Monday, June 25, 2012

Spectra 433b - Our Local Quantum Spectra

Here we go! This is going to be a blog entry for the ages. Right off the bat, this post is soooo not for everyone. Very, very few people have quantized field development that will permit absorption or even partial retention of this data. So if you feel compelled to click away - don't feel bad about it at all. It means you are human.

This is graduate course material here and there are not too many who can teach it, so that responsibility falls upon me while I'm here in this portion of the infinite spectra. First thing we will dois set up a balancing field before we get into this material. It's sort of a safety net, and can assist any reader who loses equilibrium while absorbing this data. Ok. Let's begin!

The universe we are in is composed of energy. All this enegy expresses itself in an infinite number of unique forms and can be visualized as wave form structures, possessing a frequency, a wave shape and countless subharmonic structures on this wave form:

So here we have a waveform structure. We can call it a field of energy if we want to, because this is really a group of waveforms. None of this energy ever exists all by itself. So while the illustration their shows a beginning and an ending, the truth is these waves are constantly interfacing other wave forms and this is an important principle - no energy is finite. Even small structures, here in an infinite universe, possess this same infinite quality.

So lets say that field represents a bug. It contains in that field every experience that bug has had since it was born and the moment it was squished against a windshield. Every place it visited, everything it ate, everything it perceived now exist as subharmonic structures in this wave field:

As you can see, those wave form structures keep getting more complex, with every moment each group of wave forms adds new structure and intelligence. Yes, intelligence from one point of view is simply a greater quantity of wave structures.

That's all for now. Time delay archival data release.