Wednesday, March 30, 2011

US Covert Action in Libya, Al Qaeda & Obama

I always get a kick out of these things. Well, usually I do. Obama has apparently signed off on covert action in Libya. This is rather fascinating to me, of course, because there already has been US covert action in Libya for months.

The real truth here is by publicly declaring the potential of covert action against Gaddafi, the people are supposed to rally around and give three cheers for the rebels and hope that Gaddafi gets the knife. However, I cant sign off and drink that Kool-Aid right now. We have active Al Qaeda in Libya and some of the very same terrorists and mercenaries there that are leading the Rebels. In essence, the rebels fighting to take over Libya are Al Qaeda and the government they would set up would not look like a democracy - quite the contrary - we would see Libya emerge as Afghanistan or Pakistan with all the billions of dollars yearly oil assets funneled to Al Qaeda.

This is serious folks. This is not a game. That oil money really represents future atomic bomb purchases. Al Qaeda must be denied and subsequently President Soros Obama must not be allowed to cede Gaddafi's Libya to Al Qaeda. The Rebels in Libya are not the mass uprising in Egypt. Same is true with half the other uprisings in the Sunni led nations which have been bought and paid for on Soros' dollar.

So don't buy into the rhetoric. Don't buy into the hype. This is one the US will win when Gaddafi stays in power. Otherwise we have to not only dispose of Gaddafi, but of the largest groups of the rebels when its all over - a bloodbath the likes no one wants to see. Arming Al Qaeda mercenaries is the most insane notion to come out of Obama's WH yet - which is saying quite a lot.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, this is Manchurian Candidate territory - for real. The future of the economy of the world depends largely on the free markets remaining free. It depends upon radical fundamentalists being denied oil wealth. Look at Iran - the first they do is start building reactors and trying to create weapons grade uranium by hiring the service and products of Russian and North Korean nuclear specialists. If you think the fallout from Japan is scary - just wait until a real nuke goes off in a major western city courtesy of Al Qaeda.

The rebels (Al Qaeda) are losing in Libya because covert forces *are* already active. So when you read newspaper reports of the rebels getting their rears kicked - its because Al Qaeda and the mercenaries hired by Soros and his associated are losing - just as they lost in Iraq. Gaddafi's government is repressive and tyrannical. But compared to Al Qaeda or a Taliban style government he is almost harmless as a fruit fly.

Don't let the media snow you. Don't be suckered into believing all these revolutions in the middle east are real or are about Democracy and freedom - far from it. Most of the revolutions underway are paid for by anti-western interests using the most illiterate expendable mercenaries, in an effort to depose governments that currently are pro-western in their outlook. The truth is, many of these nations need an iron fist ruling them because the residents are inherently savage and violent. Not everyone is ready for democracy - many are anathema to democracy and are simply not intelligent enough to earn the right to have an equal say in the welfare of others - because they don't care about others.

Government by the consent of the governed is fine when the people are somewhat caring regarding others welfare. When you have individuals who can blow up thousands or millions of civilians without a second thought and whom strap explosives on to children - you have a whole new class of violent people who must live subject to the rule of force - government by force. In the Middle East and Africa you have such conditions and democracy will not be effective in these regions anytime soon.

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