Monday, March 22, 2010

Feedback (Part 97)

"You don't want to do this Lal-atha. You understand feedback. Or you should. It's a very simple scientific principle that even these "aborigines" have identified. Though they do not apply it to their lives yet, someday they will. If you destroy others - others will destroy you. There is NO getting around that one. What's a smart guy like you whose world has technology beyond most doing forgetting that simple, simple principle of energy?"

"More lectures. It's been thousands of years and I'm still here - you've died a number of times and will soon again. I'll take my chances. My world is one of the most powerful in the galaxy and no one will dare present us with any feedback."

"Well don't say I didn't warn you."

"Is that a threat? Is the puny human who lives as a monkey among the monkeys threatening me? Your world is at my mercy. The confederation has failed to protect you. The saps from Htra-deg and other worlds who attempt to battle my forces are too little and too late. Now that my armada is here I can obliterate the earth or simply wipe out all life and turn the planet into a mausoleum."

"And this will make you happy? Chasing me across the galaxy so we can have these wonderful little conversations before you kill me and wipe out a bunch of bystanders near me?"


I'm stalling for time until Shayla gets the last spire in place. It can't be long now. As I sit here, I flashback to a moment we shared in the flame room built by the Travelers and this moment, the end of the world crisis was foreseen. It passed by so quickly with all the other data of Earth's history. I realize now that the flame transcends conventional time barriers.

"Lal-atha do you know about the Lemurians?"

"You are wasting time. You should be saying goodbye to any loved ones you have instead of presuming to teach me galactic history."

"The Lemurians set up a defensive system to protect Earth from hostile visitors such as yourself. I've just been informed that this system is operational and will wipe out your entire armada and every man you have no on Earth should you and your forces not immediately cease hostilities and leave the Earth."

"You're bluffing. The Lemurians left Earth long ago and left no such system in place. And if they did, our very presence is proof it is not operational."

"I have done my part and given you fair warning. I'm not lying."

Lal-atha's presence is gone from my consciousness. He broke off - probably to check and verify my statements.


"Give the word. I can place the last spire in position in two seconds upon your command. When in place it will automatically fulfill its defensive parameters."

"Yal-hune?" I reach out to her mentally.

"I have retrieved the other human targets of Lal-atha and secured them on my brother's Confederation vessel. As for your plan - I cannot tell you what you should do. You must make that decision. This is your world."

Even without the emotions my mind experiences consternation and indecision. Activate the spires and see if Lal-atha and however many thousands, or millions, of beings he brought with him to Earth are destroyed or give him a chance to leave? The thought that others may be dying now as I hesitate is counteracted by the thought of hundreds of thousands of dead hostile aliens. While the answer seems simple - save the Earth - it is not. This predicament I am in, the Earth is in, has its origins in my own past actions. By activating the spires am I like Truman ordering the A-bombs dropped on Japan? While historians have pondered what would have happened if the US did not drop the bombs, and whether it spared lives in the long run, I find this is very different when the weight of the world and billions of lives are resting very uncomfortably upon my shoulders. What did I do in the past that brings this circumstance to me? Did I destroy others? Did I attack worlds? To attract such hate as Lal-atha has for me is most likely a mirror reflection of hate I have had for others.

Shayla looks at me benevolently and smiles. She is in my mind and aware of my thoughts and struggle. I try to work out these pasts. I try to see Lal-atha not as an arch-demon, that needs to be destroyed, but a soul who is suffering heavily from self-created torments. My bias of him has tied him to me and, subsequently, to Earth.

"Tech1 you spoke truth. There is a defensive system awaiting to be activated. My scientists have analyzed the system that was built and realize you are ready to activate it. I could order my fleet to destroy the Earth and our weapons would destroy the Earth just as you activate the system. We might not escape the repercussions. Again - you think you've outwitted me...that you hold my life in your hands and that you are still superior."

"I don't think that. No one is plotting against you. If I wanted to eliminate you I would not hesitate to have the last spire beamed into place. I'm not out here on Earth hiding from you and I don't know any of the people you have targeted. I met April Britt the first time today. Return to your world, live in peace, don't join the confederation if you don't want to. I really don't care one way or the other. I do care about this world and am asking you - nicely - to cease hostilities and leave..."

"Or else."

"Yes, or else. I have no real choice but to activate the system if you persist in hostilities."

There is a pause and I know this is the moment of truth. Does Lal-atha activate his weapons or does he leave? Shayla looks at me and smiles. I feel Yal-hune in my consciousness as well along with some other very developed folks I don't quite recognize but who are with me here in this moment of peril.

"We will depart. But this isn't over."

Part of me wants to shout, "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahooooooooooooooo!" but here even positive emotion is dampened.

"Yal-hune? Let me know when they have departed and have left the solar system."

"We are monitoring the situation right now."

It's hard to tell exactly how much time passes. A minute or twenty minutes. Then I hear Yal-hune in my mind.

"Lal-atha's forces have returned to their ships and the armada has left the solar system."

"Shayla, beam the last spire into position."

The entire atmosphere of Earth almost instantaneously assumes a deep rose hue. From horizon to horizon the sky looks an even shade.

"What is that?"

Shayla analyzes a holographic screen she has brought up.

"A side effect of the spire activation. The spires are cleaning the atmosphere by altering and manipulating certain field elements. Apparently education and defense weren't the only components of this system."

"You mean to say, it's cleaning the skies?"

"Yes, in a nutshell. It has reduced carbon monoxide, soot and other pollution elements normally associated with volcano eruptions, fires - or in this day and age, factories, smog, etc. is also filtering some of the cosmic radiation and the dangerous portion of the ultra-violet spectra."

"Let's get back. With all that has happened, and particular with all the satellite arrays gone, Earth is going to be experiencing pandemonium. Oh...and thank you Shayla - you are the one who saved the Earth."

"One of many...and I couldn't let Lal-atha kill my own Doctor Doom could I?"

"I still love you, you know that"

"Yes. I do. And you know I love you too."

We've landed in Shamballa's airfield. I feel my atomic structures return to normal as I descend the ramp with Shayla. At the base of the ramp I turn and gaze into her spira-mirabilis patterned eyes and we kiss.

"Do you think you might stay awhile?"

"Maybe. You and me...we have all the time in the world...and then some."

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Crucible (Part 96)

In about as long as it takes me to think about where the locations of earth's EMF nodes are, I feel myself being teleported. As my eyes adjust to my new environment I find myself on Shayla's electromagnetic field riding craft.

"The spires have been brought aboard. We are going to deliver them." Shayla informs me.

Yal-hune's voice suddenly is strong and loud in my mind.

"Confederation shields have just been breached. Lal-atha's armada is now in Earth's orbit. They have just destroyed Earth's satellite network as well as Confederation satellites."

On Shayla's ship I can't be fearful. My isotopic rate elevated to a point that is incompatible with lower emotion. And emotional outburst would generate a field trying to lower these atoms and at such point the ship would generate resistance and explode. So even with this news I remain completely balanced. I consider the communication implications and assume that most of the worlds communication is knocked out. Very few still possess significant radio networks that used to exist half a century ago for promulgating warnings and information. Cell phones will be useless the White House teleconference ability I used back when Odin was President was dependant upon Milsat XI, which will be gone. The Secret Service will have no eyes or ears and be unable to communicate outside their own immediate vicinity. The military communication channels will also be down. The land lines will be the sole source of traffic and those will be overloaded in minutes as people panic.

I turn to look at Shayla. She motions at an holographic console in the air by her seat. She received Yal-hune's message too. Yal-hune broadcast it to every telepath in receiving distance.

In moments Lal-atha will lay waste the Earth.

"We have placed six of the spires into their locations. In some instances I had to beam out portions of structures that were blocking. Five spires to go."

She keeps moving quickly. Every second counts.

Suddenly I feel a dark presence in my mind.

"So how does it feel? Your world is about to be destroyed and you will be next. Your eternal conceit and sense of superiority will be put to an end momentarily. I wish I could see your face as you watch your world explode."

"Why? Lal-atha, supposedly we know each other from back on your home world. I don't remember any of what you mention. I just would like to know why you are doing this. What did I do to you that was so horrible it is worth the extinction of a whole world - a whole sentient species?"

"More endless lectures. That is all you are good for. You always thought you were better than me. You still do. I can feel the contempt you have for me in your words and in your very essence. You - who lectured endlessly on the equality of sentience and of all beings - you, believe none of your words and live as an archetype of someone who disdains most of the universe. You were not smart enough to prevent me from removing you from your body and position when you lived upon my world and you thought you could escape my fundamental frequency scans by being born in a primitive world of aborigines to hide among, while you plot your revenge. You picked a world that would be sympathetic - an overshadowed world where the masses would rise up against those who owned their very lives and controlled their every action.

I had to laugh as you feigned shock at being contacted by the Confederation. They knew who you were and were plotting against me all the while. You, who would have seen our world's sovereignty given over to a confederation of dictators and despots who sickeningly pose as benefactors to all galactic sentience. You and all those who opposed me who came to this tiny world to plot will be eliminated again. And wherever you reappear in this galaxy I will find you and do the same again and destroy whatever insignificant speck of a world you think will escape my attention."

Lal-atha's mania is quite intense. Even entertaining his thoughts in my mind in this state is almost painful. However, his words do trigger certain images and memories which have never had access to this current body and brain.

I lived upon his world and was on the leadership council as it then existed. He was on the council too as were the others he is now seeking to destroy - including April Britt. We all voted to join the Confederation. Before the treaty was made binding he murdered us all, disbanded the council and declared himself ruler. He has lived in fear of retaliation for his actions for half a century in earth years, but for him it has been much longer. Fear is his primary motivation. He is terribly afraid and is wise enough to know that what he has done will generate feedback. Awaiting this feedback has driven him mad.

"Spare the Earth - it's me and the rest of the council you want. The beings here have done nothing to you. They are not members of the confederation and know nothing of our conflict."

"They have served as your home and that is enough of a crime. If I have to destroy every world you appear upon - I will. I can only imagine the guilt you will feel each time you die and look at what your birth has wrought. You will be a galactic pariah and trillions upon trillions of souls will hate you and loathe you for bringing about their deaths and the end of their world."

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shayla's Secret (Part 95)

I get into the command center and the screen wall has been subdivided into about 30 different views. The conventional military has been scrambled in response to four different incidents across the United States, It's hard to tell if Yal-hune or others from Htra-deg are responding. The US has never reached Defcon 1 before, and it was always supposed a nuclear strike would be imminent. The running top government officials have been instructed and have left for Mt. Weather and several other underground protective facilities. The DC underground super trains have been activated. When dealing with aliens who can materialize anywhere, these protective measures are less than meaningless.

Tech2 turns to me as shortly after I enter, "We are monitoring some serious intrusions in New York, DC and Los Angeles. There are indications other areas we don't have quick communications access to are also experiencing intrusions. The military has been ordered to destroy the aliens by whatever means necessary. They are keeping Obama moving on a super train, hoping the aliens will not be able to beam onto a moving train.

"No one prepared for this one, did they?"

I hear Shayla in my mind with her response.

"That's not true. We did prepare for alien invasion. Project MIMIR had more than one facility in the world. SDAI only retrieved a fraction of MIMIRS assets. You need to come with me."

I turn to Tech2, "Do what you can. I'm going to leave with Shayla and see if we can't help increase our odds."

Shayla speaks telepathically to someone in one of her world's spacecraft. I feel the teleportation begin and this time it feels a bit different. Unlike Yal-hune's mentally controlled teleportation the mechanical kind has a different effect on the nervous system and the mind. Before I can count to three I find myself besides Shayla in another warehouse somewhere. This one is much larger than the one we cleaned out in Colombia. It's at least a dozen times as large and I wonder exactly where we are. This much real estate doesn't come cheap and would be hard to hide.

"We are in New Mexico. This warehouse is a subterranean one built by MIMIR expressly for this purpose. It is shielded from all sorts of signals and no one but myself and a few others knew it was here."

"I start looking around and for a brief moment I am reminded of the treasure room discovery in the film National Treasure. Only this is real and the treasures I see are far more valuable than most alive could ever conceive."

"Are those..."

"Yes. Three dozen spaceships all of my own design. But spaceships of such a nature can't be used in violent encounters, as you well know. We are here for another reason."

She points her graceful arm behind us and to the western end of the facility.

"Those are the remaining Lemurian Spires."

"I thought one needed all of them to make them work?"

"We have all of them. These plus the one you obtained in Colombia complete the set."


"Yes. These things are made of a metal that is indestructible in this solar system. They cannot be worn down by time and space around this sun. All we need to do is to return them to their original locations."

I look at the spires and for the first time let hope build up in my breast. This might work. Earth might have a chance.

"This system not only elevated the intelligence of the native aborigines upon the Earth, but served as a protective device. The planet Lemuria was one of the first in the galaxy to be formed. It is an older world than any world in either Confederation. The technology has no moving parts, relies entirely upon the construction and placement of the spires to receive signals and work together as a resonant system."

"A resonant system?"

"Yes. When all are in place, the entire electromagnetic field structures of the Earth can be tapped for energy and manipulated. Technically the spires work in conjunction with certain nodes in the Earth's EMF field. In a way, you could say the planet itself can actually keep out intruders and those with harmful intent. The Lemurian scientists built this into the system so that the Earth could evolve without hostile interference."

"How does it manifest though? What can the spires do to protect the Earth?"

"Imagine if you will the entire weight of the Earth's electromagnetic field compressed upon a single being or object."

"Instant implosion."

"Yes. Any alien structure or being that were to appear here or in orbit with hostile intent would feel the whole weight of the Earth upon themselves and would implode."

"How does it measure the intent?"

"The spires when in their respective nodes can scan the entire EMF field of the Earth. Extraterrestrial signals are easily identified and when these signals possess subharmonics that are associated with anti-Earth intentions, the spires trigger the defense mechanism."

"What about you or Yal-hune - or Skuuinja? If one of you thought a biased thought about the Earth - would you be in danger?"

"Yes. We will be. However the spires are not primitive constructs. They have the full breadth of consciousness mapped into their structures. They can discern between a simple prejudiced thought or even a selfish one and the type of thoughts that accompany those who would seek to subvert, enslave or destroy a world."

"Well what are we waiting for? Let's get these spires back where they belong!"

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cerata (Part 94)

"Come with me."

I race out of the command center and towards an access elevator to the surface. I recognized the alien as the one who confronted me outside Dillard's department store - I think his name was Cerata and he comes from the world of Skalon. In about 30 seconds I am out on the airfield tarmac where he and a dozen or so aliens materialized.


"We meet once again Tech1! As you know, your world's plight is being broadcast across the galaxy in what you would describe as a 'reality' show. Those of us whose worlds have more time, such as my world of Skalon, have plenty of time to plan things while here you run around in a frenzied state reacting to things after the fact, because you can't see them coming."

"Are you here to help us?"

"Yes. You remember I offered to help you build a shield against the overshadowing signals from hostile worlds. Well I am here to offer my world's assistance. Skalon is a very technocratic world. We are just as technocratic as Lal-atha's world, perhaps moreso."

"What can you do?"

"We know the shields put up by Htra-deg and the Confederation are likely to be breached by Lal-atha's ships in a matter of hours. Your world has precious little time to plan a defense. Our world however has plenty of time to entertain the possibilities. The Confederation knew this day was coming and yet did very little to avert it. We are going to help you fight Lal-atha with technology."

"How did you breach the shields?"

"We teleported here. The shields were designed to prevent levels of mass in excess of a certain quotient from being teleported to Earth or to reside in Earth's orbit. Your entire solar system is presently secured as well as possible with Confederation technology. Unfortunately the technologies Lal-atha has access to are not limited to Confederation worlds."

"So there are a dozen of you? What can you possibly hope to achieve against an invasion armada?"

"We will find out. Is Yal-hune back yet?"

"No. I haven't seen her at all since this started."

"She's probably quite busy."

I glance at the people Cerata appeared with. They all look very serious and intelligent. They let Cerata do the physical talking, but they were communicating with him telepathically. They all are carrying some sort of device on their arms. From a distance it looks quite a bit like a 'tricorder' from the old Star Trek series. I sense these devices are much more potent and are part of the technological assistance Skalon brings to the party.

Shayla is in my mind on our own personal wavelength in the very back of my mind.

"Be careful. He is concealing something."

I look at them with a new perspective and I find myself back looking at the world through the filter I have worn so long. A filter that looks at everyone in a less than favorable light. A filter where trust and face value are barred from passage.

"Can you tell what it is?"

"No. Their minds are all locked up quite tightly."

I turn to Cerata, "Let's return to the command center and see if we can't find a spot for you to prepare what you came to prepare."

He marches off with his group. They know exactly where they are going. I forget that they know this facility and all of Earth like their own homes. They watch it regularly and unlike a stage set, which is false, all they see is quite real. They probably know all the codes and could march right into the command center without any hesitation. As the sunlight glints off their clothing I see something else - a shimmer. I keep forgetting they are operating here with their own personal forcefields and atmosphere.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Visitors (Part 93)

"This is some sort of big joke right? I know all about FX and make up. Making aliens with ray blasters is no big deal. Someone is going to pay for the damage to my house."

"Ms. Britt, it's all quite real. This is Shayla. She is an alien herself and has been working alongside and for the US government for a number of years. She's one of the good guys...well good gals...and she will get you up to speed."

"This isn't going to hurt or anything? You aren't going to inject me with drugs or something are you?"

"No, Shayla is a telepath. She will enter the surface of your mind and share with you all sorts of information that will help you adjust to the present situation. Your life here - right now as April Britt - is but one of many lives. And some of these other lives have been on other planets in this galaxy. An alien named Lal-atha has it out for you and some other folks."

"Ms. Britt this will be very easy and painless. Just relax and it will be like watching television in your mind. Are you ready?"

"Sure. This should be good for a laugh."

I watch as a telepathic observer as Shayla carefully shares certain information with April in neatly edited visuals with a narration. It's absolutely incredible how her mind can produce these without any preparation. Another level of depth exists in her consciousness that permits this type of thing. April's face is suddenly placid and I know she feels the warmth of Shayla's mind as she transmits her information.

My cell phone rings. It's ring identifies it as Thor.


"Yes. What's up? I'm sort of busy at the moment."

"I got a call from my operatives in the White House. They've called a National Security Meeting in the bunker and gone all the way from Defcon5 to Defcon1 in 20 minutes. The White House was attacked by god knows what and then some other folks appeared to battle them - aliens. Tell me you are on top of this."

"We're on top of it. Don't scare folks - but Earth has been targeted. Even now we're waiting an armada of alien ships to appear in orbit and start attacking. These first appearances have been by direct teleportation straight across the galaxy. Once they get some ships in orbit, and have access to more power, we are in serious trouble. Yal-hune is out stopping them right now and Shayla has arrived as well with reinforcements."

"My God - a full invasion of Earth? Is that what's going on."

"In a nutshell - yes."

"I wish I could say I know what operations are being conduct to protect us, but I don't. It's all happening so fast. Did they get the President to safety?"

"Is he safe? Not from teleporting aliens. All bets are off. All locations are insecure. Odin has been taken by his team to a 'secure' location on my prompting after the attack, but this isn't really it?"

"'s very personal. But the President and Odin are not the real targets."

"What - who - do they want?"

"Me for one. Pop star April Britt for another."

"What? Why on Earth? Some world doesn't like her music?"

"It would take too long to explain. All the targets have lived on the world that is attacking. But I've got to go...I have Ms. Britt here and Shayla is debriefing her."

"Sweet mother of are debriefing April Britt?"


"It truly must be the end of the world."

"That's not a joke. I really don't know if we'll get through this after those ships appear, even with the help we're getting. If I don't see you again it was a fun 8 year ride and I'll look forward to seeing you on some other world...and hopefully on a world that has long since done away with politics."

"Don't talk like that - you're freaking me out. I'm going to gather my family."

"Good Idea. See you Thor."

"Yes. Please keep me informed as soon as you have the time. If anything pops up, I'll ring you."

"Will do."

I close the phone and push those thoughts of global destruction out of my mind. I keep thinking of what those emissaries on Htra-deg said about telling me so that the Earth would survive. I don't really want that responsibility.

Tech2 is on the intercom.

"We have a situation here. Several beings have just materialized and I don't know who they are or where they are from. They don't look like Lal-atha's men and they don't look like Yal-hune or Shay-la either."

"Hang on. We're on our way."

"Shayla? Did you hear?"

"Yes. Let's go."

We race out of the storage level and up the hall to the elevator. I swipe my card through the console and have the elevator to take us to the command center where Tech2 is observing and directing our troops.

I've never seen our troops outright scared until today. These men laugh in the face of death are trained to combat any foe on Earth anywhere on Earth. As I look into their faces I see a new fear. They know that our weaponry isn't effective and that we - they - are completely at the mercy of intercessors. That is why they are afraid. Its like going up against an F-22 with a toy rubber band powered glider they sold at the supermarkets and drugstores back in the day. It's not combat - it's a bad joke that makes slaughter seem like an understatement.

We reach the command center and I look at the screens and the close up camera shot of one of the aliens catches my eye.

"Hold your fire."

"What? Who is it?"

"I know this alien. He's a friend of the Earth."

Monday, March 01, 2010

Reunion (Part 92)

I get April Britt down to the EMF craft as quickly as possible. SDAI is on high alert and armed men in gear are stationed on every floor. The Command centers are humming with activity and any tool for obtaining intelligence is being used. The situation in California is being monitored.

I finally reach the EMF craft and with a mental thought the craft opens. My consciousness is cleared simultaneously of certain obsessing elements and I am all at once calmer and less worried.

I lay April down on one of the command chairs. I check to make sure she is alright. Her pulse is slightly elevated, but I'm sure she will be fine. I take a pen out of my pocket and small pad of post-it notes from a wallet pocket. "Stay here! Back in 15 minutes."

I exit the EMF craft and head towards my office. A little over a year ago, I would have had the President on the line and any resources needed. Now, we're on our own. Which is fine. We've got the best intelligence, weapons and defenses Earth's technology yet affords us, so I guess there really is nothing anyone else can do.

I turn and see someone materializing in my office, next to my desk. I start to panic and wonder if it is Lal-atha or one of his henchmen. It is a woman in a silvery form-fitting jumpsuit. She's a little over 6 feet tall.

"Long time no see."

It's Shayla! My panic turns to exuberant joy in an instant, and I practically fall over my own feet to get to her and give her a hug and kiss.

"I have missed you so much! You are here because of the situation?"

"Yes. Earth needs a little back up and my world is willing to help. We have five spacecraft here on Earth and we have teleported some folks down to various spots where Lal-Atha's forces have made appearances. Lal-Atha planned to hit his targets and is surely working to bypass the barriers set up by the Confederation."

"How did your spacecraft get past the barrier?"

"We have fundamental frequency maps of the entire Earth compiled when I was here as Chief Scientist of Project MIMIR. When one has the right coordinates, the barrier doesn't impede teleportation."

"Could Lal-Atha obtain the coordinates?"

"Not from our world. Not even the Confederation has the entire map. That's something I have - and I don't intend to share it with anyone."

"Yal-hune is busy protecting one of the targets."

"I know. I've been in contact with her. She should be back here soon. We should go to April Britt. She needs to be properly debriefed on the situation."

I find myself looking at Shayla with a new appreciation of her unique position. She was one of the first to commit herself to serving our world and when Earth needs her - she's here. Like the cavalry in some old western arriving in the nick of time.

"You're still doing the ol' Doctor Doom mental journal bit I see?"

She laughs as we walk down the hall.

"You know me. Old habits are hard to break."

Shayla's presence is just what I have needed. Her familiar mental presence at the doorway of my mind is a reunion of the happiest kind.