Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wait a're not supposed to be reading this.

That's right...I'm talking to YOU. Your fundamental frequency isn't quite ready for this yet, how did you find this site anyways? Search engine? Blind link?

Click out of here....NOW.

Do not read further. Do not check out the search function. Do not inquire about the all-female Japanese Syndicate or my living arrangements with 3 alien women. Do not pass go, do not collect $200....just get the heck out of here while you still can.

Remember, if you DON'T - I will not be responsible if your evolutionary trajectory takes a dive or, alternatively, you get too high too fast and jeopardize your steady, stable growth. I will not set up special lifetimes just to compensate for what you read here on this blog - when you shouldn't have been directed here at all and were given plenty of fair warning.

The rest of you, don't pay any attention to this placeholder post. Curtain lifting will continue to commence at the regular show times.

- SDAI-Tech1

Thursday, November 25, 2010

"We Get to take out North Korea!"

It's Thanksgiving. But not for me. 6 hours ago I was called up by the Shadow President telling me that SDAI was going to be needed. Hey, it goes with the job description. I'm not big on turkey anyways and family get-togethers are not all they're often cracked up to be, so no big loss.

I tell Yal-hune what's up with a thought and she acknowledges - from light years away and in real time. Yal-hune is on her home world and has been cleaning up after the Lal-atha incident. For the first time, the most advanced worlds of the Confederation are blockading his world and filtering all electromagnetic traffic. I'm not too certain about the details but something about Lal-atha trying to start WW III here on Earth and using, his favorite over-shadowed puppet, Kim il Jung to try to start it pushed them to act.

I jump into an armored Cadillac and take off for Shamballa. The satellite array hums to life shortly after I hit the freeway and Tech2's face appears in the in-dash monitor.

"We get to take out North Korea!"

"What are you talking about?"

"It's true. We've received clearance for a ULTRA4 Strike."

"Since when?"

"About five minutes ago."

Despite Tech2's eagerness, an ULTRA4 Strike is not exactly what I would have chosen as a response to the North Korean attack. While the details must remain classified, such a strike is, as can be imagined, very inclusive and full of significant targets.

"What's the rationale?"

"China and Russia ditched the dollar, they've been looting our economy, with our help, and now China let Kim il Jung off his leash. Obama isn't up to the task and the Shadow President is using the US forces at his disposal to initiate a response. Naturally, that's where we come in."

"Initiate all assets of the SD4 Array, and get them triangulated on North Korea and China."

"You got it. Will we get to use any of MIMIRs assets?"

"I don't think that's a good idea."

"But it would make things incredibly easy."

"This type of thing should never be easy. Yal-hune is already working on the problem on her end and I sure as heck know that she will not approve of this type of action, much less using any MIMIR assets."

"Hey, it's our world...we're free to do and use what we've got. Don't let your goo-goo eyes for Yal-hune interfere with this pal, this is serious stuff."

"You don't get it, once we use teleportation, emf craft and advanced technology in a negative manner we will reap feedback of the same kind. It's a Pandora's box you don't want to start. You just know that some world out there will justify striking us once we demonstrate violent usage of EMF technology."

"You don't know that for certain."

"Do you want to take that chance? Kim il jung and the cesspool of poverty and decay that is North Korea's isn't even close to worth that sort of gambit."

I pull up to the gates, flash my idea and am waived through. The vehicles transponder completes the process and sends the right code to the various gates, which open and allow me to pull through. I tell Tech2 to meet me in the briefing room. In a matter of minutes I am descending in a whisper quiet elevator and joining the rest in the briefing room. Techs 5, 7 and 9 are present in addition to 2.

The Shadow President is on the large screen and looks pensive, as pensive as I've seen him in years.

"Glad you could make it Tech1. I wanted to discuss with you the various options I am perusing and I would like your honest appraisal as to the success and outcome of each."


Monday, November 22, 2010

A Forced Trip Through Time.

I sit in my secure underground office, seven stories below the desert sands at Shamballa and. Suddenly, without warning, I feel the now-familiar sensation of time displacement. This is not Yal-hune's doing or my own - this is some sort of other external force and it is non-participatory, meaning I am being transported without my consent. This concerns me greatly and I wonder if it is the action of some hostile world that has breached the Earth's defenses.

I arrive in what appears to be a futuristic cafe. Around me, are circular booths, silver metallic walls lined with something that resembles or imitates mother-of-pearl and an embedded visual screen in the center of the table before me that uses some sort of holographic projection unit. A female voice, monotone and probably electronically generated is reading news,

"The United Latin Republic has been completely devastated by a surprise nuclear attack from the Chinese Empire. Major cities lay in ruins tonight from Los Angeles, Mexico City to New York and all the major population centers in-between. Castro City lays in ruins and the capitol of the ULR has been completely blown off the face of the Earth in a multiple warhead strike that breached the ULR missile shield. Billions are assumed dead.

The United European Union strongly protested the action and the Indian National Alliance has not responded, as yet, to the action but is expected to counter strike Chinese targets due to the violation of the now ancient, but never disbandoned nuclear pollution treaty of 2130, to which the Chinese Empire was a signatory. The Indian National Alliance has been delivered a serious economic blow by the attacks, as most of their labor force emerges from the ULR. The Chinese Empire issued a six word statement following the attack that has been broadcast around the world, "Retaliation will be met with annihilation."

I sit stunned in fascinated, yet horrified, awe as the holographic projector displays satellite generated imagery of the destroyed ULR cities. Like Hiroshima, only a thousand times worse, the blackened and scoured surfaces are desolate of even the slightest standing structures and the ground has been torn up into cavernous pits. This was not a nuclear attack - this was something designed to obliterate all life and render the North American continent completely irradiated for centuries.

Where am I? What year is this? The booths around me are empty. I get up and look around for a human - any human - and see none.

"Hello? Is anyone here?"

A holographic waiter appears and displaces the news display.

"Salutations. How may I serve you today sir?"

"Where are the people?"

"I do not understand sir?"

"People? Humans? Are there any living people here?"

"At this time, yours is the only biometric anatomy present."

"What year is this? Where am I?"

"The date is November 22, 2284. You are at the Cafe' Ambiance."

"What nation is this?"

"You are in the ULR, English Speaking Sub-Sector, Alaskan Territory"

I look at my wrist to see if my radiation detecting watch is still on. It is. The built in Geiger counter reads .5 millirems per hour. Either the background radiation has increased over the past centuries or this area is experiencing fallout.

"Are you capable of contacting others?"


"Do you have a phone?"

"You desire to see a tele-phone? May we suggest a visit to the Museum of Technological History in Juno."

"That's fine. I need nothing further."

The holographic waiter disappears.

I get up and look around. The place is clean and well lit by some sort of electroluminescent paneling built into the floors, ceilings and walls. A door in the distance catches my eye and I make my way towards it. A thick pane of glass permits me to see out. I am in some sort of small city in Alaska, I am presuming. Snow covers the ground outside and yet inside there are no indications of the cold weather whatsoever. Perfect climate control at 73 degrees.

I look for a door handle. The door is closed and does not open.


The holographic waiter reappears.

"How may I be of assistance, sir?"

"How do I open this door?"

"The door is not able to be opened at this time. This facility is in secure lock down. The outside radiation levels are not safe and our filtration system is attempting to compensate. May we recommend a nice side order or a drink while you wait?"

The image would be comical, were it not so serious. I look at my watch and see the dosage is increasing.

"Is there a basement in this facility?"

"No sir."

"Have your food and water supplies been contaminated with radiation?"

"Not at this time?"

I look around for another door. A likely prospect catches my eye and I head towards it. I suddenly remember to reach out mentally for Yal-hune, perhaps she can reach me and retrieve me from this time and place before the radiation gets worse.

Her mind is hard to reach. I try others. Skuuinja, Shay-la or some of the others who might be in a position to assist through time and space and put me back where I belong.


"Had enough?"

"Who is this?"

"I am disappointed. Have you forgotten me this quickly?"

The voice in my head is externally generated by some sort of personal frequency tapping device and is almost painful.

"Who are you?"

"You mean to tell me you can forget your betters that quickly? Typical human."

It's Lal-atha. Somehow he was able to force-teleport me through time.

"Aren't you interested in your world's dismal future? Do you see now that all you have done here is condemn Earth and its future inhabitants to lives of serfdom and misery. I'm not done with you yet, I'm going to throw you ahead another 100 years so you can see the mutants spawned by an Earth bathed in nuclear radiation. And it's all your fault. YOUR FAULT!"

He laughs his psychotic laugh and I realize I'm in big trouble. I'm going to have to try and recall all the principles I can and use them all - total equilibrium. Total equanimity to all that I confront and now experience. If I am to return to my own time I need to be in complete mastery of my consciousness and see if I can't catch Lal-atha and his machines off-guard.

Before I finish, I feel the force teleport grab hold of me and thrust me through time once again. As my eyes regain their ability to focus, I can smell a stench that is incredibly bad and air that is horribly impure. I am in some sort of village with thatched hut type structures and nothing industrial or technocratic in sight. Grotesque caricatures of humanity are everywhere I look. Multiple heads, limbs, missing limbs, deformed limbs and torsos. They stare at me like I am some sort of anomaly - a freak. Apparently standard human DNA code is now completely lost.

I struggle not to bias as I see a small girl with a small deformed head on an oversized chest torso which is connected to a very small lower torso, approach me using her one leg and one arm as a pair of legs.

"Yumere daferant hombran"

It sounds sort of like broken English but so garbled it's hard to make out what she says. I breach my personal rule and read her mind using telepathy. I read her thoughts - and pick up quickly the remnants of English and Spanish merged which she speaks.

She had pointed out that I looked so different from everyone else.

"Haias minoras gonlandover frahnd"

I tell her that I am just a new friend from a faraway place. She looks at me and her mind is working overtime. Her thoughts are fast and I try to keep up with her cortex activity. She has some sort of brain mutation and she is actually quite intellectual. She is empathic as well and is aware of my presence in her mind.

"Inlosan yoremahn toremaraychin sinrehjib purinderaymo"

She's is now in my mind. She used my own thoughts as a bridge and she is reading my thoughts. I set up an area to converse in and I will not underestimate these people despite their apparent deformities. This girl, all of 12 years of age, is already more intellectually developed than most thirty-somethings in my time and in these years she has developed her mind to be a far greater tool to use in her day-to-day existence in this future world.

"You are from the past. That is very interesting. I had dreams that I would meet you though and as soon as I saw you materialize I knew who you were."

"Yes, I am from the past - the year 2010 to be precise. The world was far different then and the wars and radiation which changed things had not yet taken place."

"You put too much value on mind powers. Now that I am in your mind it reminds me of all too many others who prize some one thing and spend their lives obsessing about it. My mind is the way it is and it is not better or worse - just different. Just as my body is different. Someday you will learn that there is no better or worse - only different."

I look around and I see this is the message and wisdom of this era - everyone is different, no better and no worse than anyone else. I know it's true from one point of view yet I see how the unintelligent created this future of pain and suffering and try as I might, I can't see all futures as equally good/evil.

I bend down to my knees so I can look into this girl's eyes at her own level. I wish there was some way I could assist her here, but I don't know that I would know how or in which way would assist her. She is genuinely happy, perhaps much happier than most 12 year olds from my time and I find this unnerving and nonplussing.

Lal-atha wanted me to become depressed, but I see that even through these events which most would consider the worst of all possible futures - equal goodness and virtue have emerged in direct opposition to it. This girl could not exist were it not for those evils that shaped her and this future Earth.

"Yes. You are learning. Just like in my dream."

"In your dream what happens next?"

"You ask me that question and i give you this answer. You will disappear soon. A very tall woman will take you away and she will smile at me, before she does. You start to cry after I tell you this and you give me a hug."

As if on cue, I start crying and I reach out to embrace her.

"You are very special, as everyone is - but you are particularly special to ME. Thank you for your insights. I will not soon forget you and I will make sure the world of the past is exposed to some of your wisdom as well."

"Yes, you will write about me in your blog. My dream ends when I see you back in your time. You try to think about me and you reach my mind. You wonder how this is possible and then I wake up. Your tall friend is about to arrive."

I turn intuitively and I can already feel Yal-hune's presence in my mind before she appears.

"We don't have time. We must leave now." she turns and smiles at the girl and I truly wonder just what sort of being I have encountered here this day. She's not quite human yet more than human at the same time.

I wave good bye just as I feel Yal-hune teleport us back to 2010.

"Is Lal-atha contained again?"

"Yes. His machines have been disintegrated."

"Who was that girl? I've never met such a mind in such a deformed body."

"She had you pegged, even now you still just value her for her mind."

"Yes, I know. I disappoint myself. But again, who was she?"

"It's best I not tell you. You should figure these things out yourself."

I get to my computer and start keying in this entry. I reach out to her mind and I know I will reach her because she told me I would.


"Hello yourself. Have you figured it out yet?"

"Figured what out?"

"Who I am?"

"No, I haven't."

All of a sudden it hits me.

I know.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TSA Scanners, Pat-Downs, Pelosi & Bristol Palin

A few observations.

Pelosi. An unbelievable gift to the GOP and Tea Parties in 2012 - Pelosi remains as a figurehead. This woman truly lives in her own world and she's a political pariah, a black hole of liberalism that destroys everything in the reach of her ego's immense gravitational pull.

Bristol Palin. Hmmm. Lots of hate directed at this young woman. I guess the media still knows how to exploit conflict and make a buck. The Brandy/Palin conflict symbology is a rather blatant foreshadowing of 2012.

TSA Scanners. Unsafe. X-rays are unsafe at ANY dosage. While there are a bunch of paid off physicists who will tell you it's a minimal amount, many of these same folks smoke, are dying of cancer, and some lie to themselves because their own workplace is unsafe and they are overexposed to high energy radiation. They are in no position to gauge the safety of these machines being operated by people with not only no high-energy physics education, but are generally "bureaucratic" types -aka incompetent. While I am all for airline safety, the reality is these scanners are merely a deterrent - and will not provide any significant barrier to in-air terror.

Pat-downs. Again, the increased pat-downs are not going to be true fail safes unless a body-cavity search is included. So it's ridiculous. Use advanced detection equipment and dogs for metal plastics and explosives. SDAI has dogs trained to sniff out the special plastics used in the creation of plastic weapons and explosives. Their noses will smell these chemicals on the person or their clothes. Being sniffed by a German Shepherd in the crotch is far preferable to being fondled by possibly perverted, often undersexed TSA employees getting their cheap thrills.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Making a BIG Difference - mainly for myself.

Okay. Here we go. This is IT. The post I've been waiting six years to write.

If you follow this blog you know it is chock-full of physics, meta-physics, politics and what-have-you. This blog describes the technologies which will cure all diseases, including cancer and every type of viral and bacterial infection. This blog explains what you really are - a mass of energy fields that is presently resonating with a physical body. This blog explains what happens to you after you die and the many worlds that exist in this atomic spectra and outside it. There is a course in defense against the dark arts and on more than one occasion the reader takes a trip with me to a very real hell. This blog contains communications from the dead and from beings not born on this Earth.

In short, this blog is jam-packed with all sorts of information that, contrary to what one would expect, only a very small group of people on this world living at this time can understand, use or appreciate. This blog is the gift of a time traveler to a huge subset group of individuals that were kept from such secrets and information - by me.

That's why I'm here. I'm not here to live a normal life. I didn't come to Earth for the weather, the cuisine or the brilliant conversation or to work a 9-5 job to pay utility bills, a mortgage and to put food on the table.

I am here with a very specific mission and part of that mission is now fulfilled. The information for those few whom I promised I would deliver - now has been delivered. It's ALL here. Everything you will need to know how to extricate yourself from your worst problems and make the next leap forward - out of this world and to infinity and beyond.

I now have the rest of my mission to fulfill, and that involves correcting mistakes and balancing things with those whom I've had the worst possible relationships through history. I'm here befriending my worst enemies - or those whom I biased as such after their actions and pasts with me. Wish me luck.

Yes, You don't get to this place (Earth) with this sort of information and development without being somewhat of a major screw-up. I may know all these things, but that doesn't make me better than all those who are clueless about their life and the universe. Like an 8th grader returning to take kindergarten again and showing up his/her classmates with an "amassment of knowledge" is, with a clearer perspective, in a rather pathetic predicament that has some greater story behind it.

Such is my case.

So don't be threatened or amazed by any of the contents you find within this blog. It's all run-of-the mill 8th grader stuff and as you can see I'm far from the best student and am taking a elementary refresher course in the learning labs of Earth so that when I get back, I won't make the same mistakes again.

Oh...almost forgot. I want to apologize to YOU - yes, YOU. If YOU are reading this post YOU were one of my past victims. YOU were one of those whom I promised to make amends and to set up with a balancing set of data that can give you off the material world treadmill. It's all frequency relationship and ONLY those who were messed up by me can access this post even though its supposedly "freely available" all over the WWW. Your past and a subset of wavetrains in your quantum field enable you to read this post. Again, I urge you now - make the most of it or head for the hills in the wilderness of the internet screaming at the top of your lungs and not looking back.

Either way my job here is done.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The World Stage & Human Devolution

All the world's a stage and at any time there are only so many actors upon it. The few make way for the many and the many make way for the millions and billions.

For many, each man is worth less at face value when the world stage offers so many of them with no sign of slowing down. The quality of each of these men is also a question. Does mass production cheapen the single man? Or worse - is mass production actually responsible for producing lower quality men?

The science of eugenics was big about this same period in the last century. Laws were appearing throughout the US to make sure partners who would marry were "fit" to marry. "Imbeciles" and venereal diseases were running rampant in some parts and everyone knew that this was due to inbred relations and that criminals seemed to beget criminals. So the laws were the ways a century and a quarter old America was coming to grips with what appeared to be a very real threat of human devolution.

In science stories of Hugo Gernsback of the same period, and slightly later, the serious question of human evolution, selective breeding and such made its first serious appearances, made more palatable and able to probe deeper by being merely "fiction" and thus less threatening to those who feared that they might run afoul of some eugenicists idea of what a human should or could be.

A century later we realize that the nations that have employed selective/intelligent breeding are being over-run. The nations of Europe and the USA are mute testimony to the power of unchecked/unplanned/unwanted births. By all standards this seems to stand logic on its head. After all, shouldn't intelligent procreation be naturally superior to unintelligent procreation?

That's a question that I'm going to address today. The self-evident truth that the west now faces is that the very same birth control which created a greater quality of man, with a richer abundance and environment to live in, is now a detrimental factor that threatens his very existence. Again, this seems impossible, but the statistics and firsthand exploration of the world verifies this sword of Damocles that now hangs over all western nations and even as I write these words, the thread that holds it is wearing thinner with each passing moment.

If, by default, the majority of men achieve at best a stifling mediocrity and only a few rise above to create and shape the world for the rest, then logically the more men you have, the more of these exceptional types should be present. However despite these billions and an ever larger quantity of men, progress moves more slowly now than half a century ago and it appears to be grinding to a virtual halt with each passing decade and no significant improvements.

It appears mankind has peaked. Or is it that mankind can not function as efficiently when there are too many men? Does the bumping, crowded masses make it impossible for those few to escape the crowds and lead? Has the Earth become a mob? Do the masses now crush and destroy those same ones who would lead them to a vastly brighter, more wonderful life?

Taking a look at India, China or anywhere where man lives in record numbers, the evidence of this self-defeating principle is now a part of history. Only after adopting western technologies and inventions can these human addled regions create a semblance of order, control disease or live somewhat technocratic lives. The west has created a model for living and it is being applied, as best as possible, to the rest of the world by those who realize its superiority.

And as the west become human-addled, its progress grinds to a halt. It is easy to predict that it will not simply halt but will begin to devolve. Human devolution is already evident enough for anyone who wants to look closely and honestly enough at their neighborhoods and their country.

The future is one of declining virtues. The human body has become a canvas for needles and a waste bin for toxins. A world of addicts, of one sort or another, being pandered to and exploited.

What do they want?
What do you want?
What do I want?

What stands between them, you or me and the great devolving motion that influence the the crowded world stage today?

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Inspired to read this? Money! Wealth! How to get Rich! YOU can have it ALL!

Money and wealth are still the primary motivations of people here on this little world, right after sex. Security is a powerful human need and at this time most equate big bank accounts and lots of wealth with security.

I'm going to share the real secret to making sure you are secure and financially set for life and it will be unlike any ever explained to anyone on this world ever.

In a world of energy where you, your life and everything around you truly exist as forms of energy, one must wash away the symbolism of daily life and get to the heart of the give and take and scientific motivations behind these energy motions - which are your life.

Yes, that paragraph is in bold for a reason. Almost no one who reads it will understand it on the first try. It's much better to give it a few passes through the front door of your consciousness and let it lounge around awhile.

You exist as a set of fields. Your consciousness, body and mind are only fields and they react to other fields around you based upon the energy they contain and the biases.

All energy expresses as wave forms and all wave forms have a positive and negative motion. This is why everything in your life is viewed by you as either positive or negative or some measure of both. Your biases exist in the energy of which you are composed.

So if you were drawn to this article, you likely view the possession of money and wealth as positive. Likewise, you view the absence of these things negative. This is your first lesson on your road to abundance...

You must truly learn not to care whether or not you have money or not. You must cease to have an emotional stake in your financial status.

Why? Good question. Your bias of money draws you into circumstances which will deplete it from you. Biasing money one way or the other - as extremely positive OR extremely negative will keep you with a roller coaster type relationship when it comes to finances and wealth. You will ride the highs of having money and the lows of not having it.

Here's another scientific fact. Energy regenerates itself. Energy is indestructible. It changes form but it is constantly in motion and regenerating what it is. So if you bias money, this bias regnerates and the biases increase and grow stronger over time.

Like an addict, the small high no longer is enough. Greater highs are needed for the same effect. With money and possessions, ever greater amounts are needed to satisfy someone who has a biased relationship with it.

So, you see, you can maintain a healthy relationship with money and wealth, simply by losing the bias of it. Once you do, you will have enough - not too much or too little. It will be in balance, because your mind will be in balance.

This applies to all sorts of things. Science is the true "salvation" and science works far better than prayer, lotto tickets or the most fanatical devotion to wealth acquisition when it comes to living a life that is in balance.

Love? Happiness? These too are scientific propositions and you can master your emotional states just as easily as solving an arithmetic problem. It's all about finding balance.

Balance is the motion driver of the universe.

Yes, all things that happen in your life and which you do, want to do, and seek are expression of this mandate.

Once you understand this you are well on your way to becoming a master. A master of your own mind, and of the interface you will possess with the rest of the infinite universe.

You can't change anything in the world around you. You can change yourself and how you interface with the energy around you. When you understand the science behind all this action, you become smarter than Einstein, happier than a lark and will find pleasure and abundance all around you. When you do encounter difficulties and challenges (and you will) you will understand these are necessary for your own personal growth and are just another energy expression to be mastered.

There you have it. That's the most true secret of "money" you can find anywhere on the planet at this time. If you are one who was drawn to this article - that's not an accident. You had to have some pre-existing compatibility to this post - which is really simply energy oscillating at a specific set of frequencies, most of which are outside the range of most of humanity. Like a dog able to hear a dog-whistle, you were able to be exposed to this.

Make good use of it. Reread it. Seek to understand the incalculable ramifications of this information you now possess.

Falling in Love...My Own Personal Pon-Farr

While not normal by human standards, I still experience much the same emotional and physiological responses, in my own twisted way. I found this out with a rather sudden and overpowering human response - suddenly falling in love.

I've experienced many loves, but each love and relationship has its own intensity and "symptoms" (if you will) with which it manifests.

This one caught me off guards due to its intense physical nature and resonance. A complete breakdown of my usual detached unemotional mindset. Like Spock in the grips of Pon-Farr, my logic has been ripped from me and I am left with a mind and body that respond only to intense mental and physical attraction - love by any other name. I know its all about frequency relationships and past experiences and I can rationalize this, but it still doesn't explain why I can drift off just thinking about a particular woman's hands, adoring them and wanting nothing more to hold them and caress them and all that they are connected to.

And it doesn't end there. Lips, eyes, hair and much more are so strongly resonating within my mind with such strength and detail that it creates an almost insatiable desire to drop everything and race to this woman and to be with her. My entire value sytem, my job at Shamballa and all the rest seem unimportant.

After Shayla and Yal-hune, you would think that a mere human would not be able to have such an effect upon me, but this is not the case. In fact, I daresay I think these relationships have heightened my sensitivity and actually made me more responsive to these harmonics and magnetics. Like with both these women, with but a thought I am suddenly elevated into an emotional stratosphere that has no limits - one almost starts crying by default because the body simply cannot contain these frequencies, without filtering them first, and the human anatomy starts shaking and responding like one has some neurological disorder.

Yes, I have fallen in love with a woman and, amazingly, I do not yet even know her name. I'm pretty sure she feels the same way about me, because at times I can feel her thoughts. I'm not reading her mind or anything - sometimes it seems her thoughts breach MY defenses and they are quite intense and positive thoughts.

I haven't spoken to Yal-hune about this, but i'm sure she knows and is undoubtedly happy for me. On Htra-deg they love almost everyone to varying degrees and only on Earth is love of any real measure so rare.

Happy election day. I wish I could get more excited about writing about the coming Tea Party / GOP landslide and refutation of the Obama/Soros agenda...but I'm thinking about a set of female forearms that at this moment seem to be the most important arms in the universe and the most delicate, delectable, exquisite, elegant and beautiful...