Monday, June 25, 2012

Spectra 433b - Our Local Quantum Spectra

Here we go! This is going to be a blog entry for the ages. Right off the bat, this post is soooo not for everyone. Very, very few people have quantized field development that will permit absorption or even partial retention of this data. So if you feel compelled to click away - don't feel bad about it at all. It means you are human.

This is graduate course material here and there are not too many who can teach it, so that responsibility falls upon me while I'm here in this portion of the infinite spectra. First thing we will dois set up a balancing field before we get into this material. It's sort of a safety net, and can assist any reader who loses equilibrium while absorbing this data. Ok. Let's begin!

The universe we are in is composed of energy. All this enegy expresses itself in an infinite number of unique forms and can be visualized as wave form structures, possessing a frequency, a wave shape and countless subharmonic structures on this wave form:

So here we have a waveform structure. We can call it a field of energy if we want to, because this is really a group of waveforms. None of this energy ever exists all by itself. So while the illustration their shows a beginning and an ending, the truth is these waves are constantly interfacing other wave forms and this is an important principle - no energy is finite. Even small structures, here in an infinite universe, possess this same infinite quality.

So lets say that field represents a bug. It contains in that field every experience that bug has had since it was born and the moment it was squished against a windshield. Every place it visited, everything it ate, everything it perceived now exist as subharmonic structures in this wave field:

As you can see, those wave form structures keep getting more complex, with every moment each group of wave forms adds new structure and intelligence. Yes, intelligence from one point of view is simply a greater quantity of wave structures.

That's all for now. Time delay archival data release.

Friday, September 09, 2011

He's Not Here.

"I want answers! The Director of Shamballa just can't disappear."

"This one has."

"Where did he go?"

"He left without a trace. His fundamental frequency scan turns up nothing. So our working hypothesis is he's off-world."

"With that Yal-hune woman?"

"Unknown. In his capacity he had connections with a lot of aliens, almost any of which could take him off-world. We tried to access his computers but even our best guys know these drives are completely clean, the moment our access cards were detected on the base."

"Goddamn it! Is there anything left of value?"

"Everything that could be moved, has been moved. This is just the framework of an installation now, with the raw infrastructure. All the things that were here and the projects that were being worked on are gone. This place is so clean, it's actually scary. This wasn't cleaned by humans. Humans make messes, scrape walls moving furniture and heavy objects and leave telltales. This makes our best cleaning crew look like a bunch of pigs in a pigsty."

"You know, I knew this day would come. We should have taken over this installation 2 years ago! We have nothing. NOTHING. I goddamn HATE aliens! All of them!"

"What do you want us to do, sir?"

"Just set up sensors, beacons and all the rest. I want to know the moment even a fly enters this facility!"


"What is it now, Nelson?"

"Do you think he will ever return?"

"I don't know. I haven't a clue. But if he does, we will be waiting for him."

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sam Harris, Drugs and "Consciousness Altering"

Some bloggers are pretty nauseating. Sure, it comes with the territory, but today I stumbled across a piece by Sam Harris that glorified "altering consciousness" as a valuable experience. I sent him a nice letter. Well it wasn't that nice, but it's hard to be too nice to an ex-druggie turned pied piper trying to whitewash his past addiction in a sea of prose and flowery words like "altering consciousness".

Mental impairment is never desirable. Any chemicals that alter brain function are damaging it. Death is caused as cells lose intelligence and reproduce with less data. Drug use destroys brain cells. I've watched bright students go from near-genius to stuttering dolt in two years time after smoking weed and abusing pharmaceuticals. It's horribly sad to watch someone ruin their life and their future before it's even begun.

And then there are the ex-druggies out there still pushing the lifestyle, in an effort to purge themselves of their stigmata. Unfortunately, for Sam Harris, the stigmata is still evident. The brain cells he damaged in his twenties are gone and have not been replaced, leaving him with a hopelessly predictable position on drug usage and its wonderful "consciousness altering" properties.

Sam Harris' site is big with the 18-24 year old male drug using crowd. Throw in a few female drug users as well. Basically, if you're a pothead - you probably read his blog and find comfort in his words. We see these new pariahs turned pied pipers appear, profiting on the young addicts. It's nauseating.

Now the ex-druggies and current druggies can post to the web about their own drugs of choice. They can talk about their trips and give recipes for impairment to the young and impressionable. We have sites that promote death imagery and gore and a lot of sick people find these things redeeming as well. The social outcasts, pariahs and miscreants all find the web a place to preach their own poison. The deviants find comfort in numbers and as they descend into oblivion, quickly or slowly, they grab at nearby souls. Parasitic to the bitter end.

The things that possess drug users, the entities that exploit and encourage there usage, are completely unknown to them. They have no clue about where they will find themselves after they die and what they have done to themselves by compromising their minds.

The drug producers, dealers, and users all prey upon each the other. It's a parasitic chain that constantly needs more blood, more users to feed upon to replace others that fill up morgues around the world every single day. And as Sam Harris has so ably demonstrated, the damage never goes away. And try as they might to drown out what's left of their conscience, they never quite succeed and so live in a purgatory of their own making.

So don't do drugs. Don't start. Don't experiment. Don't.

You don't experiment with cutting.
You don't experiment with Russian roulette.
You don't experiment jumping off of high buildings.

Every brain cell is sacred. It has to conduct signals of a certain frequency range, just like the cilia in your ears are each corresponding to a certain sound/frequency range and when they are damaged you loose the ability to hear those sounds. Once those brain cells go - a portion of your total intelligence goes with it. Don't let lines like "altering consciousness" seduce you into what is really going on - the drugs are killing you and destroying your brain with every single "trip" you take. Each cell has a fundamental frequency its supposed to maintain which is regulated by the DNA. Any modulation compromises your brain function, damaging those cells which never fully recover as chemical residue clings to synapses and deteriorates these delicate cell structures.

If you've started, stop - while you are still intelligent enough to realize the need to do so.