Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Room...Once Again.

The tallest building in all the worlds is a statuesque structure with much majesty. It glows with a radiance like billions of diamonds adorn it's surface and play with the light from whatever angle one happens to be looking at it. The gardens which surround the building are as lusciously landscaped as one could conceive. Vivid colors which spread across a wider spectrum than the human eye is capable of perceiving are found in exotic flora and fauna. The scents in the air are delectable and at this moment I am breathing deeply near a huge grouping of purple flowers whose blossoms are at least a foot wide. The air is saturated with their succulent scent and these flowers have been chosen for their unique side effect of making one feel alive and alert. Like a cup of coffee on Earth, here one need only smell the air and one feels refreshed and very clear headed.

I have another appointment with my superiors. I decided to arrive early so I could enjoy this very beautiful world. 15 minutes here is, quite literally, like a 6 month vacation back on Earth. The beauty and refinement of everything one sees makes this world a solace for one's spirit. There is a huge fountain visible from here and it is filled with water which is impossibly clear and crystalline. It sparkles like it is somehow alive and pulsating. The formations of this water as it is sprayed into the air are wonderful to watch. Like a living flame the water moves in sheets that vary from 30 to 100 feet in height and crashes down creating only amazingly melodic whispers. I can feel the finest mist from the fountain in the air and it adds to the richness of the air here.

There is no ugliness here. All one sees is beautiful beyond belief. This is because this world is a very advanced world and the people who live and work here all have many, many lifetimes of development under their belt so to speak. They have left behind all the lower emotions and replaced them with new emotions. Yes, whenever I visit here I am reawakened to these new emotions. One of which can best be described as infinite ambition. It is not related to selfish ambition or a desire for personal gain, but instead is an amazingly deep concern and excitement that is felt when thinking about the vast multiverse and the beings and places in it. It is a desire to grow, learn and encompass whole new thought paradigms and vistas of consciousness. It is coupled with a love for all things and a deep and fundamental understanding of the special and unique place all people have in this infinite universe.

One of the amazing features here is a time wall. The gardens here have many wonderful works of art interspersed with the foliage and the fountains. One of these wonders is a time wall that is morphing constantly. The atoms of the wall are displaying scenes from various world's histories. Depending upon who comes near the wall, the wall actually scans the person's fundamental frequency and portrays scenes of importance and interest to their own past history.

It is fun to sit at a distance and watch folks from a plethora of other worlds stand by the wall and see how the wall responds. The wall appears to be made of gold or some similar shiny, metallic substance when at rest, but when it is morphing it is capable of portraying an amazing variety of colors.

I am alone here right now and so I approach the wall.

It is astounding.

I see ancient Greece and a beautiful priestess in Apollo's oracle. She is beautiful and has on the special costume of one gifted with the ability to foretell the future. A special wreath adorns her head and her long brown hair fall in silky rivulets on one side of her head. She stands by a small pedestal in deep concentration and a small dish of incense burns upon the top of this pedestal. I recognize her immediately. She is someone I knew many lifetimes time ago and we parted ways in somewhat tragic circumstances.

I wonder why the wall is showing me this replay from out of ancient Earth history.


I turn to my right and sitting nearby on a translucent gem-like, orange-hued bench is this same woman. Her hair is different and her features are slightly more refined, but there is no doubt it is her. She is watching me and smiling. Oh! How I have missed that smile! It is an unscheduled reunion. I see now that the wall was reading both our frequencies and naturally this past life combined the two. I walk over to her and she stands up. We embrace, no words spoken and yet I am a overcome with joy.

To be continued...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Trip to Outer Space with SDAI !

Outer space is a fascinating place. Anything outside of the Earth's atmosphere and beyond is technically 'outer space'. As a descriptive term it came into its own during the 1950's when rockets and space travel changed from being a science-fiction plot device to being a very real possibility.

Space travel is non-stop. We are traveling even now through uncharted space. Our galaxy, like trillions of other galaxies is spinning around an imaginary axis through the center of the universe. The distances covered are so great that it is very hard to conceive the figures involved. The only 'outer space' that we carry with us, wherever we travel is comprised of fields. Our galaxy's stars, planets, asteroid belts and such travel with us. If you could see them as they really are, they are not stars, planets and such but are infinitely complex and interlinked energy fields. The field you can observe in a magnet is a good example. Now one merely needs to imagine the stars, planets and such, all as magnets expressing with polarity.

I've included a diagram to assist in the visualization:

(Click here to display full size image)

This same give and take of fields is going on at the galaxy level. Imagine the planets are stars and the star is the center of a galaxy. It doesn't stop there. Now imagine the planets are galaxies and that the star is a 'center' of the universe.

Now all these fields interact with each the other and maintain a mathematical precision, like gears in a watch. As a matter of fact, that is an easy way to visualize all these rotating galaxies, solar systems, planets, moons, etcetera.

But this is just ONE universe. A physical universe that expresses within a certain bandwidth. It is infinite, but it is infinite within a portion of an even more infinite spectrum. Between the numbers 1 and 2 are an infinite number of numbers and yet each are tied in to the 'space' between 1 and 2.

In the multiverse there are an infinite number of universes. Each of these reside in their own portion of an infinite energy spectrum and influence other universes at specific points.

Here's another new concept to try and get a handle on. Each universe has to have points where the spectra meet. These points are parallaxes. In the number universe that exists between the numbers 1 and 2, those numbers are the parallaxes. I'll call them parallaxes because these points take on a new position from a different perspective. 1 and 2 are shared by the adjoining universes that exist between '0 and 1' and '2 and 3' - therefore they are the parallaxes.

In our universe the stars are parallaxes. Each star if you could see it from the adjoining higher spectra appears like a black hole or a whirlpool. It may help to see it in a somewhat cruder way: with the stars acting like toilets flushing energy from this higher spectra into our physical universe. The other parallaxes in our universe are the black holes. If one could travel the spectra below our physical universe, the black holes would appear as stars. The energy never disappears. It keeps flowing along from spectra to spectra and from universe to universe in very coherent and mathematical flows.

In a very real sense all the universes are dependant upon each other. Each universe, by it's very existence, spawns another. It's a never-ending chain of universes, linked by an infinite number of parallaxes.

The stars atomic interactions are dual in nature. They mathematically channel energy into our spectra and remove it from another. Science, as yet, has never been able to figure out why the universe is not a solid sheet of light considering the quantity of stars in the universe. 'Tired light' and other explanations have been used, as well as the concept that the universe begins somewhere out there back in time as a cosmic egg of 'protomatter'.

The reality is the material universe keeps going on and on and on and on...yet still never becomes anything other than what it is - a physical universe comprised of stars, planets and such. This corner of the universe is very much like the corner a 100 trillion light years from here. Both have galaxies with stars and planets...and black holes. Yes, black holes act as the drain for our physical universe and can be found in the center of certain galaxies that have changed their polarity relationship.

Yes polarity plays an important role in the formation of universes. All this energy is interlinked. Like a sine wave it travels and propagates infinitely. Energy can't be created and can't be destroyed - it only changes form:

(Click here to display full size image)

This is just one way of viewing the endless formation of universes. It is again, necessarily, an oversimplification of the process. The reality is that the flow of energy travels in both directions and that each universe has a duality of energy positive to negative and negative to positive occurring simultaneously.

Humanity, for example, can be seen as a flow of positive energy riding the discharging energy from 'higher' universes. As humans become more intelligent and wise they cease to be mere humanity and will now exchange the physical universe for the adjoining higher universe. They evolve. To put it into another visualization they can be viewed as a charge traveling along the 'current' of the energy multiverse. Each soul will travel on and literally an infinite number of souls/beings have already done just that. Each universe provides an infinite amount of learning potential within a set spectrum.

To return to the concept of "outer space" we can say that outer space is far vaster than we even begin to realize. What's more - outer space is not confined to physical space but is really everything that exists outside our own set of fields.

A million universes can share the same spot and only interact at certain parallaxes. The quantity of these parallaxes will depend on the 'closeness' frequency-wise of the relative energy.

Here is another exciting new concept to tackle: In our physical universe, at times, are parallaxes to every other universe. Yes, every universe has to have the potential to interact with other energy directly along the flow. These are anomalies and occur statistically much less often, but they do happen.

Beings like Jesus, Buddha and such are their own personal parallaxes. Every person they meet and everywhere they go will be altered somewhat by the energy flow they represent. Folks will respond to them either extremely positively or negatively. (polarity relationships again!) These beings come from other universes often not just the adjoining universe - but from universes once or twice removed from the physical.

Of course the opposite must be true as well - lower beings from more negative universes must make appearances as well. And they do. Hitler, Genghis Khan, Stalin and the list goes on. Their lives consume millions, kill millions and leave a trail of destruction and hate in their wake.

You, have the ability to align yourself with these various spectra depending upon your thoughts. Your thoughts are each like mini-fields. The sum of your thoughts creates a larger field. This field aligns itself with good or evil and to be more precise, with both - all the time. This is why one must monitor each thought and see what it does to our collective consciousness. Does that thought carry a negative charge or a positive one? Will that thought propel me forward or draw me downward?

They say the path to hell is paved with good intentions. The reality is that the path to lower spectra/universes is paved with a million negative/hateful/fearful/etcetera type of thoughts.

So will you get to meet the gorgeous beings that exist 'out there' in outer space? AKA other portions of the multiverse? That depends upon you and your thoughts.

Meanwhile, I've got a date with that foxy little brunette number. Yeah, I know her outfit is a bit risque and it looks like she's holding a weapon - but it's really just a fancy hypodermic she uses to inoculate strangers from 'outer space'.

Till later...

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Whispers of the Desert

When the magenta skies grow purple and then a deep black decorated with stars by the millions, this is when the winds pick up and the desert starts to whisper.

The whispers speak of all sorts of things and some are haunting and lonely whispers through forlorn expanses, some so out of the way and remote that the last human passed through them in 1849, heading west trying to stake a claim in the gold rush.

Other whispers are softer and melodic, like a romantic ballad being whistled gently through cacti and sagebrush.

Today the whispers are unlike any I've ever heard. Cosmic whispers of wind gusting over the rocks and sands. A symphony of whispers, like a million voices speaking from each of those stars of inconceivable wonders.

The last few months have been long ones. Lots of things have been accomplished in these months and the future will reap some of the coming changes.

Here in Shamballa, time and space sometimes seem to stand still.

I have a favorite rock outcropping I like to lay back on, and I call it 'Look Out Perch.' During the day after just a small walk, I can take a break and watch the planes take off and land. At night it's a simply sublime spot for stargazing and listening to the winds' whispers. Take a laptop with a wireless hook up, as I'm doing now, and one can transfer one's thoughts into digital signals that, like the winds' whispers, travel quietly all over the earth.

When you hear the soft whisper of the wind wherever you are, listen closely and you'll know if it traveled past Look Out Perch - the unmistakable siren song of the desert rides with it.