Thursday, April 28, 2011

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Be Prepared for Radioactive Fallout Induced Tornadoes - Almost Anywhere in the the US

The tornadoes are continuing to wreak havoc with the United States and more people are dying because people are not aware of the reason WHY these tornadoes are forming and why they are more intense than what has been experienced before.

The tornadoes are caused by I-131 now flooding the upper atmosphere over the United States. This radioactive waste adds energy to nearby water molecules in the upper atmosphere, increasing their mass/weight and causing condensation. This forms ice crystals and sets off tornadoes that are vicious, more powerful and longer lasting.

What's more this I-131 is causing tornadoes where weather conditions usually do not permit such formation. Places like California received tornadoes at the same time the I-131 arrived over the jetstream from the reactors.

Again - BE AWARE. Even places like Arizona are receiving the high winds caused by the passage of these upper atmospheric I-131 supercooled clouds. Given the right combination and intensity - a tornado can result in places where such is unheard of. This is what makes this so dangerous - a lack of preparedness. People need to be aware. The media hasn't been much helpful in publicizing the cause of these tornadoes. We're not sure why - possibly they are afraid some folks will sue TEPCO for damages? Whatever the reason, it's time for people to know the cause and BE PREPARED. Preparation will save lives. This will continue for sometime until the reactors are covered or the I-131 isn't pouring into the atmosphere at the rate of 7 tons per hour and being blown straight to the United States.

Spread the word. Share this via the social networks. The media has dropped the ball on this one and it's going to cost more lives before this is resolved.

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