Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Room Revisited Part II

" what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?"

I hope to ascertain which one of my many transgressions I am going to be called upon to explain or correct.

The blond haired woman stands up from her ethereal modern chair and glides across the room. She has legs, but they remain nearly motionless as she levitates towards me. It's a neat trick, but physical laws as we are familiar with them on earth don't apply here. Motion is inter-related with thought you see. You think about moving your arm and then you do it. Here, thought moves the body even more completely, more coherently. It is infinitely more efficient and precise. No random gestures or awkward poses will find expression here in the Room.

"Your mission to Earth has been filled with many transgressions and breaches of protocol. Your lives, living amongst the people, have been chaotic and filled with violence, sorrow and animosity. Often you have incurred more difficulties than you have resolved"

"I know. I'm sorry about all the mess ups. When I'm here I can see it clearer, in perspective, but as you know outside the room, thoughts get contaminated and judgment is often impaired."

The blond haired woman approaches even closer. She is within two feet of me now and her alabaster complexion is flawless. She glows from deep inside a definite radiation that emanates at many various wavelengths. Her eyes are like blue sapphires and infinity lurks within her gaze. She is stunningly beautiful, but it is a beauty one cannot measure by looks alone. It is her essence which is beautiful.

"Yes, I understand. However, I must ask you to try harder and fortify your efforts. Too many souls' direction depend upon the future of Earth and the events of the next twenty years. This is a crucial time in Earth's history. Tragedy and wonder are entangled and the technology of the 21st century will allow you to see beyond the veil of material structures and identify new worlds and new wonders."

She turns away from me and looks at you.

"Yes, and you that have traveled here each have a part in this future. You are not here strictly by accident as SDAI-Tech1 suggested. You have chosen to be here. Your actions and understanding of this great universal endeavor are just in their infancy, and yet you will play a pivotal role in the future of Earth. Some of you are scientists, authors, salespeople and come from all walks of life."

I watch as she glides across the Room and looks right into your eyes.

"Consciousness is the most powerful tool in the universe. You will develop yours and it will serve you in all ways and fulfill all your needs. You will find your place in the infinite scheme of things. And when things seem dark and depressing your consciousness will be your salvation."

"You may feel a bit drowsy after reading this. That's because part of you is oscillating in a spectra that defies your own comprehension at this time. This part is linked directly to your body through your mind and the new frequencies require a more refined realignment of your cell structures--which will be done as you sleep. Yes, you will be a new person after your visit here. Your mind will seek knowledge and your "

Someone standing right behind you asks her for her name.

"My name is unimportant. You will know me and recognize me for who and what I am. My essence is unique, as is yours, and cannot be confused for any other being. When you think of me--you know my true name."

We are vanishing in a blinding flash. We leave the room and time and space have resumed their natural course--instantaneously you find yourself again in front of the monitor, reading text.

I am relieved. I wasn't the only one they wished to talk to.

It was you!

Friday, October 07, 2005

The Room Revisited

I've got a very interesting job. My employers are multitasking, results oriented hands off bosses. They leave me alone to do my work, for the most part, for good or bad. In many ways it feels like being a freelancer.

There are some important people in the world. Not that they are better than other people, but let's just say they are very accomplished individuals who make a difference in the lives of many people. Some are leaders, scientists, educators and a host of other occupations - all sharing an integral influence upon the rest of humanity. Some of these folks are the company's clients.

It's a large company. I've not even begun to visit all the various headquarters and satellite offices, never mind meet even a fraction of the employees.

So, being called to return to "the room", merely because it is out of the ordinary, is always somewhat stressful. On my last visit, I received a, shall we say, less than favorable performance evaluation.

The world is in a perilous position, perhaps more so now than it has been in sixty years. This underlying fact overshadows all the work the company does.

Time means little in the big picture. It's actions, deeds and results that are the true measures of time. In this regard, some good things are coming for humanity. Things which will, hopefully, be sufficient to offset the coming bad things.


That's part of my job. I'm here to keep a certain balance. When this balance is upset, it's a sign I, and others, are not doing our jobs properly.

So here I am, with you, as I am about to return to the room. How is this possible? It's another one of those timespace things. It's complex and involves a comprehensive understanding of physics in four dimensions.

"SDAI-Tech1. Good of you to join us. We see you have brought a few friends."

"They are here as guests. I invited them. I think their presence will be useful."

(To be continued...)

Monday, October 03, 2005

Understanding our Spacetime Universe

Let's dip into cosmology for a moment. Science, today, generally still adheres to the big bang theory of the universe, based upon their observations. Today, we'll review some of these observations and provide a clearer, more comprehensive view of our universe.

All our observations of the universe are made while our planet is in motion. It is in motion in our solar system and it is in motion as part of our galaxy. The GR (General Relativity) theory poses that spacetime creates gravity based upon the 4 dimensional curvature.

Imagine a satellite takes a photo of the earth. On this image you draw a triangle. The triangle from the point of reference of the satellite is perfect and its angles equal 180 degrees.

However this is GR interpreted light. The reality is that the object being measured is a three dimensional spacetime object, and the triangle measured by the satellite is, in reality, a curved triangle whose angles end up equaling more than 180 degrees!

Euclidean geometry is invalid in such a interpretive measurement.

Unfortunately, all the big bang proponents are thinking in Euclidean terms of expansion. All light measured from ALL galaxies is distorted and inaccurate light.

Expansion is the illusion of curved spacetime. When we measure light from distant galaxies, expansion is the illusion created by the gravitational curvature and our own galaxy's speed as we move through spacetime.

Einstein showed how rising/descending light waves change in frequency which is measured by our eyes as red (slower) or blue (faster).

We live in 4 dimensions. Three space dimensions plus time.

This is an important concept.

Two events that happen simultaneously from one inertial frame of reference do NOT happen simultaneously from other inertial frames of reference.

What does this mean? It means we must view the universe in four dimensional form. Space can be converted to time and time to space.

As Earth and our galaxy travels in an arc at the speed of light our measurement of other light is curved in relationship to our own movement.

Think of the satellites perfect triangle again. Its measurements are inaccurate and not based in reality but its own inertial frame interpretive reality.

What happens to light viewed from a curving spacetime inertial reference such as ours?

Well....let's think.

If we are moving away from an object at the speed of light, all the light that actually reaches us from beyond our own galaxy most must appear with a red shift

Only galaxies that are in an almost parallel path as our own will appear with a blue shift.

From a bangers' Euclidean type thinking, the universe appears to be an explosion of galaxies moving away from us! This is totally ignoring Minkowskis spacetime and only paying attention to Einstein's light wave observations.

I see it as it is, a curving spacetime vortex.

The galaxies being observed are not exploding away from us but are, rather, simply traveling in their own curved spacetime arcs in what could be visualised as a larger "galaxy" made up of galaxies.

Let's take a look:

As we can see, even our neighboring galaxies in our own "arm of galaxies" will appear with somewhat of a redshift. Only a galaxy traveling faster than our own or actually coming closer to us could appear with a blue shift. Since most of these are fixed in galaxy arms, it may be hundreds, thousands or more years till their redshift changes and appears diminished. For most, their light as we move through spacetime, will always be in redshift, even though we may always maintain roughly equal distances.

We can measure the light from these galaxies and interpret that they are moving away from us, when both galaxies are moving at the speed of light in fixed rotation and the light appears in redshift because it is trying to catch up.

Naturally, the shift to red from further galaxies in particularly opposed inertial frame of references will make it appear as if they are accelerating away from us when they are doing no such thing.

This is what Ned Wright and other big bang proponents don't understand. I doubt Eric Lerner or other static universe proponents understand it either.

The universe is not static.

It is not an expanding bubble caused by a primordial explosion.

It is a curved spacetime vortex - just like the tiny atom itself. It is elegant, exquisite and defies conventional 3rd dimensional thinking to understand.

Hope that helps give you (and lots of other folks) a new & better perspective of the universe. It will be some time before this view takes hold and is commonplace.

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