Monday, January 23, 2006

5 DIMENSIONS - an introduction to "Bright Matter"

Time for another cosmological, advanced physics lesson.

Today we are going to introduce the 5th dimension. 3 dimensions of space plus time are the current four most interface with, but these are just the beginning of the energy ladder.

Today most scientists agree there is some component of the universe missing from their theories and assumptions. The matter they observe seems to be influenced by other unseen forces and they cannot fathom what these forces might be or where they could be found.

Well today, I hope to shed some light and end the groping around in the darkness.

The 5th dimension is very real. It is all around us at once, but we cannot see it and most all cannot interface with it. This is because it is composed of energy oscillating at apparently impossibly high frequencies with apparently no wavelength to speak of. It is omni-directional energy.

To help illustrate I have created a graphic that shows how 3rd dimensional atomic structures and their oscillating energy components are eventually supplanted by this new 5th dimensional energy that can travel back and forward in time and to which 3rd dimensional space can be accessed all at once.

Here we go:


That graphic will obviously not be too easy to understand. It requires you to first interpret all the apparently solid atomic structures around you as moving energy with frequency and wavelength. Then it requires you to conceive that all this energy is moving along a path and that this path, and the changes made by this energy is actually time.

Finally it requires understanding the idea of energy movement via waveform unification. Or in technical terms the replacement of uni-directional, sinusoidal energy motion with omni-directional energy motion.

It wont mean much to most right now. To introduce it at this point is not premature though. Those of you readers who are needling me for such apparently esoteric data now have some meatier morsels for consumption.

In the future, I will explain just how important this "bright matter" is to the 3 dimensions of space and time and what this adjoining spectra holds for humanity and consciousness.

You will find that living in 5 dimensions is vastly more enjoyable, enriching, entertaining (and challenging) than just 4.


Sunday, January 22, 2006

Immortals & Transfinite Conundrums

Transfinite reality. What is it? Well, in a nutshell, it is the realization that you, your life and this universe is eternal and unending.

Immortals walk the earth.

Only a very limited few have transfinite consciousness. The power to use life intelligently and in ways that shape and strengthen this immortality and the wisdom of the ages that comes with it, lifetime after lifetime - regardless of the form consciousness manifests with and in whichever spectra of energy you happen to be oscillating with. Life is a constant learning experience and every action, every moment is a tool with which one can shape and sculpt your personality, intelligence and abilities.

Transfinite reality is the key to the first big step in consciousness. Living day to day, month to month and year to year is easy. It is learning to live life to life and dimension to dimension that takes a bit more effort and awareness to do well.

Of what practical value is this awareness? How does one use it? What does it mean? All these questions and no quick, easy answers.

I'll let you think about it for awhile.

I've got another mission to wrap up.


Saturday, January 07, 2006


In primitive regions where a primitive religion holds sway and commands the minds and actions of millions of individuals, senseless tragedy is unavoidable.

The Muslim religion has many observances and beliefs that recently have lead to death of many innocents, seemingly needlessly. The endless suicide bombings of Al Qaeda and affiliated terrorist groups are done in the name of Mohammed and as the acts of true Muslims. In the inner cities of America we hear about Black on Black crime. The senseless murder of your neighbors as a percentage of the local population preys upon the rest.

In Iraq and all over the Middle East we see Muslim on Muslim crime. Car bombings, suicide bombers, assassinations, etcetera.

All done in the name of Allah.

The pilgrimage to Mecca and the home of the 'holy' meteorite is another age old killer of Muslims.

The hajj has suffered numerous tragedies over the years. The worst was in 1990, when 1,426 pilgrims were killed during a stampede in an overcrowded tunnel leading to a holy site in Mecca. On the hajj's final day in 2004, 251 people were trampled to death when the crowd panicked during the stoning of the devil ritual.

With Saddam gone, real news actually emerges from Iraq. I hate to burst some folks perception bubble, but deadly days in Iraq are nothing new. Under Saddam's region daily and weekly executions of political prisoners and enemies of state would kill dozens of individuals often hundreds.

An Iraqi Colonel who defected in 2003 (the colonel defected from Iraq in early 2003) ,his body is scarred by horrific torture, says he saw army bulldozers bury people - dead and alive - in a pit dug in a long traffic island in Al Hayaniya, a suburb of Basra.

All this is conveniently forgotten by folks who think the car bombings and attacks make Iraq deadlier now than it was under Saddam. The only difference is now the news of casualties actually makes it outside Iraq.

'Chemical Ali' would regularly round up 20-40 people from some village or city and shoot them on the spot. No interrogations, no trials, merely a death-bringer to the Iraqi people.

And let's not forget Saddam's killing fields.

"A perfect place for execution," Greg Kehoe, the head of the Regime Crime Liaison Office and leader of the forensic excavation, said Wednesday. "It is my personal opinion that this is a killing field," Kehoe told reporters during a visit to the site south of Mosul. "Someone used this field on significant occasions over time to take bodies up there, and to take people up there and execute them."


Clearly when comparing the new Iraq to the old, the Iraqis feel the threat of car bombs seems a much better risk than the former regime that dealt in death on a massive scale.

Hitler was a nice guy compared to Saddam. Yet, we still see folks here (and in places that had corrupt deals with Saddam such as Belgium) claiming Saddam had a legitimate government and that the US somehow broke international law in declaring war on Saddam's regime.

Fortunately this perspective is in the minority. These same folks would've defended Hitler's rights to fire up the gas chambers since his government was legitimate as well. Daily Saddam committed acts of war against the US as he fired upon our pilots who were assigned to protect the Kurds with the no-fly zone.

Naturally, all this was forgotten by the revisionists of history that seek political power and to discredit those who have brought freedom to the Iraqi people and who put an end to the largest UN scam/death ring in history.

Reading an endless parade of news articles about car bombings can depress some folks. One wonders if these same folks would be depressed would they have read the weekly death toll in Saddam's Iraq. Fortunately Saddam made sweetheart deals with the media to publish only what he wanted them to publish. BBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, AP, NYTimes etcetera all acted as willing journalistic Goebbels to air Saddam's propaganda to the world.

I have not read one article EVER that questions the integrity of these media outlets for agreeing to this arrangements. If Kim iL Jung allowed media in to his nation under similar agreements, obviously the media would accept - knowing they were simply giving a false impression of the regime.

Saddam for decades had the western media disseminating his propaganda. And no one even blinks. Now the media is knocking itself out to paint a bleak picture in Iraq. When the reality is it is on the road to recovery. How can one give them even a shred of credibility? One can't. The media is, for all intents and purposes, an accomplice of terror and also seek to subvert the democratic process in Iraq.

Harsh? Not at all. The journalists and opinion makers are much like Kofi Annan - they have a vested interest in profitable death. Car bombs and suicide attacks are surefire stories that get read by readers raising revenue dollars. No one wants to read about the rebuilding of Iraq's infrastructure. Newsweek, MSNBC, The New York Times, The BBC and all the usual suspects are all silent partners in terror.

When terror escalates - they profit. So naturally they love terror stories. They would love to have crews onhand to film executions and car bombings live. They care not a whit about people or suffering, they care about the bottom line and keeping afloat in an age where media outlets see their profits shrinking due to increased competition from new news outlets, internet bloggers and a disconnected public.

Of course this requires the multi-dimensional perspectives and facts that the media so willingly exclude. With the proper perspective one sees that the greatest enemy of Iraq, and all the people of the Middle East, is the Muslim religion. Unfortunately, they know no other and religion is a racket that once in place is much harder to remove than the Mafia or any other form of organized crime.

Yet even this should not be allowed to depress folks in the US or around the world. The Middle East is a learning ground for younger mentalities. All this violence has a positive side and that can be seen as many residents open their eyes to the violence done in the name of their religion against their children, families and neighbors. They ever so slowly learn that just because something is written in a book does not make it so. Blind faith is replaced with logic and reason and experience. The glass is always half empty and half full. The mere fact that they still possess blind faith demonstrates the dire need for experience to develop their ability to use logic and reason.

In this sense, every time a suicide bomber blows himself up or a terrorist plants a car bomb - they are unknowingly waking up the wills of the people. They strengthen the Iraqi people and make them more pro-western thought - even though this is not their goal or desire.

So try to use multi-dimensional perspectives when looking at Iraq or any of these third world nations where turmoil and suffering find a haven. When you do, you will no longer succumb to the sense of futility that the media, and folks with their own political agendas, wish you to embrace.