Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Defense Against the Dark Arts - Part 2

Now that we have covered just what darkness is and how to counter darkness with light - based upon the polarity bias of your thoughts. We will be able to go into practical usage and the methods by which you can obtain this Mastership of Light.

My purpose here is two-fold. My bosses are Masters of Light. They taught me everything I know. I, likewise, have responsibility to others to share this knowledge and also to put it to use in ironing out my own very real imbalances. The trips to "The Room" are quite real as is all that is conveyed in these dissertations. I have certain responsibilities and part of my job is to counter darkness here on Earth. To do this I need to awaken those of you, who are at that point in your evolutionary development where the stuff I relate here - makes sense. This is because this is really not new to you. It may be new in this life, but between lives you have already attended certain classes and learned most, if not all, of that which I relate. Reading it here only repolarizes this knowledge in your physical consciousness. The knowledge already resides in your quantized field of energy which comprises your "soul" and which portions function in higher spectra without the need of a physical body at all to think, learn and experience.

I share this at Christmas time to help offset some of the millennia-old misconcepts and paganism which chain man to religious effigies and escape mechanisms.

So now that that is cleared up, we can continue into the practical usage of this knowledge and how to take a hands on effort in your immortal personal evolution.

Every day of your life you encounter various individuals, symbols and ideosophies. Your relationships at home, with your family and in school or at work all exist, in reality, as a complex sea of energy waveform relationships. These waves manifest with frequency, shape, subharmonic structures, etc. Relationships, thoughts and feelings are all scientific relationships. This sounds odd and perhaps at first even somewhat distasteful. Feelings and emotions shouldn't be in the realm of science, or at least that is what we often feel when we first encounter such a statement. But it is true, nevertheless. Good/evil, happiness/unhappiness, interest/disinterest, like/dislike, love/hate and all the rest which we FEEL are all governed by these waveforms we have accumulated and their scientific reaction to new experiences, people and things. In fact, we are pulled and our placement at any given time is the byproduct of these scientific reactions.

Where you are today, at this very moment, is not an accident. It is not fate. It is not random. It is the byproduct of an infinite number of oscillatory movements of energy which govern the way you use your body, think and react.

Realizing this will be one of the most important things you can ever learn.

Because now you will be able to better control your destiny, experiences and direction in life. By changing YOU, you change the way the rest of the universe interfaces with you. You cannot change the universe, only yourself. The planet does not move when you want to get out of bed, you must extend the thought.

Yes - a simple thought is what gets you out of bed. Your body is only a lowly slave to your thoughts. Each thought has immense power. Each thought is not temporal - but it is eternal. It oscillates with your field and regenerates its own little loop of energy. It creates a wavetrain. These thoughts may be imbalanced. A hate thought for example is very imbalanced. All your hates are oscillating in little wavetrain loops on your quantized field. Every time you reinforce this hate or bias this loop gets a little more powerful and has more energy imparted unto it.

You cannot change the thoughts you have already had. You can only balance them with new thoughts.

A wavetrain grown all out of proportion to the rest will dominate your life. If you collect stamps, and think of stamps all the time, how much you love them, enjoy looking at them and seeking out new additions for your collection, all these thoughts will start to spill over and influence all your other stored wavetrains. Soon you will view almost everything in regards to stamps, your collection, etcetera. Your time online may gravitate to stamp sites, etcetera. Everyone has these dominating wavetrains to some degree, even though 99.999% do not understand them or realize how they dominate their thinking processes.

This is how addictions are formed. It can be music, sex, food, drugs, smokes, gambling, online gaming or an infinite number of other things. Anything which loses balance and starts to dominate your consciousness actually becomes evil. Here we see that imbalanced positive biases can also be destructive. We learn that BOTH strong negative biases and positive biases need to be addressed and balanced - not merely the negative ones.

This is important too. The Dark forces use peoples' "loves" just as effectively as they use their "hates". They seek imbalance.


Good question.

Because an imbalanced positive wave means it is accompanied by an imbalanced negative waveform.

If you LOVE online gaming you will HATE being taken away from a game or interrupted. If you LOVE food, you will HATE it when food is denied you. If you LOVE one actor, you are likely to denigrate others. You see how it works? Positive imbalances are always accompanied by a number of negative imbalances. It's all a package deal - no thought lives in a vacuum.

So now you see it gets much more complex. Not only do we need to watch out for our hates, we need to watch out for our loves as well, because these will often conceal and form other hates. More properly, we need to always try to minimize imbalance.

So we have all these wavetrains looping around, regenerating themselves. They remanifest into our lives and each create certain cycles, which will recur from birth to death and, yes, from life to life.

As a Master of Light, you will learn to address all that you are and seek to balance all that is within you. You will iron out negative imbalances and positive ones as well - always seek to leave a slight positive bias. This positive bias will keep you progressing for all eternity. One can never achieve total balance. If we could, we would cease to exist because we would have no drive whatsoever. All our drive and initiative, desires, etc are spurred by our biases. So we need a certain amount of bias in our lives.

That's all for today...and more than enough to contemplate and review. The next lesson will be another curtain don't miss it!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Everyone who reads this particular blog entry will have need of it. So stop for a second and take note. This is not an accident, chance or random internet surfing that brought you to this page. What you read over the next few minutes will be of great use to you now and in your future.

In this entry, I am going to discuss the defense against the dark arts. Yes, the Harry Potter franchise has popularized this particular phrase and yet real life is much stranger than fiction, and what you will learn here today will be infinitely more valuable to you than the fictional wand incantations taught to aspiring wizards.

Light and dark are two sides of the same coin. Because we live in an infinite universe of energy which expresses with polarity - all events, all things, all people and each thought you take now expresses with a positive/negative relationship to all other things - both within you and outside of yourself. To defend yourself against the dark forces you must first understand exactly what darkness is. Darkness is made of the same stuff of Light - energy. A dark force has polarized negative experiences and the wave forms which comprise them are biased towards the negative polarity.

Once again: Darkness is energy polarized to a negative pole when juxtaposed against similar positively biased waves.

The universe, as a result, is in perfect balance at all times. From any position you will ever find yourself, now or in any future life, there will lie energy of infinite sums both positively and negatively biased to all that you are.

All that you are is a sum of energy. Yes you are ENERGY. All energy cannot be destroyed or created, it merely changes form.

You are evolving.

Every moment, each thought, each experience changes what you are. It changes the wave forms which comprise you. If you lose your wallet or purse, that is biased as negative. To you it represents a form of evil, darkness, something bad or merely unfortunate. This is the illusion we are going to shatter today.

Evil exists in your life only when you permit it to.

Any experience, happening event, or person can NEVER by themselves be evil, dark or negative. They need a CONTRASTING form of energy to RELATE to.

Darkness is not darkness, until something more light arrives on the scene. Hell worlds, demon playgrounds do not seem negative to those who are oscillating at this level and comprised of energy. They are completely ignorant of their own darkness. This is a very important point to remember.

All evil is generally ignorant of their evil. Every act which betrays the ignorance which spawned it can be considered evil. The bully at school, the person who embraces hatred, the violent and destructive, generally never are intelligent enough to see their actions in perspective. They find their actions necessary, and likely even good, while others find them evil. Yes, all the demons, dark forces and devils of the lower spectra think they are justified in their actions. They do not see themselves as someone more evolved does.

On this world, and at this time, you will likely never encounter true evil and will instead encounter manifestations of human ignorance, fear and insecurity. True evil requires the development of a certain level of consciousness that then falls or descends. Fallen angels are very real. A man with a club can beat someone, but a man with an atom bomb can take out millions of people.

Dark forces and the dark arts are practiced by such fallen souls. They had at one time developed to a certain level in their personal evolution from life to life and from spectra to spectra and then they lost their equilibrium and their fundamental positive bias. At this point everything they learned about energy, they use for destructive, selfish ends. And this can be quite considerable.

All the horror books, films, scary stuff, violent video games, etcetera are the manifestations of these dark forces efforts. This world is like an enormous kindergarten classroom and the dark forces are trying to recruit new members among the unsuspecting children.

To defend yourself against such dark arts, you must realize that the dark forces goal is to turn the sum of your wave forms into negatively biased waves. They want you to be exposed to violence, death, fear, hate, pain, jealousy, greed, etc. The mass media today act as tools of these dark ones. Their tentacles create such shows as Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean and other negatively inspired tools used to create darkness in the minds of the masses.

So to defend yourself against darkness you must use Light. You, who read this here today will become Masters of Light. You will become at one with the infinite and will never be able to be harmed by darkness. Light will become your shield and your sword. You will need no incantations or wands. You will direct and control this Light with your mind. You will become a luminous orb of light, blinding all darkness and when they contact you their negatively biased waveforms will be balanced.

This is very important. Once you realize that darkness no longer can harm you and, in fact, only dark forces fear, then you will never be afraid again. You will be able to stand up to all things less positive and with your positive state of mind will master and neutralize the negative that comes into contact with you.

This will not be an easy task. Because everything that you are presently comprised of will have varying degrees of imbalanced waves. All your dislikes, fears, hates, jealousies and resentments will need to be balanced. Because these will be the doorways by which the dark forces will try and take you down.

Once you pursue this path of light - be warned - the dark forces will notice you. Like moths to the flame, those who walk in halos of light are hard to miss. So you will be tested, and mastery, if you so desire such, will be achieved only after thousands of years and many lifetimes of this due diligence in maintaining a positive consciousness and realigning all that you are towards a positive polarity.

That's all for today's lesson. Most folks could re-read this particular blog entry a thousand times and they would still get benefit and realize new things after the 1001st re-reading.

The Lost Generation

Texting on the fly
Give the Wii one more try
My Blackberry is boss
Give my notebook a toss

EMF all around me
Is it real cause I don't see
Plugged into my box
I may need some detox

Gaming hours and hours
Gotta earn some more powers
I have an avatar
Its unique - like my car

I might need a shower
But from that I do cower
Can't get away
Right here I will stay

Everything's cool
Don't call me a fool
I'm the next generation
Pride of the nation

I can quit anytime
I don't need your bad rhyme
Now leave me alone
Got another text on my phone

Monday, December 17, 2007

Start Purchasing Incandescent Bulbs.

Incandescent bulbs under assault

They will be hot commodities in the future. A 200 watt incandescent will sell for 15 dollars, a 100 watt for 12 when 2012 arrives. The GE Reveal light bulb phases out yellow tint with a mineral coating, but the bulbs are made in China and GE is so cheap they haven't had pursued any quality control. The result? About 70% of the bulbs bases are imperfect and don't easily screw into fixtures. When you force screw them repeatedly you slowly destroy the sockets in your fixtures.

Conspiracy? Incompetence? Who knows? With GE it's probably a bit of both.

Fluorescent bulbs emit radio frequencies - they cause a certain amount of physical irritation. Similar to the sort of irritation one experiences when a dog whistle is blown. Some folks can actually hear it, others can't - but it registers with certain centers of the brain nevertheless.

So that leaves these other bulbs. Halogen stuff burns super hot and heats fixtures to the point their paint and components start emitting fumes which are inhaled and unhealthy.

I can't help but believe the lightmakers themselves are behind the push, clandestinely using global warming alarmists as a mask, to generate 10 times more revenue from lighting than they do now.

The reality is, homes and workplaces will be less healthy. The sort of annoying hum of old fluorescents you hear in cheap offices will be everywhere. Eyestrain on everyone will increase because incandescent bulbs provide the most light for the least cost.

This is even worse than the low flush toilets which have actually caused people to waste more water as they flush repeatedly to remove "residue" from the bowl. Sure, it made the toiletmakers and plumbers wealthier for awhile fixing residue clogged pipelines and replacing perfectly fine toilets, but save water? Nothing of the kind.

We are a civilization in decline. When certain technologies are outlawed for greed and unscientific reasons, to the detriment of the health of the masses, we see the beginning of a very bad trend.

Both parties are sellouts and through ignorance, incompetence or greed sell their constituents down the river.

And like global warming, if you point out it's all a fraud, you simply become a target, and the less educated and gullible turn on you doing the bidding of their manipulators - who are controlling them by fear.

Yes, it used to be things were outlawed to protect public health, now things are outlawed at the expense of public health.

Oh well, I guess it's time to start filling a storage unit with 200 watt and 100 watt incandescent bulbs. It'll take the environazis at least till 2030 before they enact house searches for illicit incandescents.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Life After Death Dissertation

In keeping with a trip to the ROOM, It is probably a good time to review what happens after one dies.

Some folks believe in various Gods and others believe there is no hereafter. Whether passing off responsibility for one's future on some "God" or by resolutely denying there is any possible future one can effectively just coast through life awaiting one's death.

Billions will shout "Jesus save me" as they expire and millions will make no plans for any hereafter and ask only that their dust be splashed in an ocean, planted in the garden or some other absurd pure materialist viewpoint.

Both serve as escape mechanisms and both groups are horribly unprepared for what happens when they die.

The lost souls number in the billions and they loiter any of an infinite number of astral dimension that are frequency-related to their previous fundamental frequency.

If all they knew in life was food, sex, smokes and television they will find themselves trying to fulfill these same regenerated thought forms.

All anyone truly is, is thought.

Each thought is eternal because it is composed of energy and radiates as a wave form with a specific shape, frequency, length, subharmonic relationships, etcetera.

The thoughts of an individual from birth to death compose a very tightly knit field of energy. For lack of a better term this is one's mind. These thoughts keep reverberating and regenerating they are you.

When your body dies - your heart stops beating and when to all the material world you are "dead". You are not dead at all. Your fields of consciousness have simply lost the hook up with your brain and the various synaptic centers which were oscillating with electrical impulses and feeding data back and forth between this field.

Yes, the brain is not capable of producing thought. It is merely an electrical relay that collects data from the nervous system and transmits it to this field of energy and likewise relays data from this field into the body. At the moment of conception - this same field created a relationship with the forming fetus and as the fetus grew, the field regenerated and anchored within this forming brain a strong harmonic relationship.

At any time the fundamental field relationship is severed that person is no longer living in the flesh. Many folks with severe brain damage may still have a body that is alive and yet the person is no longer there. In fact, many of these folks effectively experience "soul transference". The brain now oscillating at a different frequency becomes more compatible with one of the many wandering souls in these astral realms. Effectively the body is "possessed". A complete change in personality, body movements, temperament, interests and intellect is the result. This is because the brain does not store thought - brain cells are like tiny cell phones that can call up thought stored in these quantized fields of energy.

So when the body dies this field is released. The field sustains a link with the body and uses it for sensoral data. Without this link, folks can't perceive via the five senses and now must perceive through the field alone.

This seems hard, but physical sight, hearing, touch are wave-based inputs. A developed soul realizes his true body is his field and each of his thoughts develop a sensitivity to other wave forms. A new sight, hearing, touching replaces the old one. The waves that used to be transferred by the human nervous system now must be detected straight from this field, composed of countless thoughts.

So when the newly deceased person thinks of eating, their thoughts now oscillate and detect similar wave frequencies which match that particular thought They may perceive someone is eating and they will oscillate with that person. They will nourish themselves off of this energy.

The younger souls keep trying to do things they did in the physical. It's all they know. Their thoughts which compose their field are all they have to work with and so they will "travel" in a somewhat uncontrolled manner bouncing between these physical desires. Some will hop from bedroom to bedroom possessing and influencing other folks engaged in sexual activity, others will pass from smoker to smoker getting drawing with each of them, others will loiter around refrigerators, and places where food resides and inspire the passersbys to eat even if they weren't even thinking of food.

Yes, the dead become somewhat parasitic if they do not know of what I speak here today. They bounce around and eventually as they influence/oscillate with some fornicating couple - bam - they find themselves in the flesh again, crying as they emerge from the womb. These folks have no control over the process of reincarnation and bounce around from place to place never the wiser when they are reborn.

The older souls have already done this. They picked up wisdom along the way of life and they know the way the land lies and can control their movements when out of the body. They can travel and soon discover there are many worlds and dimensions outside the physical ones. In fact, they realize that there exists a huge spectra and that the physical portions are relatively low and vastly more primitive when compared to the rest. They may attend classes which teach them more of how this universe works. They will learn of energy, frequency relationship, harmonics, regeneration and an infinite number of other principles which govern the universe.

They will be able to pick their parents before returning. They will be able to clearly monitor the lives of whomever they choose and they may even set up specific events so as to further the development of their field and cancel out any distortions in the same.

Yes, they will do this thousands of times. They will direct and orchestrate lifetimes to facilitate their growth. They have seen these other worlds and they know higher worlds are barred to them based upon their fundamental frequency. Yes, these higher worlds and dimensions do not discriminate - but they function as all energy does, from frequency relationship. If one's mind simply shares no compatible wave forms - these places for all intents and purposes are invisible and off limits.

So the young soul may glimpse these higher planes but cannot live within them. They must return to Earth or one of trillions upon trillions of physical worlds that match up with their particular thought field and build up their field with more experience, wisdom, light, love, etcetera.

As their fields grow so do their abilities between lives.

They go from bouncing around like a parasite between emotions and feelings to becoming a dimensional traveler who has homes in many worlds and in many planes of existence. They may at first set up a home like they had on Earth or some other world. They will build it of energy and thought in some new plane. They will manipulate this energy just as the physical man manipulates wood, mortar, glass and metal. Here they can entertain others, live and learn in a similar manner to how they did when living in a physical atomic world.

These planes have elements too. However these elements are not the ones we are familiar with. They are composed of energy oscillating at a vastly different rate and make physical atoms appear as if moving in slow motion. Everywhere one travels in the universe is governed by these scientific principles. There is no place in the universe where magic, mysticism or some other belief governs.

Eventually one's field is balanced in favor of higher forms, experiences and thoughts and one spends proportionately more "time" within these higher planes and the return trips to the physical worlds are less and less. These physical worlds no longer offer the type of learning experiences which foster growth - and, in fact, would now serve to lower and diminish your field.

The Earth and the many other physical worlds you will have called home and spent many lifetimes learning within become distant memories - like recalling your kindergarten class and lessons. You will look up and see that ever brighter, wiser and more infinite worlds still are out of reach.

You may go to "school" and listen to a lesson from some being who would be mistaken for a "God" or "Goddess" were they to appear on the Earth. They will address you directly via your mind and will share kernels of wisdom and useful tools by which you can continue on your never-ending journey to higher planes of existence. Their love and beauty will blind one, and they will come and go in brilliant flashes like the sudden appearance or disappearance of a star on the horizon.

I've sat at the feet of many of these masters and listened to their minds. They have shared with countless others of their experience, wisdom and knowledge that is the only reason why I can share these kernels of knowledge, which are not compatible with physical worlds, here when in the flesh. I promised them I would do so and my promise is now fulfilled.


Whether anything contained herein aids you or not will be up to you.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The ROOM...Yet Again.

The garden is spectacular. Plants and blooms, after millennia upon millennia of evolution create the most magnificent shapes and the air is rich with the pungent delicacies of colorful blooms. The blond haired woman of indescribable beauty, purity and goodness is standing besides a bloom 2 feet across that is stunning, with purple and gold spira-mirabalis patterns and 3300 tiny petals on its perimeter and yet next to her becomes just another flower.

In this spectra knowledge transfer is instantaneous. She knew the bloom had 3300 petals and merely by looking at her and the flower - this knowledge was transferred to my own mind.

"Greetings, again. Thank you for coming to my garden on such short notice. I realize the difficulties of consciousness transference when encased in the mortal, human body. I wanted to show you some of the flowers and fauna, and at the same time explain to you a bit the things you presently need to become more aware of, if you wish to work out some of these heavier karmic payloads you have engendered over the past millennia as our emissaries to the Earth worlds."

"Yes, long before you began working for us, you were working for yourself. Selfishness was the only thing you knew. Like most physical people, self-concern is an inescapable component of their existence. They are concerned about how they come off, how they compare to those around them, how they are viewed by members of the opposite sex and how best to conduct their efforts to ensure their material existence is as pleasant as possible. You were a materialist. You recorded thousands of lives lived in such a manner. Your consciousness was built up of the same material thought patterns and accompanying emotions. You regenerated fear, sadness, loneliness, hate, jealousy and perhaps the worst, the desire to destroy that which you found to be evil."

"After many lifetimes of trial and error, you learned such thoughts and actions did not place you where you wanted to be. You were not satisfied with the comforts of a material existence and sought solace for your soul in more spiritual pursuits. After many lifetimes pursuing one religion after another, only to find yourself as barren as ever, you realized spirituality lay within you. You were seeking for assistance outside yourself, when all you ever needed was already within."

"It was after you had this epiphany and became a more selfless component of infinite intelligence, that you could come and work for us, the administrators for this corner of the multiverse. You asked for employment, and we reviewed your qualifications in much the same manner as an employer would review the qualifications of a new hire on the Earth. We were pleased with the progress you had exhibited and were comforted by your honest desire to assist those still struggling in the material planes. You were assigned the Earth world and your domain includes all time periods of its existence, from its creation to its cataclysmic destruction. You can incarnate in any form you wish, any time period of Earth's history you so choose and attempt aid all those you can."

"So far your efforts have had mixed results. Many souls have indeed been elevated from the Earth because of your gentle prodding and pointing, yet others have been harmed by your efforts, in times when you do not maintain that all-important equilibrium. So here we are in my garden, and you are again refreshed and the worries and concerns of a material nature are completely washed away. You see with that inner eye once again and recover the perspective that is denied in the flesh body."

"The Earth, at the time you a presently engaged with, is undergoing a transformation. The lower forces have redoubled their efforts to counter your messages and to steer more towards the dark paths of selfishness, but you realize that this was to be expected and is, in fact, natural. Each action of energy sets in motion a reaction. Each positive force is accompanied by a negative force. Just as you, and others like you, travel through Earth's history, so do your counterparts who try and turn the Earth into a breeding ground for souls to descend on a pathway to the lower astral dimensions."

"Look here at this plant. It seems similar to the fern plants grown on Earth and yet this plant is fifteen feet tall, has crystal-like, transparent stems and clear leaves with a bluish tint. Yes, I can read your impressions, indeed it is like a huge fountain with graceful arching curves of water streaming down. This plant has several unique properties which it has developed along its evolutionary course. The most profound of which is it's ability to reflect the thoughts of those who pass by it. As a result, when someone stands here their thoughts are made more clear to them and the resulting impression and effect is of a refreshing clarity of mind. Just as on the Earth some plants and animals have a symbiotic relationship, here these plants have evolved to clarify the minds of those who come near it, and at the same time the plant is nourished off of elevated, high frequency thought processes. Yes, in this spectra, as you know, there is no water, only pure energy. The plants pull their sustenance out of the air, and here the air is also simply energy of various types which descends to us from even higher planes of existence, it is, as the Earth character Spock would say, "pure energy" and has energy frequencies within it which would be beyond the present Earth scientists', among whom you work with, comprehension."

"So stand for a moment here and allow your thoughts to mingle among the crystalline stems and flowing leaves. Cast off all those emotion-laced self-interests which one can't help but be engaged with to some degree on the Earth. And allow this energy to flow from your consciousness here to your lower material consciousness. As it does the cells in your physical anatomy are being realigned and stepped up in their fundamental vibration. You will find it ever easier to return here to the Room and this garden whenever you catch yourself being overcome by lower emotions and lower forces."

"Yes, there will be no destruction of the dark forces. They will always exist, and must exist in opposition to that which is light. All that which is "evil" acts as a stepping stone for the formation of "good". Each Angel, Lord, Logoi and Master has achieved a certain degree of mastery over all these lower dominions. They can't ensnare him or her and cannot lower the frequency of their actions. In fact, in the presence of such lower forms of energy, the master actually increase their positive output. Such is the case now with you and the Earth. Those who read this "blog entry" will gain insight into a realm far elevated from their normal Earth life and it will hopefully act to serve and catalyze their own future epiphany and transformation from self based action to more infinitely developed actions."

I turn and look at her, my thoughts an open book and clarified by the plant which seems to change color and hue, with my own thoughts regarding my employer. The plant turns a pinkish-purple hue of the most refined nature. She meets my eyes and once again I am peering into infinity. A unique infinity - her infinite mind. Her mind is so deep, even this body she wears here is just a convenience for my own sake. She is not locked down to any such finite form. Her mind spans galaxies, dimensions and parallel universes. She has touched a trillion trillion souls in her travels and yet still her mind works for, and can infinitely appreciate, the value of each single one.

It is overwhelming. She is overwhelming. Yet her development renders such personal pronouns wholly inadequate.

"Let all those who read your words, know fully well my love goes out to them in the most infinite measure."

And yet, I need not tell my readers that. If they read this blog entry, they already know.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Gore is the Second Coming!

But does Earth really need another Hitler?

The parallels are ominous for anyone really well-versed in history.

A) Self declared champion of crisis.

B) Program present to indoctrinate the youth.

C) Messianic messages and fear mongering.

D) Pre-requisite of global compliance.

E) Ideological purity demanded

F) Portrayed as bringer of Peace.

The awarding of Albert Gore the Nobel Peace Prize alongside with the UN committee studying climate change should cause most literate folks, from all around the world, to start hearing alarm bells ringing. The push to create a new ideological purity is frightening and in this case the new dogma is "human-caused global warming" and demands complete allegiance - or else. Gore has made himself the messiah of this flawed polito-scientific doctrine and his film has become the latest propaganda film to be forced onto a generation of children.

I know, already a large number of left-leaning folks who already fully believe man-made global warming is very real are ready to click the heck away from this sacrilegious blog. And comparing Al Gore to Hitler seems over the top, right? After all Gore just wants to save the people, doesn't he?

As the old saying goes, the path to Hell is paved with good intentions. Hitler did not start off wanting to kill millions of folks, he just fancied himself the messiah who could free Germany from the unfair war reparations the Allies had been collecting from Germany for almost twenty years and which had created a very real, long lasting depression in Germany. So he spoke to the young folk - this was their fight and he was their leader. Changes needed to be made. The old order was going down, and he was doing this for them and with them Sound familiar?

It should. By creating the right conditions for mass-hysteria regarding climate change, Gore has positioned himself in the catbird seat to profit from the inexperience, and relative lack of intelligence of the young and figuratively blackmail the existing governments to go along with his wishes, via a steady program of media and school indoctrination.

"Give us your 10 year olds", reads a Nazi propaganda poster, and not ironically that is the average age of the kids being dragged by their schoolteachers to sit in assemblies and forced to watch "An Inconvenient Truth" all over the USA and in other nations as well.

Germany was doing much the same. The Hitler youth were the good kids who wanted to save the world. And this is important for readers to realize and grasp: they really did believe they were good. The parallel with the many children and adults who want to save the planet is inescapable.

The fanaticism is equally inescapable. Fanatics, as we all had demonstrated for us on 9/11/2001, are quite dangerous. This is because their indoctrination is total and they have no desire, to see any other side or to balance their views. To Al Gore there is no question he now fully believes the planet "needs to be saved". His post-election period of self-hypnosis in hibernation is over and he has emerged as a fully enraged pulpit pounder.

Sure, while his own son is smoking marijuana while speeding through Mission Viejo, California at 100 miles an hour and his wife has a history of mental illness, a rational adult wonders why on Earth he isn't spending his time saving his own family, rather than proselytizing at fund-raisers and accepting academy awards from the echo chamber.

The answer is fairly obvious:

Al Gore is in the midst of a full blown escape mechanism. An escape mechanism is a psychological term and basically it is the mental release performed by folks to keep them from snapping. Almost everyone has an escape mechanism. The guy who doesn't get a promotion and gets passed over by his colleague, goes to the pub after work and gets drunk. That is his escape mechanism. The housewife stressed out by her kids and chores, runs the soap operas in the background. That is her escape mechanism. Al Gore, who lost a drawn out contested presidential election and whose name became synonymous with "sore loser" needed a HUGE escape mechanism to compensate for such an enormous dressing down - and he finally found one: Come hell or high water, he was going to save the planet.

Hitler suffered as a failed artist, his works were derided and was unable to attend an arts academy. His mother died of breast cancer and after a mustard gas attack in WWI suffered temporary blindness and became obsessed, almost hysterical with the idea of "saving Germany".

This became his escape mechanism. Hitler fully believed he was doing good.

Sure, it is hard to be frightened by the icon of Al Gore. If anything his zeal seems somewhat comical and one finds it hard to believe that anyone takes him seriously. However, from my own unique insight of history, I know many folks shared the same feelings about Adolph Hitler when he started to demand changes. And yesterday, after the Nobel committee decided to award Al Gore the "Peace Prize" I suddenly realized it was time to speak up, insert a little speedbump, before history repeats itself unnecessarily.

Millions believe Al Gore should run for President. Hillary Clinton who has craftily turned her nomination into a racist proposition, "the woman or the black man", naturally would be very unhappy if Gore were to run. Gore's far left ideologues constitute the broad outer fringe of her political base.

But Gore has been handed another soap box, a slightly larger one than Hollywood gave him, and he will not fail to stand up and use it. Hillary supporting pundits believe he would not beat Hillary, while others are convinced he would clean her clock.

Hillary is on her own escape mechanism, proving herself a bigger "man" than her philandering husband - and the real "brains" of the two. Whether her escape mechanism, due to her public humiliation, is larger than Gore's is quite in doubt. Hillary may be a lifelong, power-hungry manipulator seeking power and glory, but she clearly does not possess the state of self-hypnosis and fanaticism Gore now possesses and wears like a coat of armor.

So the reality is, Hillary probably would lose to Gore. Gore would hold the puppet strings of the young and uneducated in his hands. The same base Hillary's husband used to ride into office in 1992 after Perot split the GOP vote.

A Gore presidency would be like water to the parched throats of other folks fully engulfed in the "man-made global warming" hysteria and escape mechanism. It would also be music to the ears of foreign nations and foreign corporations; not to mention folks like billionaire George Soros who has long ago vowed to strip America of its wealth and spread it around where he sees fit to place it.

Many reading this blog will share in this escape mechanism. They will fantasize about a world where SUVs are outlawed, where the rich are stripped of their wealth and where no one can show them up or trigger their various sensitive spots and insecurities.

However, none of this truly creates balance and harmony. The warming caused by solar variance will be completely unaffected by the changes made under any treaty or protocol. The dismantling of US industry or of the automotive industry will not change, by even one inch, the size of the ozone holes - which are caused by charged particles following the magnetosphere lines of force to the planet's geomagnetic poles.

So I ring the alarm bell now, before the new laws are enacted, before new lists of forbidden items and chemicals are composed, before the thousands of fines and laws are added to the legislative books in nations all over the world. Before Gore is allowed to target and punish a portion of humanity and make them the scapegoats for the "planet's fever".

I try not to interfere with human history too much. I generally let it unfold and let folks make decisions for themselves. This event, however heralds a well-known (to me anyway) danger point in the progression of human history and technocracy.

I've now done my part with this blog entry.

The rest will be up to all of you.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Immortality Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be - It's More.

Billions of folks through the ages have desired immortality. The idea of having life continue on forever is nearly universal as far as men and women are concerned. Billions more simply seek to preserve youth for as long as possible. They purchase creams, ointments, hormones and vitamins in the quest to fight the clock. In the end, time always wins. The wrinkles and grey hair accumulate and even the richest movie stars and tycoons can't buy youth.

An observant and intelligent person would realize that youth can't be bought. What's more they would learn not to bias the symptoms of aging, as these will only be attracted to one, much like iron filings to a magnet, and aging will be sped up by such negative biases.

Yet we live in a culture which obsesses about youth. Sexualization of girls now starts at age 8 or 9 and is fully made manifest by the time they are 10 or 11. The corporate empire realizes that the best consumer is the one who is still completely immature and can be swayed by the simplest psychologically exploitive commercial.

How many really lame toys have been sold by a hype commercial showing kids excitedly racing to play with said lame toy? Such commercials are always short. Anything more than twenty seconds and the kids might realize it's not that exciting at all, and is, in fact, quite lame. Such toys are bought and played with for about the same amount of time as the commercial.

But the exploitation stuff has been covered sufficiently in other blog entries. Today's topic is immortality.

Being an immortal requires a completely different lifestyle. Immortals don't follow trends. They've seen civilizations come and go and watched as people make the same mistakes, live with a plethora of inferiority complexes and then lash out at the world around them. The entire human ego and the many wars, conflicts and violence is mute testimony to this process of man constantly compensating for feelings of inferiority/insecurity.

Walk past someone who has nicer clothes and better grooming? Call them a metrosexual! Someone is in the public eye? Judge them! Your girlfriend/boyfriend breaks up with you? They must be gay!(or straight?!) An endless litany of defense mechanisms are employed hundreds of times a day by most humans - and almost no one is aware of this or why they do it. The constant little cuts into one's ego occur all day long. It truly takes the mind of an immortal to be on complete equilibrium in all circumstances and to be free of an ego. There is no such thing as a healthy ego - a healthy ego simply means one is still ruled by feelings of inferiority/superiority and a desire to compensate for them.

That's a big no-no for an immortal. You can't live forever and still be trapped in the tiny emotional roller-coaster of the material world. Naturally, this would be a big disappointment for most who seek immortality. Not being able to lord it over others or exploit one's position or knowledge seems to spoil the whole goal of being immortal.

Being an immortal means living by a certain code; a constant awareness of the inflexible principles of energy, regeneration, frequency-relationship, feedback, relativity, etc. Yes, every action is judged by this code and consciousness tallies up the relative positive/negative ratio of such an action in comparison to stored structures, experiences and values. Doing something willfully negative carries greater feedback when one knows better. Call someone a name when you are sixteen and you will still be receiving regenerated feedback from this ill-conceived action well into your seventies - or until you put such a biased cycle of regenerating energy on equilibrium again.

Immortals age, only slower. When one doesn't bias or fear aging, at thirty you'll look twenty and at eighty you'll look sixty or perhaps even fifty. However, this will not be that important to you, because you will have lost the fear and insecurity that sponsors such obsession with youth. You will not envy the young, nor pity the old - you will be on complete equilibrium and realize that life is simply a set of cycles regenerating, re-manifesting and growing more complex.

Immortality means work. You don't coast through lives. Your mind is constantly analyzing, balancing and ironing out ALL things that come into your dominion. And this process never ends. As your mentality develops the challenges and biases one faces grow in equal proportion.

Being human means living life controlled and guided by emotions and material desires. Being immortal means forsaking emotions and replacing material desires with longer lasting, immortal desires; love, caring, sharing, learning, etcetera.

In the film the Highlander, starring Christopher Lambert, and which dates to 1985, the story involves immortals killing each other so as to rule humanity. Such a film captures the escapist fantasy many folks have about immortality/invulnerability. Just as man has for many millennia given his gods human vicissitudes, so does he give his vision of immortals the same traits and petty desires spawned by insecurity. And what's more the movie's message "there can be only one" is exactly the opposite of the truth. In truth, there are an infinite number of immortals, most of which have eons upon eons ago long since graduated from material/atomic planes of existence.

No, with immortality does not come a desire to rule others or lord over others on some throne somewhere. Immortality comes with great peace of mind and understanding. The realization that ALL souls are your brothers and sisters and are a vital part of the infinite universe, makes any efforts or machinations against them the equivalent of beating oneself in the face.

This sense of separation, isolation and loneliness is another mirage that fades away. We are all integral components of the universe. Your life and mine are interconnected, even thought the connections may seem only tangential and distant, this too is an illusion. The past/present/future are one collective whole and nothing can be added or taken away without it influencing this whole.

Oh, and immortality means death - lots and lots of it. Each day has a sunrise and a sunset, just as each life has a birth and a death. Yet this is all illusion. The sun constantly shines and life never ceases. Once your perspective broadens these changes, the life cycles, etc. all make perfect sense and possess perfect purpose.

As an immortal, you will understand all this written here today and so much more - you'll have to.

And you'll be seeing me around the multiverse forever.

Lucky you.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Up Up & Away and All That Good Stuff!

Sometimes I feel like Clark Kent. Every now and then I reveal that I'm not exactly human and I end up freaking folks out.

Today we're going to discuss biases. It's very important and will change your life just as much, or more than those who are caught up in religion or "The Secret" or any other escape mechanism that is handy.

"The Secret" presents just another "think and grow rich" fantasy. You can't really control life like that and the selfish motivations are actually counter-productive. Sure you can think about getting rich - but your positive overbias on wherewithal is just as likely to draw poverty unto you as riches.

What you can control is your reaction to everything around you. By learning to see things in balance, you go through life without the swings of highs and lows. This in turn, builds a consciousness that more truly mirrors the universe. The universe doesn't personalize or bias anything.

Every waveform that's off-equilibrium, either to a positive or negative bias will draw certain experiences unto you. Our lives are the byproduct of all these waveforms and new ones we compound into them.

The goal of life is not to be rich, be famous or powerful - but rather to build a balanced and expanded consciousness. Sure it sounds new-agey, but in truth our minds are us - the body is just a shell. By experiencing and mastering more and more things and pushing our minds to conceive greater and larger concepts, we become more infinite - and this in turn will place us in environments suitable to our continued growth - and which will test us on what we have already learned.

And while it seems like such would have to be "designed" by some greater power - it really is just the natural function of energy. No gods ensure "eternal life", just understanding how the universe functions will make "eternal life" a reality.

Instead of chanting or prayer - understanding simple wave propagation is infinitely more useful. Understanding that balanced waves propagate most efficiently and can traverse greater distances and that our consciousness is truly nothing but oscillating wave forms is the key.

By balancing the waves that comprise our consciousness and making sure any new ones added get balanced as well, this is the way to "eternal life" and ever greater "heavens".

Billions of Christians are planning to go to heaven after they die. The place is merely a vaguely imagined paradise that promises to be free of all the "bad" things in life.

How unfactual and unrealistic such a concept is! Anyone with a smattering of common sense can see that bad/good are relative propositions and what's more, that good emerges from the bad and vice-versa!

And this is what "The Secret" misses entirely as well - that bad experiences, suffering, pain, poverty, etcetera are just as good as they are evil!

The true secret lies in realizing this obvious fact - that ALL things, ALL experiences and EVERYTHING one does in life is neither positive or negative - neither good or evil!

How many folks go around biasing everything?

"This is good, that is bad - these folks are good - these folks are bad."

All these biases are not held by the universe. The universe doesn't say "Hitler you're a bad man! You must be punished!" The universe is absolutely oblivious. It's up to Hitler himself to discover the perils of his imbalanced consciousness. He already had his eyes opened to this feedback of his biases by 1944.

We all are in the same boat as Hitler. We all carry these imbalanced thoughts and thinking processes which are filled with extreme biases.

The more imbalanced our minds are - the more likely we are to be perceived as either "evil" or "good" by those around us.

There is no good or evil - only biased waveforms and other waves which react to these waves.

How many people go through life realizing this? Not many. Although almost everyone is intuitively aware that this is the case. They constantly are forced to bring out the good in that which they perceive as bad. And the good things always reveal their 'bad' payloads forcing the realization that all the good things one desires aren't so great after all.

Folks chide me for being robot-like or unfeeling. This is just the perceived lack of overwhelming biases. Biases are strongly maintained illusions, based upon a lack of information - the result of one-sided thinking.

Emotions are much the same. Hate, fear, sadness are all the manifestations of imbalanced thinking processes. Eventually, everyone must leave their favorite emotion - insecurity - behind.

Yes, some folks die and wonder how they can be the only ones who are not feeling overwhelming insecurity, fear and sadness. Others go into the "beyond" with great fear and insecurity.

We all rationalize our insecurities and our fears. They have become prized possessions and depending on how often we use them, our consciousness and minds become veritable mine-fields of insecurity and emotion.

And where do these emotions, fears and insecurities get their origin?

Yep, you guessed it - biases!

So the simple secret to life is right in front of everyone's eyes: Master your biases - don't let them master you.

Biases can never disappear entirely, because every NEW experience will always at first be imbalanced and biased by your consciousness before it is mastered. However, by having this 'secret' under one's belt - one knows exactly what do when one finds oneself caught up in some strong biases.

That's the difference.

"The Secret" only reinforces all these false goals, and further ensnares folks into a web of biases to imprison them.

Using a knowledge of energy and the way energy interacts, can provide one with the key to a more productive, balanced life - a life more free of fear and insecurity - and at the same time become more efficient at processing data and conceiving ever larger concepts and compounding their consciousness in a manner that ensures its growth and propagation.

For folks who want a little primer on the universe and time, here's a little graphic. It explains how the universe is just pure energy and can be broken down into wave forms with frequency:

Energy=Waveforms with frequency
Universe=Waveforms with frequency
Time/space=local mass frequencies and associated fields

Energy=Waveforms with frequency
Universe=Waveforms with frequency
Time/space=local mass frequencies and associated fields

Universe & You: relate solely via waveforms with frequency.

In a nutshell it means your life and your travels through time/space are solely based upon frequency relationship. Nothing else. Not emotion. Not logic. Not fate. In this case your consciousness and body oscillate with the world/universe around you and all your experiences are the sum of these very precise, scientific oscillations

That's all for today. It's time for me to put on my bumbling Kent act for Lois again, and ask her what day it is and how a bumblebee flies.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Return of the Archons

Anyone older than 40 should be somewhat familiar with the Star Trek episode that shares the title of this blog entry.

The crew of the Enterprise visit a planet that is totally controlled by computer. A fascinating and "outrageous" plot back in the late sixties when radios still used tubes, but one which unknown to the masses of Earth - had already come to pass.

Tula invites the "visitors from the valley" to rest at her daddy's house after festival. Festival is a 12 hour combination riot/orgy orchestrated on cue by the planet's computer. The computer's name is Landru.

The mindless masses going about like robots is occurring right now as you read these words. Every day is a bizarre blend of robotization and festival. From 9-5 we work and perform repetitive tasks like automatons and our reward is to treat the next 6 hours like "festival" and immerse oneself in materialistic delights including food, sex and violence.

Yes there are very few who are not engaged in this manner of robotized and unproductive living. It doesn't matter what they do or where on Earth they do it, the repetitive cycle of toil/reward is much the same.

And just as in the episode there is suspicion placed upon all those who do not conform.

To even question the status quo brings down upon oneself the scorn of those who are "of the body" and they will do their best to reabsorb you into the body via brainwashing.

In our world the "lawgivers" look different:

Materialism is a huge cult. Toil for reward is pursued by billions.

Landru was the master architect of the robotized world and he designed the computer control to maintain peace and to keep the inhabitants occupied, albeit mindlessly occupied:

Today the role of Landru is played by many:

These Landrus want your money, time and most of all, your unquestioned devotion to the cult of materialism.

In an earlier posting I mentioned FOFOFU. (Google it if you missed that posting) This is still the sane alternative to the cult of materialism.

Today's Landrus reach out towards the children, trying to hook them before they are even ten years old to be good materialists - to be "of the body". By the time these children are 18 they will be die-hard materialists seeking the acquisition of all sorts of goods and products and they will, like robots, follow every new trend and material item that Landru tells you, you should acquire and use.

The media will condition them well. Their teachers will help Landru turn out millions who shout "I'm unique and special!" simultaneously and teach them that it doesn't matter how they look on the outside so long as they all think the same on the inside.

We already live in a world that mirrors Landru's idea of "paradise".

Yes, if reading this particular blog entry irritates the living heck out of you - you can assume you have already been "absorbed into the body" and will need a miracle to escape the cult of materialism that occupies billions on this world from around age 5 till their death.

Peace be with you friend, joy and tranquility...are you of the body?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mortgage Bubbles and a Solution for the US Economy

If you've been paying any attention, you are aware many mortgage banks are in a bit of a tight spot. Defaults are through the roof, the money just is not flowing back into the coffers as expected. Lots of refinancing and speculation on house values has turned this equity into vapor$.

The government is bailing out these companies and injecting liquidity. Such are the nice golden parachutes made for bankers whose greed and business practices are questionable. And yet without the government assistance surely more people would end up hurting.

It's tough out there.

I wish I had all the answers for folks who are struggling, but I do not.

Growing up, I was taught loyalty to a company was a positive trait. Now folks use companies like stepping stones and each job is viewed as a stair step to a higher paying job, likely with another firm.

This is swell and fine as far as it goes, but eventually it means companies are filled to the brim with opportunists who are just waiting for their chance to get ahead. It's hard to run a tight ship and get much accomplished when your crew is eyeing other passing vessels to see if their sails are larger and the crow's nest is higher.

This opportunism and self-interest over all, leads to corporate decay. Who can you trust? How do you know your VP won't go work for your competition next year? How does a troubled company's board know if the CEO they import is just getting ready to loot the remaining company equity on a short-term stock price building spree and bail before the stock tumbles again?

Like I said, it's tough out there.

Generating wealth is the key to increasing the global economy. But the wealth can't be vapor$, such as inflated stock prices or adjustments to the market that simply shift existing wealth.

Folks like George Soros live to play Robin Hood and shift western wealth and equity to 3rd world nations - nations where he has his special connections set up with the local governments and he becomes a de facto Prime Minister. Does this help the world? Not at all. It doesn't generate new wealth! It's an escape mechanism for those who get very rich and then feel guilty about it.

New products, new technologies and new ideas are where wealth is generated and where jobs are made. It is important to realize that even the Chinese labor and companies painting toys with leaded paint and working in horrible conditions - are still earning more than they were before the US firms sent manufacturing jobs overseas.

Many, and actually most of these employees, are happy they have a job at all. Many farmers who earned next to nothing and lived a week or two away from starvation are actually much better off financially than they used to be.

It will be up to China to enact laws that prevent their masses from being exploited. However, like the greedy mortgage companies, they make hay when the sun shines and because of a certain insensitivity developed in a nation with well over a billion mouths to feed, a Chinese can exploit his fellow Chinese and not blink an eye.

When Chinese labor wages increase enough so as to make manufacturing there, with the added expenses of shipping the goods here, on par with using Mexican labor, we will see Mexico's economy boom. As China gets richer, more folks have cars and expect larger salaries - we will see China's wages grow slowly. For the next twenty years or so they will still be some of the cheapest labor on Earth.

It's not a pretty picture - all this exploitation, selfishness and corporate warfare. Yet, I shouldn't delude any readers that today is much worse than say 1910, when the robber barons and the monopolies controlled whole markets and when child labor was considered acceptable cheap labor.

Everything comes with a repercussion. The child labor laws we have here and the minimum wage backfired somewhat on the US worker. When a company can't afford to pay minimum US wage - they go overseas. So even the paltry sums they pay these folks, is shipped out of the US economy and as a result - US wealth declines. US buying power is diminished.

Liberals often wonder why the minimum wage shouldn't be increased to enrich the working man. The reality is the last minimum wage hike just spiked the demand for illegal Mexican labor and has led to the enormous exodus of overseas manufacturing jobs.

Even cartoons, for networks like Nickelodeon are drawn with Chinese labor after model sheets are sent overseas (ever wonder why cartoon art looks so lame these days?) and used for Chinese artists to imitate.

Would we be better off scrapping the minimum wage? No. Would we be better off revising it? Yes.

Here's my proposal - pay attention legislators! - add a provision that for folks with less than 2 years labor experience - they can be paid less than the minimum wage.

Brilliant, isn't it?

This way kids in high school, folks with no experience what so ever can be employed at less than minimum wage!

What's the benefit? Bingo...manufacturing jobs come back from overseas. Folks who would not qualify for a normal job find employment for 2 years and build up their resume and skills.

It allows for a legal "slave labor class" here in the USA - however limited to just two years time, completely gets rid of the need for illegal Mexican labor and keeps billions of dollars here in America - what's not to like?

Sure, the concern is that companies will never hire ANYONE at minimum wage or over again. Bingo...another provision! Companies may only have a maximum of let's say 8% of their workforce working under minimum wage.

See how that works? Companies could now stop using illegal or overseas labor and still cut manufacturing costs to make American labor competitive again.

Sure lots of folks won't want to work at below minimum wage, but there are A LOT of young folks, new to the job market, who would - especially if it was only for two years.

Well for now, that's it. Think about the pros and cons. If US corporations have no alternatives almost ALL manufacturing will be done overseas and this is not good for our economy.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Corporate Mergers = Global Decline

We live in a material world. A world where each person must feed off of their environment for survival. Each man/woman must take money from others to sustain themselves and their family members until they too start grabbing for dollars, euros or whatever the local currency is called.

This grand scale materialism naturally shifts the focus of the masses from the earliest age. We educate our children so that they become useful, productive members of society - so they can get a job, buy things, start a family and create some replacements to repeat the performance for as long as humanity lasts on the Earth. This seems a sort of dismal, repetitive performance and is an incomplete interpretation of life.

Living life just to make money, reproduce and keep busy for X number of years until one dies seems like a description of hell. At this time, the capitalist system is the best at providing for the masses and giving each an opportunity to manipulate their environment.

Unfortunately capitalism itself requires a blend of small entrepreneurs and large corporations. When either become too dominant, the masses suffer and individual wealth potential is stifled.

Over the past two decades, in the USA, we have witnessed a deficit of small entrepreneurs and small businesses and we are watching the corporate sector grow exponentially. Smaller corporations are bought up and consumed by larger ones, shrinking the job market with each swallow as employees are pruned from the corporate branches.

Unemployment is the direct result of unchecked corporate mergers.

This has a long-term damning effect on the economy because this unemployment destroys the consumer-base.

Let's paint the picture to the extreme: One company produces everything used on Earth, has no competition and employs 1 billion people.

The 5-1/2 billion that are unemployed can't afford the wares produced by the company and sales are made solely to their employees. However, because they have no competition, they pay terrible wages and their prices are high. So even their own employees can't afford much of what they produce. The result? A De facto communist monarchy disguised as capitalism. In such an environment with that many unemployed the government takes over and socialism/communism is the result. For evidence one only need to look at FDR's response to the great depression. Socialism is mandated, price controls emerge and corporations are despised and face complete regulation.

That's the worst case scenario of continued corporate mergers and already we can see it's very real potential on the distant horizon. Corporate CEOs unfortunately, more often than not, think short term these days. They are not thinking about anyone but themselves and it shows. In a sea of sharks, soon all that are left is sharks.

Corporate decline can occur in many ways, but these are some of the most obvious routes of decline:

A) A company with a board, or largest stockholder that is now only concerned with boosting stock, selling it and cashing out the wealth of the company. That is how many venerable old companies, like Sears Roebuck, were destroyed.

B) A company with a board, or largest stockholders, that plan to bail out wealthy after making their company attractive to a buyout by a larger company.

C) A company that looks at the mergers around them, panics and cuts corners, fires employees and hires only 3rd world labor - all instead of focusing on delivering a better product/service.

D) A company that, in its desire to unfairly compete, consumes its competition, puts x number of folks out of work and then wonders why sales are slowing down as their product/service is less than stellar, priced higher and less wealth is generated.

Those are the A-D corporate decline routes of the past twenty odd years. There are many more, but most companies today fit within these four patterns.

If folks lived 10,000 years instead of 100, or even 1,000 years - they would see the folly of short term, selfish thinking in both their personal life - and personal life's mirror - actions in the corporate world. Eventually one realizes short term excess leads to long term suffering.

Corporate irresponsibility yesterday created the global market of today and today's excesses and selfishness will bring capitalism down a notch and ever closer to the day when socialism rears its ugly head and the party will be over - permanently.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Vegansexuals, Pet Owners and Other Freaks!

Yeah, I know.

Boy this is an unusual blog entry, even by SDAI-Tech1 standards! Stumbling upon such a title here is sort of like seeing the bearded lady at the circus and you find she now can sing in latin - backwards.

Well it's sweeps week for my Japanese syndicate and I have to pick up my ratings a bit. And this little news item caught my attention, and I figured was worthy of a bit of comment.

First off, let me say I'm not a Vegan. A Vegan used to be a plot device in a bad science fiction movie:

"The star system Vega has sent ships to invade the Earth! The Vegans are here! Aaaaagh!"

Most vegans look similar after shunning meat for a for few years. Yeah, I know - cruel. But the pale, malnourished, string haired look of a meat-protein starved vegan is immediately recognizable to yours truly.

And what is a vegansexual? A vegansexual is a vegan who limits sexual relations to other vegans because "meat eaters' bodies are a graveyard for dead animals".

Ok. Let's take a look at the immense ignorance here.

ALL living things consume their environment.

Yes - all.

The plants greedily consume water and carbon dioxide -and as a matter of fact they grow faster when feeding on decomposing living organisms nutrients and the byproducts (such as manure) of living organisms. The plants are not "innocent of consuming the living things around them" - they do it all the time!

So a "vegansexual" can immediately be assumed to be both ignorant and prejudiced at the same time. Oh, and let's not forget the huge guilt/inferiority complexes that vegans share - the one that drives them to care more for animals than other humans. This is the real story behind the story. Vegansexualism is just part and parcel of something approaching bestiality - a bizarre love of animals.

Let me be real open and honest: people with pets, people who love animals and shower their affection on animals have emotional issues. Sure its most visible on the old lady with twenty cats who spends all here time in servitude to her cats - but it is just as true of the guy who buys a Pit Bull or the little girl with a cute kitten. All are treating certain emotional issues with a pet.

The animal is non-judgmental. If you feed the animal it "loves" you. It will come to you, rub against you and make noises at you. Humans who believe these animals have feelings or share some special relationship with their owner are engaging in a bit of self-delusion.

The self-delusion is an emotional escape mechanism, whereby the pet-owner can get very cheap ego-reinforcement. A whining animal that begs for food, seeks to be petted, makes the owner feel needed or loved.

I can see it now:

"SDAI-Tech1 offends MILLIONS & MILLIONS of pet owners & calls them mental cases!"

Well the Japanese syndicate wanted controversial - who am I to disappoint! And what's more, it's true. It was time somebody mentioned it. Sure the pet food industry will have hit-men out looking for me and many fellow pet-owning bloggers will take offense and I will not be invited to the special Blogabration Awards Ceremony like last year. But hey, ALL awards ceremonies are self-congratulatory fests for emotionally insecure folks anyway. Who needs it!

In fact, I suspect that discussing alien life, reincarnation and mind reading is not nearly as controversial as telling pet owners they are emotionally needy basket cases.

And let's face it - most vegans are pet owners. How many vegans do you know that treat their animals like children? It's disgusting. They shower more love on a dumb animal than they do on other human beings. Little "pookums" is hugged and stroked, spoken to like a human, eats gourmet pet food several times a day while Johnny down the street goes hungry to bed and hasn't anyone to talk to. They cry when they hear about some poor animals in a research lab and, ironically, are ready to harm the humans holding them in captivity!

So what have we clarified today:

A) "Vegansexuals" are seriously messed up and many are probably just a few steps away from bestiality. When you love ALL animals so much - except meat-eating humanity of course - you sort of limit your reproductive options.

B) Pet owners have affection issues - difficulty in expressing affection to other humans or receiving it from them.

C) Purina has paid Morris the Cat to come out of retirement and alongside Rin-Tin-Tin and Lassie are going to be waiting for me in a dark alley with sharpened claws somewhere.

D) Japanese Syndicates demand a lot from their talent.

Well for now all I can do is warn my readers to watch out for any partner (man/woman) who comes up and smells your body odor - they many very well be a vegansexual trying to "smell the dead meat" in you.

Oh and don't worry. Blog-sweep week will be over soon.


Monday, July 16, 2007

Harry Potter Dies! (And Other Surprises)

The new Harry Potter book will be released upon the world in a few days time and everyone wants to know if Harry Potter, the world's most profitable sorcerer, will survive.

The answer is...he dies. Yes, Harry Potter dies! In his death is the redemption of his parents deaths and the countering of Voldemort's evil.

I'm not a big fan of the J.K. Rowling books. Poorly written, quasi-plagiaristic and way over-hyped, the end of Harry Potter will be a relief. Bookstores and publishers will sorely miss Harry and his money generating spell. I will not.

How did I find out this juicy information? Is J.K Rowlings cell phone used as a listening device to spy on her? No, the governments resources are not so frivolously expended. I merely performed a bit of real magic of my own to secure the answer.

Everyone has a personal frequency. Human thoughts are broadcast as steadily as one of your local radio broadcasters. With your radio you can pick up the signals of the local transmitter, but your mind has the ability, when developed, to receive an infinitely more expanded frequency range.

So with a bit of fine-tuning the reception, ol' J.K. broadcast the ending to me personally. Here it is:

Lord Voldemort: "Harry your parents were trying to protect you from me after I placed part of my soul in you."

Harry: "Noooooooooooooo! I don't believe you!"

Lord Voldemort: "C'mon Harry get real. My name is Voldemort you know what that means don't you? Didn't Dumbledore or any of those Hogwart nitwits force you to learn foreign languages?"

Harry: "Umm. No. We have been learning spells on defending us from the dark arts and playing Quidditch most of the time, actually."

Lord Voldemort: "My mistress, and yours, used a bit of eurotrash hodge-podge when creating us. My name is a Dutch-French hybrid. Volde in Danish means inflict and Mort in French means death. My name means "inflict death" therefore I must kill you."

Harry Potter: "Wow. Your mother must've really suffered during childbirth to give you such a name."

Hermione: "I'm finally here Harry. I've got your back!"

Ron: "And I'm here too Harry. I've got Hermione's back. And oy! What a lovely back it is too!"

Harry: "Leave! If you stay our mistress may be tempted to kill one of you off instead of me or Voldemort here. Oh, and remind me to enroll in a school that actually teaches foreign languages after this is all over!"

Hermione: "I wont leave you in your moment of need Harry! Besides, my elementary school already did teach me some useful things before I got to Hogwart's. One of them was Greek mythology. I'm named after the daughter of Menelaus and Helen. Menelaus was one of the Kings of Sparta and Agamemnon's brother. Helen was abducted by Paris and started the Trojan war. I've already determined that my presence merely acts as a catalyst, and like Helen, I'm the spoils to go to the victor."

Ron: "Uh, was there a famous Ron in Greek mythology?"

Hermione: "Oh you wonderful dolt! You're clueless. You are Harry's best friend. That makes you the betrayer. Your infatuation with me could prove fatal. Did you read any Shakespeare?"

Ron: "Shake-a-who?"

Hermione: "You know, most Muggles your age are smarter than you are! In Mid-Summer's Night Dream , Hermia is promised to Demetrius but she flees with Lysander and Demetrius really loves someone else anyway. Harry doesn't really love me, isn't that right Harry?"

Harry: "Um. Yes. I do not love you Hermione. I like to have you around because you're twice as smart as me and can help me get out of trouble."

Ron: "Bloody brilliant! You mean I have been tip-toeing around all these years waiting for you to make your move on Hermione, and you don't even love her? What an idiot you are! And I am! Heck I almost hope Voldemort 'inflicts death' upon you."

Lord Voldemort: "Stop it! Stop it! Who can think with all this childish prattle and bickering! My Mistress is speaking to me! Her wish is that I should kill..."

Harry: "Aaarggghhh the pain. I see clearly now! My name is Harry Potter. A potter works with clay and molds it into a vessel. My character is merely a vessel made to carry money to my mistress. Once my job is fulfilled I am of no use. I must die!"

Hermione: "I will miss you Harry. Well, not really. You never loved me and are pretty much of an idiot."

Ron: "That leaves you to me then!"

Hermione: "Are you kidding? You're twice as funny looking as Harry here. You're Agamemron."

Ron: "What happened to Agamemnon?"

Hermione: "After the long Trojan war, and adventures with weird creatures, Agamemnon makes it back to his wife who betrays him, loves another, and he gets killed"

Ron: "What! You mean you don't love me? I'm going to die?"

Lord Voldemort: "He catches on quickly doesn't he Hermione dear?"

Harry: "Ooh disgusting! You mean..."

Hermione: "Yes, Voldemort is twice, no...six times the man you are Harry."

Ron: "Like bloody heck I'm letting Rowling kill me off with Harry! I'm getting out of here!"

CRRRRACKKKKK BOOM! Voldemort makes a melodramatic hand gesture and a bolt of lightning strikes Ron and he disappears. We assume he has died, but in the world of record publishing royalties, such an assumption is probably premature.

Harry: "Rooooooooooooooooon! I'll kill you Voldemort! You're just the disgusting byproduct of Rowling's English-borne hatred of perverted Dutchmen and Frenchmen!"

Lord Voldemort: "Oooh do you miss your wittle fwiend wonnie? If I am merely Rowlings manifestation of her pent-up Dutch/French hatred, what are you? What does Rowling think of Englishmen who were raised in perverted youth academies? That's right! She has you living under the stairs. Translate the symbology Harry! Use that tiny little brain of yours!"

Harry: "People walk all over me!"

Lord Voldemort: "Uh huh..."

Harry: "My gosh, you're right. The muggles walk all over me, you walk all over me, Dumbledore walked all over me, Snape walks all over me...I'm a human carpet! Rowling hates Englishmen! My suffering is the suffering she wishes upon all Englishmen!"

Hermione: "Why that J.K. Rowling is an old, insolent, frumpy tart isn't she? We ought to do something about her."

CRRRRACK BOOM! Yet another bolt of lightning strikes Hermione and causes her to disappear.

Lord Voldemort: "Don't look at me, that way Harry. It wasn't me."

Harry: "I know. It was Rowling. She's just left you and me. Only one of us shall survive!"

Lord Voldemort: "I do so love J.K. Rowling! Her books are masterpieces of literature. So well written. Spectacular editing! Awesome alliteration!"

Harry: "Not nearly as much as I love J.K. Rowling's skills! She's a superlative! She's the best author in human history who deserves all the world's praise and money. Children should be forced to read her books in every school, in every language , in every land - and if aliens exist, they should be forced to read it too! She's far more impressive than Jesus - each carefully crafted word is a miracle"

Lord Voldemort: "Harry. No wonder you can talk to snakes. You are just as evil as I am. The part of me that lies in you, even now is trying to kill me by flattering our mistress. You are as spineless as a snake! You do this even after she has killed Ron and Hermione! She really does think so very little of Englishmen, doesn't she?"

Harry: "Aaaaaaaaaargghhhhhh. The pain."

Lord Voldemort: "I haven't done anything yet!"

Harry: "Yes, but I must snivel and complain, to please her! If you want to survive this book, you would do well to fulfill her expectations!"

Lord Voldemort: "But an Englishman cannot befriend a Frenchman or a Dutchman! Your advice dooms you! And I certainly cannot befriend you or anyone else!"

Two bolts of lightning strike Harry and Voldemort simultaneously. Both disappear.

SEVERUS SNAPE: "That's all folks. I tried to warn Harry and the others, but they wouldn't listen to me. It's all about J.K. Rowlings' neuros..."


A big bolt of lightning hits Severus Snape and he disappears like all the rest.


Friday, July 06, 2007

Stupendous 2 - A sneak peak (aka The Incredibles 2)

Here’s a sneak peak at STUPENDOUS 2 (aka The Incredibles 2 ;-)

PAN DOWN: Overview suburbia (circa 1960) lots of homes with perfectly maintained yards, rose bushes and mid-century cues. We see Mr. & Mrs. Stupendous holding hands and looking at their home and children. Mrs. Stupendous has her toddler's hand as well.

Mr. Stupendous looks at his wife, Stretchgirl with the hint of a smile. They look at their new home, a split-level with Eckbo landscaping in baby blue with soft pink trim, and know that they are finally home. Their children, ForceGirl and Kid Speedy are teasing each the other as they walk up the front walk. They are carrying grocery bags and have returned from a trip to the market. The bags says "Rocket-Market Our prices are so low they're outta this world!"

FORCEGIRL: “I saw your girlfriend the other day…”

KID SPEEDY: “She is NOT my girlfriend!”

FORCEGIRL: “She follows you around school all day and tells everyone she is your girlfriend. And you hang out with her. That makes her your GIRL FRIEND.”

KID SPEEDY: “She is NOT my girlfriend!”

FORCEGIRL: “Whatever. I’ve seen the lovey-dovey notes you’ve written her.”

KID SPEEDY: (indignant) “What…you READ my PRIVATE notes!”

FORCEGIRL: “Being invisible has certain advantages…”


Stretchgirl walks on over to where her kids are and is in ‘mom mode’. She is holding the hand of her youngest - now a toddler. She simply has to glare at them both and they stop talking and look at her.

STRETCHGIRL: “Aren’t you two ashamed of yourselves? You squabble like a bunch of …a bunch of…”

FORCEGIRL: “adults?”

STRETCHGIRL: “I was thinking more of five year olds. But you two got along better when you were 5.”

KID SPEEDY: “It’s HER fault, she broke the rules and used her powers to SPY on me!”

FORCEGIRL: “You are such a crybaby tattletale!”

STRETCHGIRL: “Is this true? Did you break our covenant?”

FORCEGIRL: “I peeked over his shoulder as he was writing a letter…”

A car pulls up, that looks something like a cross between a Lincoln and a Cadillac convertible, very low with front fenders and fins that resemble a 1957 Dodge. The family stops what they are doing and look over at the car that has pulled in front of their home. Out pops Cold Man in civilian threads.

COLD MAN: “How do you like my NEW CAR is she a BEAUTY or what!”

STRETCHGIRL: (to her children) “We’ll continue this discussion later.”

MR. STUPENDOUS: “It’s beautiful. That’s a sweet ride!”

COLD MAN: “Ever since the government WARMED up to me again…I thought it was time for a new ride. I call it the COOL-MOBILE!”

KID SPEEDY: “Awesome! Can we go for a ride!”

COLD MAN: “Sure - if it’s all right with your folks?”

MR. STUPENDOUS: “I think we all want to take a spin. It looks like you got space for everyone.”

COLD MAN: “I do now that you’ve lost those extra pounds…”

MR. STUPENDOUS: “Ooh that was COLD!”

COLD MAN: “Don’t I know it!”

Stretchgirl laughs and Cold Man presses his tie clip (which is really a remote controller for the vehicle) and the two long doors pop open and the top goes down. The kids pile in the back and acres of chrome adorn the dash and are dotted liberally through the interior. A classic-style red telephone handset fits into the dash and one sees that there are little placards which identify certain special controls. Cold Man starts the engine by pushing a button and two small flames emerge from chrome outlets near the back of the car and the engine has a throaty roar as Cold Man accelerates away from the curb.

The wind blows through ForceGirl’s jet black hair.

FORCEGIRL: “Wheeeee!”

MR. STUPENDOUS: “So how much did this baby set you back?”

COLD MAN: “Enough. But that was cheap next to what it cost to have MARRIS customize it.”

MR. STUPENDOUS: “ MARRIS is back and customizing vehicles? I thought he retired for good over a decade ago?”

COLD MAN: “His services are in demand again. Lots of folks with…er…special needs…want a MARRIS custom. Check this out.”

Cold Man depresses a button and pulls a T-lever. A police band radio appears from behind the normal radio. The voices of a police dispatcher can be heard.

DISPATCHER: “We have a 211S on 235 Grand near main all units please respond Code 2”

KID SPEEDY: “Wow! A silent alarm and…”

FORCEGIRL: “Officers urged to approach without lights or siren.”

MR. STUPENDOUS: “When did you kids learn police codes?”

FORCEGIRL: “Just a hobby…”

KID SPEEDY: “Yeah…it’s better than - blech! - talk radio.”

That’s my beginning to a new Stupendous flick (aka INCREDIBLES 2) My Japanese syndicate and their team of lawyers say I shouldn’t post any more before signing a contract. So if Brad Bird or Pixar get on the horn, and we ink a deal, the world can have a STUPENDOUS 2, sooner than later. ;-)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Living the Good Life

The H2 Limo pulls up to the curb. It's 117 degrees in the shade and I can hear the Hummer's dual AC compressors loud hum, working overtime to try and keep the interior cool. The 22" chrome wheels glint in the bright desert sun and I climb in. The floor is shallow and not as deep as your average Cadillac Escalade limousine, but then again armored Hummers were never really designed by engineers to be turned into limousines.

The driver is ex-Special Forces and looks vaguely familiar. The President doesn't like using the Secret Service drivers for such errands and often qualified, resourceful one-man-armies take their place in situ. I try and remember those with whom I've worked and seldom forget a face. Then it comes back to me - Pakistan in '96. The failed attempt to abscond with Pakistan's nuclear arsenal and machinery - perhaps the most humiliating special forces resume item one can have next to Carter's ill-fated hostage rescue attempt in '79. They knew we were coming because the Clinton White House sent them telegrams in advance. Lost a good number of talented folks that day.

"So this is where the Pakistan veterans wind up!" I say with a smile.

"Yeah. A little slice of hell on Earth. Is that why you are stationed out here?"

"No, I love the heat. Flirting with sunstroke and repeated heat exhaustion are things that make this assignment so fulfilling. Besides, I'm sitting in the back - and you're driving."

"Good point. Driving this behemoth isn't the worst assignment in the world though."

And I know he's correct. He's still where the action is - on the periphery of the circle of power that determines how the world is run. And today if he doesn't get me to the meeting on time, the world will be impacted adversely. I like to drive myself whenever possible, but I know the vehicle is in skilled hands.

Usually these off-the-record meetings are held in hotels or private homes with no ostentatious trappings, but this one involves foreign dignitaries and so all present must arrive in attire and vehicles that uphold the precious image of dignity and prosperity the United States possesses and wields so productively.

After leaving the roads behind for twenty minutes, I see why the H2 was called into duty and why a qualified military type is at the wheel.

This meeting is to be held, literally, in the middle of nowhere. These are places man may never set foot in. The last visitors were overheated conquistadors looking for the famed City of Cibola, one of the legendary cities of gold which lured greedy men to their deaths in the heat. 122 degrees can be beautiful in a rugged sort of way.

Arriving in a H2 limo is like arriving in a parade float. One loses the most powerful tool in the world - anonymity - and the ability to blend into an environment without drawing attention to oneself - and by doing so placing oneself in the crosshairs. Of course out in the middle of nowhere any vehicle becomes a parade float so it really makes no difference.

The location is one which is not in any known US or foreign spy satellites tracking loop. Cell phones are useless in the middle of nowhere. Communications are by scrambled mil-sat rigs, like this limo is equipped with.

Finally we arrive. I see Cheney standing next to his limousine transport with the door open, another H2 in a desert sand color, probably trying to soak up some cold air, and some middle eastern gentlemen standing beside him are gesturing wildly with their arms as though they are unhappy. Cheney's Secret Service escorts are nowhere to be seen, only his driver stands nearby, probably another carefully chosen one-man-army type. Something that looks like a derivative of a Mercedes Geländewagen is parked near Cheney's limo. Two more distinguished looking middle eastern gentlemen wearing thawbs and ghutras stand nearby.

What transpires in the next two hours may decide the 2008 Presidential election and will likely also impact the economy.

I'm putting my laptop down to go and join them. It's far hotter than hell and I certainly hope folks appreciate the price one has to pay for living the good life.

Oh, and if I get the chance, I'll do my best to try and bring gas prices down a bit for the next two years.

Wish me luck. ;-)

Monday, June 25, 2007

I Love Slavery!

I went to the slave market last week to pick up some foreign slaves. I needed some work done on my home and wanted to detail my SUV fleet and slaves are by far the cheapest form of labor there is. There are several slave markets in my area, but the one I prefer is near Home Depot. It's overflowing with slaves by 6 AM and that makes the slaves cheaper.

So I picked up a flatbed full of slaves for next to nothing and brought them down to the ol' 'plantation' to fix er up. In a day I had new fixtures up, part of the west wing painted and the chrome wheels on my SUV's were sparkling so bright I'd need to crack out my Raybans just to inspect them.

I sent each of em home with Alexander Hamilton at the end of a 8 hour day, and they were happy to have him. I figure I saved myself at least a thousand dollars, probably more, by using foreign slaves instead of Americans.

Hey! Stop looking at me like that! I'm not the only guy who likes slavery! I'm following in the footsteps of many famous Americans from Ted Kennedy and George Bush to Bill Gates. And if I listed every US company that likes and uses slaves, I wouldn't even begin to have the space on a THOUSAND blogs to list them all. Farms, plantations and vinyards use them regularly. We're all Simon Legrees using slaves and enjoying the fruits of slavery.

What's that? Lincoln? Lincoln, hah! Ol honest Abe, can rest easy. All the slaves of today have Spanish surnames. And I told you - they are HAPPY slaves. They weren't boated over in chains, rather they crossed our border. Our government looks the other way because they use slave labor too! We all use it, so what on earth are you complaining about? Do you go to McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, Carl's Jr or any other fast food place? Do you buy your children a 'Kid's Meal'. Well then, you too enjoy the fruits of slave labor. All those kid's toys are made by Chinese slave labor, folks who envy the Mexican slaves I pay ten dollars a day because they earn that much in a month.

Yeah WalMart, Microsoft, Hormel Foods and hundreds of other big companies all are built by good ol' fashioned slave labor. So before you go pointing at me and calling me a heartless Simon Legree, take a look around. Wake up!

I wouldn't need to use slaves if business were doing well, but business is down a bit, probably because lots of US folks seem to find it hard to get decent paying work, because of all the slaves running around. Saving thousands by using slaves to make up for the money they cost me makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

What? What's that you're gabbing about now? You oppose allowing the illegals flooding our shores? What do you want us to do, deport them? Get serious! Deportation and border control are dirty words. The largest businesses bribe a lot of politicians to make sure those borders stay open and they gosh darn WILL!

Didn't you get the memo? All of us in favor of illegal immigrants crossing the border are humanitarians! They want to be our slaves! They beg, crawl, suffer and pay coyotes good money to be our slaves. The least we can do for these folks is let them be our slaves! Nowadays travel agencies book illegals on flights to the US for coyote like profits, because many Americans aren't going on vacations much anymore.

What? You say their cutting their own throats? Hardly! By charging an illegal Mexican slave $500 for a $80 flight they make $420 profit per illegal they bring to take an American's job! That's a sweetheart deal! In a month a small travel agency can make tens of thousands on the side!

The slave trade pays!

It always has. All the rich folks support it! All the politicians have been told in no uncertain terms that they will be voted out and another guy voted in if they dare to close the doors on slavery or enforce our sham laws.

The new law of the land is quite simple:

Mexican Slavery is here to stay. We'll call it guest worker, undocumented worker or whatever - but the bottom line is the Mexicans are our slaves, we don't want them to learn English, we just want them by the bushel - and cheap.

So don't be a spoilsport, surely you have something you need slaves to do?

So go for it! Slave markets are popping up everywhere, in every state. The open border policy and paid off politicians are doing a fine job in ensuring your right to use Mexican slaves.

The borders will stay open. Slavery is as old as mankind. Go with the flow, embrace the power of exploitation! If you are rich or want to be rich - slavery is the answer!

It's fun!

And profitable!

(And for businesses who need to disqualify American workers - and bother to do so legally - here's a How-to-Hire-Foreign Workers 101 courtesy of a Pittsburgh law firm)

And Lou Dobbs of CNN proves he just doesn't get it!