Saturday, March 26, 2011

Träumerei oder Albtraum? More Radiation and Fallout From Japan.

The number 3 reactor of the Fukushima plant has a breach to the core and, as expected, has probably been seeping far more radiation than the "experts" and Japanese government have admitted. This whole scene is like something of a nightmare for those caught up in it and for the rest its sort of like a daydream, happening far away and something they think they can ignore.

In the United States, the radioactive particles are in the air over most of the continental US now and you probably have noticed other pollutants as well. More people are coughing, sneezing, experiencing lung irritation and watering eyes. I know - I've got my index finger on the pulse of the hospital admissions and complaints from states in the path of the fallout. While much has to do with a late-blooming allergy season - the truth of the matter is we are all being exposed to minute amounts of certain reactor coolant chemical particulates - not just radioactive Cesium, Strontium and Iodide. These are creating lung irritation.

Again, my previous guidelines for protecting yourself still are advisable. Until those reactors are sealed or completely contained the radiation and pollution is going to travel here. Unlike Chernobyl, where Europe suffered the most pollution and contamination, in this instance we (in the USA) are first in line for the particulate fallout. So stay indoors, as much as reasonably possible, until these things are no longer spewing contaminants. It's being played as 'business as usual' and it is a reminder that this administration is the absolute worst in recent history - worse even than the Clinton administration.

Obama is fighting the "good" (quotes ARE THERE for a reason) guys in Libya and supporting Al Qaeda and as I mentioned a few days ago, the self-same insurgents who were blowing up US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan!

Only Obama and Soros could create such a sick situation. Call your Congressman and Senator and demand a cessation to this unauthorized and completely, counter-productive action. Libyan rebels are Al Qaeda - we are fighting in Afghanistan to PREVENT these folks from ruling. Gaddafi appears like a saint next to these fundamentalist mercenaries who are the absolute worst people we would ever want ruling Libya and controlling Libyan oil!

Obama will be out shortly. His reign has been disastrous. While the average US IQ is dropping dramatically (and subsequently the knowledge of global affairs alongside them) those who still have these understandings have a responsibility to educate others and vote wisely in the next elections. There is no more margin for error for those who want their children to earn at least 25k a year after 2020. Yes, the salaries are going to be dropping, the unemployment ripple from the Tsunami will reach the US this summer - by July. The economic downturn is going to be disastrous and is precisely why Obama/Soros must be contained and politically/economically castrated to avert further damage to billions of people throughout the world.

If used properly, this disaster can be a new beginning. A fresh awakening for the West. Wisdom can be gained and those who will incur health problems or economic distress will demand changes to the status quo. Real progress can no longer be kept on hold - while millions play video games and waste their lives. Technology must move ahead or the video game players will wake up from their daydreams to a startling nightmare when the next nuclear disaster or attack takes away their electricity, their home and quite possibly their lives. Watching the confusion in a nation as organized as Japan reminds one just how nightmarish a US reaction to a nuclear disaster would look: "911 times 100...That's right 91,000."

Unfortunately, the world is already going to be reeling from this disaster. Which is why we must keep our eyes on Obama/Soros who will be looking for anyway to make it worse. The Manchurian Candidate is no longer fiction. We are living it out and even while I key in this post our brave military men and women have been tasked by this President to assist Al Qaeda! Others are risking their lives to defeat Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Can you imagine arming these Libyan rebels - so that our own guns can be turned on US in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere? Unfathomable!

We are a nation divided. The Executive Branch of the US government is now a poisonous snake and is undoing the good done by the other branches - because it's leader has been compromised by foreign interests working against the United States.

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