Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Once upon a time, roughly 2 millennia past, walked a man upon the earth who was unlike many men. He spoke differently. He berated the priests and the popular religions. He was simultaneously hated and admired by different parts of the populace. Not surprisingly, he was a curtain lifter.

He didn't have an easy go of things. He was arrested and then tried and murdered by folks who could in no manner fathom his wisdom or his words. He was turned into a martyr and like all martyrs, became more popular dead than he ever was when he was alive.

On this day many folks celebrate his sacrifice. They know not really of what they celebrate or indeed what his true mission even was. His words have been twisted, re-written and fabricated by folks such as Irenius, Clement and many others.

At around this time "saint" Stephen was stoned after lecturing to the betrayers and murderers of Jesus. They were in a fervor and quickly put an end to any verbal reprisals.

The Christian sects that grew prayed to the moon and the sun singing songs and enjoying their various beliefs that Jesus first went to the moon and then back to the sun. It is not surprising that these many and diverse ritualistic groups would incorporate and modify existing religious holidays to suit their new belief system. The Sabbath, Passover and other "holy" days were adopted and transformed as were the many new year's rites and sacrifices.

This is the result of third-hand accounts of what Jesus was trying to do. His efforts were aimed at reforming and eliminating the most pagan and unintelligent aspects of religion and in some ultimate ironic twist his enemies eventually founded a new religion in his name.

So as the centuries roll on and the billion or more Christians celebrate Jesus' sacrifice, it would certainly be a nice change of pace if they actually knew what it was he sacrificed.

His life was extinguished because he spoke out against priests and dispensers of officially sanctioned wisdom. He tried to phase out prayer in public,the whole ritualistic nature of Judaism and other beliefs, and by pointing out a better way.

"Pray not on the street corner or in the synagogues, but retire to thine own closet where thee will be rewarded openly."

Some folks, sadly, took this literally to mean its time to pray in an empty closet. Others believe it means don't pray too openly to show your pious nature. However, its true meaning was lost on most the illiterates who heard his words, lectures and so-called sermons and repeated them without understanding them.

Jesus wanted folks to abandon the churches and the temples and seek out spirituality on their own - in their own mind. This is where they were to be rewarded - in new understandings!

How many more centuries will unfold with the countless churches all over the world making a mockery of Jesus' life and efforts, exhorting their members to come and pay tribute - doing the very thing Jesus would least desire they do? And do this under the blissful darkness of ignorance and good intentions?

I know the answer to that question. It is unpleasant. But Jesus, wherever he is hanging out now, will surely not be deterred by such a pessimistic outlook for billions of individuals. Instead, he will likely continue to work towards mankind's emancipation from whatever spectra he now resides in. This emancipation he works for is freedom from the bondage of ritual and rhetoric by those who do not understand that Jesus was just another enlightened man, who was far ahead of his time and who wanted to paint a picture of a spiritual, progressive evolution which was far more expansive and infinite in nature than any in such a dark period could ever conceive of or hope to grasp.

Someday the true understanding of being "born again" will be almost universal and understood to be the emancipation of the mind from the slavery of organized religion and others telling you what to believe. It will be understood that no one else can save you from your actions - other than yourself. That will be the time of each individuals personal salvation and each will experience their own "second coming of Christ" as his words will at long last be understood.

In the meanwhile, as this slow transformation of societal intelligence/understanding occurs, I will give Jesus' true intentions and agenda a little blog-space today.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Holy Picture Theft SDAI-MAN! What was That!

SDAI-MAN: "Nothing to fear Blogin, we simply experienced an image server problem for a week, but everything's fine now. As a result the SDAI-blog was filled with little red x's in boxes, causing consternation for many readers who thought it was their computers that were malfunctioning. We can reassure them that such an unfortunate situation will not come about again...if we can help it!"

BLOGIN: "Gosh! At first I thought it might be the work of the Riddler, the Joker or perhaps even Teresa Heinz! (sans Kerry) After all, Google has been sending folks all over the world in our direction for months now and she's bound to find the pixellated portrait perplexing!"

SDAI-MAN: "Quite perceptive Blogin! However Ms. Theresa Heinz values the freedoms we share here in America, especially that most sacred of institutions, our freedom of speech! Naturally such a fine outstanding citizen wouldn't dream of abrogating others rights!"

BLOGIN: "Gee SDAI-man! When you put it that way I feel kind of ashamed. You're right. I guess I just thought..."

SDAI-MAN: "You thought wrong old chum, but wait! I'm receiving an incoming message on the SDAI-teletype!"

BLOGIN: "Holy postus interruptus SDAI-man! What's it say?"

SDAI-MAN: "I was afraid of something like this Blogin! We've been cancelled. Our Spielsen Ratings are no longer high enough to keep our sponsors sending bales of money."

BLOGIN: "Holy cash crash! You mean Electrogirl International is pulling the plug?"

SDAI-MAN: "I'm afraid so faithful friend. We have a week to turn the ratings around before we are sold to media interests held by Rupert Murdoch or (shudder) Richard Branson."

BLOGIN: "What'll we do!"

SDAIMAN: "We'll do what we always do...lift the curtains a little bit at a time."

BLOGIN: "But..."

SDAI-MAN: "No buts, Blogin. This will require careful calculation. And yet...can my eyes be deceiving me? Is that the SDAI-signal shining brightly over the city? It is Blogin! It's a message from ELECTROGIRL! We are having a poster contest!"

BLOGIN: "Zounds! What lamebrained idiot thought up that idea?

ELECTROGIRL: "THAT idiot would be ME blogin! And... Oh...did I're SOOOOOOO FIRED!"

BLOGIN: "Holy stupid-foot-in-mouth, blow my career move!"

SDAI-MAN: "Farewell friend. You may find work on some other blog someday."

BLOGIN: "Maybe SDAI-man, but there's never been a blog like this...ever."

SDAI-MAN: "I know old chum. But you'll always have your memories - and an interesting line to add to your resume."


SDAI-MAN: "As easily said as done ELECTROGIRL. Observe..."

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Of Super-Powers and the Super Powered.

The United States, China and India?

As population and economic patterns shift, the center of power shifts. Weaponry, manpower, resources, money - all these things are the base of national power and influence in the world.

The United States was the indisputable winner of the power lottery in the 20th century. Its industrial base, manpower, geographic separation from hostile powers and capitalist economic structure allowed the US to become the world's most powerful nation. As a result, the US has the best weaponry, the most modern navy, the largest satellite armada and the wealth to keep modernization efforts ongoing.

Nuclear weapons were first developed by the United States. The technology was stolen for the Soviet Union and not much later China inherited the technology.

The terror problem grows in a world where competing nationalities and their disparate religions, vie for the world's resources, new blindly loyal adherents, and global influence/power. Nuclear weapons are the great equalizer. A stockpile of only 100 nuclear weapons makes any tiny nation a grave threat to even the largest and most populous geographic super-powers. Oil which has brought tremendous wealth to a small segment of the inhabitants of Middle Eastern nations, shows no sign of being replaced soon. Cars, ships and planes still consume petroleum products in ever increasing proportions. The new economic power of nations such as China and India, also increases their oil consumption. Oil consumption is about to undergo a tremendous increase over the next twenty years, pushed by economic mobility in both China and India.

The man or company that brings efficient solar power conversion to market, or some other means of efficient energy transference, will be rich and more powerful than anyone can yet imagine. Many suspect that new technologies are suppressed by the powers that be and that 100mpg engines and even better lay stashed in the refuse pile at the patent office or in the encrypted vaults of large multinational corporations. This used to be the case. However new technologies are harder to suppress or isolate. Nowadays the internet and near instantaneous communication makes the man with an idea quite dangerous. Nations can no longer allow other competing would-be powers to get their hands on some new breakthrough. As a result most nations have undisclosed groups which seek out new ideas and hire the sharpest talent.

When I first began blogging, I promised readers looks behind the curtains of the power brokers and the things that occur out of the sight of a mainstream world that spends most of its time watching television or playing video games. I have tried to live up to my promise revealing things which you can't read elsewhere. Scientific secrets, political secrets and the tools you can use to free yourself from the servitude of a materially-biased "everyday" life.

True power is knowledge. As nations educate their masses and covertly embrace these specialists, they hold on to or have the potential to vastly increase their power.

Each individual is in much the same boat. Your life and its direction will be determined by your own knowledge base. There exist individuals on this world who possess their own super powers. They don't emerge from phone booths in tights and a cape, but they have much more than any amount of physical strength or invulnerability could provide for them. They have wisdom and the determination to travel new paths and explore new vistas. You may be such a super power or you may just be learning how to harness your mind and utilize its unfathomable potential.

So many endless possibilities exist for you! You are just beginning to learn of life and of the many levels of life which have been completely unrecognized by you until now! Many of you will do great things, and yet as great as they may be, they will be made possible by your own growth and your own wisdom.

My job is to spread some ideas. If you're here, reading this, there's a good chance they'll have some use to you now or in the future.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


You're here, reading these words right now. The shapes are recognized as letters, the groupings of letters as words and the words strung together as thoughts which convey information. Consciousness as you know it is a wave based phenomenon.

Auditory data is also brought to your consciousness via waves and all these countless wave forms are recognized with various frequencies.

Your brain is a receiver and transmitter. Your brain also reacts to input not immediately received through your five senses, but also from external frequencies which resonate with your brain.

Each individual has a unique fundamental frequency. This is as individual as their thumbprint. This is the average of their collected and stored signals. The higher this frequency is, generally the greater your intelligence and stored knowledge and experience. Identical twins often have the same thoughts at the same time. Their fundamental frequencies are very close and so this data transfer can occur even over greater distances. Among long married couples they can finish each others' sentences and seem to think the same thoughts in almost sequential manner. They have developed a certain carrier wave which travels between the two. Certain individuals have heightened abilities to receive and process signals. Telepathy, remote viewing, etcetera all utilize this principle of enhanced frequency reception.

In an infinite universe there is no end to the thought processes of humanity individually or collectively. And the thinking process isn't technically thinking so much as it is a combining of frequencies and their resonating with stored signals creating a NEW output which regenerates with them. This new signal is what we call "thinking" but is more properly a form of signal arithmetic.

When you read these words, they will resonate with any stored signals. Your thoughts and reactions will be unique to you. Comprehension will depend greatly on the sum and diversity of your existing stored signals and the compatibility of these new signals to be integrated within existing consciousness matrix.

Consciousness is vastly more complex than this, but this is a good primer to introduce the concept of a frequency and wave-based consciousness.

I would be neglecting my responsibility if I omitted the purpose of consciousness - which is, quite simply, to expand, grow and accumulate more balanced data in the form of wave form signals.

If the previous paragraph sounds somewhat robotic or computerized, that impression is fallacious. You are doing exactly that as you think such a thought and wave forms and frequencies are simply a fundamental property of this infinite universe of energy.

Immortality awaits all who learn of their own quantized consciousness and its inability to be destroyed when the brain cells cease to function. Physical death of cells and tissues is the death of cells and tissues - not the death of consciousness. These quantized fields need no cells to operate or receive data. A physical body is only needed to record physical experiences in the atomic spectra. Other spectra data is imbibed, interpreted and processed directly by the quantized fields themselves. However, this spectral data exists with a different frequency and so is not ordinarily shared with your physical consciousness when in an atomic anatomy.

Many who physically die and then return report bright lights, old friends or family, etcetera. Naturally, they don't understand what is occurring when their quantized fields are first stripped of these atomic fundamental signals. It is to be expected that family and things they recognize have the primary place in their consciousness. All this light is just ambiguous high frequency wave forms. They perceive it as light because they have not necessarily developed the ability to cross reference these high frequencies. They could be standing in the middle of a hospital, in a beautiful city, surrounded by attending physicians but these things and people would be a complete blur because of the inability to process the signal data. Only the familiar signals would successfully resonate.

Over time these signals would be processed, new vistas will be opened up to them and they become an infant among the wonders of the non-atomic spectra. Then when they return again to the earth, or some similar atomic spectra, they will not fear death quite so much and will have a quiet knowing of the great mysterious "hereafter" which is attempted to be defined by religions and science. Both of which are presently inadequately equipped to prepare the vast billions who now inhabit the earth.

You're reading this...because we've met on these other spectra. I am not a complete stranger and you asked me to remind you when you dropped back in and put on the mantle of flesh.

So, consider yourself reminded. ;-)