Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back to the Bentley Turbo R

NOTE TO READERS: Read "I am not alone" [pt.1] & "Move Over Green Lantern" [pt.2] before reading this segment!

The craft is gone and Yal-hune stands beside me. It is almost more than a man can bear. Her garment is flowing with the wind and only covers her mid-rift and legs. It has a crepe type quality and the way it billows in the wind is unearthly. Of course the material is unearthly and so this should not be surprising. The garment's green fabric compliments her somehow, and somehow I just know that green is the color of their home world.

Her body is perfect. At least from where I stand it is. I can't tell whether it is the geometric dimensions and shapes that make it so or if it is her, and her mind, that are so developed that influence my judgment. If super heroes were real, this is what it would feel like walking next to one. Her aura bathes me in her essence and it is so vastly positive and...words fail me...kind, wonderful, enchanting...pick a superlative adjective and it will fit.

I realize she will need new garments. If she had visited Earth when Cretan kings and topless maidens frolicked in the cities, she would have no problem. Or if we were in the south of France on a beach somewhere, perhaps. But her beauty is too powerful and she would even disrupt those times and places as well. Though her field is so strong she can push away astral entities and this is a huge ability. Here on Earth everyone is so afflicted, myself included. Growing up on Earth means sharing your mind with roaming entities and homeless thought patterns - all of them, generally, destructive. Being beside Yal-hune means freedom of mind. She is truly a gift.

I realize I never asked how long she intends to stay.

"The time period for my stay is indeterminate. It depends upon the events that unfold here on your world."

Of course, in this close proximity I can be sure she has heard my every thought as though I were shouting them. But I don't feel bad, embarrassed or concerned about her judging me. She is beyond such things...and in her am I.

Questions are racing through my mind and yet they follow more coherent patterns than before. I see things in a true light with my mind uninfluenced by those forces that pull one down. I see the Bentley Turbo R there, my Astro-luxe binoculars still on the desert sand where I dropped them. It seems like years ago. Yes, time takes on a new perspective in her presence. I realize how shallow and materialistic portions of my life had become. How, all too often, I have betrayed my own philosophy of Fofofu - Form Follows Function. The Bentley is a perfect example. What percentage of my desire to purchase my vehicles is function and how much is based on ego assumptions and the false concept of prestige - which is based on insecurity. I see it now in true light and my motives all have too much taint of ego.

I see through Yal-hune's eyes and mind for a moment and such self-confessional is exactly the influence she makes manifest. My body is resonating and regenerating in her presence and my cells are in better alignment with my own quantized field. Her field acts as a shield and permits ones own natural healing and mind true function without interference. She is the ideal diplomat. I wonder what the outcome would be of placing her in a room with the Israeli and Palestinian leaders. Peace might finally be had after a history of hate and fear.

"I have studied your world with our viewers and know what goes on in each nation, and each people. I am conversant in every language currently spoken on the Earth."

She says this aloud using her physical voice. And I am amazed that her physical voice sounds just like her mental voice - and I know its redundant, but it is simply beautiful.

"I guess for the short term you should stay at my place until we get you set up with a place of your own and figure out just where you should live."

"Yes, that is acceptable. I know your place very well. I have seen it and you on the viewers many times."

Normally, at such a line I would be freaking out. However, I know there is no privacy in the universe. All energy is unique, accessible and viewable from any other part of the universe.

"You must know me as well as I know myself."

"Better. For our viewers not only see the physical atomic spectra, we see the adjoining astral spectra as well and how these two spectra merge. Your life has been a big struggle against influences that have been directed against you in these lower spectra."

I speak aloud for the first time, since she also is now using her physical voice.
"That's the big challenge of Earth. It's fundamental frequency reaches into lower astral spectra, which means all the physical life forms can be influenced by the lower non-physical life forms. Will you be able to sustain your field and development in such an environment?"

"Hopefully, yes. I have had extensive training on other worlds which were even lower than the Earth. And because I know and have seen these influences, I am immediately cognizant of their presence and motivations. Since I disembarked from our craft, literally hundreds of entities have already attempted to penetrate my consciousness. Fear, hate, prejudice, contempt and other lower emotions have been used to try and gain entrance with no success."

"You are sort of like the reverse Pandora. You put back in the box the lower emotions as you interface with others."

"Yes, I suppose that is one way of viewing it."

I open the door for her. And she gracefully slides into the vehicle like some top model who has rehearsed the move fifty times for some photo shoot.

I pick up my binoculars, put them in the car and quickly look up at the stars - they take on a new meaning in my current state of mind. I see the trillions...

...and one of them has just fallen down to Earth and is sitting in my car.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Move Over Green Lantern!

The craft has landed. My Bentley stands only 100 yards from the craft. An alien being appears before the ship. No hatchways open. No ladders descend. The being simply appears. Teleportation. Materialization. This one is different than the teleportation I am familiar with. It is a bit more graceful - it's hard to describe.

The being is humanoid in appearance and is wearing a flowing green garment. Like a cloak or a cape. It catches in the hot desert wind as soon as the materialization is complete. The being is of male gender I suspect and tall. I'd estimate seven feet and four or five inches. An aura of power surrounds him.

My first thought as this being approaches betrays my feelings - I wish Shayla was here with me. Since she returned to her homeworld I have felt naked and alone with secrets too large for one human. But even just thinking about her fortifies me and I sense a part of her is with me. She reminds me what she taught me about telepathic perimeters. I reach out with my mind and set up a field for conversing with this being.

"You are the one known as SDAI-Tech1. My name is Tho-rey I greet you from the far off world of Htra-deg. I represent a race of beings that have emissaries all over the known galaxy. Your world is just starting its interaction with other planets and as you so far have had the most interaction with other planets, we extend our thoughts of friendship to you."

"Thank you Tho-rey. This is a long way to travel for a greeting, but I also welcome you in the name of the planet Earth and its inhabitants."

I look up at this being who has now approached and stands only ten or so feet away. His garments glisten of their own and I can tell that their atomic weight is clearly heavier than our world or solar system supports. A field of energy I was not immediately aware of now stands out to me. It is the support field to permit him to interface with me and Earth in a physical manner. It glows greenish, like his garment, cape and craft.

"Yes, this is far to travel and I have reason of contacting your world in this manner. As I mentioned, our world places emissaries upon each world we contact, if permitted. Your world would call them diplomats. We would like to leave an emissary here on Earth and we would like your permission. We realize you represent, to some degree, the government on your world, especially as it pertains to extraterrestrial contacts."

A million thoughts race through my head at once and I immediately dislike the responsibility of making such a decision. On the other hand, sure I could stall him and tell him to beam back into his ship and drive back to his world and get back to me after I go to the UN and have them put it up for a vote before the Security Council.

Like that's going to happen.

I probe the craft and a bit deeper into his own mind, skirting the obvious barriers set up which are off limits. His mind is very complex. More layers and more complex thought trains. I look for clues of deceit or deception and find none. The ship is occupied but more than that is hard to make out. Now I really wish Shayla were here with me. But the decision is mine. So I make it.

"Tho-rey we would be pleased to have one of your emissaries here on this world. However, be aware the world in general is terrified of the unknown and aliens are still generally not known of by the vast masses. Only a handful of humans realize the history of this world and of the worlds that have contacted it. In the past nations have murdered and destroyed alien beings and so my government established a system of integration and facilities where emissaries can live in an environment that as close as possible recreates conditions on their homeworld."

"Yes. We are familiar with your facilities. We thank you for your permission and acceptance."

Suddenly another being materializes. Not quite as tall, but still taller than me - a figure about 6'4" is taking form. It is a woman. Oh my. It is much more than a woman. As she materializes I see her garment is also green hued and it starts at her midrift and flows with the desert winds in a graceful vision. It's burned into my memory. Her here, in the desert, the stars overhead and the hot winds catching her gown and looking so incredibly...beautiful. Her body is sculpted as if an artisan spent their entire life working on creating the most wonderful angles, curves and planes and put them all together. Suddenly, I understand what the ancients saw and called Gods and Goddesses. Without information, you could assume nothing else.

She smiles. It is as if somewhere in this darkness a sun has appeared. She walks and it is as if I hear an orchestra in the distance playing the most gentle, unreal music. I know there can be none - unless the Bentley's radio has gone haywire - but I hear it nevertheless. Tho-rey motions with his arm.

"This is Yal-hune, she is the chosen emissary for this world. She has had her molecular structures adjusted so that she can reside here and function without the need of special facilities or equipment."

I hear what he says, but my mind still focuses upon her ethereal beauty and features. Her face is gentle, her eyes are so open and so expressive. She is caressing me with them and I feel her warmth, love and kindness. I haven't felt such since Shayla left and this is different still, and more reminds me of my visits to the room and my bosses. This woman is clearly an energy being housed in a physical anatomy - her development is such that I can feel it from ten yards. Her field is incredibly developed. I feel my whole body tingle and realize my cells are being polarized! This woman can heal from a distance...and more. I've never encountered such a developed being in a physical body.

"Yes, Yal-hune has considerable development and she volunteered to be the emissary to your world because of its incredible need."

A horrible thought occurs to me - what if I had refused the request?! Or waited for the UN to approve?! But such thoughts can't be sustained for long in her presence, her aura and energy field is unbelievably positive and an almost euphoric feeling has captivated me as her field interfaces with my own and helps me to align my consciousness to the higher.

She stands before me now, only about 6 feet away and she speaks in my mind.

"I am very glad to make your acquaintance SDAI-Tech1. I hope that you will assist me in integrating better so that I can function freely in your world. In return, I will share knowledge and customs from our own world that you may find of value."

Her eyes again are so amazingly expressive. So deep. So fascinating. Her presence is so powerful it will pose quite a challenge to help her fit in, but I will gladly do so. I realize my entire concerns about safety, or the threat of violence had completely vanished around her. She is what most would consider the ideal woman, in beauty, form, grace, warmth and overwhelming sensuality - and yet she is not even human.

"Yal-hune, as a representative of Earth and of humanity - I greet you with the warmest welcome, and extend our gratefulness and great joy at your arrival here. I sense your development and realize the great personal sacrifice you make to live here among us in our form."

"No need for thanks are necessary. This is no sacrifice. I do this because it affords me the opportunity to share and at the same time grow as a being. Interfacing with your world in a constructive and positive manner will strengthen my consciousness and exercise my mind."

She laughs a bit, like she has heard a private joke. It is an exquisite laugh, so kind and so gentle. I see I am going to thoroughly enjoy her presence here. It will challenge me as well. Shayla kept me on the positive path, and it was tough at times to maintain it. This will be even more difficult, because while Shayla was slightly more developed than me as a whole, Yal-hune is clearly as advanced over me as a man might be to a monkey. Well, a smart monkey. ;-)

The green gown flows up in the air and hovers as though it is slow motion. She extends her left arm towards Tho-rey and a beam of greenish light passes between them. It is a farewell. Suddenly I am aware that Tho-rey is her biological brother. It brings tears to my eyes, but they are not tears of sadness. It is joy. These folks have done away with sadness. It's quite incredible and I am at a loss for words to describe effectively all that I sense and feel.

The gap between these two worlds is great. I watch Tho-rey disappear and I watch the ship just as soon, begin to ascend into the velvet black starry sky, a greenish orb that suddenly moves like a shooting star and disappears.

My eyes return to Yal-hune and I realize that I am a different person in her presence.

"No, you are not a different person. You are yourself - without the astral entity interference."

I realize she is right. Her field is blocking the astral entities and obsessive influences from access to my consciousness. I feel alive, awake and so positive...and I realize I must quickly transcribe these events so my readers can tap and use this positive energy as well.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back in Action Again!

My cell phone rings. Well, technically it doesn't ring it plays a tune. Regular callers are known by unique ring tones. That makes it easy to identify who's calling even before one picks up and looks at the phone. Restricted numbers and 866 or other toll-free numbers have their tones too. Then there is one tone for my friends from Shamballa. It's a modernistic rendition of God Bless America.

So here I am, knee-deep in quasi-retirement, enjoying the sun, some fine dining and I hear God Bless America coming from my cell in the den. I drop what I am doing and head to the den, I wonder who and why someone is calling.

"Hello Tech1."

"Tech2 is that you?"

"Yes. Meet me at Luke Airfield in 20 minutes ready for flying. My ETA is 19 minutes."


Ok. That's strange. No message. No clue as to what it's all about. I grab my flight suit from the closet and put it on. I notice It's gotten a bit tighter since January. I need to take off ten pounds.

Not knowing what to expect, I jump into the armored Mercedes SLR and bring a tote full of exotic devices that would make any corporate Sharper Image buyer green with envy.

I smoke the tires once I get to the highway and look at my Rolex Daytona. I'm making good time. 5 minutes have elapsed. At this rate I will beat Tech2 to Luke Airfield.

As I pull up to the main gate and my ID gets the once over, I get waived through. I see something in the distance that looks like an over sized F-22, but it's not.

I drive on and make my way towards the parking lot. I park, grab my duffel bag and my Ray-Bans, lock up and head on over to the airfield.

The plane is making its final approach and its a monster - a prototype I thought we had long since put to bed in Area 51. It's the Black Vortex. It's got 4 customized prototype SDAI/GE engines designed by GEAE, Phillips, Rolls Royce and modified by SDAI. It has a service ceiling of 72,000 feet and the capability of mach 4+ with the advanced turbine technology. The Black Vortex was a test platform of mach 4 technologies and could not just play the role of fighter and fighter/bomber, but was actually able to carry up to 8 people on special missions. A derivative based on the prototype was produced for the government, about 5 of them if memory serves, but I think all were destroyed or lost on missions.

The plane lands and I see young pilots and officers slack-jawed with astonishment and making their way closer to the runway for a closer look. All this despite the 105 degree heat.

Tech2 emerges and greets me with a Vulcan salute.

"Greetings Captain."

"Yes, what is this all about?"

"Look at this."

Tech2 pulls a sheet of paper from one of his pockets and thrusts it into my hands. I look at it.

It is an Executive Order. I read the details silently as Tech2 stands beside me. The gist of it is that all SDAI assets are to be reactivated. All facilities are to be reopened and resume operations and funding as prior to January 2009.

"I was the point person because you were on vacation."

"Why the Black Vortex?"

"We have our 1st mission."

"Which is?"

"Reactivate Shamballa - and SDAI's satellite array."

"The satellite array?"

"Cheney. It's Cheney. Somehow his advice is being taken by the new administration. He's the only one who could have revealed the existence of the array."

"I think you're right. I'm surprised he didn't contact me."

"He probably tried to. You've been in Germany on vacation."

"That still doesn't explain the Black Vortex. I thought that was left in Area 51?"

"It was. But since the reactivation I have been locating and retrieving SDAI's various assets to return to Shamballa. Now don't tell me you aren't overjoyed to hear that we're going to be back in action. You're not the sort of person who can simply retire or go on vacation."

"Actually...I am thrilled. Let's go. We've got a lot to do."

"Damn right the world needs us...I suspect more than it ever has."

An officer approaches us.

"I've never seen the like. What in the hell is that thing?"

"That, Lieutenant, is classified. It's not really here. But you can call this mirage the Black Vortex and it will fly higher and faster than anything you are likely to see in this lifetime."

Tech2 hands me a helmet, I strap it on and I turn to climb in.

"Damn. Good luck gentlemen. Godspeed."

The officer salutes us as we settle into the staggered cockpit. We return the salute to the officer.

"Thanks lieutenant..and God bless America."

Monday, July 13, 2009

I am not alone...

The sky is dark. The wind is hot. The stars are so densely packed in the heavens that my Nikon Astronomy Astroluxe binoculars are far more than adequate entertainment on a night like tonight.

I lie down on the warm bonnet of my vintage Bentley Turbo R and point the binoculars upwards towards the constellations. I have several fancy programmable scopes, but I still like looking at stars this way the best - lying down on a car in the summertime out in the desert, somewhere far away from the lights.

I see something dart across the sky. It is not a meteor and it is getting larger! I pull the binoculars away from my eyes to see if I can see it with the naked eye. I can. It is now several times the size of Venus and getting larger with each passing moment. I see a hint of green or turquoise in the whitish orb.

A spacecraft. That is what it is. It is heading towards my vehicle and me. A moment of fear crosses my mind. Even after all I have seen and dealt with, there is also a very real awareness of the less positive forces of the universe, many who prey on underdeveloped worlds such as the Earth.

I use my ability to scan the craft with consciousness and do not detect hostile intent. The craft lands off the highway to my left, faster than I can even get up and place my feet on the ground. The craft design is unfamiliar to me. That it is in our spectra means it is either radioactive as all get out, or the ship is being contained in a barrier field to keep it from directly interfacing with the atoms of the Earth and this solar system, which only support a certain atomic weight before breaking down the excess weight as radioactivity.

The craft changes irridescent colors and hues. I sense something and I see...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

On Vacation With My Boss

For some folks, the idea of taking a vacation with their boss would be onerous. The very prospect would turn it into a task and not a vacation. Vacation ostensibly is to get away from work and spend personal time.

Vacationing with my boss is the opposite of work, it is sheer delight beyond all measure. My boss, as regular readers know, is the blond haired, blue eyed being that works in "The Room" which appears all white and bright.

My boss is old. Very, very old. She is a much older woman. ;-) She is much older than Methuselah. She is much older than the Earth itself. This said she still cuts a striking - natch - mesmerizing appearance and I confess I have been crushing on her for some time. She doesn't mind. She understands all this and takes it in stride. She knows and deals with so many beings, that one would think she would become numb to people. I am happy to report it is exactly the opposite with her. She knows so many that it has increased her depth of understanding and appreciation of each infinitely unique individual. When one interfaces with her she reflects back one's own infinite future and this is a very unique experience.

Yes, because she is in many ways timeless, she has become so infinite that she can reflect your future to you - at least one possible future. This makes her rather interesting to be around, as she acts as a bellweather for one's positive, constructive actions. When one is around her it is much, much harder to do the wrong things. She brings out the good in all those she interacts with. When I visit her and her associates in the room, it always manages to help clear away the fog of materialism and see the true course - infinite, progressive evolution.

I have vacationed with her before, but many years lapsed between each one. One doesn't get too many vacations in this line of work. Not because my 'bosses' are stern taskmasters, but rather because a vacation requires one's own ability to make the time and literally step outside the 3rd dimensional timestream. So I have myself to blame for this long duration between vacations.

This vacation was worth the wait. We traveled through the past and the future, stopping off at four worlds besides the Earth. I saw future and past versions of myself - all too often making the same sorts of mistakes I make now - and learning what character flaws I still need to iron out. The best part is the equilibrium it left me with upon my return. The normal biases I hold of all the things going on in the world (i.e ignorance, poverty, materialism, violence, degeneracy, etc.) all were almost nil. I could, and still can, see with her eyes for just a while and I shall try to hold on to that more infinite perspectus she possesses for as long as possible.

Yes, vacationing with my boss is a pleasure. The loving warmth of her personality, the kindness of her spirit and the depth of her soul and knowledge make such vacations a soul-quenching experience that revitalizes, refreshes and renews.

I may work pro-bono, but there are definitely perks of this job that can't be tagged with a price.


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Where is Michael Jackson?

The world it keeps on spinning and makes a vortical path around the sun, which makes a vortical path around our galaxy, which makes a vortical path through the physical universe. All energy, all moving ceaselessly and constantly changing. From one instant to the next we are not the same people we were a moment before and the world is a different world. With each day large numbers leave their physical bodies and another even larger number replace them in new bodies.

With this in mind, it helps put the world in perspective - as a place where everything is temporal and short-lived on a cosmic scale. There is one thing that remains and that is the experiences and knowledge recorded into the quantized energy fields of this tide of humanity which washes in and out on the shores of the Earth.

For the past while, the death of Michael Jackson, 80s pop icon, is focused on by the media as a diversion. Much focus is placed on his life, his flaws and his tale of woe. Almost no one asks...where is Michael now? Really? Where are all those who die? Death is the primal fear that exerts such a strong power over the masses that they do not want to think about the inevitable - their own death and the death of their loved ones. The culture of youth is so powerful because youth is the opposite of death in the eyes of most. The young are furthest away, whereas the old are the closest. So the quest to look young is actually a declaration of ignorance regarding the whole cyclic course of evolution. It is the admission of fear, a declaration of one's own insecurities.

I see youth differently. Youth are actually the closest to death. In the eyes of a baby or a toddler you still see the ghosts of previous people and their lives. It's still very clear and unaltered by new regenerations of the past in a new setting with new versions of the personalities they have previously known. Children can see ghosts and astral obsessions easier as well. As a baby they may cry and look into the distance unable to voice what they see, but by 2 or 3 they can tell you about the strange person looking at them or the ghosts coming out of the closet. This is because they are still closer to this non-physical spectra. By the time they are 10 or 11 these things will pass from them and they will be more grounded in the material spectra.

So let's return to the question, where is Michael Jackson now? Odds are he is being assisted by a number of souls whose chosen profession is to assist those who cross over. And in this case, as a celebrity who is heavily mourned and focused upon, he will need more assistance than most. Thoughts are very real things. They can burden someone who does not know how life works when they cross over. They will attract many pseudo astral entities posing as religious figures or angels. They will have to deal with the thought-form bodies and astral doppelgangers that have been formed by billions of people's thoughts. As bad as Michael Jackson's life in the physical, in the astral planes he would be even more distraught. All these frequencies which would tie into him, all the music and songs that people have listened to over the decades now carry "white noise" and this signal garbage would act as feedback all around him.

Explaining to him the basics of universal spectra, reincarnation and the rest would be possible depending upon his state of mind and receptivity. He may already know some of these things when in his quantized field body and may be taken to one of the libraries where one can review ones lives and set up future rounds to balance things that are on dangerously imbalanced paths. A life spent in a sea of materialism and insecurity, seeking love and worshipping youth will give him plenty of things to work on upon his subsequent returns.

In the future, the masses will not obsess about death and they will not mourn the dead. Such sadness, fear and depression is only a burden on those souls who cross over. Michael Jackson is not dead. Not really. For that matter, NO ONE has ever ended their existence on an Earth world. This portion of the spectra is not where such final absorptions, if they occur, take place, even though it's pretty close to these subastral 'hell' spectras. This world is just one classroom in a universe full of classrooms, each with their own content and curriculum.

Birth/Death are flip sides of the same doorway. Out of one room and into another.

It's the very low level of this classroom, that makes this knowledge still scarce. However, eventually, this classroom will evolve too and the societies it houses will be just a bit sharper and more experienced than before. When this happens all the mysticism, ceremony, morbidity and melancholia that surround the transition process will disappear and, later still, people will regularly communicate with departed loved ones almost as easily as we text folks with our cell phones.

My advice to Michael is to pay very close attention to those who are now assisting him. If he does so, his future lives can be much happier, productive and longer than this one was. In his position he can learn to use the love directed at him by his fans and return it to them regenerated, so that it assists them and helps them to find balance as well.