Saturday, October 28, 2006

Who is REALLY behind the 'Iraqi Insurgency'?

Sorry to have to break this news into the midst a really great sci-fi story. However the following is probably best put forth to the world in such a setting, as it is almost too painful to believe this is real. Perhaps the skeptical can tell themselves it's fiction, and to be quite honest I wish it was.

Who is really behind the insurgency? Today, we will have another behind the curtains look at how the post-invasion turned into an insurgency and who really stands to gain by a continued insurgency. Before I'm through we'll see that France, Germany, Belgium and Russia are very likely involved in sponsoring the insurgency to push the US out of Iraq so they can resume their criminal operations and exploitation of the nation and reclaim tens of billions of dollars of free oil per year.

According to the Volcker report, during the UN/Euro 'Oil For Food' scam 858 million barrels of oil were smuggled out of Iraq between 1991 and 2003. It's easy to assume most of that went to Europe with a street value of roughly 40 billion dollars. Russia has its own oil. According to Saddam's ledgers The Volcker report assumes 11 billion dollars in extra income was garnered by the regime. Only 4.5 billion in cash was received for this oil.

That means Europe being in bed with Saddam for 12 years saved them about 35 billion dollars.

That's a lot of Euros.

2200 Companies involved in paying 1.8 billion to Saddam for cheap oil.

Many of these companies were used by their respective governments to conceal their oil smuggling payment to Saddam's regime and as a bonus they were awarded contracts in Iraq. Let's take a look at a few examples:

Hey look it's Belgium - every terrorist's best friend!

"Brussels-based Volvo Construction Equipment paid $317,000 in extra fees to Iraq on a $6.4-million contract"

Refresh my memory, wasn't Belgium the nation that was trying to stop the Iraq invasion harder than anyone? And didn't they try to put Bush on trial for war crimes? Hmmm. I wonder why they are so angry with Bush? Could it be because Belgium is one of the most crooked nations in Europe, possibly on Earth?

Hmmm. Could be.

Siemens SAS of France? They were in on it too? And France wasn't too keen on invading either now, were they? Hmmm. Let's see what does Siemens SAS produce? Well, besides corruption, that is? Wow. They are into everything it seems. Lighting, aero technology, electrical-this and doodad that. I bet they did gangbuster business with Saddam.

"Jean-Bernard Merrimee, France's former UN ambassador, received $165,725 in commissions from oil allocations awarded to him by the Iraqi regime"

Hmmm. He figures if he's helping France get Iraqi oil for a fraction of its worth, he should be compensated for his troubles. Of course that's just the amount that could be proven the real figure is probably well over a million dollars.

Russia wasn't too keen about our invading Saddam's Iraq either. I wonder why? Oh,'s a pretty good reason:

"Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who heads Russia's Liberal Democratic Party, received millions of barrels of oil he could turn around and sell for a profit, the report said."

Why, when you look at the period from 1991-2003 it looks like Saddam was a Santa Claus for France, Belgium, Russia and Germany! He was aligning himself with ALL the important players and insuring that he was immune from invasion. He even owned Kofi Annan's son. Kofi was under investigation too, but slick Kofi knew "nothing" about his son's activities for several years. So either Kofi is a pretty bad dad or a pretty bad liar, you can take your pick. As for me - I pick both.

If we look just at this list of companies who paid kickbacks to Saddam for 'humanitarian' aid, the same nations names come up again and again: France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Russia. Lots of third world nations too, but then again I don't expect much from Syria, Jordan or Lebanon.

The endless list of 'humanitarian' corruption

Not surprisingly, the world never put these nations' governments to the coals for this massive corruption - after all the global media is largely owned by these nations and it was quickly buried and forgotten - well forgotten by Joe Q. Public and Pierre P. Euro. Those of us who lift curtains for a living were well aware not just how corrupt these nations were and how they let millions of Iraqis suffer by their collusion with Saddam, but also that these nations, via their corrupt companies whose track record is dismal, are not beyond trying to reclaim Iraq and these billions of dollars worth of contracts via supporting and creating a viable insurgency.

Here is an interesting story about UN procurers linked to Al Qaeda:

UN Procurement linked to Al Qaeda

It's fascinating , isn't it? Could it be that some European companies are far closer to Al Qaeda than we give them credit for? And what good would Al Qaeda be to a company?


Let's think. Do they want to buy turbans and veils cheap? Nah. Perhaps they want to buy wholesale boxes of Korans to brush up on pleasing Allah? No, that doesn't seem right either. Wait, an epiphany! Could it be these companies are funding the insurgency to get rid of their corporate rivals in Iraq! Ding ding ding ding! I think we have a winner here!

Dummy companies are set up to fund Al Qaeda, to provide them money for powerful explosives, guns and ammunition. I have to admit - that's ruthless European business savvy for you - if Iraq is in the hands of America and your former contracts, and new ones, have been doled out to Halliburton, what better way to show your displeasure than to set up a company to funnel funds to Al Qaeda? Naturally all such transactions would be conducted via dummy holdings with no trails to incriminate.

"Schreiber also had a link to the U.N. Oil-for-Food program in Iraq, as a legal representative of a Liechtenstein-based company called Napex, which was among those approved by the U.N. to buy oil from Saddam's regime under the 1996-2003 relief program. A report released last year by CIA chief weapons inspector Charles Duelfer alleged that Saddam's regime allocated oil to be sold to Napex in 2002, shortly before Saddam's government fell. There is no public evidence that this oil was actually shipped."

Hmmm. So a company that was approved by the UN to buy oil from Saddam was also linked to Al Qaeda financing! Why is it that never made the mainstream news circuit? Listening to the news I thought there was NO WAY Saddam was in bed with Al Qaeda? But if this company made tons of profit on the UN 'oil for food' scam - then it seems Al Qaeda could have been getting rich at the same time too.

So the UN 'oil for food' program might've helped pay for 9-11?


All these guilty nations and a guilty UN. No wonder they were so quick to send their condolences - and likewise no wonder they never wanted the war on terror to involve Iraq.

But the question still remains, who is providing the money and funds to the insurgency? First the insurgency was using primitive explosives that could only kill a few bystanders and now they can afford weapons grade explosives that take out fifty or more people at a time?

Isn't that strange?

Again - who is financing the insurgency? Clearly these folks are the bottom-feeders of society. They can't be native Iraqis, because native Iraqis wouldn't so gleefully finance the killing of innocents in their nation. Could it be Iran? Sure, that seems logical because they want to have another Shiite theocracy next door. But wait a second...aren't those explosives blowing up Shiites? Yes. That doesn't make sense then, does it? Why would Iran blow up the people most sympathetic to them? So scratch Iran. They are probably too busy with their breeder-reactors anyway, to spend too much time or money on Iraq.

Hmm. Turkey? No, otherwise Kurds would be slaughtered. Syria? Jordan? Possibly, but wait! These nations are drowning in Iraqi refugees - why would they want to further increase their burden. So scratch them off the list too.

Let's follow the money again...who stands to gain if the US stands down? Well let's see, Halliburton would bail out and Iraq would need BIG companies to handle infrastructure contracts again. Halliburton has already earned some 16 billion dollars in contracts since the post-invasion and is earning upwards of 6 billion per year! What nations beside the US have experience in providing infrastructure for Iraq?

Russia, France, Germany, Belgium.

6 Billion per year plus billions of dollars worth of cheap oil? My. That's quite a motive.

What nations never supplied troops for Iraq?

Russia, France, Germany, Belgium.

My that's quite a coincidence, don't you think?

What nations media are screaming we must leave Iraq? That our invasion of Iraq was 'illegal'

Russia, France, Germany, Belgium

So there you have it. Just a bit of curtain lifting. If we want the insurgency to end we have to take on these nations, their companies, and their dummy proxies in Iraq. They want cheap oil and they want billions of dollars worth of contracts.

It's all just about spreading the wealth.

It's not about Islam. It's not about Israel. It's about money. LOTS of money. Money big enough that some immoral nations are willing to kill Iraqis and American soldiers to obtain it.

Sure, I may be wrong. But these nations, corporations and the very same people, have 12 year track records of the very same corruption and sacrificing hundreds of thousands of innocents.

These same people who were profiting obscenely for 12 years were rudely interrupted in 2002. That's a long time. Folks can get to count on those illicit profits after that long a time. And why on earth would these nations and their corporations, who could watch Iraqi children starve and tens of thousands of others get massacred under Saddam, even blink just because 2900 US soldiers and a few hundred thousand Iraqis die?

As one of the Volcker committee members mentions, folks lives are in jeopardy. The folks involved in UN/Saddam corruption are absolutely ruthless and folks who were interviewed knew the corruption led straight to the top.

So let's cut to the chase - how much should we give France, Germany, Russia and Belgium to get them to stop financing/creating the insurgency? If they were making 40 billion apiece per year in 'free oil' and contracts, about the only way we can get them to cease and desist is by getting the newly minted Iraqi government to offer them at least 25 billion apiece in 'free oil'.

100 billion dollars a year could make the 'collapsing, civil war, quagmire - insert your favorite Euro-media catchphrase here' go away. Or we can just pull out and let them grab it anyway. Either way will bring stability, but only the US actually cares about Iraqis and their fledgling democratic government.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Alien Legacy Pt. II

Shayla is deep inside my mind. The flame pulses and gyrates absolutely silently and my anxiety is calmed by her presence. I suddenly see and understand how folks work together on her world, by joining minds. My hand touches the flame and I fully immerse my hand at the base. My eyes close involuntarily and sounds and images flood my mind.

"Greetings human. We are The Travelers. We arrived at your world exactly 5 million, four hundred thousand and sixty three years ago. Very primitive, barely sentient life was present and we conducted a program of nurturing and education so as to make such life forms now capable of clearer sentient thinking. We helped nurture various tribes all over the world, many which had evolved from slightly various different species and genus of animals. Nature does this spontaneously so as to provide an ample genetic material for building a world of diverse sentient beings without already creating genetic cancellation."

All the while these words resonate in my mind, pictures of the various gorillas and chimpanzees that evolved beyond their packs are clearly flashing through my mind's eye. The travelers laboratory aboard a gigantic, city sized spacecraft is also visible and the laboratory is enormous with thousands of bed like platforms where a beam is being projected into the heads of these very savage primitives. The beam is a form of mental stimulation.

"We remained upon this world for fifteen thousand years and helped nurture the first cultures in areas you presently identify as China, Africa, India, South America and another 2 continents which no longer exist upon this world. The rudimentary education of life was taught these various cultures, including the nature of the sine wave and of energy. The continuity of life through reincarnation was also taught to the various tribes. Once these tribes were safely past the possibility of reverting to the animal state or being killed by the many numerous beasts, we departed to let your world follow its own course without further interference."

Shayla's presence in my mind becomes yet stronger. She knows the questions to ask.

"Where are all the remaining monuments left behind by the Travelers?"

As if in answer to her question, a map of the world appears in my mind's eye. 3 various locations besides this one in Iran appear. One is in China, another is in South America and one exists somewhere near the center of the Pacific Ocean, presumably under water.

"Reveal the history of this planet since the Travelers left."

"Brace yourself."

Shayla's mind is completely joined with mine now. It's almost as though she is shielding me from something. Then it hits. A stream of imagery, facts, dates and events. It is nonstop and overwhelming. I feel my mind struggling to process the flow and find Shayla there holding me up, mentally. I watch as cultures rise and fall, as leaders rise to power, rule and die. Countless civilizations Earth history presently has no recollection of are streaming through our mind. I am aware of Shayla as she classifies and orders all this data into distinct categories, sub-categories and sub-sub-categories. Her mind is almost computer-like in its efficiency and speed of processing.

And then it is done. I pull back my hand out of the flame. The flame itself seemed to know when to end the transmission.

For the next minutes she silently shares her mental folders with me and it organizes the data in my own mind. I still can't get over how wonderful it feels to have her presence, her very mind with me in this manner. I wonder if I will ever get fully accustomed to it. I straighten up, mentally, and exert my thoughts to process the enormous amount of data. My head hurts. I never knew the mind could contain so much information. My consciousness is stratifying the data, into a broad overview and compartmentalizing all the smaller details which had been revealed. The Earth's history has apparently been recorded by this flame, by an unknown mechanism and the highlights of all cultures, leaders and major events is now buried within my mind. A new sense of awareness and completeness fills my mind. Everything makes sense. I can see how each culture in the world today arrived at their present point. It is amazing.

(to be continued)