Thursday, March 24, 2011

Balancing the Scales - Not.

The truth of the matter is civilization is guarded by a precious few individuals. The reason they are having such trouble in Japan is because the creators come in cycles and then cycle out again. The Renaissance, the Reformation, the American Revolution and so on and so forth. The creators create the fabric of life that the masses use, but often don't understand. The operators of nuclear plants designed decades ago are just that - operators. They don't have the intuitive engineering skill and mindset the creators who designed the first reactors had - the ones who conceived the first fission reaction are light years different from those who study the reaction in schools or learn nuclear physics today. This is the problem with the West right now - 300 million people in America and a handful of creators for the lot.

The users and operators play video games, watch TV, update their Facebook status and await Friday movie releases in some repetitive ritual. They work and toil and earn a living and then throw themselves to escape mechanisms in their "off" hours. They drink, smoke and do drugs, both legal pharmaceuticals and illegal ones and limit their mental potential and capacity that much further. They burden their body in excess weight and limit the way they can interface with the world.

The problem with all this escape is that it lowers the number of real thinkers each year. Humans react - they don't often think. Someone reads this post and reacts to the content. People react to the news, they react to visual stimulation, programmed emotional responses to everything from television to movies and video games. Place them in isolation - completely out of contact with external input and they just stop. Most human brains are wired for reaction - not creation. Schools "teach" and what they teach is wrote responses to given stimuli - from math to history they have a "right" way you are supposed to respond and this is considered education! This pre-processed education does nothing for civilization and creates merely multitudes that seek more and more input to guide them. Sitting passively in front of a screen, be it TV, computer or phone they await input to respond to. These things create a sort of serious mental defect which is all-pervasive and corrosive to society.

Culture declines. Making people think - not just respond to something - is an almost impossible task. Civilization and history follows these inescapable cycles of creation and growth and then dissolution and decay. The last fifty years have seen screen addictions destroy whole generations - and if you count films it goes back almost a century since this addiction to passive observation was initiated. The portion of the masses life not spent working or sleeping is now almost entirely consumed by screens and a passive mental state. The thinker of 1750 had no such distractions. Books which required active mental interpretation and comprehension were the sole purveyors of knowledge. The result were more men of thought - philosophers and scientists who wanted to stretch the boundaries of existing knowledge and life. Who today thinks like that anymore?

We've gutted our space program, are slowly making books, bookstores and newspapers extinct and elevated the dissolute to an altar of mass worship. Those who entertain the masses are the new deities and their images are promulgated everywhere and particularly towards the young. It doesn't matter how retarded or debased they are - and, in fact, the masses enjoy seeing those more pathetic than themselves as a bizarre form of self-affirmation.

This depressing state of affairs is when I kick back, look at the reports that reach my desk and face my own personal test. You see, I'm not supposed to bias any of this negative. I'm supposed to be able to watch Nero fiddling and neither find it repulsive or attractive. I'm here to eliminate biases that have been created and so I chose to be born when I did so I could watch this decline. I orchestrated this life taking into account every bit of minutia, making certain I would have a real tough time.

My impulses are to balance the scale - interfere with the decline - use new technologies to preserve the offspring who find themselves in the last gasps of a dying western world, surrounded on all sides by influences that seek their complete destruction. I would use my position to orchestrate counter-moves and actions to offset the increasing lowest common denominator world that is emerging in every city, town anywhere on Earth.

I'm not going to this time. I'm going to remain impersonal. I'm going to use every bit of wisdom Yal-hune, Shayla and all the rest have taught me. Even my visit with Meritaten - who knew her and her parents terrible fate - tried to teach me how to embrace all things as good and see them more infinitely.

If the west is nuked by the spread of advanced western technology in the hands of the simple-minded and violent or if George Soros succeeds in crashing the western economy and bringing about a new dark ages - none of this will bother me even one iota.

I am beyond bias. I am beyond the finite perspective. Any outcome here on Earth is merely a learning experience for those involved - neither good or evil.

I am now free.

I am finally going to pass this test!

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