in shadow and the other glows brightly as the suns rays bring it to life. It is beautiful beyond words. The continents, the oceans and the clouds below.

I start to tear up and cry. I'd seen this before somehow, here with Yal-hune. One of the strongest and most powerful Deja-vu's I have ever had. I breathe normally, feel no cold or radiation.

"I never thought I would make it into space. And certainly not this way - the best way possible. Let me ask you something Yal-hune - what do you think of when you see the Earth?"

"I have seen many worlds and each world is beautiful in its own way. Earth is a small planet, but it has its charms. It is hard for me to separate the planet from the sentience that resides on it. So when I see the Earth, I think of humanity and so in some ways the planet looks like a child to me. Here let me show you."

She transfers the feelings she has straight into my mind. They are wonderful feelings and seeing from her eyes makes me feel a deep joy and an awareness of the infinite diversity of sentience.

I reach out to Yal-hune with my mind and share with her my feelings, which include my love for her. She extends her hand to me and it appears as though a flame is extending from it - a gorgeous scintillating white flame of the most beautiful energy I have ever seen. It is part of her soul - joined with even higher beings. I reach my hand towards her and I feel something welling up inside me, a majestic feeling, a clarity, an even greater love and understanding of life suddenly fills me up and my hand touches hers. Suddenly, I see not just the Earth but a beautiful vortex of light that is reaching down and forming it - giving it life and feeding its core! I see the flow of ceaseless energy from a dimension of light of beauty and wonder not just beyond words - but conception.

I turn to Yal-hune and she is completely white energy. She is almost translucent but filled with a sparkling sea of white light, with what seems like a billion sparkling stars.

"This is the way my energy body truly looks - and yours."

I look at myself and I am sparkling white energy now too. I see her return to her normal appearance and the transition is magnificent! Watching the white energy encapsulate into the atomic structures! A sight no human has ever beheld before while in a flesh body.

"But that is enough. Too much, too fast is not good either. Let us return down to Earth below and see some of your 2009 actions and their consequences."

(End Part 23)

Out of Time (Part 22)

I walk up to the clerk and where I expect to see a cash register is a handheld scanner. The sour looking man scans the items and then holds the scanner up about five inches from my temple. The man throws the items into a small mesh bag made of twine.

"Gracias, Senor." Yal-hune says and smiles. For the first time the man actually smiles.

We leave the store and emerge in the street again. I look at the skyline for the famous California smog and I see it still. It's hard to tell if it actually looks worse than before or better.

"Why is it still so smoggy if cars were made illegal over 20 years ago?"

"Well, much of the pollution comes over the Pacific Ocean from China. They now are the world's superpower and produce the goods for almost every nation. Yes, I know - not much different from 2009. This pollution is added to by local pollution. The poverty of California is beyond belief and government housing doesn't hold all of the 590 million Americans. Over 50 million are homeless and live on the streets. They light fires for warmth and this is nasty pollution. Like 20 million barbecues being lit every night, the smoke is particularly thick with pollution particulates."

I find it almost laughable - if it were not so sad, I might actually laugh. The 'evil' automobile is dead and buried for 20 years and the skies are dirtier than ever.

"Why don't they make the fires illegal?"

"They do. But at night time the homeless use flame concealing gadgets that make it hard for law enforcement to keep up with. And many of the homeless neighborhoods are not policed because they are very dangerous. All sorts of crime exists here. All the old ones - prostitution, drugs, murder, rape and more - are still present with some new ones added to them. Like during prohibition days, booze is made clandestinely, now alongside cigarettes. Fires the homeless use to survive are not the top priority of law enforcement."

I look closer and it sinks in just how old this area is and just how decrepit is the infrastructure. The State of California certainly is not the 'Golden State' anymore. I recognize new unclean smells I had not noticed when I first arrived.

"That's the sewer system - still dating to when it was built in the 1940s. It's never been rebuilt. There has been no money for infrastructure maintenance for many decades now. The sewers are clogged in many areas and while they try to keep them flowing, they are waging a losing battle. California's population is just too large, and the sewers were built for a population only 1/20th of this size."

"So what is the state of the world here? You mention China is top dog, what about Russia?"

"Russia is very poor, like the United States. They suffered when the planets magnetic north pole headed to Siberia, bringing them the coldest weather they have ever had since it arrived. Their sea straights and ports have been frozen solid for ten years now and they can't ship their oil. What's worse is that demand for oil is only big in China and Russian oil is bypassed in favor of big abiotic reserves tapped in China around 2023. The Middle East is a shacktown of poverty and oil can no longer be counted on to carry a nations economy."

"Has there been any wars? Any nuclear detonations?"

"Wars, yes, many. Israel was destroyed by a nuclear attack and irradiated in 2021. Israel, in response, from their nuclear submarines, nuked the capitals of three nations - Egypt, Iran and Syria. These regions have many birth defects and the peoples live too close to the old irradiated cities. The economies of these regions have never recovered and pumping oil in irradiated fields was tasked to robots."

"I'm curious...whatever happened to SDAI?"

"SDAI was shut down and closed completely after the end of Obama's one term. The black funding finally stopped. Not just for SDAI, but on all sorts of covert projects that had been receiving funding for decades. Obama succeeded in fully bankrupting America. After unemployment reached 25 percent in 2012, the Federal Reserve Bank and the dollar were worthless. Other nations refused dollar payments and the Euro became the standard international currency of choice."

"Who replaced Obama?"

"An Independent won."

"His name?"

"Her name."

"Not Hillary??"

"No, But I don't want to tell you more as it might interfere with my purposes in showing you this time period."

It's all overwhelming. Just how quickly a superpower could collapse into a sea of poverty and mental feebleness. I see the group we had seen earlier and a few more have gathered to join them.

"They plan to beat you up and have other plans for me. We may want to leave here now."

"Where to? Do we really have those government housing?"

"No. We don't. But there is a group of patrol bicycles a few blocks ahead. Care to exercise your legs?"

The gang sees us turn and they start to approach. She breaks into a run just as I do. She doesn't want to have to use her abilities. I hear the gang shout and break into a run as well.

"This area is unsafe."

"No kidding...really?"

We keep running and finally see a group of bicyclists, dressed in a uniform that is black with a red and black cap.

Yal-hune calls out to the officers in perfect Spanish. She explains that we are being chased. The men laugh. I wonder if we have gone from the frying pan into the fire. Two officers suddenly grab Yal-hune. Another two grab me.

"Trust don't want to be doing won't like her when shes angry."

"Shut up Blanco! Who said you can speak?"

I start thinking I could take out at least 5 of these guys before one of them got me with a weapon. Yal-hune is in my mind, "No don't even think that way."

"You reminded me how we could just teleport away...can you teleport us away?"

"I'm evaluating the options. Each has consequences for these men. I try to choose the one that has the least chance of causing them evolutionary harm."

"Evaluate quickly. I think they all like you."

The men chasing us now have joined the police officers and it's clear they know each other and are fast friends.

Suddenly, the groping men and the men who pursued us are all simultaneously hurled back about a dozen feet and all land on their posteriors. Yal-hune grabs me and before I know what's happening were flying.


Flying Fast.

What's weird is I feel no resistance. No air is tussling my hair, no wind is distorting my face, despite the fact we must be traveling hundreds of miles an hour - possibly thousands - and all from a complete standstill in less than a second. We are heading East, I think.

"That's the envelope of energy I surround us with - it acts as a force field and allows in only as much atmosphere as I want to pass through it."

"What will those men think?"

"We disappeared so quickly while they were on their posteriors looking up that not a single one of them did see us actually leave. They will think we are hiding nearby and will start a fruitless search for us."

"Where are we going?"

"I want to show you something else..."

(End Part 22)