Friday, February 25, 2011

The Impoverishing of America

Change is constantly occurring, but at this time we live in a world where change is happening more rapidly than in the past several decades. From an abstract and impersonal point of view all these changes are neither good or evil and will provide valuable learning experience for everyone alive at this time.

From a less abstract and decidedly personal point of view, I can't help but watch as the masses lack of overall intellectual capacity lead the world into conditions that will create mass poverty around the globe in excess of the burden the world already possesses. Particularly keen is the drop in wealth in the United States and western Europe.

There is one issue that is paramount to the wealth poverty equation: birth control.

In poor nations and among the least educated, birth rates and poverty are the highest. Where birth rates are low - the richest of the worlds residents reside. The message is extremely simple for the world to understand:

high birth rate = poverty

There are many who profit on the backs of the poor and who exploit them for their own gain. The capitalism in evidence all too often today is worse than the 1890's robber baron's whose business practices saw further than simply the next 6 months into the future. Religions too have grown in strength and power to the levels of the middle ages. Religions are the number one culprit in perpetuating mass poverty and suffering today. The pope is nothing more than a glorified farmer, farming bodies for funds to fill the coffers and so the evils of birth control are regularly doled out to the fearful and ignorant masses. Catholicism has grown in clout since its low-point in 1960, simply because the lowest common denominator that comprise the largest part of the flock - the uneducated poor around the world who are adherents of this religion.

With the evil of immoral religions and business corruption, the old evils are quickly returning to the scene of daily life and the progress made in the 20th century promises to be washed away in the 21st.

Already we are seeing a return to the pasts evils that were meant to be done away with. Child labor was par for the course in 1890 and for the century prior here in the United States. In other countries child labor is still the norm. Now, as American families find themselves in a bind, the kids must start working earlier. Already social security numbers are issued at birth, but already its the illegals' children here in the US who are toiling, all without social security cards. The fast food industry, the canning industry and the farming industry have half a century of experience now in skirting the US laws to maximize their profits.

The Walmart-ification of the retail sector has made commissioned jobs and the demand for skilled sales people a nearly extinct breed. Managerial positions are often held by the equally unskilled and are now glorified sales positions with more responsibility and very little more pay. The "made in China" problem is now epidemic and almost universal. All this wealth is being poured into China and is helping build their missiles and make them the global economic power of 2025. The danger of this nearly irreversible trend is obvious. The government of China is nowhere near as evolved as the US, nor are most of its residents. For these toiling masses, freedom is not an option. Free speech, freedom of assembly and other freedoms we take for granted simply don't exist. Re-education camp/prisons do exist and the masses live in constant fear of being assigned to hard labor in one of these political prisons. It's still the political dark ages in a corrupt China, growing fat off western greed and moral decline.

Yes, the moral decline in the west has fed this chain of events. The greed of the greediest robber baron is combined with the intellectual wasteland of today and the result is unsustainable business decisions that impoverish the very customer base you need to keep afloat. Like poisoning a well needed for drinking water the outsourcing of production simply impoverishes the people you desire to sell to here in America. The result: decreased production costs at the expense of reduced sales.

A camera made for $10 in China and sold for $50 in the US is not an improvement over the days when the same camera was made in the US for $35 and sold for $100. As the Walmart-ification continues, the masses can't even afford to spend the $50 and the retailer has to reduce the price to $40 and then $35 as sales plummet across the board 'mysteriously'.

The oil companies show their greedy shortsightedness in the constant practice of gouging customers at the pump. Their actions decimated the automobile industry that keeps them afloat and only hastens the day when cars again fall second to public transportation and other forms of transit. The few do ruin it for the many and hurt US industry when it can least afford it. Unfortunately many no longer see themselves as Americans, but simply residents of the world - for whom any exploitation or bankrupting of a nation is not much of a moral dilemma. If crime increases in their declining neighborhood, they can always move somewhere else where it is still minimal. Sure, eventually there will be no such place when the global economy collapses altogether, and even the western governments of the world will be considerably less free than they are now as poverty and violence spread from continent to continent.

But this is not a concern for the short-sighted, live for the now, person who never met a single moral they like enough to embrace. It will be their problem in the future - and not just in this life, but many future ones where they reap the repercussions of their self-serving actions until they actually do develop a set of morals and free themselves from a roller-coaster ride of poverty/hardship and indulgence/decadence.

In today's immoral age - all morals are anathema to the masses. Instant sexual gratification over love and familial relationships create a perverse sub-section to an increasingly uneducated populace. For these ones and others, such as drug addicted hordes, the breaking down of all laws and taboos is the only thing that gives them validation. And this is not about turning to religion. Far from it! Religionists are just as immoral and always have been, passing off responsibility to some god for their wrongdoing and all the while torturing, imprisoning, persecuting and murdering those who did not agree with their archaic, power hungry cults. This is about true morality - the kind that comes from logic and reason - in other words - morality based upon the real world and real history. This type of morality is hard to find. It presently exists in that small cross-section of educated western thought and philosophy that is increasingly unpopular with both the left and right.

I'm supposed to be able to figure out solutions to almost any problem. Yet this is a problem that defies my best efforts. Forcing 'good' on the masses is equally harmful and has just as bad results. In this instance, this ship is going to sink and only those who bothered to learn to swim will survive. The rest will learn a valuable lesson and return with new priorities and perhaps a slightly improved moral development.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Our Anatomy, Environment & The Fountain of Youth

Today is time for another curtain lifting. This curtain is the one that conceals the intricate relationship between you and your environment.

Every moment of our existence we are never alone. We are inextricably merged with an environment. This environment can be viewed from many perspectives and the relationship is much more complex than is heretofore understood. As you should know by now - your body is simply energy. It is a set of fields that oscillate together. Each atom, molecule and cell in your body can be understood more truly as a complex field of energy.

Your eyes and sense often deceive you. Your body is not solid. Your environment is not solid. Nothing is solid and you and your environment are constantly in motion and constantly changing. Each atom is a field of energy. The nucleus and orbiting particles are just wave forms of energy with various biases and conducting an incomprehensible amount of energy. This field of energy merges with other fields and creates molecules. These molecules merge to create elements and these elements are sculpted by the field data to create cells.

The 'miracle' of how your body converts a plethora of elements and turns them into complex cells that perform unique functions is not really a miracle at all - just the intelligent manipulation of energy. Each new bone cell, kidney cell or brain cell has a specific matching field that guides its formation. From conception the sperm and ovum are intelligently guided to merge and share DNA field data. A third field - that of the soon to be born child - can control and manipulate the merger with their own field. 'Older' souls have very strong fields and they often can easily reshape their parents DNA on the fly as the fetus grows and matures.

It's all about wave manipulation, harmonic attraction and biases. The fetus now has a new DNA code based largely upon portions of the parents code as manipulated by their own stored previous codes that they carry with them from life to life. Now this DNA code has all the fields needed in its vortical structure to produce a new physical anatomy that it can use. Each cell carries with it a link to this code and that is the DNA molecule - embedded with trillions upon trillions of waveforms into the atoms. A skin cell can spawn another skin cell, a muscle cell another muscle cell and on and on. This goes on constantly, without our thought or instruction.

Your DNA is not static. It is constantly evolving. Every thought, action and experience you have while in your body is recorded by your cells and subsequently by the fields that sponsor and guide them. Like cell phones they transmit two-way messages wireless all the time. DNA gets damaged and also goes through its own cycle of intelligence and all cell reproduction carries this damage to any newly created cell. This is how hair becomes grey, skin loses it's elasticity and how overall aging occurs. This is how cancer spreads and how a body can become susceptible to illness.

What is not known is that all DNA molecules, even damaged ones - can repair themselves and often do - even without our thinking about it. The more evolved your DNA is, the more resistance you will have to all sorts of diseases, illness and even the process of aging will be slowed down.

Almost everyone over 25 wants to be slimmer, fitter and younger. The legendary "Fountain of Youth" has been sought and searched for in one place or another for as long as man has existed. A miracle food, a special diet, creams, vitamins, herbs and drugs have been promoted and sold to a youth-hungry public with rather poor results. With all the desire for youth one would think by now some scientists might realize it would help to figure out what causes aging in the first place? Once science understands the whole energy field thing better, they will be able to evolve from drugs and chemicals to specific wave form manipulation.

If one wants to be 20 forever, record the DNA field signals at 20 and restore the missing signals as time passes. Like a song being sung with fewer and fewer notes and off-key to boot - this is the DNA aging process. Youth could be maintained by comparing current DNA with the previous DNA and restoring any lost or mutated wave signals and structures. Embedding signals into fields of such massive complexity and and impossibly small scale and scope as the DNA molecule is the hard part, but once mastered the genetic code becomes an open book and many things are possible.

Of course once possibilities are made available they will be abused quickly as well. Transforming people's DNA to create desired outcomes of course will become all the rage. Everyone will look 18 and youth itself will no longer be such an attractive thing because it will no longer have old age around to make it look good. If everyone has blue eyes and whatever hair color, skin color and feature so they prefer - it will make real beauty that much harder to find and the human body will be a toy to play with and experiment. Animals will be first and then man comes quickly after. Then comes man/animal hybrids much the same way we already have fish genes injected into some tomatoes to mutate their DNA and keep them from spoiling so quickly.

Tattoos and piercings will be viewed as we view ancient caveman art. The stuff great-great-great grannies did to get attention to their bodies. The future will bring completely sculpt able bodies and the young and daring (often not so smart either) will have their skin DNA modified to appear like Cheetah skin or perhaps have their hair follicle DNA patterned as some animals fur. A human mink? A human rhinoceros? Sure the complications will be horrific but after "enough" research certain modifications will be declared "safe" and can be guaranteed to earn the seal of approval of the FDA and whatever other future agencies regulate genetic mutation.

The problem with such modification is that it's unnatural and regenerates into the field this unnatural event. Over time and many regular "youth treatments" or particularly any weird hybrid-DNA creations, the DNA will develop whole new problems that reappear almost instantly after the treatment.

Much the same happens to people after a face lift. The cells and data want to recreate the previous positions and shape - its encoded into them now. So the face lift doesn't hold - and they go under the knife again for largely short-lived and unsatisfying results.

So what is the answer? The answer is not to fear aging, wrinkles and grey hair. Don't bias it. The less you bias the more on equilibrium your fields will be. Natural youth, the type that is sustainable and more intelligent is sustained by being on equilibrium and maintaining that positive consciousness. Your looks are recreated by the sum of what you are. If you want to change them - change yourself from the inside and your outsides, after enough lifetimes dedicated to positive change, will be more beautiful than you ever imagined possible.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Smenkhkare Part 6

I walk with Kepra-la and she leads us to a small residence on the outskirts of Akhetaten. As we walked I momentarily flash backed to all the Egypt movies I've seen: The Egyptian, Cleopatra and even Yul Brynner as Pharaoh in The Ten Commandments. Seeing the real deal makes all the MGM sets and costumes seem so corny and fake. It's not just the architecture and costumes - it's the people that make the biggest difference. The people are real and so unlike the actors posing as Egyptians in street scenes and the like.

We finally arrive and she enters first, motioning me to follow.

My eyes adjust from the bright mid-day sun to the darker inside of a home.

"Greetings in the name of Aten."

As the person before me becomes clear, I am taken aback almost to the point of shock. It is a young man, perhaps twenty or twenty-five, and he looks like he could almost be my twin brother. The face, particularly the eyes and nose are nearly identical in appearance to my own. His head is shaved, which is the most glaring disparity between us. He seems just a bit shorter than I am and I see his skull is larger than normal, but not nearly as large as Akhenaten's. I turn and look at Kepra-la with an inquisitive glance.

"Is this..."

"Yes. You are meeting your past self."

The man is staring at me with about the same look of amazement and shock I must have on my face right now.

" look like me?"

"Apparently, we share the same Ka."

I think of all the science fiction tales I have read which involved the end of the universe if you should meet yourself. It seems the universe does not implode or explode. Thank goodness for small miracles.

I know there should be a million questions to ask this man, myself, and the only thought I can manage to muster is to wonder how my Ka can support two bodies in different states of development at the same time.

Kepra-la is smiling broadly. And my other self, between curious stares at me, is smiling even more broadly at her. It's nice to know I appreciated the finer things already over 3500 years ago and at the same time it sort of bothers me to see him ogling her.

"What is your name?"

He turns to me again, "Smenkhkare. I am Pharaoh's younger brother."

I try to recall my history and know he (me?!) is also doomed to a very short reign after Nefertiti's and Akhenaten's murder.

"You are my living proof of the continuity of the Ka. Seeing you has ended the doubts that have plagued me. You are from the future, I was told this and believe it. How far into the future are you from?"

"We are from 3500 years in your future."

"Praise to Aten! This is wonderful. And what is life like 3500 years from now?"

"It is different, yet the same. There are many more machines that do things, but the people live with many of the same needs and desires they live with now."

I turn to Kepra-la. "This is why Akhenaten and his family treated me like family isn't it?" She smiles and knows I've answered my own question. Meritaten's asking me "Do you remember" makes total sense now. Seeing myself is bringing things much clearer. Perhaps too clearly. Flashes of this past life emerge. Images, scenes and feelings from out of this time.

I look at Kepra-la who speaks in my mind.

"I understand there is a certain shock and adjustment as you oscillate here with your old self. It is natural to feel confused and a bit disoriented."

I look back at Smenkhkare, I realize he is secretly in love with Nefertiti - his older brother's wife. Scenes of him with Nefertiti in private flash with great detail and force to the surface of my consciousness. He is quite frustrated as he loves her madly yet can't betray his brother.

Amazing. I wonder if I have always had this type of problem - falling for women who are not available or out of my league. Either way it makes sense of my great attraction and admiration for Nefertiti. Even as a child I could hear her voice in my mind - a voice through time from the past. Now I know why I knew what her voice sounded like.

Smenkhkare speaks. "I do know you both. This future is it I can see images of this life if it has not yet happened?"

Kepra la explains it to him, that the Ka is timeless and unique parts of it extend throughout all time periods.

I realize he is seeing small vignettes of my life, like I am seeing small vignettes of his. I wonder if he can see my future. Watching him is like watching a mirror, and just like watching a reflection it seems rather boring.

Kepra la is again in my head "Yes, you are being repulsed by yourself somewhat. The shared signals you share create a repulsion."

Smenkhkare reaches out to shake my hand. I reach out hesitantly and when we touch the repulsion almost seems like revulsion. It is almost physically painful to touch him! I see he has had much the same reaction.

"We are too alike. We repel each the other."

It is fascinating. In some ways he is the most unsympathetic person I have ever met and yet we share so much in common. Identical twins may share the same Ka, but their spirit is divided, like a deck of playing cards, so that no two cards are identical matches. Here, like this, way too many signals in our respective fields match and I realize I have to get out of here. My stomach is upset and I feel quite anxious.

"It was nice to meet you." I say.

"Yes, I am grateful to Aten for showing me myself."

I walk out of the residence in a hurry. The world is spinning and I notice Kepra-la has followed me out only after giving a very big hug to Smenkhkare. I would be jealous, but I realize it is me she is hugging and I can almost feel the hug even as I bend over and try to catch my equilibrium.

"Why is it worse for me than him?"

She looks at me, "It is because your fields don't like the older versions of themselves. Those signals have all been updated by another 3500 years of experiences. The natural reaction is to get away from them, for fear of reversion."

"How can my Ka support both bodies at the same time?"

"Easily. A developed soul can support many Ka's in the same time. You could support several without any great dilution in your ability to manage them. Like controlling a marionette - one for each hand. Now, if you have many more hands, the number increases proportionately. I think it is time for us to leave."

I smile at Kepra-la, she has shown me all this for a very important reason and, like her sister, she keeps those reasons often close to the chest, letting me get the full benefit of figuring it all out.

In a flash we are back in Shamballa. She disappears, leaving me alone with my communiques with teams in the Egypt of today and my thoughts. I have much to ponder and even more to understand.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ka Lessons (Part 5)

Meritaten takes my hand again and leads me to the reflecting pool that is now like a living shimmering rainbow made of water. Small silver fish swim through the pool and take on different hues as they swim through the light.

"It's beautiful" I tell her.

"Yes, Aten brings great beauty and life to all things."

Nefertiti and Akhenaten are still conversing with Kepra-la. The others in attendance seem not to be surprised by the long silences and must believe it is just part of the way they receive certain guests. I let my mind reach out, the way Yal-hune taught me, allowing all sorts of information fill my consciousness. Meritaten, who had been playing with a fish, turns around and smiles as I do so.

"That's better." she says with her mind. "You will enjoy life so much more when you use ALL of your senses." As if she feels its necessary to prove her point she turns again and I see what has caught her attention. A man, older and thinking negative thoughts about Akhenaten and the new faith that has done away with the old gods. He is an official from Thebes and has close ties with the priesthood.

"If you know these people are disloyal, why do not your parents act on that knowledge?"

"They want to give all people a chance to learn and evolve in the light of the Aten. They hope that Aten will open their hearts and place truth and love there for them to embrace."

My first thoughts are not pleasant ones and I see Meritaten almost wince as they reach the surface of her consciousness. I had thought that Akhenaten must have a martyr complex to let these traitors destroy him, his family and AkhetAten.

I speak to her mind softly. "I'm very sorry Meritaten. In my world of the future traitors are more harshly dealt with and I still bias outcomes which I deem unfavorable. I know the future, as do you, and I bias it quite negative. I hate to see anything so beautiful as your family, beliefs and city be destroyed."

She locks her purple-blue eyes with mine and her thoughts are as clear as the prism that creates the rainbow above us.

"I understand. You have lost some of your balance and wisdom. You didn't use to see these things this way. You need to regain this wisdom because otherwise you will always be at the mercy of others and your environment instead of having mastery over your mind and the course your Ka travels. Your Ka is very strong and very old and yet you have let certain experiences - such as these deaths disturb your Ka. Even though you understand that your Ka cannot be destroyed by men, you have biased the apparent loss of your families and loved ones very negative. Look at us. Here you have already experienced many deaths since you knew me and yet we are together again - in your future. Proving that even the ones one has loved are always accessible and are NEVER lost."

As she speaks the wisdom of this small girl is now patently obvious. I wonder are all extraterrestrial bred minds so balanced and informed - even when living in these primitive times? They can read me like a book.

"Your Ka speaks for you. My father passes judgment by reading the Ka of those who come before him. In this way his decisions are just."

I try to read Meritaten's Ka and she smiles, aware of my efforts. She just stares at me and lets me try to process what I can of her lives, pasts and future.

Her Ka is so very peaceful. She has so much joy, love and such appreciation for the world around her. I wonder why she is even here on Earth. It seems like a classroom she has already long since mastered.

She looks away and back down at the fish that has just turned from blue-green to violet, "I have some things I need to align better in my Ka. They may not speak as clearly to you, but they are there nonetheless. Aten and my parents help me and my sisters find this balance."

I become aware of Kepra-la standing beside me.

"Nefertiti would like to speak with you."

"Okay. Thanks."

I turn to Meritaten. "Thank you Meritaten. For your wisdom."

"The joy was all mine."

I get up from the reflecting pool and approach Nefertiti. I glance quickly at Akhenaten and he is smiling a disarming, and somewhat unnerving, smile. Nefertiti rises from her throne and I am momentarily distracted by her beautiful figure which is quite apparent through the sheer gown she wears. I keep forgetting that in this time nudity and the body is not an issue. She is absolutely mesmerizing and her body matches her lovely face. Just as gentle and just as inviting. Yet there is a regal quality that defies description.

"Kepra-la has told us you always wanted to meet us. I hope we have not been a disappointment."

"No, quite the contrary, I realize that you are both much more than I ever imagined. Much more. I have learned quite a bit on this trip. Knowing that you know what you know and still can be as positive as you are - gives me strength to see my own life in a new light."

"Your world is only as beautiful or as ugly as your Ka is - remember that. Before you leave us, there is another I think you should meet. Your most wonderful companion knows the way."

I guess this goodbye. I look around and part of me does not want to leave. The old urge to save them from their future rises up, but with this new knowledge I realize they view death as I view going to sleep at night - with no fear whatsoever.

"Farewell Pharaoh Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti. I will never forget either of you and will think of what you have shared with me during my time here. Know that my love for you both and your family always goes with you."

Meritaten and her sisters join their mother and wave to Kepra-la and me as we depart. Akhenaten sits peacefully. The smile upon his face only slightly diminished and I hear both of their voices in my mind as they speak in unison, "May the Aten shine upon you and all that you meet in your travels."

As we leave the audience hall I notice that Kepra-la is smirking, or so it would seem, and I wonder why.

She turns to me and smiles broadly. "You will some day find out the source of my amusement."

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nefertiti, Akhenaten & Meritaten (Part 4)

We approach the royal couple and I am at once quite astounded. It is easy to see why the priesthood feared this couple and their belief system. What's most fascinating is the discovery that Egypt was founded by refugees from Atlantis and that there were still those who clearly had alien DNA in their cells, simultaneously ostracizing them from the rest of humanity and giving them special abilities and a keener intelligence than the masses possessed.

Kepra-la said that this visit would provide a lesson and I look forward to learning more of all this unrecorded history. Part of me wants to warn them about their fate, but I know that this wouldn't necessarily change anything and only spin off another parallel time-stream if it did.

Nefertiti locks eyes with me and she is far more beautiful in person than her famous statue, now residing in Berlin, can capture. She is telepathic and has the ability to probe my mind the same way many other aliens have over the past few years. I set up an area to converse in and lock down those parts of my mind that I wish to remain private. She smiles as I do this and there is a sparkle in her eyes. She is quite alive and and joyous her consciousness is quite at odds with my own, which is all too often dour and critical of my surroundings and the people with whom I must interface.

"Why the Aten? Why worship the sun?" I ask Akhenaten. I say the words aloud and some of those in the audience hall gasp in shock.

"The Aten is the bringer of all life. The other gods are false. We can see and feel the Aten. The other gods spring from the minds of men and their fears." He looks at me with a blend of curiosity and compassion. It's almost as though he takes pity on my lack of understanding of the obvious.

Nefertiti speaks into my mind.

"Great evils were performed by the priests of Atlantis before it was devoured by the world. Experiments were conducted which turned men into beasts and beasts into men. The gods many of our people worship are the legacy of these evil deeds. We are trying to move away from the worship of these false gods, who were monstrosities that merged the bodies of men and animals."

Kepra-la squeezes my hand tighter and I turn to her. She speaks gently after Nefertiti has finished.

"You lived in these latter times of Atlantis. You could have stopped some of this experimentation and you chose not to. Although you did not order these experiments, you could have halted many of them. Your position was much as it is today, overseeing the work of a great many. However, as in this life, you fear the repercussions of actions taken against others who possess power and can retaliate against you."

Her words sink in and she transmits images of these creatures created in the Atlantean laboratories. Jackal faced men, cats with human heads, half fish people, humans with appendages of animals and humans living with the brains of animals. It's beyond horrifying. It's ghastly and the reality of it hits me in my solar plexus like a lead brick. The scientists were completely out of control and the masses were jaded to the worst forms of experimentation.

This is the lesson I am here to receive. I feel ashamed here before Nefertiti and Akhenaten who are working to undo the damage caused to the collective unconscious of the masses who saw these horrific creations and lived among them in their past lives.

Akhenaten speaks into my mind and his voice is firm and I can feel his determination.

"Yes, and the priesthood still try to give these monsters power over the people and cause them to live in fear of them. These monsters were never gods - they were only monsters and should be left in the shadowy past which they belong to."

"I am so sorry. I wish I could change my past acts."

"No need to apologize to us. We do not judge you. You judge yourself in the light of the Aten." Akhenaten's gold and blue eyes peer into my soul and his abilities are indeed formidable. His form of telepathy and strength of personality and self assurance exceed those of almost anyone i have ever met, even Yal-hune. Suddenly a wave of fear washes over me and I don't quite know why. Then I realize this is exactly the way I felt then - a clear fear of some unknown threat that lurked in the shadows.

Kepra-la had let go of my hand and takes my hand again. The fear is gone and with it some of the guilt I felt as I recognize that I have learned since those days and have shut down many projects I could not justify and ended my participation in others that had taken a turn for the dark side.

The oldest daughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti stands up and walks over to me and Kepra-la. As she gets closer her alien heritage is absolutely undeniable and she is absolutely adorable. In this time, no one suspects because the masses are not yet even aware they live on a planet, much less are part of a vast sea of worlds. The unique heads are simply because they are descended from "gods".

The daughters eyes are so deep and their oblong heads contain several unique bone ridges in the skull humans do not, giving more room for their larger brains.

"Do you remember me?" the girl says as she walks right up to me.

She has the face of an angel, yet not a human angel. Her eyes are a dark purple-blue. Radiant and glowing from within and are at least one and a half times as large again as human eyes. Her gold tan skin literally appears as if her skin grows with flecks of gold embedded within and reflects light unlike any skin I have seen. I do remember her. I remember all of them. I lived here and knew them. I look around quickly - almost expecting to see myself somewhere.

"Yes, I do....I do!"

She smiles a smile that's so kind and happy, I just melt and smile back as wide a grin as I can back at her. She walks forward and hugs me. I hug her in return and lift her up off the ground and into my arms. I half expect some guards to seize me, but Akhenaten and Nefertiti are both smiling as if I am extended family.

"I knew you would remember. Come with me."

I set her down and she takes my hand and leads me past the thrones to where she and her younger sisters sit on gold hued cushions playing with a tame cheetah tied to a pole.

Nefertiti and Akhenaten speak with Kepra-la and the conversation is telepathic, but is kept from me - private. For a brief moment I wonder just what they are talking about, but then shift my attention to Meritaten and her sisters.

Meritaten, the girl who has led me back here, suddenly exerts a mental force I have not felt in a while. Her large skull houses a brain of uncanny ability and before I realize what is happening, she is feeding history into my head at an astonishing rate. The latter period of Atlantis saw Atlantis visited by several alien worlds. The offspring of humanity and these visitors rose to positions of power and were natural leaders due to their greater intellectual capacity and special abilities. In Egypt, refugees of doomed Atlantis still chose the descendants of these ones to lead them. The large headgear the Pharaoh wears which conceals his large head is the symbol of power as the masses began to worship these more developed beings as gods. The intermarriage of family was done to keep a line of these beings with less dilution.

It's all absolutely fascinating and for the first time in my life, the entire Egyptian history from Pharaohs to pyramids and to animal gods all makes perfect sense.

"I travel to the future and the past in my dreams. How do you like your world of the future? Is it fun and beautiful?"

She says this with such enthusiasm that I can't bear to tell her, I often find it exactly the opposite.

"It is fun and beautiful - parts of it anyway. Other parts seem less beautiful and less fun, but I know everything can be fun and beautiful when seen from the right perspective. How do you know all the things you know? Where did you learn about Atlantis?"

Meritaten giggles aloud as if I've asked the most stupid question in the world. Her dark purple eyes brighten and glisten as she laughs at me. I have a deja-vu as she does. The epiphany finally arrives as she continues laughing. Her mind is capable of traversing time and space and she picks up past and future history the way we map our environment - by observation and experience. Like reading a book, only much more detailed and vivid, she can acquire the history of the world and its future. When she told me she dreams of the past and future, she was telling me she visits these places in her mind, I just didn't quite catch the significance.

The cheetah purrs loudly as her sister strokes its back. I wonder just how much of the future she has seen. Does she know her parents future or her own? This would be a horrible curse. Hopefully, this is blocked to her vision.

She giggles again and laughs even harder. "You say you remember but you have forgotten so much!" A stream of images flash through my mind. She shows me her future death and then birth. She shows me dozens of others she has experienced and I suddenly realize what Yal-hune kept from me. She shows me dozens of my own deaths and births, then hundreds of them in sequence so quickly they become a blur and I can no longer keep up with them all.

"I don't fear my death, nor do my parents fear theirs. Why on Earth should they? Do I fear the sunset? Should I try to prevent the sun from setting? The day of death and birth are just like any other day and mark the flow of our Ka. You need to remember. You know all this already!"

And she's right, I do know it. This young half-alien girl from ancient Egypt has brought an inner peace in me that I had forgotten. I feel alive or more awake. The realization that I have allowed the fear of death to control my actions - back in Atlantis and in this life too is an eye-opener that will help me achieve more balance in all I do. I gaze upon Meritaten and realize I don't know how to thank her for her efforts to free me from my illusions and fears.

"I love you. You still don't fully remember who you are, but you will - I have seen it!"

She says this so cheerfully and with such benevolence and assurance that I can't help but give her another big smile.


I turn to look where Meritaten is pointing and I see rays of the sun broken apart in shafts shining down through a prism at the open roof of the audience hall. The light shafts create a rainbow in the water of a shallow reflecting pool in the center of the audience hall. It is absolutely beautiful and I haven't seen anything that so perfectly manipulates sunlight to create such beauty.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Akhetaten (Part 3)

The first thing I feel is the hot desert sun falling down upon my skin as I reappear in AkhetAten besides Kepra-la, a familiar feeling to be sure for anyone who lives in the desert.

We have arrived at the outskirts of the city and as my eyes take in the expanse of Nile cultivated gardens and luscious date palms soaring into the skies above us, it makes me feel like I have arrived at some posh Florida retirement community. The city before us is breathtaking. It is amazing how contemporary it looks to my eyes, as if it was designed by an Architectural firm only last year. It is new and definitely feels new, clean and fresh, something anyone who has lived in a new community appreciates and enjoys.

"Right now it is new. It is fresh. We are here and the year is 1355BC. Most of the buildings are less than 3 years old."

Kepra-la has given us garments that blend in perfectly with the garments worn by the residents of AkhetAten. A white flowing gown for her and for me a skirt and tunic. She has even adorned us with some accessories, an arm bracelet for me and for her a necklace,bracelets and anklets in gold. She looks absolutely gorgeous and in this pastoral and picturesque environment I let my mind wander and imagine just what it would be like to live life here in peace. As I gaze at passersby, I spot a large number of families and children. AkhetAten is truly a family-focused place. In the history books they focus on Akenatens "heretical" beliefs, failing to realize he was merely restoring the older Atlantean belief system that Cheops tried to keep alive for future generations and that the new gods, full of animal-human hybrids was the true heresy upon the original Egyptian origins and beliefs.

"Wholesome" is a word that springs to mind as I walk with Kepra-la along the avenue alongside the palace and see the children running and mothers laughing and talking in the mid-day sun. Akhenaten supposedly claimed this city was sacred and blessed by Aten as the way people should live. Seeing it, I can't help but agree. This place is a very happy place and the people here live far better than I imagined for this time period. It's safe to say they live far more happily than do the future Egyptians who over 3000 years later will live in conditions of greater oppression, filth, crime and poverty.

"Try not to make the constant comparisons. You need to remember every person finds themselves in the environment they most need to overcome the imbalances of their pasts."

Kepra-la reaches out, takes and holds my hand, as one sees other lovers here do as they are walking alongside the palace and parallel to the Nile river. It is a gesture I can't ignore and it sends a wave of great joy and warmth through me. Through this connection I feel her goodness, purity and it is in constant connection with me. I feel myself become more balanced and my thoughts become more loving and gentle. The fragrant smells of the palatial gardens are heady and saturate the moist air here. For the first time I realize both of us are wearing some sort of scented oils, which mingle with the perfumes of the garden flora.

Kepra-la speaks in my mind, "We are going to be just in time to have an audience with Akhenaten and Nefertiti."

"We are scheduled?"

"Yes. Like I told you once before, time is not linear. This moment is just as real and undetermined as the moment we left your office."

"And we can't change history?"

"Our meeting here in the 'past' is part of our future."

"Now I know how my blog-readers feel. Thinking about this makes my head hurt."

"It's not that complicated really. Like a string of dominoes lined up you can take any one of them and place them between any other two. We are a domino that has been moved and when we leave we will be moved back to our original position. Dominoes are moving around all the time, it's just most never notice it. At any time on Earth, there are probably dozens and sometimes hundreds of time travelers around. Some visits trigger the creation of a new parallel universe and some don't. I knew when I was much younger that I would go back in time with you and that the universe we return to is the same one we left. There are many countless parallel universes that have been created by time travelers attempting to alter history. Hundreds have saved Lincoln, Kennedy, Martin Luther King, King Arthur, etc. Others have eliminated Hitler, Genghis Khan, Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin and prevented the US from developing atomic weapons. Each of these visitors, by their very arrival, spin off a parallel universe. Observers from other spectra see the outcomes of all these time travelers interference and recognize it always balances out again. Those who prevent the death of Lincoln find that the "freed" slaves never secure the freedom they achieve when Lincoln dies. Stopping the US achieving the bomb usually results in a totalitarian regime developing it first and introducing it into the world only a decade or two later and achieving complete global domination."

"Fascinating. So our presence here was a part of ancient Egypt?"


I notice, that while Kepra-la was speaking into my mind we have crossed a beautiful bridge that joins the royal palace to the Hall of Audience.

We enter the Hall, beautiful murals adorn the walls and I see the royal couple sitting in gorgeous thrones made of gold.

Nefertiti has spotted us and is smiling. In less than an instant I realize she has that same spark that Kepra-la does possess.

"Welcome. Come and approach us." Nefertiti's voice enters my head and she gazes at me from a distance and smiles. In a flash I recognize they are very developed beings and not at all what they seem to be. Their daughters are playing on the ground behind them. Their shaved heads and appearance reveal a startling truth - they are descended from one of the Atlantean races which had coexisted with aliens. I had seen images of such in the Atlantean texts recovered from Project MIMIR's holding warehouse. The daughters and Akhenaten himself are clearly as much alien as human in appearance and they are concealing much of their true abilities from the masses.

"Concealing is not the right word..." Nefertiti says to me in a mental voice that is as soft and gentle as a leaf floating down from a tree, "...we are protecting our people from the knowledge they are not yet prepared to accommodate."

Akhenaten finishes talking with one of his viziers and peers in our direction for the first time. His eyes are uncanny and quite alien. A vivid gold, like the Aten itself, with streaks of blue, like lightning bolts within. His head really is quite oblong and influenced by alien genetics and the reliefs I have seen now make perfect sense, even though his appearance was exaggerated to some degree.

"Greetings to you both, visitors from the future. Our family welcomes you to AkhetAten."

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Pyramids, Cheops and Akhenaten (Part 2)

The aliens from Htra-deg are some of the most advanced in the galaxy. Their emissaries which are sent to various worlds and are all seasoned galactic travelers are some of the most developed of all. By human standards their abilities would seem beyond superhuman and approaching godlike. The truth is everything they do they can do because of their advanced understanding of energy and their ability to manipulate it. Walk on water? Walk through walls? Child's play for a being that can control the way their atoms interface, oscillate and resonate.

So here Kepra-La has taken me back to the time of ancient Egypt, apparently provided suitable attire as well and done so in a measure of time which appears instantaneous from my perspective.

As I gaze upon her, I see that Kepra-la has modified her appearance enough to pass easily for human.

"So where do we go first?"

"I wanted to show you these pyramids in their early state. The alabaster covering will in a few centuries be blown and torn off the pyramids and used to build a small nearby village. The pyramids were built to look like the Atlantean energy towers which the first Egyptians, hailing originally from a doomed Atlantis, had lived with and passed down the tales and imagery of these edifices to their offspring."

"What's with the gold orb on the tip?"

"The original power tower edifices projected energy generated within the tower which tapped the Earth's electromagnetic field for power. It was relayed and projected to receiving towers via a finely sculpted and engineered crystal. The gold orb shines and reflects the sun from almost any position in the sky and reminds the residents of this life-giving solar energy."

"So the pyramids were sort of sentimental replicas of the early Egyptians former home?"

"Yes. Much of Egyptian culture is owed to Atlantis, including the use of hieroglyphs to communicate and the continuity of eternal life."

"Why use them as giant tombs?"

"The Pharaoh Cheops was a particularly educated 'history buff' and he wanted his memory to preserve this history and remind all who looked upon it of the real history of Egypt. He did not want to have any personal sculptures or ornamentation on the exterior and it was designed to strict specifications as passed down by those Atlantean textbooks - such as those you have safely tucked away at your Shamballa facility."


"Yes. The sad truth is the significance of the shape and structure was lost on most Egyptians within a century or two of Cheops death. The creation of many new gods to explain the workings of the world arrived in this more primitive period. They still had science and medicine, but these were increasingly supplanted by religious rites and the supplication and subservience to these many gods."

"What about Akhenaten?"

"He is trying to restore the one-god concept. The Atlantean texts are already gone at this point. The two surviving books Cheops consulted had been stolen and hidden by priests who realized these books conflicted with their gods and mythology. Subsequent Pharaohs did not have these books, did not know of many of these secrets and so much was lost. The same sort of thing happened thousands of years later as the early written records of Christ's life were destroyed by the Catholic church so that their mythology could also preserve uncontested by history and the truth."

"Where is Akhenaten now?"

"He is in AkhetAten. I wanted to show you these pyramids because they were part of the inspiration of young Akenaten to the importance of the Aten. The polished gold orb which even now beams the Aten's rays to each one was Cheops lasting gift and one which was not lost on Akhenaten."

Monday, February 07, 2011

Kepra-La. (Part 1)

Kepra-la appears before me and, without saying a word, teleports me out of my office at Shamballa where I have been busy communicating with our teams currently in Egypt, Iran, Iraq and Israel.

For those with great memories (or quick access to a search engine) Kepra-La is Yal-hune's younger sister. She is more beautiful than Yal-hune (perhaps the most beautiful being I have ever seen in this lifetime) and my few encounters with her have been simultaneously mystifying, scary and delightful.

We appear in Egypt. I recognize the Pyramids in the distance. Something is amiss though the Pyramids are covered in what appears to be plaster. My god - the Pyramids are almost new! I turn to Kepra-La who is speaking into my mind. And just looking at her...I melt. I really do. She is so overwhelmingly lovely I just fall apart. As her "voice" enters my mind with its purity and beauty its all the more lovely and I realize that I never knew a being could be so beautiful in a body made of flesh.

"Yes, we are in Egypt of long ago. You are in for a treat and a lesson."

The treat part is just seeing Kepra-La, being near her and feeling her consciousness inside my own. I realize my consciousness is short circuiting in her presence - it's like a mental overload.

"Allow me."

She filters out some of her consciousness, and it feels like someone turning the volume down on a loud radio.

"Thank you. It's just..."

"No need to explain, I know exactly what was happening."

If all I did for the next million years was stand beside her and share mind with her, I would be overjoyed.

Kepra-La turns to me, her eyes two living fires that have been stoked. The smile on her lips is a subtle one and she pierces straight to the core of my consciousness with her eyes locked with mine and does something to me. She helps me to focus and my consciousness is awakened more fully. I integrate myself and I focus on what she wants to show me.

"Akhenaten is Pharaoh. You are going to meet him and his wife Nefertiti."

Wow. She has picked the two Egyptians I have most admired and always wanted to meet.

"Why are you doing this for me?"

"You will find out soon enough."

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For (or "Mr. Gorbachev, keep this wall standing!")

In the intelligence community there always seems to be periodic foreign policy Holy Grails which are sought after and whole policies have been set in motion to obtain these Grails.

What we find, after these Holy Grails are actually obtained, is that this object of long desire and decades long policy-making is actually, more often than not, a Trojan Horse and not a Holy Grail at all - and carries inside it what amounts to a very undesirable content and outcomes.

Let's look at some of the Holy Grails the US has sought and obtained over the past half-century:

The Break-Up of the Soviet Union
German reunification
European Union
Non-communist Russia
Capitalism Abroad

All of these foreign policy Holy Grails have been achieved to some degree. All have turned out somewhat more poorly for the US and the world.

The fall of the Soviet Union did not lend itself to instant kinship with the west and brought about a decade long bloody civil war, perpetual strife and unrest in many of the former Soviet republics. The democracy born here has its roots in communist thuggery and even now no one can claim that the west is better off than it was before the collapse. The reverse is an easier claim. Europe since 1989 has shifted away from the US, its former protector and post European War Marshall Plan provider. Some will say that this is a good and natural development. At some point the kids have to leave the safety of their guardians arms and take care of themselves. Unfortunately, this hasn't quite worked out this way. Europe spends still a negligible amount of its collective GDP on military protection or forces. Europe does not carry its weight when a global security crisis emerges. In stead the now grown children still expect their guardian to do all the dirty work and heavy lifting while they party into the night and secure deals with dictators and the folks their guardians always refused to deal with.

Like the preacher's daughter going out with as many boys as she can to drive her dad crazy, Europe has been doing business wherever the money and profits are flowing freely. If that means dealing with genocidal nations in Africa or fanatical Islamists in the Middle East, so be it. Sophisticated, cultured Europe has brought about its own set of head-aches now from its European exploits. Which brings us to our next Holy Grail - German Reunification.

German reunification would have been great - if it happened around 1970 or earlier. As it stands, Germany was reunited not with their lost German sons and daughters but with a group that had largely already been completely born and raised under communist work ethics and ideals. The young East Germans felt they were owed a living by the West and the West was history after that. As an ally, reunified Germany has been less than stellar. Saddled with debt, Turkish refugees by the millions and a socialist framework that simply can't handle the output with the current GDP, the future of Germany is not pretty. It's too late though to say, "Mr. Gorbachev, keep this wall standing! Everything is perfect just the way it is!"

The Islamification of Europe is amazing and growing with the same startling rapidity that Mexicanization of the United States is experiencing. This, of course, is Birth rates and religious edicts at work. Islamic graffiti can be found on the statues and monuments of culture from Vienna to Berlin and from Frankfurt to Paris -or on the subways in the UK. Increasingly demanding religious intolerance displayed by Islamic immigrants towards their host/adoptive nation's cultural values - Europe is in a lot of trouble. Self-awareness has begun as the situation gets worse. However, it all has its roots in the achievement of Holy Grails that have turned out to be Trojan Horses. The European Union is such. Conceived to create wealth and prosperity in Europe, it will turn out to have been the doorway to poverty and the destruction of the greatest European nations and cultures that have thrived for the past several hundred years and which have stood as one of the cornerstones of western culture.

Capitalism abroad has been held as an ideal that will support developing nations and bring wealth to the most poverty-ridden places on the planet. The truth is slightly different. Capitalism has been embraced by China, but because it is being implemented by the lawless dictatorships, it has become a giant drain on the wealth of the nations around it. It is not a reciprocal capitalism employed, but rather one which manipulates currency, pollutes mercilessly the environment and employs what often amounts to slave labor. Sure, the China of today is better than Mao's China - but also represents a much more significant threat to the world. Its now huge manufacturing ability combined with a blatant focus on weaponry illustrates it is not just content to loot American and European wealth, but that it has grander ambitions, in the Far East and throughout the rest of the world that conflict with democracy and individual liberty - or even peaceful coexistence. Its efforts to steal our guidance systems for long range missiles, and its success at doing so, tell a whole story that does not necessarily have a happy ending.

Sure, I can view it all as perfect from one point of view. I can tell myself this in the infinite at work - balancing everything. And it's true.

So the message for today is be careful what you wish for.

Because more often than not - one is actually wishing for things that will produce the most terrible outcomes. Like James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson - one just often doesn't realize it until it's too late.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

SDAI Sub-Levels: Miracles and Mysteries...

Every now and again, I get an email from someone who wants to know more about SDAI and on more than one occasion - the research sub-levels have been mentioned.

Well, today I will lift a curtain closer to home and shine light on what goes on here quietly while I've been making out with aliens who possess golden mean and spiral curved bodies, or cruising armored, solar powered ATVs in Iran or basically just interfering with human history.

Follow me.

We are standing at the key card operated elevator in the main antechamber. The titanium-blend doors and walls around you are several feet thick and can survive a nuclear blast within a mile of ground zero. Don't bother using your cell-phones here - they don't work. And even your phone's camera will find that its imaging chip is receiving bizarre cycled photon patterns from the built in overhead lighting which effectively block digital photography. To the human eye, the lights look similar to typical fluorescent panels. Though, I will confess if you stay here long enough you will be able to detect which areas are being so bombarded.

I slide my key card through and then manually type in a code which changes daily and which employees receive when they arrive for work each day. The elevator is large and you are amazed at the size. It's the size of a medium sized room - and can fit forty people in the elevator easily. Yes, I see the puzzled look on some faces, "How can an elevator this heavy and large actually work?" The answer is this elevator is not supported by cables. It does not hang perilously in the air on steel cables as do old fashioned elevators. No, this elevator is supported by no less than four titanium screw drives. The entire elevator is pushed up or lowered down by these drives which retract or rise. At no point is the elevator ever leaving contact with these drives. The result is total solidity and a smoothness of movement that makes the old elevator "lurch" a thing of the past.

As the vault-like doors open, we enter and after a few swipes of the card we are on our way down. The elevator descends silently and smoothly - there is hardly any sensation of movement. We emerge in sub-level 8.

The doors open to a long corridor about twenty feet wide and which continues on almost the length of a shopping mall. You cannot see the end of the corridor with the naked eye. The walls here are all white and immaculately clean. The floor is also white and adds to a somewhat "futuristic" feel. As if the designers of this level enjoyed 2001: A Space Odyssey a few too many times. The light here is also different. All the air is filtered 20 times an hour and it seems like the air is actually fresher here than outside. It is. The oxygen content is constantly kept at an optimum level as is CO2 and other gases. The temperature is 71.5 degrees and I will tell you it is quite refreshing to emerge here after being scorched in the desert heat above over half of the year which can reach 115 or higher for several months in summer.

We walk down the hall and you are also surprised that there is not more sound from the group here. Voices and footsteps all seem somehow diffused. This is because they are. The ceilings and walls have panels which embody a sound baffling design. Waves of sound are reflected from the walls and even the floors and redirected towards the large cancellation panels which are the slightly more gray, rectangular ones spaced every five feet or so over our heads in the ceiling as we walk down the hall. The original cancellation panel was based on a Rockwell design that dates to the building of the Apollo rocket stages, and has been updated and manufactured with ever more sophisticated cancellation designs.

What's the use of these gimmicks? When these levels were designed they were designed so all sorts of work could be conducted. Noise abatement, just like atmosphere filtration was considered an important element of the architectural features. SDAI has always considered these types of things that are often overlooked and yet contribute greatly to the working environment.

To our left you see a large door. It has a small number on it in ocean blue. This happens to be 833. I swipe my card yet again and the white door retracts upward into the ceiling. You see a laboratory before you and about fifteen people in lab coats and working with some rather strange equipment. The woman working with that big piece of equipment near the wall is Tech 153. She has spotted us and is coming to greet us.

"Hello Tech1! To what do we owe the honor of this visit?"

"I'm just showing a few guests around a sub-level so they can see what goes on here. Everyone...this is Tech 153, Tech 153....everyone. Why don't you tell them what you are doing here."

"Do they have clearance?"

"I'm declassifying whatever you say. Don't worry about it."

"Ok...well...we're working on the future of medicine. Specifically the treatment of fungal infections. Persistent fungal infections are currently treated by systemic drugs such as sulphur drugs and other drugs. This is the way of the past and unfortunately often has horrible side effects, most often liver damage. One test-patient had persistent subcutaneous fungal lesions that were completely unresponsive to topical drug creams and had a medical history that made oral medications impossible. In this lab, we are currently developing and perfecting non-pharmaceutical cures to certain diseases and ailments. This machine you see before you was used on a patient, lets call them Patient X, and was treated with simple ultraviolet light - black light to be precise. Each lesion was targeted with wavelengths which could reach the subcutaneous layers of skin.

Fungi are unable to reproduce when hit by certain wavelengths of light. Within a few days of the short duration, band-restricted and focused exposure of UV to the fungal lesions, Patient X's lesions were markedly improved. Within two weeks the fungal infections were no longer active, the fungi were dead. The lesions were fully healed within several months time after that, most with very little scarring. Patient X was naturally overjoyed at the quick and painless treatment which produced no identifiable side-effects. Our research team has been cataloging and identifying human fungal specimens and has discovered that fungi, like viruses are evolving and their DNA is becoming more intelligent, resistant to all the previous chemicals they are exposed to. Our work here has involved identifying wavelengths of light which are most effective at sterilizing infectious fungi. We have been extraordinarily successful in doing so and our work will support enormous medical and industrial applications."

"Thank you Tech 153. What do you most enjoy about working here in the sub-levels of SDAI?"

"I'm making a difference. Everyone here is. I've never worked with a group of people who cared so much or were so bright. The projects I have had the privilege to work on are game-changers. They will change the future of medicine, industry and science. My fellow Techs are all really great and I have to say the pay and perks are pretty sweet too."

Tech 153 smiles warmly and I see that she is genuinely happy to see and explain her work to visitors.

"Thanks Tech 153, we wont take up any more of your valuable time. C'mon folks... lets leave Tech 153 and her fellow Techs to their work."

Another quick swipe and the door retracts again. Tech 153 is still smiling and I can tell by the way she is looking at us, she's wondering just who everyone here is and why on Earth I am escorting you all through the bowels of Shamballa.

We leave lab 833 and return to the hall, elevator and eventually back to the antechamber on the surface where we entered it.

That's a very short tour, but is quite more than sufficient for a place that has never, ever, had any sort of public tour before.

The sub-levels are filled with all sort of research projects, think-tank type activity and yes, some contract work for other agencies. Future cities, space stations, settlements, educational systems, vehicles, buildings and much more will trace their roots to the hard working Techs at SDAI.

Like anything in this world, it can become quite hum-drum or boring after awhile. It is easy to become jaded to it all and no longer appreciate what is being done. At other times one can't ever forget it.

Hope that helps answer and satisfy those few question-askers out there and if not, well those are the breaks.