Thursday, March 26, 2009

To the Idiots Sitting in Darkness.

Here we are.

The New Millennium.

The 21st Century.


This planet was supposed to be a sparkling, technological paradise in 2009. Since the industrial revolution, mankind has been moving forward. Eliminating diseases, building ever-improved shelters and means of transportation so that the quality of life would increase for all touched by this progress. In 1893 the people alive were thrilled about the technologies they had at their disposal. Railroads, telegraphy and telephony as well as the electric light. Nothing conveyed this better than the celebrations of progress they would regularly set up called World's Fairs and Expositions. The 1893 Columbian Exposition celebrated electric light and Nikola Tesla's alternating current system was chosen to illuminate it.

The victory over darkness was a magical moment for all who came to see Tesla's electric lights in action. The world was leaving the darkness and ignorance behind it. Man was going to live in light and reclaim the half of his life that had been previously spent in darkness.

Here we are. In the technological future that billions of men and women worked their entire lives to create.

And how does it look?

Why? What horrible tragedy has occurred to mankind in this year of 2009? What has happened to his progress and his technology? Has a meteor thrown man back to the stone age? Has the sun gone out? How did all mankinds effort get wiped out?

The answer is simple. Some men's minds now function at an extremely retarded level. The few misfits, and activists now can influence the sheep - and do so ironically by the same progress and technology they seek to destroy.

Many alive today are not men and women - they are sheep. They follow orders and want to do what their neighbors are doing. Millions will prove this on March 29th. Millions will prove they are nothing more than a mockery of a man - and are simply a cowering idiot sitting in darkness. The amount of wasted human energy and time to accomplish turning out the lights on human progress is simply horrifying.

This is 2009.

Some people hate progress.

Some people have nothing to do with their lives.

Flocks of people are sitting in darkness, waiting to be sheared.

The ghost of Nikola Tesla is somewhere weeping.

Prove you are not a sheep. Do not turn out your lights just because some organized antisocial misfits with a half dozen juicy neuroses tell you to do so, with the bald-faced lie that this is saving the planet. Turn out your lights when you want to turn them out.

The world has enough sheep. Readers of this blog should be far beyond the pull of amateur social manipulation and the agenda that goes with it, but for all those who are not regulars, think twice about your motivations. No electricity will be saved. Power plants produce X amount of electricity at any given time to cover the needs of the regions they serve. Many idiots plan to light candles! The wasted human labor will generates more CO2 and tons more heat and pollution as people go around turning off switches. The net result of such mass light switching is a loss of efficiency, an increase in heat, a wearing out of light bulbs and HUGE net increase in CO2! Its not saving anything, it's trying to short circuit our technological society.

Not ironically, these folks are helping to destroy things, such as the useful life of everyones light bulbs and light fixtures - not save them. However, this is a symbolic warm up for these folks who eventually wish to make your light bulbs and fixtures illegal or powered on and off by the government. Already this is occurring in Europe and other parts of the world where the incandescent bulb is under assault and a apocalyptic quantity of mercury in fluorescent "green" bulbs is being released into the environment killing our fish, and poisoning our children.

These people are idiots. There's no other useful term to describe them. They are harmful idiots and are not benign. They try to use social guilt - not science - to achieve their agenda. And their agenda is to acquire an army of "well meaning" sheep to apply salve to their neuroses and guilt complexes. Lighting a candle to save the planet proves much of humanity is still medieval in their intelligence quotient.

This shouldn't come as a shock, Earth doesn't give a fig about mankind.

Man is more important than the Earth.

Man is sentient.

The Earth is not.

And if man stops caring about himself in favor of voting for the "Earth" - man will soon be extinct. The Earth is not fragile at all. Man, on the other hand, is very fragile. The Earth has a fixed life anyway and will die along with the other planets when our sun dies. If we allow the idiots to have their way, mankind will surely perish much sooner and will never progress technologically enough to leave this world to colonize other worlds and spread sentience & evolution among the cosmos. For their anti-human neuroses, I'm sure the light switchers think the extinguishing of humanity and the sparing of other planets is a good thing.

In fact such a viewpoint is documented in this anti-humanity, anti-technology piece of propaganda.

Yes, this is one of the dangers mankind now faces - the alarming quantity of suicidal, guilt-ridden neurotics seeking converts.

These folks are really after your FREEDOM.

Don't let them have it.

Fight for your FREEDOM.

Fight for your humanity.

Fight for your right to live in the LIGHT.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Inexplicable Human Values

We hear a lot about the homeless. We hear about the hungry. We hear about starving children in third world countries that need our assistance.

What, though, does America really spend its spare money on?

Not humans silly, we only love our pet animals.

In 2008, the APPA (American Pet Products Association) reported that 43.2 BILLION dollars was spent on pets. Sure, millions of starving humans could be spared death if people really cared about other people. The numbers prove, they don't.

So what inexplicable human values are at work here? How is the life of an animal worth more than a human? Sure, we pet owners don't think about it at all, and if we do we cast that thought out quickly. We have organizations concerned more about animals than humans. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is one of the most visible ones, but countless more exist that spend all their time and energy for the welfare of animals.

It has always bothered me that these activists show endless concern for a bunny or a hamster, but if forced to think about their fellow humans, only can express disdain or outright hatred. Yet, if we think about it, the average family with a pet shows the same disdain - and what's more puts their money where their mouth is. Every time they feed their pets, they don't think that this could be a human they are feeding. Each time they take their pets to be groomed, treated by a veterinarian or when they buy them toys, they do not think that these expenditures might be better served on starving children or the homeless.

Yes, pet owners show more love to animals than to humans. They prove it with their pocketbooks.

Why? I remember reading one animal activist say she would save an animal tied to the railroad tracks before she would save a human. Most folks probably thought she was a fanatic, when reading that statement - but they are living out her sentiments when they buy, feed and spend 43.2 billion dollars a year on animals.

The pet industry is big business. Even during this recession/depression the APPA projects 2009 to post even bigger gains than in 2008! In 1994, 17 billion was spent on pets. That figure will triple by 2010. Now you can send your pet on a vacation! You can buy it a fancy coffin! You can buy it clothes and enroll it in pet schools!

See a pattern here?

Yes, people treat pets as if they were human. Yet, they actually treat them better than they do their fellow human. Again, why? The answer is that people project human emotions on a pet. When the animal licks them, they choose to interpret this as "love". So, we can see, pet ownership is a placebo for human affection. Animals will sniff or lick anyone, but this matters not. The pet industry shows, almost endlessly, this picture of an animal licking a human and trying to portray it as a "kiss". It's quite disgusting actually, considering the staggering number of diseases that can be caught from the saliva of an animal, but this image still is used over and over to sell pets and pet products. Children and women are the primary targets of this ruthless pet industry. They know that their emotional make-up is geared towards insecurity and sell "love" in the form of a pet. The homepage of the APPA serves up fine examples on its header. (Refresh it, if necessary as it is one of four rotating headers - note most are women or children!)

So the pet industry knows it is selling faux "love" to insecure, emotionally needy humans.

Why are these humans so needy? Children are still emotionally immature and parents buy them pets as substitutes for a lack of parental presence. As for adults, they demonstrate a social defect when they project more love for animals than humans. That alone shows why they end up as pet owners. If you can't love other humans - or choose not to - how can one expect to be loved by other humans in return? So these adults turn to pets. So the song Can't buy me love was clearly not written about these American pet owners - for whom "love" can be bought - for 43.2 billion dollars a year.

Perhaps when they look closely at themselves and their social hang-ups, they will realign their value system and love their fellow humans with the same unreturned love they dote on their animals in imaginary "love" relationships.

Until then, the millions of humans who will die this year of malnutrition, lack of shelter, and a lack of care will have to reconcile themselves with the disturbing, inexplicable reality that "Spot", "Morris" and "Polly" really are worth FAR more, to most Americans, than they are worth.

Friday, March 06, 2009

It is late.

Or very early. Depending upon your point of view.

The labs and facilities are much quieter now. “Official” partial funding ceased weeks before the inauguration so that Shamballa could be completely spun off from the Executive Branch. Anything that belonged to the Agency was returned to the Agency. Same with the DOD. The books are all clear and Shamballa is no longer subject to orders from the Executive Branch. If I were a religious man I would be thanking god for that, as it is, I merely thank the foresight of the former EOP lawyers and the will of ODIN.

The video links to Camp David and the White House Situation Room have been severed. Unbelievably, now the White House is referred to as simply "The House" by its new social secretary. Sure it's insane, but perish forbid over two centuries of tradition should stand in the way of excising the word "white" from something like the White House. Contrary to expectations - racism is more active than ever in DC and is practiced by our new President and his underlings. This, of course, limits the talent pool and by default, the competence of the nation‘s Executive Branch. Perhaps putting a black coat of paint over the White House can help them better cope with their deep-seated inferiority complexes, but I doubt even that would help.

The comlink to Bush's Crawford Ranch is still intact, not that it makes much difference since ODIN will not be calling the shots any more.

I sit at my desk and click through the security cameras feeds. The flight hangars are only half filled. The construction hangars sit empty. The garages and weapon storage is still stocked to capacity, but only due to our direct purchase of the contents from the government. The sub-levels are home to only two active research projects, a tiny fraction of the capacity of which they are capable. Many familiar faces have been transferred, still others chose to retire. Many projects have been discontinued or moved to lesser facilities. I find I have much more time on my hands - and for some reason I don't like it.

Tech7 appears in my doorway. She pauses and leans against the frame. My heart skips a beat.

"We're free."

"I know."

"So why is it you seem so down?"

"I'm scared."

"You? Scared? Impossible."

She walks over. She places her hands on either side of my face and holds my jaw. I gaze down into her light brown eyes and like deep pools they draw me in.

"I am scared. Scared for the country. The world. They don't know what they're doing and the one's that do know what they are doing are trying to ruin the world. I just - "


She places her finger over my lips and I take her hand in mine, kiss it and place it on her heart.

"We’ve done our service - eight years, and spilled blood and tears for this nation. We‘ve earned this respite a thousand times over."

I take her in my arms and I hold her. If gods could shape people, she would be the gods pride and joy. She feels good. Not just good - holding her is like capturing a moment of exuberant joy and giving it flesh and form. Like having the arm or leg you lost reappear in perfect working order, like being blind and suddenly having sight. Like a glass of water for a man whose walked sixty miles across a scorching desert.

I pull her tighter, I look into her eyes - her heavenly eyes which are only shaped like human eyes, but are so much more - infinite wells that one can find no bottom when one enters- and I kiss her.

She pulls away and speaks.

“Do you remember when I first was assigned to Shamballa? And how you would steal glances at me like some embarrassed school boy? How for years we could work side by side and pretend we didn’t want to hold each other forever and never let go?”

“Yes, I remember. Even though I didn’t hold you, didn’t kiss you, I still loved you. We both knew that. That look you always gave me…yes that one! That look was like air for me. It sustained me. Wherever we were - Iraq, Latvia, Colombia, Iran, 70,000 feet in the air or deep inside some mountain, being shot at by terrorists or face to face with the unknown, whenever you would give me that look I was whole - fearless and content.”

“Yes, well now saving the world can come second to us. No more rushing to DC for meetings with Bush, Cheney or Rumsfeld. Now saving the world can be done on our own terms - not theirs. This is a new beginning, you should be ecstatic. Don‘t be afraid to embrace our future, it will be spectacular - no other outcome is even possible, you know that as well as I.”

She now kisses me. It’s more than a kiss. Far more. Merriam-Webster doesn’t have a word to describe what it is and so I am simply left speechless.


(Dedicated to all the amazing employees who worked at Shamballa from 2000-2008)