Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sunset with Shay-la

I hold Shay-la in my arms as we watch the sun descend over the horizon. I feel each breath she takes and it nourishes my spirit. As the clouds turn a brazen magenta hue and the sky becomes a gradient between orange and purple, the desert wind seems to arrive on cue. It carries a chill and I take off my leather jacket and place it around her. She thanks me in her mind. We have become so attuned to each the other over the past year that we seldom use our vocal cords and communicate only via thought. Describing such telepathy to a non-telepath is difficult. Her mind is a very comfy place to be and while my body rests here on a loungechair, my mind is resting within hers as hers is within mine. This is the way love is supposed to be, what it evolves into. It is far beyond mere physical contact, it is a joining of minds.

The secrets of the flame have been unlocked and our report has been classified and compartmentalized, read by the tiniest handful of individuals with such clearance. She has reported to her world as well, and there the knowledge is much more broadly distributed.


Friday, January 25, 2008

The long awaited Q & A!!!

Ok! After years of collecting questions, some esoteric and some banal, I have finally decided to answer some of the easier ones in a concise blog entry to the best of my ability. They will be answered in no particular order and are edited for clarity. If you are ready for a quick Q&A ride...let's go!

"Do you take drugs?"

No. That's one of the few things Tom Cruise and I have in common, a general disdain for the pharmaceutical industry. Technically, everything one consumes is a drug. However, caffeine regularly and aspirin occasionally are consumed by me - nothing with any greater molecular complexity or that requires a prescription.

"What's the deal with your name? What exactly does it mean?"

SDAI has several meanings. It's usage in my handle is relevant to the latter definition. Strategic Development And Integration, and it's organizational activities are featured prominently in several stories on this blog. All members of SDAI are called techs and have numeric affiliations.

"Is SDAI merely a fictionalized version of the SAD? Do, or did, you really work for the CIA Special Activities Directorate?"

The Special Activities Directorate doesn't officially exist. As "Bones" from Star Trek might say, "How can you work for an organization that doesn't exist?"

"Why did you stop writing the political entries in favor of metaphysical stuff? I used to enjoy reading you and now it's like 'HUH?'."

The political stuff, for me, is seasonal. I'll ruminate on a topic for a bit if it seems important enough, but generally I don't place the world's salvation in the hands of either politicians, political parties or religionists and their many and varied religions. The metaphysical stuff has greater import, both to me and my readers. Political views are a dime a dozen. Energy principles as they apply to human evolution are quite a bit scarcer - and of more value. I try and give readers the best value for their time spent.

"Did you really go on a drive with President Bush on his ranch? How is he in real life? Is he smarter than the critics say he is?"

That's still classified. I still do like GWB, warts and all.

"What's the deal with your Japanese syndicate? Are you paid for this blog? If you are being paid, why is it so teribly long between entries?"

To reinterpret what Joan of Arc said to her inquisitors about her state of Grace, "If I am being paid, it's not enough. And if I'm not being paid, I certainly should be."

"How do you know all this past life, energy stuff? Really? Where did you learn it?"

That's a fair question and deserves an honest answer. I've got pretty darn good connections. And I don't even need to keep them all in my Blackberry. My mind is linked to many others, on and off this world, and they can share knowledge and wisdom via this blog. Many of them are much wiser than me. I'm just beginning my quest into infinity - as we all are.

"Does Shayla really exist? Can I meet her?"

Yes, she exists. But you can only read about her exploits on this blog.

"When will you add your picture to your profile?"

Privacy and anonymity have certain value when one discusses very controversial matter freely. That probably won't ever change.

"When will you do more Sci-fi cover interpretations? I miss those!"

2008...resolution...more covers!

"What happened to GOP Girl?"

Bush won the 2004 election. GOP girl went into permanent retirement.

"Who are you rooting for in the 2008 Presidential election?"

That's a topic for an upcoming blog entry...

"You never said why you were driving the TESLA/STEINMETZ SUV. I awaited a follow up blog entry and you just blew it off?"

My bad. 2008...resolution...follow up on TESLA SUV.

"Do you really have an SUV based upon the Tesla technology? Can you modify my Yukon? Where can I buy one? I'm a serious buyer."

The Steinmetz SUV is very unlikely to be made available for purchase...but I DO intend to share some of the technologies on this blog in 2008. It's time we get the long promised "future" rolling.

"In your stories, you describe SHAMBALLA and VALHALLA as secret bases in the US. Is there some significance to the "ALLA" connection?"

No. The bases, and some officials names, merely have mythological nomenclature attached to them for classified identification purposes.

"Why don't you post more photographs of the desert? I liked the few you have shown and you should show some more."

Well thanks. I'll try to add more photos of the desert, when appropriate.

"You used to have links to other blogs and places on the web? Then one day they just disappeared. What happened?"

I was receiving some feedback that people were judging my blog based upon whom I linked too. Instead of actually reading content, some surfers just take a quick look at your links and judge your content based upon who you have linked to. This seemed undesirable and so I pulled the links.

"Do you publish books under another name? I've read books by ------ and they read a lot like your blog stories do."

Maybe. ;-)

That's all for today...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


A new year...a new world. This will be a spectacular year for many folks and especially all of my readers who will be given the secrets of life and the universe - and in plain sight, without any secret handshakes, old document reading or meditation on rice mats required.

At the close of 2007 we covered defense from the dark arts and a bit about mastership of light. We will continue on in these pursuits interrupted by the odd material focus, political pathos & satiric interjections.

The image above, was shot this very day. An unusual view of the world, for an unusual blog in which things are often revealed in a new light. The image above is merely a negative image of what we are more familiarly accustomed to seeing:

Our own position and senses determine our views. To become ever more infinite, one must learn to see in ever broader perspectives and not through the same vantage point.

I wish all my readers the very best as we begin this new year and I promise to keep lifting curtains and offering up new perspectives for your consideration and exposure.