Sunday, November 28, 2004

Traveling the multiverse

I'm back. Two weeks traveling the multiverse. We have earth here and its reality to some 7.65 billion individuals and then there are all the other dimensions and parallel universes that are home to an infinite amount of other folks. Everyone here is hardwired for the capability to travel first class into these other dimensions, it's certainly not just me.

I was in this one parallel universe where America evolved into somewhat a single major metropolis. One big interconnected and sprawling city. Built up and with the conscious conservation of space one notices when one travels to Tokyo. Skyscrapers were everywhere and elevated freeways linked them. Not particularly the ideal parallel universe to travel to if you have acrophobia. Don't swerve or you get a thousand foot drop.

So of course the vehicles are all controlled. Like those 1950's vision of remote controlled highways and self steering vehicles. Here they actually built it and it really works. One disembarked inside the top floors of some of the skyscrapers. The vehicles were electric powered and no pollution was emitted to make such an unfeasible situation.

9/11 hadn't happened on this world. It was about to experience some other sort of cataclysmic event I was not yet aware of. The year was 2004 and yet I'd have to say it seemed like the way our world might be in roughly 100 years. Really though our world will never be like this one. Too many disparities which have molded different values. The clothing was like the late seventies visions of the future--lot's of silver bodysuits and other wind-breaker type streamlined clothing. One thing stood out in all the clothing I saw: lots of zippers.

Another unusual thing was the wind. Living 100 stories above the ground means you get buffeted by high winds. It was sort of scary. I've experienced hurricanes and tornados but even 50 mph winds when you are high up seems somehow much scarier than on the ground. Maybe that explained all the zippers and the zipped up clothing. Living in the city was considered fashionable and status was conferred with it. In many ways the meaningless status mirrored the apartment dweller status seekers in our own Manhattan island except here it was universally accepted that the higher classes lived in these cities among the clouds and the farmers worked the soil below. Cue the Star Trek music and Troglyte miners entrance.

Wealth was accrued and spent on travel, much like today. Cars were of little import since only the truckers and farmers used gas-powered trucks and tractors. The hedonistic lounges of these skyscrapers made the Ritz-Carlton appear like the route 83 Holiday Inn in Toledo.

On the foreign affairs front nationalism was at an all time high. Europe was an aggressive competitor for resources and capital, much like today, only their was no mask on it. News magazines and terminal news vendors (like electronic paper stands) all interpreted news and policies based upon these selfish nationalistic ulterior motives. It was refreshing in its honesty. The big industries? Well, besides farming, which apparently recently had been put under partial state control, Construction was the primary employer of millions. Architects, engineers and workers built and kept the world's immense cities running.

A nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. Oh and as a footnote--nobody there had ever heard of George Bush. The President was a man whose name was completely unfamiliar. History had diverted long before 2004. This America had never participated in world war II. Roosevelt only had two terms. The last name I recognized was Dewey who was this America's President from 1956-1960 and he had never gotten beyond New York State Attorney general in our world, losing to Roosevelt's VP Truman. No Ike, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush or Clinton.

In two weeks one can't really know a place. Whenever I travel, I tend to spend my time comparing differences not noting similarities. I guess the biggest difference was the ambitious drive and the city mentality. In our world after the war the folks left the cities for cheaper places in the suburbs. Since the cities had declined during the war making them unsavory places to raise children. This exodus continued from the 50's through the 70's in a major way and is still happening today. This parallel America just kept rebuilding it's cities. All the effort that was spent on building suburbs on our world was spent here building skyscrapers and improving them. The President lived and worked in one of the tallest skyscrapers built in Washington DC. The old White House was turned into a museum.

Television had never become the suburban kid-raiser it became here. Television here became news dominated. Movies still played in ever more sophisticated theatres. I got to spend an afternoon in one. Luxurious? A series of private lounges shared by several people. Easy chair comfort and ushers that would take your order for snacks and deliver them to you whenever you wanted something. On the plus side the society seemed to foster conversation with total strangers. People here seem much more introverted. Whether sharing the transport vehicles that shuttle one through the city or a semi-private movie lounge it seemed folks talked to each other more. Strange indeed.

Just like this blog entry.

My itinerary has me here for only a short while before I must travel again and follow more attractive pursuits. So blogging will be very sparse. Thank you for traveling SDAI-Tech1's way and we return you now back through the looking glass to your own little world. ;-)

Saturday, November 13, 2004


The left is enjoying what amounts to an elitist three mile island. If you're young enough not to know that reference, I'll try this one: The left is experiencing an elitist Chernobyl. Still don't get it? Just how young are you anyway? Ok, last shot: The left is experiencing their own elitist Tsuruga. (Go ahead and look it up..remember you're here to learn not just be amused!)

Yes, the left is doing the chicken dance- the one chickens do after they've lost their heads. It's not pretty. It's been going on unendingly since November 3rd. Is it so hard to believe that the conservative majority of the nation can raise it's hand and speak every once and awhile? The sleeping giant that keeps America on the straight and narrow path my have been sleeping during the Clintonian era, but it's back--and just in the nick of time! Look! Even now, the conservatives are unleashing the street patrols that will maintain discipline and xenophobia in George Bush's United Empire!

It's glorious and awe-inspiring! Sean Penn knocked on doors in New Mexico! I can just imagine how that went off:

Knock Knock. Squeak.
"Hey dude! Like, you know, this George Bush dude guy like really sucks! Like vote for this other guy Kerry, he supports us Hollywood types."

"Habla Espanol?"

"Ha blah what? What's with you dudes? Don't you even speak friggin' English?"


"Ok. Whatever dude! Vote for Bush! But remember this you non-English speaking dudes: I've been to Iraq! Ive been to Iraq...and like...saw stuff!"

Yep. Sean Penn didn't stop the conservative tide. All the stars in Hollywood came into alignment for Kerry and yet even all the munchkins in munchkin land (that's a curtain pull for another day!) were far outmatched by the average, conservative American. One has to wonder how the seriously deluded folks like Mark Millar are taking it? Turning Captain America into a leftist will you? Oh, but you're a Scot? Naturally, a Scotsman is the perfect choice to script a Captain America comic! We need Europeans parading as American's to try and distort the US mission in Iraq. Sorry Mark! You lose! America can see through the haze and the deception hasn't paid off.

All across the nation the elitist, leftist colleges are in shock! Yale students are whining. They have formed the anti-Bush bizarros bazaar. That'll do some good! Keep pushing further left! Only problem is China is now capitalistic and Putin's Russia isn't communist-friendly. Where is a self respecting, anti-establishment Yale graduate to go? Work to re-establish communist rule in Russia? Support the terrorists freedom-fighters in Iraq? Move to Brussels, home of the perfectly political viewpoint? Perhaps wait in line to apply and serve as Chirac's personal American-made toilet paper in France?

And the internet has served as the gathering point for the anti-Bush folks to have their meltdown publicly:

"This is another route to express their views. People who are younger tend to be Web-savvy. If the Internet were part of the Electoral College, it would be a blue state."

Try again. The web is predominantly the toy of the filthy rich recipients of Bush's tax cut remember? Naturally, the rich people who pay for the web service are red state and some of their rebellious kids who post incessantly on "Democratic Underground" and "the Onion" are blue.

Meltdowns? No. Just "clinical depression." The left have been egging each other on and creating anti-Bush hate sites, furthering their hysteria and delusion into the danger zone, for years. Their world is a completely fictional one: Good is evil; Evil is good; Left is right. I certainly wouldn't want to live in their apocalyptic America.

Fortunately, for all of us conservatives, we don't have the same President Bush they do.

A new format!

The blog has a new look. It's a bit darker. (Some might say to be in tune with the new darker world where Bush could be re-elected President;-) I apologize to my readers for being absent for awhile, but there will be some good topics coming up. Now that Bush has won, my hands are less tied and I'll be revealing what's behind the curtains. Stay tuned! Don't click that mouse!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

The Aftermath of Victory

Bush has won. For readers of this blog that was old news. I predicted a Bush blowout on August 1st. Now more inside dirt on Kerry is coming out, from his wife's hypochondriac tendencies to his daughters' penchant for the "F" word. And no, it's not "French." Believe it or not,many despondent Democrats are talking about leaving America for Canada. I think it might be good for them to leave, just so they see how good they have it here. The grass is always greener until you're realize that you're knee deep in manure. The mental health of many of these Democrats is in question. We see on MSNBC an article about these depressed folks. I thought it was a joke at first! A photo of depressed Democrats in Switzerland! Ah yes, the liberal elite on vacation away from America and they are crushed to realize that anti-Euro cowboy George Bush was re-elected! They may have to stay away longer and extend their vacation. Don't you feel for them? Why they may have to drown their sorrows in an espresso after venting off steam on the slopes.

What a farce.

When Bob Dole lost in 1996 or when Bush lost to Clinton in 1992 there were no such mental health problems among Republicans. If there were, the liberal media obviously didn't care about any "depressed" conservatives. This is part of the left's problem. The "!" mentality is inherently unstable. It fosters whining, delusion and then depression. Escape mechanisms such as Canada just illustrate how many of these folks can't stand it when everything doesn't go their way. The "me" mentality is not flexible and cannot adapt.

In other news Edwards' wife has breast cancer. I have a hard time believing the news reports that say she was just tested after the election and put it off. Doctors are supposed to accompany Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates as they travel. Regardless, I wish her the best of luck in having the cancer removed and her subsequent recovery. Democrats can take to heart that John Edwards can now spend the time with a wife that will need him. Indeed, the world seems to work in mysterious ways and yet in the end balance reigns and things do happen for reasons.

In the near future we will get to revisit the agenda I discussed back in August. Bush is upbeat and has been given a mandate and he intends to use the next six months to get some things accomplished.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Why Should You Vote For Bush (finale)

Ok here we are. I intended to save this for last, but it is something most folks will do instinctively anyway.

The last and final reason to vote for George Bush at this point in time, he's a better human being. Sure he has had a bout with alcohol. Sure he may be born again to make up for past iniquities, but when compared to John Kerry, Bush still takes the better human award.

Kerry has been a manipulator his entire adult life. He has always seen things through the lens of personal advantage. Bush has had it easy most of his adult life and hasn't developed the same predator instinct. Advantage: Bush

Kerry has developed the tell-tale polling instinct of a career politician. Bin-Laden makes a statement? Time to poll the public to see where he stands! Again this is just that whatever serves ME best attitude. Kerry is more selfish. Bush holds convictions, wrong or right. Again, being a kick-back party-er for the first part of his life helps him to stay the course. Career politicians have learned to morph like Madonna, perpetually re-inventing themselves. In the end you don't want someone who is a fair weather friend and will sell all their previous positions if the political winds are strongly for it. Advantage: Bush

Kerry is an unsympathetic figure. John Kerry's personal life is a tale of ego and betrayal. His first marriage disintegrated. His bachelor years were spent driving him into debt and he needed to marry someone as wealthy as his first wife. Enter Theresa Heinz - the "stepmoney" as Kerry's daughters call her. He cheats on her with girls young enough to be his daughter. Why? Because he resents constantly being beholden to women for their money. His political ambitions are thinly veiled attempts to bolster his insecurity at being the weaker (financially) in all his relationships. Bush married someone for who they are - not for their money. Even if one sees him as a spoiled child who marries someone more responsible and grows up late, Bush is a more sympathetic figure. Advantage: Bush

Laura Bush versus Theresa Heinz. Theresa is all about herself. She is never wrong. She is condescending. She is patronizing. She is about as representative of America as Zsa Zsa Gabor. Is she better educated than Laura Bush? Probably. Does she speak more languages? Definitely. Does any of that make a difference if you are a conceited, rude, domineering, patronizing, out-of-touch heiress who likes traveling in circles of power? Not a bit. Advantage: Bush

In the end you will have to use your conscience. Kerry's pro-war then he's anti-war. He's both for and against abortion. He's a complete self-serving career politician flake. Does he hold real views? Who knows? All that has been consistent throughout his life is that he has looked after his own well being. Whether financially or politically he is seeking the big win.

Bush is a reliable ex-party kid who has good parents and has surrounded himself with some of the finest people. He's humble and knows he's not perfect. He's got certain issues. He's too evangelical for my tastes. He's not what I would imagine when I think of the "perfect US president" - there's no doubt about that.

But who do I think is a better person at this point in time? Who do I trust with this nation's future for the next for years?

That is quite clear:

George W. Bush.