Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Code 'PINKO'

Code Pink targets Evil Hummers

The targeting of SUV's has occurred for some time now. In Arizona it clearly is not working since SUV sales here increased over the past year even as gas prices jumped.

What one must understand is that this isn't about the environment, which is being harmed far more significantly by those communist and socialist third worlders, and it's not about fuel consumption which is consumed far more rapidly by Lear jets, power boats, etcetera, but rather this is about assaulting the American consumer, stigmatize capitalism and is an attempt to intimidate purchasers as we can see:

7. People Won't Like You
Hummer drivers have become a target for angry pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers who don't like seeing super-sized gas guzzlers lumbering down their roads or parked in over-sized spaces on our city streets. Hummer drivers get yelled at, flipped off, cut off; their vehicles get plastered with anti-Hummer bumper stickers. The website FUH2.com, for example, features pictures sent in from around the world of people flipping off Hummers. As anti-Hummer campaigns continue to pick up speed and disseminate information, the public sentiment against Hummers and their owners will only increase. Do you want this anger focused on you and your vehicle?

To put it nicely, the sort of people who won't like you because of the car you drive, are the sort of people who are neurotic and you don't really want to have as your friends. The sort of people who "disseminate information" about Hummers probably have a couple of antisocial disorders and a whole bunch of time on their hands to waste.

Out here I see Hummers everyday. The drivers are normal folks. Most are driven conservatively since a sizable investment is involved.

Further down the whole motivation of these neurotics is clearly revealed:

Hummers are symbols of American excess and arrogance. Such huge, imposing, military-like vehicles also perpetuate the image of America as a bully. They only serve to sow seeds of ill-will. This is not the image that we should be exporting in this political climate.

Do people really think like this? Yes. I was once talking to a chap who drove a Volkswagen years ago. He was, to put it mildly, not in perfect mental health. He explained how as he drove along the freeway he was surrounded by big Cadillacs in both lanes and he could "feel" their egos attacking him. He explained how he put his sunvisors down so he could not see them and punched the gas pedal to the floor to accelerate ahead of them. I nodded politely. It was clear he really believed in this 'assault.'

I couldn't help but notice it was his actions as a driver that were dangerous to others, not the ones driving the Cadillacs.

Clearly the individual with an inferiority/insecurity complex is more prone to projecting this hostility at others in retaliation to perceived attacks on their ego. Looking at an SUV, or any vehicle, and making assumptions about the persons inside is not rational. It is stereotyping and exactly the thing the left claims to abhor. Naturally, this is the mirror principle in action. They get all bent out of shape over the things they engage in the most.

SUV and Hummer owners are not all 'arrogant' bullys anymore than are the owners of any other make of car.

In response here are SDAI-Tech1's top reasons to own an SUV:

1. Survival. If you get into an accident, you have a better survival rate. If you value your life, your spouse's life or those of your kids, this has to be a primary consideration.

2. Comfort. If you are anything over six feet tall, small cars just wont cut it. Most full size cars aren't full sized anymore.

3. Price. You get more car for your money.

4. You relieve the stress on mass transit. Mass transit is woefully underequipped to move the populations in the US. Until mag-lev trains roll out to whisk folks off at 300 mph, a personal vehicle is your best choice.

5. You are shielded from increasing solar radiation. Solar radiation is increasing. To prevent skin cancer and other damaging radiation influences it is best to travel under thick sheets of metal. The thicker the better. Jogging, walking and riding bikes is only safe past dusk.

6. You help the economy. Automotive sales and repairs is one of the major factors determining the US economy.

7. You increase employment and help fathers and mothers feed their families. (see point six above)

8. Practicality. 5 kids? Whether hauling people or lots of hauling, there is an SUV for your needs.

9. You want to. Yes you have the freedom to purchase what type of vehicle best suits your needs.

10. Communists/Pinkos will hate you. Nothing is more gratifying then knowing you are supporting free markets and capitalism in the face of attempted oppression.

Assaults on our freedoms come in many different ways. Whether it be anti-fur, anti-meat or anti-SUV the 'pinkos' of the world are out there protesting your freedom and working to stifle it with grandiose justifications for doing so.

Living free is the only way to live.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Technology & Humanity

The world is a small place. Never before in the history of the planet could one take a virtual tour of the earth via satellite. Now one can. Traveling to every corner of the earth and exploring without facing adversity, climate or ticket lines. It is truly amazing. I predict that everyone will have this ability in the future and that it will be as common as webcam surfing. Naturally there will be a concern about privacy and folks will get a bit phobic about their public activities when they are being watched from above by the curious eyes of millions of satellite users.

I see the increase of satellites for law enforcement as well. Tracing vehicles to and from the scenes of crimes will become common place and clever crooks will have to outwit the peering eyes from the heavens.

So much will change in the future. The jury is still out as to whether the internet is a boon to human relations or the kiss of death. While communication is facilitated, the more pathological personalities tend to lash out more at others from behind the veil of technology, probably crippling their social skills in real human encounters. The blogosphere is one of these internet interactives which bring both folks with common and diverse views together from all over the earth.

Yes, the world is a small place and getting smaller. Millions of things can be pondered. Will technology replace religion? Will bloggers replace the local priest and verbose clergy as dispensers of weekly wisdom? Will technology create a common union between people of all lands? Will this same technology reduce wars and bring people together or detach them and make it easier for folks to kill? What about communities? Will the sense of community in the physical world diminish due to the shifting of time and communication on the internet?

Like all things, technology has both positive and negative attributes. It will largely depend upon humanity itself whether it aids or hampers civilization.

In the meanwhile remember that the words you put out here are real. Insults are real. Thoughts have substance. It's even more important to think closely about what one is going to say because once converted into digital signals it can be accessed over and over again. One speaks to a larger audience and not just someone in the immediate physical vicinity.

Hopefully by learning to moderate our own thoughts here we can better moderate them everywhere. If we can be civil on the web, we will fortify and strengthen our abilities to be civil elsewhere, even when it appears as if one's audience is an audience of one. Eventually we will moderate and monitor our thoughts at all times, catching forays into emotional or unintelligent, unproductive thought patterns. We each have the innate potential to improve our humanity and in doing so make humanity that much more noble at the same time.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

De-constructing a rant from the "American" left

Leftist Indymedia site is offering the addresses of republican convention delegates in order to harass them. The following paragraph is from the page on this site. It is instructional for several reasons which I will discuss afterwards:

"At the 2004 Republican National Convention, the self-appointed managers of the world will be discussing their party platform of racism, imperialism and the violent suppression of human liberty. They will proudly renominate the unelected president of an illegitimate government. For the past four years, in the United States, we have seen a terrifying increase in racism against Arabs and Muslinms, the passage of the draconian USA PATRIOT Act, handouts to the rich that would make Reagan blush, millions of lost jobs, and an accelerated continuation of the war against the poor and the oppressed. Abroad, the Empire has claimed the stage of history as its own, even ignoring many of its old imperial allies, invaded two sovereign states, started a bogus “War on Terror”, overseen a coup in Haiti, attempted to overthrow the Venezuelan government, overseen, aided, and authorized the brutal and illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine, and generally accelerated and intensified an already belligerent imperial system of domination which threatens the Earth and all its peoples. In short, the violent expansion of this rotten system is on one side, and all of us on the other. We view the Republican Party as one of the most important organizations of the ruling class, selling and intellectualizing this system to all thanks in part to a compliant corporate media system."

Sorry to put my readers through such bile, but it is for a good purpose. Yes, that is a nauseating dose of leftist world view. While you take a moment to raise your mind from the distastefully low mental frequency of the unhinged, I will attempt to explain why you were exposed to it.

The writer of that piece, unknowingly, has provided analysts a synopsis of their political and ethical views in totality. It would not be fair to say all leftists are as deranged in their views, but clearly there is common ground there which links them together.

Let's take a closer look at this writers views in a summarized ten-point fashion without as much flying spittle:

1. Republicans are the self-appointed managers of the world.
2. The Republican platform consists of racism, imperialism and the violent suppression of human liberty.
3. The President of the United States is unelected.
4. The government of the United States is illegitimate.
5. Allies of the US are "Imperial Allies"
6. The war on terror is "bogus".
7. The US has "aided, overseen and authorized" Israeli occupation of Palestine.
8. The US has attempted to overthrow the Venezuelan government.
9. The US has overseen a coup in Haiti.
10. The US has "overseen a belligerent imperial system of domination which threatens the Earth and all its peoples."

"Imperial" this and "imperialism" that, it's hard to read the points and not realize that the writer is a Marxist. One of the views that should disturb everyone the most though is the view that the war on terror is "bogus." In the leftist-Marxist view 9/11 was simply a payback for US imperialism. Republicans are not US citizens, they are "self-appointed managers of the world." That is justification for harassing the families of Americans with a different political view. The view that the government is illegitimate is quite a telling one. This view basically allows them to justify anything, defy all laws and law enforcement agencies and still feel that they are right and morally just. In short, the leftists are denouncing their American citizenship in favor of the 'globalist' nation which comprises the Marxists of the world and their communist philosophies.

In short, the hardcore American left isn't American at all. These folks may have been born here but their allegiance is not to America at all. These folks hate America. Yet they don't leave America - no way! They are the spoiled byproducts of a failing educational system, itself infested with other spoiled educators who feed on the public trough and whom so quickly side with global thugs and dictators as the oppressed victims of American "imperialism." Who can forget the human shields who arrived and were promptly appointed to defend Saddam's military installations? Such idiocy could be pitied, had they been lobotomized at birth but the American left are not all given lobotomies by any Joseph Kennedy wannabes.

The shallowness of the American leftists' world view is compounded by their guilt at living comfortably. Yes, personal guilt plays a large role in the formation of the American left. On a case-by-case basis the individuals that comprise the American left have a lot of guilt. This guilt eats away at them and they turn their self-hatred upon America. The movie actors all become leftists because they feel guilty about earning so much money for so little work. The educators become leftist because they never face adversity and a cozy low paying teaching position makes them envious of the wealthy yet sympathetic to those who are not so cozily set up and toil for their living. Yes, the guilt is there and seeks an outlet.

The best thing about them redirecting this hate of their own shortcomings is that it is never quenched. They pick a target they have the least ability to change. What better way of forever staying frustrated than to target America? They can keep redirecting their self-loathing for decades and never have to look at themselves or why they are such angry individuals. If the world became a "Marxist utopia" overnight they would still find a target for their hatred. A target sufficiently removed from themselves.

The next time you listen to a leftist rant, try and remember that this individual has a lot of self-loathing. It's ok to feel compassion for them, but to realize that their massive hate and Marxist world view is the byproduct of their own personal shortcomings. Yes, Marxism is an escape mechanism. An outlet to escape the issues of their own life and blame all their problems upon America and imperialism. It's unrealistic and self-destructive, yet for many who are unable intellectualy to look at their own problems and need a scapegoat, Marxism embraces these folks wholeheartedly.

Once they learn to look at themselves and address their own demons, they will no longer need to project their hatred at America, Israel, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, or assault and accost the families and children of those "self-appointed managers of the earth."

At that point they will see the world in a more balanced state of mind and when they feel good about themselves, they will be able to drop their Marxist escape mechanism and see the good America is doing around the world, bolstering freedom where oppression reigned.

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Saturday, August 21, 2004

The Phone Call

"I can't pretend those calls (from Kerry) had no effect on me, but that is not why I am writing this," Rood said. "What matters most to me is that this is hurting crewmen who are not public figures and who deserved to be honored for what they did. My intent is to tell the story here and to never again talk publicly about it."

Thanks to the wiretaps the intelligence community have on any phone Kerry and Theresa use, I can bring you the contents of the Kerry-Rood phone call.


Rood: "Night Editor Rood speaking, who's this?"

Kerry: "This is John Kerry. Is this The Rood who served in Vietnam on a swiftboat?"

Rood: (laughter) I was wondering how soon I was going to be approached by somebody about this. So what do you want Mr.War hero?"

Kerry: "I want you to support me and bolster my account of what transpired and how I won my medals."

Rood: (more laughter) Okay... let me guess you figure because I'm working for the Chicago Tribune, I'm a liberal who will just fall in line. I DO remember what happened on those swiftboats and I might be persuaded to discuss it...ONE time and one time only.

Kerry: "How does persuasion to the tune of one million in an untraceable Swiss bank account sound?"

Rood: "I think I can recall now how you saved everybody. It's getting pretty darn clear."

Kerry: "Good. We have a script for you to read. Do you have a personal fax number?"

Rood: "Yeah it's (unintelligible)"

Kerry: Burn the copy after you've memorized it. It has all the media numbers and how to access the nameless Swiss account on it.

Rood: "Remember no interviews after the ONE time. I'm not going to sign anything or get caught in anything that's going to bite me back more than a million times."

Kerry: "No problem. We can be more persuasive if necessary."

Rood: "Yeah, I'll bet you can."


The rest as we say is history.

The accounts portrayed in this blog are fictional any similarity to persons lying or bribed is purely coincidental. All financial numbers and the location of bank accounts have been changed to protect the guilty.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Just me being un-American

Crucifying Khorkina

I don't cover the Olympics much, watched a few events like swimming and gymnastics and I thought I'd share some of my impressions.

First of all, I can't stand the NBC announcers. They're awful. Typical leftists can't help but trying to divide and create divisiveness. Their questions drip with condescension and it hurts to watch them get off patronizing these kids. The NY Times piece linked above drips with much the same sort of irritating garbage.

In the women's gymnastics competition I was rooting for the reds. Yes, I appreciate the greater level of difficulty for Svetlana Khorkina to perform the same tumble as someone seven inches shorter. She is the gymnast that gets media attention and so brings money to those who cover the sport and yet at the same time they love to get in their digs at her whenever they can, since she doesn't kiss the media's behind like many of the little kids who competed against her. They call it women's gymnastics but for years these haven't been women competing, they have been little kids who are trained for a short window of opportunity. Carly Patterson will not qualify in 2008 any more than Mary Lou Retton could qualify in 1988. They are - to be blunt - one shot wonders. This year they might have well called it girl's gymnastics and created another competition called women's gymnastics. The 25 year old 5'5" Svetlana Khorkina was the only real woman there. There's a good chance that at Svetlana's skill level, if she really wanted to, she could return in 2008 -- simply because she is a superior athlete who will not outgrow her skill in two years like these little girls that hop and tumble so easily.

So far there have been no anti-US demonstrations at the Olympics to speak of, which is amazing considering the way the US media presently portray global sentiment against America so as to further Kerry's flailing candidacy.

One more topic before I sign off...

John Tesh.

How can it be I feel he's one of the best commentators NBC has down in Athens right now?

I guess I better blog more silently

Iran rattles sabers

This is the way it works. The intelligence community starts to look closer at Bushehr and within a few days a leak reaches Iran and they start to threaten the US.

I don't think any high level Iranians are reading my blog, and I didn't really say anything of consequence regarding Bushehr, but obviously it has already shaken the leadership in Iran.

Now to be honest, sometimes these things are done intentionally. Bushehr could come under the microscope just to test the leaks and the reaction speed of the Iranian leadership. That the US and Israel dislike the recent developments at Bushehr are obvious. A few weeks ago Germany's ambassador gave Iran a free pass and supported their reactor program and implied basically that Germany is looking for customers for their hurting nuclear industries. Even now the German/Iranian transfers of technology and materials commences

The media doesn't cover this stuff. CNN or the BBC aren't going to say that because of German and Russian self-interest the Middle East is being thrust one step closer to war and yet that is exactly what is happening. On this blog you can get a small peek behind the curtain and behind the headlines. Now Germany and Russia were quite upset when Saddam was removed, as he was one of their very best customers. Now Iran is one of their best customers and their support of Al-Sadr and their messing with Iraq has frustrated the United States.

Russia needs the money and Germany, overrun as it is, can use the money too. As Iran bolsters its military presence in the region, the US has been observing and collecting data so as to formulate a plethora of various intensity responses to the Iranian regime. A nuclear Iran would mean a WWIII in the Middle East.

Observing folks like Juan Cole decry American intervention in the region is amusing. The left always seems to feel sympathy where they should only feel compassion. 'What's the difference?' you ask. The difference is sympathy is a personal outpouring of emotion which involves oneself in another's plight whereas compassion is the impersonal understanding and concern for someone's' plight without taking a stake in it.

The Middle East has had its decades of indifference. Al Qaeda had a few terror freebies against the US under the Clinton administration and now the US is getting involved. Unfortunately it is like getting involved in a slum. Ignorance, fanaticism and a precondition for violence is the norm for the masses in these regions and this has been so for centuries.

You can't beat them with violence without destroying them. The US has a secret weapon that so far has a proven track record and has never been defeated.

It's called freedom.

No repressive nation or government can long stand against it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

It's not a game.

I spent yesterday poring over satellite imagery of Fallujah, Najaf, Yongbyon and Bushehr. For those of you who are fairly informed on such matters you'll realize the common factor which links all four of these cities. No, it's not the fact that they are, coincidentally, almost uniformly devoid of vegetation -- although that did strike me as interesting.

All four of these regions are troublespots for the United States and potential solutions or ways of addressing these regions are being developed for Bush to employ after he is re-elected. Fallujah of course is in Iraq. It is west of Baghdad. Najaf is south of Baghdad. Both are the home of uprisings against US forces and the new Iraqi government. Yongbyon is in North Korea. It is the home of several nuclear reactors and a uranium processing plant. Bushehr (love the name don't you?) is in Iran and is one of the site locations of the Russian aided, Iranian nuclear program.

Satellite imagery really gives you a feel of a place. You can get a real feel for size and access, etcetera. To give you a feel of the sort of detail satellite imagery provides: one can assess the number of vehicles in a city, layout tactical routes for forces and identify potential places worthy of further detailed satellite observation and perhaps ground inspection. Satellites are America's ace in the hole.

The technology which is now at the disposal of folks working to protect the US from those who would harm her, is impressive and becoming more so. Much of the data gathered is simply not put to adequate use. An unrecorded crime is the waste of accumulated data and imagery. There simply are not enough savvy folks put to use on extracting valuable actionable information.

I wish in some ways that more people could see the world for what it is. Unfortunately, perception is what is sold to people and they often don't have the intelligence or ability to discern beyond the superficial impressions being put upon them. Ironically, the deceivers try to play upon the public gullibility by making them think they are peeling layers of deception away and revealing truth. Nothing angers the masses more than poking their insecurities. When one lacks knowledge of facts, one is reliant upon others and the masses generally realize this limitation. I could say with certainty that there are 432 boats/yachts docked in the small nation of Monaco's several harbors. Do you believe it? How can you know for certain? You really can't. The few people that can aren't exactly accessible to the common public. The masses are in much the same position when interpreting the news they receive through the media.

The reported animosity towards America in certain regions gets great media coverage which is done intentionally to fuel hatred of America. It may not be based in reality but it becomes reality through perception. The leftists rely on such perception techniques to add many uninformed voices to those who support their agenda.

The general perception being delivered in the world via the media for mass consumption is as follows:

George Bush and his neo-conservative cronies engineered a false war against Saddam Hussein and Iraq. They did so for unscrupulous reasons involving oil, power and personal gain. America is really the antagonist and imperialist power throwing its might unjustly against defenseless, harmless nations.

If you believe this perception or parts of it, then you have already relinquished your intellect to the will of the deceivers and succumbed to the power of those who use perception for their own personal gain. This perception isn't delivered in it's totality at any time generally, except on the more amateur left websites and propagandists like Michael Moore. It is delivered in pieces like a jigsaw puzzle so that the masses feel they have discovered it on their own. This self-discovery is so important an illusion. It makes the believers feel that this perception is their own view and opinion and not prepackaged for them. A small matter but it can make the difference between the casual believer in the fallacious perception and a fanatic die-hard believer.

The reality underneath the perception is as follows:

The United States' existence threatens the tyrants of the world. It's economic and governmental system is in direct opposition to the third world and the parasites that run most of these nations. As a result these nations wage a continual war against the United States and exploit those in the west who can further their own agenda and consolidate wealth and power. The leftist agenda is that of the dismantling and distribution of America's wealth and power. Nothing less, nothing more. The global media is a handmaiden of those who hold these goals. Not very bright, they feel empowered when standing against America because they have been sold various perceptions when they were in school by these leftists (who are as common in educational institutions as roaches in a condemned restaurant) and believe them.

So peel back your preconceived notions and realize that Iran, North Korea, and the insurgency in Iraq are linked. There is indeed an 'Axis of evil' and they all have in common this aforementioned goal. Those who attack America or foster false perceptions about America's role in the world are selling you a bill of goods, yet doing so in a manner which you will be more inclined to believe falsehoods you would otherwise reject.

America is under assault. It has been under assault long before 9/11, it is only now that this assault has become more visible. Naturally the assaulter must turn perception and make the ignorant/pliable masses believe that America is assaulting the world.

It's not a game. Billions of lives and countless generations of the future hang in the balance. The future of mankind and humanity will depend almost exclusively on the strength of American values and beliefs.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Trying Something Different

As a change from the political grind, I thought I'd create an open thread about human relationships. It probably wont be filled up real quickly, but it will be a place people can come to vent about failing relationships, gloat about wonderful relationships, etc.

I'll start the ball rolling. It's an awful feeling that finding out the woman who seems to be flirting with you is married. Why do women do that? It's like finding a bug in your drink. You certainly can't enjoy it anymore and one is obliged to throw the whole thing out. As a man one starts to doubt one's built-in relationship-o-meter. You know the one. It's the one that can smell trouble on the first date; has the internal genetic coding of millions of years of man development which allow one to tactfully get out of all sorts of awkward scenarios with the fairer sex. Yeah, that one. Suddenly one feels a little slow. That's a pretty bad feeling. It's sort of like the feeling one would get a few years out of high school and finding one's old flame was married. One's happy for her and at the same time one's ego is saying "how could she like anyone more than me?" It's a deflation even if one hasn't seen her for years or kept in touch. When she looks at you and smiles you feel really weird even if you both wanted to end the relationship. Ok I'm starting to get depressed thinking about it.

Open thread.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The Theresa Heinz Kerry Factor - Keeping Kerry in the Red

One of the factors that has not been really not been discussed by the major media yet is having a tremendous negative polling impact is Teresa Heinz Kerry.

America doesn't like her.

They didn't know anything about her and what they do know isn't particularly helping Kerry. As a matter of fact, the two words that most Americans associate with Teresa Kerry are "Shove it!"

Teresa Heinz Kerry was born Maria Teresa Thierstein Simões-Ferreira in Mozambique in 1938. She acquired a BA in Romance Languages from a university in South Africa. She worked for the UN as an interpreter and she can speak in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and her mother-tongue Portuguese. She married Henry Heinz III in 1966 and is the beneficiary of his portion of the Heinz ketchup fortune.

Her reputation as a 'wild card' who 'speaks her mind' is the PR code phrase for a woman who is a bit crazy. The "shove it" incident was caught on film and most Americans witnessed her berate a reporter who was quoting directly from her own speech. This could have been handled much better. America has repudiated the way it was handled. In stead of apologizing they defended her words and unjustified attack. Kerry supported his wife's statements and Hillary Clinton whose negatives are also high with the public came to her defense: The New York Senator gave her support for Teresa's comment and said "A lot of Americans are going to say, 'Good for you, you go, girl,' and that's certainly how I feel about it."

This plays well among the black women, its target audience, and perhaps among the less educated females in America who tend to vote Democratic regardless of who's running and who use abortion as their sole litmus test for a candidate, but it doesn't sit well with the undecided voters, the so-called soccer moms or most men. The fact that it was an unjustified attack stands out and that there was no apology or even a half-hearted attempt at smoothing things over really stuck in many Americans craw - and will end up adding votes for the man whose ranch is in Crawford.

Americans like fairness and the tone set by Teresa Heinz Kerry and advocated by Hillary Rodham Clinton was anything but fair. It was a "Shove it" all over again and this time to every American who would have apologized for getting the facts wrong and not even remembering what was written in their own speech.

When one is rich one already polls with higher negatives. It is all that much more important to appear positive, fair and not like a "rich b--ch" in the mold of Leona Helmsly. Having Hillary come out in support of the statement was a tactical error. It created a negative bond with the American public who remember Hillary's false accusations of the "right wing conspiracy" and that her husband would never cheat on her. In stead of establishing her own identity she has inherited the image of a much richer Hillary Rodham Clinton. That's not a real good place to be.

As a result Teresa Heinz Kerry is an anchor for John Kerry - the type that holds him in place. His support of her falsehood and unjustified attack just made him appear weaker. If he can't stand up for truth when his own wife makes a mistake, how on earth he going to stand up to terrorists or the desires of folks like Chirac and Schroeder? Folks were asking themselves that when they saw the way it was handled. I don't think the Kerry folks have any idea how to positively handle a PR crisis. The way they have handled the swiftboat veterans is just another example of this lock-down, shout-down practice exemplified by "Shove it!"

The American public doesn't elect a first lady, but subconsciously they are adverse to one who will be abusive and need to be right even when they are obviously wrong. After the convention and the failure to obtain a bounce, few pundits wanted to focus on the Theresa Heinz Kerry factor. The Kerry campaign can't afford to use the medias free pass and must establish some positives for Teresa Heinz Kerry. As it stands being an abusive, "outspoken" beneficiary to the Heinz ketchup fortune just isn't enough to win the hearts and minds of undecided voters.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

A Drive With George Bush

BUSH: "Am I talking to the author of 'Why I like George Bush'?"
SDAI-Tech1: "Umm...Who is speaking please?"

BUSH: "This is George W. Bush. I wanted to call to express my gratitude and invite you to my ranch at Crawford for a visit."
SDAI-Tech1: "You certainly sound like the President, but so does the guy on the Jib Jab video. This could be an elaborate ruse..you wouldn't happen to have some proof, would you?"

BUSH: "How about I send Marine One to pick you up? Would that be enough proof for you?"
SDAI-Tech1: "That'll do. Where and when?"

BUSH: "About three hours. How big's your lawn? Readin' your piece I'd guess you live in the great big outdoors."
SDAI-Tech1: "You'd be right. Course out here it's a rock garden - not a lawn."

BUSH: "Settled then. Your rock garden in three hours."
SDAI-Tech1: "You need the address?"

BUSH: "Nope. Your address was picked up ten seconds after you picked up the phone."
SDAI-Tech1: "Okay then...Mr. President...Thanks. I look forward to meeting you."

I hang up the phone. I start freaking out a bit. Really the President? Maybe. Maybe a wacked out John Kerry supporter high on something? Quite possibly. Better be prepared for both possibilities I think to myself. Time for a quick shower and some "formal" casual wear and make sure my doors are bolted and take five minutes to reprogram the security system so that its default mode is an immediate call to the police. I get on the horn with a few of my neighbors to give them the heads up - that's the way we do things out here. They tell me they'll keep an eye out for suspicious folks. I relax. It's probably just a prank.

Three hours later I hear helicopter blades. "My God...it's true." emerges from my lips and I try to think of the things I want to ask him. My mind goes blank I can't think of anything. The blade noise increases and I watch the dust kick up and obscure my vision outside of the pool, cement and acre of rocks that make up my back yard. When it settles down I see two men emerge from Marine One. One man's a marine and the other looks like a secret service man -- judging by the glasses he wore.

I unlock the back patio gates, grab my own white Resistol cowboy hat and walk out past the now dusty pool to the open rocks where sits this finely polished green helicopter.

SECRET AGENT: "You S-D-A-I...Tech..1?"
SDAI-Tech1: "That's me."

SECRET AGENT: "That's one hell of a handle. I'm here to take you to meet the President at his ranch in Crawford. I was told you'd be expecting me."
SDAI-Tech1: "Yes, I was. Well, actually I expected a prank.

SECRET AGENT: "No Prank. No joke. This is the real McCoy."
SDAI-Tech1: "So I see."

I climb in the big helicopter up three white steps and inside. The marine pulls up the steps and I am guided to my seat by the agent. Light blue folding curtains are drawn up by the window and In a moment I see my home in an entirely new perspective, from the air. The agent doesn't talk, but looks out his window in the seat behind mine. I'm left with my thoughts.

Bush has a nice green lawn I think. Must be hard to maintain in the heat, I think to myself. I chastise myself for thinking about such mundane things. "Think policy" I tell myself, "think Condoleezza doctrine." I emerge from the Marine One and I spot Bush immediately in a white shirt and he's wearing a white hat too. Could be a Stetson...I'm not rightly sure. An aura surrounds him even from a distance and one can tell that he is the President, even when he's dressed in jeans and a T-shirt.

BUSH: "Welcome to Crawford. Welcome to the Texas White House."
SDAI-Tech1: "Pleased to be here Mr. President. Very pleased."

BUSH: "I reckon you're wondering why I brought you out here. Actually, I know you've just been on a ride, but I thought we might go for a drive?"
SDAI-Tech1: "A drive? Ok. Where we going to go?

BUSH: "You'll see."

I look around and a fleet of SUVs, a couple Cadillacs and a white truck are parked about 100 yards away.

BUSH: "We'll take my truck. It's low profile."

He hops in and motions me to enter. I don't see any Secret Service around and wonder if they let him go driving by himself.

SDAI-Tech1: "Sure. Aren't the secret service going to come with us?"

BUSH: "I imagine they'll sneak out and follow us but they'll keep at a discreet distance. I trust you."
SDAI-Tech1: "Thanks for the vote of confidence."

Bush gets a twinkle in his eye. I can see he is enjoying this. His demeanor puts one at ease. He's President, but he's also normal folk. The good sort that you can start conversin' with easily.

BUSH: "Let's drive!"

We kick up some dirt from the unpaved path and Bush knows how to handle his truck. In a minute we are leaving the ranch gates and are heading towards the main road.

BUSH: "Ok it's time for me to come clean. I really liked your article. Cheney liked the one about him as well and Condi! Condi is still blushing from your flattering comments. She comes up to me now in the Oval Office and says, 'Mr President are you ready to hear more about the Condoleezza Doctrine?' She breaks into a laugh and blushes like a schoolgirl."

I listen and can't help but smile. The thought that Condi teases the President with my comments would never have occurred to me. It's nice to hear though...I like it.

BUSH: We were wondering if you'd like a job with our campaign. Nothing fancy, just writing things honestly -- the way you see them with the western point of view. You interested?"

SDAI-Tech1: "You bet. You just want me to write them on my blog? It's not exactly the NY Times you know."
BUSH: "Yes. You should be glad it's not. If it were I don't think you'd be sitting here with me in my truck."

Bush laughs. It's an infectious laugh, the type that even when you don't initially want to laugh, one can't help oneself. Soon I'm laughing too. A bystander on the sidewalk in Crawford sees two guys in white cowboy hats their heads bobbing up and down - laughing at the expense of the NY Times. For some reason I expect the folks in Crawford are used to seeing Bush in his truck laughing, among other things - since he keeps right on walking without a second glance.

BUSH: "And we want to compensate you for your writings. How does twenty million dollars sound?"
SDAI-Tech1: "Twenty million? You're joking."

BUSH: "No. I'm not joking. You haven't figured it out yet have you?

Suddenly Condoleezza sits up in the back cab seat of the truck. I'm startled.

SDAI-Tech1: "What...were you hiding back there all the time?"

CONDI: "No...No...you just don't get it do you?"

SDAI-Tech1: "Get what? What Don't I get!"

CONDI & BUSH: "You're not really here. We're not really here. You're having a DREAM!"

I wake up in my bed. I look at the clock 2:30 am. "No more late night snacking for me" I tell myself. I go back to bed. I wake up the next day refreshed. I go out and fetch my mail from the box.

I would've forgotten the dream entirely if not for the envelope I hold in my hands ...an envelope with a check inside. A handsome sum is on the check. So just to be on the safe side, I figure I better keep bloggin' with a western point of view.

Y'all keep readin' ya hear?


Thursday, August 05, 2004

What's the Agenda?

Moving past the election, which has already been decided for Bush, a whole group of folks are moving on with the business of the nation and setting the agenda. Here are our priorities. Some of these you will have likely never heard of:

Global GeoPolitical Issues:

Consumerism in Iraq
Consumerism in Iran
Curbing North Korea
Iranian reform
War on terror
Strengthening fiscal ties with India

National Issues:

Step up Ballistic Missile Defense R&D & deployment
Tax reform
Increase employment
Strengthen stock market
Increase home ownership

Science/Tech front:

R&D new nuclear technologies
R&D national solar shielding plans
R&D quantum and nanotechnologies
Monitor international cloning efforts
R&D non-fatal weaponry

The opportunities are enormous. Whether Bush's coattails will be long enough to give an even more powerful lock on Congress is the only question that remains. What folks don't realize about the Bush administration is that they have been much more involved in developing and using new technological tools and encouraging their refinement. The agenda is important. I touched earlier on the Condoleezza Doctrine. The continuity of this foreign policy is important. I have shown you the folks that wish the destruction of the west (i.e George Soros) and in the future we will get further into the various European agendas, almost none of which include a strong America.

The world has various agendas. I'll try to give you a broad overview of some of the various agendas that conflict in daily events.

Russia wants to retain its power and influence and simultaneously increase its economic standing with both the West and East. It's oil industry is in direct competition with OPEC.

India wants to increase its wherewithal and is assuming the role China has played in terms of serving the western corporate sector. It seeks to increase its industrial capacity and the west seeks it as a customer for goods.

China wants to strengthen its powerbase and wealth. It seeks to become a technological superpower on par with the west. Symbolic of this desire is their moon goals and astronaut program. It seeks to absorb Taiwan's wealth and western corporate expertise and intimidate Japan into accepting a subservient role in the region.

France wants to assume political leadership of the EU and absorb the wealth from other wealthier,more productive EU nations like Germany and the United Kingdom. It seeks more global power to secure contracts in the third world and have less direct competition with its own neighbors. It is balancing a massive increase in Muslim population and its politics are shifting to become a quasi-Muslim state.

Germany want to restore its financial power and balance the drains upon its wealth and buying power after losing its wealth in the currency conversion from Mark to Euro. The constant influx of foreign workers and expenditures to house them, after the financially depleting re-unification have caused an acute financial disaster which is cutting its socialist programs and leaving citizens furious with a series of inept government leaders who fail to address the situation.

The former Eastern bloc nations have joined/or want to join the EU and tap the wealth, cheapen imports and increase exports.

Mexico seeks political amnesty for its citizens which are illegally in the US. It seeks a way to funnel US dollars into its corrupt government and failed economy. Through encouraging its citizens to leave it seeks to increase its political clout in the United States to funnel significantly more money and US wealth to Mexico.

Canada seeks the drop of restrictions on its growing pharmaceutical industry and understands the potential wealth that can be created in the ever-growing, over-medicating citizenry of the US. A series of incompetent governments have left their socialized system in disarray.

Saudi Arabia seeks to balance the fundamentalists which threaten their dynasty with the political power they sustain by keeping the fundamentalists at arm's length. The social divisions create increasing strain on the stability and popularity of the Saudi family in the Middle East. They seek to retain US protection and simultaneously appear distant from the US. An uprising would surely lead to a fundamentalist government in tune with that of Iran. No realistic alternative to the Saudi family exists at this time for the US to cultivate.

African nations seek increased economic assistance and financial aid. They hope that a Kerry administration with his wife being from Mozambique, would bring increased aid and attention from the US.

South America struggles with increasing their wealth and clout in international affairs. They seek the dropping of western trade restrictions on agricultural and other exports.

That's a rough, rough overview. However it gives you a feel of all the various needs and desires of the various governments/peoples throughout the world. When you add all the individual and corporate agendas it gets all the more complex.

More later...

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

"No, Mr. Bush...I Expect you to Lose"

James Bond villains don't exist in real life, do they? Mr. Kerry has told us art imitates life and life imitates art and that is why the Hollywood folks are the heart and soul of America. I may have underestimated Mr. Kerry when he said such a line -- Perhaps he's indeed on to something.

It's time to take a closer look at the relationship between George Soros and John Kerry, as well as what he is doing to influence the outcome of the election and why. George Soros is a billionaire. I really don't care much about his money or even how ethically or unethically it was made. It's his worldview that troubles me the most. Soros is a fan of WWII utopian Karl Popper who wrote the book, "The Open Society and its Enemies" in 1945. Popper in his book was basically advocating eliminating governments and creating a world of people who have "freewill" and can do whatever they want to do.

When Soros is called a Marxist, that is technically inaccurate. He must be called a "Poppist". A Poppist seeks utopia not through the government representing the working class and the elimination of private wealth, but rather through a system where there are no governments and freewill determines everyone's course of action. Most folks realize this would bring about anarchy and the powerful would still control other's destiny, but it works in Popper's book so it must work in the real world figures Soros. Such childlike naivete is almost charming in a billionaire, but it loses its charm when he seriously intends to try and create a Poppist world.

As always, these utopian schemes involve redistributing the wealth and this one is no exception. American sovereignty is odious to Soros. Capitalist markets support industrial powers he figures and so the world must be remodeled into a utopia by him, his "Open Society" charitable organizations and by knocking the United States' lady Liberty in her private parts, grabbing her purse and dumping the contents over the third worlders to scramble after. His agenda isn't really hidden. His ego and faith in "Poppism" require him, like the bad guy in a James Bond movie, to tell us his plans for the world. He softens the edges to make it palatable to the ears for those not paying too close attention:

"But it is not enough to defeat President Bush at the polls. America has to reexamine its role in the world and adopt a more constructive vision." - George Soros

"A world order based on the sovereignty of states, moreover, cannot take care of our common human interests. The main source of poverty and misery in the world today is bad government, repressive, corrupt regimes and failed states. And yet it is difficult to intervene in the internal affairs of other countries because the principle of sovereignty stands in the way." - George Soros

Ah, that pesky national sovereignty getting in the way of the perfect new world order again eh, Mr Stromberg...er..I mean Mr. Soros?

Let's take a closer look at what George Soros has donated to various organizations:

America Coming Together - Nonfederal Account...$5,000,000
Joint Victory Campaign 2004...............................$4,550,000
MoveOn.org Voter Fund.......................................$2,500,000
Campaign for a Progressive Future........................$500,000
Campaign for Americas Future (Labor).................$300,000
Democracy for America - Non-federal...................$250,000
(source: The Center for Public Integrity)

That's over $13,000,000. Yet for Soros it is just an effort to buy his own US foreign policy. Yes, that is the bottom line. If we look closer at these contributions we will see that George Soros has gone out of his way to funnel money towards John Kerry's candidacy. America Coming Together received $5,000,000. What does ACT do? ACT hires canvassers to go through 17 battleground states as a voter mobilization project, "empowering people to speak the truth about Republican policies" -- in other words Soros is paying folks to go around your neighborhood and convince you to vote for Kerry and other Democrats across the board. Really a "grassroots" effort isn't it? If this doesn't disturb you - it should. ACT was created solely to get around the campaign finance laws that limit political contributions to a party. ACT is for all intents and purposes an agent of the DNC. Soros' money has created a clone of the DNC which can spend millions to mold America to his own liking.

"So what?" you say, "All politicians have an agenda and are supported by lobbyists with agendas, so why should Kerry and Soros be any different?" Under some circumstances that would be an appropriate reaction and I might even agree with you. However, with Soros we are taking it out of the realms of taxes, zoning and social programs and the affairs of government and enter another realm -- the realm of a man who wants to do away with governments. Let us look again at a quote from one of Soros' Goldfinger-esque verbose vanities:

"A world order based on the sovereignty of states, moreover, cannot take care of our common human interests." - George Soros

Soros is funding a party of a government - yet he does not believe in the sovereignty of states? Soros has hijacked the Democratic party when it is weakest -- now after the 2002 elections -- and co-opted the agenda. He has bought a political party. His agenda -- the elimination of sovereign states -- is an incredible one and is uncharted territory for either political party. It is completely inappropriate for the Democrats to accept any Soros money. However the DNC is these days somewhat like a drunken beggar and is not going to turn down a C-note, even if it were handed over to him by the devil himself and smelled strongly of brimstone and pitch.

Has Soros had success in his efforts to wage war on American sovereignty? Is Kerry Soros' Manchurian Candidate who weakens American Sovereignty and installs Soros' Poppist vision of an open society? Let's look at some of Kerry's quotes, shall we?

"The Bush administration has pursued the most arrogant, inept, reckless and ideological foreign policy in modern history." - John Kerry December 2003

"...we don't have to go it alone in the world." - John Kerry at the DNC convention

It's easy to see why Soros is excited about installing John Kerry in the Presidency. Kerry clearly has embraced the Euro-globalist, anti-unilateralist thinking which is really just an carefully orchestrated attack on our national sovereignty. Europe certainly doesn't ask us about our opinions on their affairs, why should we seek European approval for ours?

The national media is aware of these things and some have even done a few obscure fluff pieces on George Soros and his anti-Bush crusade. Unfortunately, the public at large is really unaware of the significance of these things.

Now that I've led you through the maze of politics and one billionaire's crusade to destroy nations' sovereignty in favor of "open societies" , skeptical readers have to ask themselves exactly where their allegiance lies. Is your allegiance to a nation or to the Democratic party? If you are honest, and consider yourself an American, the Democratic party and its silent partnership with George Soros should cause you more than just a bit of consternation and soul searching.

American sovereignty and its government are created by the will of our people. To hold as Soros does, that a new world order devoid of sovereign states is an ideal to shoot for, should be quite disturbing to any other nationality who believes in their government. For Americans, who have one of the best governments on earth, it should be reason enough to vote for George Bush - who is defending American sovereignty.

The President of the United States is not elected by the world, nor should a President be elected by Soros. The President of the United States is elected by Americans. While Kerry will certainly deny he is beholden to Soros' money and makes no comment about Soros' efforts to create a new world order with America acting as a global subsidy to the third world, we would be foolish to think that Soros does not have plans for Kerry and America and that a Kerry victory, however unlikely that is, would only be the very beginning of an assault on US sovereignty and the will of the American people.

On this blog I will foster awareness. Knowledge is power. It is knowledge of all these various organizations and agendas which one must familiarize oneself with if one is to be truly literate of US and foreign affairs. The internet is a tool. It can waste your time or it can empower you. This blog will empower you to go forward with new knowledge.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Kerry Will Lose...Oh Yeah, Big-Time

Stronger America Circa 1988

Kerry is going to lose…badly.

Those whose job it is to know these things, have already written off the Kerry candidacy. It’s hard for a convention to come and go and not receive a boost - yet that is precisely what John Kerry managed to do. To put it in some perspective for you Dukakis in 1988 was running 17 points ahead of the senior Bush after the Democratic convention. After the GOP convention, Dukakis was pounded into the ground and lost all those points and then some. Kerry is leaving after a convention weaker than he went into it. It’s quite simple --only other very unsympathetic folks can like or embrace this man, John Kerry.

We’ll hear a lot of excuses after the first week in November. Blaming DNC disorganization, a split Democratic party that still clung to a disintegrated Dean candidacy, a poor DNC speech that appears worse with each passing moment and the age-old lament of “missed opportunities“. The fact of the matter is Kerry and the Democratic party have no real message for voters. “We’ll raise your taxes” and “Bush is a bad man” doesn’t really appeal to anyone except perhaps for those Democrats whose formal education ended earlier than the norm.

The truth of the matter is the DNC is disorganized. The attempt to elect Kerry is half-hearted. The powerbrokers in the DNC, such as the Clintons, have been withholding information from Kerry. Kerry was the last to know that his trusted adviser Sandy Berger was under a criminal investigation and had been for months. That he was unaware of this shows how much has truly been kept from John Kerry by the Clinton gang. Almost everyone around the Clintons knew this - yet none bothered to tell Kerry or any of his people. A Kerry victory in 2004 would have spoiled a Hillary candidacy in 2008. So they let Kerry be Kerry and advised him wrongly every chance they could get. When Kerry went to woo Hillary, Hillary declined and privately suggested that Kerry woo John McCain - knowing fully well that McCain would never accept. The time spent on this futile endeavor, limited his time spent finding the best Democratic candidate for VP. Edwards is amazingly inexperienced for a VP selection and has a high “Quayle factor” - the look of an inexperienced, yet affable, simpleton. The fact that Edwards was a trial lawyer is merely another discomforting fact, not his main problem.

So now we will watch as the GOP convention proceeds to boost Bush -- who according to CNN is already leading after the failed DNC convention. I am projecting a seven point bounce leaving the polling data revealing a 58-42 match-up going into October. Any debates will tweak that number a point or two in either direction and the media will do its notorious "last minute miracle polls" revealing a neck and neck race, which we all get to make fun of later.

The question to ask yourselves is this -- do you think Hillary will let Kerry speak at her convention in 2008? If you are the sort who answered yes -- than you may still be able to enjoy the next few months before the election. For you are a person who has hope against all odds -- or a fiendishly wicked sense of humor.