Saturday, August 29, 2009

Living with a Real Life Barbie...or is that Midge?

NOTE TO READERS: Read "I am not alone" [pt.1] & "Move Over Green Lantern" [pt.2]& "Back to the Bentley Turbo R" [pt.3] before reading this segment!

I get into the Bentley. Yal-hune is sitting beside me. My senses are heightened and my observation skills finally kick in.

Yal-hune's face is exquisite. Her complexion is flawless and her skin tone is a bit pinker than most human women. The green garment compliments this hue of skin dramatically. Her hair is reddish gold - and the color is unearthly and radiant unlike any hair I have ever seen. It is pulled back by an unseen hair band and flows luxuriantly around her bare shoulders. I follow the hair down and I can't help but keep looking. Her bosom is quite human like in appearance - besides for the fact that it is flawless. Any Beverly Hills plastic surgeon would be richer than Bill Gates if he could recreate Yal-hune's natural development. Her figure is slim but not anorexic looking at all. Her waist is trim and curves out gorgeously into beautiful hips. Her waist to hip ratio is more Barbie like than human like. However, with her hair and features she is probably more Midge than Barbie. And no doll could hold a candle to Yal-hune - whose presence is a complete package deal. A warmth, depth and yes, a humanity, that accompanies the physical beauty and gives her physical beauty true meaning and expression.

"Pavlovian response." Yal-hune says with her melodic voice and smiles. She clearly has a sense of humor to accompany her developed mind and body. I realize exactly what she means as her thoughts reach into my mind with a force and clarity that borders on dominance. I realize she also knows more about Pavlov than I do from her thoughts. She is an encyclopedia of knowledge. Her mind has far more inside it than I can yet fathom.

"Yes, I apologize for staring. It is impolite, I realize. It's just...I'm not accustomed to..."

"I fully understand. It's not impolite at all to me. Your world places undue emphasis on the physical body at the expense of the mind. Failing to realize that the mind truly casts the body and all its features. And then with the trillions of astral entities loitering about taking liberties with the human population sexually, it is natural on your world for the masses to be to some degree or another obsessed with sexual activities and to live and interpret life through this particular facet."

She says it so well and so matter of fact, without a trace of contempt or disdain. Simply understanding. It makes my mental notes and visual ogling seem shallow - but I still don't feel any shame or embarrassment. Those two emotions are clearly back in the box where they belong. They have been replaced with understanding, a sense of priorities and a very clear will to improve oneself.

She laughs again. It is like a beautiful song and I realize I am falling for her hard and I've known her all of 5 minutes. My whole body aches in her presence, a good ache - it tells me it enjoys being near her. My mind is agreeing with my body and I am happy just to hear her laugh. It doesn't matter if she is laughing at me, or humanity or Earth - I just enjoy her enjoyment. It's hard to describe. I've never quite felt like this before.

The thought occurs to me I should be starting the car and driving. So I fumble for my key in my pocket and I can't find it.

"It's outside in front of the vehicle to the left. It fell out of your pocket when you slid off the bonnet."

I step out, walk towards the front and sure enough there it is. I get back inside and turn the key in the ignition.

"Can you find anything?"

"Yes. If I know something or can identify it, or if someone else knows something and can think about it, I can identify its current location based on frequency identification. Everyone on my world has such ability."

I put the car into drive and put the Bentley back on the lonely desert highway. I open the astroroof and let the starlight fall into the interior. Each moment has a surreal quality and my memory is recording things better. I can recall each moment since I saw her in intricate detail and feeling. Life on her world must be vastly different.

"My world is very peaceful. It is a very old world near the center of the galaxy. As you know the closer to the galaxy center, the older and more developed the worlds that reside there. As you have assumed green is the predominant color on my world. The skies have an emerald hue and the waters sparkle the same. Our cities are vastly different from your world and the people live in crystalline orbs. These orbs act as our homes and transportation and they can be moved about by the minds of the residents as needed. The cities sparkle with predominantly green and pink hues. Here, I will show you."

I see her world, as clearly as if I were not driving down the dark desert highway but were standing next to her on a precipice overlooking a beautiful city. The greenish-pinkish hues are mixed with an occasional yellow and azure blue. It makes me want to tear up again - the beauty and frequencies of this world have that response on my body here one Earth when linked. To anyone visiting from Earth such a world would seem like heaven. Orbs are floating gracefully through the air and landing, attaching themselves to the other crystalline structures, it looks as though they were carved from the same crystal substance.

Now I see oceans, vast green and deep, scintillating and sparkling and flowing in ways unfamiliar to me. The waters are not level and flat merely in one horizontal plane, but are flowing up and down in somewhat vertical planes as well!

She explains it to me. "The waters on our world have less weight and flow up and down with tides that are controlled by our planet's gravitational cycles. Gravity is not fixed on our world and there are places where water flows up, somewhat like an upside down waterfall on your world."

I'd never even imagined something like that before would be possible. It's fascinating to see it and understand it.

Still more amazing is that these visions don't interfere with my driving. I can multitask better, I realize, my mind is doing more than one thing at a time.

"Yes, the human mind is largely wasted in its potential. I promise to share with you things which you can share with others on your world. My job description includes sharing information, wisdom and my experience when such contributes to the progressive development of the world I am assigned to."

The tour continues in my mind and she shows me a space port, complete with crystalline craft like the one she arrived in. They are varying sizes and yet all are shaped in the same manner. People are entering and disembarking the crafts via materialization. Another area is materializing cargo and beaming it to other portions of the world on a big raised platform that glows gold-yellowish. I see her family say their farewells to her and I see her leave with her brother, a captain of such a craft. The love of her family is amazing. Yet there is no sadness, not even a sense of loss. They are all like her - beyond such emotions because they understand they have all the time in the universe to grow and learn together.

I see so much more, but it is overwhelming and my mind can't process it all at once. I see how the society functions, how they care for their aged, how the schools function, how their world explores the galaxy systematically and keeps evolving as they do so, how they contact more developed non-physical worlds regularly and more.

She is getting me up to speed and it reminds me of "the teacher" helmet from the Star Trek episode which transfers information faster than any conventional method. Except her mind here is the teacher - and when our minds are thus joined she can upload information into my own mind just as easily as someone might download a large file onto their computer from the internet.

I probe ever so gently and see she has files on so many worlds in her mind. She is a living connection to thousands of worlds in our galaxy. It's amazing how much one's life can change in twenty minutes.

"Shayla taught you well. However you simply need to ask. I will share with you this data, however it needs to be shared safely. We don't want to overload your human neural pathways. There is time."

Suddenly I see a glimpse into her mind and it is like an ENORMOUS cavern. All sorts of data are stored there, all sorts of understandings. I have never encountered such an enormous storehouse of wisdom, experience and knowledge. And she looks all of 22 years of age - and even that is hard to fix down because her body shows no aging, as such, only development. She knows of Shayla as well and she feels only warmth and love towards her.

"I am much, much older. I am 798 of your Earth years old. However time is different in our world and part of the galaxy, our minds also process it differently,so I feel and look about 18 years old."

She proceeds to show me in my mind again. I see her childhood, parks, schools and trips through the galaxy - she was just as adorable a child as she is a beautiful adult. I keep tearing up when she does that. Her frequency is almost too much for me to take. I wonder how she will keep other humans from overloading.

"I have the ability to moderate my fields and interaction. Even with you, I am accomodating your limits and trying to share without harming. Portions of your mind and consciousness have gone completely unused. Shayla opened up much more than most humans use, but there is still more that can be used. I will take up where Shayla left off and help you develop yur consciousness so that you can live much, MUCH, more intelligently, productively and happily."

Already I feel like a new person. I feel like a kid again, like her - I feel about 18 and am ready to take on the task of learning more about the galaxy and about how life works...and for the past fifteen minutes I realize I have completely forgotten I have been driving down desert highways with someone who could be cited for indecent exposure.

They blew up my Hummer!

Yal-hune is ready to go shopping. I throw on some appropriate shopping clothes and pull my Eskimo white H2 out of the garage. Before I get ten feet, Yal-hune is in my mind.

"Watch out. Danger approaches. 34 men all heavily armed are closing on us here very quickly in 6 vehicles."

"Who are they?" I ask Yal-hune in my mind.

"Government. Your government. They have orders to capture me and you. They are less than a minute away - about 1/2 a mile. Your neighbor down the street is in communication with them and has told them about you preparing to leave"

Great. Just great. Here I look forward to letting Yal-hune try on some Earth fashions and heat up my credit card and now I am in the middle of a clandestine operation with me and Yal-hune as the targets. To heck with that!

"Jump in Yal-hune."

Yal-hune enters the vehicle very quickly. I peel the tires of the SDAI customized Hummer H2 and its 1001 horsepower smoke the 28" wheels and run-flat tires until I let off the throttle a bit. I activate the tactical array and call up Tech2 at Shamballa.

"I have some unfriendlies in pursuit. Request tactical grid and satellite feed on my coordinates."

"You got it. Dedicating a satellite right now. You need air support?"

"Affirmative. 6 vehicles and 34 heavily armed troops are currently closing."

I see the first of the vehicles in my rear view mirror. A late model black Suburban that looks armored and has a Gatling gun emerging from the roof.

"Tech2 give me air support ASAP. I'm in trouble here!"

Two more black Suburbans, one with rocket launchers mounted on the roof, is approaching from the other side. I floor the throttle.

"Activate weapons console, heads up. Auto sensor array."

A heads up display places the nearest targets on a green grid by the windshield and over the steering wheel.

"Lock auto cannons. Tire defeat pattern. Prepare to fire on all targets."

Two auto cannons emerge from the H2 all on arms with 360 degree hemispherical rotation and fed by ammo chambers built in to the roof and floorboards.

Yal-hune speaks into my mind before I give the next verbal order.

"You aren't planning to harm the men are you? They are just doing their jobs and feel that you are the bad guy for harboring an alien without notifying the proper authorities."

"That comes as quite a shock. I happen to know this administration and its politicians love illegal aliens. Besides, I don't want to hurt them. I'm aiming for their tires."

"That will simply escalate the conflict. Your agencies are working for the same government, surely communication could clarify and resolve the matter."

"I wish that were true. Unfortunately these things are often resolved by who survives to make the report on what went down. The fact is the government is divided and we are seeing some folks who want to take out all those who served Bush and the Special Activities Directorate, as well as SDAI which only recently has popped up on their grid. The new agenda is to take down America at any cost - from within.

What would you have me do? Turn you over to them? They would probably incarcerate us both for a time, then kill me and I fear they would do even worse to you. What about your mind? Would it change things?"

"I will not interfere in these matters."

All 6 of the vehicles have appeared on my tactical array. They are keeping up and actually closing the gap. 120mph is not losing them.

"Tech1 this is Tech12 we're converging on your location and will be there in about 1 minute and thirty two seconds. However, we have intercepted transmissions and four F-16s have been ordered to engage us. 6 more Techs are getting airborne now. We outgun them and can take them out if they engage us - but this is getting very messy. What' the heck is going on?"

"Long story short, the government is divided against itself. Do whatever you need to do to defend yourselves. Over and out."

I realize they haven't fired any missiles or weapons at us because they want Yal-hune alive. I need to get to the top of the food chain and see if I can't diffuse this bomb.

"Communications. Code Red. Clearance Tech1. President. Channel Red."

"This is the White House Communications Center. Your code is not recognized or has been deactivated. If you feel you have reached this message in error please try again."

"Communications. Code Red. Clearance Tech1. Thor. Channel Orange."

I hear a phone ringing. I'm on Desert Pima highway heading south at 130mph. The roads are almost completely empty - thank goodness. The H2 is handling it amazingly well and the six suburbans are still within 500 yards, which is amazing considering the drag they must be making with the rocket arrays and Gatling guns.

"Cheney here. What's up Tech1?"

"I'm being targeted by rogue Agency forces. 6 armored high weapons platform Suburbans and about 34 troops. You in any position to call them off?"

"I'm afraid not. There was a big blow up at the Agency about a week ago. Obama washed his hands of day-to-day oversight of the Special Directorates and a whole portion of the agency is now answering to someone else - someone not on America's side. Panetta is way out of his league. It's a nightmare. Be very careful out there. This sort of thing will blow up in every one's faces."

"I've got an alien diplomat with me."


"Yes, her name is Yal-hune and she is a level 7 value - possibly higher."

"Christ Tech1...why didn't you contact me sooner! Jesus, no wonder they are after you. Where are you now?"

"I'm heading towards Shamballa. I've got Shamballa air support in about 30 seconds. But four F-16s out of Luke have been scrambled to intercept. I tried to get through to Obama but my code didn't work."

"Almot none of the old codes work. Emanuel deactivated all of them. Get to Shamballa in one piece. Try not to make this more messy than it has to be. I'll talk to Odin and try and get this cleared up. His is the only code that still works."


I get on the horn to try and buy some time.

"Team leader this is a Code 4 command - stand down or else."

"We do not recognize your authority. YOU stand down we have you covered and can blow you off the road at any time."

Suddenly I see Tech12 and 6 other fighters from Shamballa approach at well over Mach2 from over the horizon.

"I'd listen to the man, Team leader. We have missile lock and all of your remains will not be enough to fit in a dust pan in less than twenty seconds."

"Go to hell."

I watch as the Suburbans launch rockets at our incoming planes. The rockets are fast, but not nearly as fast as the ones I see now on my tracking screen from our planes. They're stupid. The Agency's Suburbans and weapons weren't designed to compete with hopped up SDAI superiority fighters.

"Men are jumping out of two of the targeted Suburbans as fast as they can and running. Two of the Suburbans blow up into a trillion and one pieces, another has its Gatling gun blazing heavenwards in a futile attempt to snag one of our fighters. We are putting distance on the slower moving Suburbans now and I step up the throttle to 135 mph.

The men are firing at us and our planes now with automatic weapons and hand held rocket launchers. The H2's state-of-the-art body armor shrugs the armor-piercing shells like they were flies hitting a windshield.

"Gas grenades ,rear, Delta pattern."

Knock out gas grenades are fired up and out at the road where the rogue agents are firing. They are not prepared and will wake up with a mega-migraine in about two hours. Big clouds of gas spread with the wind and and now two of the remaining four pursuing vehicles are again in missile lock. They screech to a halt and again men pour out of the vehicles and run away in all directions as fast as they possibly can. The two vehicles blow up barely ten seconds later the last of the men have left the vehicles. Only two Suburbans are left in pursuit.

"Attention: remaining pursuit vehicles. Stand Down. Now!"

"Danger. Missile Lock detected. This Vehicle is unsafe to remain in."

I pull off the highway in a controlled slow down but leave the throttle going.

"Yal-hune, we need to jump out and abandon the vehicle."

Yal-hune rolls out as I do on the soft dirt and gets up quickly running with me as fast as we can run. The car keeps rolling on at about fifteen miles per hour and we are now maybe fifty yards from the rolling car. I can hear the whistling missile approach and pass us as it heads towards the vehicle. In a second the shock wave hits and the H2 explodes with a deafening roar. I flatten myself and cover my ears. Yal-hune is glowing green and I realize she has erected a force field to protect herself.

I turn and look at the flaming tire, burnt hulk of a vehicle and the mangled debris everywhere.

"They blew up my Hummer!"

Another two explosions a mile back. One of our team has taken out the last two pursuit vehicles.

I pull my cell out of my pocket and flip open to our special frequency.

"Tech1 here. How you guys doing?"

The F16s are going to be here soon, about 2 minutes away. weve eliminated all 6 bogies and we've got a helicopter en route to pick you two up. There's a gorge about a 1/2 mile to the northwest. Head for that and we'll mop up and take care of any ground troops still in pursuit. We'll also keep the Navy flyboys busy once they arrive.

Yal-hune speaks.

"The remaining 6 troops that are still conscious have orders to kill us both. This was not a wise course of action. Violence never solves anything."

"How far are they away?"

"About 1 mile. They are running though and approaching quickly."

"Did you hear that?"

"Yes. We're on them. A few air to ground missiles will wrap the ground conflict up.

Before I can even reply, one of our fighters streaks overhead and prepares to drop the rogue would be assassins. Yal-hune is already running northwest towards the gorge. "Come on. Your helicopter will be there by the time we arrive."

Explosions behind us indicate that our planes have been successful.

Suddenly I realize I have been feeling fear and anxiety all morning since just before we left. I wonder why, since I am still in Yal-hune's presence her influence has not affected me.

"I have pulled in my consciousness so that you are free of my influence. You must realize that if I were to constantly shield you from these obsessions and influences you would grow weaker. You must learn to build up your own immunity and strength of consciousness. That is why I have not interfered since you pulled your conveyance from its storage facility."

"Be honest...why did you pick me?"

"Because you were the logical choice. You understand the universe, to a greater extant than most, and you have already experienced telepathy with an alien 'extra-terrestrial' from a more advanced world. Less than 115 in a billion have any actual contact with extraterrestrials on this world. Less than 10 in a billion have the development and psychic structures to support such an encounter and not be harmed or have their evolutionary course altered. That you worked with extraterrestrials for your government in a clandestine capacity made you the choice."

"The new administration has no clue about the extraterrestrial programs the US operated. Once the administration changed, those programs went private or underground. Our nation, as you must know, is very schizoid. It is a selfish place where politicians serve themselves and where the unknown is a threat or a tool to have one up on the other guy."

My legs are tired but we are almost there. I see a helicopter landing 300 yards ahead.

"Climb aboard! Let's get you two back to Shamballa. It's good to see you again sir."

The pressurized door seals and the whirring motor propels the blades ever faster and we begin to ascend.

Beep. Beep.

"Tech1 here."

"Tech1 it's Cheney. I've given Odin the information and he is rather hesitant to get involved. I'm afraid you're on your own. I know someone who can get through at the Agency and see if we can work something out. Get her hidden Tech - hidden well. As long as you have her and they don't know where, you have a point of bargaining. Otherwise they will keep coming after you."

"My house was bugged. One of my neighbors was a plant."

"Join the club. You think my house isn't bugged? I have no private life. I haven't had any for 8 years. Once you lose anonymity you NEVER get it back. At least at Shamballa you'll be able to see them coming. I want to meet her sometime soon. Once you get her settled in. Level 7?"

"She's incredible. You'll see. She can fly and that's the least of her abilities."

"Get her safe. I'll call later with an update on my negotiations.

"You heard?"

"Every thought. He trusts you implicitly. He envies you as well."

"Envies me?"

"Yes. Not everyone on your world gets to hang with pink skinned aliens that can fly."

"If I asked you to shield me from the obsessions, would you?"

"No. I told you why. Tune in on ME. Strengthen your consciousness! YOU can do it. You know what it feels like. You must build your mental strength and then you will make all your decisions with your real consciousness, not just suggestions planted there by entities who want to use you and wish you harm. This entire violent escapade was completely avoidable. We simply could have teleported away from your house."

"You should have reminded me!"

"No, this is your world. You still have to make your own decisions and think up your own solutions."

As the pilot sets down, I suddenly consciously realize he's been ogling Yal-hune the entire flight.

I speak into her mind. "You see Yal-hune, you better get used to the male Pavlovian response to your presence."

She smiles at me, but I realize she is deep in thought regarding what has transpired today. It is one thing to study ignorance from afar, it is yet another to live through it.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Susan Schulten's Obama, Lincoln & Dewey.

I'm passing the time reading Susan Schulten's essay on Obama, Lincoln & Dewey from the Denver University Law Review.* It's painstakingly well thought out and uses an expert knowledge of American history to draw up the similarities and discrepancies between popular comparison of Presidents Obama and Lincoln. It was written around the time of the inauguration and is an enjoyable read.

In a nutshell, it stresses the shared optimism of Obama and Lincoln and their views that the Union can always stand improvement. She carefully avoids anything really controversial in her analysis and Ms. Schulten doesn't make any predictions as to whether or not Obama will govern successfully. As a historian she remains impartial. Good for her. Of course, such predictions would depend greatly on just what is defined as successful. And for concerned citizens certain actions of their President and Congress become of paramount concern and they cannot afford the luxury of impartiality.

For many bureaucrats and politicians success in governing is viewed as isolating and consolidating power from the private world into the hands of the government. Each step that consolidates power thus has been hailed as beneficial.

In this vein, we need not worry whether or not Obama is worthy of comparison to Lincoln. We need fear that he governs in the manner of Roosevelt.

Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal is the model we are now dangerously following. While Roosevelt needed to threaten an aging Supreme Court with new laws that would limit Justice age, to get his unconstitutional programs rubber stamped, Obama has no need for such. He has had the latest Justice greased into the Supreme Court with ease. Obama, since his campaign, has courted the growing ethnic minorities in America and with Sotomayor's appointment he continues this pandering in much the same way Roosevelt courted the poor and unemployed with his New Deal.

It's very easy to appeal to the lowest common denominator of the masses. It's easier still to attempt to transfer the responsibility for health care to government control and call this an improvement and a great humanitarian victory. Unfortunately, we must broach the ever-unpopular question of the role and size of government in human affairs.

At any given moment, we must obey millions of laws. City, County, State and Federal laws govern our existence. Whether we dress or undress, how fast we can drive, how far we must build a swimming pool from a wall and countless other large and small rules we must follow and obey - or be punished for not obeying. The punishment for disobeying the government ranges from fines to incarceration and even includes execution. We live on a world where we are born into a nation which immediately limits our freedom. While this is hailed as the most free nation on Earth - every single day politicians and bureaucrats enact more laws, consolidate more power and take away human freedom.

So here we are awaiting the attempted passage of health care reform as promoted by President Obama. The sword of Damocles hangs over us all as we await for congressional fiat to claim this human activity as their domain. And what is next? Once the big pharmaceuticals shack up with the government and the medical industry 'socializes' and modifies its structure to feed off of the taxpayer funded government, we can watch as our freedom of choice erodes and the quality of health care drops dramatically as care is spread evenly over the nation like butter on bread.

The poor masses have always willingly sacrificed freedom for protection or freedom for food. History is replete with examples of how quickly freedom takes a backseat to survival. While it is popular to believe our nation was founded on the "I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!" rallying cry of Patrick Henry in his 1775 speech, the reality is that the masses almost always throw liberty overboard gagged and bound if their lives are threatened or even diminished in some way.

The more one studies history the more one realizes that our nation has taken great strides away from the value of individual liberty. We are constantly bombarded with propaganda from the government that they are the only panacea for all individual ailments. We must hand over our health care to the government - they know best. Our educational systems have been tilted so that they have always come down in favor of government control over individual choice. It is easy to see that smoking is hazardous to people's health. It is another thing to tear the cigarettes out of their hands or make it illegal to smoke. It easy to see that people should moderate their caloric consumption. It is another thing to make it illegal for people to consume more than their optimum amount. These are the choices we must look at if we are to remain a free people. There is a fine line between encouraging people to do what is in their best interests and robbing them of their freedom.

We are already waging a losing battle. The evolving US demographics paint the prospects of a nation pleading for more services at the expense of freedom. Minimum wage and Social Security were Roosevelt's benevolent burden - a poison pill wrapped up with a sugar coating. Obama wants his legacy to be socialized medicine - aka health care "reform" and the subsidizing of our largest industries with taxpayer dollars. We are helpless bystanders watching our nation's wealth producing capacity being shackled down with government controls. And what is the result? Already Social Security is bankrupting the nation. How will we pay seniors, give health care to everyone for free - including illegal aliens - and expect to do this when our wealth generation, which funds the government, is decreasing?

Susan Schulten's essay and expert knowledge of the Civil War era and Lincoln might end up being much more poignant in years ahead. Obama might very well be cast into the role of a modern day Lincoln if the nation becomes much more divided among those who seek a more socialist United States and those who seek to retain the balance in favor of individual liberty.

My fear is that the nation's services will implode. The dollar will go into free-fall and health care services will slow to below a crawl and then collapse under the burdens imposed upon them by the government, payment to seniors will stop and a crisis unlike any we have ever seen emerges needlessly - simply because people failed to understand that the government is not good at running services, is not the creator of US wealth and that empowering the government endlessly leads to the bankruptcy and poverty found in the former Soviet Union. The Reds had free health care too. The car factories were owned by the government. Surprisingly, all the benevolent "good for the masses" rhetoric the Russian schools indoctrinated their youth to wholeheartedly believe was in their best interests didn't pan out into reality. The early twentieth century offers countless lessons for astute historians to observe, learn and warn others about.

History is a many faceted gem that can be viewed in many ways. Each perspective is real and valid. The more perspective one has into the past, the better armed one is to avoid the pitfalls and partake of the pleasures. As citizens, each of us has a responsibility to attempt to broaden our horizons and see the consequences of actions. When we do this, we often see that what many claim "needs to be done for the greatest good" is only really good for those who make such claims.

*Schulten, Susan.(2009). Obama, Lincoln & Dewey. Vol. 86 Denver University Law Review

Friday, August 14, 2009

Of Bureaucrats & Health Care

Anyone notice the US MAIL has gotten slower and less competent in just the past two months?

Mail not delivered.
Shortages of manpower keep mail in US Post Offices longer.
Notifications, etc. delayed or omitted entirely.
Delivery speed not being met.

This is how the government runs big systems on a cutback. They fail.

Who is ignorant or delusional enough to believe that health care will not be run the EXACT SAME WAY or WORSE?

These are the folks you don't want to be in charge of anything. Bureaucrats are by default lazy. It's not opinion - it's fact. The bureaucrat career path is the less able person's path to a steady income. Every agency, every single one, is thus staffed and all over the nation bureaucracy leads to incompetence, mismanagement, slowdowns and the most obvious trademark - waste.

It's bad enough that the private sector health care has been infiltrated by bureaucracy. Handing it over to bureaucrats lock, stock and barrel is like watching mindless lemmings hurl themselves off the cliffs into the sea - no thought is involved only the mindless following the mindless.

The reward "free" health care.

The left say the rights position is "Don't get sick" and this is demonized as uncaring. But the painful truth no one wants to hear is that LOTS of sickness IS avoidable.

Considering 90 percent of health treatment in America is due to obesity, smoking, drinking and other "lifestyle choices" that have severe health ramifications, maybe its time to start following that advice.

Our health care system is clogged due to poor lifestyle choices and illegals filling up our emergency rooms. In this area, more than half the hospital patient load is illegal. Non-citizens receiving free health care at the expense of the citizenry.

The bureaucrats have made sure these people can't be turned away and so the problem gets worse and citizens are the ones robbed of their treatment and access to health care.



YOU DIDN'T REPEAT IT... SO you hear it again and I'm going to SHOUT AGAIN:


It's not "greedy" insurance companies, not "selfish" doctors, not mean, rich capitalists hoarding the quality service for themselves.

It's bad laws that cripple our hospitals, throw trillions of dollars of DEBT at them, forcing them to milk the various insurance companies to make up for it. As a result of bad laws every insured patient is now given unnecessary tests. Yes, tests are now the staple of revenue. Not treatment, not cures, merely TESTS & DRUGS.

Sonograms, blood work, stool tests, mammograms, specialized tests for everything under the sun. Tests=revenue from insurance companies.

So now the insurance companies get the bills for all these tests and what do they do? Naturally, they hike premiums for everyone and make policies with more limitations. They have to carry all the nations' hospitals' debt - they get to be the bad guys in the less educated public's eyes.

And who started it all? Who crippled the system? Who made healthcare treatment slower and worse?

The GOVERNMENT and its bureaucrats!

We can look forward to more of the same. Doctors already are now forced to see each patient as a series of tests & drugs. That's it. Every patient that passes through their doors is scheduled for tests. And depending on the results, then the expensive drugs or other costly treatments are issued. That's "health care" on Earth right now - and its abysmal - and not in the patients best interests. It serves the pharmaceutical companies and attempts to compensate for existing governmental interference in how health care services are provided.

Not getting sick is a good idea. If you smoke, drink, overeat or take 'recreational' drugs - stop - now.

If you expect a doctor to cure you. Think again. You cure yourself. You have always cured yourself.

We have free health care right now - the very best in the world. It's called our own mind and our cells' built in immune system encoded in our evolving DNA. Both work together to cure ALL illnesses.

Use both and be healthy.


Sunday, August 09, 2009

Women. All Over the Universe - All the Same.

The morning is beautiful. The desert skies are clear and as I gaze out my picture window at the vast wastes of arid land, I realize my couch is actually pretty comfortable for sleeping.

Was it a dream? Did I simply fall asleep on my couch and dream I had encountered an extraterrestrial craft in the desert while stargazing? Is an extraterrestrial woman named Yal-hune really in my bed, spending her 1st night on Earth under 300 thread count Ralph Lauren striped sheets? I realize my mind has returned somewhat to normal. All the insecurities and fears are back with a vengeance. What does she think of me? Does my mind measure up? Is she humoring me? What am I going to do about the CIA spook sent by Obama who is keeping tabs on me down the street?

"Good morning!"

Yal-hune is in my mind and she has just awoken. I can see out of her eyes as she looks around the room, even though I am downstairs. All the insecurities vanish.

"Those were your thoughts interfaced with astral entities. When I was still asleep I was not oscillating as strongly with you and they could much easier breach your defenses. One of the first things I want to do, with your permission of course, is help you identify these astral influences. You need your own mind back...and not just when I am around. You need to be able to be free of influence all the time."

"There are some clothes in the closet to your right, kept here for Shayla. They might be just a little short, but until we get you a new wardrobe, they will have to do."

"Thanks. We can go shopping later. First things first."

She puts on an outfit and comes down the stairs looking like an angel.

"I am going to free you. You will be the first human to see truly."

She sits next to me on the couch and looks around. She sees things I don't. She is looking into a wider spectra.

"Yes. precisely. I am going to relay to you what I see now. First a little protection in the form of a mental shield to filter some of the signals you will receive which may shock you."

She looks around the house. By the plasma television are a group of people all staring blankly at the screen even though it is not on. Several are walking to it and switching it on again and again, like they don't quite know what they are doing. They look human, but creepy - like somehow subhuman.

By the refrigerator are a dozen or more people opening and closing the refrigerator door and looking inside. The refrigerator isn't really opening, but they move and stare inside as though it does.

In various rooms are other people, sitting, laughing, screaming and eating. They are all oblivious to each other and do not acknowledge anyone else.

"These are dislocated discarnate entities - ghosts is a popular term used on Earth. They are all over the Earth. They are in almost every home, can be found almost everywhere. These beings act as parasites on humanity. They interfere with your will and your thoughts. They make people eat when they are not hungry, they foster fear and insecurity and they are responsible for many fights. You must learn to recognize them when they interface within your own mind."

"That is just one adjoining lower portion of the spectra. The further one descends, one realizes that a good number of other beings, no longer even resembling humanity exist. They are formed by human emotions and are the waste products of mental processes. Yes, your mind produces waste, just as your body does. Lower emotions create particularly large waste byproducts. These thoughts send out a signal and attract similar thoughts. Eventually these thought tumbleweeds drift on and influence the minds of others where more stray energy is added unto them. Identifying them as they enter your consciousness is easy, as they generate strong, inexplicable emotion that is very narrow in its focus. Emotions such as anger, sorrow, self-pity, greed, lust, fear, etcetera."

"Humanity is the victim of its own mental pollution that goes around far thicker than the smog of a factory or the byproduct of combustion. Human smog is everywhere humans are. The cities are covered by a thick layer of this smog and its many components. When worlds advance sufficiently they become aware of their mental byproducts and the populace are educated to protect themselves from influence. Earth still has no idea that their thoughts and actions are largely motivated by forces outside their own consciousness and that this influence has slowed their evolutionary and societal development to a near standstill."

I know what she says is true, yet hearing it from her and seeing examples right here in my own home is a wake-up call. I make a mental note to redouble my efforts in remaining clear of influence. Suddenly I feel Yal-hune's lips on mine. She gives me a kiss that awakens every nerve in my body. She moves back and smiles.

"What was that for?"

"That was just a reminder. Every time you now think of that kiss, you will think of redoubling your efforts to maintain a clear consciousness. Its merely positive reinforcement. Your human Pavlov had the right idea, he just never applied it to things of consequence."

She's right. The thought and kiss are now merged together. I find it strange that beings from a world so far from Earth can look so human and kiss just like humans - only much better.

"It's not so strange at all. Energy is polar. It expresses as waves with a dual nature. All living beings must also express with polarity. This manifests as duality. Duality of limbs, brain hemispheres, visual organs, reproductive organs, auditory organs and so forth - including two lips. There are an infinite number of forms advanced intelligence can take, but while in the physical galaxy, the forms that develop express this duality and so biped structures are dominant. Two legs are far more common than you might imagine. Kissing is not as important on our world, because we can bypass sensory organs such as lips and stimulate the centers of the brain directly with our thoughts. Humanity will do this eventually as well."

I smile. She is thinking about her world and she is soaring over the cities again. I can see it through her eyes as vividly as if I were there. I keep forgetting she can fly. I wonder if she could teach me to do that.

"That would be an advanced lesson. Let's start with the basics and build from there. Your atomic structures, and subsequently your cellular structures, are not as sophisticated as those found on my world and although it is possible, it becomes significantly more difficult. If you started flying you would also make yourself a big target. Others would desperately desire to obtain your secret and they would never believe it is a mental process rather than a biological one. For this reason I will not be flying here, on Earth either. It is easier for others to relate to me when I live more human like. And on that note...let's go shopping shall we?"

Women. All over the universe - all the same.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sleeping with Supergirl

NOTE TO READERS: Read "I am not alone" [pt.1] & "Move Over Green Lantern" [pt.2]& "Back to the Bentley Turbo R" [pt.3] & Living With a Real Life Barbie or is That Midge?" [pt.4] & McDonald's, Jack in the Box, Wendy's, Burger King but not Taco Bell. [pt.5] before reading this segment!

Yal-hune looks around my home. She looks at the custom birch bookshelves and the books upon them. She picks up a volume from the 100 year old set of the Encyclopaedia Britannica New Wernher Edition. She begins to flip through the pages and read from them. I realize she has never held a book in her hands before.

"I have seen them on the viewers many times but I have always wanted to hold one in my hands. These will not be around much longer. You would be surprised at how few humans actually read books anymore."

"I know."

She stands there looking absolutely incredible. Seeing this vision inside my home makes me feel somewhat like the poor fisherman from the Arabian Nights. The genie is out of the bottle and all my wishes are coming true.

"Are you still trying to prove Sigmund Freud was on to something?"

She smiles. Her eyes beam. She places the book back in the shelf and approaches me very closely. My eyes are locked with hers and I cannot turn them away. She lifts her right hand up and her fingers brush first across my lips as she places her fingertips in a small circle on my forehead.

"I am going to give you a gift."

She is shielding her thoughts from me, quite easily too I might add, and I am left wondering what she means. Suddenly I start to feel her reaching inside my mind.

"I am going to oscillate with you. Otherwise your mind will be distracted and our time will be less productive."

I see what accompanies reproduction on their world. I see couples sharing mind and oscillating all over her world. Their thoughts intertwining around each other and giving birth to shared thoughts and feelings. Feelings that alone neither could create, but when merged in consciousness, take form.

Her thoughts dance in my mind they grab my own and dance with them. They merge and join and her experiences, dreams, joys and accomplishments are suddenly my own. It is euphoric, but euphoria seems senseless compared to this. This is a meaningful euphoria and it just keeps growing in strength. I am her and she is me. We are joined and I see life as I never imagined it could be. I see meaning and depth to life that is beyond anything I ever in my wildest dreams expected to be able to feel, perceive and understand. I can feel my body begin to shake. It can't handle the neurological fireworks going off in my mind at this moment. It's far beyond pleasure - it's an entirely new emotional state that is completely foreign to the human race.

I realize Yal-hune is pressed up against me now, I feel her warm body and bosom pressed against my chest. Her fingertips are still placed on my forehead. And I see a green glow around her - and me as well. She presses her lips against mine and another violent shiver of complete ecstasy runs through my body. I feel like I love every atom in her body. Every thought in her mind. She is as close as I am to myself - and actually closer. Time has stopped. I can't tell if a week has passed, a day, a month or even a century. My whole body feels like it is exploding, reforming and exploding again. It's doing this at an incredible rate. I see a million worlds and as many galaxies. We see into infinity as one. It's almost too beautiful, wonderful and magnificent to handle.

I find myself on the floor, Yal-hune is cradling my head in her arms and kneeling beside me. I feel her warm pink hued skin pressed against my face.

"What happened?"

"Your body could not handle the full oscillation and you passed out."

"How much time elapsed?"

"We were joined for about 3 seconds."

"That's all? It felt like we were together for...I don't know...years maybe for sure a week! How long is a joining supposed to last?"

"A few minutes or so, it depends upon the couple and their harmonic convergence patterns."

My whole body and mind are renewed. I am thinking faster, and the more complex patterns are becoming coherent. And she was right. I no longer think about sexual relations with her. She is a part of me now and I feel her with each breath.

"Tell me something...can you fly?"

"Yes,my molecular weight is variable and I can adjust it so that I am lighter than the air of this world. It's similar to the process used for teleportation. Why do you ask?"

"I don't know, I think this is what it must feel like sleeping with Supergirl - only far, far, better."

Sunday, August 02, 2009

McDonald's, Jack in the Box, Wendy's, Burger King but not Taco Bell.

NOTE TO READERS: Read "I am not alone" [pt.1] & "Move Over Green Lantern" [pt.2]& "Back to the Bentley Turbo R" [pt.3] & Living With a Real Life Barbie or is That Midge?" [pt.4] before reading this segment!

I arrive with Yal-hune back towards the city and the glow of the city's lights over the horizon beckon.

I am driving with an alien from another planet who has been on Earth all of 45 minutes or thereabouts and knows more about this world than any of its lifelong residents. She is looking with interest out of the astroroof and also absorbing the dry desert scenery. Her mind is magnificent and being beside her is perhaps the most wonderful spot to be on Earth at this moment - and I am fully cognizant of this fact. Had I known I would be hauling an interplanetary ambassador around I would have vacuumed the car first. There is an old hardened fry I spot fallen between the seats that could be from McDonald's, Jack-in-the-box, Wendy's, Burger King but not Taco Bell. Who knows how long it has been there. Not standard equipment in a Bentley, but similar petrified fries can probably be found in most vehicles in America.

Yal-hune has dampened any emotions such as embarrassment and so I merely note the fry and will remove it. It suddenly strikes me funny. Here I am with a topless alien dignatary and I am focused on a dried out french fry. In all the universe, of all the questions I should be asking, thoughts I should be thinking - an old fry has trumped them all.

Yal-hune laughs. "You are uptight. Relax. Chill out."

It is now my turn to laugh. Hearing her tell me to relax and chill out with perfect intonation and attitude is amusing.

"I told you I am conversant in all languages. That includes all popular slang and even obscure dialects."

"That must come in handy for an ambassador. Have you seen Star Trek?"

"Yes, I have access to all television, radio and motion picture libraries on Earth."

"I was just thinking you are a lot more appealing than the pompous Ambassador Fox and have a much better bedside manner."

"Star Trek is one of the most productive entertainment shows of this world. It has done more to open up minds to space travel and alien life than any other. Many worlds have seen Star Trek and smiled at how a world with an embryonic space program views extraterrestrial life and civilizations."

"What is the basic appraisal of Earth? Why send an ambassador to this world at this time? What exactly do you intend to accomplish while here?"

"We will have lots of time to discuss these things. Earth is viewed as most elemental worlds are viewed - a nice place to study from afar, but you wouldn't want to live there. Here, let me show you."

She is in my mind again and I feel the feelings she has described. They make it completely real and unmistakable. They are objective but not biased. They realize the circumstances here and see Earth's place in a much larger evolutionary framework. Just as we look at animals and do not accuse them or look down upon them, they see other sentient souls and understand they exist in a broad spectra as they evolve. And unlike our attitude towards the animals, there is no sense of superiority in their minds - only recognition of different placement.

We pull up into the crescent drive way and for the first time I realize she has no luggage or anything at all, besides her garment and hope she will be ok without.

"I will be fine." she says into my mind and her appreciation at my concern is so deep and real. She makes each thought a treasure and more meaningful. She may be devoid of the lower emotions, but they have been replaced by a deeper feeling and understanding with all the rest. A throwaway thought for her is like an incredibly powerful thought for someone on Earth.

She steps out of the car and I am again struck by her height, beauty, grace and presence. I am the luckiest man in the world. I could not have imagined this. All those who wish for riches, fame and fortune have never met Yal-hune and shared mind with her.

For the 1st time, as I walk up the flagstone walk to unlock the door, I think about the governmental ramifications. I wonder if the SDAI satellite array picked up the craft and reported it to Washington. I wonder if a satellite has been dedicated to me and Yal-hune since the craft departed. I wonder if my neighborhood will soon be crawling with agents from domestic and international agencies hellbent on kidnapping Yal-hune. I don't fear any of this, as I can't fear when I am with Yal-hune. She has made me truly fearless and I thank her, however the potential scenarios still need to be contemplated and a plan of action prepared.

"It will be fine. I can detect all hostile intent in an area. I can detect the thoughts of those who seek to do either of us harm. And I am quite capable of neutralizing all negative intent. Your agencies are unaware of my presence. A distortion field has been up since our craft entered the Earth's atmosphere. We could be neither photographed or tracked with your existing technolgy. Incidentally, your neighbor living down the street works for an intelligence agency and has been paid to keep tabs on you."

She shares with me what she has seen in her mind. It concerns me that I have been under surveillance for the past six months since Obama entered office, but no fear. Her mind shows me who tasked him and what agency he works for. It then shows me his boss and how I came under surveillance - because my name was mentioned in a batch of classified Executive Orders of former President Bush that had been obtained and compromised by an official trying to score position and brownie points with the new administration.

Yal-hune is not averse to showing me much more. She shows me how she views the whole affair and how unintelligent espionage is. I am inclined to agree with her.

I get the door open and she walks inside. The sensors click on the lights automatically. I close and lock the door. The state of, what amounts to, a type mental euphoria has not ebbed and I wonder if it will last for as long as I am near her. I realize I love her. I love everything about her and I want to spend the rest of my life learning alongside her. I suspect she would have the same affect on any man and wonder what it will be like for her to be surrounded by such adoration and desire.

She walks over to me. Her eyes gaze into my own and she shows me exactly how it feels. She loves me too. It is not a personal love. It is an advanced form of compassion. On her world love is much more common. It exists between all inhabitants to some degree. Love on her world is not just reserved for one's mate and she shows me that the mating and courtship process on her world is not like ours. What would be frightening, if Yal-hune were not here, is the realization that even their impersonal love is a deeper, truer love than almost all Earth loves.

She loves everyone on Earth even more than their families and spouses love them.

She looks at me and laughs, "Do you sleep on the couch, or shall I?"