Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some Kind of Wonderful

Some Kind of Wonderful was a film from the late 80s. It never really picked up the status some of the John Hughes movies from that period achieved. It's one of the forgotten Hughes films and lives in the shadow of Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Weird Science and The Breakfast Club.

Today, I thought about the film and the title because of what Yaylu said to me. She said - and I quote:

"That's just it, don't you see? There are no better or worse futures. There are no terrible outcomes. Each potential destiny of this world, if it manifests, will exist with absolute mathematical perfection and balance. The universe can't exist otherwise. You still needed to see the world, and even the greater universe, in terms of good guys and bad guys, wonderful events and terrible events, and have not yet had your epiphany - that all events are wonderful. All events are the fabric of the universe and provide for an infinite variety of learning experiences for souls in an infinite spectra of development."

For the first few hours after her impromptu lecture. I was seeking out an emotion-less, bias-free view of the world and was like a leaf floating in a stream with no shore, no stability and a frame of reference was impossible. Then I read her words and suddenly could see what she meant. Everything is "Some Kind of Wonderful".

There is no bad in this universe, no evil, no negative. These things are only finite frame of references that don't see the big picture and how each event feeds the good. A child learns that gets burned playing with matches that such is dangerous and can be destructive.

My epiphany arrived and it was an eye-opener.

Everything can be destructive.

Yes, all that is good is bad. All that is bad is good. The universe doesn't say so-n-so, the mass murderer, is bad or evil. People say that. They understand from their point of view of the harm this person has created and they bias it negative.

The universe sees a much larger picture. It sees how so-n-so unintentionally inspired others to live a better life, to treasure those around them and sees all those events in so-n-so's life that were not so destructive. The universe can find an equal amount of good in everything we can only find the bad in.

It certainly would not be politically correct to say that Hitler was really not much worse or better than anyone else, but the scary truth is - it's true from a completely infinite point of view. All the good that has come about from bad things is incalculable. Every suffering want and need has spurred the civilization we live in today and all the monstrous human leaders we have had along the way, from Nero to Stalin have helped to spur the laws, freedom and democracy we now have here in the USA and to some degree in many western nations.

This was what Yaylu was trying to help me to understand. She's not human so it comes all too easy for her. She was never conditioned to see in good/evil or in black/white.

The rest of us have a much harder go of it.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reflections on Change

Ever since the crisis, when I really want to think clearly I enter the personal EMF craft obtained from Project MIMIR's assets. No other place on the planet provides protection from overshadowing signals, discarnate entities and any number of various types of emotional obsessions which loiter all over the Earth.

I don't take the ship anywhere, as I'm afraid to have it blow up on me as soon as my thoughts get out of a certain elevated spectra. So I just enter it and use its refined properties and molecular density as the ultimate shield and for needed privacy.

It feels good. Really good to just be me. No fears, no insecurities, no anxiety, no guilt. In a very real way, I get to experience the future and find that balance. I used to go to lookout point for such thought, but now this beat lookout point hands down.

Everyone and everything changes. Time is measured by change - movement and cycles. After Yaylu's little lesson and my own epiphany, I wonder just what I am supposed to do with my life. Working for SDAI seems less and less important. The world will become what it will become and all my efforts to sculpt it are not necessarily in the world's best interests. Spending time with family and friends has always been problematic for me. People change and I have changed the most. My interests are so far removed from those of my former friends that our friendship withered without common ground. Reminiscing about the past only goes so far. Watching the world change and morph can be destabilizing. Even the social structures I am familiar with are now fading away. Meeting face to face and conversing in the outside world is slowly dying. Texting, iphones and video-chats have supplanted and replaced the face-to-face and these electronic forms of communication leave me cold. They have little place in my world.

When I was younger, I wondered how people could remain stuck in the past. They would wear old style clothing, have old style hair-dos, listen to old music and were completely out of touch with the present. Getting to watch the previous generation go through this metamorphosis, and then my own as well, has been educational. Sure, there are those that thrust themselves into the new and race to embrace every new technology, music fad and religiously obey the fashion of the moment as they cling to what they perceive makes them appear younger. This has always been almost equally disturbing to observe. Neither has the balance that permits the graceful passage of time - or more precisely - adaptation to change.

Of course, seeing and living with these much longer lived beings, that age far slower than humans do, has put a spotlight on my own human cycles and created its own set of insecurities. Which, I guess, just goes to show how shallow I can be. I wonder if Yaylu (or Yal-hune, Shayla and Skuuinja for that matter) looked as a human would at their age, I would probably be horrified and repulsed. Getting kissed by a human hundreds of years old would probably seem quite creepy. Over the years now I have been kissed by numerous alien centenarians-many-times-over and the kisses have been exquisite.

Are looks that important?

Do the physical trappings truly reflect the mind within?

I am beginning to wonder if, again, my human biases have impaired my true vision. I know of aliens that have nothing resembling human form and yet are amazingly beautiful beings with almost nothing in common with the human anatomy whatsoever. How do I rationalize and take into account these disparities?

Perhaps Earth is more sick, or simply younger, than I thought. Many of these other worlds embrace all parts of the cycle of life instead of just one portion of it. Here, serving youth and those who wish to seem young has become the dominating force in all advertising, cultural cues and industry.

I wonder just what would happen were Earth to find more balance in this regard.

I'm Wrong.

Officially Yaylu doesn't exist. She's not registered with any government on Earth, which makes her like one of millions of other people all over the world who are off the grid.

The difference is, she's not human.

Yaylu has special ties to China, having lived there over a decade and tells me that my previous blog entry was way off the mark. That Zhao and Ashley are actually right and I am wrong.

"Your nation seeks democracy in places where the fundamental frequency simply doesn't yet support it. Zhao was right, China needs to evolve into it. How did German reunification go? How did the fall of the Soviet Union go? How is Afghanistan going? You see in some regions the prevalent number of younger souls, who would be inclined to murder and violence have not yet earned democracy or individual liberty. They still need to live within a framework that harshly responds to the harshness of the citizenry so that they learn valuable lessons and become more developed."

Yaylu puts it so succinctly and with such conviction that it is hard to argue with her.

"Perhaps you are right. We tend to view all people as equal here in the United States when the truth is quite obvious - no one is equal and all are at vastly different levels of mental and emotional maturity."

"Yes, your overcrowded prison system stands as mute testimony to the fact that freedom is not for everyone. That many are not responsible enough to use such freedom intelligently. At any given time the demographics of a nation change and demand new measures to deal with the changing fundamental frequency of the citizenry,"

"You're predicting the end of freedom and democracy in the US aren't you?"

"Perhaps. The lawlessness that is multiplying will necessarily lead to changes in government if the government is to remain stable."

I think about my trips into the future and how in some the US becomes just another Latin dictatorship with a corrupt police state and few real freedoms because of the massive poverty which dominates. I had always asked Yal-hune to show me the "best future" of the United States and she always refrained. Perhaps there were no good futures to show me? I wonder now.

"Yal-hune did what she thought was necessary. I'm surprised she took you through time at all. You don't seem mentally prepared for such travel. You still have far too many biases."

That hurts. Really hurts. Yet, I know it is probably true. I do still bias things way too much and see through my own personal filter of good/evil. I don't see all events as equal measures of good and evil, even though I understand scientifically that this is true, my mentality and consciousness do not perceive it as true. I guess traveling through time requires more equilibrium. I get an idea.

"Yaylu would you take me through time? I promise to be on equilibrium, regardless of what I encounter and try to use the experience to help build a better future."

"That's just it, don't you see? There are no better or worse futures. There are no terrible outcomes. Each potential destiny of this world, if it manifests, will exist with absolute mathematical perfection and balance. The universe can't exist otherwise. You still needed to see the world, and even the greater universe, in terms of good guys and bad guys, wonderful events and terrible events, and have not yet had your epiphany - that all events are wonderful. All events are the fabric of the universe and provide for an infinite variety of learning experiences for souls in an infinite spectra of development."

The way she says it hits me with sudden emphasis and for the moment she lifts a curtain for me. I see the universe for the first time as it truly exists - a mathematical type proposition of balances, a place where good and evil and positive and negative exist only in the minds and perspectives of those who perceive and classify all they see according to their own finite understandings. My mind struggles with the concept and rejects it.

"Yes, your mind cannot accept a universe without good and evil. All sentient life must exist with biases in order to evolve. Only the infinite universe itself is free of these biases and only seeks balance. As you evolve you will see things as the universe does and all that matters will be balance. That each action you take in a universe of energy has opposite reactions. That balance will need to be sustained to maintain the integrity of all you have learned and are learning - to maintain the integrity of your soul. Biases and even earlier, strong emotions, are a tool to try and keep you balanced. Fear, hate, lust and anger still serve, the elemental souls they exist within, quite well. They help them maintain a certain balance."

Being called an elemental soul seems a bit of a put-down. I realize I don't like it and I bias it negative, proving the truth of the statement.

"Do you see now? Do you understand why all governments can't just be like the United States? Why varying levels of human development demand varying levels of government development?"

"Yes, Yaylu. Thank you."

"Good. Now you can spend your time on more intelligent pursuits than molding the world into what you perceive to be its best future. Your blog too is wholly unnecessary, you realize this? Disseminating information is done automatically. Every individual will find the truths they need and precisely when they are needed. Your time might be better spent achieving balance within your own structures and not concerning yourself with others."

Perhaps she's right. I created this blog in order to lift the curtains on the unknown. Perhaps no one needs to have the curtains lifted - perhaps they can pull up these curtains by themselves when the time is right?

"Yes, you are seeing more truly now. Trying to educate or sculpt the way others think or view the world is not the most productive use of your time. Each will view the world as they see fit, based upon their own experiences and understandings. And this is perfect. There is no proper way to evolve, you see. In an infinite universe such evolution must manifest in infinitely diverse ways. No two souls will follow the same path. Your path and the paths of others are not necessarily compatible."

All of a sudden, I feel like a rudderless ship floating in a vast sea with no particular destination. My life has so much so involved sculpting the world and those in it, that without this motivation I am left with almost nothing.

Yaylu walks over to me and kisses me, her silver hair brushes against my cheek and neck as she does so.

"Seek balance for yourself."

I realize she has given me a great gift - and even my interpretation of it as "great" is part of my biasing filters in action.

Her words are starting to sink in.

The universe, and my place in it, dramatically changes yet again. Even this sudden change leaves me grasping for balance, struggling for a framework of consciousness that can utilize the completely foreign concept of a bias-free existence.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Zhao Liang, Ashley Zhang and the new Red Dawn.

The Chinese are coming! That's been the focus of the media during and before the visit of Chinese President Hu to the United States.

I read all sorts of reports, see all sorts of projections and some of them actually come true. In 1991, I read an eerie report about the USA of 2010, how the US had declined due to the porous borders, decades of trade deficits and free-falling education levels in recent generations. It painted the picture of a nation on the way out, unable to afford to maintain its world class weaponry or keep "superiority" technologies ahead of competing powers.

I sat in on a meeting that discussed and largely dismissed these reports and predictions. The "technology-gap" was the big defense. Chinese missiles were fundamentally inaccurate and underpowered. We could still nuke them more accurately and quickly. Of course, China succeeded in obtaining our missile guidance secrets during the Clinton administrations - and the rest is history. With the missile gap now for all intents negligible and with trillions of dollars to build weapons, they are, even now, building a military the likes of which the world has never seen.

But perhaps the most scary aspect is the success of the Chinese leadership to sustain the idea that democracy is not in China's best interests - or other nations best interests in their young generations. AN ITV interview relayed by PBS (who else?) has a fascinating edited interview worth watching:

What I loved best was the way this one girl, extremely lucid, rational and seemingly intelligent could use hand quotes " " when describing dictatorships or describe America's pride in its soldiers as "cute". It might be fun to teleport her back to the intellectual purging of the Mao era, the book burnings and mass murders. Or perhaps a quick trip to the killing fields of Cambodia, where even her glasses might earn her a death sentence - because it implied she actually reads. The S-21 torture center for the Khmer Rouge would be an eye-opener, I'm sure. I wonder if this group of confidently communist young intellectuals could still wonder at why the United States feels personal liberty is the core value of a worthy government and that US soldiers have indeed saved people around the world from "dictatorships".

Zhao Liang, Ashley Zhang and her comrades impress me in their calm and rational discourse. They are the byproduct of the Chinese appreciation of balance. You will not hear the cries of the emotionally compromised, only calm, soothing discussion. Which is always a powerful tool in swaying the minds of others. I would love to see the raw footage of this interview before the editors put it together and packaged it, but even in its present state it affords one valuable insights. Julie Wang is quite courageous to say her government made mistakes in imprisoning the Nobel winning dissident Liu Xiaobo. I even refrained from including her name in the blog title, because any undue western attention to her comments might earn her a visit from the Chinese thought police. The others all laugh knowingly and uncomfortably as she speaks and this scene tells the entire story.

Yes, the future of China belongs to women such as Zhao, Ashley and Julie - and whether or not their experiences will afford them ever broader perspectives. The reports emerging now from the think-tanks regarding the future are much darker than those of the past. In the intelligence community, a very dark pessimism has established itself and many within are privy to a discomfiting truth: the US, barring a miracle change in its population demographics, will continue its slide down towards poverty and mediocrity. Eventually the US will be unable to protect or free anyone. Its own borders will be home to those who don't value laws, who abuse drugs and whose sole interest is the basest forms of pacification.

In a larger sense, I am not concerned with the fate of the US. History demands that the US fade and decline. The question is simply a matter of how long it can last. A hundred years is a very short time indeed. Rome had many centuries to lay down the model for law and order. Western values which created the United States are the things truly threatened. Democracy and personal liberty did not originate in the USA. The USA merely was a nation established upon these western ideals - the byproducts of philosophers, the bloody pages of history and human wisdom which could conceive and understand these ideals.

Our world is a catchall for the galaxy. It is one of the few with no fundamental frequency birth screening in place. Like a nation without borders - the Earth is a subway station filled with commuters from all over. Until these fundamental frequency screening technologies are developed and understood, nuclear wars and dictators of the worst sort will continue to appear with regularity. A genocide on a lower world often leads to a surge in births here on Earth - younger souls, if you will, for whom violence and emotionalism are both primary expressions. This throws off the balance and the Earth goes through a dark age, an inquisition or a world war. Unfortunately, only seldom do we receive an influx of older souls to spur a "renaissance" or a "modern age" of invention, thought and compassion.

China is destined to play a large part in the future of Earth. If all goes well, it will take up the banner where the US leaves off and become a champion of personal liberty and freedom. This will only occur when the young get to see more of the world and can compare governments and policies towards their citizens. Technocracy is doing much of this for us. The most powerful weapon is communication and freedom will always find favor with the majority of men and women who are not already brainwashed by religious fanatics or by some government propaganda.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Trillion Dollar Question.

In the world, there are lots of secrets. Which individuals and companies are at this moment sweating out the ramifications of possible disclosure by rogue Swiss banker Rudolf Elmer and Wikileaks? Will the global economy recover and if so, when?

But these secrets pale next to the secret that is the true trillion dollar question. The trillion dollar question is, "what is a soul?" I'm not aware of anywhere on Earth that answers that question in a scientific manner satisfactorily. Religions will talk about spirits, even immortal spirits, but that doesn't really explain what it is or how it works and I can't think of any questions more important to answer than "What am I?" and "Why am I here?".

So today, I will continue down that rather intense path and answer those questions in a way that will lift a few curtains, raise a few eyes and trigger the infamous SDAI-Tech1 blog headache.

Souls are fields of energy. They are like the rest of the universe, infinite in nature. They do not have a time of birth or death. They are not created by hocus-pocus or by the wave of a Gods hand. There are an infinite number of souls. Each are unique and they have always existed. You and I may find ourselves living on Earth in the 21st century in a small solar system that is on the outskirts of a typical galaxy, but Earth, humanity and the experiences it represents is just a set of fields by any other name and draws unto it souls that have compatible field structures.

So a soul is a field of energy. Like the galaxies, stars, planets and elements - it is a compounding, regenerating energy structure. Every experience you have, every molecule your body encounters - is recorded and creates a reflection in your fields (or soul). Energy does this automatically. It reacts to other energy and all these things leave an imprint.

An inescapable component part of that trillion dollar question also is "What happens to me when I die?" Death and life are truly misunderstood. They are merely cycle points and mark the beginning and completion of a single cycle of energy. That energy regenerates and recreates itself constantly. I mentioned Fibonacci sequences in my previous entry. These are again relevant to the understanding of your soul, because these sequences are a good way to envision the soul and the energy it contains and how it keeps regenerating endlessly.

All you are is energy. Imprinted energy. Energy with intelligence. The more intelligence imprinted into your structures - the more you can realize the potentials of the infinite universe around you. In the truest sense, each soul has the potential to be just as infinite and diverse as the universe itself. Each soul is a "small" universe and is sentient - intelligently guiding it's own destiny making decisions and reflecting outwardly that which it has assimilated into its structures. Sentience is an ever-evolving component development of each soul. The ability to think, dream, experience and choose evolves into greater fields of consciousness which permit new forms of sentient expression. In human sentience's future, thought sharing, mind-merging to create combined thoughts and the ability to tap other parts of the infinite universe will be made manifest. There is never any ending to a souls potential development.

When a person dies all the data of this life goes with them and becomes just one loop, one cycle, of a field which contains thousands of such cycles - or many more depending on the development of the soul. One hears terms such as "old soul" or "young soul" in new age circles. These are also misnomers as there is no age involved. There is only development. A young soul has less cycles reflecting outwardly into their demodulated physical forms. Older souls have many more cycles, experience and data. There is no time limits to development and time has no relevance at all. Because all is really just these energy exchanges which are infinitely relative and interfacing simply according to the frequency of their respective structures.

I know...headache central. This knowledge sits outside the comfortable periphery of the typical human spectra. It forces each to make juxtapositions with their existing knowledge base and pigeonhole it into places where it often floats uncomfortably without much compatible structures to interface with.

Now to the mechanics of a soul.

The fields of energy which comprise a soul are, as mentioned, regenerating. They are constantly re-expressing the sum of their data in a new, unique expression with the latest added intelligence. This is evolution. If someone had their finger cut off in a previous life in an accident, they may find themselves born with a birth defect in the next and missing a finger. The fields that comprise and reflect physical data store this past damage and reflect it into the total sum.

This is where it gets more interesting. ;-) Say someone has thirty lifetimes of data with perfect hands and fingers and then in one lifetime this finger is cut off. So their fields contain both this data - with and without a finger. What determines whether or not the baby when it is born again will form with all fingers? The determination is based on imbalances. Even if the mathematical preponderance of data outweighs the damaged data - the damaged data, if it is merged with strong emotional imbalanced wave forms will seek out this balance. By being born without a finger, this may create certain learning experiences that now positively offset and balance the existing negative biases associated with the loss of the finger previously. By the next lifetime this data may be balanced and the hand is again, born without any damage. Life constantly affords these balance seeking "conflicts" and one must embrace all that is bad and see the good within it. This keeps our fields, or soul, in a more balanced state and preserves the integrity of what we are.

That's why all these worlds, beings and "old souls" avoid biasing anything negative. They can get shot in one life and return with only a minor skin blemish to show for the experience, if they were not emotionally compromised. Yes, it seems impossible to us to be shot and not bias that experience horribly negative. Not so for these older souls who have experienced such or similar conflicts many times and learned after wild emotional rampages that their negative emotions did them no good at all and only strengthened the conflicts and did not help to diminish or resolve them.

So the reincarnation process, here on Earth, can be seen as the way a field of energy harmonically is drawn to that which it is compatible. Each planet which possesses a resident form of sentience draws souls unto them. These souls live and die, repeatedly, imprinting these fields with data and experience. Eventually, their fields change and they lose compatibility with one world and find themselves born in another. This galaxy - all the galaxies - are homes to an infinite number of souls with infinitely varying levels of development. You and I, if we keep expanding our field structures, can and will experience countless other worlds. Not just of the physical variety as formed in the physical galaxies, but higher up in the spectra of "worlds" composed of energy that seems completely incompatible to anything we can perceive or understand.

The lovely woman from The Room (one of my "bosses" - she "hates" it when I call her that:) informs me that this entry somewhat exceeds the parameters of comfort and can be harmful if not tempered. So this last sentence is harmonically linked to a special set of balancing fields set up just for this post and all who read it.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Marvelous Dreams

My dreams have always been nothing short of spectacular. Like some technicolor spectacular they are in full color and have intricate details and are always designed to awaken my physical consciousness to something I need to address or think about.

Last night was no exception. I was sitting in a chair in an empty room and a young woman approached with a sheet of paper in her hand. The paper was her "homework" and she wanted me to review it. I took one look at this sheet of paper and was astounded. Before me was a pencil sketch showing the energy level of every atomic element now identified. She had mapped out the next logical elements after she had detected the pattern by which they form, combine and appear.

She had sketched in a detailed sidebar with even more fascinating tidbits of how these elements are formed and at what specific gravity. Needless to say I complemented her on her work, the most beautiful and incredible sheet of homework I have ever seen in my life.

The woman was very detailed in appearance and is no one I consciously recall. Perhaps it is someone I will meet in the future. The dream made me think, however, and I realize that I should start addressing these advanced scientific concepts in the blog - starting with how this world, its star and the galaxy around it really formed.

The universe is simply an infinite spectra filled with energy. It has always existed and always will. Actually using time to measure its duration is folly because time is a subset of a portion of the universe and is not only relative and immeasurable, but eventually just a concept.

There was no big bang. No creation of energy from nothing. No crunch-bang-crunch scenarios. The universe simply is. And what it is is infinite. It has no measurements, no discernible limitations of any kind. All the energy that comprises it shares these same properties.

Yes, the keyboard and screen resting before you are infinite. They will exist forever and anon - as will you. They will exist even after they appear to have been destroyed. The energy formation that they exist with is regenerating and constantly changing. It is reflecting energy from its environment. That formation can be recalled at any time - because it exists and is now a component part of an infinite universe.

The galaxies form by channeling energy from an adjoining higher spectra. They twist and turn in with two distinct polarities and as a result the condensation of this energy now forms stars. It does this on the lines of force of this energy. The Hubble telescope sees these galaxies forming all the time - they look like venturi tubes or somewhat like a bow tie. As this condensation continues the simplest element - hydrogen - is formed and gathers. It keeps condensing at mathematical intervals through these lines of force. Like a string of Christmas lights the stars form in accordance to Fibonacci-type infinite logarithms. Infinite energy must flow infinitely and this is the most important secret of Fibonacci sequences - they are evidence of the infinite flow of energy and must be capable of perpetuating forever.

So now we have stars and galaxy arms. All this hydrogen keeps condensing however and becomes more complex channeling more energy into each element as more elements are formed in portions of these galaxy arms. Naturally, the larger stars create solar fields that now can support greater complexity in the element structures. So the center of all galaxies is always host to the most complex structures and elements.

The mysterious cosmic radiation we are bombarded by from the center of the galaxy? That's simply the nature of the worlds and space that exists in the center of the galaxy. These worlds are totally toxic to us - we are very elemental life forms and our 98 odd elements are a very small portion of the galactic element pool.

So we are bombarded by radiation from the center of the galaxy. Radiation is not all bad though. As we realize the sun makes possible life. Radiation is energy and this energy has a FREQUENCY. The higher the frequency the more it facilitates compounding other energy.

That's a very important concept and is a good one to remember. In a pure sense, all the galaxies of our physical universe were created by an even higher form of radiation from a higher portion of the infinite spectra. Each galaxy is unique - just like each atom, snowflake or grain of sand. Yes, infinity requires infinite diversity. Even in things that are of the same nature.

Humanity is a spectra. A band of energy that is infinitely diverse from one end of it unto the other. It is infinite unto itself and capable of growth, regeneration and always - evolution.

That's all for I said previously, these entries are going to be intense and informative. They certainly wont be for everyone, but if you've followed any of this, or this blog, you're already not exactly human anymore.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Turning Points.

Sometimes in life one reaches a turning point. I reached one today.

I was driving out from Shamballa this evening and the copper hued skies of the desert were absolutely amazing. The flat lands are so broad out here in the middle of nowhere that one truly gets a feel for the size of the desert and sky. One can feel very small, very quickly. The events of the past few years were suddenly flashing through my head almost non-stop. As I think about the galaxy and all the worlds and beings out there which inhabit it, my Earth life seems amazingly insignificant. I remember when Yal-hune and Tho-rey warned me before the knowledge download into my brain that such knowledge would make life insufferable here. At the time I had Yal-hune and that was enough though to keep the daily routine tolerable.

If a yawn could yawn - it would be the present human lifestyle of toil then relax. Youtube, facebook, television, fast food, public education, bank accounts, shopping and material acquisitions. Even the most satisfying personal relationships eventually become numbing if there is no questing into the unknown, no intelligent personal development, no wonderful interactions with places and beings light years disparate from one's own portion of the sentient spectra.

Today, as I was driving I saw a flash of an alternate future. The cars around me transformed into vastly more futuristic vehicles. They were clearly the byproduct of intelligent and inspired designers. The landscape was more lush and everything was better maintained and more beautiful. I realized this was an alternate future that could have been. As quickly as it appeared it dissolved away and I was back in traffic, alongside retro Camaros and Mustangs, in a 2011 that's largely creatively impotent and needs to plagiarize the past when there still was some creativity - in this case the 1960s. The disparity of these two 2011's all seemed so clear and I was also aware that someone was showing me that the present we are now accustomed too - our rather boring and constipated 2011 - need not have been the way it is.

With this epiphany, came the realization that I am in a unique position to transform the present and the future. The technologies alone that I have been exposed to could thrust life thousands of years ahead of the current technological status quo. Energy? The Earth could have enough power in ten years time to power ten thousand New York Cities till the end of time. Illness? In twenty years time all bacterial and viral illnesses would be 100% curable. Quantum medicine would be a reality and would in another ten years make all cancers treatable and curable. Education? In ten years the world could be transformed and mankind would know exactly what a human being is - and finally understand the way cells work and transmit trillions of quantized data packets to resonating fields of energy. Evolution would no longer be a mystery. Education would transform the schools, the religions, the governmental structures. Life as Earth knows it would make that next leap - the leap thousand of other planets in the galaxy have already made.

Sure, I understand that most of the humans now alive aren't ready for these changes. They still need their fears, emotions, religions, biases - and even their illnesses. Too much power and information would likely be misused and abused. But the next generation, the children that grow up and wonder what life is all about, what is the purpose behind their existence and how they can accelerate their development - for these ones such a transformation of the world is exactly what the doctor ordered. The narrow blinders and cultural yoke of today can easily be removed freeing the next generations to see a universe FAR larger and more exciting than those alive today, who live all over the Earth, can even begin to imagine.

So today was a turning point. I am no longer going to hold back data and filter it painstakingly. I can work out my negative pasts AND sculpt the future. The possible futures are legion and Yal-hune left so as to protect the Earth's future.

As I passed an abandoned and decrepit old barn and rusted farm implements, that must've been at least a century old, the stagnation and decay of some things stood out to me and symbolized what has happened to America.

No more.

Today is a new dawn in America. The technologies and science of the future will now be made part of the manifest destiny of the United States. Any guilt I felt about screwing things up in the past has now been offset by the understanding that sitting on knowledge, and parsing it to those who one deems ready, is equally destructive to one's own being.

So be prepared for more curtain lifting than usual. It's going to get intense around here.


Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Sending a Message.

I go through more vehicles than almost anyone I know. They get shot up, teleported and more often than not - blasted into tiny pieces long before the warranty has expired. I set up an appointment with Tech78 and the SDAI Vehicle Modification Facilities to order something a bit more durable this time. Even though it's ridiculously expensive to manufacture, I want the next vehicle to be armored with Atlan-98, which will truly have the ability to withstand any ballistic weapon made on this world. While my Marauder is Atlan-98, it's too small for Yaylu to fit into comfortably and the Suburban Command Vehicle of Atlan-98 we had made was destroyed by Norchan weaponry back in March of this year at the close of the crisis.

The cost to manufacture another command vehicle of that will probably be 50 million dollars. But it's a bargain when compared to a stealth fighter or even your garden variety M1A1 tank. It's fun to design a vehicle from scratch. This one will facilitate Yaylu's seven feet and need for greater privacy. I also have a few ideas and technologies I would like to use this vehicle for as a working test-bed.

Shamballa worked overtime to identify the incoming and outgoing signals transmitted during the attempted assassination of Yaylu. Satellite imagery obtained of the event is good enough to not only identify several operatives, but even the black boxes of the Blackhawks were recovered. All the data provides a trail to one of the hydra's many heads - a rogue branch that operates out of DC.

Like a corny television spy show, the bad guys aren't always easy to identify and it's always distasteful when you know that the bad guys are receiving their paychecks from Uncle Sam.

In such a situation, precision payback becomes a fine art. Finding the rogue elements who ordered the hit and sending an unmistakable message is the order of the day. I have to wonder if these folks even knew who was with Yaylu. In their race to obtain an alien corpse they overlooked everything else. I probe the various personalities involved with my mind and realize my hypothesis was correct. This wasn't personal, simply a group vehemently obsessed about aliens on Earth and the perceived threat they represent.

In the world of intelligence, anonymity is everything. Normally, folks who issue orders are compartmentalized far away from those who actually execute the orders. The universe, when understood, affords no such privacy. Every thought leaves a signature frequency that can be tracked and traced every order and communication leaves a distinct trail. For those whose minds can interpret and perceive all this energy, the world is an open book. No secrets exist. Yal-hune taught me well, and now that she is gone I have sort of dedicated myself to doing what she would do. She would tell me to use my mind, to remain on equilibrium and to balance all imbalances as they appear in my consciousness.

A few memos to the right people will make certain this doesn't happen again. We have identified the satellites that have been monitoring my home and within 24 hours they will be effectively neutralized. The anti-alien elements will not just go away, but they will be cut off from the resources they previously utilized.

Skuuinja thought messaged me and wanted to talk to me tonight - privately. It's probably about Yal-hune's departure and Yaylu's arrival. There was something there I picked up...but I can't quite be certain what it was.

I guess I will find out later.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Yaylu Scores A Hit

Yaylu sits beside me in my custom royal blue, slightly stretched Cadillac Escalade with very dark tinting, her alien features safely concealed from view. The custom white cloth interior upholstery was specially made to keep the occupants cool in Arizona temperatures that often exceed 115 degrees and the inefficient r134 refrigerant system has been removed and a superior freon system installed to keep the interior 65 degrees even when its 120 degrees in the shade.

At seven feet tall she needs to put the seat fully back to provide needed head and legroom. She has been talking to me all morning about her arrival here back in 1945 and her mission to observe humanity and to try and prevent humanity from making itself extinct. She has abilities comparable to Yal-hune. Teleportation, telekinesis, thought communication and an advanced understanding of physics that makes Einstein appear like a pre-school dropout. Her home world is larger than Neptune and is nearer the center of the galaxy, where most of the advanced sentient worlds reside. Her metabolism and anatomy are sustained by a unconscious effort on her part that is second nature to her. She can literally draw unto her necessary concentrations of oxygen, nitrogen and other gases, and her mind can draw molecules together to form more complex molecules she needs which are not found naturally on Earth. Her mind does this automatically the way our autonomous system breathes and
eliminates waste. Her anatomy has 12 elements not found on Earth in its composition and they, too are sustained by her mind in this less complex environment.

These elements have different properties and permit some of her abilities to manifest. It's all about energy. Channeling and manipulating energy. Teleportation, molecular modification and such require the ability to manipulate energy, create bonding frequencies, harmonic oscillations of electrons and protons and all the rest. To most, she would appear as some sort of god - ageless and with super abilities that seem unnatural - even though they are perfectly natural for her. Like Yal-hune she has the ability to shield those near her from overshadowing signals which influence thought signals generated in the brain and cerebral cortex. Like Yal-hune she has the ability to heal with a motion of her arm. Like some modern day Jesus, she could cure the blind and make the lame walk. However, she also understands that this would defeat the purpose of these ailments and perhaps fatally weaken the individual - causing much greater, and longer lasting evolutionary harm than these ailments. So she has used great willpower and refrained from interfering with human development.

China, apparently, has a remaining extraterrestrial population in the Northern regions where tall Mandarins used to hold court, distant partial-descendants of these alien beings, and under the shifting winds and drifting sands, ancient relics of a 1500 year old extraterrestrial settlement on Earth still remain.

She looks at me and smiles. Yaylu's eyes are so large one can get lost in them without half-trying and her unadulterated alien looks arouse something inside me that must be genetic hysteria. My body realizes that Yaylu's genetics are far in advance and my cells are oscillating with her and remind me constantly that she would be a great reproductive selection. Such clinical scientific understanding and description can be summed up with words less fitting for a science journal but easy to understand - she turns me on.

I know she really likes me and I think Yal-hune chose her because of a very close past life we shared together - in Mandarin China 1500 years ago. We have had an instant reporte and part of me wonders just where this all might end up.

I am cut off by a black sedan and all of a sudden I realize something is wrong. My revere has come to a quick end and I curse myself for drifting off and not paying close enough attention to my surroundings. Three more black sedans are following me and quickly box me in. I see men with automatic weapons preparing to fire at us and I put my evasive driving skills to the test. I slam the brakes and let the rear car hit us. The other three cars try to slow down to hold the box, but leave enough of an opening for me to make a hard left. The men open fire on the car and the SDAI level XI armored body and glass shrugs off the high ballistic rounds with ease - for now.

"This is Tech1. I am under heavy attack and am requesting air support. I want a live satellite feed on my current GPS and local authorities notified of a shooting."

"We read you and will comply. ETA of 5 minutes for tactical air support."

Five minutes is a very long time and these guys are good. All four vehicles are already hot in pursuit again and I drive in serpentine waves keeping the shells that hit the car to a minimum.

" you know what they want and who they are?"

"I do, but you need to develop your skills and this is as good a time as any. Reach out with your mind and find out."

She's as calm and collected as if she experiences this type of stuff all the time and is not showing any fear, concern or even much interest. She's more interested in my emotional responses to this turn of events and is concerned for me and my equilibrium.

I reach out and realize these guys are working for another US-based black-ops agency, thick with Israeli intelligence ties, but US funding. They have orders to assassinate the extraterrestrial spotted in satellite imagery over my house and retrieve the body. I thought my house was off all foreign and domestic satellite grids. Satellite orbital paths now have new measures of flexibility and some folks have been busy watching me.

"They want you Yaylu, they saw us in imagery when we were in the backyard. They didn't want to wait or observe and moved fast. They desperately want to see what makes you tick."

"Yes, I know. This is why I have avoided social contact for 65 years. The human instinct to fear and destroy that which it does not understand has always been present."

I know Yaylu could teleport us out of here - or teleport herself out or do any of a million and one things which would defeat their plans, but she is going to let this unfold and test my equilibrium. Do I want to kill these men firing at me and Yaylu? Do I bias them as evil and negative? DO I have the strength to see them just as positively as I see Yaylu? The answer, right now, is no. I don't have that strength and as the slugs keep pounding the rear windows, my training kicks in and I activate the five rear 50 caliber guns mounted under the car which emerge clandestinely in the bumper. I wait until the nearest car is right behind me and I fire the guns.

The engine of the sedan bursts into flames and explodes. The car rolls over as it loses control at speed and hits the embankment on the side of the road. I reach out with my mind and I know the driver is seriously injured with a collapsed lung, broken ribs and a broken arm and needs medical attention immediately. The passenger is in shock, but no serious injuries and only a few major bruises. I almost feel guilty but I know ambulances are already being dispatched and tell myself that if someone is trying to kill me and Yaylu, I have the right to defend myself and protect her.

Yaylu looks at me and I see she has her test - not biasing me and my ignorance. I have shown that I am little different than the men following us and return negative force with negative force. She is disappointed and it shows in her eyes.

Three vehicles remain. They are extremely good and the vehicles they have were well prepped for this task. Modified high performance engines, light armoring, run-flat tires and roof hand holds to allow their hit men a brace when they fire out the windows, for greater accuracy while moving. One of their guns is better than the rest and is using some sort of exploding shell designed to defeat even the most heavily armored glass. A few more hits and the rear glass will give up the ghost.

"This is Tech1. How close is that air support?"

"Three minutes."

Three minutes is an eternity in a situation like this and I turn to Yaylu,

"Would you care to assist?"


"Whatever you want to call it - help, finding a way to extricate ourselves from this hostile attack...whatever."

"No. I told you, I don't interfere in human activities in this manner. You will have to do this by yourself."

Yaylu's words make me long for Yal-hune or Shayla who would not hesitate in such a life or death crisis to assist in providing a hasty exit and ending the conflict. Just after I think this, it occurs to me that this situation is of my own making - my own pasts. I try to work out on the fly. I try to see these hostiles on equilibrium - they are just doing their jobs. It's not personal. They don't know me or Yaylu and may even have families of their own.

I hit the nitrous button once I get to a stretch of open highway and the engine surges with power. The modified gearing permits a short burst of around 140 mph even with the extra armor weight. I put a few dozen more car lengths between me and the pursuers and for now the rear glass is still intact.

Part of me wants to sweep some 50 caliber fire behind me to dissuade further pursuit, but as Yaylu looks at me I try to take the high road and keep working on the magnetics of the situation. I reach out again with my mind, to find out more about these hostiles and their boss. I see a real time observation room receiving satellite feed from cameras mounted on the pursuit vehicles. This is an elaborate operation and has its own tactical back up.

"This is Tech1 to tactical air. Three bogies, black sedans are in pursuit of my location. They have two helicopters in the arena which are closing and full engagement with all hostiles is authorized."

"Spike Leader to Tech1. We have your bogie's in visual range and are preparing to engage."

I can see six F-16 Fighting Falcons closing fast from the southwest. The two helicopters I saw in my minds eye a moment ago are now also visible in the monitor displaying the wide-angle rear view camera. Two UH60 Blackhawk military helicopters with hellfire missiles.

The nitrous is all gone. The car is slowing holding at 127 mph. This is going to be very close. I deploy the anti-tire spikes, just for the hell of it, knowing they wont slow these guys down at all and I look over at Yaylu again, who is still as calm as ever, as if none of this is really happening.

The F-16s have fired missiles at the helicopters, I can feel it before I even see the streaks heading towards us.

"Weapons away."

The blackhawks veer off recognizing missile lock, but too late to avoid the frontal assault. One blows up and then the other in a continuous pyrotechnics display that creates two huge fireballs in the sky behind me. The three sedans are disengaging and I see them trying to avoid the air-to-ground missiles now en route. I watch as one would be assassin screeches to a near halt and then jumps out of his doomed vehicle as fast as he can, while it is still moving. The three pursuing sedans explode into millions of pieces. leaving burning wreckage on the highway behind us.

"This is SPIKE Leader to Tech1. Your bogies are all out of play. We will stay in theatre until theatre is secure."

I feel relieved and yet as I look over at Yaylu, I know she is disappointed. She looks at me with her eyes and all of a sudden she reflects back at me all the pain, suffering and fear I have caused in those who lost their lives in just the past minute. Tears well in my eyes and there is nothing I can do to stop them. I slow down to 80 mph and head towards a safe house with my eyes clouded by tears and remorse.

"I am so sorry, know that I didn't want any of this."

"Don't apologize to me. You will be apologizing to all those who have been maimed or killed this day in your future lifetimes. You have drawn them to you that much tighter and they will be your family, friends - and you will have to make amends and save their lives, give them life, heal their wounds and more - simply because of your inability to refrain from returning negative with negative."

Yaylu shows me the children and families of the pilots and operatives in my mind and I have to shut her out. I use full mental barriers as Shayla taught me to use and I lock down my mind from all external influences and signals. Yaylu has made me feel like a monster and all I really wanted to do was make sure we both survive the hit.

I focus on my training and think about retaliation - sending the group that did this a permanent message to back off, just in case the destruction of their hit squad hasn't changed their mind. When I get back to Shamballa I have the satellite feeds and all broadcast chatter analyzed and decoded. Yal-hune passed for human and never generated satellite imagery fodder for the anti-alien earth groups. Yaylu is going to be a problem. She will score a hit every time she steps out under a satellite cameras detailed eye.