Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sneak Preview of the Future

Here you get a sneak preview of the future. Not just in the way humans think, or the understandings that make their life that much more complete, but also in the technological future that is to come about in the next 50, 100 and even 1000 years.

Today, I am going to give you a big peek. The world needs this now, when the economies of the world are failing and the masses are disillusioned. So today, you all will get a sneak peek at Project Atlas:

What is Project Atlas? It is only the most revolutionary event in the history of the world in the past 15,000 years (give or take a few). Project Atlas details a map for near limitless clean power generation - with no radiation, pollution or harmful byproducts. The world will make a new gargantuan leap forward that will make the atomic/rocket age appear laughable. Children two hundred years from now will look back on this time as a technological dark ages. No clean power, no electronic medicine and no scientific understanding of the human soul - when man didn't even know what he was!

Yes, while I know many of you would just like to hear the juicy technological details, my job and my position requires this new knowledge be tempered with wisdom and intelligence. Nuclear power when understood was quickly perverted into a weapon. Most new technologies find themselves used in such capacities by those who wish to wield power over their fellow man.

Balance. All life is balance. Every day of our lives we are constantly trying to attain balance. We sleep when we are tired. Eat when we are hungry. Earn income when we need money. Heal when we are injured. So an introduction of this sort of immense power and drastic change requires an equally big improvement in human understanding. In other words, humanity can't handle Project Atlas if it does not make a measurable movement upwards. What good is more power if it only is used to wage more wars or enslave others? What good is introducing new technologies only for them to become a great burden on man - not a blessing. Since 1945 the world has lived in fear of atomic bomb warfare. This fear still lingers and the threat of some unhinged individual, group or nation using these weapons to mass murder other humans is very real and has actually increased over the past 20 years, as portions of the world that are not as developed or educated have access to these technologies.

That is why the activism we see in the world today is a good thing. I see people, young and old who are hungrily waiting this change in the world. You see, they set up to incarnate at this time in history to be a part of this. There is no fate, no chance - all events are cause and effect and when seen in the naked light of truth - simply energy motions following specific principles of energy.

Everyone needs to understand what their soul really is - a field of infinite, indestructible energy. They need to understand that everything they think they know about the way life works is wrong. We are not simply biological organisms, we are regenerating fields of energy so complex and with literally an infinite amount of subharmonic wave form structures. We live in an infinite universe and even the sub-components of an infinite universe ARE infinite. You, yes you reading this, right now - you are eternal. You are immortal. You are energy which has recorded within its structures infinitely complex algorithms which determine the way you think, behave and feel. Once this knowledge becomes commonplace, the world will change.


Because most of humanity act out of fear. They fear death. They fear poverty. They fear loneliness. They fear being unloved. These fears are based in ignorance. There is no death. Each soul that has died and will die on this world will come back on this world and many others - because a soul is a field of energy and it, through field principles will be drawn back to a fetus to continue and re manifest all that it is.

Yes, for some this will all be metaphysical mumbo jumbo. The nuances of field mechanics of all atomic structures is not taught in the schools or universities, nor is anyone taught that their life is all about manipulating fields of energy.

Now you know. You can think about it. You can ask that small voice within - and ask it... "What the heck is he talking about!?" It will answer you very quietly. It will tell you that yes...your soul is indeed a field of energy and it is constantly finding balance with it environment - and its past recorded data will seek balance as well. So let's say two people die in a fire in their past lives *yes, we all have past lives too) and one of these individuals becomes a fireman and the other a smoker and both are finding unique ways to try and balance positively the wave forms stored with a negative bias. These experiences are fields too and so they are drawn magnetically to the imbalanced field of experience.

Think about your life. What do you desire? If you analyze it this desire is proportionate to a corresponding imbalance. If you desire love it is because you feel unloved and these negative waveforms seek balance. If you feel friendless you will seek out friends for the same reason. If someone wants to change the world - its because they have, in their pasts, sat back and couldn't care less about it. So now all these impulses are driven by waveforms of imbalanced energy. Life here for most people is day after day of acting on these impulses trying to find balance. However, because they are unaware of the science behind it they often mess up - and make things worse. The smoker gets sick and dies again. Instead of balancing that past life of dying in the fire of smoke inhalation - he has simply found a way to repeat it and ends up creating even more of an imbalanced field.

Finding positive in all we do is the secret to a constructive life.

This is what mankind needs to know and start to live with daily, the knowledge that can turn unhappiness into happiness - without requiring a single outside change in the world about them. Self-development is why we are here. I'm just a field of energy here chatting to you all. Oh, I have a body - but it's just a shell. My fields are directing it and transmitting this data into this blog for you to read. My own pasts drive me to find positive ways to use technology and to help sentience evolve. So this is my own way of finding balance and that is why I am going on and on about this before getting into the rest.

If you have been patient this long and have absorbed even a small portion of what I was trying to convey here, and how important it is to your future, then your future is already altered - in a very good way.

Atlas carries the heavens on his shoulders. He was a Titan and after losing a battle with the Olympians found himself so burdened. Project Atlas utilizes the heavens to provide power for the Earth. This power is obtained by using the Earth's enormous, constantly regenerating electromagnetic field for power:

Our planet has a molten iron core. When hit by the sun's radiation it takes on a charge and generates a field of energy - an electromagnetic field. This field is fed twenty-four hours a day by incoming solar radiation. Tapping this electromagnetic field for power is what Project Atlas is all about. By converting a portion of the electromagnetic field into electrical energy, the planet will have enough power to do almost anything. This is the long awaited "Star Trek" level of technology. This is when you actually can create force fields and phasers and all the rest. The reason those shows seem so real and struck such a nerve is because those technologies do exist in the future.

When this project began, I joked with some of the engineers that it might be called project Pandora if misused. And like Pandora, the world would curse the day the endless energy box was opened. Walt Disney depicted atomic power as a great genie that could do good or evil. This new power has the same awesome potential.

Spread the word - the future of Earth, your future, is brighter and more wonderful than even your most fantastic dreams.

I know because...I've seen it.

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