Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hell Freezes Over!

Sometimes things go wonderfully right. Times when perfection seems as if it is just around the corner if one wants to reach for it.

That was not the way things have been going the past week.

Things were awful. Hideous awful. Awful awful that has no place posing as merely awful. Magnificently awful. Splendidly awesomely awful.

Well, you get the picture.

The world is a changed place. I don't know yet if it's changed for the better but as of December 24, 2005 at 14:34 the world as it used to be ceased to exist.

I better start at the beginning. I usually make a Christmas eve pilgrimage back in time to some other momentous period and see how Christmas was then. This year I decided I'd visit America shortly before December 7, 1941.

Yeah. I know. That's crazy talk. Sure. I agree.

Now anyway, I oscillate my atomic structures to light-speed and make the necessary nuance frequency adjustments to put me back in time. It's complicated. I won't bore you with the fourth dimensional physics that enable such time/space transport.

I arrive. It's glorious. The fat-fendered automobiles with split windshields and running boards dominate the early twentieth century architecture. The men are all wearing hats. Most of the women have hats too. It's like a hat convention. Everyone is more dressed up. It's wild. I chose California. Los Angeles. It was easy and I've got the physical coordinates down pat. Like Kirk and Spock in City on the Edge of Forever, I find myself just staring at people and things longer than is polite.

I'm outside a small drugstore of the mom and pop variety with the whitewashed clapboard sidewalls painted with a 7up advertisement that looks weathered and is peeling in many spots. "You like it...it likes you!" Sure. That's just what folks need a soft drink with a mind of it's own. What happens if you get a bottle that doesn't like you? I ponder over that as I head on inside and get a paper. Thank goodness Jefferson nickels have been around a long time. December 6th, 1941. Perfect. I read the local news. Corruption, gambling & crime stories dominate. Fires too. Local building fires make front page news in December of 1941. It's wonderfully provincial. No Google. No internet. A pile of papers that get's updated with an evening edition. There's war news. Stuff about Britain and Europe. Looking around me I can see none of these folks care a whit. The war in Europe might as well be on Mars for all they care. In 1941, Europe was a zillion miles away from Los Angeles.

I'm tempted to purchase some old comics that I spot in the corner on a rack. Two kids are sitting on the floor reading them and the clerk doesn't seem to care. No cans. No refrigeration units in the walls. Only a portable cooler floating in the center of the store. Ice creams, colas and assorted goodies lurk within. I smell a smell I haven't smelled in ages - old leaky freon refrigerant systems. When mixed with the cool air rising from the cooler, it burns the face and skin with harsh chemical cold. I leave with an ice cream drumstick in one hand and a paper under my arm.

I sit down next to a tree in a park. Yes, the Los Angeles of 1941 still has parks. There's already a smog layer, but it doesn't completely obscure the blue sky. The grass and trees seem different. The trees seem gnarlier and with more imposing root structures. The grass is thinner, wispier. I realize that many fertilizers haven't yet been invented and the grass here receives a daily dose of pollution. It's engaged in a war of its own. All this is unimportant to most folks, but when one travels through time it's these details that sometimes stand out.

Suddenly it hits me hard. What is going to happen to Pearl Harbor. I didn't want to be in Pearl Harbor when it happens. That would be too painful and the temptation to change history would be too great. I figured Los Angeles was the ticket. The news would get here first by radio transmissions, telephone and teletype.

I rent a room. No televisions in motel rooms in 1941. Not even a lousy radio. I feel disconnected. I ask the desk clerk if I he has a radio available and he points me to the lobby where a radio sits plugged in on a table. Old tube type Crosley. I can take it to my room for an extra two bucks added to my room fee. Great.

I unplug it and carry the behemoth across the parking lot and into my room. It warms up after about half a minute and the rich crackling speaker sparks to life. It is almost noon. Strings in Springtime is on the airwaves. Then the news flash:


Hate is flying on the airwaves. "I want to beat them Japs with my own bare hands!" and "We'll stamp their front teeth in!" I listen with morbid curiosity. No statistics. No NPR political rhetoric couched in professional ambiguity and moral equivalence. No 997 other stories on Google news that say the same thing warmed over with a few paragraphs reworded. This is real. Unedited. Unrehearsed and raw emotion. By 1:57 pm the declaration of war by Japan on the US has been announced.

Radio networks start relaying quotes. No music is playing on any channel save one weak station playing swing music. A quote from Charles Lindbergh strikes me as memorable and I shorthand his message down in case it had been lost to the world of 2005:

"We have been stepping closer to war for many months. Now it has come and we must meet it as united Americans regardless of our attitude in the past toward the policy our government has followed. Whether or not that policy has been wise, our country has been attacked by force of arms, and by force of arms we must retaliate. Our own defenses and our own military position have already been neglected too long. We must now turn every effort to building the most efficient Army, Navy and air force in the world. When American soldiers go to war, it must be with the best equipment that modern skill can design and that modern industry can build."

The radio announces that recruiting stations will be open 24 hours, seven days a week. I wonder how many will eagerly sign up to fight in this frenzied state. I can't sleep. I don't want to miss the details.

A blackout occurs in San Francisco! The Army announces that two squadrons of 15 enemy planes had flown over San Jose in from a carrier off of the coast. Hysteria mounts and the motel manager knocks at my door, supplies the room with pieces of black cloth to hang over the curtains.

He looks at the chair I've placed by the radio.

"That working out for you?"

I nod.

"I reckon your ears been glued to them tubes for quite awhile. Why it's almost as if you knew something big was gonna be on the air!"

He stopped and suddenly it occurred to him I might indeed know something. The radio was burning up with talk of Jap saboteurs and enemy agents. One station announced that in San Pedro the FBI were already rounding up Japanese. He made his exit awkwardly and from that moment on, I worried he might make trouble.

So I figure it's time to leave. I know DC and I figure I want to see Roosevelt in action and get a chance to see the old DC. I leave and head out to the airport. I choose TWA "the trans-continetal airline - fastest coast to coast!" A booking on a four engine 'stratoliner' promises to get me in DC the fastest. The flight was another ordeal, but I made a point to keep interaction to a minimum. I sat and looked out the window at the polished metal wing and the red circle with the white TWA letters painted on it.

I take a taxi and head towards the White House. The Capitol is alive with police, Marines and plainclothesmen. I can't help but draw parallels to 9/11/2001. I see that history has repeated itself in many ways. I stand outside the White House and watch as Roosevelt is wheeled into his waiting car. A big navy blue cape is draped over him. Gravel kicks up from the driveway (apparently it hadn't been paved yet in 1941) His car came round the south lawn and up Pennsylvania Avenue. On each running board a secret service agent held fast. Two open secret service cars flanked him. Three men on each running board and four in each car, making a total of 20 agents. I spotted old-fashioned sawed off riot guns in several agents hands.

I knew he was heading to the House of Representatives to make his big speech, but I had to be going back. It had been three and a half days since my arrival. The longer I spent in the past, the greater the chance of altering history and creating a new time-stream. I won't see how the folks of 1941 celebrate Christmas. It was enough to get a taste of the way America responded to Pearl Harbor.

Then it happened.

I found a nearby ally and was about to realign my atomic structures again. A small blond haired girl with dirt smudged on one cheek came up to me from out of a hovel of a home that lurks within eyeshot of the White House.

"You don't belong here mister." she said. "You gotta leave now!" I was astonished. Was she referencing my temporal displacement? Was she talking about her neighborhood? Was it a coincidence? What on earth was she talking about. I had to know who she was. I turned and looked and saw someone who looked eerily like a mirror reflection of myself pruning a rather dismal looking hedge.

"Oh -censored!-" If it's not a relative, it's one of my own past lives I was unaware of. The smudge cheeked girl is my own daughter from another time with keen instincts for the wrongness of the current situation.

I start running. I hurry. I stumble over some old rusty metal trash cans filled with refuse and covered in flies. I pick myself up. Like Superman in need of a phone booth, I need a place to realign in private.

It's almost evening and I see a Texaco service station. Texaco's famous 'white glove inspected rest facilities' are in order and will do nicely. I lock the door behind me and concentrate.

In a moment I'm back. But something awful has happened. I'm not in the same clothes. The lamp on my desk is different. The pictures on the wall have changed. I live in the same spot, work for the same company, but my job description has changed. For the past two days I'm finding new elements to the history of the 'Earth' I've returned to and the life I have in it. I’ve tried to cross-reference any disparities from what I experienced and what history has recorded here. Like a bad Star Trek transporter malfunction I'm in a Mirror Mirror universe. Fortunately this world has the 'Mirror Mirror' episode of Star Trek too, so the reference is not lost on you, even though this world's Mirror Mirror has no evil Nurse Chapel in it!

I blew it. Hell has frozen over.

Fortunately, for you the reader, it wont affect you. But for me?

This has been the worst Christmas ever.

I don't know if it was my interaction with that little girl who changed the time stream or me coming face to face with a version of myself. Something changed and the world is now a billion ways different and yet the same. Like a snowflake with a unique pattern the disparities only appear when one gets close enough to see them.

I now fully realize that I will never again get to see the jilted evil Nurse Chapel inject the hypo filled with neuro-shockers into the evil Spock's arm as he is knocked out by the evil Enterprise's "folks loyal to Doc".

Happy Holidays you parallel-duplicates of the humanity I used to know!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The stars are out

The small joys sometimes bring the greatest pleasure.

It is late. Or early. When one has had no sleep it is the former. 0317 or thereabouts. We lost good people on this one. A 24 year old and a 26 year old both already veterans of numerous clandestine battles in godforsaken places all over the Earth. No one's too blame. These things happen. Considering the circumstances our losses are light. But I feel each one.

Iran has a full blown nuclear program underway. However, thanks to the sacrifices of these two men it will be at least another year before they actually possess a bomb and if the paper pushers in DC can muster the cajones they may never get one.

We came under heavy fire. They were waiting for us. They clearly now know how to mislead satellite imagery and sensors. We were outnumbered by a ratio of 7:1. We evened the numbers in short order but lost those men in the first exchange. We now have proof of their program in photographs and data to present to the IAEC when the need arises. Technically, though, we were never here. The data was acquired through "sources". More importantly it will determine our future agenda in regards to Iran.

If Iran had nuclear weapons they would surely use them to blackmail the rest of the Arab world, starting with Israel and strong-arming the Iraqi people into cloning their fundamentalist pit and ending up blackmailing the Saudis into playing the Mullahs game.

But all the politics seem small and faraway right now. I sit in the darkness. I can smell my own sweat and salt from the sweat stings my eyes, but I am just too exhausted to care. My laptop screen glows in the darkness-like a beacon of technology in a region that reeks of ass-backwards-ness and barbarism. I use a SOTA IR filter on the screen so the light doesn't act as a beacon for snipers. The area is secure, but secure is a flexible word.

The stars are out and starlight reflects from the sand. Light that has traveled countless trillions of miles to reach this little pit and reflect off some sand in an Iranian desert. Yet even such a small joy as starlight on sand brings that sense of perspective so needed. When Tech's 12 & 13 return from recon we'll be taking off again, leaving something for the Mullahs to remember us by.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Hold your fire.

The night offers little protection these days. The cold wind kicks up sand across the bleached wastes and pelts exposed skin around the night vision goggles.

The next generation body armor is light weight and for that I am very grateful. My team has deployed in Iran. We are an undisclosed distance from the small border town of Mehran. We are in pursuit of the most active and deadly terrorist cell. A year or two ago we would have said these guys were Al Qaeda, but they're not. They're far better than Al Qaeda.

More organized.
Better armed.
Better financed.

We suspect they have support from the Iranian government. They are a tool to keep the newly minted Iraqi government off balance and fearful. Mehran is two hours from Baghdad and since March, Iranian "tourists" have been encouraged by Iran to visit Muslim holy sites in Iraq by passing through this town.

We know that many of these Iranian tourists carry large quantities of C4 and other military grade explosives to waiting agents in and around Baghdad. They like their trips to end with a real bang. It's a deadly problem and we're being employed to find a solution.

We have 4 satellites covering the region and providing us with realtime data.

"Four sentries posted that I can make out."


Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Room Revisited Part II

"So...to what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?"

I hope to ascertain which one of my many transgressions I am going to be called upon to explain or correct.

The blond haired woman stands up from her ethereal modern chair and glides across the room. She has legs, but they remain nearly motionless as she levitates towards me. It's a neat trick, but physical laws as we are familiar with them on earth don't apply here. Motion is inter-related with thought you see. You think about moving your arm and then you do it. Here, thought moves the body even more completely, more coherently. It is infinitely more efficient and precise. No random gestures or awkward poses will find expression here in the Room.

"Your mission to Earth has been filled with many transgressions and breaches of protocol. Your lives, living amongst the people, have been chaotic and filled with violence, sorrow and animosity. Often you have incurred more difficulties than you have resolved"

"I know. I'm sorry about all the mess ups. When I'm here I can see it clearer, in perspective, but as you know outside the room, thoughts get contaminated and judgment is often impaired."

The blond haired woman approaches even closer. She is within two feet of me now and her alabaster complexion is flawless. She glows from deep inside a definite radiation that emanates at many various wavelengths. Her eyes are like blue sapphires and infinity lurks within her gaze. She is stunningly beautiful, but it is a beauty one cannot measure by looks alone. It is her essence which is beautiful.

"Yes, I understand. However, I must ask you to try harder and fortify your efforts. Too many souls' direction depend upon the future of Earth and the events of the next twenty years. This is a crucial time in Earth's history. Tragedy and wonder are entangled and the technology of the 21st century will allow you to see beyond the veil of material structures and identify new worlds and new wonders."

She turns away from me and looks at you.

"Yes, and you that have traveled here each have a part in this future. You are not here strictly by accident as SDAI-Tech1 suggested. You have chosen to be here. Your actions and understanding of this great universal endeavor are just in their infancy, and yet you will play a pivotal role in the future of Earth. Some of you are scientists, authors, salespeople and come from all walks of life."

I watch as she glides across the Room and looks right into your eyes.

"Consciousness is the most powerful tool in the universe. You will develop yours and it will serve you in all ways and fulfill all your needs. You will find your place in the infinite scheme of things. And when things seem dark and depressing your consciousness will be your salvation."

"You may feel a bit drowsy after reading this. That's because part of you is oscillating in a spectra that defies your own comprehension at this time. This part is linked directly to your body through your mind and the new frequencies require a more refined realignment of your cell structures--which will be done as you sleep. Yes, you will be a new person after your visit here. Your mind will seek knowledge and your "

Someone standing right behind you asks her for her name.

"My name is unimportant. You will know me and recognize me for who and what I am. My essence is unique, as is yours, and cannot be confused for any other being. When you think of me--you know my true name."

We are vanishing in a blinding flash. We leave the room and time and space have resumed their natural course--instantaneously you find yourself again in front of the monitor, reading text.

I am relieved. I wasn't the only one they wished to talk to.

It was you!

Friday, October 07, 2005

The Room Revisited

I've got a very interesting job. My employers are multitasking, results oriented hands off bosses. They leave me alone to do my work, for the most part, for good or bad. In many ways it feels like being a freelancer.

There are some important people in the world. Not that they are better than other people, but let's just say they are very accomplished individuals who make a difference in the lives of many people. Some are leaders, scientists, educators and a host of other occupations - all sharing an integral influence upon the rest of humanity. Some of these folks are the company's clients.

It's a large company. I've not even begun to visit all the various headquarters and satellite offices, never mind meet even a fraction of the employees.

So, being called to return to "the room", merely because it is out of the ordinary, is always somewhat stressful. On my last visit, I received a, shall we say, less than favorable performance evaluation.

The world is in a perilous position, perhaps more so now than it has been in sixty years. This underlying fact overshadows all the work the company does.

Time means little in the big picture. It's actions, deeds and results that are the true measures of time. In this regard, some good things are coming for humanity. Things which will, hopefully, be sufficient to offset the coming bad things.


That's part of my job. I'm here to keep a certain balance. When this balance is upset, it's a sign I, and others, are not doing our jobs properly.

So here I am, with you, as I am about to return to the room. How is this possible? It's another one of those timespace things. It's complex and involves a comprehensive understanding of physics in four dimensions.

"SDAI-Tech1. Good of you to join us. We see you have brought a few friends."

"They are here as guests. I invited them. I think their presence will be useful."

(To be continued...)

Monday, October 03, 2005

Understanding our Spacetime Universe

Let's dip into cosmology for a moment. Science, today, generally still adheres to the big bang theory of the universe, based upon their observations. Today, we'll review some of these observations and provide a clearer, more comprehensive view of our universe.

All our observations of the universe are made while our planet is in motion. It is in motion in our solar system and it is in motion as part of our galaxy. The GR (General Relativity) theory poses that spacetime creates gravity based upon the 4 dimensional curvature.

Imagine a satellite takes a photo of the earth. On this image you draw a triangle. The triangle from the point of reference of the satellite is perfect and its angles equal 180 degrees.

However this is GR interpreted light. The reality is that the object being measured is a three dimensional spacetime object, and the triangle measured by the satellite is, in reality, a curved triangle whose angles end up equaling more than 180 degrees!

Euclidean geometry is invalid in such a interpretive measurement.

Unfortunately, all the big bang proponents are thinking in Euclidean terms of expansion. All light measured from ALL galaxies is distorted and inaccurate light.

Expansion is the illusion of curved spacetime. When we measure light from distant galaxies, expansion is the illusion created by the gravitational curvature and our own galaxy's speed as we move through spacetime.

Einstein showed how rising/descending light waves change in frequency which is measured by our eyes as red (slower) or blue (faster).

We live in 4 dimensions. Three space dimensions plus time.

This is an important concept.

Two events that happen simultaneously from one inertial frame of reference do NOT happen simultaneously from other inertial frames of reference.

What does this mean? It means we must view the universe in four dimensional form. Space can be converted to time and time to space.

As Earth and our galaxy travels in an arc at the speed of light our measurement of other light is curved in relationship to our own movement.

Think of the satellites perfect triangle again. Its measurements are inaccurate and not based in reality but its own inertial frame interpretive reality.

What happens to light viewed from a curving spacetime inertial reference such as ours?

Well....let's think.

If we are moving away from an object at the speed of light, all the light that actually reaches us from beyond our own galaxy most must appear with a red shift

Only galaxies that are in an almost parallel path as our own will appear with a blue shift.

From a bangers' Euclidean type thinking, the universe appears to be an explosion of galaxies moving away from us! This is totally ignoring Minkowskis spacetime and only paying attention to Einstein's light wave observations.

I see it as it is, a curving spacetime vortex.

The galaxies being observed are not exploding away from us but are, rather, simply traveling in their own curved spacetime arcs in what could be visualised as a larger "galaxy" made up of galaxies.

Let's take a look:

As we can see, even our neighboring galaxies in our own "arm of galaxies" will appear with somewhat of a redshift. Only a galaxy traveling faster than our own or actually coming closer to us could appear with a blue shift. Since most of these are fixed in galaxy arms, it may be hundreds, thousands or more years till their redshift changes and appears diminished. For most, their light as we move through spacetime, will always be in redshift, even though we may always maintain roughly equal distances.

We can measure the light from these galaxies and interpret that they are moving away from us, when both galaxies are moving at the speed of light in fixed rotation and the light appears in redshift because it is trying to catch up.

Naturally, the shift to red from further galaxies in particularly opposed inertial frame of references will make it appear as if they are accelerating away from us when they are doing no such thing.

This is what Ned Wright and other big bang proponents don't understand. I doubt Eric Lerner or other static universe proponents understand it either.

The universe is not static.

It is not an expanding bubble caused by a primordial explosion.

It is a curved spacetime vortex - just like the tiny atom itself. It is elegant, exquisite and defies conventional 3rd dimensional thinking to understand.

Hope that helps give you (and lots of other folks) a new & better perspective of the universe. It will be some time before this view takes hold and is commonplace.

This text of this entry Understanding our Spacetime Universe and images, though copyrighted, are freely made available to readers to disperse for non-profit, educational purposes with proper reference as to their origins.

(Note: portions of this post were initially published on HabitableZone.com)

Thursday, September 08, 2005

So what's going on in the world?

Lois Lane offers that observation after having a super memory erasing kiss from Superman in Superman 2 from 1981. She missed out on the surrender of the Earth's governments to aliens from the Phantom Zone and everything else.

With the advent of hurricane Katrina, it has seemed like there is nothing else going on in the world. The hurricane has taken center stage both for better and worse.

Unfortunately, for anyone watching the media, it is painfully obvious happy endings are not what folks want to see - much less what the media and the liberals who steer it, wish to see.

From that same film, we have the true goal of the recent hurricane coverage:

It's hard to tell who is more desperate: poor displaced New Orleans residents or the political left at trying to score points from a natural disaster?

I think the latter have proven the most desperate. Sadly, until you see a paper with the headline above on your driveway, you will be bombarded with hurricane clean up, rescue and human interest stories 24/7.

Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, more sex and then violence, violence, violence, scandal and tragedy.

That is the American publics viewing interests in order of preference. The media gives them what they desire and generates revenues doing so.

You may read on other blogs both left and right about the culpability for the hurricane and the flooding. Here, you will get one answer. Hurricane Katrina was caused by the sun as its rays interacted with the earth's atmosphere and oceans.

The rest is just political tug of war and is not worth even ten minutes of your time.

Bickering is another national pastime though, so even if you are above assigning personal blame to natural disasters, expect to be mired in debates by others who are certain our cradle-to-grave caregivers in the Federal government somehow are obligated to keep a rescue helicopter and pilots, police car and officer, fire engine and firefighters, food and water on standby for every American - and have the aforementioned resources available to respond within hours for every resident.

Asinine you say?

Of course.

Unfortunately, asinine reasoning is simply par for the American media, and those whose grasp of things is limited to what the media places in their heads during their reve-News generating activities.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

A Blasphemer Reports From Purgatory - Mark Twain

Every now and then that SDAI-Tech1 person invites me to leave an entry on his blog. It's flattering, most certainly, and I spend the afternoon thinking up things I've wished to say about current events on Earth since I left it.

For the record the name is Twain, Mark. Or for those who are averse to pseudonyms I also answer to Samuel Clemens. Sure, I can see you now, the wrinkles on your forehead and your lips pursed in disbelief,"But he's dead...isn't he?". Well I hate to repeat myself, but reports of my death are highly exaggerated. I never expected much in the way of an afterlife and most folks who did were quite certain they knew my destination...the fiery pits of hell.

I'm pleased to report that my afterlife has been nothing short of breathtaking. I'm here with Livvy and she gives her kindest regards. As always she is a bit concerned about what I'm going to say. Like the New York Times, you never know exactly what I'm going to say, and we both share a penchant for ignoring things like facts whenever they become too burdensome. Livvy was my editor and a damn fine one. I'm certain I might've left the earth far sooner, probably hanging on some tree or wearing tar and feathers, if she hadn't proof-read my manuscripts and correspondence.

Truth you see is never popular. Truth is the neglected child, ignored by her parents because she never quarreled, resented by her sisters because of her purity and sitting at home on Saturday night with no suitors for much the same reason. Truth and I have a strange relationship. She befriended me, when all doubted me and I spoke up for her on occasion when the spirit moved me. At other times, she looked on as I twisted her words and dressed her up gaudily for a night on the town in front of the public. She never once complained (which is so unlike most women) at my behavior and always remained a friend.

Yes, it's hard to believe I'm really here composing this text. My reputation precedes me as does this fellow who so kindly invited me to speak. Between the two of us there is hardly a shred of credibility left to set spark to. Messages from beyond the grave aren't yet in vogue. Sure in my time there were seances and that sort of thing, but nothing so concrete as appearing on the internet in someone's blog that is instantly communicated to all corners of the earth.

To be quite honest, SDAI and I go way back. Way, way back. He's a decent sort of fellow once you get to know him. Some might say he's stand-offish and aloof, but those folks haven't seen him as I have and so only see the same caution one sees in the eyes of a stag when one first approaches it. The stag doesn't hate you, he doesn't even know you. He's merely cautious, considering his sphere of wisdom, such caution is a very good thing. The older stag has dodged a few bullets, outrun a few wolves and generally might be expected to have a bit of experience. He's not going to greet each stranger like some curious newborn.

But that is not what you want to hear. If Mark Twain has returned surely he something important to share! Again, I'm flattered you should think so. Most of my writing was the epitome of irrelevance and certainly never was valued much as words go. You need only look on ebay to see how utterly irrelevant and worthless my words are to those alive today. I used to be worth about several dollars a pound, but now I'm hardly worth a dollar a bushel. I fully expect folks to be paid to take my books off some poor blighted booksellers shelves in the near future.

America's foremost humorist! That's a title I held for nearly half a century. I have never found it hard to find humor in the human race. It's hard for man not to be a humorist if he has eyes and opens them every now and then to take a look around him. The title died with me. Now you have stand up comedians. You have political commentators and you have columnists. A humorist is as to a comedian as the Eiffel tower is to the aerial antenna on your automobile. One is stately, unique and dignified and the other is commonplace, and often covered with dirt from its excursions near the gutter. Comedians are certainly not humorists. That is why I accepted the invitation to return here. There is a dignity in blogging that is very similar to my own irreverent ramblings. It is much more suited to the man of refined taste or at least the man who thinks his tastes are refined.

I suppose I should comment some on the events of 2005. What would Twain think? What would he say? Livvy and I often sit and watch something like your television sets and we can tune in the earth and its activities. It would be depressing, were I still on earth and saw the abysmal state of affairs, but here it is merely eye-opening and informative. Humor seems to survive death, but hate, fear and frustration are left back on earth. And so thankful I am that humor survives death, else I would have no emotions left to turn to when reviewing the goings on of the human race.

President Bush gives a plug to intelligent design? If mankind were the byproduct of intelligent design you would think there would be more to show for it after all this time. Man is haphazardly put together at best. His judgment is poor, his moral instinct is always out of service, his body is beset with all sorts of ailments from the minor ones such as dandruff and halitosis to the major ones such as cancer and dystrophy. Man kills other men unendingly, he spends most of his life working to pay for material objects he longs for, knowing all the time that they will someday be of absolutely no use to him. He spends almost no time at all contemplating the folly of such behavior or pursuing things like knowledge which may be of use to him, and can be expected to continue in this pattern for the foreseeable future. How can this be an intelligent design? It is so beset with flaws and foibles it shows almost an uncanny lack of intelligence at all! Only man in his glorious imperfection could perceive his design as intelligent. Only man can look at his history and the history of his world and shout, "This is no accident! This clearly shows evidence of intelligent design!" So the President can be excused this lack of clarity, after all...he is only human.

What of this business in Iraq? What of this terror? In my time we had troops in the Philippines. America was bringing democracy and freedom to the backward savages. How much has really changed? Saddam clearly was an unsavory character and has all the normal human flaws and then some. It would be nice change to see a leader without a longer than normal checklist of human flaws but that is like asking for a banana without peels or a French man with manners or even a humorist without a bad analogy. Such things are an aberration, a freak of nature and are not to be expected or even hoped for by the rational person.

As also should be expected my time to relate is limited. Livvy is already anxious to make any needed alteration or alleviate altogether agitated antipathy or add appropriate alliteration.

From "purgatory" I remain your faithful humorist,

Mark Twain

Sunday, July 31, 2005

The 10th Planet (Xena, no...Juno)

The tenth planet has been discovered, called Xena by it's TV influenced discoverers. There is a question as to whether this is a planet or a very large asteroid/Kuiper belt object. Since Pluto recently went through the same debate and emerged as a planet, this object will likely merit equal classification.

So welcome planet Xena and let's push to give it a better name. With planets named after Roman gods it seems a tasteless break with tradition to name one after a TV character, mostly males and a few females liked to watch.

So from now I will refer to it as Planet Juno. Juno was the queen of the gods and was often found far from Jupiter who seemed to go gallivanting around without her. She was considered somewhat cold, so this planet's great distance from Jupiter would fit with the myths. NASA is proposing a mission to Jupiter by the same name but that won't detract from its being appropriate for this new planet.

I suspect the push for Juno might go nowhere fast, but Xena is simply ridiculous. I suspect the name selection will even discount the scientists credibility as they push for planet recognition.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Prosperity in China & Mexico

China has removed the lock with the US dollar.

It will be interesting to see how this changes the face of the world's economy. Chinese prosperity has been a double-edged sword. By embracing capitalism and wealth we see how a communist nation slowly opens up the door to western ideology. For direct contrast we can look at North Korea and how universal poverty, except for the very top ruling body, keeps western ideology at bay and the hostile rhetoric at a maximum.

China and India will be competing for technological industries seeking cheap labor. The 2.2% raise will even the playing field a bit.

The idea occurred to me of establishing uniformly devalued currency for struggling nations for a period of several years at a time. For China, such a policy has poured unprecedented wealth and spurred industrial growth and modernization in the nation. How about Mexico? For decades now millions of Mexicans illegally cross into the US. President Vincente Fox has even put out a manual on how to successfully illegally enter the US! They have a holiday for illegal crossing! Why? Why this absurd and humiliating behavior which makes Mexico the bad joke of the western world?

Poverty & Corruption.

Mexico needs to develop industrial base. It needs to be capable of employing its Catholic hordes whose only success is in creating large families which suffer under the yoke of poverty.

Mexico is destroying the US with its organized and endorsed invasion. It is time to put an end to it. Sure, we can build walls, increase patrols and establish checkpoints, but these are stopgap measures that don't address the most fundamental reason why the hordes are sneaking, crawling and dying to get into America.

Increase Mexican wealth exponentially, destroy the opportunities for corruption while creating legitimate employment and the Mexico nightmare will once and for all be solved. How do we start such a industrial movement? How can we turn Mexico into the new China?

Fix its currency for fifteen years.

Could it really be that simple? Could all the headaches, crime, poverty and death be stopped by such a simple act? Could America be saved? Could Mexicans eventually stay and work in their own country proudly and profitably?

In a word:


Spread the idea around. Discuss it with your friends and encourage the Mexican and world's governments to embrace the idea. This one is important. If the US takes the lead in accepting such a fixed value, the industries will come running to Mexico. Exports will soar after ten years or so and current unemployment levels should be reduced by 50% or more.

This same policy can then be applied to other poor problem-nations for a similar 15 year period. The effect is one of encouraging investment, modernization and employment. Some times the answers to difficult problems are presented in unusual ways. Spreading the wealth can only be done when NEW wealth is created. Taxes never create new wealth. New wealth and prosperity comes from industrialization and production.

Desired Goods + needed labor = wealth for the whole world.

Till later...


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

US-India relations

The Directorate has some interesting comments on the Rove affair and India. It's apparent that full-press diplomacy is going on to help strengthen the US strategic outlook.

I don't know if China is the real goal of this strengthening effort as The Directorate suggests, or whether we simply want to support a non-Muslim nation in the region. A friendly India facilitates strategic significance between the militants taking arms up in Malaysia and the Middle East. China only envies Taiwan her factories and wealth. As China grows wealthier off of its exports and builds more modern factories, Taiwan retains only symbolic importance to the Chinese agenda. In ten years, I suspect we will be having more problems with well-equipped fundamentalists in Malaysia and all over the east. A strong US-India relationship seems mandatory.

Imagine a modern India, complete with air force, navy and nuclear missiles with US guidance systems. They are a natural to become our allies in the region. Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations have always tempered their support, due to the Israel issue. Even the new Iraq which is getting cozy with Iran cannot be counted on as a long-term ally of the US. Religion gets in the way again.

Friday, July 15, 2005

New Scrolls found

Scrolls discovered

The question still remains as to whether they are legitimate or forgeries.

The Essenes shared many beliefs with Jesus and it's believed by some that Jesus before his appearance as a grown man, spent time with the Essenes forming his own beliefs away from mainstream Judaism.

There are still many discoveries waiting to be found. Like today, folks who can read have kept books (or scrolls) in their homes. Caves and other places that are buried remain likely sources of untapped reading material.

And what's more, when the Babylonian beliefs are compared and which predate both the Old Testament and the Koran, we can slowly deconstruct the hypnotic pull religion has on fearful, huddling humanity.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Let There be Light..and a Bright Blog Background

The darkness has once again been vanquished and the light reigns supreme! I've been blogging from behind the curtains for over a year and I have it on good authority (and a healthy number of e-mail messages) that this blog has made a difference in people's lives. To celebrate the belated anniversary we are going to fulfill one of the oft-requested compilations of past artwork and SDAI-Tech1 Blog covers. Each image links to a full size image. So here you go:







And lastly, the poster contest winning entry________

As you can see it's been quite a fun year! I'd like to thank the fellow bloggers who have given me their support and sent folks this way early on. Andrew Sullivan deserves mention too, as he helped send huge amounts of traffic during the "Andrew Sullivan's Hamlet" entry back in September. This helped establish a base of regular readers.

I'm the first to admit blog entries here don't come on anything resembling a regular timetable. For those who visit regularly only to be disappointed with material they've already read, I can only offer my thanks for your patience. Things probably wont change anytime in the near future. The safest bet is to expect new entries roughly once a week, but sometimes more often during a heavy news cycle.

Till next time the curtain rises...I remain,


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Unseen World

The television, radio and cell phone signals are invisible and bounce around and through you at the speed of light. These signals carry data, intelligence and information.

Environmentalists talk about smog and greenhouse gases. I have never once heard one talk about the smog created by human thought.

What? What's he talking about now?

Human thought creates a layer of smog, just as real as any created by a sooty factory or a smoking automobile. It contains the residue of past thoughts in any particular location. The conservation of energy principle tells us that no energy can be created or destroyed, but that it merely can change form.

Thought may originate in your consciousness, brain and body, and their associated fields, but it does not remain there. Thought emits just like a cell phone signal. It is a form of radiation.

This radiation is lasting. It lasts as long as radioactive gamma radiation, sometimes longer. The signals embed themselves in material artifacts. Just the same way radioactive particles contaminate a region after a nuclear detonation. A house and its furnishings carry this thought-form byproduct and to those who have the necessary development, these signals can be extracted and identified. Every fight, fit of laughter and sad moment that happened in the vicinity of this couch is recorded. I wouldn't fill my house with antiques on a bet. All these old pieces of furniture emit their own smog and without discernment a happy home can be made unhappy in short order. Any of you that have a bit of sensitivity may have visited an antique mall or an old home/hotel and experienced a very discomforting feeling. That feeling is your consciousness interacting with thought-form waste residue from all these objects and places. Yes some places are cleaner and others are sewers of inequity.

Your home, who has lived there before you and how you furnish it will determine the signals, nature and extent of the smog you live with daily.

Where folks are happy and enjoy themselves, this radiation creates an atmosphere of more positive thought-forms. Where sadness, unhappiness or violence has taken place - you will find a negative, detrimental smog. Indeed, old tenants are never fully moved out.

Yes, the shadow layer of human smog is quite real. It is not often discussed in polite circles unless the speaker wishes to have his/her sanity questioned. The physical universe still holds many surprises for all of us. Einstein discussed 4 dimensions, but many theorists are putting forth many more than just 4 when describing the totality of the infinite universe. Indeed infinite numbers of dimensions may be more apt.

Religious thoughts obsess many. In the middle east the region has its own smog layer of hate. And in the financial districts a smog of greed is quite palpable. The red light districts are polluted with sexual obsessions and perversions. How much these things influence you depends upon your own mind and sensitivity. If you are the type who walks into a room where two individuals are fighting and you join the fray, then you need to watch out.

All is attenuation. Your consciousness is a receiver. It can't be turned off and it picks up signals from the words you read, the pictures you see, the shows you watch and your immediate environment.

Mankind has known this sort of influence exists subconsciously and likes to tear down places when the smog of human misery overwhelms a region. In China, Feng Shui was a decorating and building philosophy used to adapt objects and people to their environment. It's primitive and lacking complete knowledge of all these signals, but its a start.

Just reading this blog, for even the short time that it takes to read this entry has radiated knowledge into your mind. If you don't buy it, that's to be expected. But you'll be on the alert from now on and you will be looking for it.

Some things, such as generational hatred in the middle east, will make just a bit more sense. Same with suicidal children who had everything to live for but choose to follow in another loved one's suicidal footsteps "inexplicably".

Yes, this shadow layer is dealt with by some folks unintentionally. They choke on the waste products of human thought. Other folks are environmentalists of a sort - and work on mitigating the effects of this smog on the health of humanity.

That's me...an environmentalist dealing with far more consequential types of pollution.


Thursday, July 07, 2005

Terror in London

The terrorist bombing of the London subways and buses is another attack against humanity by religion. If Islamic fundamentalists are indeed behind the bombings we have further proof that religion in the 21st century is not just mentally destructive to its practitioners, but is a danger to society in general.

No one wants to take on such a provocative topic. It's not just Al Qaida or Islamic fundamentalists that pose a threat to society, but rather the doctrines that supersede law and order in society. Many cults claim they serve a more powerful master or force. Religions and the gods they serve fall largely in the same category, even when they preach sweetness and light in the name of some higher power.

To say that mankind likes to delude itself is rather obvious. If it gives folks comfort to have various faiths, that's all swell and fine. Unfortunately, most faiths at one time another demand their followers cross a line and come at odds with the government or common sense. It is at this point when the faithful become the fanatics and the world must be on its guard.

Religion is a disease. A disease of the mind - a byproduct of ignorance. The less you know about science and life, the more likely you are to believe in mystical beings without any basis in reality. It is no coincidence that the most violent faiths have the most number of illiterates in their ranks. These folks must take the words of their leaders on face value. They can't read the Koran or the Bible and have developed a system of beliefs which is uniquely their own. They may claim their violent acts are done in the name of Allah or the Lord, but they are still just their acts - done by them.

A materialist society which fosters the pursuit of wealth and the material objects wealth provides is a breeding ground for religious fanatics. The ones who can't compete, have no resources or money feel completely excluded from the game. They want to lash out at those who do have more. They cling to religion as a grand escape mechanism - the same way in which a mental patient may cling to the belief that he is Napoleon or Jesus.

The fear of death plagues materialists. They have something to lose. The poor and blighted have less fear of death and if they are surrounded by folks who tell them tales about being rewarded in death then they can actually look forward to it.

Again the disparity of wealth creates these conflicts. Hot and cold water create steam when they mix. The extremely poor and the extremely wealthy, where they come together, create an equal display of force. The solution is not to force equality on all or redistribute wealth, but rather to realize the source of these conflicts and minimize them so they cease to be such a danger to society.

I know what many of you are thinking. "Yes, but MY religion isn't violent. We are exactly the opposite we do good for others and help society."

This is all swell and good. However if your priest/pastor/religious leader were to suddenly change his/her tune and demand that you spill blood of the enemies of your god to earn a spot in heaven, what would you do? Abandon your faith? Agree to disagree and hold your own counsel?

Its easier to disagree and change faith in a civilized culture and nation. In a nation where your community is more polarized and your disobedience marks you as a heretic or infidel such disagreement is less likely and far more dangerous a course to pursue.

This is the danger of ALL religions. When the Puritans set up shop their communities were polarized. The Quakers and all the various sects of Christianity when they dominated a region exerted undue influence on the residents of the region and could coerce these same residents to do their bidding. The Catholic church is a poster-religion for intolerance and a trail of human suffering and coercion and yet amazingly are not only still in business with adherents only to eager to buy the rhetoric and ritual lock, stock and barrel, but are larger than ever thanks to an increasing global population.

The intelligent/educated represent a diminishing percentage of the population. Even in western nations education has diminished and as time marches on the ignorant and the religious will increase in number and polarize the regions in which they set up shop.

The wars of the past were largely religious wars. This trend shows no sign of diminishing. The present wars and conflicts between west and east are religious as well.

I have no delusions. Religions will probable NEVER disappear from the earth. As long as science fails to answer fundamental questions comprehensively - faith and make-believe act as ready substitutes for knowledge. All I can hope for is that governments and people realize the danger religions present to humanity and the welfare of mankind, keeping religions in check and separate from governments in all nations. Only by realizing the proper place of religion can we avoid massacres and lives lost needlessly to the insecurities and escape mechanisms of scared, angry people.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I'll let you in on a little secret...

...those speeders make me nauseous at higher speeds and the illustration shows us banking at almost a 70 degree tilt over the cityscape. I don't think we ever tilt much more than 45 degrees, as no one on the team wants to go splat on the vulcanized pavement below. That poster came from a recruiting office in the Earth of 2123 and that time period romanticizes Earth circa 2050, hence the obvious mid-century art style and old-fashioned buildings when colored concrete was all the rage.

"The future lies ahead of us!" said Governor Goodwin Knight in the twentieth century. He was ridiculed for that slogan. "Where else does it lie?" was a common response that generated a few hearty guffaws. That was long before folks knew or even had a rudimentary understanding of time in relationship to matter. It would have been unseemly for Goodwin to go around saying, "The future lies behind us!" or the even more non-plussing, "The past lies ahead of us!" regardless of its accuracy in the larger scheme of things.

Time is a puzzle. You've read these words and contemplated their meaning before you read this blog entry. In a sense this is a re-run. How is that possible? Wasn't your decision to stop by here completely random and controlled by your own fingers working the mouse and keyboard? Well sort of. You see, you already made the decision to read this on another level. A timeless level. The dimension where mass and matter occupy no space and where time is measured only in comparing two different movements of energy.

Your life passes by in an instant on this level. Birth to death and all the experiences in-between are choreographed based upon actions you take on this higher dimension. As a matter of fact the entire physical universe is like a slow motion replay of things that have already occurred.

Here is where relativity comes in to the game. When one is here, on Earth, your consciousness is pinpointed to a particular interface with a physical anatomy. It travels like the needle on a record (or a laser on a cd) and reads the data already stored even though from this perspective the rest of the record/cd is unknown and apparently random--even though it has in actuality already been recorded at another level.

This is why you have had deja-vu. You knew these things from a certain perspective. You still get benefit/harm out of the experiences and interactions because of this consciousness interface. You see...it's not what happens that is so very important, but rather how you react to it! The reactions feed a signal back to this record/cd and have the ability to store data which will change future records/cds which you orchestrate and perform.

Your thoughts are you! Not your body which will disintegrate as your DNA loses its integrity over many multiple signal transfers and regeneration. Your body is but a shell. You have had many of them! They are magnificent tools which you learn to use and can build your true self--your mind.

Reading this blog entry was something you set up to do. This sort of data is only available from a limited number of sources and so this blog was the most convenient one. (Yes, it's hard to believe & yes, I pity you too!)

Nothing I'm saying here is new to you. I'm just an echo. An echo of your own mind. I'm a signal repeater that is carried on down between spectra to provide undiluted information to those who seek it out and are at that point where they have already learned these things in other spectra and simply need to re-format their physical consciousness with the data.

Yes, you are your mind. Each thought forms and shapes you. Each reaction to your family, friends and loved ones is the real you. The material worlds are shadow worlds, filled with people who are slowly learning what you already know. They fear death, when death is really new life by any other name. They fight and shout, raising their voices to be heard above the cacophony of ignorance and fear--notice me! I'm special! I'm me! The realization that everyone is special comes later. The realization that they need not raise their voices or prove their worth to their peers comes later still.

But you, lucky you, already know these things to some degree or else you couldn't be here. It may seem disconcerting at first to think your life has already been laid out like a script, but you must always remember--it's your performance that counts. Each experience and event provides an opportunity for you to build your constructive thought base and strengthen your mind. You will learn that love is the only emotion you will retain in these higher spectra. Hate, fear, lust, envy and a host of other human emotions simply don't exist in these spectra--they can't. As expressions of energy have a certain bandwidth, lower emotion can only occur in an environment with a sympathetic bandwidth. Trying to hate someone on a higher spectra is like trying to light a match underwater. But when you try to hate something in one of these spectra you eject yourself from it in the process. You resonate with a lower spectra when one does so and you'll find yourself in the lower material spectra where such a thought or emotion resides.

This can get very frustrating, as one realizes one hasn't mastered one's mind yet. It's still storing too many imbalanced signals and life purely in these higher planes is impossible until these thought structures are balanced. So back one goes! You promised to do better, to try harder and to balance those things you still cling to which generate great emotion. This life is the byproduct of your plan. A script you wrote yourself so as to get the most out of it.

I'm just a very small supporting actor in your script, but I've got a live earpiece to the offstage crew and can help you remember what this play is all about.

My line delivery is often flat, irritating and unbelievable, but hey...nobody else tried out for this part.



Friday, June 03, 2005

Fodor's Guide to Elemental Worlds (Newly revised for 2005!)



As you know, every atom in the universe is unique. Each has a unique nucleus, particles and has component waveforms oscillating and acting as a conduit for any energy which enters into the atom's quantum field.

It's the reason no two grains of sand are alike, snowflakes or, on the opposite end of the size spectrum, why no two parallel universes are alike.

Energy is always in motion. Unique motion creates unique environments. No two spots anywhere in the multiverse are alike and no two people will ever be able to share identical views of this multiverse.

After you learn your way around this energy, its form and function, you can learn to manipulate it. Nuclear power is just the tip of the energy manipulation iceberg on earth. One can manipulate mass in regards to time, teleport between any place or dimension instantaneously and explore the multiverse at ones leisure.

One can travel to down to elemental worlds, catch glimpses of hell-worlds or spend as much time as one can in the more advanced worlds all by manipulating energy. Each presents certain risks and rewards as one learns more about the infinite fabric of the multiverse. The barrier to such travel is that of one's own structure's fundamental frequency range. The most high dimensions become invisible to one as they oscillate outside one's perception and resonation range. Fortunately, the lowest ones disappear from view and reach as well. At any given time you will have mapped a number of worlds within your personal reach, some a bit higher and others lower in their development.

Earth is an elemental world - much like a 'kindergarten' classroom. It's a place where souls can develop their intellect and master their emotional responses to various scenarios, further removing themselves from the animal kingdom. With a rudimentary consciousness man can develop his reasoning faculties, develop a moral fabric and begin to fathom the concept of positive/negative ramifications in regards to thought and action.


When traveling the multiverse, elementary worlds hold hidden dangers. They can snare one-- and by interfacing with any lower energy it creates a mirror image within your own structures. If any of this energy is imbalanced to any great extent --it binds you to that world and place it was originally recorded until it is put in a state of equilibrium--via experience. This can often take several lifetimes to do and with each incarnation you have to go about re-polarizing all this intelligence which one loses to a physical body by entering a world via the womb.

For all intents and purposes, what was planned as a brief 'weekend' trip can easily become a several 'year' tour. This is the danger of elemental worlds. What's worse is you will find yourself without your peers and friends (unless they traveled with you-which why it is very important to bring at least 3 to accompany you when you explore!) and this makes the trip longer, more dangerous and more 'insufferable' than it would otherwise be with suitable companions who can assist in extricating/stabilizing each other.

As you are well aware, energy of significantly disparate levels does not interface well. You must demodulate yourself to varying degrees to achieve successful interaction with the inhabitants of an elemental world. If you do not you will antagonize these residents. Like a high-pitched hum, your words and very presence will irritate. A natural reaction will be attack from the native residents of an elemental world. If this creates resentment within yourself you will further enmesh yourself in such a place! Always maintain equilibrium--even when attacked. A good case study can be made by witnessing what happened to 'Jesus' on his elemental vacation to the world called earth. He maintained equilibrium even as they crucified him and couched it for their own benefit when he said "Forgive them father, for they no not what they do." Naturally his time spent there was brief and he eliminated the possibility of an extended stay.

To what degree you must demodulate yourself will depend on the world and its present evolutionary development. You need not sacrifice who you are, nor need you compromise your understandings-- you simply must limit your interaction to those expressions which are within the parameters of most native dwellers.

When you manage to balance whatever energies you stored with imbalanced signals, you will be free again and will have learned new data--not the least of these bits of wisdom is that elemental worlds are best avoided unless one has a specific mission and has properly prepared for rapid extraction/minimized interfacing.

So take my advice and plan ahead. Trust me...

...spending 400 years in the elemental worlds, contriving ever more elaborate scenarios wherein your knowledge is piece by piece reintegrated within an elemental environment, all the while pretending to be an elemental and being careful not to interfere with young souls evolutionary development, is considerably more difficult to negotiate than it might appear.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Deep Throat & Professional Liars

Mark Felt has been revealed by his family and the Washington Post as "Deep Throat" the informant who revealed privileged information to newsmen. He has lied for years in his denial of the truth and now expects to be thought of as a patriot because he tattled on Nixon's lies. Not Ironically Felt has been lying for far longer than Watergate lasted or Nixon's few months of misstatements to the media. He's now a genuine professional liar who has lied for decades.

How fitting!

Nixon was ousted because he lied about some political trickery - trickery which has gone on since politics began. It was blown all out of proportion and we had to experience massive liars in office, like Bill Clinton, to realize just how minor Nixon's "find out what the Dems are doing" fiasco was in the scheme of things. Even Democrats whose mantra is "Bush lied, people died" would find the Nixon impeachment and his subsequent resignation laughable.

Only the media really seems to care about Deep Throat and Watergate. It is part of their aging legacy and one of their proudest leftist accomplishments. Only Nixon was decent enough to resign to spare the nation further time-wasting. Sadly, for them, Nixon was still consulted by future Presidents and his advice was sought out by Democrats and Republicans alike.

Reading the media articles as they relish forgotten leftist accomplishments is fun. After the failed Dan Rathergate lies and frauds pushed off on the public by the media they need to rehash 30 year old victories and savor them, despite the fact that with the passing of time they only appear more pathetic and feeble each time they do so.

Felt is a professional liar. A man who hid from responsibility or putting his name on the line when it mattered. He wanted to punish a President he felt passed him up for promotion to J. Edgar Hoover's position as head of the FBI. He is a coward both professionally and personally.

He's no patriot. No hero. He's now just a vision of pure pathos paving the way for his kids to cash in on books. Books only old, bitter leftists will read - or pretend to have read.

I would normally feel compassion for him. But his actions and 3 decades of lying have only earned disgust and contempt.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

He Was Grrrrrreat!

Thurl Ravenscroft has passed on. Most folks know him as the voice of "Tony the Tiger", but he was a family friend and a true gentleman from the old school. His voice commanded attention, could not be confused for anyone elses, and made him his living.

But his kindness and class will only be known to those who had the pleasure of meeting him.

Thurl worked for Disney and Kelloggs, but most who have known him realize he gave some of his greatest performances for the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach, CA. He was a class act and will be missed.

Thanks for the memories Thurl, I'm sure you and June are both somewhere where it is Grrrrrrrrrrreattt!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

On aging, cancer and sunlight

Recently, a new study has been released which promotes sunshine as a panacea to cancer.

I don't know anyone who can avoid the sun completely. We all realize sunshine is responsible for life on earth, just as essential as water is to life. Statistical science is right up there with global warming science in terms of accuracy.

Cancer is caused by cells that go awry. Living cells go awry when a sufficiently high number of their molecules and atoms have been stripped of neutrons and moderating particles by high frequency ionizing radiation (or some other chemical source) This creates an imbalance and the electrons and protons which are normally balanced often fall into an imbalance relationship.

As a result these cells lose their intelligence and try to achieve balance anyway they can - assaulting the cells around them for atomic material. In living tissue this is called cancer. This creates a chain reaction of imbalance and the cancer spreads.

Vitamins such as D, C etcetera play certain roles in the feeding of cells and helping them maintain a certain chemical equilibrium. Like global warming one has to observe far more than just one factor when it comes to the results. What other influences did these groups share? What were the types of cancer and were any of these folks in anything resembling a "control group?" Or did they just look at the almanac and base their paper on generic statistics?

Advocating more sunshine in places like Scandinavia is fine. Advocating more sunshine to Americans, especially anyone living outside of the pacific northwest and its constant cloud cover, is foolhardy at best and "Coco-Chanel level" stupid at worst.

All sunshine is not equal.

In places like the desert where cloud cover is almost nonexistent and water molecules in the air don't filter sunlight--such extra-exposure to higher frequency sunlight radiation equals premature aging, grey hair and cancer. Higher frequency radiation rapidly destroys the epidermis, reducing skin's ability to flex and wrinkles are the result. The hair follicles are ionized and lose the ability to transfer pigment into the growing hair shaft and growing coarse thicker strands or wispy strands. All due to imbalance.

The aging process is completely moderated. When our cells become more imbalanced...we age. Aging after maturity is determined by cellular equilibrium. As we grow cells multiply rapidly according to certain cyclic patterns encoded within the DNA. After maturity, the DNA acts a regulator of our aging. When the DNA is damaged in any particular cell it transfers incomplete data to its progeny, thus resulting in an imperfect reproduction of oneself as the cells regenerate.

Aging is the result of many generations of DNA data destruction.

In essence, a 90 year old's anatomy is an inferior replication of their same body at 25. It's the best the DNA data left can muster.

Out here I've been able to make some keen observations as to the weathering of skin, the graying of hair and other symptoms of excessive ionizing radiation exposure. Its fair to say that due to sun exposure alone one can age oneself an extra 20 years if one does not avoid the sun. At 30 one can look 50. At 50 one can look 70 and so on. The epidermis never fully recovers from cumulative ionizing radiation exposure and the DNA replicates with less data.

I've given any geneticists out there a treasure trove of material in this post. Namely how to prevent aging..or even to the creatively minded how to restore youth. In the future, the DNA of all newborns will be recorded and encoded. As they age they will get periodic "DNA treatments" which reconfigure data in their cells and patch or remove cells carrying damaged DNA strings. Unfortunately after a few thousand years this creates other problems...but that is a tale for another entry.

(note: This post is duplicated in part at another BBS location)

Monday, May 09, 2005

National Treasure & The Illuminati

A lot of folks come here because this blog isn't like other blogs. All blogs are unique reflections of the authors who key them. However most folks use them as a diary or as a reflection of popular topics. This blog is a unique dispenser of information.

Today we are going to discuss National Treasure. Most of you have probably seen the film now that it has been released on DVD and video. If you haven't seen it, there will be some references that might spoil the film, so you may want to stop here, rent it, watch it, and come back later to read the rest.

In National Treasure we have treasure hunt for treasure which supposedly was obtained by our founding fathers and hidden away by groups such as the Illuminati, the Freemasons and the Knights Templar. These organizations have long held certain folks imagination and the belief that treasures have been hidden around the world. You may expect me to pooh-poo such notions, but that's not what I'm going to do. There indeed are many treasures lost throughout the earth today. Not just one - but millions of treasures, large and small have been lost and await discovery.

The Dead Sea Scrolls were accidentally found and their discovery shed new light on Jesus and the Essenic orders who held his beliefs long before he was born. Some of the greatest treasures are not jade statues or gold sarcophagus', but are the secrets and wisdom mankind had acquired and then subsequently lost. These treasures are passed on from generation to generation via books and each generation has the opportunity to rediscover these riches for themselves.

Today, I shall share some of these treasures with you. It will cost me nothing, in fact my net worth shall only grow as the result of this dispensation.

In the film, Nicholas Cage discovers the time needed to observe a cast shadow from the back of a hundred dollar bill. This particular bill with Independence Hall on the back was designed in 1928. It would have been pretty hard for Benjamin Franklin to leave clues to the treasure on the clock-face.

But, believe it or not, Benjamin Franklin did leave clues to our collective treasure. And some are indeed now portrayed in our currency. Benjamin Franklin designed the great seal for the Continental Congress and he was a very clever chap with very unconventional beliefs. Let's take a look at the seal:

Most folks are familiar with "In God We trust", but that first appeared in 1862 and only after 1955 became the national motto as Ike distanced the US from the atheistic USSR. In God We Trust was not Franklin's motto. Far from it.

The conventional understanding of the seal goes like this: The pyramid is unfinished because our nation is unfinished. The eye is the eye of god and he approves of this undertaking--a new order. The western side of the pyramid is dark because the west was largely unexplored.

That's the conventional one. The real meaning is a bit more complex and was left by Benjamin Franklin for every American who would learn it's significance.

The pyramid with the eye is the symbol of the Illuminati and the Freemasons. George Washington, Goethe, Franklin and countless others were members of Freemason Lodges. It has a distinct meaning you must be aware of it is the value of the spiritual over the material. The pyramid represents the material path we build,stone by stone, throughout our lives. As we build our lives we reach a point where we have... illumination! Yes, this is why the Illuminati used this symbol. This eye which is often interpreted as the eye of god - is not god at all! It is your eye. When you reach illumination your eye is opened. This eye is known as the third eye - the all seeing spiritual eye. The spiritual eye is not connected to the pyramid because your spiritual self is detached from your material one. The "new order" referred to was not just the United States, but rather the type of men who had achieved illumination and brought the United States into being in 1776.

Yes, the illumination is each American's most priceless national treasure. Material wealth, is meaningless and it is not a little ironic that this seal would be placed upon currency--in essence reminding each American that the money they hold in their hands is truly worthless!

In the film the brick is removed from the wall and a pair of spectacles are recovered. The writers were well versed in Freemason folklore. A woman, Elizabeth Doneraile, had removed a brick and observed a Freemason Lodge meeting going on inside her fathers home. Upon being discovered she was initiated into the Lodge, one of the earliest women to be so initiated. So the "spectacles" or instruments to "see" being tied in with the "removal of a brick", were well researched nuances that give the film its hints of realism and inside jokes to any Freemasons watching.

The Freemasons believe in the value of the spiritual over the material. They do not share any one god or deity, but rather are all just aware that there is something greater than the material life. While there are many variations of Freemason thought, this element is universal to nearly all of them.

Our founding fathers lived and held these principles dear. They sought illumination and inspiration throughout their lives. Where they could--they shared this wisdom with those who were ready. And for those who were not, they left many symbolic messages to be discovered and understood when their own illumination would arrive.

E Pluribus Unum.

Of Many, One.

This was also a coded message and was far more significant than the latter-day "In God We Trust" which actually contradicts it somewhat. Of many, One has several meanings you should be aware of. The first is the significance of the individual, in this case--YOU. The Illuminati realized that the power of many was solely dependent upon each individual realizing their own potential and achieving their own "point of illumination." That's why the eye is in a pointed triangle to symbolize this point of illumination. The other meaning is also very important. This is that God is made up of many. God is the byproduct of everyone combined. This was another little secret encoded into the seal awaiting understanding by the generations of Americans who would see it. In God We Trust which came much later would really mean we trust in ourselves when we take E Pluribus Unum into account.

Illumination awaits each American.

For you, my readers, today is that day. Your national treasure has been revealed to you. You will never be able to hold money in your hands again and not be reminded of its lack of true value. You will also realize that even as you build your material life you must start to prepare for your spiritual life which shall eventually supplant it.

Benjamin Franklin knew this. His self-written epitaph written when he was just 22 years old clarified his true beliefs.

B. Franklin, Printer
(Like the Cover of an Old Book
Its Contents torn Out
And Stript of its Lettering and Gilding)
Lies Here, Food for Worms.
But the Work shall not be Lost;
For it will (as he Believ'd) Appear once More
In a New and More Elegant Edition
Revised and Corrected
By the Author

Word has it he's indeed returned and may even have a blog of his own. But there are still more than a few secrets left out there for you to uncover without my assistance.


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Power of Wealth.

What is the real power of wealth? Is being rich an end in itself? Billions on the face of the planet work to earn money to survive and then to live in increasingly more elaborate manners than their neighbors or the masses in other parts of the world. Today you will learn the true power of wealth--the only one that matters.

Societies all over the globe are tiered. We have classes. The American societal structure is three-tiered. You have the upper class, the middle class and the lower class. These classes are determined primarily by financial wherewithal but also by education and birthright. It's entirely possible to be a millionaire and a member of the lower class based upon limited education and lower class birth. Likewise one can be a member of the upper class even penniless, because one has a comprehensive education and comes from upper class gentry stock.

In Europe you have much the same tri-tiered structure with extra emphasis on birth parentage and lineage, less so much on education. In a region where the fiction of royalty and noble birth still exist it's not uncommon to be moronic and a member of the upper noble class. With some of these families centuries old intermarriage practices it actually makes such a scenario more of a statistical probability than an exception.

In India you have the Hindu caste system still largely at work and the tiered structures that reaches from Brahman down to the untouchables. Purity is an essential element in this tiered structure. The most pure are the highest and the least pure are the lowest. Again money and education here play only a small role while birthright and heritage along with an added one proper behavior, determines one's social standing. While in some urban regions this practice is diminishing, it is largely a staple of daily life for hundreds of millions of people.

In Russia and other Slavic countries the tri-tiered structure is also present, however it is top heavy based upon financial assets followed by education with birthright holding only the smallest consideration.

So money can buy things. A home. A car. Clothes and furnishings. It can buy larger and more homes and more expensive cars, clothes and furnishings. But the pursuit of such trivial material objects means little to the educated rich. The educated rich wears the trappings of wealth only dutifully and with less satisfaction than his less educated fellow plutocrats. The educated rich has a new goal--legacy. They seek to make a mark that outlives them. Andrew Carnegie donated millions, set up libraries and hoped charity and education would be his legacy. Bill Gates has done much the same thing. By spending a portion of their assets on charity or assistance programs, the wealthy can work on this legacy. Depending upon their religious beliefs, this charity may have the added psychological motivation of salvation or redemption.

Having the latest Lamborghini in the garage next to the latest Rolls and Maybach gets boring real quick. One must understand something about the educated wealthy--displays of wealth are only satisfying among members of their same class. It is not satisfying to take the Rolls down to K-Mart and flash the Titanium American Express card in front of a bunch of minimum wage slaves. In fact such an activity could be quite hazardous. Such activity is only for the most freshly minted nouveau rich, lotto winners and such.

Upper class society has created a whole bunch of invitation only social get togethers where they get to enjoy showing off what their money can buy for them. The wealthy do not feel safe among the masses and generally limit their social interactions with these same masses. The noble causes, gallery openings and other functions provide the needed outlet for this human desire to show off a bit and compete within one's own social class in a safe, regulated environment.

But what about the real power of wealth? What lies far in advance of the outmoded and childlike concept of leaving a legacy?

Here on this blog all classes are almost equal (if you're urban and wealthy enough to have internet access at any rate) and I shall share here the most important power of wealth...acquiring information.

The internet make all wealthier than they were before because of this educational aspect and information resource. Google almost single-handedly raises the lower class into the lower middle class based upon the information it provides them which they were unable to associate with before.

But not everything is on the web. Acquiring books and building one's library is still a mandatory part of the life of the educated wealthy upper class. Reading is a pastime replaces television watching and only compares in this age with the time spent on the web.

Knowledge is power. Wealth is only powerful inasmuch as it can provide knowledge. The material possessions, whatever their value and use, hardly rate a flickering spark next to the all-consuming inferno that drives the mind to seek new wisdom and attain ever higher plateaus of perception and perspective.

With all this wisdom comes one more thing...love. The love of humanity. The love of the struggle and path all must follow to escape the confines of the box. Yes, love is the gift understanding leaves in its wake. One cannot have true love without understanding. The deeper the understanding-the deeper and more meaningful the love.

You can't buy love. But you can buy books and the knowledge of the ages contained therein. If you apply yourself to the acquisition of knowledge, true love will eventually be yours.

Now you'll have to excuse me. The detailer has this week off and I'm going to try my hand at waxing the H2 myself. I'm going to have to check Google to see whether Meguiars carnauba wax or Zymol is safest for a clearcoat finish.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Room

The room is bright. Lighter than human eyes are designed to tolerate. The light seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. The high-rise is the tallest in the worlds and is where my employers maintain their offices.

I enter the room and walk towards my employers. The decor is modern ethereal: lots of white furniture, integrated fixtures and all wrapped up with a supreme sense of purpose and efficiency.

I acknowledge, with a smile and a nod, a few co-workers I haven't seen in awhile. They do deep undercover work and sometimes it's months and even years--or longer--between assignments.

At the end of the room are four chairs. All white. Deco or post-moderne don't begin to describe them and I really don't know where to start to try, so I wont.

The Board of Directors is composed of two men and two women. All quite brilliant-- brilliant to the point of intimidating even, if it weren't for their demeanor which discarded even the hint of aloofness or superiority.

A very tall gentlemen arises from the second chair from the left. "Ah, SDAI-Tech1, its nice of you to meet us like this on such short notice."

"It was no problem. Teleportation always sharpens the senses."

"Yes. Well, we called you here for a performance evaluation. Your file here indicates you've broken a few protocols. Were you aware of this?"

"Yes. Ahem...there were a few instances when I made judgment calls in the field that were not as well thought out as they could have been, I had meant to discuss them earlier."

A golden blond woman on the far right turns to me and speaks, "Your record here is starting to show a pattern of unconventional and erratic decisions. I think we should review these individually and see if we can clarify what you were thinking when you made these choices."

"That's fine with me."

"Good. Why don't you have a seat."

A white seat that wasn't there emerges out of the floor. No trap panels or anything - it has either been teleported to the position behind me or had been morphed out of the existing molecules of the air--I can't tell which occurred. I sit and the seat feels as if it has molded to my shape. Extremely comfortable.

"So tell us...when did you decide to start a blog?"

"Ahem. Well I believe it was April of 2004. I felt it might be a useful tool to disperse data. I had intended to filter entries here first, but didn't want to waste anyone's time reading what was mostly going to be material-centric stuff of little concern with a few tidbits thrown in for good measure."

"Let's see in your last entry you disparage Earth's 1.1 billion Roman Catholics-don't you think that's unnecessary and unorthodox?"

"I might've overdone the ignorance bit."

"You think? That entry alone breaks a half dozen specific protocols for the dissemination of data. Your blog is chock-full of small and large violations of company policy."

I suddenly realize that my activities have been thoroughly investigated. And as I think about it I really expected no less.

"You influenced the election with your blog?"

"Well...somewhat. I played a small role."

The blond woman pushes the point home. "You knew exactly how history was going to unfold and you influenced it deliberately. You targeted Ohio as the pivot point and swayed hundreds of thousands of voters with a series of key blog entries based on post-election voter survey issues you knew were of concern to the region. What was the basis of your reasoning for this decision?"

"I didn't like Kerry."

"You took it upon yourself to weave a whole new timestream. Have you any idea what repercussions your actions will have? And what about the readers of your blog? Are you going to individually assist each that you force-evolutionary-accelerate? And what of those who are traumatized by such relevations? Do you have a plan for balancing these individuals course?"

"They think it's all a joke. Most don't believe a word I say. I can't believe any are traumatized by anything I have written."

A gentleman who has been silent the whole while turns and stares at me with great concern and he speaks, "You'd be quite wrong. Let's take a look shall we?"

A holograph of the Earth appears just above my lap. About a foot in diameter, it sparkles an iridescent blue so real I reach out and touch it just to be certain it isn't solid.

"Take a look at the people who now are in a state of intellectual and spiritual turmoil due to your blog entries."

Little red dots appear and light up one by one, mostly in the US and Europe, and only after a minute or two does it subside the last light being added in Norway. The globe disappears as silently as it appeared.

"That's 51,246 people. Their lives directly influence another 34,785,237 and those lives influence the entire population of the Earth. Your 'blog' is a problem of epic proportions. I have a hard time believing you were unaware of these repercussions when you initiated your blog."

I stare at the unemotional faces. There is not a hint of anger, exasperation or frustration upon their countenance. I realize I have no alternative but to accept their determinations.

"Ok. I made a mistake or two with the blog...so what do I do?"

The blond woman, who is stunningly attractive by the way, turns and smiles, "You will have to oversee that certain fluctuations in this new timestream you have generated stabilize till they are within acceptable parameters. You will have to balance the evolutionary needs of these 51,246 individuals and orchestrate assistance for each one. We'll handle the auxiliary influences of your decisions. Do you have any idea how you are going to do this most expeditiously?"

I smile and get up from the chair.

"Of course. The blog got me into this mess - I'll blog my way to a solution."

The chair has vanished. In a moment so have I.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Why Idolatry & Ignorance Still Rule Mankind

The happenings of the past several weeks are further evidence that primitive man's favored pastimes of idolatry and ignorance still find favor with billions of people alive on the earth today.

The human animal is a fearful one. He fears for his survival over all other things and this subconscious and conscious fear motivates him to do some very strange things.

The recent passing of the Pope and the election of his successor perhaps illustrate this pageant of human idolatry better than anything else. The control the Roman Catholic religion has had over billions of pliable and undeveloped minds is frightening. The new Pope says he prayed not to be elected. He was. What does this say about his ability to sway his god with his prayers? Its farcical. Yet millions will cry when they touch his hand and will pray for him and do all sorts of other ridiculous things because they have not the discernment, intelligence or strength to break free of their idolatrous behavior.

Mankind's fear has manifested in idolatrous tendencies. He has always sought something larger than himself to comfort him. He needs a man to play dress up and make-believe and to wave a jeweled staff around. This gives him comfort. The promises of an afterlife of ease if he maintains this ridiculous behavior allay his worst fears in the wee hours when he begins to think of his mortality.

The Roman-Catholic religion insures their survival among the religions of the world with its position against birth control. Poor families with many children are their target market. Mexico, the Philippines, South America - wherever poverty, suffering and ignorance are most in evidence so will you find the Roman Catholic religion walking hand in hand with these folks keeping them ignorant, fearful and poor.

Fear makes people do strange things. The emperor of organized religion has been going around naked for centuries and yet few have pointed this out to their neighbor for fear they would be laughed at, ostracized or stoned to death as blasphemers.

I see all this pagan ritual and the submission of so many minds to a standard bearer of ignorance and it saddens me. I know how much these folks will have to unlearn before they can truly make any headway. Billions are destined to repeat and regenerate these idolatrous actions and each time they do so they weaken their own mentality, their own ability to discern right from wrong. They will incarnate again and again in this pit of clay and will follow false leaders who pick their pockets and worst of all--empty their minds.

It should be patently obvious that the new Pope is no closer to any god than the old one was. In fact, it is clear he's a throwback to the 19th century--a Pope who is even less enlightened spiritually than his predecessor and will more forcefully suppress enlightenment, keep the masses in the dark and maintain a 19th century outlook of the world.

More poverty and more suffering shall be his legacy--as is part and parcel the legacy of every Pope.

It's nothing to be outraged about. It's nothing to protest. It's merely the state of the world today. The Protestants are dwindling in number because they were just a bit too enlightened. When it comes to religion--the most ignorant, controlling and idolatrous ones shall prosper.

True spirituality lies is not dispensed by organized religion. True spirituality must be sought out by each individual on the basis of their own introspection and self-analysis.

The "spiritual" worlds are more properly simply worlds in an advanced spectra relative to our own. The beings that live in this spectra can't be evil or mean simply because such expressions resonate on a lower bandwidth. Prejudice, hatred, selfishness and fear are human traits and do not exist in these advanced worlds. The beings that do live in these worlds have long ago outgrown the elemental beginnings of sentience and have evolved to a point where they are functioning more infinitely--in tune with the infinite cosmogony.

There are no gods. There are no controllers of the universe. There are only an infinite number of beings at infinitely varying levels of development. As the masses here learn a bit & see the fruits of their religious leaders actions, they will outgrow their old faiths and slowly supplant idolatry with logic and reason. They will not seek comfort in fitting in with the beliefs of the majority of their community but will seek out their destiny and future on their own terms--unrestrained by the pagan ignorance which leaves so many living in poverty of body and mind.