Friday, October 29, 2004

Why Should You Vote For George Bush? PT.2

The disparities don't end with healthcare, tax plans and people. There exists a fundamental ideological difference that is impossible to ignore. John Kerry is one of the most liberal politicians in the Senate. His voting record is automaton-like, indicating he never spent much thought about the bills he voted on. He voted party line reflexively. He is not a uniter of disparate ideas, he's a knee-jerk reactionary who toes every partisan line and embraces every partisan position. A Kerry Presidency will be ineffectual. If you are serious about finding resolutions to the Social Security and healthcare issues, John Kerry is not the man you want to have in office. He would push highly partisan bills and budgets that would never pass Congress. His agenda would be dead in the water in a GOP-locked Congress. We would hear endlessly about gridlock from his press secretary and how the GOP were to blame for not passing any of his bills or approving his appointments.

Yes, a Kerry presidency would be largely a waste of time and inefficient. Kerry would be stuck with an Iraq he doesn't believe in. He would be obligated to the 'Billionaire Boys Club' that met in secret to anoint him. He would tend to cut and run from Iraq and the war on terror, since he fundamentally believes it is a law-enforcement issue. Law enforcement: police, Interpol and other policing folks. These police agencies are usually unable to capture a simple car thief, and yet are somehow expected to make a dent to a terrorist network that has its own army of jihadist recruits? In the pre-9/11 world law enforcement agencies handled terrorism and it didn't work. Terrorist networks grew and so did their political clout with rogue nations. Kerry would make a big mistake here by returning to these failed policies that led to 9/11. So we would all watch on the news as Kerry would pull the troops home from around the world after setting up many highly publicized but ineffectual "summits" designed to bring the only two nations Kerry cares about, France and Germany, into Iraq and the region. They would refuse but would throw some Euros Kerry's way so he could leave with something and call it a success of "global togetherness."

Iraq would teeter and the insurgent/terrorists would grow bolder. Iraq's new government would fall and Europe would sweep in with Iran to set up a fundamentalist government and new oil deals favorable to Europe. Yes, European industries and politicians eagerly await an Iraq failure. They want to win back their largest customer and catch up on lost revenues! John Kerry is a Euro meal-ticket. All at the expense of the Iraqis and all those millions who are desirous of living in a democratic and free Iraq.

Iran will continue to enrich uranium for weapons and seek to build a bomb to drop on Israel. Israel will take our latest generation of bunker-busting munitions and deploy them all over Iran at their nuclear facilities and hardened research facilities. Europe offered Iran 'non-weapons-grade' nuclear fuel in exchange for stopping their enrichment program and they summarily refused. A nation sitting on as much oil as Iran is has no need for cheap energy, certainly no need for nuclear power. It is purely a weapons program.

This will set up even more antagonism in the Middle East and Iran will thrust their clenched hand deeper into Iraq and the neighboring regions they will revive the Jew-hatred and after America is gone they will spread their fundamentalism/fanaticism throughout the region and weaken the Saudi government. God help the region if you had Iran/Iraq/Arabia all under fundamentalist control based in Teheran! That would send the world into a huge energy crisis as fundamentalists would extort the west. The Kerry recession would then expand and become a depression. All this could happen prior to the end of his four year term. This might force a much greater war, possibly even a nuclear war, to take place in the Middle East in the future.

So you see how much is at stake. Kerry may appeal to those who profess non-violence or pacifism, but the end result will be that more people would die and live lives of misery around the world if you vote for Kerry or Nader.

The suffering in the Sudan would pale next to the fundamentalists purging and Taliban style society that might emerge in the Middle East. The fundamentalists will go for broke. They want it all. They want Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Arabia, Syria and then they want Europe. Yes they want the UK, France and Germany to be nations that are completely politically incapacitated by their Muslim populations. France already is incapacitated. They can't even order headscarves removed in school without receiving reprisal from the fundamentalists who want France as their first European conquest. Already France takes the Ayatollahs and now Yasser Arafat. The nation has succumbed to fundamentalist Muslim power.

And then you have to ask yourself, "Why does Kerry care so much whether these folks respect the United States?" France hasn't earned any respect form anyone. From Napoleon to the present day, their leadership has been either extremely weak or psychotic/neurotic. In French Indochina the French paved the mold for military failure and weakness. Iraq should not become French Indochina. (Now before you all send e-mails telling me about French Indochina being a failed colonial imperialist policy--remember I don't believe for a second that Iraq and the USA fit that comparison) For the past fifty years we have stationed forces in Europe to protect these same people that spit on George Bush and ridicule him. Five generations of Americans have spent their lives and spilled their families blood to clean up the messes these nations have caused with their hatred and petty provincial prejudices. France and Germany are still petty and they are still provincial and prejudiced. I seek no "respect" from these nations. These nations should be busy trying to earn our respect!

A Kerry presidency would be a fiasco. Nothing accomplished. A lot of complaining and bickering and at the end of four years the nation would be in a deep economic recession and probably a depression. For those of you who say Clinton brought prosperity and surpluses think again. Here is more of that inside information you need to get a handle on--the Clinton presidency benefited from the largest stock swindle in US history. Bogus companies and outrageous stock values created HUGE TAX REVENUE on all these billion dollar fresh-minted IPO companies. This windfall was also what bankrupted these companies. Stock value - but no cash income. These companies sold much of their stock to pay the tax-man. They could only do this once because stock would drop drastically. Bottom line? The trillion dollar budget surplus was paid in FULL by the stockholders of all these companies! You, me, everyone who held stock in the late 1990's might as well have been TAXED or LEVIED a fine for some thousands of dollars! Because most all of that STOCK valuation went to the IRS before it evaporated fully!

That is the secret of the Clinton budget recovery. His policies had nothing to do with it. The IPO boom and bust might even have been designed by someone who sits in one of these think-tanks and finds the government a way it can 'legally' tax almost everyone in the world without their even knowing it! Once you can really understand what happened you will see that everyone has already paid Uncle Sam a lot over the past decade. So unless you expect a repeat of the boom and crash to take place under Kerry, having a democrat in the oval office wont change a thing.

End of Part II (Part III and the finale will arrive on Nov 1!)

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Last Minute Campaigning!

Many are eagerly awaiting the conclusion of why you should vote for George Bush. I'll get to that in a bit, but first we have some last minute campaigning! I took a quick trip to a parallel universe where the events of 2004 really were happening in what would seem to be a twisted version of our 1954. Here's some of the Pro-Bush/Republican campaign messages:


I think this one is extraordinarily effective. I love the look of this voter! He is really p---ed off at John Kerry! That lanky arm gives one the creeps and is cool too. Would it work in our universe? I think it would.

This is really powerful. This parallel universe still took good care of its children and this ad brought tears to my eyes. No did!

I pulled this one out of a teen publication. It seems corny and dated by our standards, but the women in this world really cared about their future and wanted a man who wasn't a flake and sell them out or trade up for a woman with a bigger pocketbook.

Till tomorrow!



Monday, October 25, 2004

Why Should You Vote For Bush?

A colleague came up to me and suggested I take on this topic before the election. As they see it, since I can out-bark a tree or a large dog, surely I can convince folks the differences between a Bush Presidency and a Kerry Presidency. "And show the internet some more behind the curtain details!"

I thought about it awhile due to its importance and have decided to take on the task. For those of you who read my blog but intend upon voting for Kerry or Nader, perhaps I can explain to you the differences which would distinguish the various President's administrations and terms. Bear with me please,as this will be a long read.

A presidency is much more than just the President, it is the people they appoint to their cabinet and the appointees to countless other government offices overseen by the Executive Branch. When one looks at the value of a President one can measure him by many standards but the quality of the people they bring along is extremely important.

John Kerry stunned the political world by picking John Edwards as the man who is a heartbeat away from the presidency. Edwards time in politics is two years and is completely undistinguished. It would be hard to find someone in the Senate with less qualifications than John Edwards. So why did he pick him? To pull southern voters? Edwards hails from North Carolina and perhaps Kerry expected to win the state. Bush is leading there 48% to 40%, so that was clearly a long-shot at best. He certainly didn't pick him for his qualifications, so why did he pick him? His hair? The video of Edwards preening with his compact is disturbing to say the least, but vanity doesn't keep him from receiving votes from the uninformed. Maybe some folks even like a VP who carries a woman's compact to check his hair regularly. It's entirely possible there is a constituency there that will respond to that.

Again, why? All we are left with is the Quayle-syndrome. This is defined as a Presidential candidate picking a younger running mate to make the ticket look a bit younger, while making him look more experienced and venerable. Does this help the country? Absolutely not. A rather slimy trial lawyer who has 'channeled the dead' in the courtroom to convince a jury as our President is a disturbing, incredulous thought. It might happen in a poorly scripted movie, but is not credible for real life. That Edwards, a retiring trial lawyer, could afford to buy his way into office in North Carolina is quite understandable--that he could be our President is not.

So Kerry has already illustrated a significant difference from George Bush. He has chosen a running mate that does absolutely nothing for the country. He has picked someone horribly unqualified for the position he is to be placed in. This is the very first decision a President makes. Kerry has made an absolutely awful selection and it illustrates and foreshadows the choices he would make for his cabinet and various appointments. How can one take him seriously with a running mate like John Edwards? It is very difficult.

So what sort of cabinet could we expect? Who would be the new Secretaries of State and Defense? Who would be the new National Security Advisor? Anyone remember Madeline Albright? The UN representative turned Secretary of State who managed to toast Kim Jong il, celebrating the deal which gave them fuel in exchange for them not proceeding on their nuclear ambitions? This is the sort of selection we could expect from Kerry. Folks who share his globalist notions. Unfortunately this is not in America's best interests, and the voters should remember this.

Kerry would be expected to pick one of his many "endorsement" generals to be Secretary of Defense (which is one of the main reasons career generals endorse opposing candidates), or he might appoint someone from outside the military altogether. The generals don't mind this of course because they are in it for the pork contracts and contractor payoffs that Rumsfeld shut down. Rumsfeld brought fiscal responsibility and modernization to our military focusing on expenditures on drones and new technology that would be useful in the wars of the future. He shut down the projects which were unnecessary and designed to fight Russia in Europe.

Let's talk about Rumsfeld for a second. He's 73 now, I believe, and is hated by the press for his brusque responses to inquiries and he is equally hated by the Joint Chiefs of Staff whose pet projects and kickback retirement nest-eggs he has disturbed. Let's look at the Iraq war and his decision to go with a plan that moved fast to secure Baghdad and get Hussein out. It worked. It worked amazingly well. The big army 300,000 troops plan came with a much higher price tag. Not just in logistics, food, gas and supplies but in lives as well. The generals' predicted a casualty rate of between 7000 and 15,000 to get Saddam out, destroy Saddam's elite republican guard and take Baghdad. Many of those lives would have been friendly fire and simple accidents which occur when one has more folks around and more missions to supply them. Rumsfeld's decision was a sound one. I believe he made the right decision. Let's look at Abu Ghraib as well. Some folks want to lay that on his doorstep as well. However as time goes on we see that Abu Ghraib was almost solely the creation of a few perverted officers who let things get out of hand and abused their positions. Rumsfeld surely wanted results from the interrogations since he was well aware that the Zarqawis of the world would be included in the terrorists and rebels captured attacking Americans. The folks in Abu-Ghraib were not jaywalkers or litterers. Most were rebels captured in attacks on American and Iraqi security forces. I see in Rumsfeld a qualified and competent senior executive who has saved the US billions of dollars in his management approach.

Dr. Condoleezza Rice is another fine selection and her extensive knowledge of Russia has been used to form one of the strongest alliances with Russia the United States has ever had. That would be lost under a Kerry presidency and Putin has endorsed Bush. This is very important and must be taken into consideration as well. Russia as an ally is very important and is the wave of the future. Russia will help us offset China. A Russia allied closely to the US will also help keep the Brussels globalists from trying to usurp American authority and counter their obstinate anti-US positions on almost all issues. Voters should remember this when Kerry talks about global support. The only folks Kerry seems to care about are the one's who care the least about the US, mainly France and Germany. A Kerry presidency would destroy the gains we have made with Russia and pander to the EU globalists and folks like billionaire George Soros who has spent millions of dollars in an attempt to weaken American economic power and spent just as many millions in trying to get Kerry elected. A Kerry presidency will weaken the economic underpinnings of the US and strengthen the third world.

The US under Kerry would be weaker around the world. In his lingo that means "respected." Yes, they "respect" those who do their bidding and don't get in their way.

Now domestic policy. What would Kerry do to our economy. His tax increase on the so-called "rich" would put a huge dent in employment as corporations tighten their belt. His desire to increase the minimum wage, would throw another million or two Americans out of work as their jobs would be outsourced overseas or to illegal Mexicans who would work for less. Yes, our borders would be even more assaulted as companies would seek cheap labor to keep in business and compete with the companies around the world who pay far lower wages. Basically, the Kerry plan would take our recovering mild-recession and turn it into a full-scale depression. As folks would get laid off their credit rating would be destroyed and they would lose their homes. Home ownership would take a hit and Kerry's plan would only increase the misery index and the unemployment rates.

That was just his tax plan. What about his healthcare plan? Guaranteeing all Americans health insurance under some socialized healthcare would be the quickest way to increase mortality and malpractice rates in the US. It would provide coverage for the many at the expense of all. A government run healthcare would soon lead to the poor quality healthcare received in Canada or that is appearing in belt-tightened Germany. The expense for this would set a whole new group out of work and be impossible to pay for without gutting defense or a huge across the board tax increase. Probably both would be necessary. For those who plan to get ill and need a doctor's care at sometime during their life, this is a pretty good reason to vote for George Bush.


Sunday, October 24, 2004

Down to the Wire

It's 2 am.

The phone rings. The President wants to talk. Private-like.

I slip into my alligator skin boots. I grab my laptop and shove it in it's eelskin case. I Walk down to the garage where my new, black Lamborghini Murcielago sits alone in the darkness like some phantom shadow. I enter the access code on my remote and the door for the vehicle slides open upwards, the glint of red leather inviting me to slip behind the wheel. The chrome shifter handle sits like a small golfball in the palm of my hand, a perfect fit. With the turn of key the engine comes to life noisily--like some Goliath whose slumber has been rudely interrupted. The green 220 mph speedometer lights up with the twist of a dial. With the press of a button the garage door opens slowly and I ease the awakened beast out of its cage. Yes, it's very good to be rich, conservative and Republican.

The hands free built into the electronic system is scrambled and I hear Karl Rove get on the line after the security code achieves signal access to one of the lines used for the President's motorcade. It's been a long while and his voice sounds tired, as if he hasn't gotten enough sleep.

"Meet us at the airfield. We're only here for a pitstop between state jumping. Hurry. We leave at 3:15."

Rove hangs up. No messages. No chit-chat. Pure business. Besides the Kerry camp supposedly has tried to follow the President around with scanners for any insights or tidbits into strategy or fears. Telephone discussions are now off the table.

I downshift and depress the accelerator. The orange hand leaps from 70 on the speedo and the angry giant pushes me back into the seat with a violent shove. When next I look at the hand its pointing to 100. The freeway is abandoned save for a semi or two in the second lane. Good.

Exiting the freeway now and on an exit that seems to lead to nothing but darkness. No buildings. No gas stations and no trees. Nothing but parched Arizona earth and some hastily laid asphalt. The path to the military airfield is a lonely two lane affair. Miles of nothing in the middle of nowhere, leading to a base that doesn't really exist. I glance at my submariner.

2:16 am.

I pick up the pace and depress the pedal again. This time the angry behemoth punches me in the gut. The speedometer leaps from 20 to 80 in the space of a few heartbeats. Soon its reading 140 and the endless tarmac passes underneath the tires as an astounding blur of darkness. The tire temperature sensor flashes after a minute or two and so I let my foot off of the beast's back and bring it back down to 90.

2:21 am

I see the motorcade. I watch as Air Force One takes to the air. Several armored Suburbans and the armored Cadillac are being loaded onto a C-130 Hercules nearby.

Did I miss it? Impossible.

Then I spot it--the other Air Force One. The real one and not the decoy which will accompany the President's plane and land first at his next stop. State police have the area secured. I approach the motorcade and the beast idles noisily breaking the silence of the dark desert night. I park and emerge. The secret service descend upon me quickly, some with weapons drawn like vipers in the night. After a discussion with his earpiece and a glance at my identification I am escorted towards one of the rear doors of Air Force One and as I arrive on-board I pass the lowly media kennel at the back of the plane and head toward the front where resides President Bush's flying Oval office. It's a collection of familiar faces as I pass Karen Hughes chatting with some media types in the kennel. She looks up and smiles, but continues with her discourse on Kerry's misstatements without missing a stride.

Few see this part of Air Force One. I know some of the Techs who designed the security retrofitting after 9-11 and get to admire their ingenuity at work. The secret service agent frisks me before opening the door. The President's office is the color of the desert sand at dusk, a sandy olive.

"Good to see you again, cowboy. Hope you don't mind the late night stuff, but I asked Rove to fetch you sort of spur of the moment."

He extends a hand and I shake it. His grip is as firm as ever.

"Not a problem. How are you holding up? This part of the job is murder."

"Now you see why I used to run so much. It keeps me up here and the media back there trying to catch me. I wanted to hear from the horses mouth what's the latest on Osama and Al-Zarqawi"

He's dressed casually, wearing a blue denim shirt and jeans. I notice he's got his boots on as well. I take a seat. He has a CIA report in front of him but I know he relies more on our intelligence now that the CIA has let him down and has become too insecure.

"We have some leads on Zarqawi. He's on the run. We almost have him. The reward for information leading to his capture was a good idea. Some folks are coming out of the woodwork. We may actually have him before November 2nd. Osama is another story. We have satellites dedicated to monitoring Al-Qaida friendly safe houses, but nothing has turned up. As best we can tell he is pulling a Saddam. He's traveling with a few key associates and security people. Probably no more than 10. He trusts no one and some of his aides are unknown. These are the ones who probably deliver his messages, etc."

"Is there anything else we can do to get this guy? I want every effort made. Every rock turned over. Do you guys need more manpower?"

"More bodies would just scare him away. Whenever a US force enters a region it's like the circus has come to town. These folks are inbred locals and know everyone and their brother. Even a single new stranger in town sets off alarm bells. This has to be done technologically. We need to gather intelligence then when we suspect we simply pounce. When we pounce we have all the manpower we need. I laughed aloud when Kerry said you let Osama get away. What an ass. He's got some gaul."

"Kerry has Gaul in his corner..everybody knows that."

The unexpected joke relieves the tension and I laugh. Bush seems relaxed and confident. I see his bed, in the corner, Presidential seals on the pillowcases seem like two eyes of the bed staring back at me.

Andy Card's voice over a desk intercom is heard: "Sir everything is loaded up and we are ready to go."

Bush presses a button and speaks: "Just a minute or two and we'll be wrapped up in here. Thanks Andy."

"I saw Karen on board. She back full time right now?"

"Karen chewed my head off after the first debate. She said I had become a slacker and she would get me back into shape. So, yeah, she's here for the home stretch. Bless her. She's a trooper. Don't tell her, but I missed her. I missed her a lot. She's a good woman. God gave her a voice!"

Bush smiles, adjusts the report on his desk and then gets serious again.

"Now about Zarqawi--keep me informed on what you guys pick up will you? He's a mad dog, he's desperate and he's out of control. He's picking up native aid workers? Can you believe it? It's like Al Capone kidnapping the street corner Salvation Army Santa Claus...what the heck does he expect to gain from such a stupid act? Get this guy. That's an order. Too much is at stake."

"I know. If the world only knew how many close calls it's had. Then again, sometimes I think it's best they don't know. It allows life and the economy to go on as usual."

Bush nods. He extends his hand which has a small business card in it.

"Here take this number. It's one of the latest unofficial numbers that can get through to me anywhere even on the campaign trail."

I take the card and slide it in a pouch on the side of my laptop case. It simply says "W" and a number and beneath it "L" and another number. Classy.

Bush stands up and I know my visit is over. As I exit the loading ramp and descend the steps I see the press plane take to the air in the distance.

I see my car being admired by a few State Police officers and it is time for me to go and awaken the sleeping beast and take it back to its lair--at a more conservative pace. The secret service are wearing cool dark wool trench-coats in the cooler desert air and the desert wind is whipping up dust devils across the airfield tarmac. So much is at stake for America and the world and so few know how lucky we have been to have George Bush as President. America must soon choose it's destiny and we are indeed down to the wire.

Components of the previous entry may be fictional. Any similarity to actual events or people is purely coincidental.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Caption Contest Winners

"Macho stud of the gridiron, John "Highwater" Kerry, signals his men to go deep, deep into the end zone after first faking right and then going hard left."
- Jeremy S. (USA)
First Place Winner

"John Kerry attempts to prove he can find his ass with one hand.."
- Frank Chandler (USA)
Second Place Winner

"Kerry demonstrates his foreign policy: throw your balls away."
- Upul Malik (Sri Lanka)
Third Place Winner

As promised - a free year's blog subscription to all our lucky and creative 'Caption Contest' winners! Thanks and kudos to all of those who participated and for those who were not chosen...I'm still going to give away a free subscription to each of you as well!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Visual Evisceration

There are some new visual assaults on the candidates.
Latest SwiftVets commercial: "Never Forget"

This one is fairly powerful and will appeal to women and men alike. The film footage of Kerry reminds one just how unsympathetic this man is and how his entire life has consisted of being a parasite for self-gain. As Bush might say "He can run but he can't hide."

Latest JibJab Flash movie: "It's Good to Be in DC"

This one seems to be more anti-Kerry/Edwards than the last one. It's a sight to see Saddam, Kim Jong il and Iranian Ayatollah Ali Hoseini-Khaminei holding up a Kerry/Edwards sign. Look for it. Behind them is the nuclear reactor churning out uranium for WMD. That's the real message of this election. Kerry is the fave of the bad guys. So if you're voting for Kerry you're a bad guy.

I tend to think the jibjab guys lean conservative though they do a fine job of creating a more balanced parody.

Propaganda is the name of the game. When attempting to resonate with voters who are historically illiterate and whose understanding of foreign policy is quite limited, the sound-byte helps.

Meanwhile the media is spinning hard out's looking more like the Bolshoi ballet than the press corps. However, their heart isn't in it this time. I think 9/11 scared some sense into some of them. At least that's my working hypothesis.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Caption Contest!

John Kerry thinks he's cute and he's trying ever so hard to appeal to "everyman"--that liberal standard-bearer who is able to be led around by popular polls, promises and platitudes. Here I give my readers a chance to come up with the caption for this classic Kerry image--an image just begging for a creative caption!

The best three will win a grand award! the reward? A year's FREE subscription to the SDAI-Tech1 blog and their name in bold print! Did you ever meet a blogger so generous? E-mail those entries in to and type 'contest submission' in the subject title. Contest deadline is Wednesday the 13th at 11:59 PST. That's 3 days.

The Great Human Epic

Part triumph and part tragedy, the human epic continues unabated. The quest and struggle of mankind as it lives and breathes on the surface of the world is a mute testimonial to the varied levels of intellect a man exhibits. The struggle for life is shared by all--from the very first breath out of the womb until the last dying breath is exhaled. So what is the most important lesson humanity has learned? What is the point of all this living only to end in death?

In one corner of the world, in Afghanistan, the newly freed masses experiment with free elections, yet the inhabitants are so universally illiterate they need photos and symbols to match candidates and ballots. Moqadasa Sidiqi, a 19 year old Afghan woman cast the first ballot from Pakistan where the polls opened half an hour earlier. Who she voted for is fairly irrelevant. That she voted at all is the point.


In another part of the world, in Paris, France, we have the runway shows going all week. Here somewhat malnourished models parade fashions for mankind (and womankind) to clothe themselves with. Again, the human animal is revealed to be concerned with the procreative impulses and fashion designers and models, whose own sexual impulses seem to be a bit scrambled, have been culturally anointed to develop and display the clothes which are sold in department stores and fashion boutiques throughout the world. The apparent non-sequitur of having unsuccessful procreators designing outfits designed to facilitate and inspire the procreative urge is apparently lost on most. Like having a blind man choose the color of your necktie, the march of mankind is filled with these astounding ironies and inexplicable cultural and social developments.


Juxtaposition of the voting Afghan woman or the fashion models and we see that mankind has noble and base instincts. There are exploiters and the exploited. There is the desire to express oneself and make a difference. Underneath it all is this dichotomy of desiring to be a unique individual yet one who is accepted by the masses.

George Bush helped make that moment possible for Ms. Sidiqi, but the world will ignore that truth. Those who wage war are always burned upon the altar of public opinion, no matter how noble or decent the motivations. The truth is too complex for them to address.

The concept of the relativity of good and evil is beyond the masses comprehension. All things, all actions contain both good and evil aspects. Life is a series of reactions for most. They react to their environment. Their family, friends, teachers, business associates and neighbors all exist as the background from which an individuals reactions will be formed.

War is not only evil. Intent matters. If one goes to war to slaughter enemies and for self-aggrandizement, say as Napoleon Bonaparte did, that would naturally be a war of greater evil. Going to war to free others from oppression and to protect ones citizens is an entirely different war. Those who say all wars are evil are correct and yet if one fails to address the issue of intent, one is completely missing the relative good of war. Most in the west will agree that the freedom of women to vote is a good thing, but that is our own judgment--an opinion formed after centuries of chauvinistic practices and policies that led to greater human suffering.

You could ask what these fashion designers in France think of Mr Bush's wars and the overwhelming reaction would be amazingly negative. Yet the same folks would espouse their joy in Ms. Sidiqi's newfound ability to freely vote. This would illustrate that threshold barrier to intelligence and provide another non sequitur. No Bush war - no voting. That concept is too difficult to grasp. It forces them to address that apparently impossible task of seeing good and evil as relatives and not absolutes. A good war? Impossible! Surely, all of us peaceful, enlightened and culturally astute humans can see that Ms. Sidiqi would be voting anyway if the UN sent a team of diplomats to talk to the Taliban. George Bush and his evil wars are entirely unnecessary.

Such is the dilemma. Relativity poses trouble for most folks no matter where you apply it. Einstein opened a can of worms at the beginning of the twentieth century which the cultural elite of the year 2004 still cannot seem to grasp.

A subaudible frequency of ten or fifteen cycles cannot be detected by the human ear and yet it is felt by the nerve regions in the solar-plexus and around the heart. It causes physical distress and yet the cause of this distress cannot be ascertained. Moral relativity when presented to most is much the same. It causes a vague sense of distress because the concept is just out of their ability to understand.

Can an evil act result in greater good? Yes. Does this mean one should not hesitate to do evil things? Of course not.

For some of the illiterate masses George Bush is a hero and a saint awaiting beatification, to others he is a devil awaiting his trip to hell. To the literate west his actions are even harder to understand and the same divisions of opinion occur.

And yet in the grand scheme of things, Bush, politics, and French fashion are all quite insignificant even though the masses living at the moment elevate them to the appearance of great import.

Once one has mastered the relativity concept one sees that 'history' is just the ink and paper while 'greater understanding' is the book.

Each member of mankind will someday realize that it is those ever-expanding understandings which are truly eternal and important are the whole point and purpose of living life.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Andrew Sullivan: Moving from Hamlet to Homer with the 'Roadkilliad'

Homer was a storyteller of fables. He wrote and composed the Iliad and the Odyssey, apparently blending fact and fiction. He was also blind as a bat.

Andrew Sullivan, who completed his conversion from conservative to the support of liberal metrosexual John Kerry the day after my blog parodied him as Hamlet, has now become Homer, the blind bard telling tales of Dick Cheney as "roadkill."

In tribute to his apparent blindness and fictional storytelling abilities I present to you: The prelude to battle of John Edwards versus Dick Cheney from the 'Roadkilliad':

On this, with fell intent he made towards the debate hall, and as the winning horse in a chariot race strains every nerve when he is flying over the plain, even so fast and furiously did the limbs of Edwards bear him onwards. President Bush was first to note him as he scoured the plain, all radiant as the star which men call Orion's Hound, and whose beams blaze forth in time of harvest more brilliantly than those of any other that shines by night; brightest of them all though he be, he yet bodes ill for mortals, for he brings fire and fever in his train- even so did Edwards' shining armour gleam on his breast as he sped onwards to meet the evil Dick Cheney. Bush raised a cry and beat his head with his hands as he lifted them up and shouted out to his dear VP, imploring him to return; but Cheney still stayed before the gates, for his heart was set upon doing battle with Edwards. The homophobic old man reached out his arms towards him and bade him for pity's sake come within the walls. "Cheney," he cried, "my vice-president, stay not to face this man alone and unsupported, or you will meet death at the hands of the sidekick of Kerry, for he is mightier than you. Monster that he is; would indeed that the gods loved him no better than I do, for so, dogs and vultures would soon devour him as he lay stretched on earth, and a load of grief would be lifted from my heart, for many a debate has the Kerry/Edwards team reft from me, either by deception or sullying my name due to the war that happens in that land beyond the sea: even now I face two debates from among the liberals who have thronged within this city, Washington DC and what of Barbara, peeress among women, who bore me. Should she be still alive and witness the ascension of the liberals, we will despise such vision, but if you too perish at the hands of Edwards, such will hasten such a day. Come, then, my VP, within the city, to be the guardian of GOP men and GOP women, or you will both lose your own life and afford a mighty triumph to the sidekick of Kerry. When a young man falls by the sword in battle, he may lie where he is and there is nothing unseemly; let what will be seen, all is honourable in death, but when an old man is slain there is nothing in this world more pitiable than that dogs should defile his grey hair and beard and all that men hide for shame. Be not roadkill Cheney, seek shelter within thine Naval Observatory and leave the field of battle, if not for thine own sake, then for mine!"

That was Homer Sullivan the blind bard and his rendition of a key scene from the 'Roadkilliad'- naturally a fable which only the blind can see and enjoy, leaving those of us with sight somewhat nonplussed at the tale and realizing it for the fiction that it is.



The DU Online Poll Hijack Scheme

Wondered why Cheney was getting clobbered in those unscientific online polls? Look no further. Here at SDAI-Tech1 we always peek behind the curtain to reveal the reasons why and this is the reason: Online poll hijacking.

This was the DU game-plan of attack for mass hijacking of the online polls. "Skinner" wanted to scalp the public tonight and distort the truth, much as his idol John Edwards did earlier in the evening. All the online news polls have been hijacked. When John Edwards said the people want the truth...I guess he was talking about that sort of flexible Clintonesque truth known as a lie.

DU THREAD I expect this link will eventually be pulled to conceal the truth. So I already cut-n-pasted the contents.

Posted by Skinner on Tue Oct-05-04 04:50 PM
For tonight's vice presidential debate, we are posting a list of websites that are likely to have online polls. Please visit these websites and vote on each of these polls. If you find another poll, please post it in this thread so we can add it to the list.

IMPORTANT -- Please note that many of these links haven't yet posted their poll. We have a simple graphical icon next to each poll indicating whether a poll is online yet or not:

No - Poll is not online yet. Please post in this thread when a poll becomes available, and provide a link to the poll.

Yes - Poll is online. Go vote!


ABC News:

AOL News:


CBS News:






USA Today:

Time: (Right side)

Wall Street Journal:

Washington Post:

Yahoo News:

By focusing our efforts here, we can make a difference on polls that have a small number of responses.

ABC27 Harrisburg PA

ABC30 Fresno: (Look for "Who Do You Think Won The Debate?"

Allentown PA Morning Call:

American Research Group:

Asheville Citizen-Times: (Right column)

Austin American Statesman:

Boston Globe:

Campaigns and Elections:

Channel One

Chicago Tribune:

Daytona News-Journal:

Daily Iberian:

Denver Post,1413,36~29805~24481...

Detroit Free Press:

Detroit News:

El Paso Times

Fort Myers News-Press:

Hampton Roads: (bottom of page)

HBO Bill Maher

Houston Chronicle:

In-Forum Fargo ND

Jackson TN Sun (right column)

KARE Minneapolis

KATC3 Lafayette:

KDBC El Paso: (left column)

KDKA Pittsburgh:

KIRO 710:

Knox News,1406,KNS_356_54501,0...

KOTV Tulsa: (Right column "Hotbutton")

KSDK St. Louis:

KYW Philadephia:

Lafayette Daily Advertiser:

LA Times:

Minnesota Star Tribune:

Ms. Magazine:

My San Antonio: (Halfway down on left "Cast your vote")

NBC25 Hagerstown MD:

News Central:

Newsday: (Look for "e-Poll: Rate the candidates")

New York Daily News (right column)

Orlando Sentinel: (Look for "POLL: Who won the VP debate?")

Polling Point:

Rapid City Journal: (left column)

Rocky Mountain News,1299,DRMN_...

Sioux Falls Argus Leader:

St. Petersburg Times

Sun-Sentinel: (right column)

Tampa Bay 10 News: (right column)

Tampa Bay Online

Tampa Tribune

WAKA Montgomery AL

WFMY Greensboro NC:

WHOTV Des Moines: (Left side of page)

Wilmington DE News Journal:

Winston-Salem Journal: (Left column)

WKEF Cleveland: /

WKRC Cincinnati:

WKYC Cleveland:

WSB 750 Atlanta:

WTOL Toledo

WTRF West Virginia:

WXYZ Detroit:

These local news outlets all have the same basic website design, and they seem to link to the same poll, but you are encouraged to vote in each of them.

Look for the same text on every page: "Survey: Who Won The Debate?"

Click 2 Houston

Channel 10 Providence:

Denver Channel:

Iowa Channel

Kansas City Channel:

KCRA Sacramento:

KFOX El Paso

KIRO7 Seattle:

Milwaukee Channel:

NBC10 Philadelphia:

NBC 13 Birmingham

NBC4 Washington DC:

NBC5 Cincinnati:

NBC5 Dallas-Fort Worth:

NBC6 South Florida:

New Orleans Channel:

NewsNet5 Cleveland:

Pittsburgh Channel:

WESH2 Orlando:

WFTV9 Orlando:

WGAL Harrisburg PA:

WHIO Dayton

WRAL Raleigh-Durham:

WSOC TV Charlotte

WTOV 9 Wheeling WV

Sadly their intelligence is so lacking that they fail to realize rigged results become apparent--especially when your candidate loses so decisively. Subtle poll influencing would have been less obvious. But, we must remember we are dealing with the thug mentality and the 85-100 IQ that comes with it. Expecting cleverness or subtlety just isn't in their make-up.

Educational isn't it? First we have George Soros hijacking the site to redirect traffic to his anti-Bush website, and then this desperate DU attempt to subvert popular opinion. Hijacking seems to be in the democrats blood, no wonder they seem to root for US casualties and terrorists and did the celebratory endzone dance for the 1000th US casualty.

Just another peek behind the curtain.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Mr. Gone and the $200 Billion

The Jimmy Carter of trial lawyers--aka "Senator Gone"

Dick Cheney crushed John Edwards tonight. From factual inconsistencies, Kerry and Edwards voting records or Edwards attendance record and inexperience, Cheney found and devastated the legitimacy of the Kerry/Edwards candidacy. To be quite honest--I expected no less. Cheney clearly had one of the highest IQs in the debate hall. His knowledge and experience and coolness under fire were awe-inspiring even for us insiders.

Edwards tried his trial lawyer rhetoric on Cheney and it just was out fact-checked and corrected. Like an inexperienced just-out-of-law-school attorney against some old-timer District Attorney, Edwards appeared weak and without answers. Too many diversions, flusters and the inability to follow a simple verbal instruction highlighted this inexperience. Cheney was at the top of his game, which makes it all appear effortless. Cheney is the father who instructs the child and scolds him for ditching class and falling in with the wrong crowd.

Watching Edwards get red-faced and flustered under Cheney's remarks it was hard not to see Edwards as the disobedient schoolboy testing his manhood, but underestimating the wisdom that sets behind the glasses and time-smoothed cranium of his father.

Cheney made no discernible mistakes. The only mistake, if it can be called such, is that as he folded his hands in front of his microphone it muted much of a sentence or two--and really, that was the sound grip's problem.

If you watch one bit of televised politics this year--this was the one to watch, the Bush/Kerry debates will not be as informative because both men are not as skilled orators as were these two men tonight.

Edwards experienced a deflation comparable to his false $200 billion dollar Iraq war costs claim--a claim which was corrected first by Cheney and then later by the 'conservative' folks at ABC news after the debate.

I would end this with a witty line or sign off, but the stakes are too great, the fate of many billions of people will hang in the balance. Freedom itself is on the ballot this year and I want to emphasize how important it is this year to go out and vote for George Bush and Dick Cheney.

Thank you Dick Cheney. Thanks for your efforts for America and Americans and taking heaps of abuse while doing it. I still like Dick Cheney. Hopefully viewers who watched him tonight will also come around to liking this man, his convictions and unwavering devotion to what he believes is right.

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UPDATE: A good analysis from Chris Matthews & Co. at MSNBC:"I think the analogy would be a water pistol against a machine gun. Every once in a while, Edwards would take a squirt at the vice president, and then the vice president would just turn the Howitzer on the guy.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Into the Time Machine Again!

I couldn't help but notice the fabric of time-space was coming apart when Kerry was declared the winner of the first debate by a majority of viewers. I raced over to the Naval Observatory where the now infamous Lapham-Drive time machine sits and went into the future to see if Kerry had indeed become President.

I brought back a newspaper from my arrival date: November 12, 2005.

Yes. It's true. Kerry wins. We've moved into a different parallel time-stream where the US is impressed by Swiss diction and Europhilia sweeps the world. In this new parallel time-stream Michael Jackson is exonerated of all charges and gets the "Sexiest Man Alive" award from People Magazine for 2006. Kerry and Chirac are jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006. Other exciting dramas will occur, but I don't want to spoil them.

(Hint: If you haven't had kids yet...don't. It won't be fair to bring them in now only to be killed in what will become an unending series of terrorist attacks on the US mainland. Attacks which will be dubbed "sKerry attacks"