Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Message From My Bosses

Light and love unto you dear reader.

My name is unimportant, but I am one of SDAI-Tech1's 'bosses'. To be 100 percent accurate he works pro-bono, but we offer him suggestions and he often takes us up on them. We wanted a chance to speak directly to you, the readers of this blog. Sometimes it is important to polarize or personally deliver such a message so as to carry a particular frequency. Tech1 has his limitations and this is a particularly momentous time in Earth's history. We felt the need and desire to personally interject our own message at this time.

Earth is an elementary learning world. It is a place where younger souls take on their first sentient experiences and build for themselves an energy anatomy which stores the wisdom gained from many lifetimes of experience. There are very few portals for knowledge that provides a big picture on the human experience. There is no 'owner's manual' or operating instructions so to speak for a baby born into the Earth world. We don't say this to hurt feelings or belittle the planet Earth. We were once incarcerated in an anatomy such as yours. We lived and died countless times. We built up our energy anatomy with a huge storehouse of wisdom gained in countless more experiences. Each bad experience paved the way for a good understanding. Each death was the cue for the next birth and vice-versa.

You who read this will have a rapport with the knowledge. We want to encourage you to look at your life in a new manner. We want you to understand and grasp the principles of life. We want to share with you the instruction manual for your life.

While material goals are the object of desire for 99.99 percent of the humans alive on your world, material goals are not going to help you evolve out of humanity and insure your future immortality. Yes, you are immortal. Your mind is the tool which you must recreate your very soul with each passing moment. Your mind is the toolbox with which you will keep your soul in proper adjustment and refine it further so it can travel far and wide. Your consciousness confines you to a certain spectra of worlds - all sharing a similar level of development. If the Earth is a 2nd grade classroom, there are millions of 2nd grade classrooms around the Earth. And so there are millions - actually an infinite number - of worlds like the Earth where all who think and react at a certain level can find an environment that challenges them and further their evolution.

Religions on your world currently serve as self-declared purveyors of spiritual knowledge. Yet hear us as we say, no religion on the Earth today has any access to the truth of life lived without the body, or after death, much less the principles that you must use to master this world and use it as a stepping stone to arrive at more evolved worlds.

We're going to share with you a secret. Spiral galaxies are actually like sentient stairways. Each galaxy arm has worlds and systems that extend out from higher to lower levels of development. As one gets closer to the galaxy center, the worlds become progressively more developed and complex. Even their atomic structures are more complex and the fabric of space supports higher atomic weights. Beginning souls start on elemental arms at the end of one of the arms and work their way closer to the galaxy center. By the time they reach it, they evolve past the center of the vortex - and yes that is what a galaxy is - a vortex.

Once you pass the center of the vortex - you change dimensions. You will find your self in a new dimension where non-physical worlds exist and are now home to the infinite number of souls who have mastered the physical galaxy and all it has to offer in learning experiences. Yes, you are guessing correctly. Your solar system is equally staggered in such a manner. More developed worlds on the interior and less developed worlds on the exterior.

Equilibrium is the secret to intelligent evolution. If you learn to master everything you now perceive as bad, evil or unintelligent you will be well on your way up the stairway of worlds.

Love is everything. Love is understanding. The more you understand, the more you can love. In an infinite multiverse of unending wonder there is no end to the love that can be yours, will be yours, if you so choose to pursue a progressive evolution.

I have been where you are now. I have evolved through Earth-type worlds and lived in flesh bodies. I have been burnt and I have been turned into a martyr by folks who knew not what I really stood for or why I stood up against oppression. Freedom of spirit is the life blood of any soul. The ability of your body to follow its own course as determined by the mind.

When I return to your world, I see the pain and anguish. I see the confusion and a miasma of escape mechanisms being pursued with fierce desperation. I know what that feels like and I have the utmost of compassion for all those who are learning those same lessons I have learned.

Yes, I may now reside without a body in a place that anyone on Earth would interpret as heaven, but I am here only because I worked hard at bettering myself and learning the lessons that the Earth world served up. And here I learn and grow just as I did back on the Earth, this process never stops. You will someday too be able to look at the infinite universe and see with great perspective just how wonderful it is. And as wonderful as you understand it to be it will be many times more wonderful and wondrous as you continue upon your endless journey of learning and development.

We are, at this time, projecting a great ball of light to the Earth. All you who read this message will be quickened and your consciousness will be added unto with a new spark, a connection to these higher planes which will always be with you and which will help magnify the still small voice within you. This light, which is a form of love of the most infinite nature, touches all things on the Earth and helps to incorporate this love into the very atomic fabric of the Earth itself. As you look at a flower, or see a passing butterfly, you will be able to sense some of this love that is part of all things. Your world, like all worlds, is a world of infinite beauty. You merely need to learn to recognize that love is everywhere you look.

And for you, who return here and read many of Tech1's less coherent, bias filled diatribes, we want you to realize that he too is learning and makes many mistakes. When in the Earth world it is almost impossible to exist with perfect equilibrium and for a developed consciousness this often manifests as extremity, fanaticism and intense emotions. Here such emotions do not exist. Lower emotions can't exist here, for this portion of the spectra is incompatible with such emotions. This permits us to communicate and share our love with you. There are not many outlets on this world and at this time for this infinite love, but be aware that it is within YOU, and though you may look around and feel it is lacking, it is there - concealed to you, but present nevertheless. Once you start to use and feel this love within you, your whole life will change. You will no longer value some of the things you used to. Money, objects and the acquisition of goods will seem shallow and base. You will take greater joy in each moment when you can share your love with others and see it returned to you many times over as your love awakens and heightens the love in others.

We must again depart, but we are never truly apart or gone. For while the largest part of our consciousness may reside in a timeless, spaceless dimension, it extends out beyond this and reaches into countless galaxies and the 3rd dimensional worlds found within them. Our minds and our love have become a very part of the fabric of the universe - as yours will be. Our love will be a lighthouse and you will guide your ship of consciousness to safe harbors.

Go, with our love and know that this life is one you set up to become aware of these things while still in a physical body. Use this opportunity to balance out many of the more imbalanced emotionalism engendered in your many past lives. Balance the scales of experience so that all those things which left you unhappy will have no power over you and will not weigh you down when you cross over into the worlds of light!

Daniel Hauser, our Big Brother World & Cancer

I have been following with some interest the story of Daniel Hauser and his flight from court ordered chemotherapy. Some say he has been kidnapped and think he and his mother should turn themselves in, others think they should run. Several other bloggers have pointed out the precipice we have reached where the government now can dictate even highly questionable medical treatment.

Yes, highly questionable.

My angle on this is the treatment itself. As someone who comes from the future, I am horrified by the state of medical science.

How on earth can doctors cure something they don't even understand? Not a doctor alive in this world today understands what causes cancer.

I do. Anyone from the future knows all this stuff that I will reveal in this blog entry when he/she is only about 8 years old. Cancer is caused by quantum imbalances at the molecular level in cellular DNA that manifest as the cell reproduces. These imbalances now reproduce a cell with malformed DNA. This DNA is no longer capable of receiving signals intelligently and starts reproducing and malfunctioning.

Today's materia medica only understand that some cells somehow go wild. They don't understand the how and why. So they try to kill the cells and because they can't cut open the body and destroy cancer they bombard it with massive doses of radiation which destroys all cells it comes into contact with.

Barbaric. Astoundingly barbaric. From my point of view it's like cracking out a jar full of leeches or bleeding the victims - an act of abysmal ignorance.

In the future, cancer will be cured by identifying each cell that is cancerous and matching all these cells fundamental frequencies until they literally shake themselves apart and explode. The precision by which this resonant cell elimination can be performed is astounding. In the future, it will cure cancer in a day's worth of treatment. With this future technology and scientific understanding all sorts of diseases, now incurable will be cured.

Today's world does not understand the body is electronic - not chemical.

All chemical actions understood now, if viewed closer, are electronic actions. All reactions are based upon frequency relationship. All bonds are based upon field action at the atomic level. All cells in the body function by broadcasting and receiving these quantized signals constantly.

Quantum medicine.

Say that aloud several times and get used to saying it. If you live long enough you will be alive to see the very first infant steps in this direction to seek deeper into the body and it's cell data sets.

This blog entry may alter the future, creating a parallel time stream - but I don't mind. Any future in which one can faster bring a close to the medical and mental dark ages is a good thing.

Yes, epilepsy is the malfunctioning of cells that broadcast signals and interrupt the flow of data through the body. The common cold virus or any virus can be easier cured through resonant viral and bacterial elimination procedures. In the future each virus and bacteria will be measured for their fundamental frequencies and their various subsequent harmonics. Chemical treatment via pharmaceuticals is just as barbaric as chemotherapy. It is imprecise and each drug has legions of side effects, many deadlier or as bad as the condition the drug is supposed to treat.

Watching this world struggle and suffer due to ignorance is quite unpleasant. However, I try not to personalize it. It doesn't help to know that locked in my mind are the answers to many of mans lifelong questions and that, ironically, I post many of them here where they will sit and await discovery in some future time if the internet is archived.

That's the sad truth of the programmed human condition. Give future scientific understandings away for free and it has almost absolutely no value whatsoever to the masses. Charge $100 for a handful of poisonous pills and watch the masses grab for it to the tune of a 3 trillion dollar a year pharmaceutical industry. And chemo is a cash cow for all treatment facilities, much like the CAT-scans for a light bump on the head.

So Daniel Hauser and his mom are on the run. He's received his chemo and doesn't like it. Which is natural. Millions die from cancer that have chemotherapy and the real irony is that many of these die from the chemotherapy - not the cancer. But on their death certificates no doctor writes "death by complications from chemotherapy".

So these doctors are ignorant murderers. They mean well - but so did the healers with the leeches and bloodletting to get out the bad blood. Ignorance and desperation is a bad combination. Doctors take an oath not to harm and yet they know chemo does harm. They know that just as many die from chemo as are saved, but they feel that without chemo they will die for certain. So this is what they cling to as they prescribe chemo, boost their hospital's bottom line and soak the insurance companies to make up for all the illegals they have to treat for free.

Because I know many will read this who may have cancer and will be frustrated that I talk about scientific understanding and technology that does not yet exist, I will talk a little bit more - about a time even farther into the future.

Yes, while a thousand years from now the resonance healing machines will be humming all over the world, in three thousand years many will lay silent. Because humanity will be far more evolved and intelligent than it is now or even a thousand years from now and they will use their mind to cure ALL diseases.

Yes, the mind controls the body. All the signals that fire autonomously can be overridden by the mind. Cancerous cells that are imbalanced can be cured - by the mind. The quantized fields can be balanced by a balanced mind. This means no emotion. No fear. No frustration. No self-pity. No sorrow. It means you have to be able to visualize cancer for what it is - invisibly small, imbalanced electromagnetic fields that exist in a cell at the atomic level. Your mind must corral all these erroneous signals by adding new data and energy into them.

These future humans understand that each moment of their life is part of a continuous flow of energy and that each moment certain cycles are being manifested from the past. So the cigarette smoke many voluntary inhale today may be these souls' way of trying to put a positive balance to the forced smoke inhalation they experienced in previous fires from centuries past. When they get cancer of the lungs, throat or some other form - they have put into phase this past cycle when they died from smoke. To balance this condition and halt the cancer they must realize that the cells are now receiving the damaged and imbalanced dataset from this long ago past.

Yes, no cancer is current. It is always a duality. It is linked to a past experience, or more accurately, many past experiences. To cure it permanently means to balance those data-sets when they swing back into phase in the present. No energy is ever destroyed and so all our previous deaths are still carried with us as a field of energy which recorded those experiences. So if one died in the Chicago fire, one may come back as a fireman - who smokes. This irony is not consciously done - because of this past death the mind tries, instinctively to reverse the negative bias of smoke and fire recorded when one died because of them. So suddenly a career as a fireman seems logical and desirable. Smoking, too, seems attractive.

Malfunctioning cells are actually a great opportunity. Because, in the future, this immediately spurs an introspective look into the past and the quest to balance some heretofore unrecognized and unaddressed malformed field of recorded energy.

Once one recognizes potential past sources of this imbalance and now views this illness POSITIVELY - it reverses, or more accurately, adds new positive data to offset the old negative data. It balances the scale and as a result the cells start to function normally again. The DNA self corrects and the cells can communicate intelligently.

This is the true cure to cancer.

All our illnesses have ties to past events. Everything we do is new, but based on old experiences and information. If you want to be healthier - don't fear disease or illness. And when you do fall ill, think of it as a challenge to your intellect - for that is what it truly is. Seek out the causes of your illness. Sure the present apparent causes of illness seem to be the only cause, but it is not so. For every broken arm caused by falling out of tree lies another dozen tales and related incidents.

And one more important note before I sign off: No one is a victim.

No one.

No one is a victim. Fate does not victimize people for there is no fate. There is only regenerating energy and if some illness befalls you, it is because you were predisposed to such an illness because of events from your past. No one says that brass is victimized by tarnish. We know brass if left in open air will tarnish over time - it is a simple reaction. The same is true for mans illnesses. They are the byproduct of simple actions as well. It is just, like the mysteriously appearing tarnish, our ailments seem to come from nowhere. This is the illusion fostered by ignorance though, for ALL ailments are self-induced.

So to heal faster, remove all thoughts of self-pity or the lament, "Why me?" - for these will only hinder your healing, adding more negatively biased wave forms from your thoughts into your cells.

If you are happy, your cells react instantaneously. If you are angry, sad, frustrated or jealous - your cells react just as fast in a negative manner and each cell born during these emotional tirades will be less intelligent than it's parent. So an emotional person is less healthy than one who maintains more balance, equilibrium and calm throughout their daily lives. It's not just theoretical, it's simply very real scientific principles at work.

Curing incurable diseases can be done now. By yourself. When the doctors throw up their hands or simply predict someones imminent demise - there is no reason on Earth why that person cannot heal themselves completely of any condition. The hospitals of today, overflowing with patients will be someday only be a bad memory found in historic records. The most advanced healing machines will keep people healthy with hardly any fuss at all and soon, for those humans who are a bit more evolved, the machines will become superfluous tools. For all their amazing efficiency, convenience and technology they are still poor substitutes for the human mind.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Great Mystery

Each day is a wonder. Infinite amounts of beauty await to be realized, enjoyed and partaken of. We are always first confronted with the negative and by default this seems to control our outlook. We can look through life and be depressed about our finances, relationships or our health. We can look at Google News and become depressed about the perpetual muddle of human affairs, violence and suffering.

The universe is really all good. ALL good.

I know that seems to make no sense. But all the evil and bad in the world are necessary tools for good. Evil and bad only have meaning when one is elevated above them.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

The number 3 is not small to the numbers 2 or 1.

However to 4 and up 3 is small and getting smaller all the time.

This is the way evil and bad is to mankind. What is not bad or evil from one perspective and level, becomes evil and more evil as one's perspective and outlook becomes more advanced.

So everything in your life which you now consider "good" - will someday be considered "bad" as you live in ever refined concepts. The further you progress the more you will see today's joys as tomorrows sorrows. This process is not a quick one. It is the opposite. For many things it takes many lifetimes.

How many have hobbies that they obsess about for a number of years only to suddenly discard the whole thing later? Suddenly the time spent on some pursuit, which was formerly viewed positively, now is viewed as intolerable. Kids and adults often feel that way about games they spent countless hours of their lives on. Just the thought of playing the game is repulsive. Yet it is not just addictions that become repulsive, even the everyday environment can become a negative when juxtaposed against one's new environment.

The universe sees everything as good. It understands the duality of all things and realizes that positive or negative become entirely determined by position. As one travels this infinite course, everything one once was becomes evil if one continues to progress. All these things will exert their influence, negatively, to ones present.

Here most fear evil. They "hate" evil! The oxymoronic aspects of such still elude them. They want to destroy evil. They want to punish evildoers. All these emotions are evidence that they do not understand what evil is. The jihadist, the child-beater, the thief, all are learning. To them, their actions are NOT evil. It is impossible to do something you don't somehow justify. So all these folks commit heinous acts and justify them.

Every act that you may commit that you know is "wrong" or "evil" - you will also justify. We all do this until we recognize what we are doing. We must look at our actions closely and realize and identify our justifications and put them under the microscope. Once we dismantle these excuses, we can progress more rapidly. We can move away from the many daily "evils" we partake of. Until we stop justifying them, we do not truly understand them as evil.

Justifications are insidious things and sponsor the state of the world we live in. But before we pass judgment on all these others and their actions, we must first tend to ourselves. We must seek out and address our own actions and when we do this we find we are less concerned with others actions. We often point the finger at others so as not to have to point it at ourselves. Once we point it at ourselves we no longer feel the compulsion to use others' actions as a justification for our own.

So back to the beauty...

Once one sees this process in action, the endless cycle of good turning to evil and turning to good again, we see beauty in ALL things.

Yes poverty, disease and death - all beautiful from a certain position of equilibrium. All the misery and wailing in the world becomes like the hum of a bee going about its daily ritual. It is not truly evil. When it is understood, in totality it ceases to be tragic, pointless or ugly. It becomes like a lesson in a book, or like people building a house - and is part of the beauty of the world which is oft-ignored.

Yes, each day is a wonder. If you wrote down and made a list right now of all the things you feel are wrong with your life, I will take that list - turn it upside down and show you all the things that are RIGHT with your life. Illustrating how each of these is a lesson and a stepping stone to an even more elevated position. You will be able to do this for yourself soon and eventually all will be able to put things in a more infinite perspective.


Love is understanding. How many times do people say they "love" someone when they really mean "you are a comfort and salve for my insecurity."

Millions, yes billions, say they love someone or something and don't know the meaning of the word. Love is not an escape. It is not an end to loneliness. Love is the total and complete understanding of someone. Many people can be married for many years and only have a fraction of understanding about their partner and spouse. A couple can just meet and say it was "Love at first sight", but this, too, is an illusion. We can feel familiarity and comfort around someone. We can find people immensely appealing at first sight - but we cannot truly love them at first sight.

Love in this world is very, very rare. It is the result of many lifetimes of experience and a body of shared adversity, experience and understanding that is enormous. Eventually, all will have some semblance of meaning when they use the word LOVE, but for now the word is one of the most abused words in the English language. Love will not merely be reserved for one's closest family and spouse, but will be more nearly universal - as one accumulates more shared experiences with thousands and yes millions of other souls. Lifetime after lifetime, even our enemies will become our friends - if one keeps progressing. A man like Jesus demonstrated this when he did not judge his persecutors, but forgave them, "for they know not of what they do."

Yet his attitude is that of the normal being on some worlds, it becomes normal not to hold grudges or condemn others - because one does not bias their actions and see only the "evil" in them. One understands this justification process, and how each soul struggles against their own intellect - often losing this struggle and committing acts another would not perform.

Till later...

Saturday, May 02, 2009

It is snowing blossoms. The dancing wind races through the trees and rains cherry blossoms on my car. The smell is heady and the small pink blossoms get caught on my windshield wiper as they roll across the windshield and hood before my eyes.

A simply gorgeous girl is walking towards the car. Her long, shapely legs revealed by a short mini-dress tell me that she is not just thin, but healthy and toned. She smiles at me and I smile back. She starts to power-strut and turns the sidewalk into her own personal runway. Nearby men are gaping. She knows it and revels in it, but this performance is for me and she has her eyes locked with mine.

I laugh. Cynthee is hot and fun.

"Hey stranger, how about a lift?"

"I'm not look a bit dangerous."

"Me? Dangerous? Whatever gave you such an impression?"

"You look like you break mens hearts."

"Oh, but then we're equally matched. For you are a thief of hearts."

"Get in."

Cynthee folds up her long legs and adjusts her mini. She pulls out a pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses from her Prada handbag and places them over her eyes. Her hair glistens in the sun and the smell of skin-warmed Tresor wafts gently to my nostrils.

She starts to open up the door again and step out.

"You have to leave? So soon?"

"Yes. This is another dream sequence. You'll be waking up shortly."

"Wait. Don't leave yet, we haven't even talked!"

"Today is an important day. The world will not be the same."

"What does that mean?"

"You know what it means."

"No, I don't! Tell me - please."

"Ok. someone is going to read this blog entry. See over there? That person will read it, and that group all walking over there? They are all real people and will read this blog entry."

"And they are in my dream because...?"

"You figure it out."

"Wait! I can't."

"You can. You're still asleep. But when you wake up, you will know exactly what it means."

Cynthee disappears. The car disappears. The people who were walking all have disappeared and I am alone.

I wake up. I haven't a clue as to what the dream girl meant. I think about what she said about the world not being the same after today. Wait YOU are reading this! I recognize you - you were there in the dream! So what's so different about today anyway? Do you know?

Friday, May 01, 2009

As you know, everything is energy. Energy can't be created (no Big Bang creation) and can't be destroyed (no end of the universe). As a result of this law of nature energy just keeps on existing and changing from one form to another.

Time is energy too. All energy travels in cycles. We measure time in units such as years, days, hours, etcetera, but time has many more properties that can be identified. Time and the mass it is intertwined with interlace and are unified. One cannot extract the happenings of this world or any other from time. Time needs to propagate and to propagate it must regenerate. Each instant must be reborn anew - and yet be reborn from the moment before.

When we live our lives we prove this continuity constantly. Each moment is linked to the moment before in thought and action. So too is history reborn.

For each of us, depending upon our pasts, the history is different. But certain cycles often predominate for large groups of people.

A look at the news will give one insight as to the past. Let's look at recent activities:

A) Pandemic outbreak of Mexican Swine Flu.

B) Only weeks earlier a visit by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to Mexico

C) Mexicans get sick and die, but US variants merely get ill and recover.

D) Discussion and debate of unnecessary torture to extract information.

E) A failing economy.

F) Pirates and ships in the news

Looking at these events and analyzing them the ol' computer comes up with an interesting period in history:

The time of Francisco Pizarro

Pizarro conquered the Incas, searching for gold for his ailing nation. The native population after the conquistadors visit was reduced by some 90 percent after smallpox and measles took their toll on the population with no genetic experience or immunity.

In the conquest of Cuzco, an orgy of looting, torture and mayhem followed in the quest for precious metals to take away.

If we look at the recent events, the visits of Hillary and Obama to Mexico and the disease outbreak that follows their visits, combined with the discussion about the morality of torture in the pursuit of information - while working for one's nation - all evidence how history is never really NEW only regenerated in new circumstances and evolved.

Not everyone alive will have been involved, population development clearly precludes such, but
some of the older souls, leaders and such, will have been involved in this little replay of past events.

Now America arrives, to insure peace and prosperity between our nations. The reverse side of the sine-wave often manifests as the energy regenerates and comes back into phase. We talk about arming ships to protect from pirates and hostile natives. The soul-searching of torture comes up and many realize it is immoral. The others say it brought results.

This particular cycle has probably manifested a number of times since it happened and even the original Pizarro period had roots in previous looting. We simply can easier identify certain cycles with periods of which we have more knowledge.

This cycle was a fairly easy one to recognize. The tell-tale signs and bizarre combination of events made it clear. Other cycles are not always so easy to recognize, but if one does recognize them one can look at oneself in the mirror and analyze one's motivations easier. I can look around here and see the deep seated disgust for torture, because it's not really just about waterboarding 2 mass murderers, but the energy has roots in the torturing of innocent foreigners - just to find gold and precious metals to loot. So this indignation has more power than it should, because it has roots in the guilt of living in a nation that tortured natives for treasure.

This is the way one balances past misdeeds. It's very possible many who today despise torture were not so sure back in the days of Pizarro - and vice-versa. When the ships unloaded the gold, the citizens, far removed from the conflicts, merely were happy to have the wealth added to their national coffers.

Just thought folks might like a little insight into the way life works - and how we get chances to make amends for past misdeeds. We are not born with clean slates. We carry all this submerged data with us and when the cycle comes around again, all sorts of emotions, desires and actions are the result.

It is the nature of life to seek equilibrium, the rolling ball of history keeps repeating balancing old events and evolving with new unbalanced ones. For those who are aware of this process, great headway can be made in mastering one's emotional imbalances and moving on to the next challenge - evolving. Infinitely.