Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Transformation

It is a dark and cold night. It seems as if one is all alone and ones fears come crashing down around one with an intensity that is only possible late into the night.

Somehow it all seems hopeless. One wants to give up. The struggle to remain positive in the face of all the darkness seems futile. The darkness is accompanied by a stillness. The stillness is accompanied by a loneliness. The fears now whirl around the periphery of consciousness like a tornado and threaten to tear down ones consciousness.

But then something happens. In the very darkest moment, as one relinquishes ones mind to the fears that surround one, swarming one and enveloping one, one hears a small voice in the distance. It is very faint and is drowned out almost entirely by this raging sea of fears. But it is there. And one listens.

It is a completely calm voice. It is very quiet, but something about it makes it able to be heard above the chaotic moaning of the fears. It is a clear and pure. The voice transcends all.

But the fears suddenly howl louder. Suddenly one realizes they seem to have a mind of their own. Yes. That's exactly what one realizes. The whirling dervish of fears now demand to be heard. They scream louder and louder. There is a desperation in their howls. The fears have fears.

All at once one realizes the fears are not of one. The fears are intruders, with minds of their own that wish to control ones own mind. Suddenly the calm voice speaks.

"Yes. I realize the truth now. Those fears are not me. I am understanding and I fear nothing. I will not be beaten down. I am not alone. Darkness can not harm me.

I am the one.
I am eternal.
I am light."

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Addressing False Assumptions

Mark Steyn has a piece up, The Death of the American Idea, on National Review Online.

It's fine as far as it goes, but there are some false assumptions that need to be addressed.

First there is his horrible maligning of Scrooge McDuck. Scrooge McDuck may have all sorts of wealth stored in his money bin, but he is spreading the wealth at unprecedented levels. Last I heard, he had his money invested in every single major industry - from diamond mines, rubber factories, automotive factories, the hotel industry, farms & ranching, the service industry, from top to bottom, down to and including popcorn street vending. Scrooge would not be on the board of Halliburton - Halliburton would be just a tiny subsidiary of McDuck Enterprises.

There. That major fauxpas addressed we can now address some of the minor ones.

Steyn writes about the death of the American Idea. His assumption is that America was born around the rallying cry: "No taxation without representation" and this is another false assumption. America was born of dissatisfaction with a government that intruded unnecessarily heavily upon the lives of its citizens. The people living in the American colonies were uniformly fed up with their homelands, with England, the decadent French republic and the rest. It was this dissatisfaction and general sense of persecution that spurred them to leave. Today, such dissatisfaction, finds its contemporary counterpart in the masses leaving California and its oppressive, anti-business, collectivist mentality. Now, states like Arizona are the champions in growth while California, overrun by free-ride illegals and their spawn and mismanaged by collectivists, destroys its legendary wealth generation capability.

No, sadly, America has never been as sharp as Steyn paints it. Selfishness and greed have always been present in large quantities in the masses living here. What it did have was exceptionally smart individuals who could lead these masses intelligently - that is what America needs now. The founding fathers were not politicians. They were entrepreneurs and businessmen and had little desire to spend their lives in politics. Politics was descended into by these men out of necessity. Today, our politicians are nearly worthless. Steyn accurately points out McCain's leftist policies and the current bumper crop of GOP politicians who clearly have no real understanding of wealth generation or conservative administration of government.

Hoping for the greedy American masses to come to their senses and not live "on the dole" is not going to happen. The left in America is made up primarily of poor minorities, illegal aliens and their descendants and public school educated, city-dwelling women who never refused any liberal concocted gift horse or pandered government handout. Only the white male demographic voted for the "conservative" this year. All the rest voted handout. An IQ breakdown of those booming Obama demographics does not look very pretty - or promising for America. The change for 2008 is that America is now dumb and becoming dumber. Our public schools, saddled with the new burden of teaching English as a second language in the formerly cutting edge western states, is now failing it's students on a scale that can only be called gargantuan. Math, reading and history are at all time lows. The qualifications of teachers are abysmal. The political undercurrents and indoctrination in the classroom perpetrated by these low quality teachers on their young charges is off the charts. By undermining the potential of each next generation, our schools do far more damage to our national fabric than any terrorist attack ever could.

Steyn points out the future does not look bright for America. That assumption is right on the mark. Politicians will continue to fail us. Now, we must look outside of an already contaminated government for leadership. The bloggers of today are now put in the position of the founding fathers of 200 years ago. They are the ones with a bit more intelligence, a rallying cry and the energy to educate and assist their neighbors and fellow citizens in embracing a more intelligent course. They are the ones who are forming organizations to better this nation's mental prospectus and keep this nation moving forward constructively. They are the only ones left who can wage the revolution against the "nanny-state sirens."

Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Great Awakening Begins


Carol Marin of the Chicago-Sun Times appears to have at least somewhat of an epiphany about Obama's character:

If you hire a shark, does that make you a shark? If you send in an enforcer, are you, de facto, an enforcer, too? ...

...If you hire an enforcer, are you, de facto, an enforcer, too? Yes.

Take that a bit further. If Emanuel is slightly unhinged and the very first thing Obama does is hire him, does that make Obama slightly unhinged? Yes.

The pied piper has stopped playing and the gullible children, ever so hungry for "change" follow the skinny piper with the smoke-toned vocal chords to the cliff. Safely out of reach of the adults, the piper stops playing. This is the moment of truth. The choice of Emanuel has shocked the "warm fuzzies" right out of the electorate that followed him, adored him and even anointed him a higher being - a new type of politician. They now stand in a stupor. Where's the song? Where's the sweet grown up Gary Coleman we elected President? Why's he sound so different? Why did he pick a dead fish mailing psychopath who is perpetually compensating for his denigrated manhood to be the Chief of Staff of his White House? How is this humanly possible?

The smart children, or even those with simple street savvy, sense the imminent danger and turn 180 degrees and run as fast as they possibly can. The others, too gullible to know better, or too greedy for the free candy the piper promised, remain.

They remain and a few argue amongst themselves why the piper is acting so strange. Some children are defending the piper and claim he must have a reason for the sudden strange darkness that beams from his eyes as he grins with his new partner. The others are oblivious and simply wait the free candy to rain down from the skies and spring up all around them.

Good for Ms Marin. She is at least partially aware of the real nature of Barack Obama. The media, like children, are just awakening to the horrible reality the adults tried to warn them about - there is no free candy.

This electorate is not the first masses to feel that chill in the spot where their spines were, others before them have felt it as well. The masses who supported Lenin & his Bolsheviks, replaced Nicholas II (a hated, family man, & his family to Ekaterinburg and a firing squad) felt the same chill. Their "new" prosperity never appeared and, in fact, their poverty only increased while their freedoms completely vanished. Russia still has not recovered from that mistake made by an angry and greedy populace who listened to people making grand promises.

The people better now be on their guard. They better look closer at this new piper who has made the promises. They must dig up all the stories buried by a media filled with gullible & greedy children and prepare the masses for the slightly unhinged creature, created wholecloth by murky, Chicago gangster politics, that is Barack Obama...

...the next President of the United States.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Change - Already Redefined - AKA "Suckers!"

Sorry Suckers!

Not even an hour into his victory!

Obama ran on a pledge to give Americans who make less than $200,000 a year a tax cut, thus reaching 95 percent of taxpayers, and raise taxes on those making above $250,000 a year. With him and Democratic congressional leaders in charge, this pledge may be scaled back to give fewer people a tax cut and to include more people among those who would face higher taxes.

Obama has promised an orderly withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and a greater focus on the war in Afghanistan. Democrats will call on him to carry out his pledge, but the gains that have been made in Iraq in recent months may make it tempting for Obama to stop short of his pledge to pull out one combat brigade per month until they are all withdrawn.

Obama has said he would be willing to meet, without preconditions. with leaders of countries hostile to the United States, such as Iran, Cuba and Venezuela. Look for increased U.S. diplomatic activity with those countries with the aim of determining whether an Obama meeting with the leaders would be worthwhile.

Street translation for the middle class suckers who voted for him:

All the promises were BS. Get used to it.


Monday, November 03, 2008

The Dark Night Ahead

The thick fog of socialism is rolling in on this dark night. So many folks are confused, lost and yes, scared. The fog parts for a moment, broken up by the bright light...the signpost up ahead reads SDAI and you pull in, having found a sanctuary from the darkness and confusion now causing the masses to lose their way.

"Do you know the safest path to the future?"

"Sure. Here, let me show you the path on your map."

Yes, the world is in for a very dark night and only those who stop to insure they have clarity of mind and a powerful intellect will be able to go forth into the night unafraid and unhindered. For all things are relative and the darkness of ignorance is merely the flip side of the same coin which bears light and wisdom.

When you hold your consciousness far above the dross and dark political pathos and masses seeking salvation in socialist leaders who promise and pander to the frightened and self-focused masses, then you will find your path to the future as smooth riding and enjoyable as can be.

You will be able to share your insight and wisdom with your driving partner on the long, dark nights ahead and drive unhampered, your own headlights of wisdom cutting swathes of light in the miasma of darkness.

I'll be here when you need me. A place to stop, refresh and refuel your mind.

Oh, and if your girl breaks up with you after I make a pass at her while you use the facilities...that's your problem, not mine.